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Mark 1:1-45

1 A beginning of the good news, which is Jesus Christ, God's Son (or: [The] beginning of the message of ease and wellness which pertains to and has its source in Jesus Christ – Son of God). 2 In accord with what has been written in Isaiah the prophet [other MSS: in the prophets]: "Look and consider! I, Myself, am periodically sending forth My agent (messenger) on a mission – before Your face – who will progressively construct (build; furnish; equip; put in readiness) Your road (Way; path). [Mal. 3:1] 3 "A voice! One repeatedly crying out (shouting; exulting; exclaiming; imploring): 'Within the midst of the wilderness (desert; desolate place; abandoned and uninhabited region) you folks at once prepare and make ready the road of [the] Lord (the path whose source is [Yahweh]; the Way whose character is that of, and which pertains to, [the] Owner [= Yahweh])! Be progressively constructing (or: Make it a habit of making) His highway (thoroughfare) well-placed and straight.'" (or: "A sound! One is continuously crying out within the midst of the desert: ... ") [Isa. 40:3] 4 John – the one habitually baptizing (immersing; dipping) – came into the scene within the wilderness (or: came to be in the uninhabited area of the desert), repeatedly heralding the proclamation of a baptism (an immersion) which signifies, is connected to, and has the characteristics of a change of thinking [= recognition of being headed in the wrong direction] (a change of perception, frame of mind and mode of thought; a change of understanding; = a new attitude involving trust and obedience) and a turning back [to Yahweh, which leads] into an abandoning of and divorcing from failures (a sending-away of errors; a letting-go of sins; a release from and a dismissal of mistakes; a letting-flow-away of situations where the target was missed). 5 And all the Judean territory (province; region; country) – even all the people of Jerusalem – kept on traveling out to him in a steady stream, [to be] face to face with him, and were one by one being immersed (baptized) by him within the midst of the Jordan River, while they were continuing in openly confessing-out and acknowledging their failures (mistakes; errors; sins; times of being out of line and falling short of the goal). 6 Now John was by habit being one who had dressed himself in a garment woven of camel's hair with a leather belt (or: a girdle made of an animal skin) around his waist and loins, and was customarily eating locusts (or: [dried] grasshoppers) and wild honey [as his food]. 7 And he had kept on making a loud public proclamation, as a herald, repeatedly saying, "Behind me the One (or: the Man) stronger than me is progressively approaching (steadily coming) – of Whom I am not (do not exist being) of adequate size or sufficient strength to be competent to, while stooping down, loose and unfasten the strap (thong; lace) of His sandals. 8 "I myself, indeed, immerse (or: baptized) you folks within water, yet He Himself will proceed immerse and saturating (or: baptizing) you in a set-apart spirit (or: within [the] Holy Spirit; within a Holy Wind; in a set-apart Breath-effect; in union with a sacred attitude)." 9 And within the course of those days it occurred [that] Jesus came from Nazareth, of the Galilee [district], and was immersed into (baptized in) the Jordan by John. 10 Then immediately, while stepping back up straight from out of the water, He saw (perceived & became aware of) the atmosphere and sky (or: the heavens) being progressively split and torn apart, so as to be divided, and the Breath-effect (the Spirit; the Wind; the Attitude) – as a dove (or: pigeon) – progressively descending into Him! [with other MSS: progressively stepping down and continuously remaining upon Him.] 11 And a Voice was birthed (or: a sound occurred) from out of the midst of the heavens (or: [torn] atmospheres; or: = the sky and outer space; or = the realms of God's presence; or = the holy places of the realms of spirit): "You Yourself are (or: continue being; habitually exist being) My Son – the Beloved One! I seem at ease and appear well and prosperous in union with and within the midst of You (or: I delight in You; I think and imagine ease and wellness within You; I am well-pleased and approve in You)!" 