Bible verses about "marijuana" | JMNT

1 Timothy 4:1-6

1 Now the Spirit (or: Breath-effect) is explicitly saying that within subsequent seasons (in fitting situations and on appropriate occasions which will be afterwards) some of the faith (or: certain folks belonging to this trust) will proceed standing off and away [from the Path, or from the Community] (or: some people will progressively withdraw from this conviction and loyalty), habitually holding toward (having a propensity to) wandering and deceptive spirits (or: straying and seducing breath-effects and attitudes) and to teachings of demons (to teachings about and pertaining to, or which are, demons [note: a Hellenistic concept and term: = animistic influences]; or: to instructions and training which come from animistic influences [= pagan religions]), [comment: this prophesied about the future institutionalization of the called-out community, and the introduction of pagan teachings, all of which later came to be called "orthodox"] 2 within perverse scholarship of false words (or: in association with overly critical hairsplitting of false messages; in the midst of gradually separated interpretations of false expressions; or: in union with deceptive decisions by speakers of lies), from folks having their own consciences cauterized (seared; branded) as with a hot iron, 3 coming from people habitually forbidding (preventing; hindering) [folks] to be marrying [and to be] constantly abstaining from [certain] foods – which things God creates (or: created; reduced from a state of wildness and disorder) into something to be shared and partaken of with thanksgiving by those full of faith (by the faithful and loyal folks) and by those having experienced full, intimate knowledge and realization of the Truth (or: of Reality)! 4 Because all God's creation (or: every creature of God) [is] beautiful (fine; ideal), and not one thing is to be thrown away – being habitually received with thanksgiving – 5 for it is continuously (or: progressively) being set-apart (made holy; rendered sacred) through God's Word (or: by means of a word which is God; through a message and an idea from God) and an encounter (or: a meeting and falling in with someone; or: conversation; or: hitting on target within a matter to assist; thus: intercession). 6 Placing these things under as a base or foundation, to give advice or make suggestions to and for the brothers (= fellow believers), you will continue being a beautiful (fine; ideal; excellent) supportive servant of Christ Jesus, habitually being inwardly nourished by the words of the faith (or: in the arranged expressions, utterances and messages of trust; or: with ideas of loyalty; or: for thoughts from trust), and of the beautiful (fine; ideal; excellent; good quality) teaching in which you follow alongside closely (or: to which you nearly accompany and attend).

Matthew 15:11

11 "The things normally and habitually entering into the mouth do not repeatedly make the person unclean (common; contaminated; defiled; polluted). To the contrary, [it is] the things habitually emerging and flowing forth from out of the mouth – this is constantly making the person contaminated (unclean; common)!"

Luke 21:34-36

34 "So you people make it a habit to hold your attention to yourselves, and hold to each other, lest at some time your hearts may be weighed down or burdened – in the midst of a hangover (or: headache nausea or giddiness from an overindulgence in wine), and in drunkenness (intoxication) – as well as by anxiety (or: care; concern; worry) in the daily matters pertaining to living, and then that day take its stand upon you folks unforeseen (with unexpected suddenness), as a trap (a snare; a net; something that will catch and hold). 35 "You see, it will continue coming in upon (or: enter on) all the people normally sitting (= presently dwelling) upon [the] face (= surface) of the entire Land (or: all the earth). 36 "So you people be constantly staying awake, alert and watchful – in each season and every situation (or: in union with every fertile moment and on every occasion) – repeatedly asking with urgency, or begging, so that you can be fully strong to flee out and escape all these things being presently and progressively about to be happening, and then to be placed (or: cause to stand) in front of the Son of the Man (the Human Being; = Adam's Son; = the eschatological messianic figure)."

