Bible verses about "saints" | JMNT

Matthew 7:21-23

21 "Not everyone constantly saying to Me, 'O Lord! Lord!' will proceed to be entering into the reign (or: sovereign rule; kingdom; realm of action and rule) of the heavens (or: which has the character of, and emanates from, the atmospheres) but rather, the one habitually performing the result or progressively producing the effect of the will, intent and purpose of My Father – the One within and in union with the heavens, and in the midst of the atmospheres – [will proceed entering]. 22 "Within (or: On) That Day many will repeatedly say to Me, 'Lord! O Lord! do (or: did) we not prophesy in (or: by) Your Name? And do (or: did) we not cast out demons (Hellenistic concept and term: = animistic influences) in (or: by) Your Name? And do (or: did) we not perform many works of power and ability in (or: by) Your Name? 23 "And at that time I will repeatedly confess assuredly to them, 'I never came to know or became acquainted with you folks (or: I not even once had intimate, experiential knowledge of you). Those people habitually working (performing; or: making a trade of; making a living in) the lawlessness are now to go off to a space (or: territory) away, and proceed in giving way to Me and making room for Me.' [Ps. 6:9]

John 17:20-23

20 "I am not now making a request about these only, but further about those habitually trusting and progressively believing into Me through their word (or: message), 21 "to the end that all mankind may (or: everyone would) continuously exist being one, correspondingly as You, O Father [other MSS: Father], [are] within the midst of Me, and I [am] within the midst of You – so that they, themselves, may and would also continuously exist being within the midst of Us, to the end that the System (world of culture, religion and government; or: secular society) can (may; would) continuously trust and progressively believe that You sent Me forth as an Emissary with a mission. 22 "And I Myself have given to them (or: in them), and they now possess, the glory (the notion; the opinion; the imagination; the reputation; the manifestation which calls forth praise) which You have given to Me, and which I now possess, to the end that they may continuously exist being one correspondingly as (just as; according as; on the same level as; in the same sphere as) We [are] one: 23 "I within the midst of and in union with them and You within the midst of and in union with Me, to the end that they may (or: could; would) continuously exist being folks having been perfected (brought to the destined goal; finished; completed; matured and purposed) into one – so that the System (world of culture, religion, economics and government) can (or: could; would) progressively come to know through experience that You commissioned and sent Me forth, and You love them correspondingly as (or: just as; in the same sphere and to the same level as) You love Me.

Acts 26:10

10 "which I did, even in Jerusalem. Furthermore, I myself also locked up many of the set-apart folks (holy ones; saints) in prisons, receiving the authority from the chief (or: ranking) priests, and more than this, I brought down a pebble (= cast my vote) against them – when one after another they were being taken back to be killed.

Acts 9:13

13 But Ananias discerningly answered, "O Lord! I hear (or: heard) from many people about this adult man... how many vile and bad (worthless and evil; ugly and malicious) things he did to Your set-apart folks (Your saints) in Jerusalem!

1 Corinthians 1:2

2 to God's called-out community (or: summoned-forth group that has God as its source, and which belongs to God), the one being within Corinth; to those having been set-apart within Christ Jesus (or: made holy, sacred, different from the normal and sanctified, in union with [the] Anointing of Jesus); to called (or: invited) folks [and] to set-apart people (holy ones; saints; sanctified folks; sacred ones) – together with all those in every place constantly calling upon the Name of our Lord [note: the phrase applied to Yahweh in Gen. 12:8; Zech. 13:9], Jesus Christ – their [Lord] as well as ours:

Romans 12:2

2 And stop constantly conforming yourselves to (or, as passive: So then, quit being repeatedly molded by, fashioned for or patterned together with) this age [with other MSS: and not to be continuously configured to this age, or not to constantly remodel yourself for this age], but on the contrary, be progressively transformed (transfigured; changed in form and semblance) by the renewing (or: in the renewal; for the making-back-up-new again) of your mind [with other MSS: from The Mind; of the intellect; pertaining to the faculties of perceiving and understanding; of the mindset, disposition, inner orientation and world view] into the [situation and condition for] you folks to be habitually examining in order to be testing and, after scrutiny, distinguishing and approving what [is] God's will (design; purpose; resolve; intent): the good and well-pleasing, even perfect (finished, complete and destined)! (or: = the thing [that is] virtuous, satisfying and able to succeed in its purpose.)

