Bible verses about "partying" | JMNT

Ephesians 5:1

1 Keep on becoming (or: Progressively come to be), then, imitators (those made exactly alike so as to portray, express and represent by means of imitation) of God, as beloved (or: like loveable) children,

2 Timothy 2:22

22 So repeatedly take flight away from the youthful (juvenile; adolescent) over-desires (or: rushing upon innovative things; or: full passions for revolutionary or modern wants), yet constantly run after and steadily pursue justice (fair and equitable dealings, in rightwised relationships corresponding to the Way pointed out; also = covenant participation), faith (trust; fidelity), love [and] peace, together with all those persistently (repeatedly; habitually) calling upon the Lord [= Yahweh or Christ] from out of a clean heart.

Galatians 5:16

16 So I continue saying, be habitually walking about (= living your life) in spirit (or: by [the] Spirit; with a Breath-effect), and you should under no circumstance (or: would by no means) bring to fruition (carry to its goal; end up with; bring to maturity) the full rushing passion (the over-desire; craving) originating in flesh (= pertaining to the estranged human nature, or the self which has been dominated by a system of culture or religion; or: corresponding to flesh- [righteousness]; belonging to [a religious system] of flesh-works).

Galatians 5:13

13 For you folks were called upon the foundation of (on the basis of; for the purpose of) freedom, [my] brothers. Only not (or: Just not) the freedom [which is leading] into a starting point (or: unto an opportunity, occasion or incentive; to a base of operation) for (to; in; by; with) the flesh [comment: = circumcision with the flesh ordinances and ceremonial laws of Judaism; or: = personal license for the estranged human nature], but to the contrary, through the Love [agape: cf vs. 6b, above] be continuously slaving for one another (serving and performing the duties of a slave to each other).

1 Timothy 5:23

23 No longer continue being a water-drinker, but rather, habitually make use of a little wine because of your throat (or: orifice of the stomach; neck of the bladder) and your thick (or: close together, firm, solid) or frequent weaknesses (deficiencies in strength; infirmities; sicknesses [note: this may have been a bladder ailment cause by the local water, causing frequent urination]).

1 Peter 4:2

2 [and comes] into the [condition or situation] to no longer live out the additional remaining course [of his] time within [the] flesh (= in the natural realm) in the midst of (or: in union with) [the] full passions (or: for [the] over-desires; to [the] rushings of emotions upon things) of humans (or: pertaining to or originating in mankind), but to the contrary, in God's will (or: for God's intent; to God's purpose).

James 4:4

4 Adulterers and adulteresses (= Folks unfaithful to Christ or God as your husband)! Have you not seen, and are you not aware, that the System's friendship (the affection whose source is this world of religion, secular culture, economy and government) is a source of enmity with God (or: hostility and active hatred with regard to God; [Aleph reads: exists being alienation to God])? Whoever, then, may have been made to want (to intend; to purpose) to be the System's (or: world's) friend is continuing to be established (habitually set down; progressively rendered or constituted) [as] God's alienated and hostile person.

1 Peter 4:3

3 For the time having gone by [is] sufficient (= you have spent enough time, in the past,) to have accomplished (to have worked down and effected) the thing desired by (or: the intention of) the multitudes (the nations; the swarms of ethnic groups living together; the non-Jews; the Gentiles), having gone from place to place in indecent and licentious debaucheries (deeds of loose conduct), in rushing passions and over-desires, in excesses bubbling over with wine, in carousing and festive processions, in drinking parties, and in forbidden (i.e., illegal in respect to the natural laws of reason, conscience and common decency) idolatries (or: being a servant to or worshiping external forms or appearances, phantoms of the mind, unsubstantial or reflected images, or conveyed impressions),

Romans 12:2

2 And stop constantly conforming yourselves to (or, as passive: So then, quit being repeatedly molded by, fashioned for or patterned together with) this age [with other MSS: and not to be continuously configured to this age, or not to constantly remodel yourself for this age], but on the contrary, be progressively transformed (transfigured; changed in form and semblance) by the renewing (or: in the renewal; for the making-back-up-new again) of your mind [with other MSS: from The Mind; of the intellect; pertaining to the faculties of perceiving and understanding; of the mindset, disposition, inner orientation and world view] into the [situation and condition for] you folks to be habitually examining in order to be testing and, after scrutiny, distinguishing and approving what [is] God's will (design; purpose; resolve; intent): the good and well-pleasing, even perfect (finished, complete and destined)! (or: = the thing [that is] virtuous, satisfying and able to succeed in its purpose.)

