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Deuteronomy 12:1-32

1 These the laws and the judgments which ye shall watch to do in the land which Jehovah the God of thy fathers gave to thee to possess it all the days which ye live upon the earth. 2 Destroying, ye shall destroy all the places where the nations which ye possess them served there their Gods upon the high mountains, and upon the hills and under every green tree. 3 And break ye down their altars and break in pieces their pillars, and their columns ye shall burn with fire; and the carved things of their gods ye shall hew down, and destroy their names from that place 4 Ye shall not do so to Jehovah your God. 5 But the place which Jehovah your God shall choose out of all your tribes to put his name there, to his dwelling shall ye seek, and there do thou come: 6 And bring there your burnt-offerings and your sacrifices, and your tenths, and the offerings of your hand, and your vows, and your voluntary gifts and the first-born. of your cattle and your sheep: . 7 And eat there before Jehovah your God, and rejoice in all the stretching forth of your hand, ye and your houses in which Jehovah thy God blessed thee. 8 Ye shall not do according to all we do here this day, every man the right in his eyes. 9 For ye came not yet now to the rest and to the inheritance which Jehovah thy God gave to thee. 10 And pass ye over Jordan and dwell in the land which Jehovah your God causes you to inherit, and he caused rest to you from all your enemies from round about, and ye dwelt confidently: 11 And there was the place which Jehovah your God shall choose in it to cause his name to dwell there; there shall ye bring all which I command you: your burnt-offerings and your sacrifices, your tenths, and the offerings of your hands, and all the choice of your vows which ye shall vow to Jehovah. 12 And rejoice ye before Jehovah your God, ye, and your sons and your daughters, and your servants, and your maids, and the Levite who is in your gates; for not to him a portion and inheritance with you. 13 Watch to thyself lest thou lift up thy burnt-offering in every place which thou shalt see. 14 But in the place which Jehovah shall choose in one of thy tribes, there thou shalt bring up thy burnt-offering, and there thou. shalt do all I command thee. 15 Only in all the desire of thy soul thou shalt sacrifice and eat flesh according to the blessing of Jehovah thy God which he gave to thee in all thy gates: the unclean and the clean shall eat it, as the roe and as the stag. 16 Only the blood thou shalt not eat: upon the earth ye shall pour it as water. 17 Thou shalt not be able to eat in thy gates the tenth of thy grain, and thy new wine and thy new oil, and the firstlings of thy herd and thy flocks, and all the vows which thou shalt vow, and thy voluntaries, and the offerings of thy hand: 18 But before Jehovah thy God thou shalt eat it, in the place which Jehovah thy God shall choose in it, thou, and thy son, and thy daughter, and thy servant, and thy maid, and the Levite which is in thy gates: and rejoice thou before Jehovah thy God in all the stretching forth of thy hand. 19 Watch to thyself lest thou, shalt forsake the Levite all thy days upon the earth. 20 When Jehovah thy God shall enlarge thy boundary, as he spake to thee, and thou said; I will eat flesh because thy soul shall desire to eat flesh, in all thy soul desired thou shalt eat flesh. 21 When the place which Jehovah thy God shall choose to put his name there shall be far off from thee, and thou shalt sacrifice from thy cattle and from thy sheep which Jehovah gave to thee, as I commanded thee, and eat thou in thy gates in all thy soul desired. 22 If as he shall eat the roe and the stag, so shalt thou eat it; the unclean and the clean together shall eat it. 23 Only be striving not to eat the blood, for the blood it is the soul; and thou. shalt not eat the soul with the flesh. 24 Thou shalt not eat it: upon the earth thou shalt pour it as water. 25 Thou shalt not eat it.; so that it shall be well to thee and to thy sons after thee, when thou shalt do right in the eyes of Jehovah. 26 Only thy holy things which shall be to thee, and thy vows, thou shalt lift up and go to the place which Jehovah shall choose: 27 And do thou thy burnt-offerings, the flesh and the blood, upon the altar of Jehovah thy God: and the blood of thy sacrifices shall be poured out upon the altar of Jehovah thy God, and the flesh thou shalt eat. 28 Watch and hear all these words which I command thee, so that it shall be well to thee and to thy sons after thee, even till forever; for thou shalt do the good and the right in the eyes of Jehovah thy God. 29 For Jehovah thy God shall cut off the nations where thou goest in there to possess them, from before thee, and thou shalt inherit them, and thou shalt dwell in their land. 30 Watch to thyself lest thou shalt be snared after them after their being destroyed from before thee; and lest thou shalt seek to their gods, saying, How shall these nations serve their gods? and so will I do also. 31 Thou shalt not do so to Jehovah thy God; for every abomination of Jehovah which he hated they did to their gods; for also their sons and their daughters they will burn in fire to their gods. 32 Every word which I command you, ye shall watch to do it: thou shalt not add upon it, and thou shalt not take away from it