Romans 14:1-23

1 So constantly reach toward and receive in your arms (take as a companion, admit to your society and friendship, and partner with) the one continuing without strength in the faith (the person weak in trust, confidence and loyalty) – not [putting him] into separated distinctions (or: discriminations) based upon or pertaining to opinions (or: reasoned considerations; thought processes; dialogues or disputes; things being thought through; thoroughly considered and settled accounts). 2 One person, indeed, is habitually trusting (is continually believing; continues to have faith) to eat everything, yet the person being constantly weak (without strength) continues (or: is normally) eating vegetables. 3 The person habitually eating the one thing must not constantly make nothing out of (= look down on) the person not eating. And the person not normally eating the one thing must not constantly make a decision about (separate away from; make a distinction between; pass judgment on) the one habitually eating, for God reaches toward him and takes him in His arms (receives him as a companion and a friend, and has taken him as a partner). 4 You, who are the person constantly judging (separating away; making a distinction or a decision about) another man's house-servant (domestic)! By (In; To; For; With) his own Lord (Master; Owner) he continues standing, or, he is falling. Yet he will repeatedly be made to stand, for you see, the Lord [= Yahweh or Christ] is constantly able (perpetually powerful) to make him stand. 5 One person, on the one hand, is habitually discriminating (deciding; separating; passing judgment; making a distinction): a day from (or: beside) a day (or: = [one] day more than, or compared with, [another] day). Yet, on the other hand, another is habitually deciding for every day (or: is constantly separating each day [as alike, or, as set-apart]). Let each one habitually be fully led within his own mind (or: Each person must constantly be carried to full measure in union with his own mind [on this matter]). 6 He who is habitually minding (being disposed to; being opinionated about) the day, in the Lord [= Yahweh] is continuously opinionated (or: for the Lord [= Christ] is he [thus] minding or being disposed; [some MSS add: and yet the person not minding the day, to, for or in the Lord he is not minding it]). And the one habitually eating, in the Lord [= Yahweh or Christ] is he eating, for he habitually gives thanks to God (constantly expresses gratitude by God, for God and in God). And the one not eating is not eating in God (to God; for God), and habitually expresses gratitude for God (in God; gives thanks to God). 7 You see, not one of us is living to himself (for himself; by himself; in himself), and not one is dying away by himself (in himself; for himself; to himself). 8 For it follows, both if we are (or: should be) living, in the Lord (or: for, to and by the Lord [= Yahweh or Christ]) we are (or: could and should be) living, and then, if we may (or: would) be dying, in, for, to and by the Lord we would be dying. Then, both if we are living, and if we may be dying, we are the Lord's (we constantly exist being of [Yahweh]; we continuously belong to the Lord; we are from the Owner). 9 For into this [situation] Christ not only died away, but also now lives, to the end that He would (or: should) be Lord (Owner; Master; Possessor) both of dead folks as well as of living people. 10 But you! Why are you constantly judging (discriminating against; separating away; making a decision about) your brother (= fellow believer; or: = fellowman)? Or why are you also habitually making light of (making nothing out of; setting at naught; treating with scorn or contempt) your brother? For you see, we will all continue standing in attendance alongside on God's elevated place (platform or stage which is ascended by steps, from which one speaks in a public assembly; or: we will all repeatedly present ourselves at the seat, dais or throne which is God [some MSS: Christ]), 11 for it has been written, "I, Myself, am continuously living. The Lord [= Yahweh] is saying that in Me (by Me; to Me; for Me) every knee will repeatedly bend in worship, or, to sit down (or: I live, says the Lord, because every knee will repeatedly bend to sit down in Me), and every tongue will continue to agree, bind itself and promise to God (speak out of the same word in God; publicly acclaim/acknowledge God; openly profess by God)." [Isa. 45:23] 12 Consequently, then, each one of us will continue giving a word (presenting a message; rendering an account) about himself to God (or: for God; by God; in God). 