Bible verses about "paranoia" | JMNT

Romans 8:28

28 Now [look], we have seen, and thus know and are aware, that to those habitually or progressively loving God – to the folks being called and invited according to [the] purpose (or: for, in and with the people progressively experiencing love for God – in, with, by and for the people being invited down from an advanced placing, congruent with a design and corresponding to a before-placing and a prior setting forth) – He is constantly working all things together into good and is progressively working all humanity together into that which is advantageous, worthy of admiration, noble and of excellent qualities. [with other MSS: Yet we know that God is continuously joining everything together (or: working together with everything) into goodness by those continuously loving God'85]

1 Corinthians 13:7

7 [Love] continuously covers all mankind; it is habitually loyal to all humanity; it constantly has an expectation for all mankind; it is continuously remaining under and giving support to all people. (or, since “all” can also be neuter: It progressively puts a protecting roof over all things; it is habitually trusting in, and believing for, all things; it is continually hoping in or for all things; it keeps on patiently enduring all things.)

Philippians 4:7

7 and God's peace (= shalom; or: and so the harmony which is God), which is continuously having a hold over (is habitually holding sway over; or: is constantly being superior and excelling by having it over) all mind and inner sense (or: every intellect; all power of comprehension; or: all process of thinking), will continue garrisoning (guarding; standing sentinel over) your hearts and the results of thinking (thoughts; reasonings; understandings; effects from directing the mind on something; or: dispositions; designs; purposes; effects of perceptions; [p16 adds: and bodies]), within, and in union with, Christ Jesus [p46: {the} Lord Jesus].

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

16 Be continuously rejoicing – always (or: = Find joy in every [situation]; Always express constant joy)! 17 Continuously think, speak and act with a view toward having well-being and goodness – unceasingly (or: By habit be praying unintermittingly). 18 Within the midst of everything, be continuously giving thanks (or: In union with all people, be habitually expressing the goodness of grace and the well-being from favor), for this is God's intent (will, purpose) unto you in Christ Jesus (or: [proceeding] into the midst of you folks, in union with [the] Anointed Jesus).

Romans 8:15

15 For you folks did (or: do) not receive again a spirit of slavery to fear (or: get slavery’s spirit or breath-effect again, unto fear; or: take an attitude which personifies being a slave [in Egypt or under the Law, leading] into fear again), but rather you received a spirit of being placed as a son (or: a Breath-effect which set you in the position of a son; or: you receive an attitude of one having been adopted [in accord with Greek or Roman law]), within which (or: in union with Whom) we are habitually crying out, “Abba (Dad), O Father!”

2 Corinthians 10:3-5

3 For though habitually walking about and ordering our behavior within [the] flesh (= in a physical body; or: = in the human condition), we are not waging warfare (or: performing military service) in correspondence and accord to flesh (= on the level of estranged or enslaved humanity, or in line with human condition; or: = in the sphere of old covenant Jewish reasonings), 4 for you see, the tools and weapons of our military service and warfare [are] not fleshly (= do not pertain to our human condition; [“are not the weapons of the Domination System” – Walter Wink]), but rather, [are] powerful ones and capable ones in God (or: by God), [focused] toward [the] pulling down (demolition) of effects of fortifications (or: strongholds; strongly entrenched positions [of the “Domination System” – Walter Wink, Engaging the Powers]), 5 progressively tearing down and demolishing conceptions (concepts; the effects of thoughts, calculations, imaginations, reasonings and reflections) and every height (or: high position; high-effect) and lofty [attitude, purpose or obstacle] that is habitually lifting itself up against (or: elevating itself up on so as to put down) the intimate and experiential knowledge of God, and then taking captive every thought – one after another – and leading them prisoner into the hearing obedience of the Christ (or: the humble attentive listening, which comes from the Anointed One; or: the submissive paying attention, which is the Anointing),

