Bible verses about "praise" | KJV_Strongs

Psalms 99:3

  3 H3034 Let them praise [H8686]   H1419 thy great H3372 and terrible [H8737]   H8034 name H6918 ; for it is holy.

Psalms 106:1

  1 H1984 Praise [H8761]   H3050 ye the LORD H3034 . O give thanks [H8685]   H3068 unto the LORD H2896 ; for he is good H2617 : for his mercy H5769 endureth for ever.

Psalms 147:1-20

  1 H1984 Praise [H8761]   H3050 ye the LORD H2896 : for it is good H2167 to sing praises [H8763]   H430 unto our God H5273 ; for it is pleasant H8416 ; and praise H5000 is comely.
  2 H3068 The LORD H1129 doth build up [H8802]   H3389 Jerusalem H3664 : he gathereth together [H8762]   H1760 the outcasts [H8737]   H3478 of Israel.
  3 H7495 He healeth [H8802]   H7665 the broken [H8803]   H3820 in heart H2280 , and bindeth up [H8764]   H6094 their wounds.
  4 H4487 He telleth [H8802]   H4557 the number H3556 of the stars H7121 ; he calleth [H8799]   H8034 them all by their names.
  5 H1419 Great H113 is our Lord H7227 , and of great H3581 power H8394 : his understanding H4557 is infinite.
  6 H3068 The LORD H5749 lifteth up [H8767]   H6035 the meek H8213 : he casteth H7563 the wicked H8213 down [H8688]   H776 to the ground.
  7 H6030 Sing [H8798]   H3068 unto the LORD H8426 with thanksgiving H2167 ; sing praise [H8761]   H3658 upon the harp H430 unto our God:
  8 H3680 Who covereth [H8764]   H8064 the heaven H5645 with clouds H3559 , who prepareth [H8688]   H4306 rain H776 for the earth H2682 , who maketh grass H6779 to grow [H8688]   H2022 upon the mountains.
  9 H5414 He giveth [H8802]   H929 to the beast H3899 his food H1121 , and to the young H6158 ravens H7121 which cry [H8799]  .
  10 H2654 He delighteth [H8799]   H1369 not in the strength H5483 of the horse H7521 : he taketh not pleasure [H8799]   H7785 in the legs H376 of a man.
  11 H3068 The LORD H7521 taketh pleasure [H8802]   H3373 in them that fear H3176 him, in those that hope [H8764]   H2617 in his mercy.
  12 H7623 Praise [H8761]   H3068 the LORD H3389 , O Jerusalem H1984 ; praise [H8761]   H430 thy God H6726 , O Zion.
  13 H2388 For he hath strengthened [H8765]   H1280 the bars H8179 of thy gates H1288 ; he hath blessed [H8765]   H1121 thy children H7130 within thee.
  14 H7760 He maketh [H8802]   H7965 peace H1366 in thy borders H7646 , and filleth [H8686]   H2459 thee with the finest H2406 of the wheat.
  15 H7971 He sendeth forth [H8802]   H565 his commandment H776 upon earth H1697 : his word H7323 runneth [H8799]   H4120 very swiftly.
  16 H5414 He giveth [H8802]   H7950 snow H6785 like wool H6340 : he scattereth [H8762]   H3713 the hoarfrost H665 like ashes.
  17 H7993 He casteth forth [H8688]   H7140 his ice H6595 like morsels H5975 : who can stand [H8799]   H6440 before H7135 his cold?
  18 H7971 He sendeth out [H8799]   H1697 his word H4529 , and melteth [H8686]   H7307 them: he causeth his wind H5380 to blow [H8686]   H4325 , and the waters H5140 flow [H8799]  .
  19 H5046 He sheweth [H8688]   H1697 his word [H8675]   H1697   H3290 unto Jacob H2706 , his statutes H4941 and his judgments H3478 unto Israel.
  20 H6213 He hath not dealt [H8804]   H1471 so with any nation H4941 : and as for his judgments H3045 , they have not known [H8804]   H1984 them. Praise [H8761]   H3050 ye the LORD.

Psalms 109:30

  30 H3966 I will greatly H3034 praise [H8686]   H3068 the LORD H6310 with my mouth H1984 ; yea, I will praise [H8762]   H8432 him among H7227 the multitude.