Matthew 5:47

47 And if ye salute your brethren only, what do ye above ordinary? and do not the tax collectors the same?

Leviticus 18:19-23

19 And to a woman in the impurity of her uncleanness, thou shalt not come near, to uncover her nakedness. 20 To thy neighbor's wife thou shalt not give thy effusion of seed to be defiled with her. 21 And from thy seed thou shalt not give to pass over to Molech, and thou shalt not profane the name of thy God: I am Jehovah. 22 And with a male thou shalt not lie on a woman's bed: it is abomination. 23 And to any quadruped thou shalt not give thy bed, to be defiled with it: and a woman shall not stand before a quadruped, to lie with it: it is profanation.

2 Kings 23:7

7 And he will break down the houses of the holy places, which were in the house of Jehovah, where the women wove there houses for the image.

Acts 17:16-23

16 And Paul waiting for them among the Athenians, his spirit was excited in him, seeing the city being addicted to idol worship. 17 Therefore truly he discussed in the synagogue with Jews, and those worshipping, and in the assembly in every day with those being present. 18 And certain of the Epicurean and Stoic philosophers deliberated with him. And certain said, What may this idle, talkative man wish to say? and others, He seems to be a declarer of strange demons: because he announced to them good news, and the rising up. 19 And having taken him, they brought upon Mars' hill, saying, Can we know what this new teaching is, spoken by thee? 20 For thou bringest certain strange things to our ears: we wish therefore to know what these things may be. 21 (And all the Athenians and strangers being present, passed time in nothing else but to say or hear some thing new.) 22 And Paul having stood in the midst of Mars' hill, said, Men, Athenians, I see that in all things ye have a superstitious fear of divinity. 23 For having passed by, and beholding your venerations, I found also an altar upon which was inscribed, TO THE UNKNOWN GOD. Whom not knowing therefore ye reverence, him I announce to you.

Jeremiah 10:1-5

1 Hear ye the word which Jehovah spake to you, O house of Israel: 2 Thus said Jehovah, Ye shall not learn according to the way of the nations, and from the signs of the heavens ye shall not be terrified; for the nations will be terrified from them. 3 For the laws of the peoples, this vanity: for they cut down a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman with the axe. 4 With gold and with silver they will beautify; with nails and with hammers they will make firm and it will not move. 5 They are of turned work, as the palm tree, and they shall not speak; being lifted up they shall be lifted up, for they shall not mount up. Ye shall not be afraid of them, for they will not do evil, and also doing good is not with them.

