Bible verses about "compromise" | JMNT

Matthew 6:24

24 "No one continues being able (has habitual power) to continue being, or performing as, a slave for two owners (lords; masters). You see, he will either proceed in hating (or: regarding with ill will) the one and will continue loving the different one, or he will continue holding firmly to and having instead the one, and will proceed despising (having a negative attitude and disposition toward) the different one. You folks are not able (still have no power) to continue being, or performing as, slaves for God and at the same time for money and riches (you can't be enslaved to both God and wealth)!

Mark 8:34

34 Then, upon calling the crowd – together with His disciples – toward Himself, He said to them, "If anyone continues purposing (intending; willing) to come behind (or: after) Me, let him once for all completely renounce (deny; disown; = say "No!" to) himself and pick up his cross (or: torture and death stake), and [thus] let him be continuously (habitually; progressively) following (coming after and accompanying) Me.

John 14:6

6 Jesus then says to him, "I Myself am (exist being) the Way (or: Path), the Truth (the Reality) and the Life (or: = I am the way to really live). No one is presently going to, or progressively coming toward, the Father, except through Me (through means of Me, or, through the midst of Me).

Romans 1:25

25 whichever folks altered or exchange God’s truth (or: the reality from and which is God, and which pertains to God) to and for something else, within (or: in union with) The Lie, then were adored and venerated with dread, and next rendered religious service to and for the creation (or: creature; or: forming, framing, founding and settling which brought order from chaos) alongside (or: to the side of; parallel to; or: = rather than) the Creator (The One framing and founding) Who is (continuously exists being) well spoken of (praised; blessed; eulogized; or: is One filled with thoughts of goodness and well-being) on into the ages. It is so (Amen)!

Philippians 4:6

6 Do not be habitually worried, anxious or overly concerned about anything! On the contrary, in everything (and: within every situation), by thinking and speaking toward having goodness and having things go well and with ease (or: in prayer) and in expression of need – together with thanksgiving – repeatedly let your requests be made known to (toward; face to face with) God,

