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Luke 22:31-34

31 "Simon, O Simon! Look, and consider. The adversary (or: opponent; satan) makes (or: made) a request concerning you men: to winnow [you folks] as grain! 32 "But I Myself urgently asked concerning you, [Simon], to the end that your trust and faith would not leave from out of [you] (or: = give out). And so at some point, you yourself, upon turning around, make your brothers immovable (or: stabilize and establish your fellow members)." 33 So then he said to Him, "Lord (Master), I am ready and prepared to proceed going on with You, both into jail (or: prison) and even into death." 34 Yet He said, "I am now saying to you, Peter, a rooster (cock) will not proceed crowing today, until you will three times proceed in denying to have seen or known Me."

Acts 12:3-19

3 Now upon seeing that [this] was pleasing to the Judeans (= the Jewish leadership and their sympathizers), he set himself with a focus to seize (take together with the hands) Peter, also – now [these] were the days of unleavened bread [= during the Feast of Passover], 4 whom, after taking a firm hold on [him], he put into prison (or: jail), turning [him] over to four [shifts] of four soldiers [each] to continue guarding him, presently intending to lead him back up (= present him) to the people, after the Passover. 5 Therefore Peter, consequently, continued being kept in custody (remained under guard and was being watched) within the prison (or: jail), yet thoughts and speech toward having things be well [for him] (or: prayer) continued being repeatedly birthed (or: was continuously coming to be) extendedly (i.e., in a way or manner that stretched forth from out of [their] midst) focused on God around him (or: toward God concerning him), by the called-out community. 6 So when Herod was being about to bring him forth (or: produce him [to them]), during that night Peter – being bound with two chains – continued sleeping between two soldiers, besides [the] guards before the door [who] continued watching over and guarding the prison (or: jail). 7 And yet, look, and consider this! An agent of and from [the] Lord (or: [Christ's or Yahweh's] messenger) made a stand upon [the scene; D reads: stood by Peter], and light shown (or: a light shines) within the midst of the room (= prison cell). Now tapping Peter's side, he (she; it) raised him up, while saying, "Get up quickly!" Then his chains at once fell off from [his] hands. 8 Now the agent (messenger) said to him, "Gird yourself (= Fasten your garments with your belt, so as to be ready to walk) and bind on your sandals." So he did so. Then he (she; it) says to him, "Throw your outer garment (robe; cloak) around [you] and keep following me." 9 And thus, after going out, he continued following, and yet he had not seen or perceived so as to know that the [incident] presently happening by means of the agent (messenger) is real, so he continued thinking (imagining; supposing) [himself] to be seeing a vision (effect of something seen). 10 Now, after passing through [the] first guard station, and then a second one, they came upon the iron gate, [which] now is leading into the city – which automatically (spontaneously; by self-acting) was opened up to (or: for) them. And so, having gone out, they proceeded [along] one narrow street (lane; alley) – then suddenly the agent (messenger) stood away (or: withdrew; departed) from him. 11 Next, Peter, suddenly coming to be within (= coming to) himself, said, "Now I have truly seen, and thus am really aware, that the Lord [= Yahweh or Christ] sent forth His agent (messenger) out on a mission, and he extricated me (plucked me out) from the midst of Herod's hand (= power and authority), and from the entire anticipation of the Judean people (or: from everything the people of Judea were focusing their thinking to and looking toward)." 12 And then, after perceiving [the various aspects of his situation] and consciously considering [it], he came upon the house of Mary, the mother of John – the one surnamed Mark, where quite a few people had been gathered and were crowded together continuing in thinking or speaking toward things being well (i.e., praying). 13 So after his knocking [at; on] the door or the portal (or: gateway; entrance), a servant girl named Rhoda came to [the entry] to answer (to obediently hear [the reason for the knock] and to respond; [p74: to go to meet {him}]). 14 Then, upon recognizing (accurately knowing) Peter's voice, from the joy [of the realization] she did not open up the gateway, but instead, immediately running into [their] midst, reported [that] Peter is standing before the gateway (or: entrance). 15 Yet they themselves said to her, "You are either manic, or you are out of your mind!" But she continued strongly asserting and thoroughly insisting [that] thus [they] are to continue having [it] (= that it was so). So those folks kept on saying, one after another, [D adds: to her], " [D adds: Perhaps] it is his agent (or: The messenger is from him; or: It is the agent that pertains to him; It is the messenger that has his characteristics)!" 16 Now Peter continued remaining at [the door], repeatedly knocking. So when they opened [it] up, they saw him and were standing outside of themselves in astonishment (or: beside themselves in amazement). 17 But, after gesturing (motioning downward) with [his] hand for them to hush and keep silent, he thoroughly related to them how the Lord [= Christ or Yahweh] led him forth out of the prison. Then he said, "Report these things back to Jacob (James) and the brothers." And then, after going out, he went his way into a different place. 18 Now with the birthing of (or: at its coming to be) day, there was no little (small; slight) commotion (stir; agitation; disturbance) among the soldiers – about what had really become [of] (or: had in fact happened [to]) Peter. 19 So Herod – after making a thorough search for him and not finding [him] [and] upon examining and interrogating the guards, ordered [them] to be led away [and punished, or, executed?]. Later, after going down from the Judean [district] into Caesarea, he continued wearing through [the fabric of the days] (= he idled away, or spent, some time [there]).