12 Then immediately (straightway; directly; without delay) the Breath-effect (the Spirit; the Wind; the Attitude) progressively impels Him forth out into the midst of the wilderness (the uninhabited, desolate desert), 13 and He continued being within the midst of the wilderness forty days and was constantly being with the little (small) wild animals, being repeatedly (or: constantly) examined and put to the proof by [various] attempts in tests, ordeals and trials by (under [the influence of]) the adversary (satan). And yet agents (messengers) had kept on giving attending service and support to (or: in; or: provision for) Him. 14 Now, after the handing over of John (or: the [situation for] John to be given out of hand [to be arrested and imprisoned]), Jesus came (or: went) into the Galilee [district], continuously heralding God's good news (or: the message of goodness, ease and wellness which is God and which pertains to God and has its source in God) in a loud, public proclamation, 15 and constantly saying, "The season and appointed situation has been fulfilled (The fertile moment has been filled up and now continues full and is now ripe) and God's kingdom (the reigning and ruling of God as King; God's activity of exercising sovereignty) has approached and is now near at hand and is close enough to touch (= has arrived and is now accessible)! You folks be progressively and continuously changing your thinking – change your perceptions, frame of mind, mode of thought and understanding; change your direction and turn back [toward God]and be progressively believing while constantly placing your trust in the good news (the message of goodness, ease and wellness)!" 16 And while passing along beside (= walking alongside) the Sea of (or: Lake) Galilee, He saw and perceived Simon and Andrew the brother of Simon, repeatedly envelope-casting [their] purse net (a large, circular fishing net) in the sea, for they were fishermen (those who earned their living by catching fish). 17 And Jesus said to them, "Hither, you [two] come on behind Me (= follow after Me and join Me), and I will proceed making you to become fishers of human beings (of people)!" 18 So at once, abandoning the fishing nets, they followed Him (walked the same path with Him). 19 Next, upon stepping forward a little, he saw Jacob (= James), the [son] of Zebedee, and John, his brother, and perceived them while [at work] within the boat, putting the nets in order (i.e., mending, adjusting, cleaning and folding them – making ready for the next use in fishing), 20 so at once He called out to them ([i.e., presuming that the boat was off in the water]; or: Then He suddenly invited them). And after abandoning their father, Zebedee, within the boat with the hired men, they went off behind (= followed after) Him. 21 Later they continued traveling on and entered into Capernaum. Then on [one of] the sabbaths, immediately upon entering into the synagogue, He, as was His habit, began teaching. 22 Now they became increasingly astounded and continued being progressively bewildered, so as to be completely amazed – even lost in admiration – at His content and manner of teaching, for He was progressively teaching them as one continuously possessing authority (holding and having the right from out of Being; = from out of Who He was) – and not as the scribes (scholars; experts in the Law; = ordained theologians). 23 Also within their synagogue, there was just then a man in union with an unclean spirit (or: within the midst of an impure mood and a foul, unpruned attitude; in the sphere of influence of a contaminated breath, or an unpurged blowing), and he momentarily shouts (screams; or: cried out), 24 in saying, "Ah! What business have you with us (or: What [is there in common] for us and for you; Why do you meddle with us), Jesus, [you] Nazarene? You came (or: Do you come ...?) to destroy us! I have seen to know [other MSS: We now know] you – who you are: God's set-apart one (or: the Holy One of God; the set-apart one whose source is God; or, as a genitive of apposition: the Holy One who is God)!" 25 And Jesus spoke seriously but respectfully to him, adding a penalty (or: Jesus respectfully charged it; or: Jesus appraised him and assessed a penalty, assigning a punishment upon him; or: Jesus strongly speaks to him in reproof {censure, reprimand, or strict enjoining}), in saying, "Be muzzled (= Be silent) and go (or: come) forth from out of the midst of him at once!" 26 So momentarily convulsing him (pulling him to and fro), the unclean spirit (or: mood; attitude) – also uttering a great sound (exclaiming or screaming in a loud voice) – at once went forth from out of the midst of him. 27 Now everyone was startled and amazed (or: suddenly filled with fearful astonishment; or: = at once swept over with admiration), so as to keep on inquiring of one another (discussing [the incident] among themselves), repeatedly saying, "What is this? Fresh and effective teaching that is new in kind and character, corresponding to authority (or: in the sphere of privilege from within the Being)! He is even proceeding to assign a place upon (set an arrangement upon) the unclean spirits, and they are continuing to submissively hear and obey him." (or: "This is some new and novel teaching! In accord with authority, and backed up by the right to, he now gives orders to the impure motives, moods and attitudes – and in submission they proceed to obey him!") 28 And so His report (or: the rumor about Him) went forth at once everywhere (in all places) into the whole country around the Galilee [district; region]. 