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Isaiah 6:8

  8 H8085 Also I heard [H8799]   H6963 the voice H136 of the Lord H559 , saying [H8802]   H7971 , Whom shall I send [H8799]   H3212 , and who will go [H8799]   H559 for us? Then said [H8799]   H7971 I, Here am I; send [H8798]   me.

Matthew 28:18-20

  18 G2532 And G2424 Jesus G4334 came [G5631]   G2980 and spake [G5656]   G846 unto them G3004 , saying [G5723]   G3956 , All G1849 power G1325 is given [G5681]   G3427 unto me G1722 in G3772 heaven G2532 and G1909 in G1093 earth.
  19 G4198 Go ye [G5679]   G3767 therefore G3100 , and teach [G5657]   G3956 all G1484 nations G907 , baptizing [G5723]   G846 them G1519 in G3686 the name G3962 of the Father G2532 , and G5207 of the Son G2532 , and G40 of the Holy G4151 Ghost:
  20 G1321 Teaching [G5723]   G846 them G5083 to observe [G5721]   G3956 all things G3745 whatsoever G1781 I have commanded [G5662]   G5213 you G2532 : and G2400 , lo [G5628]   G1473 , I G1510 am [G5748]   G3326 with G5216 you G3956 alway G2250   G2193 , even unto G4930 the end G165 of the world G281 . Amen.