Romans 13:13-14

13 As within [the] Day, we should (may; can) walk about (= live our lives) respectably (reputably; decently; with good form; mannerly; pleasing to look upon; presentably) – not in festive processions (or: orgies; revelries; excessive feastings; carousing) and collective drunkenness (intoxications); nor in beds (i.e., sexual interludes) and outrageous behaviors (vice; loose conduct; indecencies); not in strife (or: contentious disposition) and in jealousy (or: envy) – 14 but rather, you folks must clothe yourselves with (or: enter within and put on) the Lord, Jesus Christ, and stop (or: do not continue) making forethought (constructing provision; planning ahead; performing provident care) into excessive desires of the flesh (= into rushing upon emotions which pertain to the inner self or the estranged humanity; = into the setting of feelings and longings upon something of the human nature that is oriented to the System).

Galatians 1:10

10 Come now, am I at the present moment habitually appealing to humans, or God? (or: am I right now constantly trying to convince and persuade mankind, or God ?) Or, am I repeatedly seeking to keep on pleasing and accommodating people (humans)? If I had been still continuing to please and accommodate people (mankind), I would not have been being Christ's slave.

Ephesians 5:15-17

15 Be continuously observing exactly (or: accurately), then, brothers (= fellow believers; members of the Family), how you habitually walk about [or, with other MSS: Be continually observing, then, how accurately you are conducting yourselves]: not as unwise folks, but rather as wise ones, 16 making it a habit [to be] intensively buying-out for yourselves (as at a market, exhausting the supply; redeeming; reclaiming) the season (fitting situation; opportunity; fertile moment), because the days (= present times) are of a bad quality (or: a gush of misery; unsound; harmful; or: in a sorry plight; or: toilsome). 17 On account of this, stop becoming (or: Do not continually come to be) foolish ones (folks not having common sense; people without reflection or intelligence; imprudent ones; thoughtless and inattentive folks), but rather, be constantly understanding (sending your perceptions together to comprehend) what [is] the will (result of the resolve; determination of what shall be done; design; effect of the purpose) of the Lord (= Christ or Yahweh; [other MSS: God; Christ]). 18 And stop being made drunk (or: Do not be continuously made intoxicated) by wine, within which exists the disposition of one having no hope of safety (unsavingness; dissipation and ill health; desperation), but rather be continuously or repeatedly filled full in spirit (within [the] Spirit; within the midst of [the] Breath-effect; in the sphere of attitude; in union with [the] Breath), 19 Now the works (actions; deeds) of the flesh [religion] (or: = whose source and origin are the estranged human nature; or: pertaining to the flesh [system, or, nature]; or: = whose results and realm are the self in slavery to a system) [are] seen and made apparent in clear light, which are, and continue being, the works of a prostitute (or: [the] Prostitute): uncleanness (or: waste or worthless material, as of decayed flesh; a never-pruned tree; material that has not been sifted), excess (immoderation; outrageous behavior), 20 idolatry (being a servant to or worshiping external forms or appearances, phantoms of the mind, unsubstantial or reflected images, or conveyed impressions) sorcery (employment of drugs and enchantments; magic rites; witchcraft), hostilities (enmities; alienations), strife (contentious disposition), jealousies (or: zealous emotions), stirring emotions (rushing passions; furies), factions, standings-apart (divisions), sects (religious denominations; parties with a particular opinion; the making of choices from preferences), 21 envies, murders, intoxications (times of being drunk), festal processions (or: excessive feastings), and things like to these [whether religious, or personal], which things I continue predicting (saying beforehand; or: = giving warning) to you folks, just as I said before, that those habitually practicing (or: performing) such [religious, or personal,] things will not be inheriting (receiving and enjoying a distributed allotment of) God's reign (kingdom; sovereign influence and activities).

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