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Psalms 1:1-150:6

1 Happy the man who went not in the counsel of the unjust, and he stood not in the way of the sinful, and sat not in the seat of those scoffing. 2 But his delight is in the law of Jehovah, and in his law he will meditate day and night 3 And he was as a tree planted by the streams of water which will give its fruit in its time; his leaf shall not fall away, and all which he shall do shall be prospered. 4 Not so the unjust: but as the chaff which the wind shall drive away. 5 For this, the unjust shall not rise up in judgment, and the sinful in the assembly of the just 6 For Jehovah shall know the way of the just: but the way of the unjust shall perish.

Psalms 2:1-150:6

1 Wherefore did the nations rage, and the peoples will meditate emptiness? 2 The kings of the earth will place themselves, and the princes sat down together against Jehovah and against his Messiah. 3 We will tear away his bands, and we will cast away his cords from us. 4 He dwelling in the heavens shall laugh: Jehovah shall deride to them. 5 Then shall he speak to them in his anger, and in his burning shall he tery them. 6 And I anointed my king over Zion my holy mountain. 7 I will recount for a law of Jehovah: He said to me, Thou my son; this day I begat thee. 8 Ask of me and I will give the nations thine inheritance, and thy possession the extremities of the earth. 9 Thou shalt rule them with a rod of iron; as a potter's vessel shalt thou break them in pieces. kings, and be instructed, ye judging the land. 10 And now be circumspect, ye and be silent Silence. 11 Serve Jehovah with fear, and rejoice with trembling. 12 Kiss the chosen lest he shall be angry, and ye perish in the way when his anger shall kindle as a little. Happy all they putting their trust in him.

Psalms 3:1-150:6

1 Chanting of David in his fleeing from the face of Absalom his son. Jehovah, how they pressing upon me were multiplied! many rising up against me. 2 Many saying to my soul, No salvation to him in God. Silence. 3 And thou, Jehovah, a shield about me: my glory, and lifting up my head. 4 With my voice will I call to Jehovah, and he will answer me from his holy mountain. Silence. 5 I lay down and I, shall sleep; I awaked: for Jehovah will uphold me. 6 I shall not be afraid of ten thousand of people who sit round about upon me. 7 Arise, O Jehovah; save me, my God, for thou didst strike all mine enemies upon the cheek; thou didst break the teeth of the unjust. 8 To Jehovah salvation: upon thy people thy blessing. Silence.

Psalms 4:1-150:6

1 To the overseer upon the stringed instruments; chanting of David. In my calling, answer me, O God of my justice: in straits thou didst enlarge me; compassionate me and hear my prayer. 2 Sons of man, how long mine honor for shame? Ye will love emptiness, ye. will seek falsehood. Silence. 3 And know ye that Jehovah separated the kind one to himself: Jehovah will hear in my calling to him. 4 Be ye disturbed, and ye shall not sin: say in your heart upon your bed, 5 Sacrifice ye the sacrifices of justice, and trust to Jehovah. 6 Many saying, Who will cause us to see good? Lift up upon us the light of thy face, O Jehovah. 7 Thou gavest gladness in my heart, from the time their grain and their new wine increased. 8 In peace together shall I lie down, and I shall sleep: for thou Jehovah alone wilt cause me to dwell confidently.

Psalms 5:1-150:6

1 To the overseer of the pipes; chanting of David. Give ear to my sayings, O Jehovah; attend to my cry. 2 Attend to the voice of my supplication, my King and my God: for to thee will I pray. 3 O Jehovah, the morning thou wilt hear my voice; the morning I will set in order to thee, and I will look about. 4 For thou not a God delighting in injustice: and evil shall not dwell with thee. 5 The foolish shall not stand before thine eyes: thou hatedst all working vanity. 6 Thou shalt destroy those speaking falsehood: a man of bloods and deceit Jehovah will abhor. 7 And I in the multitude of thy mercy will come into thy house; I will worship to thy holy temple in thy fear. 8 O Jehovah, guide me into thy justice, for sake of mine enemies; make thy way straight before my face. 9 Not steadfast in his mouth; the midst of them mischiefs; their throat a grave opened; they will be smooth with their tongue, 10 Punish them, O God: they shall fall by their counsels; in the multitude of their transgressions thrust them down, for they rebelled against thee. 11 And all they putting trust in thee shall rejoice forever: they shall shout for joy, and thou wilt cover over them: and they loving thy name shall exult in thee. 12 For thou wilt bless the just, O Jehovah: thou wilt surround him with favor as a shield

Psalms 6:1-150:6

1 To the overseer upon the stringed instruments upon the octave, chanting of David. O Jehovah, not in thine anger wilt thou correct me, and not in thy wrath wilt thou chastise me. 2 Compassionate me, O Jehovah, for I languish: heal me, O Jehovah, for my bones trembled. 3 My soul trembled exceedingly: and thou, O Jehovah, how long? 4 Turn back, O Jehovah, deliver my soul: save me for sake of thy mercy. 5 For in death none remembering thee: in hades who shall give thanks to thee? 6 I was wearied with my sighing all the night I shall make my bed to swim with my tears; I shall make my couch to flow. 7 Mine eye fell away from grief; it grew old among all mine enemies. 8 Depart from me, all ye doing vanity, for Jehovah heard the voice of my weeping. 9 Jehovah heard my supplication; Jehovah will receive my prayer 10 All mine enemies shall be ashamed, they shall tremble exceedingly they shall turn back, they shall be ashamed suddenly.

Psalms 7:1-150:6

1 Song of David which he sang to Jehovah upon the words of Cush, son of the right hand. O Jehovah my God, in thee I put My trust: save me from all pursuing me, and deliver me: 2 Lest he shall rend my soul as the lion, breaking in pieces and none delivering. 3 O Jehovah my God, if I did this, if there is iniquity in my hand; 4 If I rewarded evil him being at peace with me; (and I will deliver mine enemy undeservedly:) 5 The enemy will pursue my soul, and overtake; and he will tread down my life to the earth, and he will cause mine honor to dwell upon the dust Silence. 6 Arise, O Jehovah, in thine anger, lift up thyself for the wrath of mine enemies: and awake to me the judgment thou didst command. 7 And the assembly of the people shall surround thee: and for it turn back on high. 8 Jehovah shall judge peoples: judge me, O Jehovah, according to my justice, and according to mine integrity upon me. 9 Now shall the evil of the unjust come to an end; and thou wilt direct the just one: for the just God tried hearts and reins. 10 My shield upon God, saving the upright of heart 11 God judging the just one, and being angry in all the days. 12 If he shall not turn back, he will sharpen his sword; he bent his bow and he will be prepared. 13 And he prepared to himself the instruments of death; he will work his arrows for those inflaming. 14 Behold, lie will bring forth vanity, and he conceived trouble, and he will bring forth falsehood. 15 He dug a pit, and he will dig it out, and he will fall into the pitfall he will make. 16 His trouble shall turn back upon his head, and his violence shall come down upon his crown. 17 I will confess to Jehovah according to his justice: and I will play on the harp to the name of Jehovah most high.

Psalms 8:1-150:6

1 To the overseer upon the stringed instrument, chanting of David. O Jehovah our Lord, how mighty thy name in all the earth! who will set thy majesty over the heavens. 2 Out of the mouth of children and sucklings thou hast founded strength on account of thine enemies, to cause the enemy and the avenger to cease. 3 For I shall see thy heavens, the work of thy fingers; the moon and the stars which thou didst prepare. 4 What is man that thou wilt remember him? and the son of man that thou wilt review him? 5 And thou wilt diminish him a little more than the messengers, and thou wilt surround him with glory and honor. 6 And thou wilt give him dominion over the works of thy hands; thou didst put all under his feet: 7 Sheep and oxen, all of them, and also the cattle of the field; 8 And the birds of the heavens, and the fish of the sea, passing through the paths of the seas. 9 O Jehovah our Lord, how mighty thy name in all the earth!

Psalms 9:1-150:6

1 To the overseer upon the death of Laban, chanting of David. I will praise, O Jehovah, with all my heart; I will recount all thy wonderful works. 2 I will be glad and rejoice in thee: I will play on the harp to thy name, O Most High. 3 In the turning away of mine enemies backward, they shall be weak and perish from thy face. 4 For thou didst my judgment and my cause; thou satest upon the throne judging justice. 5 Thou didst rebuke the nations, thou didst destroy the unjust one, wiping off their name forever and ever. 6 O enemy! desolations were wholly finished, and thou didst tear down cities; their remembrance perished with them. 7 And Jehovah shall dwell forever: he prepared his throne for judgment 8 And he will judge the habitable globe in justice, he will judge peoples in uprightness. 9 And Jehovah will be a height for the oppressed one, a height for times in straits. 10 And they knowing thy name will trust in thee, for thou didst not forsake those seeking thee, O Jehovah. 11 Play on the harp to Jehovah dwelling in Zion: announce among the peoples his doings. 12 For he sought out bloods, be remembered them: he forget not the cry of the humble. 13 Compassionate me, O Jehovah: see my affliction from those hating me, thou lifting me up from the gates of death: 14 So that I shall recount all thy praises in the gates of the daughter of Zion: I will rejoice in thy salvation. 15 The nations sank into the pit they made: in the net they hid, their foot was taken by it 16 And Jehovah was known by the judgment he did: by the work of his hands the unjust was snared. Meditation. Silence. 17 The unjust shall be turned away into hades, all the nations forgetting God. 18 For the needy shall not be forgotten forever: the hope of the poor shall not perish forever. 19 Arise, O Jehovah; man shall not be strengthened: the nations shall be judged before thee. 20 Put fear to them, O Jehovah: the nations shall know they are man. Silence.

Psalms 10:1-150:6

1 Wherefore, O Jehovah, wilt thou stand afar off? wilt thou hide for times in straits? 2 In the pride of the unjust he will burn the poor: they shall be taken in the devices that they purposed. 3 For the unjust boasted upon the desire of his soul, and he blessed him plundering, despising Jehovah. 4 The unjust according to the height of his anger, will not seek: God is not in all his thoughts. 5 His ways will be in pain in all time; thy judgments high from before him: all his enemies he will puff at them. 6 Saying in his heart, I shall not be moved: to generation and generation for not in evil. 7 His mouth was filled with cursing and deceit and violence: under his tongue, trouble and vanity. 8 Sitting in ambush of the enclosures: in hiding-places he will slay the innocent: his eyes will be hid to the afflicted. 9 He will lie in wait in secret as the lion in her den: he will lie in wait to catch the poor one: he will catch the poor one in drawing him into his net 10 And crushing, he will bow down, and cast down the afflicted by his strong ones. 11 Saying in his heart, God forgat: he hid his face; not seeing forever. 12 Arise, O Jehovah; O God, lift up thine hand: thou wilt not forget the poor. 13 For what did the unjust one despise God, saying in his heart, Thou wilt not search? 14 Thou sawest; for thou wilt look upon trouble and anger, to give with thine hand: the poor will be left to thee; thou wert the helper of the orphan. 15 Break the arm of the unjust and the evil one: thou wilt seek out his injustice; thou wilt not find. 16 Jehovah is King forever and ever: the nations perished from his land. 17 Thou heardest the desire of the poor, O Jehovah: thou wilt prepare their heart, thou wilt cause thine ear to attend. 18 To judge the orphan and the dejected, that the man of the earth shall no more add to make afraid.

Psalms 11:1-150:6

1 To the overseer; of David. In Jehovah I put my trust: how will ye say to my soul, Wander ye to your mountain, little bird? 2 For behold, the unjust will bend the bow, they prepared their arrow upon the cord, they will shoot in darkness the upright of heart 3 If the pillars shall be pulled down, what did the just one? 4 Jehovah is in his holy temple; Jehovah, in the heavens his throne: his eyes will behold, his eyelashes will try the sons of man. 5 Jehovah will try the just one: and the unjust and him loving violence, his soul hated. 6 He will rain upon the, unjust, snares, fire and brimstone, and a wind of violent heat: the portion of their cup. 7 For Jehovah the just loved justice; his face will behold the upright

Psalms 12:1-150:6

1 To the overseer upon the octave, chanting of David. Save, O Jehovah, for the merciful one ceased; for faithfulnesses failed from the sons of men. 2 They will speak vanity each with his neighbor: smooth lips, with a heart and a heart will they speak 3 Jehovah will cut off all smooth lips, and the tongue speaking great things: 4 Who said, By our tongues we shall prevail; our lips are with us: who is Lord over us? 5 From the oppression of the poor, from the sighing of the needy, now will I arise, Jehovah will say; I will set with salvation, he will puff at him. 6 The sayings of Jehovah are pure sayings: silver tried in the crucible of the earth, purified seven times. 7 Thou, O Jehovah, shalt watch them, keep from this generation forever. 8 The unjust shall walk round about as the rising of a tempest to the sons of man.

Psalms 13:1-150:6

1 To the overseer; chanting of David. 2 How long, O Jehovah, wilt thou wholly forget me? how long wilt thou hide thy face from me? 3 How long shall I put counsels in my soul, grief in my heart the day? how long shall mine enemy rise up against me? 4 Look upon, answer me, O Jehovah my God: enlighten mine eyes, lest I shall sleep the death; 5 Lest mine enemy shall say, I prevailed against him; mine adversaries shall exult when I shall be moved. 6 And I trusted in thy mercy; my heart shall exult in thy salvation. I will sing to Jehovah for he benefited me.

Psalms 14:1-150:6

1 To the overseer; of David. The fool said in his heart, No God. They were corrupted, they made their; works abominable, none doing good. 2 Jehovah looked down from the heavens upon the sons of men, to see is there he understanding, seeking God. 3 All turned away together, they were corrupted: none doing good, not even one. 4 Did not the workers of vanity know? eating my people they ate bread; they called not Jehovah. 5 There they feared a fear: for God is in the generation of the just one. 6 Ye will shame the counsel of the poor, for Jehovah is his refuge. 7 Who will give out of Zion the salvation of Israel? in Jehovah bringing back the captivity of his people, Jacob shall exult, Israel shall rejoice.

Psalms 15:1-150:6

1 Chanting of David. O Jehovah, who shall sojourn in thy tent? who shall dwell in thy holy mountain? 2 He going blameless, and working justice, and speaking truth in his heart. 3 Slandering not with his tongue, not doing evil to his neighbor, lifting up no reproach against his neighbor. 4 In his eyes a reprobate being despised; and those fearing Jehovah, he will honor. Swearing to the friend, and he will not change. 5 Not giving his silver for interest, and gave not presents against the innocent. He doing these things shall not be moved forever.

Psalms 16:1-150:6

1 Writing of David Watch me, O God: in thee I put my trust 2 Thou saidst to Jehovah, Thou my Lord: my good not upon thee. 3 To the holy ones that are upon the earth, they and the mighty ones, all my delight is in them. 4 Their labors shall be multiplied after they hastened: I will not gather their libations of blood, and I will not lift up their names upon my lips. 5 Jehovah the portion of my part and of my cup: thou didst hold up my lot. 6 The cords fell to me in sweetnesses; also the inheritance was bountiful upon me. 7 I will praise Jehovah who counseled me: also the night my reins instructed me. 8 I set Jehovah before me always: for from my right hand I shall not be moved. 9 For this my heart rejoiced, and my glory shall exult: also my flesh shall dwell with confidence. 10 For thou wilt not leave my soul to hades; thou wilt not give thy merciful ones to see corruption. 11 Thou wilt cause me to know the way of life: abundance of joys with thy face; favors in thy right hand forever.

Psalms 17:1-150:6

1 Prayer of David. Hear justice, O Jehovah, attend to my outcry, give ear to my prayer, not in lips of deceit. 2 From thy face shall my judgment go forth; thine eyes will see uprightnesses. 3 Thou didst try my heart; thou didst review the night; thou didst refine me, thou wilt find nothing: I purposed, my mouth shall not pass by. 4 For the works of men, by the word of thy lips I watched the ways of the violent one. 5 Hold up my being straight in thy ways, my steps be not moved 6 I called thee, for thou wilt answer me, O God: incline thine ear to me, hear my sayings. 7 Make thy kindnesses distinguished, thou saving those putting their trust, from those rising up against thy right hand. 8 Watch me as the pupil of the daughter of the eye: thou wilt hide me in the shadow of thy wings. 9 From the face of the unjust that laid me waste, enemies against the soul will go round about against me. 10 They shut up their fat: their mouth spake in pride. 11 We went straight, now they surrounded us: their eyes they will set to incline to the earth; 12 His likeness as a lion will long for the prey, and as a young lion dwelling in secret places. 13 Arise, O Jehovah, anticipate his face, cast him down: deliver my soul from the unjust, thy sword. 14 From men of thy hand, O Jehovah, from men of this world their portion in life, and thou wilt fill their belly with thy hidden things: they will be filled with sons, they left the remaining things to their children. 15 I in justice shall see thy face: I shall be satisfied in awaking with thine appearance.

Psalms 18:1-150:6

1 To the overseer; to the servant of Jehovah, of David who spake to Jehovah the words of this song in the day Jehovah delivered him from the hand of all his enemies, and from the hand of Saul: And he will say, I will love thee, O Jehovah, my strength. 2 Jehovah is my rock and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my rock, I will put my trust in him; my shield and the horn of my salvation, my height. 3 Praising, I will call upon Jehovah, and I shall be saved from mine enemies. 4 The pains of death surrounded me, and the torrents of Belial made me afraid. 5 The pains of hades surrounded me: the snares of death anticipated me. 6 In my straits I will call upon Jehovah, and to my God will I cry: he will hear my voice from his temple, and my cry will come before him into his ears. 7 And it will be moved and the earth will tremble, and the foundations of the mountains will be moved and they will shake, for it was kindled to him. 8 A smoke went up in his anger, and fire from his mouth will consume, and coals were kindled from it. 9 And he will incline the heavens and come down: and gloom under his feet 10 And he will ride upon a cherub, and will fly: and he will fly upon the wings of the wind. 11 He will set darkness his covering; his tent round about him darknesses of waters, thick clouds. 12 From the brightness before him the clouds passed over, hail and coals of fire. 13 And Jehovah will thunder in the heavens, and the Most High will give his voice; hail and coals of fire. 14 And he will send his arrows and scatter them; and he increased lightnings, and he will discomfit them. 15 And the channels of waters will be seen, and the foundations of the habitable globe will be uncovered from thy rebuke, O Jehovah, from the breathing of the spirit of thine anger. 16 He will send forth from on high, he will take me, he will draw me out of many waters. 17 He will deliver me from my strong enemy, and from them hating me: for they were strong above me. 18 They will anticipate me in the day of my calamity, and Jehovah will be a support to me. 19 And he will bring me forth to a wide place: he will deliver me, for he delighted in me. 20 Jehovah will recompense me according to my justice, according to the cleanness of my hands he will turn back to me. 21 For I watched the ways of Jehovah, and I acted not wickedly from my God. 22 For all his judgments are before me, and his laws I shall not put away from me. 23 And I blameless with him, and I will watch myself from mine iniquity. 24 And Jehovah will turn back to me according to my justice, and according to the cleanness of my hands before his eyes. 25 With the kind thou wilt show thyself kind; and with the blameless man thou wilt be perfect 26 With the purified thou wilt be purified, and with the perverse thou wilt show thyself perverse 27 Thou wilt save the humble people, and thou wilt humble the eyes of the lifted up. 28 For thou wilt enlighten my lamp Jehovah my God will give light to my darkness. 29 For by thee I will break down a troop, and in my God I will leap upon the wall. 30 God, blameless his way: the saying of Jehovah being refined: a shield to all trusting in him. 31 For who is God besides Jehovah? or who a rock except our God? 32 God girding me with strength, and he will give my way blameless. 33 Setting my feet as the hinds, and he will cause me to stand upon my heights. 34 Teaching my hands to war, and a bow of brass was bent by mine arms. 35 Thou wilt give to me the shield of thy salvation, and thy right hand will uphold me, and thy clemency will enlarge me. 36 Thou wilt make broad my steps under me and my joints did not waver. 37 I will pursue mine enemies, and I will overtake them: and I shall not turn back till consuming them. 38 I will smite them through and through, and they shall not be able to rise: they shall fall under my feet. 39 Thou wilt gird one with strength for war: thou wilt bend under me those rising up against me. 40 Mine enemies thou gavest the back of the neck to me, and I shall destroy those hating me. 41 They will cry and none saving: to Jehovah, and he answered them not 42 And I will beat them in pieces as dust upon the face of the wind: I will pour them out as the mire of the streets. 43 Thou wilt deliver me from the contentions of the people; thou wilt set me for head of the nations: a people I knew not shall serve me. 44 At the hearing of the ear they shall hear to me: sons of the stranger shall feign to me. 45 Sons of the stranger shall fall away, and they shall tremble from their enclosings. 46 Jehovah lives; and and praised be my Rock; and the God of my salvation shall be exalted. 47 God giving vengeance to me, and he will speak the peoples under me. 48 Delivering me from mine enemies: from those rising up thou wilt lift me up: thou wilt deliver me from the man of violence 49 For this I will praise thee among the nations, O Jehovah, and I will play on the harp to thy name. 50 Magnifying the salvation of his king; and he did mercy to his anointed, and to David and to his seed even to forever.

Psalms 19:1-150:6

1 To the overseer; chanting of David. The heavens recounting the glory of God, and the firmament announcing the work of his hands. 2 Day to day will gush out the saying, and night to night will breathe out knowledge. 3 No saying and no words without their voice being heard. 4 Their line went forth into all the earth, and their words into the ends of the habitable globe. In them he set a tent for the sun. 5 And he as a bridegroom coming forth from his nuptial couch, will rejoice as a strong one to run a way. 6 From the extremity of the heavens his going forth and his circuits upon their extremities and no hiding from his heat. 7 The law of Jehovah is blameless, turning back the soul; the testimonies of Jehovah being faithful, making wise the simple. 8 The mandates of Jehovah are straight, rejoicing the heart: the command of Jehovah pure, enlightening the eyes. 9 The fear of Jehovah being pure, standing forever: the judgments of Jehovah, truth, they were altogether just 10 Being desirable above gold, and above much pure gold, and being sweet above honey, and the dropping of honey-combs. 11 Also thy servant being admonished by them: in watching them much reward. 12 Who will understand errors? acquit me from hidden things. 13 Also withhold thy servant from arrogant things; they shall not rule over me: then shall I be blameless, and I was acquitted from much transgression. 14 The saying of my mouth and the meditation of my heart shall be for acceptance before thee, O Jehovah, my rock and my redeemer.

Psalms 20:1-150:6

1 To the overseer; chanting of David. Jehovah will answer thee in the day of straits; the name of the God of Jacob shall exalt thee. 2 He will send thy help from the holy place and from Zion he will support thee. 3 He will remember all thy gifts, and he will make fat thy burnt-offerings. Silence. 4 He will give to thee according to thy heart, and fill up all thy counsel 5 We will rejoice in thy salvation, and in the name of our God we will cover over: Jehovah will fill up all our petitions. 6 Now I knew that Jehovah saved his Messiah; he will answer him from his holy heavens by the strength of the salvation of his right hand. 7 These in chariots, and these in horses: and in the name of Jehovah our God will we remember. 8 They bowed down and they fell: and we arose, and we shall stand erect 9 O Jehovah, save: the king he will answer us in the day of our calling.

Psalms 21:1-150:6

1 To the overseer; chanting of David. O Jehovah, in thy strength shall the king rejoice; and in thy salvation how shall he greatly exult 2 The desire of his heart thou gavest to him, and the longing of his lips thou didst not withhold. Silence. 3 For thou wilt anticipate him with praises of goodness: thou wilt set a crown of pure gold to his head. 4 He asked life from thee; thou gavest to him length of days forever and ever. 5 Great his glory in thy salvation: majesty and honor thou wilt set upon him. 6 For thou wilt set him praises forever: thou wilt make him glad in joy with thy face. 7 For the king trusted in Jehovah, and in the mercy of the Most High he shall not be moved. 8 Thy hand shall find for all thine enemies: thy right hand shall find those hating thee. 9 Thou wilt set them as a furnace of fire for the time of thy face: Jehovah in his anger will swallow them down, and the fire shall devour them. 10 Their fruit thou wilt destroy from the earth, and their seed from the sons of man. 11 For they stretched out evil upon thee: they purposed a device, they will not prevail. 12 For thou wilt set them the shoulder among thine being left, thou wilt prepare against their face. 13 Be thou exalted, O Jehovah, in thy strength: we will sing and play thy powers upon the harp.

Psalms 22:1-150:6

1 To the overseer upon the first place of the dawn; chanting of David. My God, my God, wherefore forsookest thou me? far off from my salvation the words of my groaning. 2 My God, I will call in the day, and thou wilt not answer; and in the night no silence to me. 3 And thou inhabiting the holy place, the praises of Israel. 4 In thee our fathers trusted: they trusted, and thou wilt deliver them. 5 To thee they cried and were delivered: in thee they trusted and were not ashamed. 6 And I a worm and not a man; a reproach of man, and the people despised me. 7 All seeing me will deride me: they will gape with the lip, they will shake the head. 8 He rolled upon Jehovah, he will deliver him: he will deliver him for he delighted in him. 9 Thou causing me to break forth from the womb: causing me to trust upon my mother's breasts. 10 Upon thee was I cast from the womb: from my mother's belly thou my God. 11 Thou wilt not remove far from me, for straits draw near; for none helping. 12 Many bulls surrounded me: the strong of Bashan surrounded me. 13 They opened their mouth upon me, a lion rending and roaring. 14 I was poured out as water, and all my bones were sundered; my heart was as wax being melted in the midst of my bowels. 15 My strength was dried up as the potsherd, and my tongue cleaving to my jaws; and thou wilt set me for the dust of death. 16 For dogs surrounded me: the assembly of those being evil moved round about me: they digged my hands and my feet 17 I shall number all my bones: they will behold and look upon me. 18 They will divide my garments to them, and upon my clothing they will cast the lot 19 And thou, O Jehovah, wilt not be far off: O my strength, hasten to help me. 20 Deliver my soul from the sword, my only one from the band of the dog. 21 Save me from the mouth of the lion: and thou didst answer me from the horns of the high. 22 I will recount thy name to my brethren: in the midst of the convocation I will praise thee. 23 Ye fearing Jehovah, praise him; all the seed of Jacob honor him; and be afraid of him all ye seed of Israel. 24 For he despised not and he abhorred not the afflictions of the bumble; and he hid not his face from him, and in his crying to him he heard. 25 Of thee my praise in the great convocation: I will complete my vows before them fearing him. 26 The humble shall eat and be satisfied: they shall praise Jehovah they seeking him: your heart shall live forever. 27 All the ends of the earth shall remember and shall turn back to Jehovah: and all the families of the nations shall worship before thee. 28 For to Jehovah the kingdom, and he rules among the nations. 29 All the fat ones of the earth shall eat and worship before him, and all they going down to dust shall bow down, and he preserved not alive his soul. 30 A seed shall serve him; it shall be numbered to Jehovah for a generation. 31 They shall come and announce his justice to a people being born, for he made.

