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Isaiah 42:1-25

  1 H5650 Behold my servant H8551 , whom I uphold [H8799]   H972 ; mine elect H5315 , in whom my soul H7521 delighteth [H8804]   H5414 ; I have put [H8804]   H7307 my spirit H3318 upon him: he shall bring forth [H8686]   H4941 judgment H1471 to the Gentiles.
  2 H6817 He shall not cry [H8799]   H5375 , nor lift up [H8799]   H6963 , nor cause his voice H8085 to be heard [H8686]   H2351 in the street.
  3 H7533 A bruised [H8803]   H7070 reed H7665 shall he not break [H8799]   H3544 , and the smoking H6594 flax H3518 shall he not quench [H8762]   H3318 : he shall bring forth [H8686]   H4941 judgment H571 unto truth.
  4 H3543 He shall not fail [H8799]   H7533 nor be discouraged [H8799]   H7760 , till he have set [H8799]   H4941 judgment H776 in the earth H339 : and the isles H3176 shall wait [H8762]   H8451 for his law.
  5 H559 Thus saith [H8804]   H410 God H3068 the LORD H1254 , he that created [H8802]   H8064 the heavens H5186 , and stretched them out [H8802]   H7554 ; he that spread forth [H8802]   H776 the earth H6631 , and that which cometh out H5414 of it; he that giveth [H8802]   H5397 breath H5971 unto the people H7307 upon it, and spirit H1980 to them that walk [H8802]   therein:
  6 H3068 I the LORD H7121 have called [H8804]   H6664 thee in righteousness H2388 , and will hold [H8686]   H3027 thine hand H5341 , and will keep [H8799]   H5414 thee, and give [H8799]   H1285 thee for a covenant H5971 of the people H216 , for a light H1471 of the Gentiles;
  7 H6491 To open [H8800]   H5787 the blind H5869 eyes H3318 , to bring out [H8687]   H616 the prisoners H4525 from the prison H3427 , and them that sit [H8802]   H2822 in darkness H3608 out of the prison H1004 house.
  8 H3068 I am the LORD H8034 : that is my name H3519 : and my glory H5414 will I not give [H8799]   H312 to another H8416 , neither my praise H6456 to graven images.
  9 H7223 Behold, the former things H935 are come to pass [H8804]   H2319 , and new things H5046 do I declare [H8688]   H6779 : before they spring forth [H8799]   H8085 I tell [H8686]   you of them.
  10 H7891 Sing [H8798]   H3068 unto the LORD H2319 a new H7892 song H8416 , and his praise H7097 from the end H776 of the earth H3381 , ye that go down [H8802]   H3220 to the sea H4393 , and all that is therein H339 ; the isles H3427 , and the inhabitants [H8802]   thereof.
  11 H4057 Let the wilderness H5892 and the cities H5375 thereof lift up [H8799]   H2691 their voice, the villages H6938 that Kedar H3427 doth inhabit [H8799]   H3427 : let the inhabitants [H8802]   H5553 of the rock H7442 sing [H8799]   H6681 , let them shout [H8799]   H7218 from the top H2022 of the mountains.
  12 H7760 Let them give [H8799]   H3519 glory H3068 unto the LORD H5046 , and declare [H8686]   H8416 his praise H339 in the islands.
  13 H3068 The LORD H3318 shall go forth [H8799]   H1368 as a mighty man H5782 , he shall stir up [H8686]   H7068 jealousy H376 like a man H4421 of war H7321 : he shall cry [H8686]   H6873 , yea, roar [H8686]   H1396 ; he shall prevail [H8691]   H341 against his enemies [H8802]  .
  14 H5769 I have long time H2814 holden my peace [H8689]   H2790 ; I have been still [H8686]   H662 , and refrained [H8691]   H6463 myself: now will I cry [H8799]   H3205 like a travailing woman [H8802]   H5395 ; I will destroy [H8799]   [H8676]   H8074   [H8799]   H7602 and devour [H8799]   H3162 at once.
  15 H2717 I will make waste [H8686]   H2022 mountains H1389 and hills H3001 , and dry up [H8686]   H6212 all their herbs H7760 ; and I will make [H8804]   H5104 the rivers H339 islands H3001 , and I will dry up [H8686]   H98 the pools.
  16 H3212 And I will bring [H8689]   H5787 the blind H1870 by a way H3045 that they knew [H8804]   H1869 not; I will lead [H8686]   H5410 them in paths H3045 that they have not known [H8804]   H7760 : I will make [H8799]   H4285 darkness H216 light H6440 before H4625 them, and crooked things H4334 straight H1697 . These things H6213 will I do [H8804]   H5800 unto them, and not forsake [H8804]   them.
  17 H5472 They shall be turned [H8738]   H268 back H1322 , they shall be greatly H954 ashamed [H8799]   H982 , that trust [H8802]   H6459 in graven images H559 , that say [H8802]   H4541 to the molten images H430 , Ye are our gods.
  18 H8085 Hear [H8798]   H2795 , ye deaf H5027 ; and look [H8685]   H5787 , ye blind H7200 , that ye may see [H8800]  .
  19 H5787 Who is blind H5650 , but my servant H2795 ? or deaf H4397 , as my messenger H7971 that I sent [H8799]   H5787 ? who is blind H7999 as he that is perfect [H8794]   H5787 , and blind H3068 as the LORD'S H5650 servant?
  20 H7200 Seeing [H8800]   [H8675]   H7200   [H8804]   H7227 many things H8104 , but thou observest [H8799]   H6491 not; opening [H8800]   H241 the ears H8085 , but he heareth [H8799]   not.
  21 H3068 The LORD H2654 is well pleased [H8804]   H6664 for his righteousness H1431 ' sake; he will magnify [H8686]   H8451 the law H142 , and make it honourable [H8686]  .
  22 H5971 But this is a people H962 robbed [H8803]   H8154 and spoiled [H8803]   H6351 ; they are all of them snared [H8687]   H2352 in holes [H8676]   H970   H2244 , and they are hid [H8717]   H3608 in prison H1004 houses H957 : they are for a prey H5337 , and none delivereth [H8688]   H4933 ; for a spoil H559 , and none saith [H8802]   H7725 , Restore [H8685]  .
  23 H238 Who among you will give ear [H8686]   H7181 to this? who will hearken [H8686]   H8085 and hear [H8799]   H268 for the time to come?
  24 H5414 Who gave [H8804]   H3290 Jacob H4933 for a spoil [H8675]   H4882   H3478 , and Israel H962 to the robbers [H8802]   H3068 ? did not the LORD H2098 , he against whom H2398 we have sinned [H8804]   H14 ? for they would [H8804]   H1980 not walk [H8800]   H1870 in his ways H8085 , neither were they obedient [H8804]   H8451 unto his law.
  25 H8210 Therefore he hath poured [H8799]   H2534 upon him the fury H639 of his anger H5807 , and the strength H4421 of battle H3857 : and it hath set him on fire [H8762]   H5439 round about H3045 , yet he knew [H8804]   H1197 not; and it burned [H8799]   H7760 him, yet he laid [H8799]   H3820 it not to heart.