Mark 3:1-35

  1 G2532 And G1525 he entered [G5627]   G3825 again G1519 into G4864 the synagogue G2532 ; and G2258 there was [G5713]   G444 a man G1563 there G2192 which had [G5723]   G3583 a withered [G5772]   G5495 hand.
  2 G2532 And G3906 they watched [G5707]   G846 him G1487 , whether G2323 he would heal [G5692]   G846 him G4521 on the sabbath day G2443 ; that G2723 they might accuse [G5661]   G846 him.
  3 G2532 And G3004 he saith [G5719]   G444 unto the man G2192 which had [G5723]   G3583 the withered [G5772]   G5495 hand G1453 , Stand [G5669]   G1519 forth G3319  .
  4 G2532 And G3004 he saith [G5719]   G846 unto them G1832 , Is it lawful [G5748]   G15 to do good [G5658]   G4521 on the sabbath days G2228 , or G2554 to do evil [G5658]   G4982 ? to save [G5658]   G5590 life G2228 , or G615 to kill [G5658]   G1161 ? But G4623 they held their peace [G5707]  .
  5 G2532 And G4017 when he had looked round about [G5671]   G846 on them G3326 with G3709 anger G4818 , being grieved [G5740]   G1909 for G4457 the hardness G846 of their G2588 hearts G3004 , he saith [G5719]   G444 unto the man G1614 , Stretch forth [G5657]   G4675 thine G5495 hand G2532 . And G1614 he stretched it out [G5656]   G2532 : and G846 his G5495 hand G600 was restored [G5681]   G5199 whole G5613 as G243 the other.
  6 G2532 And G5330 the Pharisees G1831 went forth [G5631]   G2112 , and straightway G4160 took [G5707]   G4824 counsel G3326 with G2265 the Herodians G2596 against G846 him G3704 , how G622 they might destroy [G5661]   G846 him.
  7 G2532 But G2424 Jesus G402 withdrew himself [G5656]   G3326 with G846 his G3101 disciples G4314 to G2281 the sea G2532 : and G4183 a great G4128 multitude G575 from G1056 Galilee G190 followed [G5656]   G846 him G2532 , and G575 from G2449 Judaea,
  8 G2532 And G575 from G2414 Jerusalem G2532 , and G575 from G2401 Idumaea G2532 , and G4008 from beyond G2446 Jordan G2532 ; and G4012 they about G5184 Tyre G2532 and G4605 Sidon G4183 , a great G4128 multitude G191 , when they had heard [G5660]   G3745 what great things G4160 he did [G5707]   G2064 , came [G5627]   G4314 unto G846 him.
  9 G2532 And G2036 he spake [G5627]   G846 to his G3101 disciples G2443 , that G4142 a small ship G4342 should wait on [G5725]   G846 him G1223 because G3793 of the multitude G3363 , lest G2346 they should throng [G5725]   G846 him.
  10 G1063 For G2323 he had healed [G5656]   G4183 many G5620 ; insomuch that G1968 they pressed upon [G5721]   G846 him G2443 for to G680 touch [G5672]   G846 him G3745 , as many as G2192 had [G5707]   G3148 plagues.
  11 G2532 And G169 unclean G4151 spirits G3752 , when G2334 they saw [G5707]   G846 him G4363 , fell down before [G5707]   G846 him G2532 , and G2896 cried [G5707]   G3004 , saying [G5723]   G3754 , G4771 Thou G1488 art [G5748]   G5207 the Son G2316 of God.
  12 G2532 And G4183 he straitly G2008 charged [G5707]   G846 them G3363 that G4160 they should G3363 not G4160 make [G5661]   G846 him G5318 known.
  13 G2532 And G305 he goeth up [G5719]   G1519 into G3735 a mountain G2532 , and G4341 calleth [G5736]   G3739 unto him whom G846 he G2309 would [G5707]   G2532 : and G565 they came [G5627]   G4314 unto G846 him.
  14 G2532 And G4160 he ordained [G5656]   G1427 twelve G2443 , that G5600 they should be [G5753]   G3326 with G846 him G2532 , and G2443 that G649 he might send G846 them G649 forth [G5725]   G2784 to preach [G5721]  ,
  15 G2532 And G2192 to have [G5721]   G1849 power G2323 to heal [G5721]   G3554 sicknesses G2532 , and G1544 to cast out [G5721]   G1140 devils:
  16 G2532 And G4613 Simon G2007 he surnamed [G5656]   G3686   G4074 Peter;
  17 G2532 And G2385 James G3588 the son G2199 of Zebedee G2532 , and G2491 John G80 the brother G2385 of James G2532 ; and G2007 he surnamed [G5656]   G3686   G846 them G993 Boanerges G3603 , which is G5207 , The sons G1027 of thunder:
  18 G2532 And G406 Andrew G2532 , and G5376 Philip G2532 , and G918 Bartholomew G2532 , and G3156 Matthew G2532 , and G2381 Thomas G2532 , and G2385 James G3588 the son G256 of Alphaeus G2532 , and G2280 Thaddaeus G2532 , and G4613 Simon G2581 the Canaanite,
  19 G2532 And G2455 Judas G2469 Iscariot G3739 , which G2532 also G3860 betrayed [G5656]   G846 him G2532 : and G2064 they went [G5736]   G1519 into G3624 an house.
  20 G2532 And G3793 the multitude G4905 cometh together [G5736]   G3825 again G5620 , so that G846 they G1410 could [G5738]   G3361 not G3383 so much as G5315 eat [G5629]   G740 bread.
  21 G2532 And G846 when his G3844 friends G191 heard [G5660]   G1831 of it, they went out [G5627]   G2902 to lay hold [G5658]   G846 on him G1063 : for G3004 they said [G5707]   G3754 , G1839 He is beside himself [G5627]  .
  22 G2532 And G1122 the scribes G3588 which G2597 came down [G5631]   G575 from G2414 Jerusalem G3004 said [G5707]   G3754 , G2192 He hath [G5719]   G954 Beelzebub G3754 , G2532 and G1722 by G758 the prince G1140 of the devils G1544 casteth he out [G5719]   G1140 devils.
  23 G2532 And G4341 he called [G5666]   G846 them G3004 unto him, and said [G5707]   G846 unto them G1722 in G3850 parables G4459 , How G1410 can [G5736]   G4567 Satan G1544 cast out [G5721]   G4567 Satan?
  24 G2532 And G1437 if G932 a kingdom G3307 be divided [G5686]   G1909 against G1438 itself G1565 , that G932 kingdom G3756 cannot G1410   [G5736]   G2476 stand [G5683]  .
  25 G2532 And G1437 if G3614 a house G3307 be divided [G5686]   G1909 against G1438 itself G1565 , that G3614 house G3756 cannot G1410   [G5736]   G2476 stand [G5683]  .
  26 G2532 And G1487 if G4567 Satan G450 rise up [G5627]   G1909 against G1438 himself G2532 , and G3307 be divided [G5769]   G3756 , he cannot G1410   [G5736]   G2476 stand [G5683]   G235 , but G2192 hath [G5719]   G5056 an end.
  27 G3762 No man G3756 can G1410   [G5736]   G1525 enter [G5631]   G1519 into G2478 a strong man's G3614 house G1283 , and spoil [G5658]   G846 his G4632 goods G3362 , except G1210 he will G4412 first G1210 bind [G5661]   G2478 the strong man G2532 ; and G5119 then G1283 he will spoil [G5692]   G846 his G3614 house.
  28 G281 Verily G3004 I say [G5719]   G5213 unto you G3754 , G3956 All G265 sins G863 shall be forgiven [G5701]   G5207 unto the sons G444 of men G2532 , and G988 blasphemies G3745 wherewith G302 soever G987 they shall blaspheme [G5661]  :
  29 G1161 But G3739 he G302 that G987 shall blaspheme [G5661]   G1519 against G40 the Holy G4151 Ghost G2192 hath [G5719]   G3756 never G1519   G165   G859 forgiveness G235 , but G2076 is [G5748]   G1777 in danger G166 of eternal G2920 damnation:
  30 G3754 Because G3004 they said [G5707]   G2192 , He hath [G5719]   G169 an unclean G4151 spirit.
  31 G2064 There came [G5736]   G3767 then G846 his G80 brethren G2532 and G3384 his mother G2532 , and G2476 , standing [G5761]   G1854 without G649 , sent [G5656]   G4314 unto G846 him G5455 , calling [G5723]   G846 him.
  32 G2532 And G3793 the multitude G2521 sat [G5711]   G4012 about G846 him G1161 , and G2036 they said [G5627]   G846 unto him G2400 , Behold [G5628]   G4675 , thy G3384 mother G2532 and G4675 thy G80 brethren G1854 without G2212 seek for [G5719]   G4571 thee.
  33 G2532 And G611 he answered [G5662]   G846 them G3004 , saying [G5723]   G5101 , Who G2076 is [G5748]   G3450 my G3384 mother G2228 , or G3450 my G80 brethren?
  34 G2532 And G4017 he looked [G5671]   G2945 round about G3588 on them which G2521 sat [G5740]   G4012 about G846 him G3004 , and said [G5719]   G2396 , Behold G3450 my G3384 mother G2532 and G3450 my G80 brethren!
  35 G1063 For G3739 whosoever G302   G4160 shall do [G5661]   G2307 the will G2316 of God G3778 , the same G2076 is [G5748]   G3450 my G80 brother G2532 , and G3450 my G79 sister G2532 , and G3384 mother.