29 Then they went straight out of the synagogue, with Jacob (James), into the house (home) of Simon and Andrew. 30 Now Simon's mother-in-law had for some time been bedridden and was still lying down continuing sick with a burning fever, and they at once began telling Him about her. 31 So upon approaching and facing her, He, taking a strong hold on her hand, raised her up, and the fever suddenly flowed away and abandoned (or: left) her, and she began giving attending service to them. 32 Now with evening's arriving (coming to birth), when the sun set, they began and kept on in a steady stream bringing and carrying to Him all those continuing to hold badly (= having an illness; = possessing a poor quality of life and a worthless condition) – even those (or: as well as those) being habitually affected by demons [note: a Hellenistic word and concept; = animistic influences] – 33 and the whole city was eventually there, having gathered together right at, and facing, the door. 34 So He tended, attentively served, gave treatment to, began therapy with, prescribed ongoing treatment for, or cured and healed many folks who were continuing to hold badly (= having a poor condition) with (or: in; by) various kinds of sicknesses and diseases, and He threw (or: cast; drove) many demons [= what was attributed to animistic influences] from out of the midst, and He kept on refusing the demons (= influences) permission to continue speaking, because (or: in that) the folks (or: they) had come to see, and perceive, Him to be Christ (or: anointed; [other MSS omit "to be Christ," so read: they had seen and knew Him]). 35 And early one morning, rising very early while it was still dark, He came forth [outside] and went away into a desolate, out-of-the-way place, and there He began and continued praying (thinking with a view toward goodness and well-being; = talking to God). 36 However, Simon and those with him tracked Him down (hunted Him out) 37 and found Him, and then proceed saying to Him, "Everyone is now trying to find You (or: They all continue seeking You)." 38 So He is then saying to them, "We should keep on going somewhere else (or: Let us continue leading on elsewhere), into the next adjoining and nearby (or: neighboring) unwalled country towns and villages, so that I can herald and publicly proclaim the message there also, for into this [mission and purpose] I am gone forth (or: I came out)." 39 And He came (or: went) into their synagogues – into [the] whole [region of] the Galilee [area] – constantly heralding (loudly publicly announcing) as well as repeatedly throwing out the demons [Hellenistic concept and term: = animistic influences]. 40 There also is progressively coming toward Him, [to be] face-to-face with Him, a leper (one who has some variety of various skin diseases), repeatedly entreating (imploring) Him to come to his side to give him aid and encouragement, and then proceeding to kneel down, is repeatedly saying to Him, "If you should will it – and would from reason continue intending – you continue able and have the power to cleanse and make me clean." 41 Now Jesus, being instantly moved with compassion in His inward being [other MSS: emotionally swelling internally from His natural disposition and movement of soul; or: filled with warm indignation], instantly stretching out His hand, touches him, even as He continues in saying to him, "I continually will it and am habitually intending to! Be at once cleansed and made clean!" 42 And so immediately the leprosy (skin disease) went off and away from him, and he was at once cleansed and made clean. 43 And then, inwardly snorting (possibly: = muttering) at him with powerful emotion, He at once thrust him out from the midst, 44 and continues by saying to him, "See [the situation]. You should tell nothing to anyone [at all], but rather, begin to withdraw, then continuing to go off, show (display; exhibit) yourself to the priest, and bear forward the offering of the things which Moses set forth in order (arranged and gave forth instruction; directed) – concerning your cleansing – [directed] into a testimony for and witness to them." 45 Yet after going out, the man started (began) to repeatedly proclaim and loudly herald a great deal in public and to spread abroad the account, with the result that [it was] no longer possible [for] Him to continue to enter openly into a town, but to the contrary He continued being outside, upon desolate (uninhabited and unfrequented) places. And yet, people kept on coming to Him from all sides (or: all parts; everywhere).