Jeremiah 29:11

  11 H3045 For I know [H8804]   H4284 the thoughts H2803 that I think [H8802]   H5002 toward you, saith [H8803]   H3068 the LORD H4284 , thoughts H7965 of peace H7451 , and not of evil H5414 , to give [H8800]   H8615 you an expected H319 end.

Zechariah 9:12

  12 H7725 Turn [H8798]   H1225 you to the strong hold H615 , ye prisoners H8615 of hope H3117 : even to day H5046 do I declare [H8688]   H7725 that I will render [H8686]   H4932 double unto thee;

Matthew 6:33

  33 G1161 But G2212 seek ye [G5720]   G4412 first G932 the kingdom G2316 of God G2532 , and G846 his G1343 righteousness G2532 ; and G3956 all G5023 these things G4369 shall be added [G5701]   G5213 unto you.

John 14:1

  1 G5015 Let G3361 not G5216 your G2588 heart G5015 be troubled [G5744]   G4100 : ye believe [G5719]   [G5720]   G1519 in G2316 God G4100 , believe [G5719]   [G5720]   G2532 also G1519 in G1691 me.

Galatians 6:1

  1 G80 Brethren G1437 , if G2532   G444 a man G4301 be overtaken [G5686]   G1722 in G5100 a G3900 fault G5210 , ye G3588 which G4152 are spiritual G2675 , restore [G5720]   G5108 such an one G1722 in G4151 the spirit G4236 of meekness G4648 ; considering [G5723]   G4572 thyself G3361 , lest G4771 thou G2532 also G3985 be tempted [G5686]  .

Revelation 21:1-5

  1 G2532 And G1492 I saw [G5627]   G2537 a new G3772 heaven G2532 and G2537 a new G1093 earth G1063 : for G4413 the first G3772 heaven G2532 and G4413 the first G1093 earth G3928 were passed away [G5627]   G2532 ; and G2076 there was [G5748]   G3756 no G2089 more G2281 sea.
  2 G2532 And G1473 I G2491 John G1492 saw [G5627]   G40 the holy G4172 city G2537 , new G2419 Jerusalem G2597 , coming down [G5723]   G575 from G2316 God G1537 out of G3772 heaven G2090 , prepared [G5772]   G5613 as G3565 a bride G2885 adorned [G5772]   G846 for her G435 husband.
  3 G2532 And G191 I heard [G5656]   G3173 a great G5456 voice G1537 out of G3772 heaven G3004 saying [G5723]   G2400 , Behold [G5628]   G4633 , the tabernacle G2316 of God G3326 is with G444 men G2532 , and G4637 he will dwell [G5692]   G3326 with G846 them G2532 , and G846 they G2071 shall be [G5704]   G846 his G2992 people G2532 , and G2316 God G846 himself G2071 shall be [G5704]   G3326 with G846 them G846 , and be their G2316 God.
  4 G2532 And G2316 God G1813 shall wipe away [G5692]   G3956 all G1144 tears G575 from G846 their G3788 eyes G2532 ; and G2071 there shall be [G5704]   G3756 no G2089 more G2288 death G3777 , neither G3997 sorrow G3777 , nor G2906 crying G3777 , neither G3756   G2071 shall there be [G5704]   G2089 any more G4192 pain G3754 : for G4413 the former things G565 are passed away [G5627]  .
  5 G2532 And G2521 he that sat [G5740]   G1909 upon G2362 the throne G2036 said [G5627]   G2400 , Behold [G5628]   G4160 , I make [G5719]   G3956 all things G2537 new G2532 . And G3004 he said [G5719]   G3427 unto me G1125 , Write [G5657]   G3754 : for G3778 these G3056 words G1526 are [G5748]   G228 true G2532 and G4103 faithful.

