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Matthew 6:33

  33 G1161 But G2212 seek ye [G5720]   G4412 first G932 the kingdom G2316 of God G2532 , and G846 his G1343 righteousness G2532 ; and G3956 all G5023 these things G4369 shall be added [G5701]   G5213 unto you.

1 Samuel 3:19-20

  19 H8050 And Samuel H1431 grew [H8799]   H3068 , and the LORD H1697 was with him, and did let none of his words H5307 fall [H8689]   H776 to the ground.
  20 H3478 And all Israel H1835 from Dan H884 even to Beersheba H3045 knew [H8799]   H8050 that Samuel H539 was established [H8737]   H5030 to be a prophet H3068 of the LORD.

Ruth 3:1-4:22

  1 H5281 Then Naomi H2545 her mother in law H559 said [H8799]   H1323 unto her, My daughter H1245 , shall I not seek [H8762]   H4494 rest H3190 for thee, that it may be well [H8799]   with thee?
  2 H1162 And now is not Boaz H4130 of our kindred H5291 , with whose maidens H2219 thou wast? Behold, he winnoweth [H8802]   H8184 barley H3915 to night H1637 in the threshingfloor.
  3 H7364 Wash [H8804]   H5480 thyself therefore, and anoint [H8804]   H7760 thee, and put [H8804]   H8071 thy raiment H3381 upon thee, and get thee down [H8804]   H1637 to the floor H3045 : but make not thyself known [H8735]   H376 unto the man H3615 , until he shall have done [H8763]   H398 eating [H8800]   H8354 and drinking [H8800]  .
  4 H7901 And it shall be, when he lieth down [H8800]   H3045 , that thou shalt mark [H8804]   H4725 the place H7901 where he shall lie [H8799]   H935 , and thou shalt go in [H8804]   H1540 , and uncover [H8765]   H4772 his feet H7901 , and lay thee down [H8804]   H5046 ; and he will tell [H8686]   H6213 thee what thou shalt do [H8799]  .
  5 H559 And she said [H8799]   H559 unto her, All that thou sayest [H8799]   H6213 unto me I will do [H8799]  .
  6 H3381 And she went down [H8799]   H1637 unto the floor H6213 , and did [H8799]   H2545 according to all that her mother in law H6680 bade [H8765]   her.
  7 H1162 And when Boaz H398 had eaten [H8799]   H8354 and drunk [H8799]   H3820 , and his heart H3190 was merry [H8799]   H935 , he went [H8799]   H7901 to lie down [H8800]   H7097 at the end H6194 of the heap of corn H935 : and she came [H8799]   H3909 softly H1540 , and uncovered [H8762]   H4772 his feet H7901 , and laid her down [H8799]  .
  8 H2677 And it came to pass at midnight H3915   H376 , that the man H2729 was afraid [H8799]   H3943 , and turned [H8735]   H802 himself: and, behold, a woman H7901 lay [H8802]   H4772 at his feet.
  9 H559 And he said [H8799]   H559 , Who art thou? And she answered [H8799]   H7327 , I am Ruth H519 thine handmaid H6566 : spread [H8804]   H3671 therefore thy skirt H519 over thine handmaid H1350 ; for thou art a near kinsman [H8802]  .
  10 H559 And he said [H8799]   H1288 , Blessed [H8803]   H3068 be thou of the LORD H1323 , my daughter H3190 : for thou hast shewed [H8689]   H2617 more kindness H314 in the latter end H7223 than at the beginning H3212 , inasmuch as thou followedst [H8800]   H310   H1115 not H970 young men H1800 , whether poor H6223 or rich.
  11 H1323 And now, my daughter H3372 , fear [H8799]   H6213 not; I will do [H8799]   H559 to thee all that thou requirest [H8799]   H8179 : for all the city H5971 of my people H3045 doth know [H8802]   H2428 that thou art a virtuous H802 woman.
  12 H551 And now it is true H1350 that I am thy near kinsman [H8802]   H3426 : howbeit there is H1350 a kinsman [H8802]   H7138 nearer than I.
  13 H3885 Tarry [H8798]   H3915 this night H1242 , and it shall be in the morning H1350 , that if he will perform unto thee the part of a kinsman [H8799]   H2896 , well H1350 ; let him do the kinsman's part [H8799]   H2654 : but if he will [H8799]   H1350 not do the part of a kinsman [H8800]   H1350 to thee, then will I do the part of a kinsman [H8804]   H3068 to thee, as the LORD H2416 liveth H7901 : lie down [H8798]   H1242 until the morning.
  14 H7901 And she lay [H8799]   H4772 at his feet H1242 until the morning H6965 : and she rose up [H8799]   H2958 before H376 one H5234 could know [H8686]   H7453 another H559 . And he said [H8799]   H3045 , Let it not be known [H8735]   H802 that a woman H935 came [H8804]   H1637 into the floor.
  15 H559 Also he said [H8799]   H3051 , Bring [H8798]   H4304 the vail H270 that thou hast upon thee, and hold [H8798]   H270 it. And when she held [H8799]   H4058 it, he measured [H8799]   H8337 six H8184 measures of barley H7896 , and laid [H8799]   H935 it on her: and she went [H8799]   H5892 into the city.
  16 H935 And when she came [H8799]   H2545 to her mother in law H559 , she said [H8799]   H1323 , Who art thou, my daughter H5046 ? And she told [H8686]   H376 her all that the man H6213 had done [H8804]   to her.
  17 H559 And she said [H8799]   H8337 , These six H8184 measures of barley H5414 gave [H8804]   H559 he me; for he said [H8804]   H935 to me, Go [H8799]   H7387 not empty H2545 unto thy mother in law.
  18 H559 Then said [H8799]   H3427 she, Sit still [H8798]   H1323 , my daughter H3045 , until thou know [H8799]   H1697 how the matter H5307 will fall [H8799]   H376 : for the man H8252 will not be in rest [H8799]   H518 , until H3615 he have finished [H8765]   H1697 the thing H3117 this day.

