Bible verses about "homosexualism" | KJV_Strongs

John 7:24

  24 G2919 Judge [G5720]   G3361 not G2596 according to G3799 the appearance G235 , but G2919 judge [G5657]   G1342 righteous G2920 judgment.

James 4:12

  12 G2076 There is [G5748]   G1520 one G3550 lawgiver G3588 , who G1410 is able [G5740]   G4982 to save [G5658]   G2532 and G622 to destroy [G5658]   G5101 : who G1488 art [G5748]   G4771 thou G3739 that G2919 judgest [G5719]   G2087 another?

Proverbs 17:15

  15 H6663 He that justifieth [H8688]   H7563 the wicked H7561 , and he that condemneth [H8688]   H6662 the just H8147 , even they both H8441 are abomination H3068 to the LORD.

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