Psalms 23:1-150:6

1 Chanting of David. Jehovah my shepherd, and I shall not want 2 He will cause me to lie down in pastures of tender grass: he will lead me to the water of rest 3 He will turn back my soul: he will guide me into the tracks of justice for sake of his name. 4 Also if I shall go into the valley of the shadow of death, I shall not be afraid of evil, for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they will comfort me. 5 Thou wilt set in order a table before me in front of mine enemies: thou madest fat mine head with oil; my cup being satisfied with drink. 6 Surely goodness and mercy, shall pursue me all the days of my life: and I dwelt in the house of Jehovah to the length of days.

Psalms 24:1-150:6

1 To David chanting. To Jehovah the earth and its fulness, the habitable globe and they dwelling in it. 2 For he founded it upon the seas, and upon the rivers he will prepare it 3 Who will go up to the mountain of Jehovah? and who shall stand in his holy place? 4 The blameless one of hands and the clean of heart; who lifted not up his soul to vanity, and swore not for deceit 5 He shall receive a praise from Jehovah, and justice from God saving him. 6 This the generation seeking him, searching out thy face O Jacob. Silence. 7 Lift up your heads, ye gates, and be ye lifted up, ye openings of eternity, and the King of glory shall come in. 8 Who is this King of glory? Jehovah strong and mighty, Jehovah mighty for war. 9 Lift up, ye gates, your heads, and be lifted up, ye openings of eternity, and the King of glory shall come in. 10 Who is he, this King of glory? Jehovah of armies, he is the King of glory. Silence.

Psalms 25:1-150:6

1 To David. To thee, O Jehovah, I will lift up my soul. 2 My God, in thee I trusted, I shall not be ashamed: mine enemies shall not exult over me. 3 Also all awaiting thee shall not be ashamed: they transgressing emptily shall be ashamed. 4 O Jehovah, cause me to know thy ways; teach me thy paths. 5 Cause me to tread in thy truth, and teach me: for thou art God saving me; on thee I waited all the day. 6 Remember thy compassions, O Jehovah, and thy mercies; for they are from forever. 7 The sins of my youth and my transgressions thou wilt not remember: according to thy mercy remember thou for me for sake of thy goodness, O Jehovah. 8 Good and upright is Jehovah: for this he will teach the sinning in the way. 9 He will cause the humble to trend in judgment, and he will teach the humble the way. 10 All the paths of Jehovah are mercy and truth to those watching his covenant and his testimonies. 11 For sake of thy name, O Jehovah, and thou forgavest to mine iniquity; for it was much. 12 Who this man fearing Jehovah? he will teach him in the way he shall choose. 13 His soul shall lodge in good, and his seed shall inherit the earth. 14 The secret of Jehovah to them fearing him; and his covenant he will cause them to know. 15 Mine eyes are always to Jehovah, for he will bring forth my feet from the net 16 Turn to me and pity me, for I alone and afflicted. 17 The straits of my heart were enlarged: bring me out from my distresses. 18 See mine affliction and my labor, and let go to all my sins. 19 See mine enemies, for they were many, and they hated me with the hatred of violence. 20 Watch my soul and deliver me: I shall not be ashamed, for I put my trust in thee. 21 Integrity and uprightness shall watch me; for I waited for thee. 22 Redeem Israel, O God, from all his straits.

Psalms 26:1-150:6

1 TO David. Judge me, O Jehovah, for I went in mine integrity, and in Jehovah I trusted: I shall not waver. 2 Prove me, O Jehovah, and try me; refine my reins and my heart 3 For thy mercy is before mine eyes, and I walked about in thy truth. 4 I sat not with men of vanity, and I will not go in with those lying hid. 5 I hated the convocation of those being evil, and with the unjust I will not sit 6 I will wash my hands in cleanness, and I will surround thine altar, O Jehovah: 7 To hear with the voice of praise, and to recount all thy wonders. 8 O Jehovah, I loved the habitation of thy house, and the place of the dwelling of thine honor. 9 Thou wilt not gather my soul with the sinning, and my life with men of bloods: 10 Which in their hands mischief, and their right hand filled with sifts. 11 And I, I will go in mine integrity: redeem me and pity me. 12 My foot stood in straightness: in the convocations will I praise Jehovah.

Psalms 27:1-150:6

1 To David. Jehovah my light and my saviour; of whom shall I be afraid? Jehovah the strength of my life; from whom shall I tremble? 2 In the drawing near of those doing evil to me, to eat my flesh, adversaries and enemies to me, they were weak and fell 3 If a camp shall encamp against me, my heart shall not fear: if war shall rise up against me, in this I trust 4 I asked one from Jehovah, I will seek it; I sat in the house of Jehovah all the days of my life, to look upon the sweetness of Jehovah, and to inquire in his temple. 5 For he will hide me in the booth in the day of evil: he will cover me with the covering of his tent; he will lift me up upon a rock. 6 And now he will lift up my head over mine enemies round about me: and I will sacrifice in his tent sacrifices of rejoicing; I will sing and I will play on the harp to Jehovah. 7 Hear my voice, O Jehovah: I will call, and pity me and answer me. 8 My heart said to thee, Seek .ye my face; thy face, O Jehovah, I will seek. 9 Thou wilt not cover thy face from me; thou wilt not turn away thy servant in anger: thou, wert my help; thou wilt not leave me and thou wilt not forsake me, my God saving me. 10 For my father and my mother forsook me, and Jehovah will gather me. 11 Teach me, O Jehovah, thy way, and lead me in a path of straitness for sake of those pressing me. 12 Thou wilt not give me to the soul of him pressing me, for witnesses of falsehood rose up against me, and violence will blow. 13 Unless I believed to look upon the goodness of Jehovah in the land of the living. 14 Wait for Jehovah: be strong, and thy heart shall be strengthened: and wait for Jehovah.

Psalms 28:1-150:6

1 To David. To thee, O Jehovah, will I call, my rock; thou wilt not be silent from me: lest thou wilt be silent from me and I was made like with them going down to the pit 2 Hear the voice of my supplications in my crying to thee, in my lifting up my hands to the oracle of thy holy place. 3 Thou wilt not draw me with the unjust, and with those working vanity, speaking peace with their neighbors, and evil in their heart 4 Give to them according to their work and according to the evil of their doings, according to the word of their hands; give to them, turn back to them their recompense. 5 For they will not understand for the doing of Jehovah, and for the work of his hands; he will destroy them and he will not build them up. 6 Praised be Jehovah, for he heard the voice of my supplications 7 Jehovah my strength and my shield; in him my heart trusted, and I was helped: and my heart will exult, and from my song will I praise him. 8 Jehovah strength to them, and he the fortress of salvations of his Messiah. 9 Save thy people and bless thine inheritance, and feed them and lift them up even forever.

Psalms 29:1-150:6

1 Chanting of David. Give to Jehovah, ye sons of God, give to Jehovah glory and strength. 2 Give to Jehovah the glory of his name; worship to Jehovah in the splendors of his holy place. 3 The voice of Jehovah upon the waters: the God of glory thundered: Jehovah upon many waters. 4 The voice of Jehovah in power; the voice of Jehovah in splendor. 5 The voice of Jehovah broke the cedars; and Jehovah will break the cedars of Lebanon. 6 And he will cause them to leap as a calf; Lebanon and Sirion as the son of buffaloes. 7 The voice of Jehovah cut out the flames of fire. 8 The voice of Jehovah will cause the desert to whirl; Jehovah will cause the desert of holiness to whirl. 9 The voice of Jehovah will cause the hinds to bring forth, and will uncover the forests: and in his temple every one said, Glory. 10 Jehovah sat upon the inundation: and Jehovah sat King forever. 11 Jehovah will give strength to his people; he will bless his people with peace.

Psalms 30:1-150:6

1 Chanting a song of consecration of the house of David. I will exalt thee, O Jehovah, for thou didst draw me out, and thou didst not gladden mine enemies to me. 2 O Jehovah my God, I cried to thee, and thou wilt heal me. 3 O Jehovah, thou broughtest up my soul from hades: thou didst save me alive from those going down to the pit 4 Play on the harp to Jehovah, ye his godly ones, and praise at the remembrance of his holiness. 5 For a moment in his anger; life in his acceptance: weeping shall lodge in the evening, and rejoicing for the morning. 6 And I said in my security, I shall not be moved forever. 7 O Jehovah, in thy good will thou didst cause strength to stand for my mountain: thou didst cover thy face, I was in trepidation. 8 To thee, O Jehovah, will I call, and to Jehovah will I make supplication. 9 What the profit in my blood in my going down to the pit? shall the dust praise thee? shall it announce thy truth? 10 Hear, O Jehovah, and pity me: O Jehovah, be a helper to me. 11 Thou didst turn my wailing to dancing to me: thou didst loose my sackcloth, and thou wilt gird me with gladness; 12 So that glory shall play on the harp to thee, and shall not be silent O Jehovah my God, I will praise thee forever.

Psalms 31:1-150:6

1 To the overseer, chanting of David. In thee, O Jehovah, I put my trust, I shall not be ashamed forever: in thy justice deliver me. 2 Incline thine ear to me, hastening to deliver me: be to me for a rock of strength, for a house of fortresses to save me. 3 For thou my rock and my fortress; and for sake of thy name thou wilt guide me, and thou wilt protect me. 4 Thou wilt bring me forth from the net which they concealed for me: for thou my fortress. 5 Into thy hand I will commit my spirit: thou didst redeem me, O Jehovah God of truth. 6 I hated those watching vanities of falsehood, and I trusted to Jehovah. 7 I will rejoice and be glad in thy mercy, for thou sawest mine affliction; thou knewest my soul in straits; 8 And thou didst not shut me up in the hand of the enemy: thou didst cause my feet to stand in a broad place. 9 Pity me, O Jehovah, for straits are to me: mine eye fell away; with trouble my soul and my belly. 10 For my life was finished in sorrow, and my years in sighing: my strength was weak in mine iniquity, and my bones fell away. 11 From all mine enemies I was a reproach, and greatly to my neighbors, and a fear to those knowing me: they seeing me without fled from me. 12 I was forgotten as the dead from the heart: I was a vessel perishing. 13 For I heard the slander of many sojourning round about: in their sitting together against me they purposed to take away my soul 14 And I trusted upon thee, O Jehovah: I said, Thou my God. 15 My times in thy hand: deliver me from the hand of mine enemies, and from those pursuing me. 16 Cause thy face to shine upon thy servant: save me in thy mercy. 17 O Jehovah, I shall not be ashamed, for I called upon thee: the unjust shall be ashamed and they shall be destroyed to hades. 18 The lips of falsehood shall be mute; speaking boldly in pride and contempt. 19 How much thy goodness which thou didst conceal for them fearing thee; thou didst work for those putting their trust in thee before the sons of man. 20 Thou wilt cover them in the covering of thy face from the snares of man: thou wilt conceal them in the booth from the strife of tongues. 21 Praised be Jehovah, for he made wonderful his mercy to me in the fortified city. 22 And I said in my hasty flight; I was cut off from before thine eyes: yet thou heardest the voice of my supplications in my crying to thee. 23 Love Jehovah, all ye his godly ones: and he watched the faithful and requiting abundantly the doing of pride. 24 Be strong, and he will strengthen your heart, all ye waiting for Jehovah.

Psalms 32:1-150:6

1 To David, wisdom. Happy the taking away of transgression, the covering of sin. 2 Happy the man Jehovah will not reckon sin to him, and no deceit in his spirit 3 If I was silent, my bones fell away in my groaning all the day. 4 For day and night thy hand will be heavy upon me: my moisture was turned into the dryness of summer. Silence. 5 I will make known to thee my sin, and mine iniquity I hid not I said, I will confess upon my transgression to Jehovah; and thou didst take away the iniquity of my sin. Silence. 6 For this all the godly shall pray to thee for the time of finding: only for the inundation of many waters they shall not draw near to him. 7 Thou a covering to me, from straits thou wilt watch me; thou wilt surround me with rejoicings of deliverance. Silence. 8 I will make thee wise, and teach thee in the way. which thou shalt go: I will counsel mine eyes upon thee. 9 Ye shall not be as the horse, as the mule, not understanding: with bit and curb to stop his youth, not drawing near to thee. 10 Many the sorrows to the unjust one: and he trusting in Jehovah, mercy shall surround him. 11 Be glad in Jehovah, and rejoice, ye just: and shout for joy, all ye upright of heart.

Psalms 33:1-150:6

1 Rejoice, ye just, in Jehovah, praise being suitable for the upright 2 Confess to Jehovah upon the harp: upon an instrument of ten strings play ye to him. 3 Sing to him a new song; make cheerful playing with a loud noise. 4 For straight the word of Jehovah, and all his work in faithfulness. 5 He loved justice and judgment: the earth was filled with the mercy of Jehovah. 6 By the word of Jehovah the heavens were made, and by the spirit of his mouth all their army. 7 He heaped up the waters of the sea as a mound: he gave the depths into storehouses. 8 All the earth shall fear from Jehovah: and of him shall all dwelling in the habitable globe be afraid. 9 For he said, and it shall be; he commanded, and it will stand. 10 Jehovah made vain the counsel of the nations: he brought the purposes of the peoples to nought 11 The counsel of Jehovah shall stand forever, the purposes of his heart to generation and generation. 12 Happy the nation to whom Jehovah is his God; the people he chose for an inheritance to him. 13 Jehovah looked from the heavens; he saw all the sons of man. 14 From his prepared dwelling he viewed all dwelling in the earth. 15 He formed their heart together, understanding all their works. 16 The king was not saved by much strength: the strong one will not be delivered by much power. 17 The horse was false to salvation, and he shall not deliver by the multitude of his strength. 18 Behold, the eye of Jehovah upon those fearing him, upon those hoping for his mercy; 19 To deliver their soul from death, and to save them alive in famine. 20 Our soul waited for Jehovah: he our help and our shield. 21 For in him our heart shall rejoice, for in his holy name we trusted. 22 Thy mercy, O Jehovah, shall be upon us according as we hoped for thee.

Psalms 34:1-150:6

1 To David in his changing his understanding before A bimelech; and he will drive him out, and he will go. I will praise Jehovah in all time: always his praise in my mouth. 2 in Jehovah my soul shall glory, the humble shall hear and rejoice. 3 Magnify to Jehovah with me, and we will exalt his name together. 4 I sought Jehovah and he answered me, and from all my fears he delivered me. 5 They looked to him and were bright, and their faces shall not be ashamed. 6 This poor one called, and Jehovah heard, and from all his straits he saved him. 7 Behold, the messenger of Jehovah surrounding to those fearing him, and he will deliver them. 8 Taste ye and see that Jehovah is good: happy the man who shall put his trust in him. 9 Fear Jehovah, ye his holy ones; for no want to those fearing him. 10 The young lions suffered want and were hungry: and they seeking Jehovah shall not want any good. 11 Come, ye sons, hear to me: I will teach you the fear of Jehovah. 12 Who the man desiring life, loving days, to see good? 13 Watch thy tongue from evil; and thy lips from speaking deceit 14 Turn away from evil, and do good; seek peace and pursue it 15 The eyes of Jehovah upon the just, and his ears to their cries. 16 The face of Jehovah against those doing evil, to cut off their remembrance from the earth. 17 They cried and Jehovah heard, and he delivered them from all their straits. 18 Jehovah is near to the broken of heart, and he will save the humble of spirit 19 Many the evils of the just one, and Jehovah will deliver him from all of them. 20 He watched all his bones: one of them was not broken. 21 Evil shall slay the unjust one: and they hating the just one shall transgress. 22 Jehovah redeems the soul of his servants: and all trusting in him shall not transgress.

Psalms 35:1-150:6

1 To David. Contend, O Jehovah, with them contending with me: fight with those fighting with me. 2 Take hold of the shield and the buckler, and stand up for my help. 3 Draw out the spear, and shut up to the meeting of them pursuing me: say to my soul, I am thy salvation. 4 They seeking my soul shall be ashamed and disgraced: they shall be drawn back and be ashamed purposing my evil 5 They shall be as chaff before the wind: and the messenger of Jehovah overthrowing. 6 Their way shall be darkness and slippery places, and the messenger of Jehovah pursuing them. 7 For gratuitously they hid for me the destruction of their net: gratuitously they dug for my soul. 8 Desolation shall come to him not knowing, and his net which he hid shall take him: in destruction he shall fall in it 9 And my soul shall rejoice in Jehovah: it shall be glad in his salvation. 10 All my bones shall say, O Jehovah, who as thee, delivering the poor from him strong above him, and the poor and the needy from him stripping him? 11 Witnesses of wrong will rise up; they will ask me what I knew not. 12 They will requite me evil instead of good, bereaving to my soul 13 And I, in their being sick, my clothing sackcloth: I humbled my soul in fasting, and my prayer shall be turned back upon my bosom. 14 As a friend, as a brother to me: I went about as mourning a mother: being darkened, I bowed down. 15 And in my halting they rejoiced, and they were gathered together: they smiting were gathered together against me, and I knew not; they rent asunder and ceased not: 16 With profane mocking parasites, gnashing their teeth against me. 17 O Jehovah, how long wilt thou see? Turn back my soul from their destruction, my only one from the lions. 18 I will praise thee in the great convocation: I will celebrate thee among a strong people. 19 Mine enemies shall not rejoice over me for falsehood: they hating me gratuitously shall pinch the eye. 20 For they will not speak peace: and against the quiet of the land they will purpose words of deceits. 21 They will widen their mouth upon me: they said, Aha! aha our eye saw it. 22 Thou sawest, O Jehovah: thou wilt not be silent: O Jehovah, thou wilt not remove far off from me. 23 Rouse up and awake to judgment, my God and my Lord, for my contention. 24 Judge me according to thy justice, O Jehovah my God, and they shall not rejoice over me. 25 They shall not say in their heart, Aha! our soul. They shall not say, We swallowed him down. 26 They shall be ashamed and they shall blush together, rejoicing for my evil: they shall be clothed with shame and reproach, magnifying against me. 27 Those delighting in my justice shall rejoice and be glad: they shall say always, Jehovah shall be magnified: he delighted in the peace of his servant 28 My tongue shall speak of thy justice, thy praise all the day.

Psalms 36:1-150:6

1 To the overseer, to the servant of Jehovah: to David. A song of transgression to the unjust one in the midst of my heart, no fear of God before his eyes. 2 For he made smooth to himself in his eyes, to find his iniquity to hate. 3 The words of his mouth vanity and deceit: he ceased to be circumspect, to do good. 4 He will purpose vanity upon his bed; he will set himself upon a way not good; he will not reject evil 5 O Jehovah, thy mercy is in the heavens; thy faithfulness even to the clouds. 6 Thy justice as the mountains of God; thy judgments a great deep: man and cattle thou wilt save, 0 Jehovah. 7 How precious thy mercy, O God! and the sons of man shall put their trust in the shadow of thy wings. 8 They shall satiate from the fatness of thy house; and thou shalt give them to drink the torrent of thy delights. 9 For with thee the fountain of life: in thy light we shall see light 10 Draw out thy mercy to those knowing thee, and thy justice to the upright of heart 11 The foot of pride shall not come to me, and the hand of the unjust shall not move me. 12 There they working vanity fell: they were thrust down, and they shall not be able to rise.

Psalms 37:1-150:6

1 To David. Thou shalt not be angry at those doing evil, and thou shalt not envy those working iniquity. 2 For as grass hastening they shall be cut down, and as the greenness of grass they shall fall away. 3 Trust in Jehovah and do good; dwell in the land and be fed with faithfulness. 4 And delight thyself upon Jehovah, and he shall give to thee the petitions of thy heart 5 Roll thy way upon Jehovah, and trust upon him, and he will work. 6 And he brought forth as the light thy justice, and thy judgment as the noon. 7 Be silent to Jehovah and wait for him: thou shalt not be angry at him prospering his way, at the man doing wickednesses. 8 Desist from anger and forsake wrath: thou shalt not be angry only to do evil 9 For they doing evil shall be cut off: and they waiting for Jehovah they shall inherit the earth. 10 Yet a little, and no unjust one thou didst mark upon his place, and he was not 11 And the humble shall inherit the earth, and they delighted themselves for the multitude of peace. 12 The unjust one meditated against the just, and gnashed upon him with his teeth. 13 Jehovah shall laugh at him: for he saw that his day will come. 14 The unjust let loose the sword, and they bent their bow; they cast down the poor and needy, to slaughter the upright of way. 15 Their sword shall go into their heart, and their bows shall be broken. 16 A little to the just one is good more than the wealth of many unjust. 17 For the arms of the unjust shall be broken, and Jehovah upholds the just 18 Jehovah will know the days of the blameless, and their inheritance shall be forever. 19 They shall not be ashamed in the time of evil, and in the days of famine they shall be satisfied. 20 For the unjust shall perish, and the enemies of Jehovah as the preciousness of lambs: they ended in smoke; they ended. 21 The unjust one borrowed and he will not repay: and the just one compassionated, and gave. 22 For they praising him shall inherit the earth, and they cursing him shall be cut off. 23 From Jehovah the steps of a man were prepared, and he will delight in his way. 24 If he shall fall he shall not be prostrated, for Jehovah will uphold his hand. 25 I was a youth, also I grew old, and I saw not the just one forsaken and his seed seeking bread. 26 All the day he compassionates and lends; and his seed to be blessed. 27 Depart from evil and do good, and dwell forever. 28 For Jehovah love's judgment, and he will not forsake his godly ones; forever they were watched, and the seed of the unjust was cut off. 29 The just shall inherit the earth, and they shall dwell upon it forever. 30 The mouth of the just one shall speak wisdom, and his tongue shall speak judgment 31 The law of his God is in his heart, and his goings shall not waver. 32 The unjust watches for the just, and seeks to kill him, 33 Jehovah will not leave him in his Land, and he will not condemn him in his being judged. 34 Wait for Jehovah and watch his way, and be will exalt thee to inherit the earth: in the cutting off the unjust thou shalt see. 35 I saw the unjust one making afraid, and spreading abroad as a green native tree. 36 And he shall pass away, and behold, he is not: and I shall seek him and he was not found. 37 Watch the blameless, and see the upright one, for the latter state to the man peace. 38 And they transgressing were destroyed together: the latter state of the unjust was cut of 39 And the salvation of the just is from Jehovah: their strength in time of straits. 40 And Jehovah shall help them, and he will deliver them: he will deliver them from the unjust, and he will save them, for they trusted in him.

Psalms 38:1-150:6

1 Chanting of David to bring to remembrance. 2 O Jehovah, thou wilt not reprove me in thy wrath, and thou wilt not correct me in thine anger. 3 For thine arrows came down upon me, and thy hand will press down upon me. 4 No soundness in my flesh from thy wrath; no peace in my bones from the face of my sins. 5 For mine iniquities passed over my head: as a heavy lifting up they will be loaded above me. 6 My stripes became loathsome: they flowed from the face of my folly. 7 I was moved, I was even greatly bowed down: all the day I went darkened. 8 For my loins were filled with inflammation, and no soundness in my flesh. 9 I was languid and crushed even greatly: I roared from the groaning of my heart 10 O Jehovah, before thee all my desire, and my sighing was not hid from thee. 11 My heart moved about rapidly, my strength forsook me, and the light of mine eyes also they not with me. 12 My friends and my neighbors will stand from before my stroke, and my kindred stood from far off. 13 And they seeking my soul will lay snares: and they seeking my evil spake mischief, and they will meditate deceits all the day, 14 And I, as deaf, shall not hear; and as dumb, he will not open his mouth. 15 And I as a man that heard not, and not in his mouth confutations 16 For, for thee, O Jehovah, I waited: thou wilt answer, O Jehovah my God. 17 For I said, Lest they shall rejoice over me: in the wavering of my foot they magnified against me. 18 For I being prepared for halting, and my pain always before me. 19 For I will announce mine iniquity: I shall be afraid for my sin. 20 And mine enemies living, they were strong: and they hating me with falsehood were multiplied. 21 And they requiting evil for good will be mine adversaries, for my pursuing Thou Thou wilt not forsake me, O Jehovah: my God, thou wilt not remove far off from me. 22 Hasten for my help, O Jehovah, my salvation.

Psalms 39:1-150:6

1 To the overseer, to Jeduthun: chanting of David. I said, I will watch my way from sinning with my tongue: I will watch for my mouth with a muzzle while yet the unjust one is before me. 2 I was dumb with silence, I was silent from good, and my pain was moved. 3 My heart was hot in the midst of me; in my heat the fire will burn: I spake with my tongue. 4 O Jehovah, make me to know mine end, and the measure of my days, what it is; I shall know how I fail. 5 Behold, thou gavest my days a hand-breadth, and my life as nothing before thee: but every man stood all vanity. Silence. 6 Surely in a shadow a man will go about: surely they will be disquieted in vain: he will store up, and he knew not who shall gather them. 7 And now, what waited I for, O Jehovah? my hope it is to thee. 8 Deliver me from all my transgression: thou wilt not set me a reproach of the foolish one. 9 I was dumb, I will not open my mouth; for thou didst 10 Remove from me thy stroke: I was finished from the contention of thy hand. 11 With corrections for iniquity thou didst correct man, and thou wilt melt down as a moth his beauty: surely every man is vanity. Silence. 12 Hear my prayer, O Jehovah, and give ear to my cry; thou wilt not be silent at my tears, for I a sojourner with thee, a dweller, as all my fathers. 13 Look away from me, and I shall be cheerful, before I shall go and I not be.