Acts 10:1-48

1 Now in Caesarea there was a certain adult man named Cornelius, a centurion (a Roman officer in charge of 100 men, i.e., one sixth of a cohort) that was a part of the band (or: cohort; squadron; – an army division of 600 men) which is normally being called "Italian," 2 a person of well-directed reverence (or: devout and virtuous conduct; one who properly stands in awe of God) and by habit fearing God, along with all his household, constantly performing many acts of mercy and making lots of gifts that express [his] compassion to the people, as well as repeatedly making requests of God (or: from God) throughout all times and situations. 3 In the midst of a vision (a result of something seen) – just about the ninth hour of the day (three o'clock in the afternoon) – he clearly saw an agent of (or: messenger from) God entering toward (or: coming in, face to face with) him, and then saying to him, "Cornelius!" 4 So he, gazing intently at him and then coming to be in reverent fear, said, "What is it, sir (or: [my] lord)?" Now [the agent] replied, "Your prayers along with your gifts and acts of mercy ascended into a situation that has caused you not to be forgotten (or: unto a memorial or a remembrance) in a place facing (or: before; in front of) God. 5 "And so, at this time send adult men into Joppa and then send after (or: change the sending to summon) Simon, a certain man who in now surnamed Peter. 6 "This man is currently being entertained as a guest at the side of Simon, a tanner, for whom there is a house beside [the] sea (or: ocean)." 7 Now as soon as the agent (messenger) that had been speaking to him went away, upon summoning two of the household servants and a devout soldier (a warrior with well-directed reverence) of those being constantly in loyal attendance to him (or: regularly attached to his service), 8 and then leading them through a detailed narrative of all the things [that occurred], he sent them off on the mission, into Joppa. 9 Now the next day, while those [three] were in progress of traveling on the road and were presently drawing near to the city, Peter went up onto the housetop to pray (think and speak towards things being well) – [it was] about [the] sixth hour (about noon). 10 But he became very hungry – almost ravenous – and began desiring to at once taste (= eat) [something]. Now during their being in the midst of preparing [a meal], an ecstasy happened (an out-of-place state of being was birthed [p45 reads: came]) upon him, 11 and he is now – as a spectator – watching the sky (or: heaven; the atmosphere) – having been opened up – and in the process of descending [is] some container, like a large, fine linen sheet, being gradually but progressively lowered down onto the ground (or: Land; earth) by [its] four corners (extremities; origins; beginnings), 12 within the midst of which were continuing under [the directive, or, power] of [their] origin all the four-footed animals, as well as creeping things (perhaps: insects; reptiles) of the ground (or: land; earth) and flying creatures of the sky (or: atmosphere; heaven). 13 Then a voice was birthed to him (or: occurred, [directed] toward him), "After getting up (or: Upon arising), Peter, slaughter (or: sacrifice) and then at once eat [it]!" 14 But Peter said, "Not even one [of those], Sir (or: Lord; Master; or: = Yahweh?), because I never eat (or: ate) all [that is] common (= what is not set-apart as food for Israelites and is forbidden by the dietary rules of the Law) and unclean (meaning: ceremonially unclean)!" 15 Then again, a voice, forth from a second [one, saying] to him: "You are not to continue making, or considering, common [the] things which God cleansed (or: cleanses) and made (or: makes) clean!" 16 Now this happened on a third [time] (or: So this occurred three times), and immediately the container was taken back up again, into the sky (or: the atmosphere; heaven). 17 Now as Peter was continuing thoroughly perplexed (bewildered and at a loss, as when not knowing what road to take) within himself [as to] what the vision (or: sight) which he saw would likely be (= mean) – now look and consider this! – the men who had been sent off on the mission by Cornelius, after sorting out by making inquiry throughout [the town] and ascertaining [the location of] Simon's house, approached and stood by at the portal (or: vestibule; gateway). 18 Then calling out loudly, they kept inquiring if Simon – the one surnamed Peter – is still being entertained as a guest (or: continues lodging) in this place. 