Luke 4:1-12

  1 G1161 And G2424 Jesus G4134 being full G40 of the Holy G4151 Ghost G5290 returned [G5656]   G575 from G2446 Jordan G2532 , and G71 was led [G5712]   G1722 by G4151 the Spirit G1519 into G2048 the wilderness,
  2 G3985 Being G5062 forty G2250 days G3985 tempted [G5746]   G5259 of G1228 the devil G2532 . And G1722 in G1565 those G2250 days G5315 he did eat [G5627]   G3756 nothing G3762   G2532 : and G846 when they G4931 were ended [G5685]   G5305 , he afterward G3983 hungered [G5656]  .
  3 G2532 And G1228 the devil G2036 said [G5627]   G846 unto him G1487 , If G1488 thou be [G5748]   G5207 the Son G2316 of God G2036 , command [G5628]   G5129 this G3037 stone G2443 that G1096 it be made [G5638]   G740 bread.
  4 G2532 And G2424 Jesus G611 answered [G5662]   G4314 him G846   G3004 , saying [G5723]   G1125 , It is written [G5769]   G3754 , That G444 man G2198 shall G3756 not G2198 live [G5695]   G1909 by G740 bread G3441 alone G235 , but G1909 by G3956 every G4487 word G2316 of God.
  5 G2532 And G1228 the devil G321 , taking G846 him G321 up [G5631]   G1519 into G5308 an high G3735 mountain G1166 , shewed [G5656]   G846 unto him G3956 all G932 the kingdoms G3625 of the world G1722 in G4743 a moment G5550 of time.
  6 G2532 And G1228 the devil G2036 said [G5627]   G846 unto him G537 , All G5026 this G1849 power G1325 will I give [G5692]   G4671 thee G2532 , and G1391 the glory G846 of them G3754 : for G3860 that is delivered [G5769]   G1698 unto me G2532 ; and G3739 to G1437 whomsoever G2309 I will [G5725]   G1325 I give [G5719]   G846 it.
  7 G1437 If G4771 thou G3767 therefore G4352 wilt worship [G5661]   G1799 me G3450   G3956 , all G2071 shall be [G5704]   G4675 thine.
  8 G2532 And G2424 Jesus G611 answered [G5679]   G2036 and said [G5627]   G846 unto him G5217 , Get thee [G5720]   G3694 behind G3450 me G4567 , Satan G1063 : for G1125 it is written [G5769]   G4352 , Thou shalt worship [G5692]   G2962 the Lord G4675 thy G2316 God G2532 , and G846 him G3441 only G3000 shalt thou serve [G5692]  .
  9 G2532 And G71 he brought [G5627]   G846 him G1519 to G2419 Jerusalem G2532 , and G2476 set [G5656]   G846 him G1909 on G4419 a pinnacle G2411 of the temple G2532 , and G2036 said [G5627]   G846 unto him G1487 , If G1488 thou be [G5748]   G5207 the Son G2316 of God G906 , cast [G5628]   G4572 thyself G2736 down G1782 from hence:
  10 G1063 For G3754   G1125 it is written [G5769]   G1781 , He shall give G846 his G32 angels G1781 charge [G5699]   G4012 over G4675 thee G1314 , to keep [G5658]   G4571 thee:
  11 G2532 And G3754   G1909 in G5495 their hands G142 they shall bear G4571 thee G142 up [G5692]   G3379 , lest at any time G4350 thou dash [G5661]   G4675 thy G4228 foot G4314 against G3037 a stone.
  12 G2532 And G2424 Jesus G611 answering [G5679]   G2036 said [G5627]   G846 unto him G3754 , It is said G2046   [G5769]   G1598 , Thou shalt G3756 not G1598 tempt [G5692]   G2962 the Lord G4675 thy G2316 God.

