Bible verses about "adversity" | KJV_Strongs

2 Chronicles 15:7

  7 H2388 Be ye strong [H8798]   H3027 therefore, and let not your hands H7503 be weak [H8799]   H6468 : for your work H3426 shall be H7939 rewarded.

Psalms 34:19

  19 H7227 Many H7451 are the afflictions H6662 of the righteous H3068 : but the LORD H5337 delivereth [H8686]   him out of them all.

Proverbs 3:4-5

  4 H4672 So shalt thou find [H8798]   H2580 favour H2896 and good H7922 understanding H5869 in the sight H430 of God H120 and man.
  5 H982 Trust [H8798]   H3068 in the LORD H3820 with all thine heart H8172 ; and lean [H8735]   H998 not unto thine own understanding.

Romans 12:2

  2 G2532 And G4964 be G3361 not G4964 conformed [G5728]   G5129 to this G165 world G235 : but G3339 be ye transformed [G5744]   G342 by the renewing G5216 of your G3563 mind G1519 , that G5209 ye G1381 may prove [G5721]   G5101 what G18 is that good G2532 , and G2101 acceptable G2532 , and G5046 perfect G2307 , will G2316 of God.

1 Peter 4:12-13

  12 G27 Beloved G3579 , think it G3361 not G3579 strange [G5744]   G5213 concerning the G4451 fiery trial G1722 which G1096 is [G5740]   G4314 to G3986 try G5213 you G5613 , as G3581 though some strange thing G4819 happened [G5723]   G5213 unto you:
  13 G235 But G5463 rejoice [G5720]   G2526 , inasmuch as G2841 ye are partakers [G5719]   G5547 of Christ's G3804 sufferings G2443 ; that G1722 , when G846 his G1391 glory G602 shall be revealed G5463 , ye may be glad [G5647]   G2532 also G21 with exceeding joy [G5740]  .

James 1:12

  12 G3107 Blessed G435 is the man G3739 that G5278 endureth [G5719]   G3986 temptation G3754 : for G1384 when he is tried G1096   [G5637]   G2983 , he shall receive [G5695]   G4735 the crown G2222 of life G3739 , which G2962 the Lord G1861 hath promised [G5662]   G25 to them that love [G5723]   G846 him.

Revelation 21:4

  4 G2532 And G2316 God G1813 shall wipe away [G5692]   G3956 all G1144 tears G575 from G846 their G3788 eyes G2532 ; and G2071 there shall be [G5704]   G3756 no G2089 more G2288 death G3777 , neither G3997 sorrow G3777 , nor G2906 crying G3777 , neither G3756   G2071 shall there be [G5704]   G2089 any more G4192 pain G3754 : for G4413 the former things G565 are passed away [G5627]  .

1 Peter 5:8

  8 G3525 Be sober [G5657]   G1127 , be vigilant [G5657]   G3754 ; because G5216 your G476 adversary G1228 the devil G5613 , as G5612 a roaring [G5740]   G3023 lion G4043 , walketh about [G5719]   G2212 , seeking [G5723]   G5101 whom G2666 he may devour [G5632]  :

Joshua 1:9

  9 H6680 Have not I commanded [H8765]   H2388 thee? Be strong [H8798]   H553 and of a good courage [H8798]   H6206 ; be not afraid [H8799]   H2865 , neither be thou dismayed [H8735]   H3068 : for the LORD H430 thy God H3212 is with thee whithersoever thou goest [H8799]  .

Proverbs 3:4-6

  4 H4672 So shalt thou find [H8798]   H2580 favour H2896 and good H7922 understanding H5869 in the sight H430 of God H120 and man.
  5 H982 Trust [H8798]   H3068 in the LORD H3820 with all thine heart H8172 ; and lean [H8735]   H998 not unto thine own understanding.
  6 H1870 In all thy ways H3045 acknowledge [H8798]   H3474 him, and he shall direct [H8762]   H734 thy paths.

Romans 8:28

  28 G1161 And G1492 we know [G5758]   G3956 that all things G4903 work together [G5719]   G1519 for G18 good G3754 to them that G25 love [G5723]   G2316 God G5607 , to them who are [G5752]   G2822 the called G2596 according G4286 to his purpose.

James 1:2-4

  2 G3450 My G80 brethren G2233 , count it [G5662]   G3956 all G5479 joy G3752 when G4045 ye fall [G5632]   G4164 into divers G3986 temptations;
  3 G1097 Knowing [G5723]   G3754 this, that G1383 the trying G5216 of your G4102 faith G2716 worketh [G5736]   G5281 patience.
  4 G1161 But G2192 let G5281 patience G2192 have [G5720]   G5046 her perfect G2041 work G2443 , that G5600 ye may be [G5753]   G5046 perfect G2532 and G3648 entire G3007 , wanting [G5746]   G1722 nothing G3367  .

2 Corinthians 12:9

  9 G2532 And G2046 he said [G5758]   G3427 unto me G3450 , My G5485 grace G714 is sufficient [G5719]   G4671 for thee G1063 : for G3450 my G1411 strength G5048 is made perfect [G5743]   G1722 in G769 weakness G2236 . Most gladly G3767 therefore G2744 will I G3123 rather G2744 glory [G5695]   G1722 in G3450 my G769 infirmities G2443 , that G1411 the power G5547 of Christ G1981 may rest [G5661]   G1909 upon G1691 me.

Proverbs 24:10

  10 H7503 If thou faint [H8694]   H3117 in the day H6869 of adversity H3581 , thy strength H6862 is small.

Philippians 4:12-13

  12 G1161   G1492 I know [G5758]   G5013 both how to be abased [G5745]   G2532 , and G1492 I know [G5758]   G4052 how to abound [G5721]   G1722 : every where G3956   G2532 and G1722 in G3956 all things G3453 I am instructed [G5769]   G2532 both G5526 to be full [G5745]   G2532 and G3983 to be hungry [G5721]   G2532 , both G4052 to abound [G5721]   G2532 and G5302 to suffer need [G5745]  .
  13 G2480 I can do [G5719]   G3956 all things G1722 through G5547 Christ G3588 which G1743 strengtheneth [G5723]   G3165 me.

1 Peter 5:10

  10 G1161 But G2316 the God G3956 of all G5485 grace G3588 , who G2564 hath called [G5660]   G2248 us G1519 unto G846 his G166 eternal G1391 glory G1722 by G5547 Christ G2424 Jesus G3958 , after that ye have suffered [G5631]   G3641 a while G846 , G2675 make G5209 you G2675 perfect [G5659]   G4741 , stablish [G5659]   G4599 , strengthen [G5659]   G2311 , settle [G5659]   you .

2 Corinthians 4:8-9

  8 G2346 We are troubled [G5746]   G1722 on G3956 every side G235 , yet G3756 not G4729 distressed [G5746]   G639 ; we are perplexed [G5734]   G235 , but G3756 not G1820 in despair [G5740]  ;
  9 G1377 Persecuted [G5746]   G235 , but G3756 not G1459 forsaken [G5746]   G2598 ; cast down [G5746]   G235 , but G3756 not G622 destroyed [G5730]  ;

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