Psalms 40:1-150:6

1 To the overseer: of David chanting. Waiting, I waited for Jehovah, and he will incline to me, and he will hear my cry. 2 And he will bring me up from the pit of destruction, from the clay of mire, and he will set my feet upon a rock, preparing my goings. 3 And he will give a new song in my mouth, praise to our God: many shall see and fear, and they shall trust in Jehovah. 4 Happy the man who set Jehovah his trust, and turned not to the arrogant, and those turning aside to falsehood. 5 Many the wonders thou didst, O Jehovah my God, and thy purposes to us: none shall set in order to thee: I will announce and speak, they were numerous above number. 6 Sacrifice and a gift thou didst not delight in; the ears thou didst pierce to me: burnt-offering and sin thou didst not ask. 7 Then I said, Behold, I came: in the volume of the book it was written concerning me. 8 To do thine acceptance, O my God, I delighted; and thy law in the midst of my bowels. 9 I announced good news, justice in the great convocation: behold, my lips I will not shut up, O Jehovah, thou knewest 10 I hid not thy justice within my heart; I said thy faithfulness and thy salvation: I hid not thy mercy and thy truth to the great convocation. 11 Thou wilt not, O Jehovah, shut up thy compassions from me: thy mercy and thy truth shall always guard me. 12 For evils even not being numbered encompassed about me: mine inquities overtook me, and I was not able to see; they were numerous above the hairs of my head, and my heart forsook me. 13 Be gracious, O Jehovah, to deliver me: hasten, O Jehovah, to help me. 14 They shall be ashamed and blush together seeking my soul to take it away; they shall be turned back, and they delighting in my evil shall be ashamed. 15 They shall be made desolate for the reward of their shame, they saying to me, Aha! aha! 16 All they seeking thee shall rejoice and be glad in thee: they loving thy salvation shall say, Jehovah shall be magnified. 17 And I am poor and needy, Jehovah will think upon me: thou my help and my deliverer; thou will not delay, O my God.

Psalms 41:1-150:6

1 To the overseer: chanting of David. Happy he attending to the weak one: in the day of evil Jehovah will deliver him. 2 Jehovah will watch him and preserve him alive; he shall be happy upon the earth, and thou wilt not give him to the soul of his enemies. 3 Jehovah will support him upon a bed of sickness: thou turnedst all his bed in his sickness. 4 I said, O Jehovah, pity me, heal my soul, for I sinned against thee. 5 Mine enemies will say evil to me: When shall he die, and his name perish? 6 And if he came to see, he will speak vanity: his heart will gather vanity to him; he will go forth without; he will speak. 7 Together, all hating me, will whisper against me: against one they will purpose evil to me. 8 A word of Belial will press upon him: and when he lay down, he will not add to rise up. 9 Also the man of my peace whom I trusted in him, eating my bread, magnified the heel against me. 10 And thou, O Jehovah, pity me and raise me up, and I will requite to them. 11 By this I knew that thou didst delight in me, for mine enemy will not shout over me. 12 And I, in mine integrity thou didst support me, and thou wilt set me before thy face forever. 13 Praised be Jehovah God of Israel, from forever and even to forever. Amen and Amen.

Psalms 42:1-150:6

1 To the overseer instructing for the sons of Borah. As the stag will long for the channels of waters, thus will my soul long for thee, O God. 2 My soul thirsted for God, for the living God: when shall I come and see the face of God? 3 My tears were to me bread day and night, in saying to me all the days, Where is thy God? 4 These I shall remember, and I shall pour out my soul in me: for I shall pass through into the booth, I shall go softly with them even to the house of God, with the voice of joy and confession, of the multitude keeping a festival. 5 Why wilt thou be bowed down, O my soul? and be disturbed upon me? Hope upon God, for yet shall I praise him for the salvation of his face. 6 O my God, my soul will be bowed down upon me: for this I will remember from the land of Jordan and the Hermonites, from the mountain of smallness 7 Deep calling to deep at the voice of thy cataracts: all thy breakers and thy waves passed over me. 8 The day Jehovah will command his mercy, and in the night the song with me; the prayer to the God of my life. 9 I will say to God my rock, Wherefore didst thou forget me? wherefore darkened shall I go for the oppression of the enemy? 10 With a breaking of my bones mine enemies reproached me, in their saying all the day, Where their God? 11 Why wilt thou be bowed down, O my soul? and why wilt thou be disturbed upon me? Hope upon God, for yet shall I praise him, the salvation of my face and my God.

Psalms 43:1-150:6

1 Judge me, O God, and contend my contention from a nation not godly: from the man of deceit and iniquity thou wilt deliver me. 2 For thou the God of my strength: why didst thou reject me? wherefore darkened shall I go about for the oppression of the enemy? 3 Send forth thy light and thy truth; they shall lead me, they shall bring me to thy holy mountain and to thy tents. 4 I will come to the altar of God, to God the gladness of my joy: and I will praise thee upon the harp, O God, my God. 5 Why wilt thou be bowed down, O my soul? and why wilt thou be disturbed upon me? hope upon God, for yet shall I praise him, the salvation of my face, and my God.

Psalms 44:1-150:6

1 To the overseer for the sons of Korah: of instruction. O God, with our ears we heard; our fathers recounted to us the work thou didst in their days, in days of old. 2 Thou didst with thy hand drive out the nations and thou wilt plant them; thou wilt pluck in pieces the people, and thou wilt send them forth. 3 For by their sword they possessed not the land, and their arm saved them not: for thy right hand and thine arm, and the light of thy face, for thou didst delight in them. 4 Thou art he my King, O God: command the salvation of Jacob. 5 In thee we will thrust our enemies: in thy name we will tread down those rising up against us. 6 For I will not trust in my bow, and my sword will not serve me. 7 For thou savedst us from our enemies, and those hating us thou didst make ashamed. 8 In God we praised all the day, and thy name we will celebrate forever. Silence. 9 But thou didst reject, and thou wilt shame us, and not go forth with our armies. 10 Thou wilt turn us back from the enemy: and those hating us spoiled for themselves. 11 Thou wilt give us as sheep for food, and thou didst scatter us among the nations. 12 Thou wilt sell thy people without riches, and thou didst not increase by their price. 13 Thou wilt set us a reproach to our neighbors, and a derision and scorn to them round about us. 14 Thou wilt set us a parable among the nations, a shaking of the head among the peoples. 15 All the day my shame before me, and the confusion of my face covered me, 16 From the voice of him reproaching and reviling, from the face of the enemy and avenger. 17 All this came to us, and we did not forget thee, and we lied not in thy covenant 18 Our heart drew not back, and thou wilt not incline our going from thy path; 19 For thou didst crush us in the place of jackals, and thou wilt cover over us with the shadow of death. 20 If we forgat the name of our God, and stretched out our hands to a strange god: 21 Will not God search this out? for he knew the secrets of the heart 22 For, for thee we were killed all the day; we were reckoned as sheep of the slaughter. 23 Awake, why wilt thou sleep, O Jehovah? awake, thou wilt not reject forever. 24 Why wilt thou hide thy face? wilt thou forget our affliction and our oppression? 25 For our soul was bowed down to the dust: our belly was glued to the earth. 26 Arise a help for us, and redeem us for sake of thy mercy.

Psalms 45:1-150:6

1 To the overseer over the lilies, for the sons of Korah, instruction: a song of the beloved. My heart boiled over a good word: I say my works to the king: my tongue the pen of one writing promptly. 2 Thou wert very beautiful above the sons of man: grace was poured forth by thy lips: for this God praised thee forever. 3 Gird thy sword upon the thigh, thou strong one in thy majesty and thine honor. 4 And in thy splendor prosper thou riding upon the word of truth and humility, of justice; and thy right hand shall teach thee wonderfully. 5 Thine arrows being sharpened peoples shall fall under thee as the heart of the king's enemies. 6 Thy throne, O God, forever and ever: a rod of straightness the rod of thy kingdom. 7 Thou lovedst justice, and thou wilt hate injustice: for this, God thy God anointed thee with the oil of joy above thy companions. 8 Myrrh and aloes, cassia, all thy garments, from the temples of ivory, by which they gladdened thee. 9 King's daughters among thy beautiful ones: the queen stood at thy right hand, in gold of Ophir. 10 Hear, O daughter, and see, and incline thine ear, and forget thy people and thy father's house; 11 And the king shall desire for himself thy beauty, for he is thy Lord; and worship thou to him. 12 And the daughter of the rock with a gift; and the rich of the people shall supplicate thy face. 13 All glory the king's daughter, in front: her clothing textures of gold. 14 With variegation she shall be brought to the King; the virgins after her, her companions, being brought to thee. 15 They shall be brought with gladness and joy: they shall come into the temple of the king. 16 Instead of thy fathers shall be thy sons; thou shalt set them for chiefs in all the earth. 17 I will cause thy name to be remembered in every generation and generation: for this the peoples shall praise thee forever and ever.

Psalms 46:1-150:6

1 To the overseer for the sons of Korah, with the female voice: a song. O God, to us refuge and strength, helping greatly, being found in straits 2 For this we will not fear in the changing of the earth, and in the moving of the mountains into the heart of the seas. 3 Its waters will roar, they will foam; the mountains will tremble in its pride. Silence. 4 A river, its streams will gladden the city of God, the holy place of the tents of the Most High. 5 God is in her midst, she shall not be moved: God will help her at the face of morning. 6 Nations raged, kingdoms were moved: he gave with his voice, the earth will melt 7 Jehovah of armies is with us, the God of Jacob a height for us. Silence. 8 Come, behold the works of Jehovah, what desolations he set in the earth. 9 Causing wars to cease even to the end of the earth; he will break the bow, and be cut off the spear, and he will burn the cars in fire. 10 Desist, and know that I am God: I will be exalted in the nations, I will be exalted in the earth. 11 Jehovah of armies is with us; the God of Jacob a height for us. Silence.

Psalms 47:1-150:6

1 To the overseer, to the son of Korah: chanting. All peoples ye shall clap the hand; shout to God with the voice of rejoicing. 2 For Jehovah the Most High is terrible; a great King over all the earth. 3 He will speak the peoples under us, and the nations under our feet. 4 He will choose for us our inheritance, the excellency of Jacob whom he loved. Silence. 5 God went up with a shout, Jehovah with the voice of a trumpet 6 Play on the harp to God, play on the harp to our King; play on the harp. 7 For God is King of all the earth: play on the harp from understanding. 8 God reigned over the nations; God sat upon his holy throne. 9 The nobles of the peoples were gathered together, the people of the God. of Abraham: for to God the shields of the earth: he was lifted up greatly.

Psalms 48:1-150:6

1 A song of chanting to the sons of Korah. Great is Jehovah, and greatly praised in the city of our God, in his holy mountain. 2 Fair of elevation, the joy of all the earth, is mount Zion, the sides of the north, the city of the great King. 3 God being known in her fortresses for a height 4 For behold, the kings met together, they passed by together. 5 They saw, so they were astonished; they trembled, they took flight 6 Trembling seized them there, pain as of her bringing forth. 7 With an east wind thou wilt break the ships of Tarshish. 8 As we heard, so we saw in the city of Jehovah of armies, in the city of our God: God will prepare it even forever. Silence. 9 We thought, O God, of thy mercy in the midst of thy temple. 10 According to thy name, O God, so thy praise upon the ends of the earth: thy right hand being full of justice. 11 Mount Zion shall rejoice, the daughters of Judah shall be glad for sake of thy judgments. 12 Surround ye Zion, and go round about her: recount her towers. 13 Set your hearts to her fortification; divide up her palaces, so that ye shall recount to the later generation. 14 For this God is our God forever and ever: he will guide us to death.

Psalms 49:1-150:6

1 To the overseer, to the sons of Korah: chanting. Hear this, all ye peoples; give ear, all ye inhabitants of the World: 2 Also ye sons of Adam, also ye sons of man together, ye rich and needy. 3 My mouth shall speak wisdom, and the meditation of my heart understanding. 4 I will incline mine ear to a parable: I will open my enigma upon the harp. 5 Wherefore shall I fear in the days of evil, the iniquity of my heel shall surround me. 6 They trusting upon their wealth, and they will glory in the multitude of their riches. 7 A man redeeming shall not redeem the brother, he shall not give to God his ransom: 8 (And the redemption of their soul is precious, and it ceased forever:) 9 And he shall yet live forever, he shall not see destruction. 10 For he shall see the wise shall die: together the fool and the stupid one shall perish, and they left their wealth to others. 11 The midst of them their houses forever, their dwellings to generation and generation; they called in their names upon their lands. 12 And man shall not abide in honor, being like as the beasts they perished. 13 This their way folly to them: and those after them will delight in their mouth. Silence. 14 As sheep they were laid in hades; death shall rule over them, and the upright shall come down upon them in the morning; and their rock for falling away in hades from a dwelling to him. 15 But God will redeem my soul from the hand of hades, for he will receive me. Silence. 16 Thou shalt not fear when a man shall be enriched, and when the honor of his house shall be increased; 17 For not in his dying shall he take anything: his honor shall not go down after him. 18 For in his living he will praise his soul, (and he will praise thee for thou wilt do good to thyself,) 19 It shall go even to the generation of his fathers; even forever they shall not see light 20 Man in honor shall not understand; being like as the beasts, they perished.

Psalms 50:1-150:6

1 chanting to Asaph. The God of gods, Jehovah spike, and he will call the earth from the rising of the sun even to its going down. 2 Out of Zion the perfection of beauty, God shone forth. 3 Our God shall come, and he will not be silent: a fire shall consume before him, and it stormed greatly round about him. 4 He will call to the heavens from above, and to the earth to judge his people. 5 Gather ye my godly ones to me, they cutting out my covenant upon sacrifice 6 And the heavens shall announce his justice: for God himself the judge. Silence. 7 Hear ye, my people, and I will speak; O Israel, and I will testify against thee: I am God thy God. 8 Not for thy sacrifices will I reprove thee and for thy burnt-offerings, being always before me. 9 I will not take a bullock from thy house, from thy fold, he goats. 10 For to me all the beasts of the forest, the cattle upon a thousand mountains. 11 I knew all the birds of the mountains and the moving things of the field with me. 12 If I shall hunger I shall not say to thee; for to me the habitable globe, and its fulness. 13 Shall I eat the flesh of the strong ones, and shall I drink the blood of goats? 14 Sacrifice to God thanksgiving, and repay thy vows to the Most High: 15 And call upon me in the day of straits: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt honor me. 16 And to the unjust one God said, What to thee to recount my law, and thou wilt lift up my covenant upon thy mouth? 17 And thou hatedst instruction, and thou wilt cast my words behind thee. 18 If thou sawest a thief, and thou wilt run with him, and thy portion with those committing adultery. 19 Thou sentest thy month into evil, and thy tongue will contrive deceit 20 Thou wilt sit, and thou wilt speak against thy brother; against the son of thy, mother thou wilt give a stumbling-block. 21 These things thou didst and I was silent; thou thoughtest, being, I shall be like to thee: I will reprove thee, and I will set it in order before thine eyes. 22 Understand now this, ye forgetting God, lest I shall rend and none delivering. 23 He sacrificing praise shall honor me, and he setting the way I will cause him to look upon the salvation of God.

Psalms 51:1-150:6

1 To the overseer: chanting to David; In the coming to him of Nathan the prophet, when he went in to Bathsheba. Compassionate me, O God, according to thy mercy: according to the Multitude of thy compassions wipe away my transgressions. 2 Multiply to wash me from mine iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin. 3 For I shall know my transgression, and my sin is always before me. 4 Against thee, thee alone, did I sin, and I did evil in thine eyes: so that thou wilt be justified in thy speaking, and thou wilt be pure in thy judging. 5 Behold, I was born in iniquity, and in sin did my mother conceive me. 6 Behold, thou didst delight in truth in the reins, and in bidden things thou wilt cause me to know wisdom. 7 Thou wilt purify me with hyssop, and I shall be clean: thou wilt wash me and I shall be white above snow. 8 Thou wilt cause me to hear joy and gladness; the bones thou didst break shall rejoice. 9 Hide thy face from my sin, and wipe away all mine iniquities. 10 Create for me a clean heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit in my midst, 11 Thou wilt not cast me away from thy face, and thou wilt not take thy holy spirit from me. 12 Turn back to me the joy of thy salvation, and thy willing spirit shall uphold me. 13 I will teach those transgressing, thy ways, and those sinning shall turn back to thee. 14 Deliver me from bloods, O God the God of my salvation; my tongue shall rejoice in thy justice. 15 O Jehovah, thou wilt open my lips, and my mouth shall announce thy praise. 16 For thou wilt not delight in sacrifice, and thou wilt not take pleasure in burnt-offering. 17 The sacrifices of God a spirit being broken: a heart being broken and crushed, O God, thou wilt not despise. 18 Do Zion good in thy good will: thou wilt build the walls of Jerusalem. 19 Then wilt thou delight in sacrifices of justice, in burnt-offering and whole burnt-offering: then they will bring up bullocks upon thine altar.

Psalms 52:1-150:6

1 To the overseer instruction to David: In the coming of Doeg the Edomite to Saul, and he will say to him, David came to the house of Ahimelech. Why wilt thou boast in evil, thou strong one? the mercy of God is all the day. 2 Thy tongue will purpose mischief as a razor being sharpened, working deceit. 3 Thou lovedst evil above good; falsehood more than speaking justice. Silence. 4 Thou lovedst all words of destruction, a tongue of deceit 5 Also God will break thee down forever; he will take thee and sweep thee away from the tent, and root thee up from the land of the living. Silence. 6 And the just shall see and fear, and laugh at him. 7 Behold, the man will not set God his strength, and he will trust in the multitude of his riches he will be strengthened in his mischief. 8 And I am as a green olive tree in the house of God: I trusted in the mercy of God forever and ever. 9 Omitted

Psalms 53:1-150:6

1 To the overseer upon the stringed instrument: instruction to David. The fool said in his heart, No God. They were corrupted; they made iniquity abominable: none doing good. 2 God from the heavens looked forth upon the sons of man to see if there is he understanding, seeking God. 3 They all drew back: together they were corrupt; none doing good, not even one. 4 Did not those transgressing know any thing? eating up my people, they ate bread: they called not upon God. 5 They feared a fear; there was no fear: for God scattered the bones of him making narrow: thou didst make ashamed, for God rejected them. 6 Who will give from Zion the salvation of Israel? In God turning back the captivity of his people, Jacob shall rejoice, and Israel shall be glad.

Psalms 54:1-150:6

1 To the overseer upon the stringed instrument, instruction to David: In the going of the Ziphims, and they will say to Saul, Is not David hiding with us? O God, in thy name save me, and in thy strength thou wilt judge me. 2 O God, hear my prayer: give ear to the sayings of my mouth. 3 For strangers rose up against me, and the powerful sought out my soul: they set not God before them. Silence. 4 Behold, God a help to me: Jehovah with those upholding my soul. 5 He will turn back the evil to those oppressing me; in thy truth cut them off. 6 In willingness I will sacrifice to thee: I will praise thy name, 0 Jehovah, for it is good. 7 For from all straits he delivered me, and mine eyes looked upon my enemies.

Psalms 55:1-150:6

1 To the overseer upon the stringed instrument, instruction to David. Give ear O God, to my prayer; thou wilt not hide thyself from my supplication. 2 Attend to me and answer me; I shall flow down and make a noise in my complaint 3 From the voice of the enemy, from the face of the oppression of the unjust one: for they will bring down vanity upon me, for in anger they will lie in wait for me. 4 My heart will be pained within me, and the terrors of death fell upon me. 5 Fear and trembling will come upon me, and horror will cover me. 6 And saying, Who will give me the wing-feather as a dove? I will fly away and settle down. 7 Behold, I will move far off; fleeing away I will lodge in the desert. Silence. 8 I will hasten escape to me from the rushing wind, from the storm. 9 Swallow up, O Jehovah, divide their tongue: for I saw violence and strife in the city. 10 Day and night they will surround it upon its walls: and vanity and trouble in her midst 11 Mischief in her midst: oppression and deceit will not depart from her wide place. 12 For not the enemy will reproach me, and I will bear: not he hating me magnified against me; and I will hide from him. 13 And thou a man according to my estimation, my friend and my acquaintance. 14 Who together made sweet the intercourse, we will go into the house of God with the multitude. 15 Death shall lay waste upon them; they shall go down living to hades, for evils in their sojournings in the midst of them. 16 I will call upon God, and Jehovah will save me: 17 Evening and morning and noon I will meditate and make a noise, and he will hear my voice. 18 He redeemed my soul in peace from the encounter against me: for with many they were with me. 19 God will hear and he will humble them, and he dwelt of old. Silence. With whom no changes to them and they feared not God. 20 He stretched forth his hand in his recompenses: he profaned his covenant 21 They were divided from the wrath of his mouth, and his heart drew near: his words were soft above oil, and they drawn swords. 22 Cast thy giving upon Jehovah and he will sustain thee: he will not give forever a wavering to the just one. 23 And thou, O God, wilt bring them down to the well of destruction: men of bloods and deceit shall not halve their days; and I will trust in thee.

Psalms 56:1-150:6

1 To the overseer for the silent dove of those far off: to David, a poem in the rovers taking him in Gath. Compassionate me, O God, for man panted after me; warring all the day, he will press me. 2 Mine enemies panted after me all the day: for many warring against me proudly. 3 The day I shall be afraid I will trust to thee. 4 In God I will praise his word, in God I trusted; I will not fear what flesh shall do to me. 5 All the day they will grieve my words: against me all their purposes for evil 6 They will sojourn, they will hide, they will watch my heels as they waited for my soul 7 For nothing is deliverance to them? In anger bring down the peoples, O God. 8 Thou didst recount my wanderings: set thou my tears in thy bottle: are they not in thy book? 9 Then will mine enemies turn back in the day I shall call: this I knew, that God is for me. 10 In God I will praise the word: in Jehovah I will praise the word. 11 In God I trusted, I will not fear what man shall do to me. 12 Upon me, O God, thy vows: I will repay praises to thee. 13 For thou deliveredst my soul from death: are not my feet from falling, to go about before God in the light of the living?

Psalms 57:1-150:6

1 To the overseer, Thou wilt not destroy, to David a poem in his fleeing from the face of Saul in the cave. Compassionate me, O God, compassionate me: for in thee my soul put trust, and in the shadow of thy wings I will put my trust till calamity shall pass by. 2 I will call to God the Most High; to God he completed for me. 3 He will send from the heavens and he will save me; he rebuked him panting after me. Silence. God will send forth his mercy and his truth. 4 My soul is in the midst of lions: I shall lie down with the flaming, the sons of man, their teeth spears and arrows, and their tongue a sharp sword. 5 Be exalted above the heavens, O God; above all the earth thy glory. 6 They prepared a net for my steps; my soul was bent down: they dug a pit before me, they fell into the midst of it. Silence. 7 My heart was prepared, O God, my heart was prepared: I will sing and play on the harp. 8 Awake, my glory; awake, lyre and harp: I shall awake early. 9 I will praise thee, O Jehovah, among the peoples: I will play on the harp to thee among the nations. 10 For great even to the heavens thy mercy, and even to the clouds, thy truth. 11 Be thou exalted over the heavens, O God: over all the earth, thy glory.

Psalms 58:1-150:6

1 To the overseer, Thou wilt not destroy; to David a poem. Will ye indeed speak dumb justice? will ye judge justly, ye sons of man? 2 Also in heart ye will work evil; in the earth ye will roll the violence of your hands. 3 The unjust turned aside from the belly: they went astray from the womb, speaking falsehood. 4 Wrath to them according to the likeness of the wrath of a serpent: as the deaf adder will stop its ear; 5 Which will not hear to the voice of enchanters, charming with enchantments from wisdom. 6 God destroyed their teeth in their mouth: Jehovah broke down the young lions' grinders. 7 They shall melt away as water shall go about to them: he will bend his arrow, they shall be as cut off. 8 As a snail shall melt away he shall go: fire fell; they saw not the sun. 9 Before your pots shall perceive the thorn, as living, as in wrath, he will sweep him away. 10 The just one shall rejoice as seeing vengeance: he shall wash his footsteps in the blood of the unjust one. 11 And man shall say, Truly, fruit to the just one: truly there is a God judging in the earth.

Psalms 59:1-150:6

1 To the overseer, Thou wilt not destroy, to David a poem; in Saul sending, and they will watch the house to kill him. Deliver me from mine enemies, O God: thou wilt set me on high from those rising up against me. 2 Deliver me from those working vanity, and save me from men of bloods. 3 For behold, they lay in wait for my soul: the strong will gather against me; not my transgression and not my sin, O Jehovah. 4 Not iniquity, they will run and they will prepare: be aroused to meet me, and see. 5 And thou Jehovah God of armies, God of Israel, awake to review all the nations: thou wilt not compassionate all covering iniquity. Silence. 6 They will turn back at evening: they will make a noise as a dog, and they will surround the city. 7 Behold, they will gush out with their mouth: swords in their lips: for who heard? 8 And thou, O Jehovah, wilt laugh at them; thou wilt deride at all the nations. 9 His strength for thee will I watch: for God my height 10 My God, his mercy shall anticipate me: God shall cause me to look upon mine enemies. 11 Thou wilt not kill them lest my people shall forget: cause them to wander to and fro by thy strength, and bring them down, O Jehovah, our shield. 12 The sin of their mouth the word of their lips, and they shall be taken in their pride: and from cursing and from falsehood they will recount. 13 Finish in wrath, finish, and they not be: and they knew that God ruled in Jacob to the ends of the earth. Silence. 14 They shall turn back at evening; they shall make a noise as a dog, and they will surround the city. 15 They shall wander to and fro to eat, though they shall not be satisfied; and they will pass the night 16 And I will sing thy strength; and I will rejoice at morning for thy mercy; for they wert a height to me, and a refuge in the day of straits to me. 17 My help, to thee I will play on the harp, for God my height, the God of my mercy.