Romans 12:1-8

  1 G3870 I beseech [G5719]   G5209 you G3767 therefore G80 , brethren G1223 , by G3628 the mercies G2316 of God G3936 , that ye present [G5658]   G5216 your G4983 bodies G2198 a living [G5723]   G2378 sacrifice G40 , holy G2101 , acceptable G2316 unto God G5216 , which is your G3050 reasonable G2999 service.
  2 G2532 And G4964 be G3361 not G4964 conformed [G5728]   G5129 to this G165 world G235 : but G3339 be ye transformed [G5744]   G342 by the renewing G5216 of your G3563 mind G1519 , that G5209 ye G1381 may prove [G5721]   G5101 what G18 is that good G2532 , and G2101 acceptable G2532 , and G5046 perfect G2307 , will G2316 of God.
  3 G1063 For G3004 I say [G5719]   G1223 , through G5485 the grace G1325 given [G5685]   G3427 unto me G3956 , to every man G5607 that is [G5752]   G1722 among G5213 you G3361 , not G3844 to think of himself more G5252 highly [G5721]   G3739 than G1163 he ought [G5748]   G5426 to think [G5721]   G235 ; but G5426 to think [G5721]   G1519 soberly G4993   [G5721]   G5613 , according as G2316 God G3307 hath dealt [G5656]   G1538 to every man G3358 the measure G4102 of faith.
  4 G1063 For G2509 as G2192 we have [G5719]   G4183 many G3196 members G1722 in G1520 one G4983 body G1161 , and G3956 all G3196 members G2192 have [G5719]   G3756 not G846 the same G4234 office:
  5 G3779 So G2070 we G4183 , being many G2070 , are [G5748]   G1520 one G4983 body G1722 in G5547 Christ G1161 , and G2596 every G1520 one G3196 members G240 one of another.
  6 G2192 Having [G5723]   G1161 then G5486 gifts G1313 differing G2596 according G5485 to the grace G1325 that is given [G5685]   G2254 to us G1535 , whether G4394 prophecy G2596 , let us prophesy according G356 to the proportion G4102 of faith;
  7 G1535 Or G1248 ministry G1722 , let us wait on G1248 our ministering G1535 : or G1321 he that teacheth [G5723]   G1722 , on G1319 teaching;
  8 G1535 Or G3870 he that exhorteth [G5723]   G1722 , on G3874 exhortation G3330 : he that giveth [G5723]   G1722 , let him do it with G572 simplicity G4291 ; he that ruleth [G5734]   G1722 , with G4710 diligence G1653 ; he that sheweth mercy [G5723]   G1722 , with G2432 cheerfulness.