1 Timothy 3:1-16

1 If anyone is habitually stretching himself in reaching out toward a distant object upon which the eye is fixed, he is by habit craving a beautiful deed (or: If anyone continues reaching after visitation for inspection and tender guardianship, he fully desires a fine action; If anyone stretches out in reaching for the duties of looking around upon things {duties of one who watches upon, or oversees}, he completely desires ideal work). 2 It is therefore binding upon (necessary for) the person fixing his eye upon a distant object (or: the one doing visitation for inspection and tender guardianship; the one watching upon or overseeing) to be someone not to be laid hold of (thus: one in whom is no just cause for blame), a husband of one wife (or: an adult male in relationship to one woman), sober (unintoxicated; clear-headed; moderate in habits), sound in mind (sensible), have his world ordered and arranged (or: systematic, proper, descent and decorous), be fond of strangers (or: hospitable), skillful and qualified to teach, 3 not addicted to wine (or: not one who keeps wine at his side), not quarrelsome and apt to strike another, but rather, yielding (lenient; gently equitable; reasonable; considerate), not disposed to fight nor belligerent, not fond of silver (= money), 4 habitually putting himself at the head of (= lead, provide for and protect) his own household so as to beautifully (ideally; finely) stand before and lead them, having children in the midst of, and centered in, humble alignment for support (or: within subjection) with all majestic seriousness (dignity and gravity which inspire awe) – 5 now if anyone does not know (has not seen and is not aware) to put himself or herself at the head of (= lead, provide for and protect) her or his own household so as to stand before and lead them, how will she or he be thoughtful of, take an interest in, and take care of, God's called-out community? 6 not a novice (neophyte; a newly placed member of the body), lest, being inflated with the fumes of conceit, she or he may fall into an effect of the adversary's judgment (the result of sifting, separation and decision made in regard to someone who thrusts or throws something through another; or: a judgment-effect from the adversary). 7 Yet it is also necessary and binding to continuously hold (or: have) a beautiful witness and testimony (= a fine reputation) from those outside, so that s/he would not fall into reproach (lest s/he may fall into a censorious report regarding character) and [into] a trick (snare; gin; device; stratagem) belonging to or devised by the adversary (or: whose source is the one who, or [that spirit and attitude] which, thrusts things through folks and causes injury or division; or: which is the adversary). 8 Attending servants, similarly, [should be] serious (dignified with gravity) – not double-talking (or: speaking with double meanings; or: divided in thought or reason), neither [being] folks having a propensity toward much wine, nor people eager for dishonorable (deformed or ugly; = dishonest) gain – 9 continuously holding (or: having) the secret (or: mystery) of the faith (trust; loyalty) within (or: in union with) a clean conscience. 10 And so, let these folks also be first put through a process of examination, testing and proving. Thereafter, let them be regularly giving supporting service [to the community], being folks that have not been called up before a judge (or: free from accusation; unimpeachable). 11 Women (or: Wives) [of the community], similarly, [should be] serious (dignified with majestic gravity, inspiring awe), not devils (or: adversaries; women who thrust things through folks), sober (unintoxicated; clear-headed; moderate in habits), full of faith and trust (or: faithful; trustworthy; loyal) in all things. 12 Let those giving supporting service be adult males having a relationship with one woman (or: husbands of one wife), habitually placing themselves in front of their children, as well as their own households, to beautifully (or: finely; ideally) lead, protect and provide [for them]. 13 You see, those giving supporting service in a beautiful and ideal manner continue in (or: by; for; among) themselves building around themselves a beautiful (fine; excellent; ideal) circular staircase (that which enables folks to step up to a higher place) and much freedom of speech (confident outspokenness and boldness which is the right of citizens) resident within faith, trust and loyalty – that which is resident within, and in union with, Christ Jesus. 14 I am writing these things to you, expecting to come toward you swiftly (in quickness; or: = soon), 15 but if ever I should be slow (or: delay), [I am writing this] to the end that you may see and thus know how it is necessary and binding to be twisted and turned back up again within God's household (or: to be treated, conducted or caused to behave in God's house), which is (or: exists being) a called-out community of [the] Living God (or: whose source is a living God; which has the qualities and character of [the] living God; or: which is a living god), a pillar and foundational seat of The Truth (or: a base from and an effect of a settling of reality), 16 and so confessedly (admittedly; with common consent and sameness of speech) great is the secret (or: mystery) of the reverence (the standing in awe of goodness, with adoration; the healthful devotion and virtuous conduct of ease, in true relation to God): which is made visible (manifested) within flesh (= a physical body), is rightwised (set in equity and right relationship in the Way pointed out; also = is placed in covenant) in spirit (in union with Breath-effect), is seen by agents (or: messengers), is heralded (preached) within multitudes (among nations and ethnic groups), is trusted and believed within [the] world (an ordered system; secular culture), is received back in good opinion and reputation. (or: Who [some MSS read: God; others: He] was brought to clear light within flesh (= the natural realm); was shown righteous and just (= set in covenant) within spirit and attitude; was seen by agents; was proclaimed among Gentiles {non-Jews}; was believed within [the] world of society, religion, and government; was taken back up again, within glory – a manifestation which calls forth praise!)

Titus 3:5

5 not from out of works [which arise from] within religious performance which we ourselves do [= deeds associated with the temple cultus of the old covenant] (or: not forth from actions in union with an act of righteousness which we, ourselves, did; not in a relationship based upon our own performance; not deeds in a system of justice, equity and fairness which we, ourselves, constructed), but to the contrary, down from and corresponding to His mercy, He delivered us (or: He saves, rescues and restores us to the wholeness and health of our original condition) through a bath of and from a birth-back-up-again (or: [the] bathing of a regeneration; note: can = a ritual immersion pool of rebirth) and a making back-up-new (of a different kind and quality) again from a set-apart Breath-effect (or: of a renewal and renovation whose source is [the] Holy Spirit; or: a set-apart spirit's creating or birthing [us] back-up-new-again; a renewal which is a holy spirit)

Revelation 14:12

12 Here (or: In this place) exists (or: is) the persistent and patient endurance (the steadfast, humble remaining-under for support) of the set-apart folks (or: from the saints) – the people continually keeping watch upon (guarding, observing, having custody over) God's implanted goals (impartations of the finished product within; inward purposed directives) and the faith of Jesus (or: the trust pertaining to Jesus; the loyalty belonging to Jesus; the faith which belongs to and comes from Jesus; the conviction which is Jesus; the reliability of and from Jesus).