Ruth 4:1-22

  1 H5927 Then went H1162 Boaz H5927 up [H8804]   H8179 to the gate H3427 , and sat him down [H8799]   H1350 there: and, behold, the kinsman [H8802]   H1162 of whom Boaz H1696 spake [H8765]   H5674 came [H8802]   H559 by; unto whom he said [H8799]   H1945 , Ho H6423 , such H492 a one H5493 ! turn aside [H8798]   H3427 , sit down [H8798]   H5493 here. And he turned aside [H8799]   H3427 , and sat down [H8799]  .
  2 H3947 And he took [H8799]   H6235 ten H582 men H2205 of the elders H5892 of the city H559 , and said [H8799]   H3427 , Sit ye down [H8798]   H3427 here. And they sat down [H8799]  .
  3 H559 And he said [H8799]   H1350 unto the kinsman [H8802]   H5281 , Naomi H7725 , that is come again [H8804]   H7704 out of the country H4124 of Moab H4376 , selleth [H8804]   H2513 a parcel H7704 of land H251 , which was our brother H458 Elimelech's:
  4 H559 And I thought [H8804]   H1540 to advertise [H8799]   H241   H559 thee, saying [H8800]   H7069 , Buy [H8798]   H3427 it before the inhabitants [H8802]   H2205 , and before the elders H5971 of my people H1350 . If thou wilt redeem [H8799]   H1350 it, redeem [H8798]   H1350 it : but if thou wilt not redeem [H8799]   H5046 it, then tell [H8685]   H3045 me, that I may know [H8799]   H1350 : for there is none to redeem [H8800]   H2108 it beside H310 thee; and I am after H559 thee. And he said [H8799]   H1350 , I will redeem [H8799]   it .
  5 H559 Then said [H8799]   H1162 Boaz H3117 , What day H7069 thou buyest [H8800]   H7704 the field H3027 of the hand H5281 of Naomi H7069 , thou must buy [H8804]   H7327 it also of Ruth H4125 the Moabitess H802 , the wife H4191 of the dead [H8801]   H6965 , to raise up [H8687]   H8034 the name H4191 of the dead [H8801]   H5159 upon his inheritance.
  6 H1350 And the kinsman [H8802]   H559 said [H8799]   H3201 , I cannot [H8799]   H1350 redeem [H8800]   H7843 it for myself, lest I mar [H8686]   H5159 mine own inheritance H1350 : redeem [H8798]   H1353 thou my right H3201 to thyself; for I cannot [H8799]   H1350 redeem [H8800]   it .
  7 H6440 Now this was the manner in former time H3478 in Israel H1353 concerning redeeming H8545 and concerning changing H6965 , for to confirm [H8763]   H1697 all things H376 ; a man H8025 plucked off [H8804]   H5275 his shoe H5414 , and gave [H8804]   H7453 it to his neighbour H8584 : and this was a testimony H3478 in Israel.
  8 H1350 Therefore the kinsman [H8802]   H559 said [H8799]   H1162 unto Boaz H7069 , Buy [H8798]   H8025 it for thee. So he drew off [H8799]   H5275 his shoe.
  9 H1162 And Boaz H559 said [H8799]   H2205 unto the elders H5971 , and unto all the people H5707 , Ye are witnesses H3117 this day H7069 , that I have bought [H8804]   H458 all that was Elimelech's H3630 , and all that was Chilion's H4248 and Mahlon's H3027 , of the hand H5281 of Naomi.
  10 H7327 Moreover Ruth H4125 the Moabitess H802 , the wife H4248 of Mahlon H7069 , have I purchased [H8804]   H802 to be my wife H6965 , to raise up [H8687]   H8034 the name H4191 of the dead [H8801]   H5159 upon his inheritance H8034 , that the name H4191 of the dead [H8801]   H3772 be not cut off [H8735]   H5973 from among H251 his brethren H8179 , and from the gate H4725 of his place H5707 : ye are witnesses H3117 this day.