1 Corinthians 3:1-23

  1 G2532 And G1473 I G80 , brethren G1410 , could [G5675]   G3756 not G2980 speak [G5658]   G5213 unto you G5613 as G4152 unto spiritual G235 , but G5613 as G4559 unto carnal G5613 , even as G3516 unto babes G1722 in G5547 Christ.
  2 G4222 I have fed [G5656]   G5209 you G1051 with milk G2532 , and G3756 not G1033 with meat G1063 : for G3768 hitherto G1410 ye were G3768 not G1410 able [G5711]   G235 to bear it, neither G3777   G2089 yet G3568 now G1410 are ye able [G5736]  .
  3 G1063 For G2075 ye are [G5748]   G2089 yet G4559 carnal G1063 : for G3699 whereas G1722 there is among G5213 you G2205 envying G2532 , and G2054 strife G2532 , and G1370 divisions G2075 , are ye [G5748]   G3780 not G4559 carnal G2532 , and G4043 walk [G5719]   G2596 as G444 men?
  4 G1063 For G3752 while G5100 one G3004 saith [G5725]   G1473 , I G3303   G1510 am [G5748]   G3972 of Paul G1161 ; and G2087 another G1473 , I G625 am of Apollos G2075 ; are [G5748] ye G3780 not G4559 carnal?
  5 G5101 Who G3767 then G2076 is [G5748]   G3972 Paul G1161 , and G5101 who G625 is Apollos G235 , but G2228   G1249 ministers G1223 by G3739 whom G4100 ye believed [G5656]   G2532 , even G5613 as G2962 the Lord G1325 gave [G5656]   G1538 to every man?
  6 G1473 I G5452 have planted [G5656]   G625 , Apollos G4222 watered [G5656]   G235 ; but G2316 God G837 gave the increase [G5707]  .
  7 G5620 So G3777 then neither G2076 is [G5748]   G5452 he that planteth [G5723]   G5100 any thing G3777 , neither G4222 he that watereth [G5723]   G235 ; but G2316 God G837 that giveth the increase [G5723]  .
  8 G1161 Now G5452 he that planteth [G5723]   G2532 and G4222 he that watereth [G5723]   G1526 are [G5748]   G1520 one G1161 : and G1538 every man G2983 shall receive [G5695]   G2398 his own G3408 reward G2596 according G2398 to his own G2873 labour.
  9 G1063 For G2070 we are [G5748]   G4904 labourers together G2316 with God G2075 : ye are [G5748]   G2316 God's G1091 husbandry G2316 , ye are God's G3619 building.
  10 G2596 According G5485 to the grace G2316 of God G3588 which G1325 is given [G5685]   G3427 unto me G5613 , as G4680 a wise G753 masterbuilder G5087 , I have laid [G5758]   G2310 the foundation G1161 , and G243 another G2026 buildeth [G5719]   G1161 thereon. But G991 let G1538 every man G991 take heed [G5720]   G4459 how G2026 he buildeth [G5719]   thereupon.
  11 G1063 For G243 other G2310 foundation G1410 can [G5736]   G3762 no man G5087 lay [G5629]   G3844 than G2749 that is laid [G5740]   G3739 , which G2076 is [G5748]   G2424 Jesus G5547 Christ.
  12 G1161 Now G1536 if any man G2026 build [G5719]   G1909 upon G5126 this G2310 foundation G5557 gold G696 , silver G5093 , precious G3037 stones G3586 , wood G5528 , hay G2562 , stubble;
  13 G1538 Every man's G2041 work G1096 shall be made [G5695]   G5318 manifest G1063 : for G2250 the day G1213 shall declare [G5692]   G3754 it, because G601 it shall be revealed [G5743]   G1722 by G4442 fire G2532 ; and G4442 the fire G1381 shall try [G5692]   G1538 every man's G2041 work G3697 of what sort G2076 it is [G5748]  .
  14 G1536 If any man's G2041 work G3306 abide [G5719]   G3739 which G2026 he hath built [G5656]   G2983 thereupon, he shall receive [G5695]   G3408 a reward.
  15 G1536 If any man's G2041 work G2618 shall be burned [G5691]   G2210 , he shall suffer loss [G5701]   G1161 : but G846 he himself G4982 shall be saved [G5701]   G1161 ; yet G3779 so G5613 as G1223 by G4442 fire.
  16 G1492 Know ye [G5758]   G3756 not G3754 that G2075 ye are [G5748]   G3485 the temple G2316 of God G2532 , and G4151 that the Spirit G2316 of God G3611 dwelleth [G5719]   G1722 in G5213 you?
  17 G1536 If any man G5351 defile [G5719]   G3485 the temple G2316 of God G5126 , him G5351 shall G2316 God G5351 destroy [G5692]   G1063 ; for G3485 the temple G2316 of God G2076 is [G5748]   G40 holy G3748 , which G5210 temple ye G2075 are [G5748]  .
  18 G1818 Let G3367 no man G1818 deceive [G5720]   G1438 himself G1536 . If any man G1722 among G5213 you G1380 seemeth [G5719]   G1511 to be [G5750]   G4680 wise G1722 in G5129 this G165 world G1096 , let him become [G5634]   G3474 a fool G2443 , that G1096 he may be [G5638]   G4680 wise.
  19 G1063 For G4678 the wisdom G5127 of this G2889 world G2076 is [G5748]   G3472 foolishness G3844 with G2316 God G1063 . For G1125 it is written [G5769]   G1405 , He taketh [G5740]   G4680 the wise G1722 in G846 their own G3834 craftiness.
  20 G2532 And G3825 again G2962 , The Lord G1097 knoweth [G5719]   G1261 the thoughts G4680 of the wise G3754 , that G1526 they are [G5748]   G3152 vain.
  21 G5620 Therefore G2744 let G3367 no man G2744 glory [G5737]   G1722 in G444 men G1063 . For G3956 all things G2076 are [G5748]   G5216 yours;
  22 G1535 Whether G3972 Paul G1535 , or G625 Apollos G1535 , or G2786 Cephas G1535 , or G2889 the world G1535 , or G2222 life G1535 , or G2288 death G1535 , or G1764 things present [G5761]   G1535 , or G3195 things to come [G5723]   G3956 ; all G2076 are [G5748]   G5216 yours;
  23 G1161 And G5210 ye G5547 are Christ's G1161 ; and G5547 Christ G2316 is God's.