Matthew 6:33

33 "So you people be habitually and constantly seeking God's reign (or: sovereign activity and influence; kingdom) and the fairness and equity from Him, as well as the His justice and rightwised behavior in the Way, which He has pointed out (also: = covenant participation) – and all these things will be added to you!

Colossians 3:5

5 Make dead (Put into a state of deadness; Deaden; = Kill), therefore, the [other MSS: your] members (body parts; = aspects of your life) upon the earth (= that pertain to this earthly existence): prostitution (fornication; sexual immorality), uncleanness, [unbridled] passion ([uncontrolled] feeling or [excessive] emotion), worthless over-desire (rushing upon bad things; obsessive evil cravings), and the desire to have more and gain advantage over another (or: selfish, greedy, grasping thoughts and behavior) – which is idolatry (the worship of forms, shapes, images or figures; or: service to pagan concepts)

2 John 1:7-11

7 Since many wandering-astray folks (or: many who lead astray; many deceivers) went out into the ordered System (world of religion, secular culture, economics and government) – those not continuously speaking like (saying the same thing as; confessing) Jesus presently coming in flesh (= a physical body; or: = in [their] inner self): this is the person wandering astray, even the one in opposition to Christ (the one instead of Christ; the one in place of Christ; or: the anti-anointing) – 8 be continuously seeing to yourselves (looking at yourselves), to the intent that you people would (or: may) not destroy (or: lose) what we [other MSS: you folks] did (produced; worked for), but rather may receive back full wages. 9 Everyone leading forward (going ahead; leading in advance; [some MSS: transgressing]) and yet not remaining (abiding; dwelling; staying) within Christ's teaching does not have God; the person remaining (dwelling; abiding; staying) within that teaching, this one continuously has (or: holds; possesses) both Father and Son (or: the Father and the Son). 10 If a certain person is continually coming toward you and yet is not normally carrying (or: habitually bearing; continually bringing) this teaching, do not repeatedly take him into a house, and do not continuously say to him, "Rejoice!" (= giving him a greeting). 11 You see, the person continually telling him to be rejoicing (= greeting him as an associate) is continually sharing in common existence with his worthless deeds (having fellowship with his acts which bring a gush of misery; maintaining partnership with his wicked and evil works; participating in his painful, toilsome and useless actions).

Luke 10:27

27 Now making a discerning reply, the man said, "'You will be constantly loving [the] Lord [= Yahweh] your God from out of your whole (= entire) heart, and in union with your whole soul (or: within your entire self and soul-life), and in union with and in the midst of your whole (= entire) strength,’ and in union with and within your whole (= entire) mind (intellect; comprehension; understanding) 'and 'your neighbor (the one close to you; your associate) as being yourself.'" [Deut. 6:4; Lev. 19:18]

James 4:17

17 So for one (or: in a man; to a person) having seen and thus knowing to be continually performing [the] beautiful (doing [the] ideal; making [the] good; producing [the] excellent), and then not habitually performing (doing) [it], in him it is a failure (for him it is error; to him it is sin; by him it is a missing of the target and a deviation from the goal).

