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Acts 17:18

  18 G1161 Then G5100 certain G5386 philosophers G1946 of the Epicureans G2532 , and G4770 of the Stoicks G4820 , encountered [G5707]   G846 him G2532 . And G5100 some G3004 said [G5707]   G5101 , What G302 will G2309   [G5722]   G3778 this G4691 babbler G3004 say [G5721]   G1161 ? G1380 other some, He seemeth [G5719]   G1511 to be [G5750]   G2604 a setter forth G3581 of strange G1140 gods G3754 : because G2097 he preached [G5710]   G846 unto them G2424 Jesus G2532 , and G386 the resurrection.

1 Corinthians 1:21

  21 G1063 For G1894 after G1722 that in G4678 the wisdom G2316 of God G2889 the world G1223 by G4678 wisdom G1097 knew [G5627]   G3756 not G2316 God G2106 , it pleased [G5656]   G2316 God G1223 by G3472 the foolishness G2782 of preaching G4982 to save [G5658]   G4100 them that believe [G5723]  .

1 Corinthians 2:6-10

  6 G1161 Howbeit G2980 we speak [G5719]   G4678 wisdom G1722 among G5046 them that are perfect G1161 : yet G3756 not G4678 the wisdom G5127 of this G165 world G3761 , nor G758 of the princes G5127 of this G165 world G2673 , that come to nought [G5746]  :
  7 G235 But G2980 we speak [G5719]   G4678 the wisdom G2316 of God G1722 in G3466 a mystery G613 , even the hidden [G5772]   G3739 wisdom, which G2316 God G4309 ordained [G5656]   G4253 before G165 the world G1519 unto G2257 our G1391 glory:
  8 G3739 Which G3762 none G758 of the princes G5127 of this G165 world G1097 knew [G5758]   G1487 : for G1063   G1097 had they known [G5627]   G302 it, they G4717 would G3756 not G4717 have crucified [G5656]   G2962 the Lord G1391 of glory.
  9 G235 But G2531 as G1125 it is written [G5769]   G3739 , G3788 Eye G1492 hath G3756 not G1492 seen [G5627]   G2532 , nor G3756   G3775 ear G191 heard [G5656]   G2532 , neither G3756   G305 have entered [G5627]   G1909 into G2588 the heart G444 of man G3739 , the things which G2316 God G2090 hath prepared [G5656]   G25 for them that love [G5723]   G846 him.
  10 G1161 But G2316 God G601 hath revealed [G5656]   G2254 them unto us G1223 by G846 his G4151 Spirit G1063 : for G4151 the Spirit G2045 searcheth [G5719]   G3956 all things G2532 , yea G899 , the deep things G2316 of God.

Colossians 2:16-19

  16 G2919 Let G3361 no G5100 man G3767 therefore G2919 judge [G5720]   G5209 you G1722 in G1035 meat G2228 , or G1722 in G4213 drink G2228 , or G1722 in G3313 respect G1859 of an holyday G2228 , or G3561 of the new moon G2228 , or G4521 of the sabbath days :
  17 G3739 Which G2076 are [G5748]   G4639 a shadow G3195 of things to come [G5723]   G1161 ; but G4983 the body G5547 is of Christ.
  18 G2603 Let G3367 no man G2603 beguile G5209 you G2603 of your reward [G5720]   G1722 in G2309 a voluntary [G5723]   G5012 humility G2532 and G2356 worshipping G32 of angels G1687 , intruding into [G5723]   G3739 those things which G3708 he hath G3361 not G3708 seen [G5758]   G1500 , vainly G5448 puffed up [G5746]   G5259 by G846 his G4561 fleshly G3563 mind,
  19 G2532 And G3756 not G2902 holding [G5723]   G2776 the Head G1537 , from G3739 which G3956 all G4983 the body G1223 by G860 joints G2532 and G4886 bands G2023 having nourishment ministered [G5746]   G2532 , and G4822 knit together [G5746]   G837 , increaseth [G5719]   G838 with the increase G2316 of God.

1 Corinthians 2:1-5

  1 G2504 And I G80 , brethren G2064 , when I came [G5631]   G4314 to G5209 you G2064 , came [G5627]   G3756 not G2596 with G5247 excellency G3056 of speech G2228 or G4678 of wisdom G2605 , declaring [G5723]   G5213 unto you G3142 the testimony G2316 of God.
  2 G1063 For G2919 I determined [G5656]   G3756 not G1492 to know [G5760]   G5100 any thing G1722 among G5213 you G1508 , save G2424 Jesus G5547 Christ G2532 , and G5126 him G4717 crucified [G5772]  .
  3 G2532 And G1473 I G1096 was [G5633]   G4314 with G5209 you G1722 in G769 weakness G2532 , and G1722 in G5401 fear G2532 , and G1722 in G4183 much G5156 trembling.
  4 G2532 And G3450 my G3056 speech G2532 and G3450 my G2782 preaching G3756 was not G1722 with G3981 enticing G3056 words G442 of man's G4678 wisdom G235 , but G1722 in G585 demonstration G4151 of the Spirit G2532 and G1411 of power:
  5 G2443 That G5216 your G4102 faith G5600 should G3361 not G5600 stand [G5753]   G1722 in G4678 the wisdom G444 of men G235 , but G1722 in G1411 the power G2316 of God.

1 Timothy 6:20

  20 G5599 O G5095 Timothy G5442 , keep [G5657]   G3872 that which is committed to thy trust G1624 , avoiding [G5734]   G952 profane G2757 and vain babblings G2532 , and G477 oppositions G1108 of science G5581 falsely so called:

1 Corinthians 2:13

  13 G3739 Which things G2532 also G2980 we speak [G5719]   G3756 , not G1722 in G3056 the words G442 which man's G4678 wisdom G1318 teacheth G235 , but G40 which the Holy G4151 Ghost G1722 teacheth G1318   G4793 ; comparing [G5723]   G4152 spiritual things G4152 with spiritual.