2 Corinthians 5:11-20

  11 G1492 Knowing [G5761]   G3767 therefore G5401 the terror G2962 of the Lord G3982 , we persuade [G5719]   G444 men G1161 ; but G5319 we are made manifest [G5769]   G2316 unto God G1161 ; and G1679 I trust [G5719]   G2532 also G5319 are made manifest [G5771]   G1722 in G5216 your G4893 consciences.
  12 G1063 For G4921 we commend [G5719]   G3756 not G1438 ourselves G3825 again G5213 unto you G235 , but G1325 give [G5723]   G5213 you G874 occasion G2745 to glory G5228 on G2257 our G5228 behalf G2443 , that G2192 ye may have [G5725]   G4314 somewhat to G2744 answer them which glory [G5740]   G1722 in G4383 appearance G2532 , and G3756 not G2588 in heart.
  13 G1063 For G1535 whether G1839 we be beside ourselves [G5627]   G2316 , it is to God G1535 : or whether G4993 we be sober [G5719]   G5213 , it is for your cause.
  14 G1063 For G26 the love G5547 of Christ G4912 constraineth [G5719]   G2248 us G5124 ; because we thus G2919 judge [G5660]   G3754 , that G1487 if G1520 one G599 died [G5627]   G5228 for G3956 all G686 , then G599 were G3956 all G599 dead [G5627]  :
  15 G2532 And G599 that he died [G5627]   G5228 for G3956 all G2443 , that G2198 they which live [G5723]   G2198 should G3371 not henceforth G2198 live [G5725]   G1438 unto themselves G235 , but G599 unto him which died [G5631]   G5228 for G846 them G2532 , and G1453 rose again [G5685]  .
  16 G5620 Wherefore G575 henceforth G3568   G1492 know [G5758]   G2249 we G3762 no man G2596 after G4561 the flesh G1161 : yea G1499 , though G1097 we have known [G5758]   G5547 Christ G2596 after G4561 the flesh G235 , yet G3568 now G3765 henceforth G1097 know we [G5719]   G3765 him no more.
  17 G5620 Therefore G1536 if any man G1722 be in G5547 Christ G2537 , he is a new G2937 creature G744 : old things G3928 are passed away [G5627]   G2400 ; behold [G5628]   G3956 , all things G1096 are become [G5754]   G2537 new.
  18 G1161 And G3956 all things G1537 are of G2316 God G3588 , who G2644 hath reconciled [G5660]   G2248 us G1438 to himself G1223 by G2424 Jesus G5547 Christ G2532 , and G1325 hath given [G5631]   G2254 to us G1248 the ministry G2643 of reconciliation;
  19 G5613 To wit G3754 , that G2316 God G2258 was [G5713]   G1722 in G5547 Christ G2644 , reconciling [G5723]   G2889 the world G1438 unto himself G3361 , not G3049 imputing [G5740]   G846 their G3900 trespasses G846 unto them G2532 ; and G5087 hath committed [G5642]   G1722 unto G2254 us G3056 the word G2643 of reconciliation.
  20 G3767 Now then G4243 we are ambassadors [G5719]   G5228 for G5547 Christ G5613 , as though G2316 God G3870 did beseech [G5723]   G1223 you by G2257 us G1189 : we pray [G5736]   G5228 you in G5547 Christ's G5228 stead G2644 , be ye reconciled [G5649]   G2316 to God.

Acts 20:24

  24 G235 But G3762 none G3056 of these things G4160 move me [G5731]   G3761 , neither G2192 count I [G5719]   G3450 my G5590 life G5093 dear G1683 unto myself G5613 , so G5048 that I might finish [G5658]   G3450 my G1408 course G3326 with G5479 joy G2532 , and G1248 the ministry G3739 , which G2983 I have received [G5627]   G3844 of G2962 the Lord G2424 Jesus G1263 , to testify [G5664]   G2098 the gospel G5485 of the grace G2316 of God.