  11 H5971 And all the people H8179 that were in the gate H2205 , and the elders H559 , said [H8799]   H5707 , We are witnesses H3068 . The LORD H5414 make [H8799]   H802 the woman H935 that is come [H8802]   H1004 into thine house H7354 like Rachel H3812 and like Leah H8147 , which two H1129 did build [H8804]   H1004 the house H3478 of Israel H6213 : and do [H8798]   H2428 thou worthily H672 in Ephratah H7121 , and be famous [H8798]   H8034   H1035 in Bethlehem:
  12 H1004 And let thy house H1004 be like the house H6557 of Pharez H8559 , whom Tamar H3205 bare [H8804]   H3063 unto Judah H2233 , of the seed H3068 which the LORD H5414 shall give [H8799]   H5291 thee of this young woman.
  13 H1162 So Boaz H3947 took [H8799]   H7327 Ruth H802 , and she was his wife H935 : and when he went in [H8799]   H3068 unto her, the LORD H5414 gave [H8799]   H2032 her conception H3205 , and she bare [H8799]   H1121 a son.
  14 H802 And the women H559 said [H8799]   H5281 unto Naomi H1288 , Blessed [H8803]   H3068 be the LORD H7673 , which hath not left [H8689]   H3117 thee this day H1350 without a kinsman [H8802]   H8034 , that his name H7121 may be famous [H8735]   H3478 in Israel.
  15 H7725 And he shall be unto thee a restorer [H8688]   H5315 of thy life H3557 , and a nourisher [H8771]   H7872 of thine old age H3618 : for thy daughter in law H157 , which loveth [H8804]   H2896 thee, which is better H7651 to thee than seven H1121 sons H3205 , hath born [H8804]   him.
  16 H5281 And Naomi H3947 took [H8799]   H3206 the child H7896 , and laid [H8799]   H2436 it in her bosom H539 , and became nurse [H8802]   unto it.
  17 H7934 And the women her neighbours H7121 gave [H8799]   H8034 it a name H559 , saying [H8800]   H1121 , There is a son H3205 born [H8795]   H5281 to Naomi H7121 ; and they called [H8799]   H8034 his name H5744 Obed H1 : he is the father H3448 of Jesse H1 , the father H1732 of David.
  18 H8435 Now these are the generations H6557 of Pharez H6557 : Pharez H3205 begat [H8689]   H2696 Hezron,
  19 H2696 And Hezron H3205 begat [H8689]   H7410 Ram H7410 , and Ram H3205 begat [H8689]   H5992 Amminadab,
  20 H5992 And Amminadab H3205 begat [H8689]   H5177 Nahshon H5177 , and Nahshon H3205 begat [H8689]   H8009 Salmon,
  21 H8012 And Salmon H3205 begat [H8689]   H1162 Boaz H1162 , and Boaz H3205 begat [H8689]   H5744 Obed,
  22 H5744 And Obed H3205 begat [H8689]   H3448 Jesse H3448 , and Jesse H3205 begat [H8689]   H1732 David.

Job 8:7

  7 H7225 Though thy beginning H4705 was small H319 , yet thy latter end H3966 should greatly H7685 increase [H8799]  .

2 Corinthians 9:10

  10 G1161 Now G2023 he that ministereth [G5723]   G4690 seed G4687 to the sower [G5723]   G2532 both G5524 minister [G5659]   G740 bread G1519 for G1035 your food G2532 , and G4129 multiply [G5659]   G5216 your G4703 seed sown G2532 , and G837 increase [G5659]   G1081 the fruits G5216 of your G1343 righteousness;)