Psalms 60:1-150:6

1 To the overseer upon the lily of song: poem to David to teach; In the setting on fire Aram of the two rivers, and Aram of the station; and Joab will turn back and strike Edom in the valley of salt, twelve thousand. O God, thou didst cast us off, thou didst break us down, thou wert angry; wilt thou turn back to us? 2 Thou didst shake the earth; thou didst rend it: heal its breakings, for it is depressed. 3 Thou didst cause thy people to see a hard thing: thou didst give us to drink the wine of reeling. 4 Thou gavest a signal to those fearing thee, to flee from the face of the bow. Silence. 5 So that thy beloved ones shall be delivered, save with thy right hand and answer us. 6 God spake in his holy place; I will rejoice, I will divide the shoulder, and I will measure the valley of booths. 7 Gilead to me, and Manasseh to me; and Ephraim the strength of my head; Judah my judge. 8 Moab the pot of my washing; over Edom I will cast out my shoe: for me, Philistia shouted for joy. 9 Who will bring me to the city of fortification? who guided me even to Edom? 10 Wilt not thou, O God? thou didst cast us off, and wilt thou not go forth, O God, with our armies? 11 Give to us help from straits, for vain the salvation of man. 12 In God we will do strength and he will tread down our adversaries.

Psalms 61:1-150:6

1 To the overseer upon the stringed instrument; to David. Hear, O God, my wailing; attend to my prayer. 2 From the end of the earth I will call to thee, in the fainting of my heart: thou wilt lead me into the rock it will be lifted up above me. 3 For thou wert a refuge to me, a tower of strength from the face of the enemy. 4 I will dwell in thy tent forever: I will put my trust in the covering of thy wings. Silence. 5 For thou, O God, heartiest to my vows: thou gavest the inheritance to those fearing thy name. 6 Thou wilt add days to the days of the king: his years as generation and generation. 7 He shall dwell before God forever: mercy and truth a portion shall guard him. 8 Thus will I play on the harp to thy name forever, to repay me my vows day by day.

Psalms 62:1-150:6

1 To the overseer, to Jeduthun: chanting to David. Surely my soul was silent to God: from him my salvation. 2 Surely he my rock and my salvation, my height; I shall not be greatly moved. 3 How long will ye set upon a man? ye will kill all of you: as a wall inclining, a wall thrust down. 4 Surely they counseled to thrust down his lifting up: they will delight in falsehood: with their mouth they will praise, and in their inward parts they will curse. Silence. 5 Only, my soul be thou silent to God; for from him my hope. 6 Surely he my rock and my salvation: my height; I shall not be moved. 7 Upon God my salvation and my glory: the rock of my strength, my refuge in God. 8 Trust in him in all time; ye people, pour out your heart before him: God is a refuge for us. Silence. 9 Surely the sons of man vanity, the sons of man falsehood: to be brought up into the balances, they together of vanity. 10 Ye shall not trust in oppression, ye shall not become vain in plunder: if wealth shall increase ye shall not set the heart 11 Once God spake; twice I heard this; that strength is to God. 12 And to thee, O Jehovah, mercy: for thou wilt recompense to each according to his work.

Psalms 63:1-150:6

1 Chanting to David in his being in the desert of Judah. O God thou art my God; I will seek thee: my soul thirsted for thee, my flesh longed for thee in a land of dryness, and thirsty without water. 2 Thus in the holy place I saw thee, to see thy strength and thy glory. 3 For thy mercy was good more than life; my lips shall praise thee. 4 So I will bless thee in my life: in thy name will I lift up my hands. 5 As milk and fatness my soul shall be satisfied; and with rejoicing lips shall my mouth praise. 6 When I remembered thee upon my bed in the watches, I will meditate upon thee. 7 For thou wert a help to me, and in the shadow of thy wings I will rejoice. 8 My soul adhered after thee: thy right hand held fast upon me. 9 They will seek my soul for destruction, they shall go into the lower parts of the earth. 10 They shall deliver to the hands of the sword; they shall be a portion of foxes. 11 And the king shall rejoice in God; all swearing in him shall glory: for the mouth of those speaking falsehood shall be stopped.

Psalms 64:1-150:6

1 To the overseer; chanting to David. Hear, O God, my voice in my complaint: thou wilt guard my life from the fear of the enemy. 2 Thou wilt cover me from the consultation of evil ones; from the crowd of the workers of vanity: 3 Who sharpened as a sword their tongue, they bent their arrows a bitter word: 4 To shoot down the blameless one in secret things: suddenly they will shoot, and they will not be afraid. 5 They will strengthen to themselves an evil word: they will recount to hide snares; they said, Who shall see them 6 They will search out iniquities; they completed a search searched out: and a man drew near, and a deep heart. 7 God shall be exalted; their blows were the arrow of the simple. 8 And they will cause their tongue to falter upon themselves: all looking upon them shall be moved. 9 And all men shall fear, and they shall announce the work of God: and they shall look at his doing. 10 The just one shall rejoice in Jehovah, and he put his trust in him; and all the upright of heart shall glory.

Psalms 65:1-150:6

1 To the overseer; chanting to David a song. Praise being silent to thee, O God in Zion: and to thee shall the vow be repaid. 2 Hear thou prayer: even to thee shall all flesh come. 3 The words of iniquities were strong above me: our transgressions thou wilt cover them. 4 Happy him thou wilt choose, and thou wilt draw near; he shall dwell in thy enclosures: we shall be satisfied in the good of thy house; holy is thy temple. 5 Wonderful things in justice thou wilt answer us, O God saving us, the trust of all the ends of the earth, and those being far off upon the sea: 6 Preparing the mountains in his strength; being girded with might: 7 Restraining the tumult of the seas, the tumult of their waves, and the multitude of the nations. 8 And they shall be afraid, those dwelling in the ends, from thy signs: the goings forth of the morning and evening thou wilt cause to rejoice. 9 Thou reviewedst the earth, and thou wilt water it: thou wilt greatly enrich it; the stream of God being full of waters: thou wilt prepare their grain, for so thou wilt prepare it. 10 Thou givest its furrows to drink to the full: thou wilt cause its incisions to flow down in showers: thou wilt bless its springing up. 11 Thou crownest the year of thy goodness, and thy tracks shall drop fatness. 12 The pastures of the desert shall drop, and the hills shall be girded with joy. 13 The lambs of the sheep were clothed, and the valleys shall be covered with corn; they shall shout for joy, they shall also sing.

Psalms 66:1-150:6

1 To the overseer; a song of chanting. Shout ye for joy to God, all the earth: 2 Play ye on the harp, the glory of his name: set the glory of his praise. 3 Say to God, How terrible thy works! in the multitude of thy strength thine enemies shall lie to thee. 4 All the earth shall worship to thee, and they shall play on the harp to thee; they shall play on the harp to thy name. Silence. 5 Come and see ye the works of God: terrible the doing upon the sons of man. 6 He turned the sea into dry land: they will pass through the river on foot: there we shall rejoice in him. 7 Ruling by his strength forever; his eyes will look about upon the nations: they turning away shall not lift up for themselves. Silence. 8 Ye peoples bless our God, and cause the voice of his praise to be heard. 9 He set our soul in life, and he gave not our feet to waver. 10 For thou didst try us, O God, thou didst prove us as purifying of silver. 11 Thou broughtest us into the net; thou didst set a heavy burden upon our loins. 12 Thou didst cause men to ride upon our head; we went through fire and through water: and thou wilt bring us forth to abundance. 13 I will go into thine house with 'burnt-offerings: I will repay to thee my vows, 14 Which my lips opened and my month spake in straits to me. 15 I will bring up to thee burnt-offerings of marrows with incense of rams; I will do oxen with he goats. Silence. 16 Come, hear, and I will recount, all ye fearing God, what he did for my soul 17 I called to him with my mouth, and he was lifted up under my tongue. 18 If I saw vanity in my heart, Jehovah will not hear. 19 Surely God heard; he attended upon the voice of my prayer. 20 Praised be God who turned not away my prayer, and his mercy from me.

Psalms 67:1-150:6

1 To the overseer upon the stringed instrument: chanting of the song. God will compassionate us and bless us; his face will enlighten us. Silence. 2 To know thy way in the earth, thy salvation among all the nations. 3 The peoples shall praise thee, O God; the peoples shall praise thee, all of them. 4 The nations shall be glad and rejoice, for thou wilt judge peoples in uprightness, and thou wilt pity the nations upon earth. Silence. 5 Peoples shall praise thee, O God; peoples shall praise thee, all of them. 6 The earth gave her produce; God our God shall bless Us. 7 God shall bless us, and all the ends of the earth shall fear him.

Psalms 68:1-150:6

1 To the overseer; to David chanting of a song. God will rise; his enemies shall be scattered, and they hating him shall flee from his face. 2 As smoke being dispersed thou wilt disperse: as wax melting from the face of fire, the unjust shall perish from the face of God. 3 And the just shall be glad; they shall rejoice before God, and they shall rejoice with gladness. 4 Sing ye to God; play on the harp to his name: raise him up to ride in the evenings, in Jah his name, and rejoice before him. 5 A father of orphans and a judge of widows, God in his holy habitation. 6 God setting the only ones in the house, bringing forth the bound into prosperities, but those turning away dwelt in a dry land. 7 O God, in thy going forth before thy people, in thy stepping in the desert. Silence. 8 The earth shook, also the heavens dropped from the face of God, this Sinai from the face of God, the God of Israel. 9 Thou wilt scatter a rain of abundance, O God, to thine inheritance, and being weary thou didst make it firm. 10 Thy living ones dwelt in it: thou wilt prepare in thy goodness for the poor, O God. 11 Jehovah will give the word: to those announcing good news a great army. 12 Kings of armies will flee away, they will flee away, and she resting in the house will divide the spoil 13 If ye shall lie down within the stalls, the wings of the dove being covered with silver, and her wing feathers with yellowness of gold. 14 In the Almighty scattering kings in it, it shall be snow white in Salmon. 15 The mountain of God the mountain of Basilan; the mountain of height the mountain of Bashan. 16 Wherefore will ye lie in wait, ye mountains of heights? the mountain God desired to dwell in it: also Jehovah will dwell forever. 17 The chariot of God twice ten thousand thousands upon thousands: Jehovah among them, Sinai in the holy place. 18 Thou didst go up to height, thou didst take captive captivity: thou didst receive gifts in man, also those turning away, for Jehovah God to dwell. 19 Praised be Jehovah; day by day the God of our salvation will lift up to us. Silence. 20 The God to us a God for salvations; and to Jehovah the Lord the goings forth to death. 21 Also God will crush the head of his enemies, the crown of him going about in his faults. 22 Jehovah said, I will turn back from Bashan; I will turn back from the depths of the sea: 23 So that thy foot shall shake in blood, the tongue of thy dogs from the enemies of him. 24 They saw thy goings, O God; the goings of my God, my King, in the holy place. 25 The chiefs went before, they playing on instruments, after; in the midst, girls beating the tabret. 26 Praise ye God in the assemblies, Jehovah from the fountain of Israel 27 Then little Benjamin in a deep sleep, the chiefs of Judah their throng, the chiefs of Zebulon, the chiefs of Naphtali. 28 Thy God commanded thy strength: strengthen, O God, this thou didst for us. 29 From thy temple at Jerusalem kings shall bring a gift to thee. 30 Rebuke the beasts of the reed, the assembly of the strong ones, with the heifers of the peoples, prostrating themselves with pieces of salver: scatter the peoples, they will delight in wars. 31 The rich shall come out of Egypt; Cush shall cause its hand to run to God. 32 Ye kingdoms of the earth, sing to God; play on the harp to Jehovah. Silence. 33 To him riding upon the heavens of heavens of old, behold, he will give in his voice a voice of strength. 34 Ye shall give strength to God: upon Israel is his majesty, and his strength in the clouds. 35 O God, being wonderful in thy holy things: the God of Israel, he gave strength and powers to the people. Praised be God.

Psalms 69:1-150:6

1 To the overseer upon the lilies; to David. Save me, O God, for the waters came even to the soul. 2 I sank in mire of depth, and no standing: I came into depths of waters and the floods overwhelmed me. 3 I was wearied in my calling, my throat was dried up: mine eyes failed waiting for my God. 4 Those hating me were many above the hairs of my head: mine enemies destroying me by falsehood were strong: then I will turn back what I plucked not away. 5 O God, thou knewest for my folly, and my faults were not hid from thee. 6 They waiting for thee shall not be ashamed for me: O Lord Jehovah of armies, they shall not be disgraced for me, seeking thee, O God of Israel. 7 Because for thee I bare reproach: shame covered my face. 8 I was polluted to my brethren, and a stranger to my mother's sons. 9 For the zeal of thy house devoured me, and the reproaches of those reproaching thee fell upon me. 10 And I will weep with fasting of my soul, and it will be for reproaches to me. 11 And I will give my clothing sackcloth, and I for a parable to them. 12 They sitting in the gate will speak against me, and I was but the music of stringed instruments, of strong drink 13 And I, my prayer is to thee, O Jehovah, a time of acceptance: O God, in the multitude of thy mercy answer me, in the truth of thy salvation. 14 Deliver me from the mire and I shall not sink: I shall be delivered from those hating me, and from the depths of waters. 15 The streams of water shall not overflow me, and the depth shall not swallow me down, and the well shall not close upon me her mouth. 16 Answer me, O Jehovah, for good is thy mercy: according to the multitude of thy compassions turn to me. 17 And thou wilt not hide thy face from thy servant; for straits are to me.: hasten to answer me. 18 Draw near to my soul, redeem it: ransom me on account of mine enemies. 19 Thou knewest my reproach and my shame, and my disgrace: all mine adversaries are before thee. 20 Reproach broke my heart, and I shall be ill at ease: and I shall hope for comforting, and none; and for those consoling, and I found not 21 And they will give my food poison, and for my thirst they will give me vinegar to drink. 22 Their table shall be before them for a snare, for a retribution, for a cause of ruin. 23 Their eyes shall be darkened from seeing, and cause their loins to waver always. 24 Pour out upon them thy wrath, and the burning of thins anger shall overtake then). 25 Their fortress shall be desolated, and in their tents there shall none be dwelling. 26 For whom thou didst strike they pursued; and they will relate to the pain of thy wounded. 27 Thou wilt give iniquity to their iniquity, and they shall not come into thy justice. 28 They shall be wiped off from the book of the living, and with the just they shall not be written. 29 And I am poor and dejected: and thy salvation, O God, shall set me up on high. 30 I will praise the name of God with a song, and will magnify him with praise. 31 And it shall be good to Jehovah above an ox, a bullock shooting out horns and hoofs, 32 The poor saw, they shall be glad: and seeking Jehovah your heart shall live. 33 For Jehovah heard to the needy, and he despised not his hound. 34 The heavens shall praise him, and the earth, the sea, and every creeping thing in it 35 For God will save Zion, and he will build the cities of Judah, and they shall dwell there and inherit it 36 And the seed of his servants shall inherit it, and they loving his name shall dwell in it.

Psalms 70:1-150:6

1 To the overseer: to David, to bring to remembrance. O God, to deliver me; O Jehovah hasten to help me. 2 They seeking my soul shall be confused and ashamed: they shall be turned away behind; and they desiring my evils, shall be ashamed. 3 They shall be turned back for a reward of their shame, saying, Aha! Aha 4 All seeking thee shall rejoice and be glad in thee, and they shall say always, God shall be magnified; they loving thy salvation. 5 And I am poor and needy: O God, hasten to me, my help and my deliverer; thou, O Jehovah, wilt not delay.

Psalms 71:1-150:6

1 In thee, O Jehovah, I put my trust; shall not be ashamed forever. 2 In thy justice thou wilt deliver me, and let me escape: incline to me thine ear and save me. 3 Be thou to me for a rock of refuge to come always: thou didst command to save me, for thou my rock and my fortress. 4 My God, deliver me from the hand of the unjust one, from the hand of him transgressing, and the violent one. 5 For thou my hope, O Lord Jehovah: my trust from my youth. 6 Upon thee was I supported from the womb: from the bowels of my mother thou didst separate me: in thee my praise always. 7 I was as a wonder to many: and thou my refuge of strength. 8 My mouth shall be filled with thy praise, thy magnificence all the day. 9 Thou wilt not cast me off to the time of old age; as my strength fails thou wilt not forsake me. 10 For mine enemies said to me, and they watching my soul took counsel together, 11 Saying, God forsook him: pursue him and take him, for none delivering. 12 O God, thou wilt not be far off from me: my God, hasten for my help. 13 They lying in wait for my soul shall be ashamed; they shall be finished; they seeking my evil shall be covered with reproach and shame. 14 And I will always hope, and I added upon all thy praise. 15 My mouth shall recount thy justice, all the day thy salvation, for I knew not numbers. 16 I will go in the strength of the Lord Jehovah: I will keep in remembrance thy justice, thine alone. 17 O God, thou didst teach me from my youth: and even to this will I announce thy wonders. 18 And also even to old age and grayness, O God, thou wilt not forsake me; till I shall announce thine arm to the generation, thy strength to every one who shall come: 19 And thy justice, O God, even to height, who didst great things: O God, who like thee? 20 Who didst cause us to see great straits and evils; thou wilt turn back, thou wilt preserve us alive, and from the depths of the earth thou wilt turn back, thou wilt bring us up. 21 Thou wilt increase my greatness, thou wilt surround me, thou wilt comfort me. 22 Also I will praise thee with the instrument of the harp; thy truth, O God, I will play on the harp, to thee, O Thou, Holy One of Israel. 23 My lips shall rejoice when I shall play on the harp to thee, and my soul which thou redeemedst. 24 Also my tongue all the day shall celebrate thy justice; for they were confused, for they seeking my evil were ashamed.

Psalms 72:1-150:6

1 To Solomon. O God, thou wilt give thy judgments to the king, and thy justice to the king's son. 2 He shall judge thy people in justice, and thy poor in judgment. 3 The mountains shall lift up peace to the people, and the hills in justice. 4 He shall judge the poor of the people, and save to the sons of the needy, and he will break in pieces him oppressing. 5 And they shall fear thee with the sun and before the moon, generation of generations. 6 He shall come down as rain upon a fleece, as showers of pouring rain upon the earth. 7 The just one shall break forth in his days, and a multitude of peace even till no moon. 8 And he shall rule from sea even to sea, and from the river even to the. ends of the earth. 9 Inhabitants of the desert shall bow before him, and his enemies shall lick the dust 10 The kings of Tarshish and the islands shall turn back a gift, the kings of Sheba and Seba shall bring a present 11 And all kings shall worship to him: all nations shall serve him. 12 For we will deliver the needy from the powerful one, and the poor and no helper to him. 13 He will spare for the poor and the needy, and he will save the souls of the needy. 14 From oppression and from violence he will redeem their soul, and their blood shall be precious in his eyes. 15 And he shall live, and there shall be given to him from the gold of Sheba: and there shall always be supplications for him; all the day shall they praise him. 16 There shall be diffusion of grain in the earth upon the head of the mountains; its fruit shall shake as Lebanon, and they shall blossom from the city as the grass of the earth. 17 His name shall be forever: his name shall flourish before the sun: and they shall be praised in him: all nations shall pronounce him happy. 18 Praised be Jehovah God, the God of Israel, doing wonders himself alone. 19 And praised be the name of his glory forever; and his glory shall fill all the earth. Amen and Amen. 20 The prayers of David son of Jesse were completed.

Psalms 73:1-150:6

1 Chanting to Asaph. Surely God is good to Israel, to the clean of heart 2 And I, my feet nearly turned aside; my going was almost poured out 3 For I was envious at the foolish; I shall see the peace of the unjust 4 For not the pains to their death, and their body fat 5 They are not in the trouble of men, and with man they shall not be struck. 6 For this, pride surrounded them as a neck-chain; the dress of violence will cover to them. 7 Their eye will come forth from fat: they passed over the imaginations of the heart 8 They will mock and speak in evil of oppression: they will speak from elevation. 9 They set their mouth against the heavens, and their tongue will go in the earth. 10 For this, his people will turn back here: and full water shall be sucked out to them. 11 And they said, How did God know? and is there knowledge in the Most High? 12 Behold, these the unjust, and they being secure of the world increased riches. 13 Surely in vain I cleansed my heart, and I will wash my hands in cleanness. 14 And I am struck all the day, and my reproofs for the mornings. 15 If I said, I will recount thus; behold, I transgressed against the generation of thy sons. 16 And I shall think to know this, it is labor in mine eyes. 17 Till I shall come to the holy place of God I shall not understand for their latter state. 18 Surely in slippery places thou wilt set them, to cast them down into ruins. 19 How they were for desolation as in a moment they perished; they were finished from sudden destruction. 20 As a dream of him awaking, O Jehovah, in awaking thou wilt despise their image. 21 For my heart will be embittered, and my loins were hard. 22 And I stupid, and I shall not know, and I was a beast with thee. 23 And I always with thee: thou didst hold by my right hand. 24 In thy counsel thou wilt guide me, and after, thou wilt receive me with glory. 25 Who to me in the heavens? and from thee I desired nothing in the earth. 26 My flesh failed and my heart: the rock of my heart and my portion is God forever. 27 For behold, they being far off from thee shall perish: thou didst lay waste all committing fornication from thee. 28 And I drawing near to God, it is good for me: I put in the Lord Jehovah my refuge, to recount all thy works.

Psalms 74:1-150:6

1 Understanding to Asaph. Wherefore, O God, didst thou reject forever? will thine anger smoke against the sheep of thy feeding? 2 Remember thine assembly thou didst purchase of old; thou didst redeem the rod of thine inheritance; this mount Zion thou didst dwell in it 3 Lift up thy steps to desolations forever; all the evil of the enemy in the holy place. 4 Thine enemies roared in the midst of thine appointment; they set their signs, signs. 5 It will be known according to bringing the axes upwards upon the thicket of wood. 6 And now with axes and hammers they will beat her engravings. 7 They cast thy holy place into fire, to the earth they defiled the tent of thy name. 8 They said in their heart, We will rage against them together: they burnt up all the appointments of God in the earth. 9 We saw not our signs, no more a prophet: and not with us will it be known how long. 10 How long, O God, shall the enemy reproach? Shall the enemy despise thy name forever? 11 Wherefore wilt thou turn back thy hand, and thy right hand? from the midst of thy bosom completely. 12 And God my king of old working salvations in the midst of the earth. 13 Thou didst cleave the sea in thy strength: thou didst break the heads of the dragons upon the waters. 14 Thou didst break the heads of the sea monster, thou wilt give him for food to the people, to the inhabitants of the desert 15 Thou didst cleave asunder the fountain and the torrent: thou driedst up the rivers of strength. 16 To thee the day, also to thee the night: thou didst prepare the light and the sun. 17 Thou didst set all the bounds of the earth: summer and autumn thou didst form them. 18 Remember this, the enemy reproached Jehovah, and the foolish people despised thy name. 19 Thou wilt not give the soul of thy turtle-dove to the beast: the life of thy poor thou wilt not forget forever. 20 Look to thy covenant: for the dark places of the earth were filled with habitations of violence. 21 The poor one shall not turn back ashamed: the humble and the needy shall praise thy name. 22 Arise, O God, contend thy contention: remember thy reproach from the foolish all the day. 23 Thou wilt not forget the voice of thine adversaries: the pride of them rising up against thee going up always

Psalms 75:1-150:6

1 :To the overseer, Thou wilt not destroy: chanting to Asaph a song. We confessed to thee, O God, we confessed: and thy name is near, thy wonders recounted. 2 For I will take the appointment, I will judge uprightnesses 3 The earth and all dwelling in it being melted: I made even its pillars. Silence. 4 I said to the foolish, Ye shall not be foolish; and to the unjust, Ye shall not lift up the horn: 5 Ye shall not lift up your horn to elevation: ye will speak with an impudent neck. 6 For not from the going forth and from the west, and not from the desert the lifting up. 7 For God is judge: he will humble this, and this he will lift up. 8 For a cup in the hand of Jehovah, and the wine red, being full of mixed wine; and he will pour out from this: but its lees all the unjust of the earth shall suck out, they shall drink. 9 And I will announce forever; I will play on the harp to the God of Jacob. 10 And all the horns of the unjust will I cut off; the horns of the just one shall be exalted.

Psalms 76:1-150:6

1 To the overseer upon the stringed instrument: chanting to Asaph song. In Judah was God known: great his name in Israel. 2 And his booth shall be in peace, and his dwelling in Zion. 3 There he broke the lightnings of the bow, the shield and the sword, and war. Silence 4 Thou art light, being magnified from the mountains of fresh foliage. 5 The mighty of heart were spoiled, they slumbered their sleep: and all the men of strength found not their hands. 6 From thy rebuke, O God of Jacob, the chariot and the horse lay in a deep sleep. 7 Thou art feared, thou: and who shall stand before thee from the time of thine anger? 8 From the heavens thou didst cause judgment to be heard; the earth feared and rested. 9 In God's rising up to judgment, to save all the poor of the earth. Silence. 10 For the wrath of man shall praise thee: the remainder of wrath thou wilt gird up. 11 Vow, ye, and repay to Jehovah your God: all being round about him shall bring a gift for fear. 12 He will cut off the spirit of leaders, being terrible to the kings of the earth.

Psalms 77:1-150:6

1 To the overseer for Jeduthun: to Asaph a chanting. My voice to God, and I will cry with my voice to God, and he gave ear to me. 2 In the day of my straits I sought Jehovah: my hand was stretched out at night, and it will not be slack: my soul refused to be comforted. 3 I will remember God and I shall be disquieted: I shall be depressed and my spirit will languish. Silence. 4 Thou didst hold mine eyes watching: I was moved, and I will not speak. 5 I reckoned the days of old, the everlasting years. 6 I will remember my stringed instruments in the night: I shall meditate with my heart, and my spirit will search out. 7 Will Jehovah reject forever? and will he no more add to be satisfied? 8 Did his mercy fail forever? his word come to an end to generation and generation? 9 Did God forget to compassionate? or in anger did he gather his compassion? Silence. 10 And saying, This has made me sick: the years of the right hand of the Most High. 11 I will remember the works of Jah: for I will remember the ancient time of thy wonder. 12 And I meditated in all thy work, and I will think upon all thy doings. 13 O God, thy way is in the holy place: what God great as God? 14 Thou the God doing wonder: thou didst make known thy strength among the peoples. 15 Thou didst redeem with the arm thy people the sons of Jacob and Joseph. Silence. 16 The waters saw thee, O God, the waters saw thee; they will tremble, also the depths will be moved. 17 The clouds poured out waters: the clouds gave a voice: also thine arrows will go about. 18 The voice of thy thunder in the wheel: the lightnings lightened the habitable globe: the earth moved and it will shake. 19 In the sea thy way, and thy paths in many waters, and thy heels were not known. 20 Thou didst guide thy people as sheep by the hand of Moses and Aaron.