2 Corinthians 4:1-18

  1 G1223 Therefore seeing G5124   G2192 we have [G5723]   G5026 this G1248 ministry G2531 , as G1653 we have received mercy [G5681]   G1573 , we faint [G5719]   G3756 not;
  2 G235 But G550 have renounced [G5639]   G2927 the hidden things G152 of dishonesty G3361 , not G4043 walking [G5723]   G1722 in G3834 craftiness G3366 , nor G1389 handling G3056 the word G2316 of God G1389 deceitfully [G5723]   G235 ; but G5321 by manifestation G225 of the truth G4921 commending [G5723]   G1438 ourselves G4314 to G3956 every G444 man's G4893 conscience G1799 in the sight G2316 of God.
  3 G1161 But G1499 if G2257 our G2098 gospel G2076 be [G5748]   G2572 hid [G5772]   G2076 , it is [G5748]   G2572 hid [G5772]   G1722 to G622 them that are lost [G5730]  :
  4 G1722 In G3739 whom G2316 the god G5127 of this G165 world G5186 hath blinded [G5656]   G3540 the minds G571 of them which believe not G1519 , lest G3361   G5462 the light G1391 of the glorious G2098 gospel G5547 of Christ G3739 , who G2076 is [G5748]   G1504 the image G2316 of God G826 , should shine [G5658]   G846 unto them.
  5 G1063 For G2784 we preach [G5719]   G3756 not G1438 ourselves G235 , but G5547 Christ G2424 Jesus G2962 the Lord G1161 ; and G1438 ourselves G5216 your G1401 servants G1223 for G2424 Jesus G1223 ' sake.
  6 G3754 For G2316 God G3588 , who G2036 commanded [G5631]   G5457 the light G2989 to shine [G5658]   G1537 out of G4655 darkness G3739 , G2989 hath shined [G5656]   G1722 in G2257 our G2588 hearts G4314 , to G5462 give the light G1108 of the knowledge G1391 of the glory G2316 of God G1722 in G4383 the face G2424 of Jesus G5547 Christ.
  7 G1161 But G2192 we have [G5719]   G5126 this G2344 treasure G1722 in G3749 earthen G4632 vessels G2443 , that G5236 the excellency G1411 of the power G5600 may be [G5753]   G2316 of God G2532 , and G3361 not G1537 of G2257 us.
  8 G2346 We are troubled [G5746]   G1722 on G3956 every side G235 , yet G3756 not G4729 distressed [G5746]   G639 ; we are perplexed [G5734]   G235 , but G3756 not G1820 in despair [G5740]  ;
  9 G1377 Persecuted [G5746]   G235 , but G3756 not G1459 forsaken [G5746]   G2598 ; cast down [G5746]   G235 , but G3756 not G622 destroyed [G5730]  ;
  10 G3842 Always G4064 bearing about [G5723]   G1722 in G4983 the body G3500 the dying G2962 of the Lord G2424 Jesus G2443 , that G2222 the life G2532 also G2424 of Jesus G5319 might be made manifest [G5686]   G1722 in G2257 our G4983 body.
  11 G2249 For we G3588 which G2198 live [G5723]   G3860 are G104 alway G1063   G3860 delivered [G5743]   G1519 unto G2288 death G1223 for G2424 Jesus G1223 ' sake G2443 , that G2222 the life G2532 also G2424 of Jesus G5319 might be made manifest [G5686]   G1722 in G2257 our G2349 mortal G4561 flesh.
  12 G5620 So G3303 then G2288 death G1754 worketh [G5731]   G1722 in G2254 us G1161 , but G2222 life G1722 in G5213 you.
  13 G1161   G2192 We having [G5723]   G846 the same G4151 spirit G4102 of faith G2596 , according as G1125 it is written [G5772]   G4100 , I believed [G5656]   G1352 , and therefore G2980 have I spoken [G5656]   G2249 ; we G2532 also G4100 believe [G5719]   G2532 , and G1352 therefore G2980 speak [G5719]  ;
  14 G1492 Knowing [G5761]   G3754 that G1453 he which raised up [G5660]   G2962 the Lord G2424 Jesus G1453 shall raise up [G5692]   G2248 us G2532 also G1223 by G2424 Jesus G2532 , and G3936 shall present [G5692]   G4862 us with G5213 you.
  15 G1063 For G3956 all things G1223 are for G5209 your G1223 sakes G2443 , that G4121 the abundant [G5660]   G5485 grace G4052 might G1223 through G2169 the thanksgiving G4119 of many G4052 redound [G5661]   G1519 to G1391 the glory G2316 of God.
  16 G1352 For which cause G1573 we faint [G5719]   G3756 not G235 ; but G1499 though G2257 our G1854 outward G444 man G1311 perish [G5743]   G235 , yet G2081 the inward G341 man is renewed [G5743]   G2250 day G2532 by G2250 day.
  17 G1063 For G2257 our G1645 light G2347 affliction G3588 , which G3910 is but for a moment G2716 , worketh [G5736]   G2254 for us G2596 a far G5236   G1519 more exceeding G5236   G166 and eternal G922 weight G1391 of glory;
  18 G4648 While G2257 we G4648 look G3361 not G4648 at [G5723]   G991 the things which are seen [G5746]   G235 , but G991 at the things which are G3361 not G991 seen [G5746]   G1063 : for G991 the things which are seen [G5746]   G4340 are temporal G1161 ; but G991 the things which are G3361 not G991 seen [G5746]   G166 are eternal.

2 Corinthians 3:6

  6 G3739 Who G2532 also G2427 hath made G2248 us G2427 able [G5656]   G1249 ministers G2537 of the new G1242 testament G3756 ; not G1121 of the letter G235 , but G4151 of the spirit G1063 : for G1121 the letter G615 killeth [G5719]   G1161 , but G4151 the spirit G2227 giveth life [G5719]  .

2 Timothy 4:1-5

  1 G1473 I G1263 charge [G5736]   G3767 thee therefore G1799 before G2316 God G2532 , and G2962 the Lord G2424 Jesus G5547 Christ G3588 , who G3195 shall [G5723]   G2919 judge [G5721]   G2198 the quick [G5723]   G2532 and G3498 the dead G2596 at G846 his G2015 appearing G2532 and G846 his G932 kingdom;
  2 G2784 Preach [G5657]   G3056 the word G2186 ; be instant [G5628]   G2122 in season G171 , out of season G1651 ; reprove [G5657]   G2008 , rebuke [G5657]   G3870 , exhort [G5657]   G1722 with G3956 all G3115 longsuffering G2532 and G1322 doctrine.
  3 G1063 For G2540 the time G2071 will come [G5704]   G3753 when G430 they will G3756 not G430 endure [G5695]   G5198 sound [G5723]   G1319 doctrine G235 ; but G2596 after G2398 their own G1939 lusts G2002 shall they heap [G5692]   G1438 to themselves G1320 teachers G2833 , having itching [G5746]   G189 ears;
  4 G2532 And G3303 they shall turn away G654   [G5692]   G189 their ears G575 from G225 the truth G1161 , and G1624 shall be turned [G5691]   G1909 unto G3454 fables.
  5 G1161 But G3525 watch [G5720]   G4771 thou G1722 in G3956 all things G2553 , endure afflictions [G5657]   G4160 , do [G5657]   G2041 the work G2099 of an evangelist G4135 , make full proof [G5657]   G4675 of thy G1248 ministry.

