Bible verses about "nature" | JMNT

Matthew 6:28-30

28 "And so why are you folks constantly worrying or fretting about clothing? Fully learn about, and from, the lilies of the field – how they are progressively growing (or: Learn thoroughly and consider well how the wild anemones continue growing and increasing). They are not constantly working hard or becoming weary from struggle, nor are they habitually spinning to make thread for cloth, 29 "yet I am now saying to you that not even Solomon, in all his splendor and glory clothed or arrayed himself as one of these [flowers]! 30 "So now, if God thus continually dresses and adorns (or: invests) the vegetation of the field (or: countryside) being in existence today, and tomorrow is being normally thrown into a furnace (or: oven; stove) [will He] not much more readily and to a greater extent [take care of] you folks who have small faith and little trust?

Romans 1:19-20

19 simply because the thing experientially known (or: personally knowable; able to be gained by insight) pertaining to God (or: from, and which has its origin in, God; which is God) is continuously made visible (made apparent; manifested by light) within (or: among) them, for God at one point made (or: makes) it visible (manifests it) to them (or: for them; in them; by them; among them). 20 For you see, from [the] creation (framing; founding of order out of chaos; settling) of [the] ordered System (cosmos; universe; or: world of culture, religion and government) His invisible things (unseen [qualities and attributes]) – both His imperceptible (unobservable, but effecting-all) power, ability and capacity, as well as divinity (Godship; God-state) – are habitually seen down the line (or: are normally correspondingly perceived), being continually apprehended (grasped by the mind; mentally conceived) in the results and by the effects of things which are made or done, in order for them to be continuously defenseless (without an excuse),

Romans 8:19-22

19 For the looking away and watching with the head stretched forward alertly (or: peak expectation; premonition; intuitive opinion; or: = the concentrated and undivided focus) of the creation is constantly receiving and taking away from out of the unveiling of God’s sons (or: = the uncovering and revealing of folks who have the character and qualities of God; or: the disclosure pertaining to the sons of God; or: the unveiling and revelation which belongs to God’s sons; or, as an ablative: the disclosure from God's sons). 20 For you see, the creation (or: that which was formed, framed and founded) was placed, arranged and humbly aligned under subjection in emptiness (or: subordinated to vanity; subjected by futility; arranged under, in unprofitableness, for frivolous idleness; made supportive to futility), not voluntarily or willingly (from out of [its] being), but rather because of (through; on account of; for the sake of) the one (or: the One) placing [it] under and arranging [it] in subjection (or: in supportive alignment) – based upon an expectation (or: expectant hope) – 21 because (or: that) even the creation itself will continue being progressively set free (will be habitually liberated and constantly made free) from the slavery of decay – even the bondage of deterioration which leads to fraying and ruin – [and released] into the freedom of the glory and splendor of God’s children (or: into the liberty of the manifestation of that which calls forth praise from, and a good opinion which pertain to, God’s born-ones; or: unto the freedom coming from God's imagination pertaining to God's children; or: into the midst of the freedom of the glory from the children [who] belong to God; or: toward centering in the liberty from the glory, which is God, [and] belongs to the children). 22 You see, we have seen, and thus know and are aware, that all the creation keeps on sighing, groaning or querulously moaning together, and yet progressively travailing together as in childbirth (continues suffering common birthing pains) until now (to the point of the present moment).

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