Romans 12:1-21

1 Consequently, brothers, I am repeatedly calling you folks alongside to exhort, implore and encourage you, through God's compassions to stand your bodies alongside (or: to set or place your bodies beside) [the] Well-pleasing, Set-apart (Holy; Different-from-the-usual), Living Sacrifice by God (or: in God; for God; to God; with God), [this being] your sacred service which pertains to thought, reason and communication (or: your reasoned and rational service; the logical and Word-based service from you folks). 2 And stop constantly conforming yourselves to (or, as passive: So then, quit being repeatedly molded by, fashioned for or patterned together with) this age [with other MSS: and not to be continuously configured to this age, or not to constantly remodel yourself for this age], but on the contrary, be progressively transformed (transfigured; changed in form and semblance) by the renewing (or: in the renewal; for the making-back-up-new again) of your mind [with other MSS: from The Mind; of the intellect; pertaining to the faculties of perceiving and understanding; of the mindset, disposition, inner orientation and world view] into the [situation and condition for] you folks to be habitually examining in order to be testing and, after scrutiny, distinguishing and approving what [is] God's will (design; purpose; resolve; intent): the good and well-pleasing, even perfect (finished, complete and destined)! (or: = the thing [that is] virtuous, satisfying and able to succeed in its purpose.) 3 For, through the grace and favor being suddenly given to me, I am saying to (or: for) everyone being among you folks not to be continually over-opinionated or elated (to be constantly hyper-thinking to the point of being haughty, arrogant or having a sense of superiority; to be habitually over-thinking issues; to constantly mind things above; to be overweening) beyond what is necessary (binding; proper), but rather to think (mind; be disposed) into the disposition to be sane and of a sound mind, as God divides and distributes (or: parted) to, in and for each one a measure of faith (a meted amount of firm persuasion; a measured portion of trust; a [specific or allotted] ration of confidence and loyalty). 4 For you see, just as (or: according to what is encompassed) in one body we continuously have (constantly hold and possess) many members, yet all the members do not have the same mode of acting (do not constantly hold the same function), 5 thus we, the many, are and continue to exist being one body within Christ (in union with [the] Anointed), yet individually (or: the situation being in accord with one), members of one another (or: but still, [being] on one level, [are] members whose source is, and who belong to, each other). 6 Now constantly holding (having; possessing) excelling grace-effects (or: gracious results of favor that carry-through), down from, in accord with and to the level of the grace and joyous favor being given to us, in us and for us, whether prophecy[let it be] down from and in line with the above-word of the faith (or: in accord with the analogy of the loyalty; according to the proportion of trust; following the pattern of the corresponding relationship that pertains to the Faith; down along the upward-thought of faith or the up-message of the belief; in accordance with conformability from the faithfulness; on the level of the correspondence and ratio of confidence); 7 or whether serving (thoroughly dispensing in attendance on a duty) – [let us be, or live] in the service (the attendance to the duty; the arrangement for provision; the aid through dispensing); or whether the one constantly teaching – [let the person continue] in the teaching (the instructing or training); 8 or whether the person normally performing as a paraclete (one habitually calling alongside to aid, admonish, encourage, exhort and give relief) – [let the person flourish] in the calling alongside to give relief and aid, as well as for admonition, encouragement and exhortation; the one habitually sharing (imparting; giving together) – in simplicity (singleness; or: = with generosity); the one constantly setting himself before [a situation] or being a caregiver (or: standing in front and presiding; or: being in charge of giving care or aid) – in diligent haste (= eagerly); the one continuously mercying (applying mercy) – in cheerfulness (pleasantness; gleeful abandon). 9 Love (or: The inner movement toward overcoming existential separation) [is] not overly critical and [does] not [make] hyper-distinctions or excessive divisions or separations (or: [is] unfeigned, unhypocritical and [does] not play a role as an actor). With abhorrence (or: strong detesting) [be] constantly shrinking away from the worthless thing (the bad situation; the painfully toilsome endeavor; the base, cowardly or evil thing) [and be] habitually gluing or welding yourself (attaching yourself and adhering) to The Good One (or: the profitable situation; the virtuous endeavor). 10 In sisterly love (or: By fond affection, as for members of a family,) unto one another, [be] tenderly affectionate folks who express warm regard, being people constantly taking the lead in the honor (by and with the estimation of value or worth) of one another (or: habitually esteeming one another first in value; constantly giving preference to one another in respect). 