13 No longer, then, should we continue judging (making decisions about; discriminating against; separating away) one another, but rather, to a greater extent you folks must decide this: not to continue placing (or: setting) the stumbling-block (that which results in tripping) for or in the brother; neither a snare (a trap-spring; a cause for tripping or becoming trapped). 14 I have seen to know (or: have perceived), and I have been persuaded and now stand convinced, within [the] Lord Jesus, that nothing (not one thing) [is] common (ceremonially defiled; unclean; contaminating; = the opposite of set-apart or holy) through itself, except to (in; by; for) the person considering (or: logically accounting and reckoning) anything to be common (defiled; contaminating); to (for; in; by) that one [it is] common and unclean. 15 For instance, if because of solid food (or: the effect of something eaten) your brother is continually made sad (made sorry, distressed or grieved), you are no longer continuing to walk about (= living your life) in accord with (or: down from and on the level of) Love (or: you are not yet habitually walking [your path] in participation with transcendent unity of unambiguous, uniting acceptance toward others). Do not, by your food (or: for your solid food), progressively destroy away (lose by ruining; bring to loss) that person over whom Christ died. 16 Do not cause your good thing (or: the excellence and virtue which pertain to you) to be slandered (defamed; insulted; blasphemed; vilified; have its light hindered), 17 for you see, God's kingdom (or: the reign-and-rule which is God; the expression, influence and activity of God’s sovereignty) is not (or: does not exist being) solid food and drink, but rather, fair and equitable dealing which brings justice and right relationship in the Way pointed out (being turned in the right direction; rightwisedness; also = covenant inclusion and participation), peace (and: harmony; = shalom) and joy (or: happiness; rejoicing) within set-apart Breath-effect (or: a dedicated spirit and sacred attitude; or: in [the] Holy Spirit). 18 You see the one continuously slaving for and in the Christ in this [realm, sphere or regard] [is; continues being] well-pleasing (well-satisfying; fully acceptable) to (or: in; by; with) God, and approved (after examination and testing) by people (or: among mankind). 19 Consequently, then, we are continuously pressing forward and pursuing the things pertaining to, belonging to and which are the peace [= shalom] and the things pertaining to, belonging to and which are the act of building a house, pertaining to [input] into one another (or: which [effect] edification [infusing] into each other). 20 Stop tearing down (dissolving; loosing down; demolishing) God's work for the sake of solid food (or: on account of the effect of what is eaten). Indeed, all things [are] clean (= ceremonially pure; [Aleph2 adds: to the clean ones]), but on the other hand, [it is] bad (harmful; unsound; base; wicked; evil; not as ought to be) for (or: to; in; with) the person who by habitually eating [experiences] an effect of [or causes] stumbling through it. 21 [It is] beautiful (fine; as it ought to be; profitable; ideal) not to eat meat (animal flesh), neither to drink wine, nor even that in which your brother habitually stumbles (strikes himself against [it]), or is being constantly snared, or is continually weak. 22 The faith, trust and confidence which you yourself continue to have, hold it in accord with (in line with, on the level of, and corresponding to) yourself in God's sight and presence (or: = Keep your personal faith between you and God). Blessed and happy [is] the one not constantly judging himself (evaluating himself; separating and dividing things within himself; criticizing himself; making decisions or determinations about himself) within that which he is habitually examining to test and to prove (or: in what he normally approves). 23 Now the person continually wavering and doubting, being undecided, has been and remains correspondingly evaluated (or: commensurately decided about; separated by following the pattern and judged accordingly; condemned), if he should eat, because [it is] not forth from out of faith (or: it does not have trust as its source). And everything which [is] not forth from out of faith (or: [does] not arise from trust) is a failure to hit the target (exists being an error; is a deviation from the goal; continues being sin, and a mistake).