19 Now during Peter's repeatedly going through his feelings about the vision (what he saw), continuing engrossed in pondering the effects of that which was seen, the Breath-effect (or: Spirit) said to him, "Look, and take note! Three [B reads: Two] men are presently seeking you! 20 "But now, after getting up, you at once go downstairs (descend; climb down) then continue going you way together with them – doubting nothing and continuing in making no discrimination nor separating yourself in even one thing – because I Myself have commissioned them and sent them off on this mission." 21 So after walking downstairs to the men, Peter said, "Look, I myself am [the person] whom you are presently looking for. What [is] the cause for which you men are now present?" 22 So they said, "Cornelius – a centurion (army officer), a just, fair and equitable man who lives in accord with the way pointed out, as well as being habitually God-fearing, besides being a person constantly attested (reported by witnesses; = highly regarded) by the whole nation of the Judeans – was given useful and practical instructions on this matter, by a set-apart agent (or: sacred messenger): to send you over unto his house, and then to listen face-to-face to gush-effects of your spoken words and declarations (or: to [the] effects of the flow, at your side; or: = to hear in person what you have to say)." 23 Therefore, upon inviting them in, he entertained and lodged [them] as guests. So on the next day, after getting up, he went with them – and some of the brothers (= fellow believers) from Joppa accompanied him. 24 The following day (or: On the day after that) he entered into Caesarea. Cornelius, of course, was looking forward in anticipation for them, calling together to himself his relatives and the indispensable intimate friends. 25 So it happened as Peter was [about] to enter, Cornelius, upon meeting with (or: encountering; intercepting) him, in falling prostrate at [his] feet did obeisance (showed respect and offered homage) [to him]. 26 Yet Peter raised him up, while saying, "Get up (or: Stand up; Rise)! I myself also am the same as you – a human!" 27 And so, while continuing to converse with him, he entered and is then finding many people having come together and now assembled. 28 Thus he affirmed to them, "You folks continue well versed [in the fact] and are well aware of how illicit and inappropriate (forbidden by [our] Law and contrary to [our] established order) it is for an adult man [who is] a Jew (or: is of the Jewish culture) to be intimately joined to, or to regularly come to (or: visit and associate with), a man from another race. And yet God pointed out and demonstrated to me not to continue saying [that] even one human [is] common (= socially or ceremonially unhallowed or defiled) or unclean. 29 "Wherefore – and without speaking against it or debating the matter – I come (or: came), being sent over. I am now, therefore, inquiring to ascertain for what reason (or: to what word; matter; issue) you folks sent over for me." 30 Then Cornelius brought the matter to light: "Four days ago, exactly to this very hour, I was in the midst of thinking and speaking with a view toward having goodness and well-being (or: praying) within my house, at the ninth [hour] (three in the afternoon), and – now consider this! – an adult man (male human being) in bright, shining clothing stood before me 31 "and proceeds to utter, 'Cornelius, your thoughts, speech and deeds toward goodness and well-being (or: prayer) came into hearing (or: [entering] into the midst were heard; or: were listened into) and (or: even) your gifts, as well as acts, of mercy were remembered in God's sight and presence. 32 "'Therefore, send into Joppa and call over Simon, who is normally being surnamed Peter. This man is currently being lodged and entertained as a guest in the house of Simon, a tanner, by [the] sea.' 33 "Thereupon I immediately sent to you [D adds: urging you to come to us and help us], and you did beautifully (or: ideally) in [D adds: quickly] coming to be at [our] side. At this time, then, we ourselves are all present – in the sight and presence of God – to at once hear all the things having been commanded to you from, and now arranged for you by, the Lord [= Yahweh; p74, D & others read: God]." 34 At this Peter, opening his mouth said, " [Based] upon truth and reality, I continue grasping with force and fully receiving [understanding] that God is neither partial nor takes folks at face value (does not receive faces or appearances), 35 "but to the contrary, within every nation and ethnic group the person habitually reverencing and fearing Him, as well as repeatedly doing works and performing acts that have the qualities and character of fairness, equity, justice and rightwised relationships which accord with the way pointed out (= covenant principles) is and continues being welcome and acceptable to Him. 36 "He sent forth the Logos (the Word; the Idea; the Thought; the Reason; the message) to, and then in and by the sons of Israel – repeatedly announcing the good new of ease and well-being: peace through Jesus Christ ([the] Anointed One). This One is Lord (Master) of all humans, and Owner of all things! 