2 Thessalonians 2:9

9 Whose arrival is according to the energy of Satan in all power and signs and wonders of falsehood,

Leviticus 26:1-46

1 Ye shall not make to yourselves vain things, and carving, and a pillar ye shall not set up to you, and a stone of imagery ye shall not give in your land, to worship upon it: for I Jehovah your God. 2 Ye shall watch my Sabbaths, and ye shall fear my holy place: I Jehovah. 3 If ye shall go in my laws and watch my commands, and do them: 4 And I gave your rains in their times, and the land gave its produce, and the tree of the field shall give its fruit: 5 And the threshing time to you reached the vintage, and the vintage shall reach the sowing: and ye ate your bread to satisfying, and ye dwelt in confidence upon your land. 6 And I gave peace in the land and ye lay down and not being terrified: and I caused the evil beast to cease out of the land, and the sword shall not pass through in your land. 7 And ye chased your enemies, and they fell before you to the sword. 8 And five from you chased a hundred, and a hundred from you chased ten thousand: and your enemies fell before you to the sword. 9 And I turned to you and I made you fruitful, and I multiplied you, and I set up my covenant with you. 10 And ye ate of the old, being dry, and ye shall bring forth the old from before the new. 11 And I gave my dwelling in the midst of you: and my soul shall not abhor you. 12 And I walked in the midst of you, and I was to you for God, and ye shall be to me for a people. 13 I Jehovah your God, which brought you out of the land of Egypt, from being servants to them, and I will break the rod of your yoke, and I will cause you to go erect 14 And if ye will not hear to me, and will not do all these commands; 15 And if ye shall reject my laws. and if your soul shall abhor my judgments so as not to do all my commands, to your breaking my covenant: 16 Surely I will do this to you, and I appointed over you terror, consumption, and burning fever, destroying the eyes and consuming the soul: and ye sowed in vain your seed, and your enemies shall eat it. 17 And I gave my face against you, and ye were slain before your enemies: and they hating you ruled over you, and ye fled and none pursued you. 18 And if yet these ye will not hear to me, I added to chastise you seven times for your sins. 19 And I broke the pride of your strength: and I gave your heaven as iron, and your earth as brass: 20 And your strength shall be exhausted to no purpose: and your land shall not give its produce, and the tree of the land shall not give its fruit 21 And if ye shall go hostile with me, and shall not be willing to hear to me, and I added upon you seven blows for your sins. 22 And I sent upon you the beast of the field, and it bereaved you of children, and cut off your cattle, and, diminished you, and your ways were laid waste. 23 And if by these ye will not be admonished by me, and ye went hostile with me; 24 And I went also hostile with you, and I struck you, also I, seven for your sins. 25 And I brought upon you the sword to avenge vengeance of the covenant: and ye were gathered into your cities and I sent death in the midst of you, and ye were given into the hand of the enemy. 26 In my breaking to you the rod of bread, and ten women baked your bread in one oven, and they returned your bread by weight: and ye ate, and ye shall not be satisfied. 27 And if by this ye shall not hear to me, and ye went hostile with me; 28 And I went hostile with you in anger; and I chastised you, I also, seven for your sins. 29 And ye ate the flesh of your sons, and the flesh of your daughters shall ye eat. 30 And I laid waste your high places, and I cut off your images, and I gave your carcasses upon the carcasses of your blocks, and my soul abhorred you. 31 And I gave your cities a desert, and I laid waste your holy places, and I will not smell upon the odor of your sweetness. 32 And I laid the land waste, and your enemies were astonished at it, they dwelling upon it 33 And I will scatter you among the nations, and I drew out after you a sword: and your land was a desert, and your cities shall be a desolation. 34 Then shall the land delight with its Sabbaths, all the days of its desolation, and ye in the land of your enemies: then shall the land rest and delight with its Sabbaths. 35 All the days of its desolation shall it rest, which it did not rest in your Sabbaths, in your dwelling upon it 36 And they remaining of you, and I brought timidity into their heart in the land of their enemies; and the voice of a driven leaf pursued them, and they fled, fleeing the sword; and they fell, and none pursued. 37 And they faltered each upon his brother, as from before the sword, and none pursued: and there shall be to you no power of standing before your enemies. 38 And ye were destroyed in the nations, and the land of your enemies shall eat you up. 39 And they being left of you, shall pine away in their sin in the land of your enemies, and also in the iniquities of their fathers shall they pine away with them. 40 And they shall confess their iniquity and the iniquity of their fathers, and the transgression which they dealt treacherously against me, and also that they went hostile with me; 41 I also will go hostile with them, and I brought them into the land of their enemies; if then their uncircumcised heart shall be humbled, and then they shall be satisfied with their iniquity; 42 And I remembered my covenant with Jacob, and also my covenant with Isaak, and also my covenant with Abraham will I remember; and I will remember the land. 43 And the land shall be left of them, and shall delight with its Sabbaths in its desolation from them: and they shall be satisfied because of their iniquity, and because they rejected my judgments, and my laws their soul abhorred. 44 And yet also this in their being in the land of their enemies, I did not reject them, and I did not abhor them, to cut them off, and to break my covenant with them: for I Jehovah their God. 45 And I remembered for them the covenant of their beginnings, whom I brought forth out of the land of Egypt, in the eyes of the nations to be to them for God: I Jehovah. 46 These the laws, and judgments, and precepts, which Jehovah gave between him, and between the sons of Israel, in mount Sinai, by the hand of Moses.