1 Corinthians 6:9-11

9 Or have you not seen so as to know that unfair (unjust; inequitable; wrongly-turned) folks will not proceed to inherit a kingdom from God (or: receive an allotment in God's sovereign reign or activities)? Do not be repeatedly misled or constantly caused to wander (or: be deceived). Neither sexually licentious folks (paramours; fornicators), nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor unmanly (effeminate; men who wear soft, delicate clothes; catamites; men or boys who allow themselves to be used homosexually), nor men who lie with and have sexual intercourse with males, 10 nor thieves, nor greedy (covetous) ones; not drunkards, not verbal abusers, not people who ravenously snatch, swindle or extort, will proceed to inherit a kingdom from God (or: will continue in receiving an allotment in God's sovereign reign and activities). 11 And some of you were these things. But now you folks bathed yourselves off (took a bath to cleanse things away). But further, you were set apart (made holy; sanctified). But also you were rightwised and placed in the Way pointed out (turned in the right direction, made fair and equitable, and then joined in right relationship with God and mankind; = put in covenant) in union with and within the midst of the Name of our Lord, Jesus Christ – even in union with and within the midst of the Spirit of (or: Breath-effect and Attitude which is) our God!

1 Thessalonians 5:4-8

4 Yet you yourselves, brothers (= believers), are not continuously in darkness (dimness from being in a shadow; obscurity of gloom; absence of daylight) to the end that the day may (or: would) suddenly take you down (grasp or seize you in a corresponding manner) as a thief, 5 for you see, you all are (or: exist being) sons of (= associated with and having the qualities of) Light and sons of (= associated with and having qualities of) Day! We are not (or: do not exist) of night, nor of darkness (or: we do not belong to or have the characteristics of night, nor to or of dim obscurity from shadows and gloom). 6 Consequently, then, we may not continuously fall asleep [into death? in awareness?] even as the rest (= as other folks), but rather, we can and should continuously be aroused and stirred up from sleep [comment: thus, awake to be alertly watchful; also a figure for being alive] and sober (or: clear-headed). 7 You see, the folks continuously falling asleep (or: drowsing) are sleeping at (or: from [the]) night, and the ones continuously being made drunk are becoming drunk at (or: from [the]) night. 8 We, on the other hand, being of Day (belonging to and having characteristics of [the] Day; having [the] Day as our source), can and should continuously be sober (clear-headed), putting on (or: clothing ourselves with; enveloping ourselves in; entering within) a breastplate (or: thorax) of faith and love (or: which is and is composed of faith and love; = have trust & love as body armor) and, as a helmet, an expectation (or: expectant hope) of deliverance (health and wholeness; rescue and salvation; restoration to our original state and condition),

2 Timothy 4:5

5 Yet you – you be habitually sober (not intoxicated [by such things]; clear-headed and steady) within all things and among all people; experience the bad and the ugly (or: suffer the evil and the worthless) [A adds: as an ideal (beautiful; fine; excellent) soldier of Christ Jesus]; perform [the] act (do [the] deed; produce the action; construct a work) of one who brings goodness and well-being and announces ease and good news (or: act [like] a man who has good news to tell); be fully bent on and bring your attending service to full measure, with complete assurance and absolute certainty!

Titus 1:5-9

5 From the source of, and because of, this grace and favor, I left [other MSS: was leaving] you off in Crete, so that you, yourself, could correct and amend – so as to be fully straight throughout the midst – the things habitually lacking, leaving defects or remaining undone, and [so] you, yourself, could thoroughly establish [the] older folks (or: correspondingly make [the] elders to stand fast and be firm), city by city, as I, myself, made thorough arrangements for you. 6 [Now] if anyone is normally not one being called up, or arraigned, before a judge (= habitually exists being one free from reproach); [is] a husband of one woman (or: wife), having trusting and believing children (or: born-ones that are full of faith); [is] not one in the midst of a [legal] charge (or: an accusation; being considered in a category) of being a person without healthful wholeness (or: of being unwholesome; being in a desperate case without hope of safety; being prodigal; being wasteful; being on an unsaved course; being incorrigible; being dissolute and debauched) nor [of] insubordinate [qualities] (things not put in submission; things not placed under the arrangement; un-subjected and unruly [traits]) 7 – for you see, it continues binding and necessary for the person who sets his eyes upon the distant goal, having a full-scope view, and successfully hits the target (or: the one who surveys, inspects and watches upon; the scout; the tender guardian who oversees with attentive care) to continue being one [that is] not normally called up, or arraigned, before a judge (= to habitually exist being one free from reproach). As God's house administrator (house manager; house dispenser and distributor; estate steward), [he should] not [be] one who pleases himself (or: gives himself to pleasure): not impulsive (prone to passion, irritation or anger; not ruled by his own mental bent, disposition or propensities; not one teeming with internal swelling or motion), not addicted to wine (or: beside himself with wine; = not a drunk), not quarrelsome and apt to strike another, not one eager for dishonorable, deformed or ugly gain. 8 But to the contrary, [he should be] fond of strangers (have affection for foreigners; be hospitable), [be] fond of the good and have affection for virtue and excellence, [be] whole, healthy and liberated (sound) in frame of mind and disposition ([be] sane), [be] fair and equitable, and in rightwised relationships within the Way pointed out, [be] loyal, dutiful and pure from all crime, [produce] inner strength ([be] self-controlled), 9 habitually holding himself firmly to (or: clinging face-to-face to) the full-of-faith Word (message; thought; idea; Logos; or: the faithful word) – down from, corresponding to and in line with the Teaching and training – to the end that he can be powerful and able both to be constantly encouraging (habitually performing as a paraclete; repeatedly exhorting; continually calling folks alongside to give them assistance or relief) in the teaching that continues being sound and healthy, and to repeatedly put to the proof so as to convince by demonstration, or to refute by exposure of the test, the folks habitually speaking in opposition and contradicting.