11 [Be] eager and in diligent haste – not slothful, lazy or hesitating folks. In the Breath-effect (or: By the Spirit; With this attitude), [be] people constantly boiling hot! For the Lord (or: In the Owner; By the Lord; To the Lord [= Yahweh or Christ]), [be] folks constantly slaving (repeatedly performing as slaves)! 12 In and with expectation (or: By expectant hope) [be] people continuously rejoicing; in pressure (squeezing; tribulation; compression) [be] folks constantly remaining under to give support (or: humbly enduring); in thinking or by acting, and with speaking, toward having goodness, ease and well-being (or: by and with prayer) [be] people habitually persevering (persisting in adherence and engagement). 13 To the (or: For the; In the) needs of the set-apart folks (the holy ones; the saints) [be] people continuously sharing (contributing/participating in partnership from common existence). [Be] folks habitually pursuing (rapidly following; eagerly pressing toward) the love of foreigners (or: Follow the course of hospitality by fondness expressed in kindness to strangers). 14 You folks keep on speaking well of (or: repeatedly think goodness for; continue blessing) the people consistently pursuing and persecuting you: be continuously blessing (speaking well of [them] or thinking goodness for [them]) and stop cursing (or: you must not continue praying down on, or wishing anything against, [things, situations or people])! 15 Practice (or: Be constantly) rejoicing with those who are presently or habitually rejoicing, and constantly weep (or: cry; lament) with those presently (or: habitually) weeping; 16 n this very same vein, continue being folks who are focusing your thinking into one another: not being those constantly setting their minds on the high positions or elite social statuses (or: don't be corporately arrogant), but rather, being folks consistently led away together to the low, humble ones (or: by the humble people; in the low things; = associate with folks of low social standing). You folks must not habitually become people of a particular mind-set (or: Stop engendering corporate arrogance or producing opinionated folks) side-by-side with, and among, yourselves (or: = Stop being those who are wise or conceited in their own opinions and in their own eyes)! 17 To no person practice giving away (returning or repaying) evil in exchange for evil (ugly in the place of ugly; worthless, bad, ill, unsound, poor quality over against the same)! Habitually being folks taking thought in advance for fine things (or: constantly providing ideal things; continuously giving attention ahead of time with regard to things of good form and quality; repeatedly having forethought for beautiful [situations]) in the sight of all humanity, 18 since [you are] full of power (or: if capable; if or since able) regarding that which has its source in you folks (or: as to that which proceeds from yourselves corporately), [live] being folks continuously at peace with all mankind (in the midst of all people), 19 not being folks habitually getting justice for yourselves (not maintaining what is right concerning yourselves; not avenging yourselves), beloved ones, but on the contrary, you folks must yield the position held in anger (or: give a place for [His] natural impulse, propensity, passion and personal emotion; give place to [His] intrinsic fervor; relinquish [your] right to anger or wrath), for it has been written, "'In Me (or: For or By Me) [is] maintenance of justice (execution of the Way pointed out; working out of the right); I Myself will continue giving away, instead (or: I will progressively be making a recompense [to you]; or: I will continue taking the opposing position of giving [it] away; or: in its place, I Myself will repeatedly repay [you]),' the Lord [= Yahweh] is habitually saying." [Deut. 32:25; comment: if we are not to practice giving away evil in exchange for evil (vs. 17, above), then we should not expect the Lord to do this] 20 But further, "If your enemy (the one hostile to you) should perhaps be hungering (or: continues hungry), continue feeding him morsels (supplying him with food); if he may continue thirsting (be constantly thirsty), continue giving drink to him (causing him to drink), for while constantly practicing (performing; doing) this you will progressively pile on and heap up burning coals (embers) of fire upon his head." [Prov. 25:21-22] [comment: the directives of feeding and giving drink correspond to what was to be done for brothers in Matt. 25:35, 40; the metaphor of heaping coals may correspond to Isa. 6:6 where a coal from the incense altar purged sin, so being put on his head may be a picture of purging his thinking; Wuest suggests this as supplying a needed source of fire for someone's home, meeting a desperate need – Word Studies, vol. 1, p. 220; as the first two are blessings, I suggest that this latter also is] 21 Do not be habitually conquered under (or: Stop being overcome by) the worthless (the bad of quality; the ugly and unsound; the evil), but to the contrary, be constantly conquering (overcoming; victorious over) the worthless (the unsound, the bad and the ugly; the evil) [by being] in union with The Good One (or: [a participant] within what is profitable; or: in the midst of virtue). [comment: this verse points to a positive interpretation of the burning coals in vs. 20]