James 4:10

  10 G5013 Humble yourselves [G5682]   G1799 in the sight G2962 of the Lord G2532 , and G5312 he shall lift G5209 you G5312 up [G5692]  .

Hebrews 13:7

  7 G3421 Remember [G5720]   G2233 them which have the rule [G5740]   G5216 over you G3748 , who G2980 have spoken [G5656]   G5213 unto you G3056 the word G2316 of God G3739 : whose G4102 faith G3401 follow [G5737]   G333 , considering [G5723]   G1545 the end G391 of their conversation.

2 Corinthians 6:3-10

  3 G1325 Giving [G5723]   G3367 no G4349 offence G1722 in G3367 any thing G3363 , that G1248 the ministry G3469 be G3363 not G3469 blamed [G5686]  :
  4 G235 But G1722 in G3956 all G4921 things approving [G5723]   G1438 ourselves G5613 as G1249 the ministers G2316 of God G1722 , in G4183 much G5281 patience G1722 , in G2347 afflictions G1722 , in G318 necessities G1722 , in G4730 distresses,
  5 G1722 In G4127 stripes G1722 , in G5438 imprisonments G1722 , in G181 tumults G1722 , in G2873 labours G1722 , in G70 watchings G1722 , in G3521 fastings;
  6 G1722 By G54 pureness G1722 , by G1108 knowledge G1722 , by G3115 longsuffering G1722 , by G5544 kindness G1722 , by G40 the Holy G4151 Ghost G1722 , by G26 love G505 unfeigned,
  7 G1722 By G3056 the word G225 of truth G1722 , by G1411 the power G2316 of God G1223 , by G3696 the armour G1343 of righteousness G1188 on the right hand G2532 and G710 on the left,
  8 G1223 By G1391 honour G2532 and G819 dishonour G1223 , by G1426 evil report G2532 and G2162 good report G5613 : as G4108 deceivers G2532 , and G227 yet true;
  9 G5613 As G50 unknown [G5746]   G2532 , and G1921 yet well known [G5746]   G5613 ; as G599 dying [G5723]   G2532 , and G2400 , behold [G5628]   G2198 , we live [G5719]   G5613 ; as G3811 chastened [G5746]   G2532 , and G3361 not G2289 killed [G5746]  ;
  10 G5613 As G3076 sorrowful [G5746]   G1161 , yet G104 alway G5463 rejoicing [G5723]   G5613 ; as G4434 poor G1161 , yet G4148 making G4183 many G4148 rich [G5723]   G5613 ; as G2192 having [G5723]   G3367 nothing G2532 , and G2722 yet possessing [G5723]   G3956 all things.

2 Timothy 2:15

  15 G4704 Study [G5657]   G3936 to shew [G5658]   G4572 thyself G1384 approved G2316 unto God G2040 , a workman G422 that needeth not to be ashamed G3718 , rightly dividing [G5723]   G3056 the word G225 of truth.

1 Timothy 4:12

  12 G2706 Let G3367 no man G2706 despise [G5720]   G4675 thy G3503 youth G235 ; but G1096 be thou [G5737]   G5179 an example G4103 of the believers G1722 , in G3056 word G1722 , in G391 conversation G1722 , in G26 charity G1722 , in G4151 spirit G1722 , in G4102 faith G1722 , in G47 purity.

Romans 10:13-15

  13 G3956 For G1063   G3739 whosoever G302   G1941 shall call upon [G5672]   G3686 the name G2962 of the Lord G4982 shall be saved [G5701]  .
  14 G4459 How G3767 then G1941 shall they call on [G5698]   G1519 him in G3739 whom G4100 they have G3756 not G4100 believed [G5656]   G1161 ? and G4459 how G4100 shall they believe in [G5692]   G3739 him of whom G191 they have G3756 not G191 heard [G5656]   G1161 ? and G4459 how G191 shall they hear [G5692]   G5565 without G2784 a preacher [G5723]  ?
  15 G1161 And G4459 how G2784 shall they preach [G5692]   G3362 , except G649 they be sent [G5652]   G2531 ? as G1125 it is written [G5769]   G5613 , How G5611 beautiful G4228 are the feet of them G2097 that preach the gospel [G5734]   G1515 of peace G2097 , and bring glad tidings [G5734]   G18 of good things!

Ephesians 4:11-13

  11 G2532 And G846 he G1325 gave [G5656]   G3303 some G652 , apostles G1161 ; and G4396 some, prophets G1161 ; and G2099 some, evangelists G1161 ; and G4166 some, pastors G2532 and G1320 teachers;
  12 G4314 For G2677 the perfecting G40 of the saints G1519 , for G2041 the work G1248 of the ministry G1519 , for G3619 the edifying G4983 of the body G5547 of Christ:
  13 G3360 Till G3956 we all G2658 come [G5661]   G1519 in G1775 the unity G4102 of the faith G2532 , and G1922 of the knowledge G5207 of the Son G2316 of God G1519 , unto G5046 a perfect G435 man G1519 , unto G3358 the measure G2244 of the stature G4138 of the fulness G5547 of Christ:

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