37 "You yourselves have seen and thus know the thing happening (coming to be) – [the] result of the flow (or: spoken word; or: = the subject talked about) [going] down through the whole of the Judean [district], beginning from Galilee, after the immersion (or: baptism) which John, as a herald, publicly proclaimed – 38 "Jesus, the One from Nazareth – even as how God anointed Him with [a/the] set-apart Breath-effect (or: Holy Spirit; Sacred Attitude) even for (or: and with) power and ability – Who went throughout repeatedly doing works bringing goodness, ease and well-being, as well as constantly healing all the folks being continuously held down under power (tyrannized and oppressed) by the one that casts things through folks (the accuser, slanderer, adversary)... because God was with Him. 39 "And we ourselves [are] witnesses of all [the] things which He did (and: performed; produced), both within the country of the Judeans, and in Jerusalem – Whom also they lifted up and assassinated, hanging [Him] upon a wooden pole (or: stake; tree). 40 "This Man (or: Person) God raised up on (or: in; [D reads: after]) [the] third day, and He gave (or: gives) Him to become (or: be birthed) visible within the midst – 41 "not among all the people, but rather among witnesses (or: disclosed – not to all the people, but rather to folks giving evidence) having been previously hand-picked and elected by God – in us (or: to us) who ate and drank together with Him, after the [occasion for] Him to stand back up (rise again) out from the midst of dead folks. 42 "And He passed along the directive (the announced instructions) for us to publicly proclaim, as heralds – to, and among, the people – and to certify at once, by personal evidence, and to give testimony as witnesses that this Man is and continues being the very One having been definitely marked out and specified by God [as] He who decides ([the] Evaluator; a Separator for making decisions; Judge) concerning presently living folks, and currently dead people. 43 "To this Man (or: Person) all the prophets (those who had light ahead of time) continue bearing witness, giving testimony and presenting evidence: through His Name, everyone making it a habit to place their trust into Him and continue believing with [their focus] into the midst of Him is to at once receive a sending away of mistakes (a divorce from failures; a cancellation of errors; a forgiveness of sins; a flowing off of deviations)." 44 During the middle of Peter's still speaking these gush-effects and results of the flow (or: declarations), the set-apart Breath-effect (or: the Holy Spirit; the Sacred Wind) fell upon all the folks presently listening to and hearing the Logos (the message; the Word). 45 Then the trusting (full of faith and loyal) folks from among [the] Circumcision (= those of the Jewish culture and religion) who came with Peter "stood out of themselves" in shocked amazement, that the free gift (the gratuity) of (or: which is) the set-apart Breath-effect (the Holy Spirit) had been poured out upon the nations (the ethnic multitudes; the non-Jews) as well, 46 for you see, they kept on hearing them continuously and repeatedly speaking with tongues (in languages; by ecstatic glottal utterances) and repeatedly magnifying (speaking great things about) God. 47 At that point Peter gave a decisive and insightful response: "Not anything or anyone continues able (or: now has power) to cut off the water [so that] any of these is not to be immersed (baptized) at once – these who received the set-apart Breath-effect (or: Holy Spirit), even as we ourselves [have]!" 48 So he at once gave instruction toward arranging for them to be immersed within the Name of Jesus Christ (or: [the] Anointed Jesus). At that point they requested him to stay on and remain some (or: certain; = a few more) days.

1 Peter 1:1

1 Peter, one sent with a mission pertaining to Jesus Christ (or: an emissary and representative of, and from, [the] Anointed Jesus), to selected and picked out exiles (or: alien residents; sojourners; expatriates; strangers residing in a country not your own) of [the] dispersion (or: from a scattering; of [the] Diaspora), temporarily living beside residents of Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, the province of Asia, and Bithynia,

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