Romans 14:1-23

1 So constantly reach toward and receive in your arms (take as a companion, admit to your society and friendship, and partner with) the one continuing without strength in the faith (the person weak in trust, confidence and loyalty) – not [putting him] into separated distinctions (or: discriminations) based upon or pertaining to opinions (or: reasoned considerations; thought processes; dialogues or disputes; things being thought through; thoroughly considered and settled accounts). 2 One person, indeed, is habitually trusting (is continually believing; continues to have faith) to eat everything, yet the person being constantly weak (without strength) continues (or: is normally) eating vegetables. 3 The person habitually eating the one thing must not constantly make nothing out of (= look down on) the person not eating. And the person not normally eating the one thing must not constantly make a decision about (separate away from; make a distinction between; pass judgment on) the one habitually eating, for God reaches toward him and takes him in His arms (receives him as a companion and a friend, and has taken him as a partner). 4 You, who are the person constantly judging (separating away; making a distinction or a decision about) another man's house-servant (domestic)! By (In; To; For; With) his own Lord (Master; Owner) he continues standing, or, he is falling. Yet he will repeatedly be made to stand, for you see, the Lord [= Yahweh or Christ] is constantly able (perpetually powerful) to make him stand. 5 One person, on the one hand, is habitually discriminating (deciding; separating; passing judgment; making a distinction): a day from (or: beside) a day (or: = [one] day more than, or compared with, [another] day). Yet, on the other hand, another is habitually deciding for every day (or: is constantly separating each day [as alike, or, as set-apart]). Let each one habitually be fully led within his own mind (or: Each person must constantly be carried to full measure in union with his own mind [on this matter]). 6 He who is habitually minding (being disposed to; being opinionated about) the day, in the Lord [= Yahweh] is continuously opinionated (or: for the Lord [= Christ] is he [thus] minding or being disposed; [some MSS add: and yet the person not minding the day, to, for or in the Lord he is not minding it]). And the one habitually eating, in the Lord [= Yahweh or Christ] is he eating, for he habitually gives thanks to God (constantly expresses gratitude by God, for God and in God). And the one not eating is not eating in God (to God; for God), and habitually expresses gratitude for God (in God; gives thanks to God). 7 You see, not one of us is living to himself (for himself; by himself; in himself), and not one is dying away by himself (in himself; for himself; to himself). 8 For it follows, both if we are (or: should be) living, in the Lord (or: for, to and by the Lord [= Yahweh or Christ]) we are (or: could and should be) living, and then, if we may (or: would) be dying, in, for, to and by the Lord we would be dying. Then, both if we are living, and if we may be dying, we are the Lord's (we constantly exist being of [Yahweh]; we continuously belong to the Lord; we are from the Owner). 9 For into this [situation] Christ not only died away, but also now lives, to the end that He would (or: should) be Lord (Owner; Master; Possessor) both of dead folks as well as of living people. 10 But you! Why are you constantly judging (discriminating against; separating away; making a decision about) your brother (= fellow believer; or: = fellowman)? Or why are you also habitually making light of (making nothing out of; setting at naught; treating with scorn or contempt) your brother? For you see, we will all continue standing in attendance alongside on God's elevated place (platform or stage which is ascended by steps, from which one speaks in a public assembly; or: we will all repeatedly present ourselves at the seat, dais or throne which is God [some MSS: Christ]), 11 for it has been written, "I, Myself, am continuously living. The Lord [= Yahweh] is saying that in Me (by Me; to Me; for Me) every knee will repeatedly bend in worship, or, to sit down (or: I live, says the Lord, because every knee will repeatedly bend to sit down in Me), and every tongue will continue to agree, bind itself and promise to God (speak out of the same word in God; publicly acclaim/acknowledge God; openly profess by God)." [Isa. 45:23] 12 Consequently, then, each one of us will continue giving a word (presenting a message; rendering an account) about himself to God (or: for God; by God; in God). 13 No longer, then, should we continue judging (making decisions about; discriminating against; separating away) one another, but rather, to a greater extent you folks must decide this: not to continue placing (or: setting) the stumbling-block (that which results in tripping) for or in the brother; neither a snare (a trap-spring; a cause for tripping or becoming trapped). 