1 Peter 2:9

9 Yet you folks [are] "a picked-out (selected; chosen) offspring (family; kin; lineage; race; species; breed) [Isa. 43:20; Deut. 7:6], a royal (kingly; palace) priesthood [Ex. 19:6; Isa. 61:6], a set-apart (holy; different) multitude (company; nation; body of people living together; swarm; association; ethnic group; caste; [Ex. 19:6; note: implies a sacred life]), a people constructed into an encirclement (made into a surrounding structure; set as a perimeter; made into a performance about [Him]; formed around as an acquisition; gathered into a surrounding [flock])" [Isa. 43:21; Ex. 19:5] – so that you may tell forth the message of (or: out-message; publish; declare abroad) the excellencies and qualities of nobleness (virtues of braveness, courage, good character, quality, self-restraint, magnificence, benevolence, reliability) of and from the One calling you out of darkness (gloomy dimness; the realm of shadows and obscurity) into the midst of His wonderful (marvelous; amazing) light [p72 reads: into the wonderful Light],

1 Peter 3:15-16

15 Now "you folks set [the] Lord [= Yahweh] – the Anointed One – apart (or: Yet, let the Lord Christ be set-apart)" [Isa. 8:13], within your hearts! (or: So, treat the Anointed Owner as holy, in the core of your beings), always ready (ever prepared) toward a defense to everyone – for the one repeatedly asking you for a word (i.e., a rational explanation and a logical response) about the expectation within you folks – but still with gentleness (tenderness; meekness; kindness) and deep respect (or: serious caution; reverence; [the] fear [of the Lord]), 16 habitually holding a good conscience (or: having a virtuous joint-knowing, from possessing a clear joined-perception), so that those, having a habit of spitefully abusing and harassing your good behavior (or: conduct; way of life) within, and in union with, Christ, may be brought to shame and disgrace relating to that within which you folks are constantly being defamed (spoken down against).

Acts 20:28

28 "Continue holding focused toward and taking attentive care – to and for yourselves, as well as for all the little flock among whom the Set-apart Breath-effect Itself (or: the Holy Spirit Himself) set you folks [as] ones who look around over people for their welfare and oversee situations – to be continuously (or: habitually) acting as shepherds of God's [other MSS: {the} Lord's {= Christ's or Yahweh's}] called-out community which He built as a surrounding for Himself (or: made to encompass Himself), through (or: by means of) His own blood.

Matthew 10:7-14

7 "Now as you are traveling on your way, be constantly performing the work of a herald, repeatedly saying publicly that the reigning and activity of exercising the sovereignty of the heavens (or: kingdom of the atmospheres) has drawn near and is close enough to touch (= has arrived and is now accessible)! 8 "Be constantly serving, curing and restoring to health (or: giving attentive care to and treatment for) those who are habitually weak, feeble and inadequate. Habitually be rousing and raising up dead people. Be continually cleansing lepers (scabby folks). Make it a habit to cast out demons (Hellenistic concept and term: = animistic influences). You folks receive (or: received) freely (as a gift; = without cost), [so] give freely (as a gift; = without charge). 9 "You should not be procuring or acquiring gold, nor yet silver, nor even copper [i.e., no pocket money] into your belts or girdle purses. 10 " [Take] no beggar's pouch (or: food bag; or: traveling knapsack) into the road, nor two undergarments (tunics) or sandals nor yet a staff or club. You see, the worker [is] worthy of his nourishment (or: is of corresponding value for his food, keep and support). [comment: be barefoot priests: the Land is holy; the villages are temples – Bruce Chilton] 11 "Now, into whichever city or village you men may enter, search out who within it is suitable (of corresponding values to your own; worthy), [then] remain lodging there until you should leave (go out of the midst [of the town]). 12 "So, when entering in the house, greet, express good wishes and embrace the household, 13 "And if, indeed, the house should be suitable and worthy, you men let your peace [= shalom] come upon it – yet if it may not be suitable or worthy, let your peace and shalom be returned back upon yourselves. 14 "Also, whoever may not welcome and receive you men, nor even listen to your words or hear your message, as you are going outside, from out of the house or that city, shake the dust off your feet. [note: Hospitality in those times and countries involved having a servant wash the feet of their guests; further: Jews did this when they left a Gentile country, so this would indicate that this town was being regarded as polluted and unholy, and in the same category as the Gentiles; comment: this could be a metaphor to shake off that incident, so as not to let their “humanity” cling to them]