Ephesians 6:10-20

10 Of the remainder (or: Finally), be constantly empowering yourselves within (engendering ability within yourselves), centered in and in union with [the] Lord [= Christ or Yahweh] even within, and in union with, the force (or: strength) of His might (or: the mightiness of His strength and forcefulness): 11 you folks must enter within (or: clothe yourselves with) the full suit of armor and implements of war (panoply; the complete equipment for men-at-arms) which is God (or: which comes from and belongs to God), in order for you to be continuously able and powerful to stand (or: to make a stand) facing toward the crafty methods (stratagems) of the adversary (or: that which throws folks into dualism with divided thinking and perceptions; or: the person that throws something through the midst and casts division; the one who thrusts things through folks; the slanderer who accuses and deceives; or, commonly called: the "devil"), 12 because for us [other MSS: for you] the wrestling is not against (toward; with a view to) blood and flesh (= physical bodies), but rather against (toward; i.e., "face to face" with) the beginning controls and rules (or: original rulings; or: rulers and controllers; governments; those things or people in first position; the beginning things or people; the original ones; the princes) and face to face with the rights and privileges (or: liberties to do as one pleases; or: authorities; or: aspects from out of existence), with a view to the strengths of the System (or: strengths of the order; or: universal powers; the world's strong-ones) of this darkness (realm of shadows, gloom and dimness; [comment: = ignorance]), facing (toward; or: with a view to) the spiritual aspects (or: breath-effected attitudes; or: conditions and qualities of a spirit) of the worthlessness (the badness of conditions; the unsoundness and miserableness; the wickedness and depravity; the evil and malice; the disadvantageousness; the unprofitableness; the thing that brings toilsome labor and a gush of misery) among those situated upon elevated positions (or: situated within the heavenly positions or places; among the imposed heavenly realms; positioned in union with the celestials and heavenly ones; resident within the midst of added atmospheres). [note: this verse could be speaking about the ruling authorities of the religious world of ignorance, with its now worthless sacrifices, or, about the political system of darkened strength which was currently in power, bringing bad situations; Walter Wink, in Engaging the Powers, uses the phrase against suprahuman systems and forces for part of this verse] 13 On account of this, you folks receive back again (or: at once take up) the full suit of armor (panoply; implements of war) which is God (or: which belongs to and has its source in God), to the end that you would have powerand be able to withstand and resist (to stand opposite, over against as facing an opponent; or: stand in [other folks'] place, instead of [them]) within the harmful and misery-gushed day (or: the day of bad conditions), and then accomplishing all (achieving and effecting everything [the whole]), to stand firm. 14 You folks stand (or: at once take your stand), then, after girding yourselves aroundyour waist (or: loins) in union with Truth and within the midst of Reality, and then, entering within (putting on; clothing yourself with) the breastplate armor (cuirass; corslet) of fair and equitable dealing (or: which is the rightwised relationships of the Way pointed out; the Righteousness; the Justice; also = covenant inclusion and participation), 15 and next sandaling (or: binding under) the feet in readiness and preparedness which comes from, has the character of and which belongs to the good news (or: message of goodness, ease and well-being) of the Peace (or: which are peace and harmony [= shalom]) 16 within all things and situations (or: in union with all people) [be] at once receiving again (or: taking back up) the large oblong shield of the Faith (or: Trust; Confidence; Faithfulness; Assurance; Loyalty), within which you will continue having powerand be progressively ableto extinguish all the fiery arrows of and from the worthless person (or: evil one; unsound and miserable situation; disadvantageous and unprofitable condition; malicious and depraved attitude; toilsome labor that is gushed with misery). 17 And at once accept (or: receive and retain) for yourselves the helmet of the Deliverance (or: which comes from the Salvation; that belongs to health and wholeness; which is the restoration to the original realm and condition) and the Spirit's sword (the short sword from the Attitude; or: the dagger which is spirit; the dirk which is the Breath-effect) the one being God's gush-effect (or: which is the result of the flow from God; the one existing [as] a result of a flux or an effect of a continuous movement, the source of which is God; or: which is a spoken Word of God; or: that being an utterance or declaration which is God). 18 By means of all thought, desire or imparted message toward having things be well (or: Through every prayer) and request (or: declaration) regarding need, [be] folks continuously thinking, speaking and acting toward goodness and well-being (or: praying) within every season (in union with every fitting situation; on every occasion; in the midst of every fertile moment) within and in union with [the] Spirit (Breath-effect; Attitude), while maintaining a constant alertness (or: in spirit being constantly vigilant and abstaining from sleep), also, to that end, in all focus to unremitting and stout continuance (or: in union with every view to resolute, potent perseverance which brings control) and request regarding need concerning (or: surrounding) all of the set-apart folks (holy ones; saints; sacredly different people), 19 and further, in behalf of me, so that to me a word (or: message; thought; idea; logos) would be given, in the midst of opening my mouth in freedom of speaking openly in public and with the boldness and rights of a citizen, to make known the secret (or: mystery) of the good news (or: which is the message of goodness, ease and well-being), 20 over which I am an old man in a manacle (or: on behalf of which I continue performing the duties of an elder and an ambassador in a chain!) to the end that within Him (or: it) I may speak freely (or: in public, boldly as a citizen), as it is necessary for me to speak.

Hebrews 13:6

6 so that we, being constantly cheerfully courageous, [are able] to be habitually saying, "The Lord [= Yahweh] [is] a Helper (One who runs to the aid of those who cry for help) for, to and with me, and I shall not continue fearing (or: proceed to be afraid). What shall a human proceed to do to me (make for me; accomplish in me; perform for me)?" [Ps. 118:6]

1 John 4:18

18 Fear does not exist within the Love, but rather perfect love (mature love; love having reached its goal) repeatedly (habitually; progressively) throws the fear outside, because the fear constantly has and holds a pruning (a curtailment; a checking; restraint; a lopping off – thus, a correction). But the one habitually fearing or dreading has not been perfected within the Love (has not been brought to the destined goal of maturity – in union with love).

2 Timothy 1:7

7 for you see, God does not give to us (or: did not supply for us) a spirit of cowardice (or: a Breath-effect or attitude of timidity in us), but rather [a spirit and attitude] of ability and of power, as well as of love and of soundness in frame of mind (of wholeness in thinking; of healthiness of attitude; of sanity; of sensibility; of controlled reasonableness; of rational moderation; anatomically: of a saved diaphragm).

Philippians 4:6-7

6 Do not be habitually worried, anxious or overly concerned about anything! On the contrary, in everything (and: within every situation), by thinking and speaking toward having goodness and having things go well and with ease (or: in prayer) and in expression of need – together with thanksgiving – repeatedly let your requests be made known to (toward; face to face with) God, 7 and God's peace (= shalom; or: and so the harmony which is God), which is continuously having a hold over (is habitually holding sway over; or: is constantly being superior and excelling by having it over) all mind and inner sense (or: every intellect; all power of comprehension; or: all process of thinking), will continue garrisoning (guarding; standing sentinel over) your hearts and the results of thinking (thoughts; reasonings; understandings; effects from directing the mind on something; or: dispositions; designs; purposes; effects of perceptions; [p16 adds: and bodies]), within, and in union with, Christ Jesus [p46: {the} Lord Jesus].

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