14 I have seen to know (or: have perceived), and I have been persuaded and now stand convinced, within [the] Lord Jesus, that nothing (not one thing) [is] common (ceremonially defiled; unclean; contaminating; = the opposite of set-apart or holy) through itself, except to (in; by; for) the person considering (or: logically accounting and reckoning) anything to be common (defiled; contaminating); to (for; in; by) that one [it is] common and unclean. 15 For instance, if because of solid food (or: the effect of something eaten) your brother is continually made sad (made sorry, distressed or grieved), you are no longer continuing to walk about (= living your life) in accord with (or: down from and on the level of) Love (or: you are not yet habitually walking [your path] in participation with transcendent unity of unambiguous, uniting acceptance toward others). Do not, by your food (or: for your solid food), progressively destroy away (lose by ruining; bring to loss) that person over whom Christ died. 16 Do not cause your good thing (or: the excellence and virtue which pertain to you) to be slandered (defamed; insulted; blasphemed; vilified; have its light hindered), 17 for you see, God's kingdom (or: the reign-and-rule which is God; the expression, influence and activity of God’s sovereignty) is not (or: does not exist being) solid food and drink, but rather, fair and equitable dealing which brings justice and right relationship in the Way pointed out (being turned in the right direction; rightwisedness; also = covenant inclusion and participation), peace (and: harmony; = shalom) and joy (or: happiness; rejoicing) within set-apart Breath-effect (or: a dedicated spirit and sacred attitude; or: in [the] Holy Spirit). 18 You see the one continuously slaving for and in the Christ in this [realm, sphere or regard] [is; continues being] well-pleasing (well-satisfying; fully acceptable) to (or: in; by; with) God, and approved (after examination and testing) by people (or: among mankind). 19 Consequently, then, we are continuously pressing forward and pursuing the things pertaining to, belonging to and which are the peace [= shalom] and the things pertaining to, belonging to and which are the act of building a house, pertaining to [input] into one another (or: which [effect] edification [infusing] into each other). 20 Stop tearing down (dissolving; loosing down; demolishing) God's work for the sake of solid food (or: on account of the effect of what is eaten). Indeed, all things [are] clean (= ceremonially pure; [Aleph2 adds: to the clean ones]), but on the other hand, [it is] bad (harmful; unsound; base; wicked; evil; not as ought to be) for (or: to; in; with) the person who by habitually eating [experiences] an effect of [or causes] stumbling through it. 21 [It is] beautiful (fine; as it ought to be; profitable; ideal) not to eat meat (animal flesh), neither to drink wine, nor even that in which your brother habitually stumbles (strikes himself against [it]), or is being constantly snared, or is continually weak. 22 The faith, trust and confidence which you yourself continue to have, hold it in accord with (in line with, on the level of, and corresponding to) yourself in God's sight and presence (or: = Keep your personal faith between you and God). Blessed and happy [is] the one not constantly judging himself (evaluating himself; separating and dividing things within himself; criticizing himself; making decisions or determinations about himself) within that which he is habitually examining to test and to prove (or: in what he normally approves). 23 Now the person continually wavering and doubting, being undecided, has been and remains correspondingly evaluated (or: commensurately decided about; separated by following the pattern and judged accordingly; condemned), if he should eat, because [it is] not forth from out of faith (or: it does not have trust as its source). And everything which [is] not forth from out of faith (or: [does] not arise from trust) is a failure to hit the target (exists being an error; is a deviation from the goal; continues being sin, and a mistake).

Hebrews 10:26

26 For you see, [at] our deliberately (voluntarily; willfully from one's being) making mistakes (entering into error; failing; shooting off-target; sinning) as a habitual way of life, after taking hold of (or: receiving; obtaining) the full, experiential knowledge and insight of the Truth and Reality, there is no longer a sacrifice concerned with sins (failures; etc.) repeatedly (or: continuously) left behind [D* reads: left around; = available for us], [comment: the sacrificial system of the old covenant no longer exists for a believer]

John 14:15

15 "If you are habitually loving Me (or, as a subjunctive: would continue loving Me), you WILL continue observing [other MSS the subjunctive: you can or should observe (or: note and keep watch over; guard and preserve; keep in view; hold in custody); other MSS, the imperative: Keep in view and take note of]) My implanted goals (impartations of the finished product within; inward directives; interior purposes and destiny),

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