Ezekiel 13:18

18 And say, Thus said the Lord Jehovah: Wo to them sewing together cushions for all the joints of the hands, and making cushions upon the head of every height to lie in wait for souls! will ye lie in wait for the souls to my people, and will ye preserve alive the souls to you?

Acts 8:9-13

9 And a certain man, Simon by name, was before in the city using magic, and astonishing the nation of Samaria, saying himself to be somebody great: 10 To whom attended from little to great, saying, This is the great power of God. 11 And they attended to him, because for a sufficient time they were astonished by magics. 12 And when they believed Philip announcing the good news of the kingdom of God, and the name of Jesus Christ, they were immersed, both men and women. 13 And Simon also himself believed: and having been immersed, he was persovering with Philip, beholding the signs and great powers having been, they were astonished.

1 Corinthians 6:9-11

9 Or know ye not that the unjust shall not inherit the kingdom of God Be ye not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor sodomites, 10 Nor thieves; nor covetous, nor intoxicated, nor railers, nor rapacious, shall inherit the kingdom of God. 11 And these were some of you: but ye were washed, but ye were consecrated, but ye were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and in the Spirit of our God.

Deuteronomy 18:9-12

9 When thou comest to the land which Jehovah thy God gave to thee,. thou shalt not learn to do according to the abominations of those nations. 10 There shall not be found in thee him causing his son or his daughter to pass through in fire, divining divinations, practicing magic, and taking omens and a sorcerer, 11 And charming a spell, and asking of a necromancer, and a wizard, and seeking to the dead. 12 For every one doing these things is an abomination to Jehovah And on account of these abominations, Jehovah thy God destroys them from thy face.

Exodus 20:1-26

1 And God will speak all these words, saying, 2 I am Jehovah thy God, which brought thee forth out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of servants. 3 There shall be no other God to thee to my face. 4 Thou shalt not make to thee a carved image, and every appearance that is in the heavens above, and that is in the earth beneath, and that is in the water under the earth. 5 Thou shalt not worship to them, and thou shalt not serve them: for I am Jehovah thy God, a jealous God, striking the iniquity of the fathers upon the sons to the third and to the fourth, to them hating me; 6 And doing kindness to thousands to them loving me and to them watching my commands. 7 Thou shalt not take the name of Jehovah thy God in vain: for Jehovah will not cleanse him who shall take his name in vain. 8 Remember the day of the Sabbath to consecrate it 9 Six days thou shalt work and do all thy service: 10 And the seventh day the Sabbath to Jehovah thy God: thou shall do no service, thou, and thy son, and thy daughter, thy servant, and thy maid, and thy cattle, and thy stranger which is in thy gates. 11 For six days Jehovah made the heavens and the earth, the sea and all which is in them, and he will rest in the seventh day: for this Jehovah praised the seventh day and consecrated it. 12 Honor thy father and thy mother, so that thy days shall be prolon upon the land which Jehovah thy gave to thee. 13 Thou shalt not kill. 14 Thou shalt not commit adultery. 15 Thou shalt not steal. 16 Thou shalt not testify against thy friend for falsehood. 17 Thou shalt not desire thy friend's house, thou shalt not desire thy friend's wife, and his servant and his maid and his ox and his ass and all which is to thy friend. 18 And all the people saw the voices and the flames, and the voice of the trumpet, and the mountain smoking: and the people feared, and they will shake, and they will stand from far off. 19 And they will say to Moses, Speak thou with us and we will hear: and God shall not speak with us lest we shall die. 20 And Moses will say to the people, Ye shall not fear; for for this cause God came to try you, that his fear shall be to your faces, so that ye shall not sin. 21 And the people will stand from far off, and Moses will draw near to the darkness where God is there. 22 And Jehovah will say to Moses, Thus shalt thou say to the sons of Israel, Ye saw that from the heavens I spake with you. 23 Ye shall not make to me gods of silver, and gods of gold ye shall not make to yourselves. 24 An altar of earth shalt thou make to me, and sacrifice upon it thy burnt-offering and thy peace, and thy sheep and thy cattle: and in every place where I shall cause my name to be remembered, I will come to thee and bless thee. 25 And if thou shalt make to me an altar of stones, thou shalt not build them, cutting, for didst thou lift up thy sword upon it, and thou shalt defile it. 26 And thou shalt not go up by steps upon mine altar, that thou shalt not uncover thy nakedness upon it

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