2 Corinthians 5:17

17 Consequently, since someone [is] within Christ (or: So that if anyone [is] in union with [the] Anointed One; or: And as since a Certain One [was] in Christ), [there is] a new creation (or: [it is] a framing and founding of a different kind; [he or she is] an act of creation having a fresh character and a new quality): the original things (the beginning [situations]; the archaic and primitive [arrangements]) passed by (or: went to the side). Consider! New things have come into existence (have been birthed; or: It has become new things; or: He has been birthed and now exists being ones of a different kind, character and quality). [note: cf Rev. 21:5]

Hebrews 12:1

1 Consequently and for this very reason, then, we also, continuously having such a big cloud of witnesses (spectators; folks bearing testimony; people with evidence) environing us (lying around for us and [they] themselves surrounding and encompassing us), after at once putting off from ourselves all bulk and encumbrance (every weight; all that is prominent; or: getting rid of every arrow point within us) and the easily-environing (skillfully-surrounding; well-placed encircling) failure (sin; error; mistake; shooting off-target; missing of the point), we can and should through persistent remaining-under (or: relentless patient endurance and giving of support) keep on running the racecourse continuously lying before us (or: lying in the forefront within us; or: lying ahead, among us),

Revelation 14:12

12 Here (or: In this place) exists (or: is) the persistent and patient endurance (the steadfast, humble remaining-under for support) of the set-apart folks (or: from the saints) – the people continually keeping watch upon (guarding, observing, having custody over) God's implanted goals (impartations of the finished product within; inward purposed directives) and the faith of Jesus (or: the trust pertaining to Jesus; the loyalty belonging to Jesus; the faith which belongs to and comes from Jesus; the conviction which is Jesus; the reliability of and from Jesus).

Revelation 8:3

3 Then another agent (messenger) came and was stationed (or: was set; is made to stand) upon (or: = at) the altar, continuously holding a golden censer. And there was given to him many incenses (or: much incense), so that he may give [them, or, it] by the words toward having goodness (or: would offer [it] in the prayers; that he could impart [them] to the prayers) of the set-apart folks (from the holy ones), upon the golden altar which is before the throne. [comment: this would be in the holy place of the temple, in front of the holy of holies in which is the ark of the covenant: = the throne]

1 Corinthians 14:33

33 for God is not the source of instability, but to the contrary, of peace (or: for God does not exist being unrest, disorder or turbulence, but rather, [is] harmony and order [= shalom]) – as [He is] within all the called-out communities of the set-apart ones (or: as [it is] among all the called-out folks who are the sacred people that are different from what is common). [note: some scholars have suggested that the following is a quote from the letter sent from Corinth to Paul, not the position of Paul, himself; or, reading the last phrase of vs. 33 as an introduction to vs. 34-35: As {is the custom} among all the called-forth groups of the holy people {= Israel},]

1 Timothy 2:5

5 for God [is] One, and One [is the] Mediator of God and mankind, a Man, Christ Jesus (or: for [there is] one God, and one medium between God and humans, [the] human, Anointed Jesus),

Revelation 5:8

8 Now when it took (or: received) the little book (or: scroll; codex), the four living ones and the twenty-four elders (older folks) fell before the little Lamb – each one constantly holding lyres (or: harps) and golden, shallow bowls being continuously brimming full of incenses (things passed off in fumes), which are the thoughts and speech toward having things going well and being at ease (or: prayers) of the set-apart folks (or: holy ones; saints; sacred people).

Romans 1:7

7 to (or: for) all those being in Rome: God’s loved ones (folks dearly loved of God), set-apart (holy) called ones, joyous grace and peace to you (or: favor and harmony [= shalom] [are] in and with you) from God, our Father and Lord, Jesus Christ (or: from our Father God, and [the] Master, Jesus Christ; or: from God our Father, even [the] Owner – [the] Anointed Jesus).

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