Psalms 148:1-14

  1 H1984 Praise [H8761]   H3050 ye the LORD H1984 . Praise [H8761]   H3068 ye the LORD H8064 from the heavens H1984 : praise [H8761]   H4791 him in the heights.
  2 H1984 Praise [H8761]   H4397 ye him, all his angels H1984 : praise [H8761]   H6635 ye him, all his hosts.
  3 H1984 Praise [H8761]   H8121 ye him, sun H3394 and moon H1984 : praise [H8761]   H3556 him, all ye stars H216 of light.
  4 H1984 Praise [H8761]   H8064 him, ye heavens H8064 of heavens H4325 , and ye waters H8064 that be above the heavens.
  5 H1984 Let them praise [H8762]   H8034 the name H3068 of the LORD H6680 : for he commanded [H8765]   H1254 , and they were created [H8738]  .
  6 H5975 He hath also stablished [H8686]   H5703 them for ever H5769 and ever H5414 : he hath made [H8804]   H2706 a decree H5674 which shall not pass [H8799]  .
  7 H1984 Praise [H8761]   H3068 the LORD H776 from the earth H8577 , ye dragons H8415 , and all deeps:
  8 H784 Fire H1259 , and hail H7950 ; snow H7008 , and vapour H5591 ; stormy H7307 wind H6213 fulfilling [H8802]   H1697 his word:
  9 H2022 Mountains H1389 , and all hills H6529 ; fruitful H6086 trees H730 , and all cedars:
  10 H2416 Beasts H929 , and all cattle H7431 ; creeping things H3671 , and flying H6833 fowl:
  11 H4428 Kings H776 of the earth H3816 , and all people H8269 ; princes H8199 , and all judges [H8802]   H776 of the earth:
  12 H970 Both young men H1330 , and maidens H2205 ; old men H5288 , and children:
  13 H1984 Let them praise [H8762]   H8034 the name H3068 of the LORD H8034 : for his name H7682 alone is excellent [H8737]   H1935 ; his glory H776 is above the earth H8064 and heaven.
  14 H7311 He also exalteth [H8686]   H7161 the horn H5971 of his people H8416 , the praise H2623 of all his saints H1121 ; even of the children H3478 of Israel H5971 , a people H7138 near H1984 unto him. Praise [H8761]   H3050 ye the LORD.

Psalms 100:1-5

  1 H4210 A Psalm H8426 of praise H7321 . Make a joyful noise [H8685]   H3068 unto the LORD H776 , all ye lands.
  2 H5647 Serve [H8798]   H3068 the LORD H8057 with gladness H935 : come [H8798]   H6440 before his presence H7445 with singing.
  3 H3045 Know [H8798]   H3068 ye that the LORD H430 he is God H6213 : it is he that hath made [H8804]   H5971 us, and not we ourselves; we are his people H6629 , and the sheep H4830 of his pasture.
  4 H935 Enter [H8798]   H8179 into his gates H8426 with thanksgiving H2691 , and into his courts H8416 with praise H3034 : be thankful [H8685]   H1288 unto him, and bless [H8761]   H8034 his name.
  5 H3068 For the LORD H2896 is good H2617 ; his mercy H5769 is everlasting H530 ; and his truth H1755 endureth to all H1755 generations.

Hebrews 13:15

  15 G1223 By G846 him G3767 therefore G399 let us offer [G5725]   G2378 the sacrifice G133 of praise G2316 to God G1275 continually G5123 , that is [G5748]   G2590 , the fruit G5491 of our lips G3670 giving thanks [G5723]   G846 to his G3686 name.

Psalms 150:1-6

  1 H1984 Praise [H8761]   H3050 ye the LORD H1984 . Praise [H8761]   H410 God H6944 in his sanctuary H1984 : praise [H8761]   H7549 him in the firmament H5797 of his power.
  2 H1984 Praise [H8761]   H1369 him for his mighty acts H1984 : praise [H8761]   H7230 him according to his excellent H1433 greatness.
  3 H1984 Praise [H8761]   H8629 him with the sound H7782 of the trumpet H1984 : praise [H8761]   H5035 him with the psaltery H3658 and harp.
  4 H1984 Praise [H8761]   H8596 him with the timbrel H4234 and dance H1984 : praise [H8761]   H4482 him with stringed instruments H5748 and organs.
  5 H1984 Praise [H8761]   H8088 him upon the loud H6767 cymbals H1984 : praise [H8761]   H8643 him upon the high sounding H6767 cymbals.
  6 H5397 Let every thing that hath breath H1984 praise [H8762]   H3050 the LORD H1984 . Praise [H8761]   H3050 ye the LORD.

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