Matthew 25:35-40

35 "You see, I was hungry (or: I hunger) and you folks gave (or: give) to Me [something] to eat; I was thirsty (or: I thirst), and you folks gave [something for] (or: cause) Me to drink; I was existing being a foreigner (or: stranger), and you people gathered Me together [with you] (= showed Me hospitality and oneness with your group); 36 " [I was/am] naked, and you people clothed (or: clothe) Me; I fell sick (or: become weak), and you folks carefully looked upon (or: = visit and look out for; took oversight of) Me; [I was/am] in prison (or: jail), and you came to Me (or: come and set your face on Me). 37 "At that point, the fair, just and rightwised folks who live in right relationship within the Way pointed out will proceed giving a considered response to Him, [together] saying, 'O Lord (Master), when did we see You continuing hungry, and we nourished [You], or continuing thirsty, and we gave [something for] (or: caused) [You] to drink? 38 "'And when did we see You a foreigner (or: stranger) and we gathered [You] and showed [You] hospitality, or naked and we clothed [You]? 39 "'Now when did we see You continuing sick and weak or in prison (or: jail), and we came to You?' 40 "And then, giving a decided reply, the King will proceed saying to them, 'I am truly now saying to (or: It is true, I now tell) you folks, Upon such an amount (or: = To the extent) that you did (or: do) and perform(ed) [it] to (or: for) one of these belonging to the least of My brothers (used collectively: = the members of My family; or: = those of My group or brotherhood), you did and perform [it] to and for Me!'

Acts 1:8

8 "Nevertheless, you folks will progressively receive power and will continue taking to yourselves ability [at, or with, the] coming of the Set-apart Breath-effect (the Holy Spirit and Sacred Attitude) upon you folks – and you will keep on being My witnesses (those who testify and give evidence of what they have seen and experienced; and later: martyrs; = you will continue telling about Me), both within Jerusalem and within all Judea and Samaria... even as far as [the] end of the Land (or: the extremity and farthest point of the earth)."

2 Timothy 4:2

2 Herald (Proclaim; Preach) the Word (The Logos; the idea; the thought; the reason; the message); stand upon [it; or: It; Him] in season or out of season (if the situation fits favorably, if the conditions are not favorable; whether convenient or not); test and put to the proof; show further honor (give higher value; assess greater worth; or, negatively: respectfully charge; strongly admonish; enjoin); within every emotion which is long in arriving (in all long-suffering patience), and by teaching (or: in union with instruction and training) give aid, relief, comfort and encouragement as you call [others] to your side (perform as a paraclete).

Matthew 28:19

19 "Therefore, while going on your way, instruct and make disciples (at some point enlist students and apprentices) of all the ethnic multitudes (the pagans; the Gentiles; the nations; the non-Israelites), habitually immersing them [i.e., the people (masculine pronoun)] (or: one-after-another [B & D read: at some point] baptizing them to the point of infusion and saturation) into the Name which has reference to, belongs to, has its origin and character in, and which represents, the Father and the Son, as well as the Set-apart Breath-effect (or: the Name from the Father, as well as from the Son, and even which is the Holy Spirit; or: the Name of the Father and of the Son – even of the Holy Spirit; or: the Father's Name, even the Son's, and which pertains to the Sacred Breath; or: the Name belonging to the Father and the Son, and which is the Sacred Attitude; or: the Name of the Father, and then of the Son, and which comes from the se-apart Spirit; or: the Name which represents the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit; or: the Name which comes from the Father, belongs to the Son, and corresponds to the Holy result of the Breath), [note: Eusebius gives this as "Go and make disciples of all the nations in my name." – Eusebius: The History of the Church from Christ to Constantine, translated by G. A. Williamson, Barnes & Noble Books, 1995, p 111. Williamson footnotes: "Matt. 28:19, in a simpler, perhaps a more primitive form." comment: this may have been a paraphrase; it may come from a lost MS tradition; it may represent an interpretation of this verse in the early AD 300's; cf Acts 2:38; 8:16; 10:48; 19:5]

Romans 10:14

14 How, then, can (may; should; would) they at some point call unto (= invoke) One Whom (or: that which) they do not trust or believe (or: did not have faith in)? And how can (may; should; would) they believe where they do not hear (or: trust in Whom they did not hear)? And how can they at any point hear apart from a person continually making public proclamation (habitually publishing and extensively heralding)?

Mark 16:15

15 Then He said to them, "As you are journeying on your way (or: As you are traveling) into all the ordered system (the world of religion, culture and government; secular society), you men make a public proclamation of the good news (or: herald the good message of ease and wellness) to the entire creation (or: in all the founded and civilized area that has been reclaimed from the wild).

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