Psalms 78:1-150:6

1 Instruction to Asaph. Give ear, O my people, to my law: incline your ears to the sayings of my mouth. 2 I will open my mouth in a parable: I will utter enigmas from ancient time: 3 Which we heard and we shall know them, and our fathers recounted to us. 4 It was not hid from their sons, to a later generation recounting the praises of Jehovah and his strength, and his wonders which he did. 5 For he raised up a testimony in Jacob and set a law in Israel, which he commanded our fathers to make them known to their sons: 6 So that a later generation shall know; sons shall be born, they shall rise up and recount to their sons. 7 And they shall set their hope in God, and they shall not forget the works of God, and they shall watch his commands. 8 And they shall not be as their fathers, a generation turning away and bitter, a generation it prepared not its heart, and its spirit was not firm with God. 9 The sons of Ephraim bending, lifting up the bow, turned in the day of the encounter. 10 They watched not the covenant of God, and in his law they refused to go; 11 And they will forget his works and his wonders which he caused them to see. 12 Before their fathers he did a wonder in the land of Egypt, the field of loading. 13 He rent the sea and he will cause them to pass through; and he will cause the waters to stand as a heap. 14 And he will guide them in a cloud the day, and all the night in a light of fire. 15 He will rend the rocks in the desert, and give drink as the great abyss. 16 And he will bring forth flowings from the rock, and bring down waters as rivers. 17 And they will yet add to sin against him to embitter the Most High in a dry land. 18 And they will tempt God in their heart to ask food for their soul. 19 And they will speak against God; they said, Will God be able to arrange a table in the desert? 20 Behold, he struck the rock and waters will flow, and torrents will pour out; will he be able also to give bread? or will he prepare flesh for his people? 21 For this Jehovah heard and he will overflow, and a fire was kindled in Jacob, and also anger came up upon Israel. 22 For they believed not in God, and they trusted not in his salvation. 23 And he commanded the clouds from above, and he opened the doors of the heavens. 24 And he will rain upon them manna to eat, and he gave the grain of the heavens to them. 25 Man ate the bread of the strong: he sent to them provision to fulness. 26 He will cause the east wind to go forth in the heavens, and by his strength he will lead the south wind. 27 And he will rain flesh upon them as the dust, birds of feather as the sand of the seas. 28 And it shall fall in the midst of his camp, round about to his habitations. 29 And they shall eat and be well filled: and he will bring to them their desire. 30 They turned not away from their desire, yet their food in their mouth. 31 And the anger of God came up upon them, and he will slay among their fat ones and he bowed down the chosen of Israel. 32 In all this they yet sinned, and they believed not in his wonders. 33 And he will finish their days in vanity, and their years in terror. 34 When he slew them and they sought him, and they turned back and sought for God. 35 And they will remember that God is their Rock, and God the Most High redeemed them. 36 And they will deceive with their mouth, and with their tongue they will lie to him. 37 And their heart was not right with him, and they were not firm in his covenant 38 And he being compassionate will cover iniquity, and he will not destroy: and he multiplied to turn back his anger, and he will not rouse up all his wrath. 39 And he will remember that they are flesh; a spirit going and not turning back. 40 How often they will embitter him in the desert! they will grieve him in the waste. 41 And they will turn back and tempt God, and they broke in upon the Holy One of Israel. 42 They remembered not his hand the day which he redeemed them from the enemy; 43 How he set in Egypt his signs, and his wonders in the field of loading. 44 And he turned to blood their rivers, and their flowings they shall not drink 45 He will send forth among them the gad-fly, and they shall devour them; and frogs, and they shall destroy them. 46 And he will give their produce to the devourer, and their labor to the locust 47 He will kill their vine with hail, and their sycamore trees with frost 48 He will deliver their cattle to the hail, and their possessions to the flames. 49 He will send upon them the burning of his anger, outpouring and wrath, and straits, sending evil messengers. 50 He will prepare a beaten path for his anger; he spared not their soul from death, and their life he delivered to the word; 51 And he will strike all the firstborn in Egypt; the first-fruits of their toils in the tents of Ham: 52 He will remove his people as sheep, and he will lead them as a flock in the desert 53 And he will guide them securely and they feared not: and the sea covered their enemies. 54 And he will bring them to the bound of his holy place, this mountain his right hand purchased. 55 And he will cast out the nations from their face, and he will divide them by lot in the measure of inheritance, and he will cause the tribes of Israel to dwell in their tents. 56 And they will tempt and embitter God the Most High, and they watched not his testimonies. 57 And they will draw back, and they will transgress as their fathers: they were turned as a bow of deceit 58 And they will make him angry with their heights, and they will provoke him to jealousy with their carved images. 59 God heard and he will overflow, and he will greatly contemn in Israel. 60 And he cast off the tent of Shiloh, the tent he pitched among man. 61 And he will give his strength to captivity, and his beauty into the hand of the enemy. 62 And he will deliver his people to the sword, and he overflowed upon his inheritance. 63 The fire devoured his young men, and his virgins wailed not 64 His priests fell by the sword, and his widows wept not 65 And Jehovah will awake as he sleeping, as the strong one shouting from wine. 66 And he will strike his enemies behind: he gave to them reproach forever. 67 And he will reject in the tent of Joseph, and he chose not in the tribe of Ephraim. 68 And be will choose the tribe of Judah, mount Zion which he loved. 69 And he will build his holy place as of buffaloes, as the earth he founded it forever. 70 And he will choose in David his servant, and he will take him from the folds of sheep. 71 From those bringing up to care for Jacob his people and for Israel his inheritance. 72 And he will feed them according to the integrity of his heart, and he will guide them in the understandings of his hands.

Psalms 79:1-150:6

1 Chanting to Asaph. O God, the nations came into thine inheritance; they defiled thy holy temple; they set Jerusalem for ruins. 2 They gave the corpses of thy servants food to the birds of the heavens, the flesh of thy godly ones to the beasts of the earth. 3 They poured out their blood as water round about Jerusalem; and none burying. 4 We were a reproach to our neighbors, a derision and scorn to those being round about us. 5 How long, O Jehovah? wilt thou be angry forever? shall thy jealousy burn as fire? 6 Pour out thy wrath upon the nations which knew thee not, and upon the kingdoms which called not upon thy name. 7 For devouring Jacob and they laid Waste his dwelling. 8 Thou wilt not remember against us former iniquities: thy compassions shall quickly anticipate us, for we were greatly weak: 9 Help us, O God; save us, for the word of the glory of thy name: and deliver us, and cover our sins for sake Of thy name. 10 Wherefore shall the nations say, Where is their God? He will make known among the nations before our eyes the vengeance of the blood of thy servants being poured out. 11 The mourning of the bound shall come before thee; according to the greatness of thine arm let the sons of death remain 12 And turn back to our neighbors seven fold to their bosom their reproach which they reproached thee, O Jehovah. 13 And we are thy people and the sheep of thy pasture: we will confess to thee forever: to generation and generation we will recount thy praise.

Psalms 80:1-150:6

1 To the overseer for the lilies of the testimonies; to Asaph a chanting. O thou feeding Israel, give ear, guiding Joseph as sheep.; thou dwelling in the cherubs, shine forth. 2 Before Epraim and Benjainin add Manasseh raise up thy strength, and come to save for us. 3 O God, turn us back and cause thy face to shine, and we shall be saved: 4 O Jehovah, God of armies, how long didst thou smoke against the prayer of thy people? 5 Thou gavest them to eat the bread of tears, and thou wilt give them to drink in tears by measure. 6 Thou wilt set us a strife to our neighbors, and our enemies will deride to themselves. 7 O God of armies, turn us back and cause thy face to shine, and we shall be saved. 8 Thou wilt remove a vine from Egypt: thou wilt cast out the nations and thou wilt plant it 9 Thou didst set in order before it, and thou wilt cause its roots to take root and the earth will be filled. 10 Its Shadow covered the mountains, and its branches the cedars of God. 11 Thou Wilt send forth her boughs even to the sea, and her suckers to the river. 12 Wherefore didst thou break down her walls, and all passing by the way plucked her? 13 The swine from the forest will lay it waste, and the Moving thing of the field will feed upon it 14 O God of armies, turn back now: look from the heavens and see, and review this vine; 15 And the plant which thy right hand planted, and upon the son thou madest strong for thee, 16 Burning it in fire, tutting it down; from the rebuke of thy face they shall perish. 17 Thy hand shall be upon the man of thy right hand, upon the son of man thou madest Strong for thee. 18 And we will not draw back from thee: thou wilt cause us to live, and we will call upon thy name. 19 O Jehovah, God of armies turn us back; cause thy face to shine, and We shall be saved.

Psalms 81:1-150:6

1 To the overseer upon the stringed instrument; to Asaph. Rejoice ye in God our strength: shout to the God of Jacob. 2 Lift up music, and ye shall give the drum, the pleasant harp, with the lyre. 3 Strike ye the trumpet in the new in the full moon, for the day of our festival. 4 For it is a law to Israel, a judgment to the God of Jacob. 5 He set him a testimony in Joseph in his going forth upon the land of Egypt: I shall hear a lip I knew not 6 I removed his shoulder from the burden: his hands shall past by from the basket 7 Thou calledst in straits, and I will deliver thee; I will answer thee in the hiding place of thunder. I will prove thee at the water of strife. Silence. 8 Hear, O my people, and I will testify in thee: O Israel, if thou wilt hear to me; 9 A strange god shall not be in thee; and thou shalt not worship to a strange god. 10 I am Jehovah thy God bringing thee up from the land of Egypt: make broad thy mouth and I will fill it 11 And my people heard not to my voice; and Israel was not inclined to me. 12 And I will send him forth in the hardnesses of their heart: they shall go in their counsels. 13 Would that my people heard to me! Israel shall go in my ways. 14 Shortly I shall humble their enemies, and against their adversaries I will turn back my hand. 15 They hating Jehovah shall lie to him: and their time shall be forever. 16 And he shall cause them to eat from the fat of wheat, and from the rock with honey will I satisfy thee.

Psalms 82:1-150:6

1 Chanting to Asaph. God stood in the assembly of God; he will judge in the midst of gods. 2 How long will ye judge wickedness, and ye will lift up the faces of the unjust? Silence. 3 Judge ye the poor one, and the orphan: do justice to the humble one and the poor one 4 Deliver the poor and needy one: take away out of the hand of the unjust 5 They will not know, they will not Understand: they will go about in darkness: all the foundations of the earth will be moved. 6 I said, Ye are gods; and the sons of the Most High all of you. 7 But as man shall ye die, and as one of the chiefs shall ye fall. 8 Arise, O God, judge the earth: for then shalt inherit in all nations.

Psalms 83:1-150:6

1 A song of chanting to Asaph. O God, not stillness to thee: thou wilt not be silent, and thou wilt not rest, O God. 2 For behold, thine enemies will be clamorous; and they hating thee lifted up the head. 3 Against thy people they will make crafty consultation, and they will counsel against thy hidden ones. 4 They said, Come, and we will cut them off from a nation; and the name of Israel shall no more be remembered. 5 For they counseled together with the heart: they will cut out a covenant against thee: 6 The tents of Edom and the Ishmaelites, Moab and the Hagarites. 7 Gebel and Ammon and Amalek; the rovers with the inhabitants of Tyre; 8 Also Assur was joined with them: they were an arm to the sons of Lot Silence. 9 Do to them as Midian, as Sisera, as Jabin, at the torrent Bison: 10 They were destroyed at the fountain of the dwelling: they were dung to the earth. 11 Set them their nobles as Oreb, and as Zeeb: and as Zebah and as Zalmunna, all their princes: 12 Who said, We will inherit for us the dwellings of God. 13 O my God, set them as a wheel; as straw before the wind. 14 As fire will burn the forest, and as the flame will cause the mountains to burn. 15 So wilt thou pursue them with thy tempest, and thew wilt terrify them with thy whirlwind: 16 Fill their face with contempt, and they shall seek thy name, O Jehovah. 17 They shall be ashamed and terrified, even to forever; and they shall be put to shame and perish. 18 And they shall know that thou, thy name Jehovah alone, the Most High over all the earth.

Psalms 84:1-150:6

1 To the overseer upon the stringed instrument: to the sons of Korah, a chanting. How beloved are thy tents, O Jehovah of armies! 2 My soul longed after, and also failed for the enclosures of Jehovah: my heart and my flesh will rejoice for the living God. 3 Also the sparrow found a house, and the swallow a nest for herself where she put her young brood, thine altars, O Jehovah of armies, my King and my God. 4 Happy they dwelling in thy house; they shall yet praise thee. Silence. 5 Happy the man strength to him in thee; the raised ways in their heart; 6 Passing through in the valley of Baca they will set it a fountain; also the early rain will cover the ponds. 7 They will go from strength to strength, being seen in Zion to God. 8 O Jehovah God of armies, hear my prayer: give ear, O God of Jacob. Silence. 9 See, O God our shield, and behold the face of thy Messiah. 10 For good a day in thine enclosures above a thousand. I chose to wait on the threshold in the house of my God, rather than to dwell in the tents of injustice. 11 For Jehovah God a sun and shield: Jehovah will give grace and glory; he will not withhold good to those going uprightly. 12 O Jehovah of armies, happy the man trusting in thee.

Psalms 85:1-150:6

1 To the overseer: to the sons of Korah a chanting. O Jehovah, thou didst delight in thy land: thou didst turn back the captivity of Jacob. 2 Thou didst lift up the iniquity of thy people, thou didst cover all their sin. Silence. 3 Thou didst take away all thy wrath: thou didst turn back the burning of thine anger. 4 Turn us back, O God of our salvation, and annul thine anger with us. 5 Wilt thou be angry with us forever? wilt thou draw out thine anger to generation and generation? 6 Wilt thou not turn back? wilt thou give us life? and thy people shall rejoice in thee. 7 Cause us, O Jehovah, to see thy mercy, and thou wilt give to us thy salvation. 8 I will hear what God Jehovah shall speak: for he will speak peace to his people, and to his godly ones: and they shall not turn back to folly. 9 Surely his salvation is near to those fearing him, for glory to dwell in his land. 10 Mercy and truth met together; justice and peace kissed. 11 Truth will spring up from the earth, and justice looked forth from the heavens. 12 Also Jehovah will give good, and our land shall give her produce. 13 Justice shall go before him, and shall set to the way of his steps.

Psalms 86:1-150:6

1 A prayer to David. Incline, O Jehovah, thine ear: answer me, for I am poor and needy. 2 Watch my soul, for I am godly: save thy servant, thou my God, trusting in thee. 3 Compassionate me, O Jehovah, for to thee I will call all the day. 4 Rejoice the soul of thy servant, for to thee, O Jehovah, will I lift up my soul. 5 For thou, O Jehovah, art good and forgiving, and great of mercy to all calling to thee. 6 Give ear, O Jehovah, to my prayer, and attend upon the voice of my supplications. 7 In the day of my straits I will call thee, for thou wilt answer me. 8 None like to thee among the gods, O Jehovah, and none according to thy works. 9 All the nations which thou madest shall come and worship before thee, O Jehovah, and they shall do honor to thy name. 10 For great art thou, and doing wonders: thou God alone. 11 Teach me, O Jehovah, thy way; I will go in thy truth: unite my heart to fear thy name. 12 I will praise thee, O Jehovah, my God, with all my heart, and I will honor thy name forever. 13 For thy mercy is great upon me, and thou didst deliver my soul from hades below. 14 O God, the proud rose up against me, and the assemblies of the terrible sought my soul; and they set not thee before them. 15 And thou, O Jehovah, art a God compassionate and merciful, and slow to anger and great of mercy and truth. 16 Turn to me and pity me; thou wilt give thy strength to thy servant, and save to the son of thy maid-servant 17 Make with me a sign for good, and they hating me shall see and be ashamed: for thou, Jehovah, didst help me and comfort me.

Psalms 87:1-150:6

1 To the sons of Korah chanting a song. His foundations are in the mountains of holiness. 2 Jehovah loved the gates of Zion above all the tents of Jacob. 3 Honored things being spoken in thee, O city of God. Silence. 4 I will make mention of Rahab and Babel to those knowing me: behold the rovers, and Tyre, with Cush; this was born there. 5 And to Zion a man will say, And a man was born in her: and he the Most High shall prepare her. 6 Jehovah shall recount in writing up the peoples, This was born there. Silence. 7 The chiefs according to them beginning: all my fountains in thee.

Psalms 88:1-150:6

1 A song of chanting to the sons of Korah to the overseer upon the lute, for affliction of instruction, for Heman the Ezrabite. O Jehovah, God of my salvation, the day have I cried in the night before thee. 2 My prayer shall come before thee: incline thine ear to my wailing; 3 For my soul was filled with evils, and my life touched upon hades. 4 I was reckoned with those going down to the pit: I was as a man of no strength: 5 Free among the dead, as they wounded lying down in the grave, whom thou no more didst remember them, and they were cut off by thy hand. 6 Thou didst set me in the pit beneath, in darknesses, in the shades. 7 Thy wrath lay upon me, and thou didst afflict with all thy breakers. Silence. 8 Thou didst remove far from me mine acquaintance; thou didst set me an abomination to them: I was shut up, and I shall not go forth. 9 Mine eye languished from affliction: I called to thee, O Jehovah, in all the day, I stretched my hands to thee. 10 Wilt thou do wonder to the dead? if the shades shall arise, shall they praise thee? Silence. 11 Shall thy mercy be recounted in the grave, thy faithfulness in destruction? 12 Shall thy wonder be known in darkness, and thy justice in a land of oblivion? 13 And to thee, O Jehovah, I cried, and in the morning shall my prayer anticipate thee. 14 Wherefore, O Jehovah, wilt thou cast off my soul? wilt thou hide thy face from me? 15 I am poor and expiring from youth: I bore thy terrors; I shall be perplexed. 16 Upon me thy burnings passed over; thy terrors made me silent 17 They surrounded me as water all the day; they folded round about me together. 18 Thou didst remove far from me lover and friend, mine acquaintance into darkness.

Psalms 89:1-150:6

1 Of instruction to Ethan the Ezrahite. The mercies of Jehovah forever will I sing: to generation and generation will I make known thy faithfulness with my mouth. 2 For I said, Mercy shall be built up forever: the heavens, thy faithfulness shall be prepared in them. 3 I cut out a covenant to my chosen, I sware to David my servant, 4 Even to forever I will prepare thy seed, and I built up to generation and generation thy throne, Silence. 5 And the heavens shall confess thy wonders, O Jehovah, also thy faithfulness in the convocation of the holy ones. 6 For who in the cloud shall be compared to Jehovah? shall he be likened to Jehovah among the sons of God? 7 God being greatly terrible in the council of the holy ones and to be feared by all round about him. 8 O Jehovah, God of armies, who as thee, Jah, strong? and thy faithfulness round about thee? 9 Thou ruling over the lifting up of the sea: in the lifting up of its waves thou wilt soothe them. 10 Thou didst break Rahab in pieces as the wounded one; with the arm of thy strength thou didst scatter thine enemies. 11 To thee the heavens, also to thee the earth; the habitable globe and its fulness thou didst found them. 12 The north and the south thou didst create them: Tabor and Hermon shall rejoice in thy name. 13 To thee an arm with strength: thou wilt strengthen thy hand, and thou wilt lift up thy right hand. 14 Justice and judgment the preparing of thy throne: mercy and truth shall anticipate thy face. 15 Happy the people knowing the shout of joy: O Jehovah, they shall go in the light of thy face. 16 In thy name they shall rejoice all the day, and in thy justice they shall be exalted. 17 For thou the beauty of their stength, and in thine acceptance our horn shall be exalted. 18 For to Jehovah our shield, and to the Holy One of Israel our King. 19 Then thou spakest in a vision to thy godly one, and thou wilt say, I put help upon the mighty one; I exalted the chosen one from the people. 20 I found David my servant; with my holy oil I anointed him: 21 Which my hand shall be prepared with him: also shall mine arm strengthen him. 22 The enemy shall not impose upon him, and the son of iniquity shall not afflict him. 23 And I beat down his adversaries from his fame, and I will smite those hating him. 24 And my faithfulness and my mercy with him, and in my name shall his horn be exalted. 25 And I set his hand in the sea, and his right hand in the rivers. 26 He shall call me, Thou my father, my God, and the Rock of my salvation, 27 Also I will give him the firstborn, the highest to the kings of the earth. 28 Forever will I watch my mercy to him, and my covenant was firm to him. 29 I set his seed forever, and his throne as the days of the heavens. 30 If his sons shall forsake my law, and not go in my judgments; 31 If they shall profane my laws and watch not my commands; 32 And I reviewed their transgression with the rod, and their iniquity with blows. 33 And my mercy I will not rend from him, and I will not lie in my faithfulness, 34 I will not profane my covenant, and I will not change the going forth of my lips. 35 Once did I swear in my holy place if I shall lie to David. 36 His seed shall be forever and his throne as the sun before me. 37 As the moon it shall be prepared forever, and a faithful witness in the cloud. Silence. 38 And thou didst cast off, and thou wilt reject; thou didst overflow with thy Messiah. 39 Thou didst reject the covenant of thy servant: thou didst profane to the earth his consecration. 40 Thou didst break down all his walls; thou didst set his fortifications a ruin. 41 All those passing over the way plundered him: he was a reproach to his neighbors: 42 Thou didst raise up the right hand of his adversaries; thou didst cause all his enemies to rejoice. 43 Also thou wilt turn hack the edge of his sword, and thou caused him not to rise up in war. 44 Thou didst cause to cease from his cleansing, and his throne thou didst cast it down to the earth. 45 Thou didst shorten the clays of his youth: thou didst cover over him with shame. Silence. 46 How long, O Jehovah, wilt thou hide thyself forever? Shall thy wrath burn as fire? 47 Remember me what is life: wherefore in vain didst thou create all the sons of man? 48 What man shall live and not see death? Shall he deliver his soul from the hand of hades? Silence. 49 Where thy former mercies, O Jehovah, thou didst sware to David in thy faithfulness? 50 Remember, O Jehovah, the reproach of thy servants; I lifted up in my bosom all the multitudes of peoples; 51 Which thine enemies reproached, O Jehovah; which they reproached the heels of thy Messiah. 52 Blessed be Jehovah forever. Amen and Amen.

Psalms 90:1-150:6

1 Prayer to Moses the man of God. O Jehovah, thou wert a refuge to us in generation and generation. 2 Before the mountains were born, and the earth shall be begun, and the habitable globe, and from forever even to forever, thou art God. 3 Thou wilt turn man even to crushing, and thou wilt say, Turn back, ye sons of man. 4 For a thousand years in thine eyes as the day of yesterday, for it shall pass away, and watches in the night. 5 Thou didst overwhelm them; in sleep shall they be; in the morning as the grass will pass away. 6 In the morning it will flourish, and it will pass away at evening; it will be cut off and will dry up. 7 For we were finished in thine Anger, and in thy wrath we were terrified. 8 Thou didst set our iniquities before thee, our hidden things before the light of thy face. 9 For all our days turned away in thy wrath: we finished our years as a meditation 10 The days of our years, in them seventy years; and if in strengths, eighty years, and their pride labor and vanity; for being soon cut off and we shall fly away. 11 Who shall know the strength of thine anger? and according to thy fear, thy wrath. 12 To number our days so make known, and we shall bring the heart to wisdom. 13 Turn back, O Jehovah, how long? and have pity upon thy servants. 14 Satisfy us in the morning with thy mercy, and we shall rejoice and be glad in all our days. 15 We rejoiced according to the days thou didst humble us, the years we saw evil. 16 Cause thy works to be seen to thy servants, and thine honor for their sons. 17 And the sweetness of Jehovah our God shall be upon us: and the work of our hands prepare thou it upon us; and the work of our hands prepare thou it.

Psalms 91:1-150:6

1 He dwelling in the covering of the Most High, in the shadow of the Almighty shall he lodge. 2 Saying to Jehovah, My refuge and my fortress: my God, I will trust in thee 3 For he will deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, from the word of ruin. 4 He will cover thee with his wing feathers, and under his wings thou shalt trust: his truth a shield and buckler. 5 Thou Shalt not be afraid from terror the night; from the arrow that will fly the day; 6 From the word that shall go in darkness: from the cutting off that shall lay waste the noon-day. 7 A thousand shall fall from thy side, and ten thousand from thy right hand; and to thee it shall not reach. 8 Only with thine eyes thou shalt look and thou shalt see the retribution of the unjust 9 For thou, O Jehovah, my trust; thou didst set the Most High thy refuge. 10 Evil shall not approach to thee, and a blow shall not come near in thy tent 11 For he will command his messengers for thee, to watch thee in all thy ways. 12 Upon the hands shall they lift thee up, lest thou shalt strike thy foot against a stone. 13 Upon the lion and the asp, shalt thou tread: thou shalt tread down the young lion and the dragon. 14 For he delighted in me and I will deliver him: I will exalt him, for he knew my name. 15 He shall call me and I will answer him: I am with him in straits; I will deliver him and honor him. 16 With length of days will I satisfy him, and I will cause him to look upon my salvation.

Psalms 92:1-150:6

1 Chanting a song to the day of Sabbath. It is good to confess to Jehovah, to play on the harp to thy name, O Most High. 2 To announce in the morning thy mercy, and thy faithfulness in the night. 3 Upon a ten stringed instrument, and upon the lyre; with the murmurs upon the harp. 4 For thou didst gladden me, O Jehovah, by thy work: I will rejoice in the works of thy hands. 5 How great were thy works, O Jehovah! thy thoughts were very deep. 6 A brutish man shall not know, and a fool shall not understand this. 7 In the putting forth of the unjust as grass, and all working iniquity shall flourish; to destroy them even to forever: 8 And thou being high, O Jehovah, forever. 9 For behold, thine enemies, O Jehovah, for behold, thine enemies shall perish; all working iniquity shall be dispersed. 10 My horn shall be lifted up as a buffalo: I was poured over with fresh oil. 11 And mine eye shall look upon mine enemies: in the risings up of the unjust against me, mine ears shall hear. 12 The just one shall flourish as the palm tree: he shall become great as the cedar in Lebanon. 13 Those being planted in the house of Jehovah, shall flourish in the enclosures of our God. 14 They shall yet sprout in old as; they shall be fat and green. 15 To announce that Jehovah is upright: my rock and no iniquity in him.