Mark 11:24

  24 G1223 Therefore G5124   G3004 I say [G5719]   G5213 unto you G3745 , What G3956 things G302 soever G154 ye desire [G5731]   G4336 , when ye pray [G5740]   G4100 , believe [G5720]   G3754 that G2983 ye receive [G5719]   G2532 them, and G5213 ye G2071 shall have [G5704]   them .

1 John 5:4

  4 G3754 For G3956 whatsoever G1080 is born [G5772]   G1537 of G2316 God G3528 overcometh [G5719]   G2889 the world G2532 : and G3778 this G2076 is [G5748]   G3529 the victory G3528 that overcometh [G5660]   G2889 the world G2257 , even our G4102 faith.

1 Peter 5:10

  10 G1161 But G2316 the God G3956 of all G5485 grace G3588 , who G2564 hath called [G5660]   G2248 us G1519 unto G846 his G166 eternal G1391 glory G1722 by G5547 Christ G2424 Jesus G3958 , after that ye have suffered [G5631]   G3641 a while G846 , G2675 make G5209 you G2675 perfect [G5659]   G4741 , stablish [G5659]   G4599 , strengthen [G5659]   G2311 , settle [G5659]   you .

Job 42:10

  10 H3068 And the LORD H7725 turned [H8804]   H7622 the captivity [H8675]   H7622   H347 of Job H6419 , when he prayed [H8692]   H7453 for his friends H3068 : also the LORD H3254 gave [H8686]   H347 Job H4932 twice as much as he had before.

Isaiah 61:7

  7 H1322 For your shame H4932 ye shall have double H3639 ; and for confusion H7442 they shall rejoice [H8799]   H2506 in their portion H776 : therefore in their land H3423 they shall possess [H8799]   H4932 the double H5769 : everlasting H8057 joy shall be unto them.

Acts 3:19-21

  19 G3340 Repent ye [G5657]   G3767 therefore G2532 , and G1994 be converted [G5657]   G1519 , that G5216 your G266 sins G1813 may be blotted out [G5683]   G3704 , when G2540 the times G403 of refreshing G302 shall come G2064   [G5632]   G575 from G4383 the presence G2962 of the Lord;
  20 G2532 And G649 he shall send [G5661]   G2424 Jesus G5547 Christ G4296 , which before was preached [G5772]   G5213 unto you:
  21 G3739 Whom G3772 the heaven G3303   G1163 must [G5748]   G1209 receive [G5664]   G891 until G5550 the times G605 of restitution G3956 of all things G3739 , which G2316 God G2980 hath spoken [G5656]   G1223 by G4750 the mouth G3956 of all G846 his G40 holy G4396 prophets G575 since G165 the world began.

Psalms 51:12

  12 H7725 Restore [H8685]   H8342 unto me the joy H3468 of thy salvation H5564 ; and uphold [H8799]   H5081 me with thy free H7307 spirit.

Jeremiah 30:17

  17 H5927 For I will restore [H8686]   H724 health H7495 unto thee, and I will heal [H8799]   H4347 thee of thy wounds H5002 , saith [H8803]   H3068 the LORD H7121 ; because they called [H8804]   H5080 thee an Outcast [H8737]   H6726 , saying, This is Zion H1875 , whom no man seeketh after [H8802]  .

Joel 2:25-26

  25 H7999 And I will restore [H8765]   H8141 to you the years H697 that the locust H398 hath eaten [H8804]   H3218 , the cankerworm H2625 , and the caterpiller H1501 , and the palmerworm H1419 , my great H2428 army H7971 which I sent [H8765]   among you.
  26 H398 And ye shall eat [H8804]   H398 in plenty [H8800]   H7646 , and be satisfied [H8800]   H1984 , and praise [H8765]   H8034 the name H3068 of the LORD H430 your God H6213 , that hath dealt [H8804]   H6381 wondrously [H8687]   H5971 with you: and my people H5769 shall never H954 be ashamed [H8799]  .

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