1 Peter 5:7

7 while throwing (or: tossing) your entire concern (whole worry; every anxiety) upon Him, because He constantly cares about and takes an interest around you folks!

1 Peter 1:13-16

13 On which account (or: Wherefore), in preparation for work or action, girding up in yourselves the clothes about the loins (or: waist; = getting ready for action) of your divided thoughts and the things passing through your mind (or: mental perceptions; intellect and comprehension), continuously being perfectly (or: maturely) clear-headed and sober (unintoxicated), direct and set (or: being constantly sober-minded, completely direct and set) your hope and expectation upon the grace and favor being continuously brought (or: periodically and progressively carried) to you within an unveiling (or: in the midst of a disclosure) of Jesus Christ (or: a revelation which is Jesus [the] Anointed One; or: an uncovering which comes from and pertains to Jesus Christ). 14 As children of (= having the qualities of and characteristics from) submissive, attentive hearing (or: Like listening and obedient born-ones), not being folks repeatedly molding, forming, fashioning or configuring yourselves to and by the former cravings (the prior over-desires or full passions), within your ignorance, 15 but rather, corresponding to (down from; in accord with) the One calling (or: inviting) you [being] set-apart (or: holy), you folks also let yourselves be made to be (or: be birthed) ones set-apart in the same way, in all behavior (within every conduct; in all turning about or twisting up of [your] way of life), 16 because it has been written that, "You people will continue being set-apart (or: sacredly different and holy), because I [am] set-apart (or: holy; different from ordinary)." [Lev. 11:44, 45; 19:2; 20:7]

1 John 3:4-10

4 Everyone constantly practicing (habitually committing; progressively producing) the error (or: deviation; missing of the target; sin; failure) is also constantly practicing the lawlessness (or: habitually commits a lawless act, or progressively does the violation of custom), and the error (or: the failure to hit the target; the deviation; the sin) exists being (or: is) the lawlessness (or: the violation of law or the act apart from custom is the mistake and the error). 5 You have also perceived, and thus know and are aware, that That One was manifested (made visible) to the end that He would in a point of time lift up and carry away (or: sustain, bear and raise up) the errors (or: those failures to hit the target; the mistakes; those deviations; the sins; [some MSS: our sins]), and yet error (failure to hit the target; deviation; sins) does not exist within Him (or: and in Him is no sin or failure). 6 Everyone continuously remaining (dwelling; keeping his residence; abiding; staying) within and in union with Him is not habitually missing the target (practicing sin; repeatedly failing in his purpose); everyone continually failing to hit the target (habitually sinning; progressively in error) has neither seen Him, nor come to know Him by intimate experience or insight. 7 Little children (born-ones), let no one be constantly leading you astray (misleading or deceiving you); the person continually doing that which is in accord with the Way pointed out (or: repeatedly practicing rightwisedness; progressively producing the justice, fairness and equity in right [covenantal] relationships) is (or: exists being) just (or: a person in accord with the Way pointed out; righteous; fair; equitable; rightwised; someone turned in the right direction, and is in [covenant] relationships), according as (just as) That One is just (is One in accord with the Way pointed out; is righteous, fair, equitable and offers the right covenant relationships). 8 Yet the person habitually practicing (repeatedly doing; progressively producing) the error (the failure to hit the target or accomplish his purpose; or: the sin; the mistake; the deviation) is existing from out of the adversary who thrusts something through the midst, [with a weapon, or with ill-intent], creating a wound or division (or: = is [operating] from [the influence of] the “devil”), because this adversary is habitually sinning (or: repeatedly missing the target; continuously falling short of the goal; constantly deviating from his purpose) from [the] beginning (or: from [its] origin). Into this [situation] was (or: is) God's Son manifested and made visible, to the end that He would unbind (loose; untie; destroy; disintegrate) the works and actions of the adversary who casts things through the midst of folks. 9 Everyone who has been given birth, and is now in the state of having been born, from out of the midst of God is not habitually practicing failure to hit the target (repeatedly doing sin; constantly producing error), because His Seed (sperm) is continuously remaining (dwelling; abiding) within him (or: within, and in union with, Him), and he is not able (or: he has no power) to constantly fail to hit the target (repeatedly sin; continuously deviate; go on failing; continue in error), because he has been born forth from out of God. 10 [Both] God's children and the adversary's children are constantly visible (apparent; manifest) within this [thing or situation]: everyone not practicing righteousness (not habitually doing justice; not progressively constructing his life turned in the right direction to accord with the Way pointed out; not being fair or equitable; not being in [covenant] relationships) as well as the one not continuously loving his brother (= a believer, or fellowman) is not existing out of God (= is not living with God being his source of life and direction),