Psalms 93:1-150:6

1 Jehovah reigned, he put on majesty: Jehovah put on strength, he girded himself: also the habitable globe shall be prepared, it shall not be moved. 2 Thy throne was prepared from then: thou art from forever. 3 The rivers lifted up, O Jehovah, the rivers lifted up their voice, the rivers shall lift up their roarings. 4 Jehovah on high is great above the voices of many waters, the mighty breakers of the sea. 5 Thy testimonies were very firm: holiness was becoming to thy house, O Jehovah, to length of days.

Psalms 94:1-150:6

1 O God of vengeance, O Jehovah God of vengeance, shine forth. 2 Be thou lifted up judging the earth: turn back retribution upon the proud. 3 How long shall the unjust, O Jehovah, how long shall the unjust exult? 4 They will utter, they will speak impudently; all they working iniquity will boast themselves. 5 They will break in pieces thy people, O Jehovah, and they will afflict thine inheritance. 6 The widow and the stranger they will slay, and they will kill the orphan. 7 And they will say Jah will not see, and the God of Jacob will not understand. 8 Understand, ye brutish among the people: and ye foolish, when will ye understand? 9 He planting the ear, shall he not hear? if he formed the eye, shall he not see? 10 He chastising the nations, shall he not do justice? he teaching man knowledge. 11 Jehovah knew the thoughts of man that they are vanity. 12 Happy the man whom thou shalt chastise, O Jah: and thou wilt teach him from thy laws. 13 To give rest to him from the days of evil, till the pit shall be dug for the unjust 14 For Jehovah will not cast off his people, and he will not forsake his inheritance. 15 For judgment shall turn back even to justice: and after it all the upright of heart 16 Who shall rise up for me against those doing evil? who shall stand for me against those working iniquity? 17 Unless Jehovah helped for me my soul almost dwelt silently. 18 If I said, My foot wavered; thy mercy, O Jehovah, upheld me. 19 In the multitude of my thoughts in my midst thy consolations will delight my soul. 20 Shall the throne of mischief be joined together with thee forming labor upon the law? 21 They shall break in upon the soul of the just one, and they shall condemn innocent blood. 22 And Jehovah shall be for a height to me, and my God for the rock of my refuge. 23 And he will turn back upon them their iniquity, and in their evil he will cut them off; Jehovah our God will cut them off.

Psalms 95:1-150:6

1 Come, we will rejoice to Jehovah: we will shout to the Rock saving us. 2 We will anticipate his face with confession, with music we will shout to him. 3 For Jehovah is the great God, and a great King over all gods. 4 For in his hand the recesses of the earth, and the heights of the mountains to him. 5 For to him the sea, and he made it: and his hands formed the dry land. 6 Come, we will worship and bow down before Jehovah: he made us. 7 For he is our God, and we the people of his feeding and the sheep of his hand. This day if ye will, hear to his voice. 8 Ye shall not harden your heart as the strife, as the day of trial in the desert: 9 When your fathers tempted me, they proved me; also they saw my works. 10 Forty years I shall loathe to the generation, and saying, A people they wandering in heart, and they knew not my ways: 11 For I sware in mine anger if they shall come in to my rest

Psalms 96:1-150:6

1 Sing ye to Jehovah a new song: sing ye to Jehovah all the earth. 2 Sing ye to Jehovah, praise his name; announce glad tidings; from day to day, his salvation. 3 Recount his glory among the nations, his wonders among all peoples. 4 For great is Jehovah, and being greatly praised: he is terrible above all gods. 5 For all the gods of the peoples are nothings: and Jehovah made the heavens: 6 Majesty and honor are before him; strength and beauty in his holy place. 7 Give to Jehovah, ye families of the peoples, give to Jehovah glory and strength. 8 Give to Jehovah the glory of his name: lift ye up a gift and come to his enclosures. 9 Worship ye to Jehovah in the ornaments of holiness: tremble ye from his face, all the earth. 10 Say ye among the nations, Jehovah reigned: also the habitable globe shall be prepared, it shall not be moved: he will judge the peoples in uprightness. 11 The heavens shall be glad, and., the earth shall rejoice: the sea shall be moved, and its fulness. 12 The field shall exult and all that is in it: then shall all the trees of the, forest rejoice. 13 Before the face of Jehovah; for he came, for he came to judge the earth: he will judge the habitable globe in justice, and the peoples in his faithfulness.

Psalms 97:1-150:6

1 Jehovah reigned, the earth shall exult: the many islands shall be glad. 2 A cloud and darkness round about him: justice and judgment the preparing of his throne. 3 Fire shall go before him and shall burn up his enemies round about 4 His lightnings lightened the habitable globe; the earth saw and it Will tremble. 5 The mountains melted as wax from before the face of Jehovah, from before the face of the Lord of all the earth. 6 The heavens announced his justice, and all peoples saw his glory. 7 All serving a carved thing shall be ashamed, they boasting themselves in nothings; worship to him, all ye Gods. 8 Zion heard and she will be glad, and the daughters of Judah shall rejoice for sake of thy judgments, O Jehovah. 9 For thou, Jehovah, art most high over all the earth: thou wert exalted greatly above all gods. 10 Hate evil, ye loving Jehovah: he watched the souls of his godly ones; he will deliver them from the hand of the unjust 11 Light was sown for the just one, and gladness for the upright of heart 12 Be glad ye just, in Jehovah, and praise him at the remembrance of his holiness.

Psalms 98:1-150:6

1 Chanting. Sing ye to Jehovah a new song, for he did wonders: his right hand saved for him, and his holy arm. 2 Jehovah made known his salvation: to the eyes of the nations he uncovered his justice. 3 He remembered his mercy and his faithfulness to the house of Israel: all the ends of the earth saw the salvation of our God. 4 Shout ye to Jehovah, all the earth break forth into joy and rejoice, and play on the harp. 5 Play to Jehovah on the harp, on the harp and the voice of music. 6 With trumpets and the voice of the, horn, shout ye before the King, Jehovah. 7 The sea shall he moved and its fulness: the habitable globe and they dwelling in it. 8 The rivers shall clap the hand: the mountains shall rejoice together 9 Before Jehovah; for he came to judge the earth: he will judge the habitable globe in justice, and the peoples in uprightness

Psalms 99:1-150:6

1 Jehovah reigned, the peoples shall be moved: he dwelling in the cherubs; the earth shall quake. 2 Jehovah is great in Zion, and he was raised up over all peoples. 3 They shall praise thy great and terrible name: he is holy. 4 And the king's strength loved judgment; thou didst prepare uprightnesses, thou didst judgment and justice in Jacob. 5 Exalt ye Jehovah our God, and worship at the footstool of his feet; he is holy. 6 Moses and Aaron among his priests, and Samuel among those calling upon his name; calling to Jehovah and he will answer them. 7 In a pillar of cloud he will speak to them: they watched his testimonies, and the law he gave them. 8 O Jehovah our God, thou didst answer them; thou wert God lifting up to them, and taking vengeance for all their doings. 9 Exalt ye Jehovah our God, and worship at his holy mountain; for Jehovah our God is holy.

Psalms 100:1-150:6

1 Chanting for praise. Shout ye to Jehovah, all the earth. 2 Serve ye Jehovah with gladness: come before him with rejoicing. 3 Know ye that Jehovah he is God: he made us and not we his people and the sheep of his feeding. 4 Come ye into his gates with confession, his enclosures with praise: confess ye to him, praise his name. 5 For Jehovah is good; his mercy forever and his faithfulness to generation and generation.

Psalms 101:1-150:6

1 To David a chanting. Mercy and judgment will I sing to thee, O Jehovah: I will play on the harp. 2 I will be prudent in a blameless way. When wilt thou come to me? I will go about in integrity of heart in the midst of my house. 3 I will not set a word of Belial before mine eyes: I hated him doing transgressions; he shall not cleave to me. 4 A heart of oppression shall depart from me: I shall not know evil. 5 Slandering his neighbor in secret, him will I cut off: him being lofty of eyes and broad of heart, with him I will not eat 6 Mine eyes are upon the faithful of the earth, to dwell with me: he walking in a blameless way, he shall serve me. 7 He doing deceit shall not dwell in the midst of my house: he speaking falsehoods shall not be prepared before mine eyes. 8 For the mornings I will destroy all the unjust of the land; to cut off from the city of Jehovah all doing iniquity.

Psalms 102:1-150:6

1 Prayer for the poor when he shall languish, and before Jehovah shall pour out his complaint O Jehovah, hear my prayer, and my cry shall come to thee. 2 Thou wilt not hide thy face from me in the day of straits to me; incline thine ear to me: in the day I shall call, speedily answer me. 3 For my days were finished in smoke, and my bones burnt as fuel. 4 My heart was struck and dried up as grass, that I forget eating my bread. 5 From the voice of my groaning my bone did cleave to my flesh. 6 I was like to the pelican of the desert: I was as the owl of the dry places. 7 I watched and I shall be as the sparrow being alone upon the roof 8 All the day mine enemies reproached me, they praising me aware against me. 9 For I ate ashes as bread, and I mingled my drink with weeping. 10 From the face of thine anger and thy wrath: for thou didst lift me up and thou wilt cast me down. 11 My days declining as a shadow, and I shall be dried up as grass. 12 And thou, O Jehovah, wilt remain forever; and thy remembrance to generation And generation. 13 Thou wilt arise, thou wilt compassionate Zion: for the time to compassionate her for the appointment came. 14 For thy servants delighted in her stones, and they will compassionate her dust 15 And the nations shall fear the name of Jehovah: and all the kings of the earth thy glory 16 For Jehovah built Zion, he was seen in his glory 17 He looked upon the prayer of the helpless, and he despised not their prayer. 18 This shall be written for a later generation: and a people created shall praise Jah. 19 For be looked forth from the height of his holy place; from the heavens Jehovah looked upon the earth; 20 To hear the groaning of the bound; to loose the sons of death. 21 To recount in Zion the name of Jehovah, and his praise in Jerusalem. 22 In the gathering of the peoples together, and the kingdoms to serve Jehovah. 23 He answered in the way of his strength: he shortened my days. 24 Saying, O my God, thou wilt not take me away in the half of my days: thy years in generations of generations. 25 Before time thou didst found the earth, and the heavens the work of thy hands. 26 They shall perish and thou shalt stand. And all they shall fall away as a garment; as clothing thou shalt change them, and they shall be changed. 27 And thou the same, and thy years shall not finish. 28 The sons of thy servants shall abide, and their seed shall be prepared before thee.

Psalms 103:1-150:6

1 To David. Praise Jehovah, O my soul, and all within me, his holy name. 2 Praise Jehovah, O my soul, and thou wilt not forget all his acts. 3 Forgiving to all thine iniquity, healing to all thy diseases. 4 Redeeming thy life from corruption, crowning thee with mercy and compassions. 5 Satisfying even to thee with good; thy youth shall be renewed as the eagle. 6 Jehovah did justices and judgments to all being oppressed. 7 He will make known his ways to Moses, his doings to the sons of Israel. 8 Jehovah being compassionate and merciful, slow to anger and great of mercy. 9 He will not contend forever; he will not keep forever. 10 He did not to us according to our sins, and he did not recompense upon us according to our iniquities. 11 For as the height of the heavens above the earth, his mercy prevailed upon those fearing him. 12 As far off as the sunrisings from the west, he removed far from us our transgressions. 13 As a father compassionating over his sons, Jehovah compassionated those fearing him. 14 For he knew our formation; he remembered that we are dust. 15 Man, his days as grass: as the blossom of the field, thus he will flourish. 16 For the wind passed over upon it and it is not; and its place shall know it no more. 17 And the mercy of Jehovah is from forever even to forever upon those fearing him, and his justice to sons' sons. 18 To those watching his covenant, and to those remembering his charges to do them. 19 Jehovah prepared his throne in the heavens; and his kingdom ruled over all. 20 Praise Jehovah, ye his messengers mighty of strength, doing his word, to hear the voice of his word. 21 Praise Jehovah, all ye his armies; his servants doing his will. 22 Praise Jehovah all ye his works in all places of his dominions: praise Jehovah, O my soul.

Psalms 104:1-150:6

1 Praise Jehovah, O my soul. O Jehovah my God thou wert great exceedingly; thou didst put on strength and honor: 2 Being covered with light as a garment: stretching forth the heavens as a curtain: 3 Framing his upper chambers in the waters: setting the clouds his chariot: going upon the wings of the wind. 4 Making his messengers spirits; his servants a fire of flame: 5 Founding the earth upon her bases, she shall not be moved forever and even 6 The deep thou coveredst it as a garment: the waters will stand upon the mountains. 7 From thy rebuke they shall flee; from the voice of thy thunder they shall be terrified. 8 They shall go up the mountains; they shall go down into the valleys to the place: this thou didst found for them. 9 Thou didst set a bound they shall not pass over; they shall not turn bark to cover the earth. 10 Sending forth fountains into the valleys, they will go between the mountains. 11 They shall water all the beasts of the field: the wild asses shall break their thirst. 12 Upon them the birds of the heavens shall dwell, from between their boughs they shall give a voice. 13 Watering the mountains from. his upper chambers: with the fruit of thy work shall the earth be filled. 14 Causing grass to spring up for the cattle, and the green herb for the service of man, to bring forth bread from the earth: 15 And wine will gladden the heart of man, to cause the face to shine from oil, and bread will support the heart of man. 16 And the trees of Jehovah shall be satisfied; the cedars of Lebanon which he planted; 17 Where there the sparrows will nest: the stork, the cypresses her house. 18 The high mountains for the wild goats; the rocks a refuge for the conies. 19 He made the moon for the appointments: the sun knew his going down. 20 Thou didst set darkness and it will be night: in it all the beasts of the forest shall creep. 21 The young lions roaring for prey, and to seek from God their food. 22 The sun shall rise, they will be gathered together, and in their dens they will lie down. 23 Man will go forth to his work, and to his labor even to evening. 24 How thy works were multiplied. O Jehovah! in wisdom thou madest them all: the earth was filled with thy possessions. 25 This great and broad sea, hands there of the creeping thing, and no number of the beasts, small with great 26 There the ships will go: the sea monster thou didst form to play in it 27 They will all wait for thee to give their food in its time. 28 Thou wilt give to them, they will gather up: thou wilt open thy hand, they will be filled with good. 29 Thou wilt hide thy face, they will tremble: thou wilt take away their spirit, they shall expire and turn back to dust 30 Thou wilt send forth thy spirit, they will be created: thou wilt renew the face of the earth. 31 The glory of Jehovah shall be forever: Jehovah, shall rejoice in his works. 32 Looking upon the earth and it will tremble: he will touch up the mountains and they will smoke. 33 I will sing to Jehovah in my living: I will play on the harp to my God in my enduring. 34 My meditating upon him shall be sweet: I will rejoice in Jehovah. 35 Sinners shall be finished from the earth, and the unjust no more. Praise Jehovah, O my soul

Psalms 105:1-150:6

1 Confess to Jehovah, call upon his name: make ye known his doings among the peoples. 2 Sing ye to him and play on the harp to him: discourse ye upon all his wonders. 3 Boast ye in his holy name: the heart of those seeking Jehovah shall rejoice. 4 Seek ye Jehovah and his strength: seek his face always. 5 Remember his wonders which he did; his signs and the judgments of his mouth. 6 The seed of Abraham his servant, the sons of Jacob his chosen. 7 He is Jehovah our God: his judgments are in all the earth. 8 He remembered his covenant forever, the word he commanded to a thousand generations. 9 Which he cut out with Abraham, and his oath to Isaak. 10 And he will set it for a law to Jacob, to Israel an eternal covenant: 11 Saying, To thee will give the land of Canaan, the line of your inheritance: 12 In their being men of number, as few and strangers in it. 13 And they will go about from nation to nation, from the kingdom to another people; 14 He permitted not a man to oppress them, and for them he will reprove kings. 15 Ye shall not touch upon my Messiah, and ye shall not do evil to my prophets. 16 And he will call a famine upon the land: he broke all the support of bread. 17 He sent a man before them, Joseph, for a servant was he sold: 18 They humbled his feet with the fetter: his soul came into iron: 19 Even to the time his word came: the sayings of Jehovah purified him. 20 The king sent and he will bring him down; the ruler of the peoples, and he will loose him. 21 He set him lord to his house, and ruler over all his possessions: 22 To bind his chiefs in his soul, and to make his old men wise. 23 And Israel will come into Egypt, and Jacob sojourned in the land of Ham. 24 And he will make his people fruitful greatly, and he will strengthen him above his enemies. 25 He turned their heart to hate his people, to act deceitfully with his servants. 26 He sent Moses his servant; Aaron whom he chose in him. 27 They set the words of his signs among them, and wonders in the land of Ham. 28 He sent darkness, and he will darken; and they embittered not his words. 29 He turned their waters to blood, and he will slay their fish. 30 Their land abounded with frogs in the chambers of their kings. 31 He said, and the gad-fly will come, and gnats in all their bounds. 32 He gave their rain hail, a fire of flames in their land. 33 And he will strike their vine and their fig trees, and he will break the tree of their bound. 34 He said, and the locust will come and the feeder, and no number. 35 And it will devour all the of their land, and it will devour all the fruit of their earth. 36 And he will strike every first-born in their land, the first-fruits to all their strength. 37 And he will bring them forth with silver and gold, and none being weak in their tribes. 38 Egypt was glad in their going forth, for their fear fell upon them. 39 He spread a cloud for covering, and fire to lighten the night 40 Asking, and he will bring the quail, and he will fill them with the bread of the heavens. 41 He opened the rock and the waters will flow; they went in dry places a river. 42 For he remembered his holy word with Abraham his servant 43 And he will bring forth his people in joy, his chosen in rejoicing. 44 And he will give to them the lands of the nations, and they will inherit the labor of the people; 45 So that they shall watch his laws, and his instructions they shall observe. Praise ye Jah.

Psalms 106:1-150:6

1 Praise Jah. Confess to Jehovah, for he is good, for his mercy is forever. 2 Who shall speak the powers of Jehovah? will he cause all his praises to be heard? 3 Happy they watching judgment, doing justice in all time. 4 Remember us, O Jehovah: thy people with acceptance: review us with thy salvation; 5 To see the goodness of thy chosen ones, to be glad in the gladness of thy nation, to boast with thine inheritance. 6 We sinned with our fathers, we acted perversely, we did evil. 7 Our fathers considered not thy wonders in Egypt; they remembered not the multitude of thy mercies; they embittered at the sea, the sea of sedge; 8 And he will save them for sake of his name, to make known his powers. 9 And he will rebuke in the sea of sedge, and it will be dried up: and he will lead them in the depths as the desert 10 And he will save them from the hand of him hating, and he will redeem them from the hand of the enemy. 11 And the waters will cover their enemies: one of them was not left 12 And they will believe in his words, they will sing his praise. 13 They hastened; they forget his works; they waited not for his counsel. 14 And they will desire a desire in the desert, and they will tempt God in the waste. 15 And he will give to them their asking; and he will send leanness into their soul. 16 And they will be jealous. against Moses in the camp, against Aaron the holy of Jehovah. 17 The earth will open and will swallow down Dathan, and will cover the assembly of Abiram. 18 And a fire will be kindled in their assembly; the flame will burn up the unjust 19 They will make a calf in Horeb, and they will worship to the molten image. 20 And they will change their glory into the likeness of an ox eating grass. 21 They forgat God saving them, doing great things in Egypt 22 Wonders in the land of Ham, terrible things in the sea of sedge. 23 And he will say to destroy them unless Moses his chosen stood in the breaking before him to turn away his wrath from destroying. 24 And they will despise in the land of desire; they trusted not to his word: 25 And they will murmur in their tents; they heard not to the voice of Jehovah. 26 And he will lift up his hand against them: he will cause them to fall in the desert: 27 And to cause their seed to fall among the nations, and to scatter them in the lands. 28 And they will be bound to Baalpeor, and they will eat the sacrifices of the dead. 29 And they will irritate in their doings, and the blow will break upon them. 30 And Phinehas will stand and intercede, and the blow will be restrained. 31 And it will be reckoned to him for justice to generation and generation, even to forever. 32 And they will anger him at the water of strife, and it will be evil to Moses on account of them: 33 For they embittered his spirit, and he talked idly with his lips. 34 They did not destroy the peoples which Jehovah said to them. 35 And they will mingle with the nations, and they will learn their works. 36 And they will serve their images, and they will be for a snare to them. 37 And they will sacrifice their sons and their daughters to lords. 38 And they will pour out innocent blood, the blood of their sons and their daughters which they sacrificed to the images of Canaan: and the land will be polluted with bloods. 39 And they will be defiled with their works: and they will commit fornication in their doings. 40 And the anger of Jehovah will kindle against his people, and he will abhor his inheritance. 41 And he will give them into the hand of the nations; and they hating them shall rule over them. 42 And their enemies will press them, and they shall be humbled under their hand. 43 Many times he will deliver them, and they will embitter with their counsel, and they will be brought low in their iniquity. 44 And he will look upon straits to them in his hearing their wailing. 45 And he will remember his covenant to them, and he will console according to the multitude of his mercy. 46 And he will give them for compassions before all those carrying them away captive. 47 Save us, O Jehovah our God, and gather us from the nations to confess to thy holy name, to boast in thy praise 48 Blessed be Jehovah the God of Israel from forever and even to forever: and all the people saying, Amen. Praise ye Jah.

Psalms 107:1-150:6

1 Confess ye to Jehovah, for he is good, his mercy is forever. 2 They being redeemed of Jehovah shall say, Which he redeemed them from the hand of the enemy. 3 And he gathered them from the lands, from the sunrisings and from the west, from the north and from the sea. 4 They will wander in the desert in a waste; the way of a city of dwelling they found not 5 Hungering, also thirsting, their soul will faint in them. 6 And they will cry to Jehovah in straits to them, and he will deliver them from their distresses. 7 And he will cause them to tread in a straight way, to go to a city of dwelling. 8 They shall confess to Jehovah his mercy, and his wonders to the sons of man. 9 For he satisfied the thirsty soul, and the hungering soul he filled with good. 10 They sitting in darkness and in the shadow of death, being bound with affliction and iron. 11 For they embittered the sayings of God, and they despised the counsel of the Most High: 12 And he will humble their heart with labor; they were weak, and none helping. 13 And they will cry to God in straits to them; he will save them from their distresses. 14 He will bring them forth from darkness and the shadow of death, and he will burst their bands. 15 They shall confess to Jehovah his mercy, and his wonders to the sons of man. 16 For he broke the brazen doors, and cut off the bars of iron. 17 Being turned away from the way of their transgression, they will be humbled from their iniquities. 18 Their soul will abhor all food, and they will draw near to the gates of death. 19 And they will cry to Jehovah in straits to them; he will save them from their distresses. 20 He will send his word and heal them, and he will deliver them from their destructions. 21 They shall confess to Jehovah his mercy, and his wonders to the sons of man. 22 And they shall sacrifice sacrifices of praise, and they shall recount his works with rejoicing. 23 They shall go down to the sea in ships, doing work in many waters. 24 They saw the works of Jehovah, and his wonders in the deep. 25 And he will say, and he will cause the spirit of storm to stand up, and its waves will rise up. 26 They will go up to the heavens, they will go down to the depths: their soul will be melted with evil. 27 They will reel and stagger as he intoxicated, and all their wisdom will be swallowed down. 28 And they will cry to Jehovah in straits to them, and he will bring them forth from their distresses. 29 He will set the storm for a calm, and their waves will be still 30 And they will be glad that they will subside, and he will guide them to the harbor of their desire. 31 They shall confess to Jehovah his mercy, and his wonders to the sons of man. 32 And they shall exalt him in the convocation of the people, and they shall praise him in the seat of the old men. 33 He will set rivers to a desert, and the findings of waters to thirst; 34 A land of fruit to saltness, for the evil of those dwelling in it 35 He will set a desert for pools of water, and a land of dryness for findings of water. 36 And there will he cause the hungering to dwell, and they shall prepare a city of dwelling; 37 And they shall sow fields and plant vineyards, and they will make fruits of produce. 38 And he will bless them, and they shall multiply greatly, and he will not diminish their cattle. 39 And they will be diminished and brought low from oppression, evil and grief 40 He poured out contempt upon the nobles, and he will cause them to wander in a waste of not a way. 41 He will set up the needy on high from affliction, and he will set families as a flock. 42 The upright shall see and be glad, and all iniquity shall shut her mouth. 43 Who the wise and will watch these, and they shall understand the mercies of Jehovah.

Psalms 108:1-150:6

1 Song of chanting to David. My heart being prepared, O God, I will sing and play on the harp, also mine honor. 2 Awake, lyre and harp: I will awake early. 3 I will praise thee among the people of Jehovah, and I will play on the harp in the nations. 4 For great above the heavens thy mercy, and even to the clouds thy truth. 5 Be thou exalted above the heavens, 0 God: and over all the earth, thy glory; 6 So that thy beloved ones shall be delivered: save with thy right hand, and answer us. 7 God shake in his holy place; I will exult, I will divide Shechem, and I will measure the valley of tents. 8 To me Gilead; to me Manasseh; and Ephraim, the fortress of my head, and Judah my judge. 9 Moab the pot of my washing; upon Edom I will cast my shoe; over Philistia will I shout for joy. 10 Who will bring me to the city of fortification? who guide me even to Edom? 11 Will not God? Thou didst cast us off, and wilt thou not go forth, O God, with our armies? 12 Give to us help from straits: and vain the salvation of man. 13 In God we shall do strength, and he will tread down our enemies.