2 Corinthians 13:5-7

  5 G3985 Examine [G5720]   G1438 yourselves G1487 , whether G2075 ye be [G5748]   G1722 in G4102 the faith G1381 ; prove [G5720]   G1438 your own selves G2228 . G1921 Know ye [G5719]   G3756 not G1438 your own selves G3754 , how that G2424 Jesus G5547 Christ G2076 is [G5748]   G1722 in G5213 you G1509 , except G2075 ye be [G5748]   G5100 reprobates G96  ?
  6 G1161 But G1679 I trust [G5719]   G3754 that G1097 ye shall know [G5695]   G3754 that G2249 we G2070 are [G5748]   G3756 not G96 reprobates.
  7 G1161 Now G2172 I pray [G5736]   G4314 to G2316 God G5209 that ye G3361 do G4160   [G5658]   G3367 no G2556 evil G3756 ; not G2443 that G2249 we G5316 should appear [G5652]   G1384 approved G235 , but G2443 that G5210 ye G4160 should do [G5725]   G2570 that which is honest G1161 , though G2249 we G5600 be [G5753]   G5613 as G96 reprobates.

Philippians 1:9

  9 G2532 And G5124 this G4336 I pray [G5736]   G2443 , that G5216 your G26 love G4052 may abound [G5725]   G2089 yet G3123 more G2532 and G3123 more G1722 in G1922 knowledge G2532 and G3956 in all G144 judgment;

Romans 5:2-6

  2 G1223 By G3739 whom G2532 also G2192 we have [G5758]   G4318 access G4102 by faith G1519 into G5026 this G5485 grace G1722 wherein G3739   G2476 we stand [G5758]   G2532 , and G2744 rejoice [G5736]   G1909 in G1680 hope G1391 of the glory G2316 of God.
  3 G1161 And G3756 not G3440 only G235 so, but G2744 we glory [G5736]   G1722 in G2347 tribulations G2532 also G1492 : knowing [G5761]   G3754 that G2347 tribulation G2716 worketh [G5736]   G5281 patience;
  4 G1161 And G5281 patience G1382 , experience G1161 ; and G1382 experience G1680 , hope:
  5 G1161 And G1680 hope G2617 maketh G3756 not G2617 ashamed [G5719]   G3754 ; because G26 the love G2316 of God G1632 is shed abroad [G5769]   G1722 in G2257 our G2588 hearts G1223 by G40 the Holy G4151 Ghost G3588 which G1325 is given [G5685]   G2254 unto us.
  6 G1063 For G2257 when we G5607 were [G5752]   G2089 yet G772 without strength G2596 , in due G2540 time G5547 Christ G599 died [G5627]   G5228 for G765 the ungodly.

Hebrews 6:1

  1 G1352 Therefore G863 leaving [G5631]   G746 the principles G3056 of the doctrine G5547 of Christ G5342 , let us go on [G5747]   G1909 unto G5047 perfection G3361 ; not G2598 laying [G5734]   G3825 again G2310 the foundation G3341 of repentance G575 from G3498 dead G2041 works G2532 , and G4102 of faith G1909 toward G2316 God,

Hebrews 5:12-14

  12 G2532 For G1063   G1223 when for G5550 the time G3784 ye ought [G5723]   G1511 to be [G5750]   G1320 teachers G2192 , ye have [G5719]   G5532 need G1321 that one teach [G5721]   G5209 you G3825 again G5101 which G746 be the first G4747 principles G3051 of the oracles G2316 of God G2532 ; and G1096 are become such as [G5754]   G2192 have [G5723]   G5532 need G1051 of milk G2532 , and G3756 not G4731 of strong G5160 meat.
  13 G1063 For G3956 every one G3348 that useth [G5723]   G1051 milk G552 is unskilful G3056 in the word G1343 of righteousness G1063 : for G2076 he is [G5748]   G3516 a babe.
  14 G1161 But G4731 strong G5160 meat G2076 belongeth to them that are [G5748]   G5046 of full age G1223 , even those who by reason G1838 of use G2192 have [G5723]   G145 their senses G1128 exercised [G5772]   G4314 to G1253 discern G5037 both G2570 good G2532 and G2556 evil.

1 Timothy 4:15

  15 G3191 Meditate upon [G5720]   G5023 these things G2468 ; give thyself [G5749]   G1722 wholly to G5125 them G2443 ; that G4675 thy G4297 profiting G5600 may [G5753]   G5318 appear G1722 to G3956 all.

2 Peter 3:18

  18 G1161 But G837 grow [G5720]   G1722 in G5485 grace G2532 , and G1108 in the knowledge G2257 of our G2962 Lord G2532 and G4990 Saviour G2424 Jesus G5547 Christ G846 . To him G1391 be glory G2532 both G3568 now G2532 and G1519 for G165 ever G2250   G281 . Amen.

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