Romans 13:13-14

13 As within [the] Day, we should (may; can) walk about (= live our lives) respectably (reputably; decently; with good form; mannerly; pleasing to look upon; presentably) – not in festive processions (or: orgies; revelries; excessive feastings; carousing) and collective drunkenness (intoxications); nor in beds (i.e., sexual interludes) and outrageous behaviors (vice; loose conduct; indecencies); not in strife (or: contentious disposition) and in jealousy (or: envy) – 14 but rather, you folks must clothe yourselves with (or: enter within and put on) the Lord, Jesus Christ, and stop (or: do not continue) making forethought (constructing provision; planning ahead; performing provident care) into excessive desires of the flesh (= into rushing upon emotions which pertain to the inner self or the estranged humanity; = into the setting of feelings and longings upon something of the human nature that is oriented to the System).

1 Corinthians 6:19-20

19 Or, have you folks not seen so as to know that your body (or: the body of you folks) is a temple of the set-apart spirit (or: a sanctuary belonging to the Holy Spirit; a holy place and a holy of holies which pertains to the Sacred Breath; or: that the body, which is you folks, exists being a divine habitation which has the qualities and characteristics of the Holy Attitude) – within the midst of you (or: in union with you folks; or: among you people) – which you people constantly hold and progressively possess from God? And further, you are not folks belonging to yourselves (or: Also then, you people do not exist from yourselves), 20 for you people were bought, as at a marketplace: [there was] value and honor involved in the price (or: [you are] of value) (or: = for you were bought and paid for; or: for from a valuable price you folks were bought at market). By all means then, glorify God (bring a good reputation to God; manifest that which calls forth praise to God) within your body (or: within the midst of the body which you folks are)!