Psalms 109:1-150:6

1 To the overseer, to David a chanting. O God of my praise, thou wilt not be silent; 2 For the mouth of the unjust, and the mouth of deceit opened against me; they eke with me the tongue of false-hood. 3 And with words of hatred they surrounded me, and they will war with me gratuitously. 4 For my love they will oppose me: and I for prayer. 5 And they will set against me evil instead of good, and hatred for my love. 6 Appoint over him the unjust one, and the adversary shall stand at his right hand. 7 In his being judged he shall come forth condemned: and his prayer shall be for sin. 8 His days shall be few; his charge another shall take. 9 His sons shall be orphans, and his wife a widow. 10 And shaking his sons shall wander about, and they asked and sought from their desolations. 11 The creditor shall lay snares for all which is to him, and strangers shall plunder his labor. 12 There shall not be to him any drawing out mercy, and there shall not be any compassionating to his orphans 13 His descendants shall be for cutting off; in the later generation their name shall be wiped off. 14 The iniquity of his fathers will be in remembrance to Jehovah, and the sins of his mother shall not be wiped of 15 They shall be before Jehovah always, and their remembrance shall be cut off from the earth. 16 Because he remembered not to do mercy, and he will pursue the poor and needy man to slay the dejected of heart. 17 And he will love cursing, and it shall come to him: and he delighted not in praise, and it shall be far from him. 18 And he will put on cursing as his garment, and it shall come into his midst as water, and as oil into his bones. 19 It shall be to him as the garment shall cover him, and for a girdle it shall gird him always. 20 This the doing of those lying in wait for me from Jehovah, and speaking evil against my soul. 21 And thou Jehovah my Lord do with me for sake of thy name: for good thy mercy, deliver thou me. 22 For poor and needy am I, and my heart wounded in my midst. 23 As the shadow according to its declining I was gone: I was shaken off as the locust. 24 My knees were weak from fasting, and my flesh failed from fatness. 25 And I was a reproach to them: they will see me and they will shake the head. 26 Help me, O Jehovah my God: save me according to thy mercy: 27 And they shall know that this is thy hand; thou, O Jehovah, didst it. 28 They will curse and thou wilt bless: they arose and they shall be ashamed; and thy servant shall be glad. 29 They lying in wait for me shall put on shame, and they shall be covered with their shame as an upper garment 30 I will praise Jehovah greatly with my mouth; and in the midst of many will I praise him. 31 For he will stand at the right hand of the needy to save his soul from the judges.

Psalms 110:1-150:6

1 To David a chanting. Jehovah spake to my Lord, Sit thou at my right hand and I will set thine enemies the stool to thy feet 2 The rod of thy strength will Jehovah send out of Zion: rule thou in the midst of thine enemies. 3 Thy people were willing in the day of thy strength, in the splendors of holiness from the womb of the dawn: to thee the dew of thy childhood. 4 Jehovah sware and he will not lament, Thou a priest forever according to the manner of Melchizedeck. 5 Jehovah upon thy right hand crushed kings in the day of his anger. 6 He shall judge in the nations; he filled with dead bodies: he crushed the head over much land. 7 He shall drink from the torrent in the way: for this he shall lift up the head.

Psalms 111:1-150:6

1 Praise ye Jah. I will praise Jehovah with all the heart, in the consultation of the upright, and the assembly. 2 Great the works of Jehovah, sought out to all their desires. 3 Strength and honor his work, and his justice stands forever. 4 He made remembrance to his wonders. Jehovah merciful and compassionate. 5 He gave prey to those fearing him: he will remember forever his covenant 6 The power of his work, he announced to his people, to give them the inheritance of the nations. 7 The works of his hands are truth and judgment; faithful are all his charges; 8 Being sustained even to forever, being done in truth and uprightness. 9 He sent deliverance to his people: he commanded his covenant forever: holy and terrible his name. 10 The beginning of wisdom is the fear of Jehovah: a good understanding to all doing them: his praise stands forever.

Psalms 112:1-150:6

1 Praise ye Jah. Happy the man fearing Jehovah, delighting greatly in his commands.. 2 His seed shall be great in the earth: the generation of the upright shall be praised. 3 Wealth and riches in his house, and his justice stands forever. 4 Light arose in darkness to the upright: merciful and compassionate and just 5 A good man, being merciful and lending: he will hold up his words in judgment; 6 For he shall not be moved forever: the just one shall be for eternal remembrance. 7 He shall not fear an evil report: his heart being prepared to trust in Jehovah. 8 His heart being sustained, he will not fear even till he shall look upon his enemies. 9 He scattered, he gave to the needy; his justice stands forever; his horn shall be exalted in glory. 10 The unjust one shall see and be angry; shall gnash his teeth and he melted away: the desire of the unjust shall perish.

Psalms 113:1-150:6

1 Praise ye Jah. Praise, ye servents of Jehovah, praise ye the name of Jehovah. 2 The name of Jehovah shall be praised from time and even forever. 3 From the rising of the sun even to its going down, the name of Jehovah is praised. 4 Jehovah is high above all nations, his glory above the heavens. 5 Who as Jehovah our God, lifting himself up to dwell? 6 To see those being humbled in the heavens and in the earth? 7 Raising up the poor from the dust, he will lift up the needy from the dunghill. 8 To sit with the nobles, with the nobles of his people. 9 Causing the sterile woman to dwell in the house, a mother of sons being glad. Praise ye Jah.

Psalms 114:1-150:6

1 In Israel's going forth out of Egypt, the house of acob from a people speaking a foreign tongue; 2 Judah was for his holy place, Israel his dominion. 3 The sea saw and it will flee: Jordan will turn away back 4 The mountains leaped as rains, the hills as the sons of the flock. 5 What to thee, O sea, that thou wilt flee? O Jordan, thou wilt turn away back? 6 O mountains, ye will leap as rams? O hills, as sons of the flock? 7 From the face of Jehovah tremble thou earth; from the face of the God of Jacob; 8 He turning the rock a pool of water, the flint to fountains of waters.

Psalms 115:1-150:6

1 Not to us, O Jehovah, not to its, but to thy name thou. wilt give glory, for thy mercy, for thy truth. 2 Wherefore shall the nations say, Where now their God? 3 And our God is in the heavens; did all that he delighted in. 4 Their images are silver and gold, the work of man's hands. 5 A mouth to them, and they shall not speak: eyes to them, and they will not see: 6 Ears to them, and they shall not hear: a nose to them, and they shall not smell: 7 Their hands, and they will not feel: their feet, and they shall not go: they shall not murmur in their throat 8 They making them shall be as they; all that trusted in them. 9 O Israel, trust in Jehovah: he is their help and their shield. 10 O house of Aaron, trust ye in Jehovah: he their help and their shield. 11 Ye fearing Jehovah, trust in Jehovah: he their help and their shield. 12 Jehovah remembered us: he will bless, he will bless the house of Israel; he will bless the house of Aaron. 13 He will bless those fearing Jehovah, the small with the great 14 Jehovah will add to you, to you and to your sons. 15 Ye being blessed to Jehovah, making the heavens and the earth. 16 The heavens of heavens to Jehovah, and he gave the earth to the sons of man. 17 The dead shall not praise Jah, and all going down to silence. 18 And we will bless Jah from time and even forever. Praise ye Jah.

Psalms 116:1-150:6

1 I Loved, for Jehovah will hear the voice of my supplication. 2 For he inclined his ear to me, and in my days I will call. 3 The pains of death surrounded me, and the distresses of hades found me: shall find straits and affliction. 4 And upon the name of Jehovah will I call; now, O Jehovah, deliver my soul. 5 Jehovah is merciful and just, and our God compassionates 6 Jehovah watching the simple: I was brought low, and he will save for me. 7 Turn back, O my soul, to thy rest; for Jehovah benefited to thee. 8 For thou deliveredst my soul from death, mine eyes from tears, my feet from a fall. 9 I will go about before Jehovah in the lands of the living. 10 I believed, for I will speak: I was greatly humbled. 11 I said in my alarm, Every man a lie. 12 What shall I turn back to Jehovah for all his benefits to me? 13 I will lift up the cup of salvation, and upon the name of Jehovah will I call. 14 I will repay my vows to Jehovah before now to all his people. 15 Precious in the eyes of Jehovah the death to his godly ones. 16 Now, O Jehovah, for I am thy servant; I thy servant, the son of thy maid-servant: thou didst loose to my bonds. 17 To thee will I sacrifice a sacrifice of praise, and I will call upon the name of Jehovah. 18 My vows to Jehovah I will repay before now to all his people, 19 In the enclosures to the house of Jehovah, in the midst of thee, O Jerusalem. Praise ye Jah.

Psalms 117:1-150:6

1 Praise Jehovah all ye nations; laud him, all ye peoples. 2 For his mercy was strengthened upon us, and the truth of Jehovah is forever. Praise ye Jah.

Psalms 118:1-150:6

1 Confess ye to Jehovah, for he is good, for his mercy is forever. 2 Now shall Israel say that his mercy is forever. 3 The house of Aaron shall now say that his mercy is forever. 4 They fearing Jehovah shall now say that his mercy is forever. 5 Out of distress I called upon Jah: Jah answered me in an enlarging. 6 Jehovah for me, I will not fear what man shall do to me. 7 Jehovah for me in my help, and I shall look upon those hating me. 8 Good to trust in Jehovah rather than to trust in man. 9 Good to trust in Jehovah rather than to trust in nobles. 10 All nations surrounded me: in the name of Jehovah but I will cut them off. 11 They surrounded me; also they surrounded me: in the name of Jehovah but I will cut them of 12 They surrounded me as bees; they were quenched as the fire of thorns: in the name of Jehovah for I will destroy them. 13 Being thrust, I was thrust down to fall, and Jehovah helped me. 14 Jah my strength and music, and he will be to me for salvation. 15 A voice of rejoicing and salvation in the tents of the just the right hand of Jehovah did strength. 16 The right hand of Jehovah was exalted: the right hand of Jehovah did strength. 17 I shall not die, for I shall live and I shall recount the works of Jah.

Psalms 34:12-18

12 Who the man desiring life, loving days, to see good? 13 Watch thy tongue from evil; and thy lips from speaking deceit 14 Turn away from evil, and do good; seek peace and pursue it 15 The eyes of Jehovah upon the just, and his ears to their cries. 16 The face of Jehovah against those doing evil, to cut off their remembrance from the earth. 17 They cried and Jehovah heard, and he delivered them from all their straits. 18 Jehovah is near to the broken of heart, and he will save the humble of spirit

Psalms 82:4

4 Deliver the poor and needy one: take away out of the hand of the unjust

Psalms 118:18-150:6

18 Jah correcting, corrected me, and he gave me not to death. 19 Open to me, ye gates of justice: I will go into them, I will praise Jah. 20 This the gate to Jehovah, the just shall go into it 21 I will praise thee, for thou didst answer me, and thou wilt be to me for salvation. 22 The stone the builders refused will be for the head of the corner. 23 This was from Jehovah; he was wonderful in our eyes. 24 This the day Jehovah made, we will rejoice and be glad in it 25 Now, O Jehovah, save now: now O Jehovah, give now success. 26 Blessed he coming in the name of Jehovah: we blessed you from the house of Jehovah. 27 God is Jehovah, and he will shine to us: make ye fast the festival with interweavings, even to the horns of the altar. 28 Thou my God, and I will praise thee: my God, I will exalt thee. 29 Confess ye to Jehovah, for he is good; for his mercy is forever.

Psalms 119:1-150:6

1 Happy the blameless of way, they going in the law of Jehovah. 2 Happy they watching his testamonies; they shall seek him with all the 3 Also they worked not iniquity: they went in his ways. 4 Thou didst command thy charges to be watched greatly. 5 Would that my ways were directed to watch thy laws! 6 Then I shall not be ashamed in my looking to all thy commands. 7 I will praise thee in uprightness of heart in my learning the judgments of thy justice. 8 I will watch thy laws: thou wilt not forsake me even wholly. 9 In what shall a youth cleanse his way? To watch according to thy word. 10 With all my heart I sought thee, thou wilt not cause me to wander from thy commands. 11 In my heart I hid thy sayings, so that I shall not sin to thee. 12 Blessed be thou, O Jehovah: teach me thy laws 13 With my lips I recounted all the judgments of thy mouth. 14 In the way of thy testimonies I rejoiced as by all riches. 15 In thy charges I will meditate, and I will look upon thy ways. 16 In thy laws I will delight: I will not forget thy word. 17 Benefit to thy servant, I shall live and watch thy word. 18 Uncover mine, eyes and I shall behold the wonders from thy laws. 19 I am a stranger in the earth, thou wilt not hide thy commands from me. 20 My soul was crushed for the desire to thy judgments in all time. 21 Thou didst rebuke the proud being cursed, those wandering from thy commands. 22 Roll off from me reproach and contempt, for I watched thy testimonies. 23 Also the chiefs sat, they spake against me: thy servant will meditate in thy laws. 24 Also thy testimonies my delight, the men of my counsel. 25 My soul did cleave to the dust: make me alive according to thy word. 26 I recounted my ways and thou wilt answer me: teach me thy laws. 27 Cause me to understand the way of thy charges, and I will meditate in thy wonders. 28 My soul dropped in grief: confirm me according to thy word. 29 The way of falsehood remove thou from me, and with thy laws compassionate me. 30 I chose the way of truth: I place thy judgments. 31 I adhered to thy testimonies: O Jehovah, thou wilt not make me ashamed. 32 I will run the way of thy commands, for thou wilt enlarge my heart 33 Teach me O Jehovah, the way of thy laws, and I will watch it forever. 34 Cause me to understand and I will guard thy instructions; and I will watch it with all the heart. 35 Cause me to tread in the beaten path of thy commands, for I delighted in it 36 Incline my heart to thy testimonies and not to plunder. 37 Cause mine eyes to pass from seeing vanity; make me live in thy way. 38 Set thy sayings to thy servant that is for thy fear. 39 Cause my reproach to pass away which I feared for thy judgments are good. 40 Behold, I desired for thy charges: make me alive in thy justice. 41 And thy mercy shall come to me, O Jehovah, thy salvation according to thy saying. 42 And I will answer him reproaching me a word, for I trusted in thy word. 43 And thou wilt not take away from my mouth the word of truth even wholly: for I hoped for thy judgments. 44 And I will watch thy law always, forever and ever. 45 And I will go about in an enlarging: for I sought thy charges. 46 And I will speak in thy testimonies before kings, and I shall not be ashamed. 47 I will delight myself in thy commands which I loved. 48 And I will lift up my hands to thy commands which I loved, and I will meditate in thy laws. 49 Remember the word to thy servant upon which thou didst cause me to hope. 50 This my comfort in mine affliction, for thy word made me alive. 51 The proud derided me even greatly: I declined not from thy law. 52 I remembered thy judgments from forever, O Jehovah, and I shall be comforted. 53 Violent heat seized me from the unjust forsaking thy law. 54 Thy laws were musics to me in the house of my sojourning. 55 I remembered thy name in the night, O Jehovah, and I will watch thy law. 56 This shall be to me, for I watched thy charges. 57 My portion, O Jehovah: I said to watch thy words. 58 I waited for thy face with all the heart: compassionate me according to thy word. 59 I reckoned my ways, and I will turn back my feet to thy testimonies. 60 I hastened and delayed not to watch thy commands. 61 The cords of the unjust passed over me: I forget not thy law. 62 The middle of the night I will arise to confess to thee for the judgments of thy justice. 63 I am a companion to all who will fear thee, and to those watching thy charges. 64 Thy mercy, O Jehovah, filled the earth: teach me thy laws. 65 Thou didst goodness with thy servant, O Jehovah, according to thy word. 66 Teach me good taste and knowledge, for I believed in thy commands. 67 Before I shall be humbled I go astray: and now I watched thy word. 68 Thou art good, and doing good; teach me thy laws. 69 The proud devised falsehood against me: I will watch thy charges with all the heart. 70 Their heart was fat as fatness; I delighted in thy law. 71 Good for me that thou didst humble me, so that I shall learn thy laws. 72 Good for me the law of thy mouth above thousands of gold and silver. 73 Thy hands made me and they will prepare me: cause me to understand and I will learn thy commands. 74 They fearing thee shall see me and be glad; for I hoped for thy word. 75 I knew, O Jehovah, that thy judgments are justice, and in truth thou didst humble me. 76 Now shall thy mercy be to comfort me, according to thy word to thy servant 77 Thy compassion shall come to me and I shall live, for thy law is my delight 78 The proud shall be ashamed, for they acted perversely to me without cause: I will meditate in thy charges 79 They fearing thee shall turn to me, and they shall know thy testimonies. 80 My heart shall be blameless in thy laws, so that I shall not be ashamed. 81 My soul failed for thy, salvation: I hoped for thy word. 82 Mine eyes failed for thy word, saying, When wilt thou comfort me? 83 I was as a bottle in smoke; I forgot not thy laws. 84 How many the days of thy servant? when wilt thou do judgment upon them pursuing me? 85 The proud dug pits for me which is not according to thy law. 86 All thy commands are faithfulness; they pursued me without cause; help thou me. 87 They almost finished me upon earth, and I forsook not thy charges. 88 According to thy mercy make me live, and I will watch the testimonies of thy mouth. 89 Forever, O Jehovah, thy word was set in the heavens. 90 To generation and generation thy faithfulness: thou didst prepare the earth and it will stand. 91 They stood according to thy judgments this day, for all are thy servants. 92 Unless thy law was my delight I perished in mine affliction. 93 Forever will I not forget thy charges, for in them thou didst make me live. 94 I am to thee; save me; for I sought thy charges. 95 The unjust waited for me to destroy me: I shall understand thy testimonies. 96 I saw the end to all perfection: thy command is exceeding broad. 97 How I loved thy law I all the day it is my meditation. 98 Above mine enemies thou wilt make me wise from thy commands, for It is forever to me. 99 Above all those teaching me I understood, for thy testimonies a meditation to me. 100 I shall understand above the old men, for I watched thy charges. 101 I withheld my feet from every evil way, so that I watch thy word. 102 I departed not from thy judgments, for thou didst teach me. 103 How smooth were thy words to my palate I more than honey to my mouth! 104 From thy charges I shall understand: for this I hated every way of falsehood. 105 Thy word a lamp to my feet, and a light to my beaten path. 106 I sware, and I will cease to stand, to watch the judgments of thy justice. 107 I was humbled even greatly: O Jehovah, cause me to live according to thy word, 108 Accept now the voluntaries of my month, O Jehovah, and teach me thy judgments. 109 My soul is in my hand always, and I, forgot not thy law. 110 The unjust one gave a snare for me, and I wandered not from thy charges. 111 I inherited thy testimonies forever: for they are the joy of my heart. 112 I inclined my heart to do thy laws forever to the end. 113 I hated dividings, and I loved thy law. 114 Thou my hiding and my shield: I hoped for thy word. 115 Depart from me, ye doing evil, and I will watch the commands of my God. 116 Uphold me according to thy word, and I shall live: and thou wilt not make me ashamed of my hope. 117 Support me and I shall be saved: and I shall look upon thy laws always 118 Thou didst make light of all going astray from thy laws, for their deceit is falsehood. 119 The dross thou didst cause to cease, all the unjust of the earth: for this I loved thy testimonies. 120 My flesh stood erect from thy fear, and I was afraid of thy judgments. 121 I did judgment and justice: thou wilt not leave me to those oppressing me. 122 Be surety for thy servant for good: the proud shall not oppress me. 123 Mine eyes failed for thy salvation, and for the word of thy justice. 124 Do with thy servant according to thy mercy, and teach me thy laws. 125 I am thy servant; cause me to understand, and I shall know thy tesmonies. 126 The time to work to Jehovah: they let go thy law. 127 For this I loved thy commands above gold, and above fine gold. 128 For this I made straight all thy charges, all: hated every way of falsehood. 129 Thy testimonies are wonderful: for this my soul watched them. 130 The entrance of thy words will enlighten; causing the simple to understand. 131 I opened wide my mouth, and I shall pant: for I longed for thy commands. 132 Look upon me and compassionate me according to the judgment to those loving thy name. 133 Prepare my steps in thy word, and all iniquity shall not rule over me. 134 Redeem me from the oppression of man, and I will watch thy charges. 135 Cause thy face to shine upon thy servant, and teach me thy laws. 136 Mine eyes will bring down streams of waters because they will not watch thy laws. 137 Just art thou, O Jehovah, and upright thy judgments. 138 Thos didst command justice thy testimonies, and faithfulness exceedingly. 139 my jealousy cut me off; for mine enemies forgat thy words. 140 Thy word is refined greatly, and thy servant loved it 141 I am small and despised: I did not forget thy charges. 142 Thy Justice is justice forever, and thy law the truth. 143 Straits and distress found me: thy commands my delight 144 Justice is thy testimonies forever: cause me to understand and I shall live. 145 I called with all my heart: answer me, O Jehovah: I will watch thy laws. 146 I called to thee: save me, and I will watch thy testimonies. 147 I anticipated the dawn, and I will cry: I hoped for thy words 148 Mine eyes anticipated the watches to meditate in thy word. 149 Hear my voice according to thy mercy O Jehovah, cause me to live according to thy judgment 150 They drew near pursuing mischief: they removed far off from thy law. 151 Thou art near, O Jehovah; and all thy commands are truth. 152 Of old I knew from thy testimonies, for thou didst found them forever. 153 See mine affliction, and deliver me: for I forget not thy law. 154 Contend my contention and redeem me: cause me to live for thy word. 155 Salvation is far off from the unjust, for they sought not thy laws. 156 Great thy compassions, O Jehovah: cause me to live according to thy judgments. 157 Many are they pursuing me and pressing me: I declined not from thy testimonies. 158 I saw those transgressing, and I shall loathe, for they watched not thy word. 159 See that I loved thy charges, O Jehovah, make me live according to thy mercy. 160 The beginning of thy word is truth: and forever all thy just judgment 161 Chiefs pursued me gratuitously: and my heart was afraid from thy words. 162 I rejoice at thy word as he finding much spoil. 163 I hated falsehood, and I will abhor it: I loved thy law. 164 Seven times in the day I praised thee, for the judgments of thy justice. 165 Much peace to those loving thy law, and no stumbling-block to them. 166 I hoped for thy salvation, O Jehovah, and I did thy commands. 167 My soul watched thy testimonies, and loved them greatly. 168 I watched thy charges, and thy testimonies: for all my ways are before thee. 169 My cry shall draw near before thee, O Jehovah: cause me to understand according to thy word. 170 My supplication shall come before thee: deliver me according to thy word. 171 My lips shall seek praise, for thou wilt teach me thy laws. 172 My tongue shall strike up thy word, for all thy commands are justice. 173 Thy hand shall be to help me, for I chose thy charges. 174 I longed for thy salvation, O Jehovah, and thy law is my delight 175 My soul, shall live and praise thee; and thy judgments shall help me. 176 I wandered as a lost sheep; seek thy servant, for I forgat not thy commands.

Psalms 120:1-150:6

1 Song of ascensions. I called to Jehovah in straits to me, and he will answer me. 2 O Jehovah, deliver my soul from lips of falsehood, from a tongue of deceit. 3 What shall be given to thee? and what shall be added to thee, thou tongue of deceit? 4 Arrows of the strong one sharpened with burning coals of broom. 5 Wo! to me that I sojourned in Mesech; I dwelt with the tents of Ke dar. 6 My soul dwelt much upon it with Him hating peace. 7 I peace: and when I shall speak, they for war.

Psalms 121:1-150:6

1 Song of ascensions. I will lift up mine eyes to the mountains from whence shall come my help. 2 My help from Jehovah; he made the heavens and the earth. 3 He will not give to move thy foot: he watching thee will not slumber. 4 Behold, he watching. Israel will not slumber and he will not sleep. 5 Jehovah watching thee Jehovah thy shade upon thy right hand. 6 By day the sun shall not burn thee, and the moon in the night 7 Jehovah shall watch thee from all evil: he shall watch thy soul. 8 Jehovah shall watch thy going out and thy coming in, from time and even forever.

Psalms 122:1-150:6

1 Song of ascensions to David. I was glad in their saying to me, We will go to the house of Jehovah. 2 Our feet were standing in the gates of Jeursalem. 3 Jerusalem was built as a city, joined to it together. 4 There the tribes went up, the tribes of Jah, the testimonies to Israel, to confess to the name of Jehovah. 5 For there sat thrones for judgment to the house of David. 6 Ask ye the peace of Jerusalem: they loving thee shall be at rest 7 Peace shall be in thy fortification, peace in thy palaces. 8 For sake of my brethren and my friends, I will now speak, Peace upon 9 For sake of the house of Jehovah our God I will seek out good for thee.

Psalms 123:1-150:6

1 Song of ascensions. To thee dwelling in the heavens I lifted up mine eyes. 2 Behold, as the eyes of servants to the hand of their lords, as the eyes of a maid to the hand of her mistress, so our eyes are to Jehovah our God, even till he compassionate us. 3 Compassionate us, O Jehovah, compassionate us: for we were much filled with contempt 4 Much was our soul filled with it, a derision of those living at ease the contempt of the proud.

Psalms 124:1-150:6

1 Song of ascensions to David. Unless Jehovah was to us, now shall Israel say, 2 Unless Jehovah was to us in the rising up of man against us, 3 Then they swallowed us down living, in the kindling of their anger against us: 4 Then the waters overflowed us, the torrent passed over our soul: 5 Then the swelling waters passed over our soul. 6 Blessed be Jehovah, who gave us not a prey to their teeth. 7 Our soul as a sparrow was delivered from the snare of the fowlers: the snare was broken and we were delivered. 8 Our help is in the name of Jehovah.; he made the heavens and the earth.

Psalms 125:1-150:6

1 Song of ascensions. They trusting in Jehovah are as mount Zion; it shall not be moved; remaining forever. 2 Jerusalem, the mountains are round about to her; and Jehovah is round about to his people from now and even to forever. 3 For the rod of the unjust one shall not rest upon the lot of the just; so that the just shall not stretch forth their hand in iniquity. 4 Do good, O Jehovah, to the good and to the upright in their hearts. 5 And those turning to their winding ways, Jehovah will cause them to go with those working iniquity: peace upon Israel.

Psalms 126:1-150:6

1 Song of ascensions. In Jehovah turning back the returning of we were as those dreaming. 2 Then our mouth will be filled with laughter, and our tongue with rejoicing: then shall they say among the nations, Jehovah magnified to do with those. 3 Jehovah magnified to do with us; we were made glad. 4 Jehovah turned back our captivity, as torrents in the south. 5 They sowing in tears shall reap in rejoicing. 6 He going, shall go; and weeping he lifted up the drawing of the seed: coming, he shall come with joy, lifting up his sheaves.