Titus 3:9-10

  9 G1161 But G4026 avoid [G5732]   G3474 foolish G2214 questions G2532 , and G1076 genealogies G2532 , and G2054 contentions G2532 , and G3163 strivings about G3544 the law G1063 ; for G1526 they are [G5748]   G512 unprofitable G2532 and G3152 vain.
  10 G444 A man G141 that is an heretick G3326 after G3391 the first G2532 and G1208 second G3559 admonition G3868 reject [G5737]  ;

Colossians 2:8

  8 G991 Beware [G5720]   G3361 lest G5100 any man G2071 spoil [G5704]   G4812   [G5723]   G5209 you G1223 through G5385 philosophy G2532 and G2756 vain G539 deceit G2596 , after G3862 the tradition G444 of men G2596 , after G4747 the rudiments G2889 of the world G2532 , and G3756 not G2596 after G5547 Christ.

Job 28:1-28

  1 H3426 Surely H4161 there is a vein H3701 for the silver H4725 , and a place H2091 for gold H2212 where they fine [H8799]   it .
  2 H1270 Iron H3947 is taken [H8714]   H6083 out of the earth H5154 , and brass H6694 is molten [H8799]   H68 out of the stone.
  3 H7760 He setteth [H8804]   H7093 an end H2822 to darkness H2713 , and searcheth out [H8802]   H8503 all perfection H68 : the stones H652 of darkness H6757 , and the shadow of death.
  4 H5158 The flood H6555 breaketh out [H8804]   H1481 from the inhabitant [H8802]   H7911 ; even the waters forgotten [H8737]   H7272 of the foot H1809 : they are dried up [H8804]   H5128 , they are gone away [H8804]   H582 from men.
  5 H776 As for the earth H3318 , out of it cometh [H8799]   H3899 bread H2015 : and under it is turned up [H8738]   H784 as it were fire.
  6 H68 The stones H4725 of it are the place H5601 of sapphires H6083 : and it hath dust H2091 of gold.
  7 H5410 There is a path H5861 which no fowl H3045 knoweth [H8804]   H344 , and which the vulture's H5869 eye H7805 hath not seen [H8804]  :
  8 H7830 The lion's H1121 whelps H1869 have not trodden [H8689]   H7826 it, nor the fierce lion H5710 passed [H8804]   by it.
  9 H7971 He putteth forth [H8804]   H3027 his hand H2496 upon the rock H2015 ; he overturneth [H8804]   H2022 the mountains H8328 by the roots.
  10 H1234 He cutteth out [H8765]   H2975 rivers H6697 among the rocks H5869 ; and his eye H7200 seeth [H8804]   H3366 every precious thing.
  11 H2280 He bindeth [H8765]   H5104 the floods H1065 from overflowing H8587 ; and the thing that is hid H3318 bringeth he forth [H8686]   H216 to light.
  12 H370 But where H2451 shall wisdom H4672 be found [H8735]   H4725 ? and where is the place H998 of understanding?
  13 H582 Man H3045 knoweth [H8804]   H6187 not the price H4672 thereof; neither is it found [H8735]   H776 in the land H2416 of the living.
  14 H8415 The depth H559 saith [H8804]   H3220 , It is not in me: and the sea H559 saith [H8804]  , It is not with me.
  15 H5414 It cannot be gotten [H8714]   H5458 for gold H3701 , neither shall silver H8254 be weighed [H8735]   H4242 for the price thereof.
  16 H5541 It cannot be valued [H8792]   H3800 with the gold H211 of Ophir H3368 , with the precious H7718 onyx H5601 , or the sapphire.
  17 H2091 The gold H2137 and the crystal H6186 cannot equal [H8799]   H8545 it: and the exchange H3627 of it shall not be for jewels H6337 of fine gold.
  18 H2142 No mention [H8735]   H7215 shall be made of coral H1378 , or of pearls H4901 : for the price H2451 of wisdom H6443 is above rubies.
  19 H6357 The topaz H3568 of Ethiopia H6186 shall not equal [H8799]   H5541 it, neither shall it be valued [H8792]   H2889 with pure H3800 gold.
  20 H370 Whence H935 then cometh [H8799]   H2451 wisdom H4725 ? and where is the place H998 of understanding?
  21 H5956 Seeing it is hid [H8738]   H5869 from the eyes H2416 of all living H5641 , and kept close [H8738]   H5775 from the fowls H8064 of the air.
  22 H11 Destruction H4194 and death H559 say [H8804]   H8085 , We have heard [H8804]   H8088 the fame H241 thereof with our ears.
  23 H430 God H995 understandeth [H8689]   H1870 the way H3045 thereof, and he knoweth [H8804]   H4725 the place thereof.
  24 H5027 For he looketh [H8686]   H7098 to the ends H776 of the earth H7200 , and seeth [H8799]   H8064 under the whole heaven;
  25 H6213 To make [H8800]   H4948 the weight H7307 for the winds H8505 ; and he weigheth [H8765]   H4325 the waters H4060 by measure.
  26 H6213 When he made [H8800]   H2706 a decree H4306 for the rain H1870 , and a way H2385 for the lightning H6963 of the thunder:
  27 H7200 Then did he see [H8804]   H5608 it, and declare [H8762]   H3559 it; he prepared [H8689]   H2713 it, yea, and searched it out [H8804]  .
  28 H120 And unto man H559 he said [H8799]   H3374 , Behold, the fear H136 of the Lord H2451 , that is wisdom H5493 ; and to depart [H8800]   H7451 from evil H998 is understanding.

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