Ephesians 5:18

18 And stop being made drunk (or: Do not be continuously made intoxicated) by wine, within which exists the disposition of one having no hope of safety (unsavingness; dissipation and ill health; desperation), but rather be continuously or repeatedly filled full in spirit (within [the] Spirit; within the midst of [the] Breath-effect; in the sphere of attitude; in union with [the] Breath), 19 Now the works (actions; deeds) of the flesh [religion] (or: = whose source and origin are the estranged human nature; or: pertaining to the flesh [system, or, nature]; or: = whose results and realm are the self in slavery to a system) [are] seen and made apparent in clear light, which are, and continue being, the works of a prostitute (or: [the] Prostitute): uncleanness (or: waste or worthless material, as of decayed flesh; a never-pruned tree; material that has not been sifted), excess (immoderation; outrageous behavior), 20 idolatry (being a servant to or worshiping external forms or appearances, phantoms of the mind, unsubstantial or reflected images, or conveyed impressions) sorcery (employment of drugs and enchantments; magic rites; witchcraft), hostilities (enmities; alienations), strife (contentious disposition), jealousies (or: zealous emotions), stirring emotions (rushing passions; furies), factions, standings-apart (divisions), sects (religious denominations; parties with a particular opinion; the making of choices from preferences), 21 envies, murders, intoxications (times of being drunk), festal processions (or: excessive feastings), and things like to these [whether religious, or personal], which things I continue predicting (saying beforehand; or: = giving warning) to you folks, just as I said before, that those habitually practicing (or: performing) such [religious, or personal,] things will not be inheriting (receiving and enjoying a distributed allotment of) God's reign (kingdom; sovereign influence and activities). 22 Now the Spirit's fruit (or: So the fruit whose origin and source is the Spirit; But the fruit which is Breath-effect; Yet the fruit of the Attitude) is: love (unrestricted acceptance and the drive to overcome existential separation), joy, peace (or: harmony; [= shalom]), length before a stirring of emotion (slowness of rushing toward something; long-enduring; longsuffering; patience), useful kindness, goodness (virtuousness), faith (or: faithfulness; trust; trustworthiness; loyalty; reliance; reliability; allegiance; fidelity), 23 gentle friendliness (meekness; mildness), inner strength (self-control). [The] Law is not down from such things (or: In the sphere of such things [the] Law does not exists; There is no law against such things; Law does not correspond to and is not on the level of such things). 24 Now those whose source and origin is Christ Jesus (or: those who belong to the Anointed Jesus) crucified the flesh (or: put the flesh [system] on an execution stake; or: = associate their old estranged human nature as being put to death along with Christ Jesus), together with the results and effects of the experiences (emotions; feelings; sufferings; passions) and the over-desires (rushing passionately upon things; full-rushing emotions). 25 Since (or: If) we continue living in and by spirit (or: for [the] Spirit; to Breath-effect; or: with attitude), we also can habitually advance orderly in line in regard to, or amidst, elementary principles (or: [observing] rudimentary elements), in and by spirit (or: for [the] Spirit; by Breath-effect; with attitude; or: = walk in rank following [the footsteps] behind the Spirit). [cf Rom. 4:12]

Titus 2:1-8

1 You yourself, however, keep on speaking what things continue being fitting for, suitable in and proper to sound and healthy teaching. 2 Old (or: Aged; Older) men are to habitually be moderate and sober in the use of wine, serious (grave; solemn; dignified; worthy of respect and honor), sound of mind with a rational (or: sane; sensible) and wholesome way of thinking and attitude, being continuously sound and healthy in the Faith (or: by trust; with loyalty; for confidence), in (or: by; with) the Love, in (or: by; with) the Remaining-under in support (or: the persistent, patient endurance). 3 Old (or: Aged; Older) women, similarly (or: likewise), [are to be] women in a state and resultant condition proper and fitting for being engaged in the sacred (suitable in demeanor for serving the temple; or: = living a life appropriate [for] a person [being] a temple), not folks who thrust-through or hurl [a weapon, or something hurtful] through [someone] (or: not devils nor slanderous adversaries which bring division and hurt), nor women having been enslaved by (or: to) much wine. [They are to be] teachers of beauty and of what is fine, excellent and ideal, 4 to the end that they can (or: may; would) habitually bring the young women to their senses (or: cause new [wives] to be sound-minded and with a healthy attitude) to habitually be affectionate, friendly, loving and fond of passionately kissing their husbands [and] children, 5 ones sound of mind with a rational (or: sane; sensible; clear headed) and wholesome way of thinking and attitude, untouched so as to be undefiled and pure (chaste), workers at home (domestic; = mistress of the house), good (virtuous; with qualities of excellence), being women that are by habit supportively aligned to (or: continue being humbly arranged for) their own husbands, to the end that God's thought and idea (God's Logos; God's Word; God's message) can not be constantly blasphemed (abusively defamed; misrepresented). 6 Similarly (or: Likewise), be repeatedly and habitually doing the work of a paraclete: calling the younger men alongside to give them relief or support, and to encourage them to be continuously sound in mind (sane; sensible) and to be keeping a wholesome attitude and way of thinking about everything – 7 [while] constantly holding yourself at [their] side, offering (tendering; presenting; exhibiting) yourself [as] a model (example; pattern; an impression) of beautiful actions (fine deeds and ideal works), [exhibiting] incorruptness (absence of spoil or ruin; incapability of decay) [and] seriousness (gravity; dignity) [p32 & other MSS add: freedom from envy; willingness] within the teaching: 8 [presenting] a healthful message (a sound word; a thought or idea full of and promoting health): one without down-oriented knowledge and not bringing a downward experience, thus being unworthy of – and not containing any – condemnation (or: uncensurable), so that the person in the contrary and opposing position (or: [acting] out of contrariness) can (may; would) be turned back within himself (or: be put to shame and be made to show reverence and regard), continuing having nothing slight or mean (cheap; paltry; ill; sorry; good-for-nothing; thoughtless) to be saying about us.