Psalms 127:1-150:6

1 Song of ascensions to Solomon. If Jehovah shall not build the house, they building it, in it labored in vain. If Jehovah shall not watch the city, he watching, watched in vain. 2 In vain for you rising early to arise from after sitting; eating the bread of toils: so will he give to his beloved sleep. 3 Behold, sons are the inheritance of Jehovah: the reward of the fruit of the womb. 4 As arrows in the hand of the strong one, so are sons of youth. 5 Happy the man who filled his quiver from them: they shall not be ashamed when they shall speak with their enemies in the gate.

Psalms 128:1-150:6

1 Song of ascensions Happy every one fearing Jehovah; going in his ways. 2 For thou shalt eat the labor of thy hands: happy thou, and well to thee. 3 Thy wife as a vine bearing fruit in the sides of thy house: thy sons as plants of olives round about thy table. 4 Behold, that thus shall the man be praised fearing Jehovah. 5 Jehovah shall bless thee from Zion: and look thou upon the good of Jerusalem all the days of thy life. 6 And see thou the sons to thy sons: peace upon Israel.

Psalms 129:1-150:6

1 Song of ascensions. Much they pressed me from my youth, shall Israel now say: 2 Much they pressed me from my youth: also they shall not prevail against me. 3 They ploughing, ploughed upon my back: they made long to their furrows 4 Jehovah the just cut the entanglings of the unjust 5 They shall be ashamed and draw back all hating Zion. 6 They shall be as the grass of the roofs drying up before it was drawn out: 7 He harvesting filled not his hand; and he heaping together, not his arm. 8 And they passing by, said not, The praise of Jehovah to you: we praised you in the name of Jehovah.

Psalms 130:1-150:6

1 Song of ascensions. From the depths I called thee, O Jehovah. 2 O Jehovah, hear to my voice: thine ears shall be attentive to the voice of my supplication. 3 If thou, Jehovah, shalt watch iniquities, O Jehovah, who shall stand? 4 For with thee, forgiveness; so that thou shalt be feared. 5 I waited for Jehovah, my soul waited, and I hoped for his word 6 My soul for Jehovah more than they watching for the morning: they watching for the morning. 7 Israel hoped for Jehovah: for with Jehovah is mercy and great deliverance. 8 And he will redeem Israel from all his iniquities.

Psalms 131:1-150:6

1 Song of ascensions to David. O Jehovah, my heart was not lifted up, and mine eyes were not exalted, and I went not in great things and in wonders above me. 2 If I did not place and rest my soul as a child weaned of his Mother: my soul as a weaned child. 3 Israel shall hope for Jehovah from now and even to forever.

Psalms 132:1-150:6

1 Song of ascensions. Remember, O Jehovah, for David with all his affliction. 2 Who sware to Jehovah; he vowed to the mighty one of Jacob: 3 If I shall go into the tent of my house, if I shall go up upon the bed of my couch; 4 If I shall give sleep to mine eyes, slumber to mine eye-lashes, 5 Even till I shall find a place for Jehovah, dwellings for the mighty one of Jacob. 6 Behold, we heard it in Ephratah: we found it in the fields of the forest 7 We will come in to his dwellings: we will worship at the footstool of his feet 8 Arise, O Jehovah, to thy rest; thou, and the ark of thy strength. 9 Thy priests shall put on justice, and thy godly ones shall rejoice. 10 For sake of David thy servant thou wilt not turn away the face of thy Messiah. 11 Jehovah sware the truth to David; he will not turn back from it: from the fruit of thy belly I will set upon the throne to thee. 12 If thy sons shall watch my covenant and my testimonies, these I shall teach them; also their sons even to forever shall sit upon the throne to thee forever. 13 For Jehovah chose in Zion; for he desired it for a dwelling to himself. 14 This my rest even forever: here I will dwell, for I desired it 15 Blessing I will bless her provision: I will fill her needy with bread. 16 And I will put upon her priests salvation, and her godly ones shall rejoice a rejoicing. 17 There will I cause the horn to David to spring up: I prepared a lamp for my Messiah. 18 I will put shame upon his enemies, and upon him shall his diadem flourish.

Psalms 133:1-150:6

1 Song of ascensions to David. Behold, how good and how pleasant the dwelling of brethren even together. 2 As good oil upon the head, going down upon the beard, the beard of Aaron: coming down upon the mouth of his garments: 3 As the dew of Hermon coming down upon the mountains of Zion: for there Jehovah commanded the blessing, life even forever.

Psalms 134:1-150:6

1 Song of ascensions. Behold, praise ye Jehovah, all ye servants of Jehovah, standing in the house of Jehovah, in the nights. 2 Lift up your hand to the holy place, and praise ye Jehovah. 3 Jehovah shall bless thee out of Zion: he made the heavens and the earth.

Psalms 135:1-150:6

1 Praise ye Jah. Praise ye the name of Jehovah; praise, ye servants of Jehovah, 2 Standing in the house of Jehovah, in the enclosures of the house of our God. 3 Praise ye Jah; for Jehovah is good: play on the harp to his name, for it is pleasant 4 For Jah chose to himself Jacob; Israel for his property. 5 For I knew that great is Jehovah, and our Lord above all gods. 6 All which Jehovah delighted in he did, in the heavens and in the earth, in the seas and all the depths. 7 Causing the liftings up to ascend from the ends of the earth; he made lightnings for the rain; bringing forth the wind from his treasures. 8 He struck the first-born of Egypt., from man even to cattle. 9 He sent signs and wonders into the midst of thee, O Egypt, upon Pharaoh, and upon all his servants. 10 He struck many nations, and slew strong kings; 11 To Sihon, king of the Amorites, and to Og, king of Bashan, and to all the kings of Canaan: 12 And he gave their land an inheritance, an inheritance to Israel his people. 13 O Jehovah, thy name is forever; O Jehovah, thy remembrance to generation and generation. 14 For Jehovah will judge his people, and he will compassion upon his servants. 15 The images of the nation are silver and gold, the work of man's hands. 16 A mouth to them, and they shall not speak; eyes to them, and they shall not see; 17 Ears to them, and they shall not hear; also there is no spirit in their mouth. 18 They making them shall be as they: every one who trusted in them. 19 O house of Israel, bless ye Jehovah: O house of Aaron, praise ye Jehovah: 20 O house of Levi, praise ye Jehovah: ye fearing Jehovah, praise Jehovah. 21 Blessed be Jehovah from Zion, dwelling in Jerusalem. Praise ye Jah.

Psalms 136:1-150:6

1 Confess ye to Jehovah, for he is good: for his mercy is forever. 2 Confess to the God of gods: for his mercy is forever. 3 Confess to the Lord of lords: for his mercy is forever. 4 To him alone making great wonders: for his mercy is forever. 5 To him making the heavens in understanding: for his mercy is forever. 6 To him spreading the earth upon the sea: for his mercy is forever. 7 To him making great lights: for his mercy is forever. 8 The sun for the rulings in the day: for his mercy is forever. 9 The moon and the stars for rulings in the night: for his mercy is forever. 10 To him striking Egypt in their first-born: for his mercy is forever. 11 And he will bring forth Israel from the midst of them: for his mercy is forever. 12 With a hand of strength, and with an arm stretched out: for his mercy is forever. 13 To him dividing the sea of sedge into parts: for his mercy is forever. 14 And he caused Israel to pass through in its midst: for his mercy is forever. 15 And he shook off Pharaoh and his strength into the sea of sedge: for his mercy is forever. 16 To him causing his people to go into the desert: for his mercy is forever. 17 To him striking great kings: for his mercy is forever. 18 And he will slay mighty kings: for his mercy is forever. 19 To Sihon, king of the Amorites: for his mercy is forever. 20 To Og, king of Bashan: for his mercy is forever. 21 And he gave their land for an inheritance: for his mercy is forever, 22 An inheritance to Israel his servant: for his mercy is forever. 23 He remembered for us our lowness: for his mercy is forever: 24 And he will redeem us from our enemies: for his mercy is forever. 25 He gave bread to all flesh: for his mercy is forever. 26 Confess ye to the God of the heavens: for his mercy is forever.

Psalms 137:1-150:6

1 By the rivers of Babel, there we sat down: also we wept in our remembering Zion. 2 Upon the willows in her midst, we hung our harps; 3 For there they carrying us away captive asked us the words of a song; and they heaping us up gladness; Sing to us from the song of Zion. 4 How shall we sing the song of Jehovah upon the land of a stranger? 5 If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, my right hand shall be forgotten. 6 My tongue shall cleave to in palate, if I remember thee not; if I bring not up Jerusalem upon the head of my joy. 7 Remember, O Jehovah, for the sons of Edom, the day of Jerusalem; they saying, Make bare, make bare, even to the foundations in her. 8 O daughter of Babel laying waste; happy he recompensing to thee thy retribution thou didst to us 9 Happy he taking hold and dashing in pieces thy children against the rock.

Psalms 138:1-150:6

1 To David. I will praise thee with all my heart: before God I will play to thee on the harp. 2 I will worship to thy holy temple, and I will praise thy name for thy mercy and for thy truth: for thou didst magnify thy word over all thy name. 3 In the day I called, and thou wilt answer me; thou wilt enlarge me with strength in my soul. 4 All the kings of the earth shall praise thee, O Jehovah, for they heard the sayings of thy mouth. 5 And they shall sing in the ways of Jehovah: for great the glory of Jehovah. 6 If Jehovah is high, and he will see the humble one: and the lofty one he will know from far off. 7 If I shall go in the midst of straits, thou wilt make me alive: against the anger of mine enemies thou wilt stretch forth thy hand, and thy right hand shall save me. 8 Jehovah will complete for me: O Jehovah, thy mercy is forever: thou wilt not let go the works of thy hands.

Psalms 139:1-150:6

1 To the overseer, to David a chanting. O Jehovah thou didst search me, and thou wilt know. 2 Thou knewest my sitting and my rising; thou didst understand for my thoughts from far of 3 Thou didst sift my way and my lying down, and thou knewest all my ways. 4 For not a word in my tongue, behold, O Jehovah, thou knewest all of it 5 Thou didst press me behind and before, and thou wilt place thine hand upon me. 6 Knowledge being wonderful from me; being high, I shall not be able for it 7 Whither shall I go from thy spirit? and whither from thy face shall I flee? 8 If I shall ascend to the heavens, thou art there: and shall I bend down to hades, behold thee. 9 Shall I lift up the wings of the dawn? shall I dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea? 10 Also there thy hand will guide me, and thy right hand will hold me. 11 And saying, surely the darkness shall fall upon me; and the night shone about me. 12 Also darkness shall not darken from thee; and the night shall shine as the day: as the darkness, so the light 13 For thou didst possess my reins: thou wilt cover me in my mother's womb. 14 I will praise thee; for I was wonderfully distinguished: thy works are wonders, and my soul knew greatly. 15 My bones were not hid from thee, when I was made in secret. I was variegated in the lower parts of the earth. 16 Thine eyes saw my substance unformed; and upon thy book all of them shall be written; the days they were formed, and not one in them. 17 And to me how were thy thoughts precious, O God! how were their heads strong! 18 I will count them; they shall be multiplied above the sand of the sea: I awoke, and I am yet with thee. 19 Surely thou wilt kill the unjust one, O God: and ye men of bloods, depart from me. 20 For they will say to thee for mischief; thine enemies were lifted up for vanity. 21 Shall I not hate those hating thee, O Jehovah? and I shall loathe against those rising up against thee. 22 I hated them with completeness of hatred: they were to me for enemies. 23 Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me and know my thoughts: 24 And see if the way of pain is in me, and guide me in the eternal way.

Psalms 140:1-150:6

1 To the overseer, chanting to David: Deliver me, O Jehovah, from the evil man: wilt thou guard me from the man of violences 2 Who reckoned evils in the heart; all the day they will gather together wars. 3 They sharpened their tongue as a serpent; the poison of asps under their lips. Silence, 4 Watch me, O Jehovah, from the hands of the unjust one; from the man of violences wilt thou guard me; who purposed to overthrow my steps. 5 The proud hid a snare for me, and cords; they spread a net at the hand of the way; they set snares for me. Silence. 6 I said to Jehovah, Thou my God: give ear, O Jehovah, to the voice of my supplication. 7 O Jehovah my Lord, the strength of my salvation, thou didst cover for my head in the day of weapons. 8 Thou wilt not give, O Jehovah, the desires of the unjust one: thou wilt not bring forth his device; they will be lifted up. Silence. 9 The head of those surrounding me, the labor of their lips shall cover them. 10 Burning coals shall be shaken upon them; he shall cast them into fire, into whirlpools; they shall not rise up. 11 A man of tongue shall not be prepared in the earth: a man of violence, evil shall hunt him to melt down the coverings. 12 Knowing that Jehovah will do judgment to the poor one, judgment to the needy. 13 But the just shall confess to thy name: the upright shall dwell with thy face.

Psalms 141:1-150:6

1 Chanting to David. O Jehovah, I called to thee; hasten to me; give ear to my voice in my calling to thee. 2 My prayer shall be prepared incense before thee; the lifting up my hands the gift of the evening. 3 Set, O Jehovah, a watch to my mouth; guard over the door of my lips. 4 Thou wilt not incline my heart to an evil word, to work works in injustice with men doing iniquity: and I will not eat upon their dainties. 5 The just one shall smite me; a mercy: and he shall admonish me, an oil of the head it shall not decorate my head: for yet my prayer in their evils. 6 Their judges were cast down against the hands of the rock, and they heard my words, for they were sweet. 7 As he cutting up and cleaving asunder in the earth, our bones were scattered at the mouth of hades. 8 For to thee, O Jehovah my Lord, are mine eyes: in thee I put my trust; thou wilt not make my soul naked. 9 Watch me from the hands of the snare they will lay for me, and the snares of those working iniquity. 10 The unjust shall fall into their nets together, till I shall pass by.

Psalms 142:1-150:6

1 Of the understanding to David; a prayer in his being in the cave. With my voice I will cry to Jehovah; with my voice I will entreat to Jehovah. 2 I will pour out before him my complaint; I will announce my straits before him. 3 In my spirit languishing upon me, and thou knewest my beaten paths. In the way which I shall go they hid a snare for me. 4 Looking upon the right hand, and seeing, and none caring for me: flight perished from me; none sought for my soul 5 I cried to thee, O Jehovah: I said, Thou my refuge, my portion in the land of the living. 6 Attend to my cry, for I languished greatly: deliver me from those pursuing me, for they were strengthened above me. 7 Bring forth my soul out of prison to praise thy name: the just shall surround upon me; for thou wilt benefit to me.

Psalms 143:1-150:6

1 Chanting to David. O Jahovah, hear my prayer, give ear to my supplication: in thy faithfulness answer me; in thy justice. 2 And thou wilt not come into judgment with thy servant, for all living shall not be justified before thee. 3 For the enemy pursued my soul; he crushed to the earth my life; he caused me to dwell in darknesses, as the dead of old. 4 And my spirit will languish upon me, and my heart will be desolate within me. 5 I remembered the days of old and I meditated in all thy work, and I will meditate upon the work of thy hands. 6 I spread out my hands to thee: my soul as a weary land for thee. Silence. 7 Quickly answer me, O Jehovah: my spirit failed: thou wilt not hide thy face from me: I was made like those going down to the pit. 8 Cause me to hear thy mercy in the morning; for in thee I trusted: cause me to know the way that I shall go; for to thee I lifted up my soul. 9 Deliver me from mine enemies, O Jehovah: to thee I covered myself. 10 Teach me to do thine acceptance, for thou art my God: thy spirit is good; thou wilt guide me into a land of uprightness. 11 For sake of thy name, O Jehovah, thou wilt make me live: in thy justice thou wilt bring forth my soul out of straits. 12 And in thy mercy thou wilt cut off mine enemies, and thou destroyedst all those pressing my soul: for I am thy servant

Psalms 144:1-150:6

1 . To David. Blessed be Jehovah my rock, teaching my hands for the encounter, my fingers for war; 2 My mercy and my fortress, my height and delivering for me; my shield, and in him I put my trust; treading down peoples under me. 3 O Jehovah, what is man and thou wilt know him? the son of man, and thou wilt reckon him? 4 Man was likened to vanity: his days as a shadow passing away. 5 O Jehovah, incline thy heavens, and thou wilt come down: touch upon the mountains and they shall smoke. 6 Send forth the lightning, and thou wilt scatter them: send thine arrows, and thou wilt destroy them. 7 Send thy hands from height; snatch me away, and deliver me from many waters, from the hand of the sons of the stranger; 8 Whom their mouth spake vanity, and their right hand a right hand of falsehood. 9 O God, a new song will I sing to thee; with an instrument of ten strings, I will play on the harp to thee. 10 Giving salvation to kings: snatch in away David his servant from the evil sword. 11 Snatch me away and deliver me from the hand of the sons of the stranger, whom their mouth spake vanity, and their right hand a right hand of falsehood: 12 That our sons as plants growing great in their youth, our daughters as corners variegated, the likeness of a temple: 13 Our garners being filled, bringing forth from sort to sort; our sheep bringing forth thousands, ten thousands in our streets: 14 Our oxen bearing no breaking, and no coming forth, and no complaining in our broad places. 15 Happy the people thus and thus to him: happy the people Jehovah his God.

Psalms 145:1-150:6

1 Praise to David. I will exalt thee my God, the King, and I will praise thy name forever and ever. 2 In all the day I will praise thee, and I will praise thy name forever and ever. 3 Great is Jehovah, and being greatly praised; and to his greatness no search. 4 Generation to generation shall praise thy works, and they shall announce thy powers. 5 I will speak the splendor of the honor of thy majesty, and the words of thy wonders. 6 And they shall tell the strength of thy terrible things, and I will recount thy greatnesses 7 They shall pour forth the remembrance of the multitude of thy goodness, and they shall shout forth thy justice. 8 Jehovah is compassionate and merciful; slow to anger, and great of mercy. 9 Jehovah is good to all, and his mercies over all his works. 10 All thy works shall praise thee, 0 Jehovah, and thy godly ones shall praise thee. 11 They shall tell the glory of thy kingdom, and they shall speak of thy strength; 12 To make known to the sons of man his powers, and the glory of the majesty of his kingdom. 13 Thy kingdom a kingdom of all times, and thy dominion in every generation and generation. 14 Jehovah upholds to all falling, and raises up for all bowed down. 15 The eyes of all hope for thee, and thou givest to them their food in its time. 16 Opening thy hand and filling the desire to all living. 17 Jehovah is just in all his ways, and merciful in all his works. 18 Jehovah is near to all calling upon him, to all who shall call upon him in truth. 19 He will do the desire of them fearing him, and he will hear their cry and he will save them. 20 Jehovah watches all loving him, and all the unjust he will destroy. 21 My mouth shall speak the praise of Jehovah, and all flesh shall bless his holy name forever and ever.

Psalms 146:1-150:6

1 Praise ye Jah. Praise Jehovah, O my soul. 2 I will praise Jehovah in my life; I will play on the harp to my God. in my continuing. 3 Ye shall not trust in nobles: in the son of man, to him no salvation. 4 His spirit shall go forth, he shall turn back to his earth; in that day his thoughts perished. 5 Happy is he the God of Jacob for his help, his hope upon Jehovah his God: 6 He made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them: he watched the truth forever. 7 He did judgment for the oppressed; he gave bread to the hungering: Jehovah loosed those being bound. 8 Jehovah opened the eyes of the blind: Jehovah raised those being bowed down: Jehovah loved the just 9 Jehovah watched the strangers he will restore the orphan and the widow, and he will overturn the way of the unjust 10 Jehovah shall reign forever, thy God, O Zion, to generation and generation. Praise ye Jah.

Psalms 147:1-150:6

1 Praise ye Jah: for it is good to play on the harp to our God; for it is pleasant: praise is becoming. 2 Jehovah builds Jerusalem: he will collect together the outcasts of Israel. 3 Healing to the broken of heart, and binding up their pains. 4 Counting the number to the stars, he will call names to all of them. 5 Great our Lord, and great of power: to his understanding no number. 6 Jehovah setting up again the poor, and humbling the unjust even to the earth. 7 Strike up to Jehovah with praise; play upon the harp to our God: 8 Covering the heavens with clouds, preparing rain for the earth, causing the grass to spring up on the mountains. 9 Giving to the cattle its food, to the sons of the ravens which call. 10 He will not delight in the strength of the horse: he will not be pleased in the legs of a man. 11 Jehovah being delighted in those fearing him, in those hoping for his mercy. 12 Praise Jehovah, O Jerusalem; praise thy God, O Zion. 13 For he strengthened the bars of thy gates; he blessed thy sons within thee. 14 Setting thy bound peace, he will fill thee with the fat of the wheat. 15 Sending his word upon the earth, even till his word shall run quickly. 16 Giving snow as wool: he will scatter the hoarfrost as ashes. 17 Casting his ice as morsels: before his cold who shall stand? 18 He will send his word and melt them: his wind shall blow, the waters will flow. 19 Announcing his word to Jacob, his laws and judgments to Israel. 20 He did not thus to every nation: and judgments they knew them not Praise ye Jah.

Psalms 148:1-150:6

1 Praise ye Jah. Praise ye Jehovah from the heavens: praise him in the heights. 2 Praise ye him all his messengers: praise ye him all his armies. 3 Praise ye him, sun and moon: praise ye him all the stars of light. 4 Praise ye him, the heavens of heavens, and the waters above the heavens. 5 They shall praise the name of Jehovah, for he commanded and they were created: 6 And he will cause them to stand even to forever: he gave a law and it shall not pass away. 7 Praise Jehovah from the earth, ye dragons and all depths: 8 Fire and hail, snow and vapor: the spirit of storm doing his word: 9 Mountains and all hills; the tree of fruit and all cedars: 10 The beast and all cattle; the creeping thing, and the bird of wing: 11 Kings of the earth, and all peoples; chiefs and all judges of the earth: 12 Young men and also virgins; old men with the youths: 13 They shall praise the name of Jehovah: for his name alone is exalted; his majesty over the earth and the heavens. 14 And he will lift up the horn to his people, praise to all his godly ones; to the sons of Israel a people drawing near to him. Praise ye Jah.

Psalms 149:1-150:6

1 Praise ye Jah. Sing to Jehovah a new song, his praise in the convocation of his godly ones. 2 Israel shall rejoice in him making him: the sons of Zion shall exult in their king. 3 They shall praise his name in the dance, and they shall play to him upon the drum and harp. 4 For Jehovah delighted in his people: he will adorn the humble in salvation. 5 The godly ones shall triumph in glory; they shall rejoice upon their bed 6 The liftings up of God in their throat, and a sword of two mouths in their hand; 7 To do vengeance upon the nations, chastisements upon the peoples. 8 To bind their kings in fetters, and their honorable ones in fetters of iron; 9 To do upon them the judgment written: this honor to all his godly ones. Praise ye Jah.

Psalms 150:1-6

1 Praise ye Jah. Praise ye God in his holy place: praise him in the firmament of his power. 2 Praise ye him in his powers: praise him according to the multitude of his greatness. 3 Praise ye him with the clangor of the trumpet: praise him with the lyre and the harp. 4 Praise him with the drum and the dance: praise ye him with strings and the pipe. 5 Praise ye him with ringing instruments of hearing: praise him with ringing instruments of loud noise. 6 All breath shall praise Jah. Praise ye Jah.

Isaiah 41:11-13

11 Behold, all they burning with anger against thee shall be ashamed and disgraced: they shall be as nothing; and the men of thy strife shall be destroyed. 12 Thou shalt seek them, and shalt not find them; the man of thy contention, the men of thy war, shall be as nothing and as no more. 13 For I Jehovah thy God holding thy right hand, saying to thee, Thou shalt not fear; I helped thee.

Matthew 5:38-41

38 Ye have heard, that it has been said, An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth: 39 But I say to you not to resist evil: but whosoever shall smite thee with a rod upon thy right cheek, turn to him also the other. 40 And to him wishing to be judged with thee, and to take thy coat, let go to him also thy garment. 41 And whoever shall compel thee to carry dispatches one mile, go forward with him two.

Psalms 18:3

3 Praising, I will call upon Jehovah, and I shall be saved from mine enemies.

Matthew 5:11

11 Happy are ye, when they shall upbraid you, and drive you out, and say every evil word against you, lying, for my sake.

Ephesians 4:29

29 Let not any foul word go out of your mouth, but if any good to the building of necessity, that it might give grace to them hearing.

Proverbs 6:16-19

16 These six Jehovah hated, and seven an abomination of his soul: 17 Eyes being lifted up; a tongue of falsehood, and hands shedding innocent blood, 18 A heart fabricating purposes of iniquity; feet being quick to run to evil, 19 A witness of falsehood, breathing out lies, and sending strife between brethren.

1 John 2:9

9 He saying he is in the light, and hating his brother, is in the darkness even until now.

Deuteronomy 31:6

6 Be strong and be active; ye shall not fear, and ye shall not be terrified from their face, for Jehovah thy God, he goes with thee; he will not relax thee and he will not forsake thee.

1 John 3:15

15 Every one hating his brother is a manslayer: and ye know that no man-slayer has eternal life remaining in him.

Romans 12:19-20

19 Avenging not yourselves, beloved, but give ye place to anger: for it has been written, Vengeance to me; I will repay, says the Lord. 20 If therefore thine enemy hunger, feed him; if he thirst, give him drink: for doing this, thou shalt heap up-coals of fire on his head.

Matthew 5:43-48

43 Ye have heard that it has been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbor, and hate thine enemy. 44 But I say to you, Love your enemies, praise them cursing you, do well to them hating you, and pray for them threatening you, and driving you out. 45 So that ye might be sons of your Father, which in the heavens: for he makes his sun rise upon evil and good, and rains on the just and unjust. 46 For if ye love them loving you, what reward. have you? do not also the tax collectors the same? 47 And if ye salute your brethren only, what do ye above ordinary? and do not the tax collectors the same? 48 Therefore, be ye perfected, as your Father which is in the heavens is perfected.

2 Timothy 1:7

7 For God gave not to us the spirit of timidity; but of power, and love, and of soundness of mind.

Leviticus 19:18

18 Thou shalt not avenge thyself nor keep anger with the sons of thy people, and didst love thy neighbor as thyself. I Jehovah.

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