1 Peter 4:1-6

1 Christ, then, having undergone experiences and suffering in flesh (or: being physically and emotionally affected to the point of suffering) over us (or: over our [situation] and for our sakes), you folks also arm and equip yourselves with the same mental inclination (idea; thought; way of thinking; frame of mind; attitude), because the person [thus] suffering or going through physical or emotional experiences which affect him in [the] flesh (or: = by [his] estranged humanity or alienated self) has in and for himself put a stop to failures, errors and mistakes (or: sins) [or, with other MSS: has been caused to cease from sin], 2 [and comes] into the [condition or situation] to no longer live out the additional remaining course [of his] time within [the] flesh (= in the natural realm) in the midst of (or: in union with) [the] full passions (or: for [the] over-desires; to [the] rushings of emotions upon things) of humans (or: pertaining to or originating in mankind), but to the contrary, in God's will (or: for God's intent; to God's purpose). 3 For the time having gone by [is] sufficient (= you have spent enough time, in the past,) to have accomplished (to have worked down and effected) the thing desired by (or: the intention of) the multitudes (the nations; the swarms of ethnic groups living together; the non-Jews; the Gentiles), having gone from place to place in indecent and licentious debaucheries (deeds of loose conduct), in rushing passions and over-desires, in excesses bubbling over with wine, in carousing and festive processions, in drinking parties, and in forbidden (i.e., illegal in respect to the natural laws of reason, conscience and common decency) idolatries (or: being a servant to or worshiping external forms or appearances, phantoms of the mind, unsubstantial or reflected images, or conveyed impressions), 4 within which they, repeatedly speaking abusively, slanderously, injuriously and giving a false image [about you, as well as about other folks], are constantly struck with surprise, thinking it strange and foreign that you folks are not always running together with [them], as a mob, into the same flooding (pouring forth) of unhealthiness and lack of safety (or: dissoluteness of a course devoid of salvation). 5 Such folks will continue rendering an account (or: giving back a reason) to the One readily and continually judging (separating and making a decision about) [p72: prepared to judge; other MSS: constantly holding {Himself} in readiness to judge] living folks and dead ones, 6 for into this [purpose], also, the message of goodness and well-being is (or: the good news was suddenly) brought and announced to dead folks, to the end that on the one hand they may at some point be judged (or: can be separated and decided about) – corresponding to humans – in flesh (or: according to humans in flesh; or: = in the sphere of people with estranged selves; or: = on the level of mankind in an alienated condition that was enslaved by the System), yet on the other hand, that they can continue living (or: would be habitually living) corresponding to (down from; in line and accord with; in the sphere of) God, in spirit (or: by Breath-effect).

1 Peter 5:8

8 Be sober (or: clear headed)! Be awake, alert and watch! Your barrier in the Way pointed out (your road hazard; your opponent at court; the one "in your face" opposing your fairness and equity), one who casts or thrusts something through the midst of folks (e.g., like a soldier casting a javelin or thrusting a sword through someone, or a person throwing an issue through the midst of a group, causing division; or: a slanderer), as a constantly roaring lion, is continuously walking about, incessantly seeking to drink something or someone down (or: searching to gulp and swallow someone down), [comment: this path-hazard and road barrier may have been local religions, cultural or political opposition, or a spirit of contrariness]

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