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Matthew 4:1-25

1 Thereupon Jesus was led up into the wilderness by the Breath-effect (or: was at once brought {or: guided} back again, under the Spirit, into the lonely, desolate and uninhabited region) to be examined, tested, tried, put to the proof, and put through an ordeal under and by the one who thrusts [something] through [folks] (or: the devil; the prejudiced adversary; the slanderous opponent; the backbiting false accuser; or: by that which was cast through [Him]). 2 And after fasting forty days and forty nights, He subsequently experienced hunger (or: felt famished). 3 Then, upon approaching and facing [Him], the examiner (the one continuously testing and bringing ordeals) said to Him, "Since You are God's Son (or: If you continue existing being a son of and from God), speak so that these stones can become (or: should come to be) loaves of bread." 4 Yet He, making a discerning reply, said, "It has been written, 'Mankind (or: The human) will not be habitually living on bread, alone, but rather on every utterance (gush-effect; result of a saying; effect of a flow; declaration; spoken word) which is constantly going forth (or: proceeding out) through God's [= Yahweh's] mouth.'" [Deut. 8:3] 5 At that time, the adversary (the one who thrusts [something] through folks; the devil) proceeds in taking Him along into the set-apart (holy) city, and then sets (or: placed; stationed; stands) Him upon the little wing of the Temple complex (or: court; grounds), 6 and it proceeds saying to Him, "Since You are God's Son (or: If you exist being a son of and from God), hurl (fling; cast) Yourself down, for it has been written, 'He will constantly give inner direction (or: an imparted goal) to His agents (or: messengers) about (concerning) You,' and, 'They will repeatedly lift You up (or: = catch You) on [their] hands (or: = so as to carry You in their arms) so that You would never strike Your foot against a stone (or: = so that you can at no time stumble or hurt Yourself).'" [Ps. 91:11-12] 7 Jesus affirmed to it, "Again, it has been written, 'You will not continue putting [the] Lord [= Yahweh], your God, to the test (or: You will not repeatedly attempt to set Yahweh out on trial or check out some proof about Him).'" [Deut. 6:16] 8 Again the opponent (adversary; one thrusting-through into [Him]) is progressively taking Him along – into an extremely high mountain range (or: a very high mountain), and successively points out for Him all the world's kingdoms (or: progressively shows to Him all the reigns of the controlling ordered-system of secular society), as well as their glory (their splendor and manifestations which call forth praise; their reputations). 9 Then it said to Him, "I will give all these things to You, if – falling prostrate – You would pay homage to me (worship me; do obeisance to me)." 10 At this [saying], Jesus then says to it, "Bring [it] under control, adversary (or: Subject [yourself], satan; Sink down below, adversary; Carry [this] off below, hateful accuser; or: Go away, satan)! You see, it has been written, 'You will constantly pay homage to (do obeisance to; worship; fall down and kiss the feet of) [the] Lord [= Yahweh] your God, and to Him alone you will repeatedly render hired service (or: sacred service).'" [Deut. 6:13] 11 At that point, the opponent (the adversary; the one who had been thrusting [Him] through) progressively flowed away from Him (or: proceeded to divorce Him; presently abandoned Him) – and, note and consider this! – agents (messengers) approached (came forward) and began giving attending service to (or: continued rendering ministering service and provision for) Him. 12 Now [later], upon hearing that John was handed over (delivered up; = arrested and put in prison), He withdrew from the area and returned into the Galilee [province]. 13 So after leaving Nazareth and coming into Capernaum-by-the-sea, He settled down (took up residence) [there] – within the midst of the territories of Zebulun and Naphtali, 14 to the end that the [prophecy; oracle] spoken (declared) through Isaiah the prophet would (could; should) be fulfilled [which] continues saying, 15 "O land of Zebulun and land of Naphtali: a pathway associated with [the] Lake (or: Sea), on the other side of the Jordan [River], Galilee-of-the-multitudes (ethnic groups; nations; non-Israelites; pagans; Goyim) 16 The people continuously sitting within the midst of darkness (the gloomy dimness of the shadow that lacked the light of the Day) saw a great Light. And on (or: to; for; in) those constantly sitting within [the] province (or: region) and shadow of death, Light arises on (or: rose to and among; dawned for or in) them." [Isa. 8:23-9:1] 17 From that time on, Jesus began to be repeatedly making loud public proclamations (performing as a herald), and to be continually saying, "You folks be progressively changing your thinking (change your frame of mind, mode of thought, perceptions and understanding and turn your focus to [Yahweh]), because the sovereign reign and activity of exercising the sovereignty of the heavens (or: kingdom from the sky and the atmosphere) has drawn near and now continues being at hand and is close enough to touch (= has arrived and is now accessible)." 18 Now while proceeding in walking along Lake Galilee (or: the Sea of Galilee), He saw two brothers, Simon – the one commonly called Peter – and Andrew, his brother, repeatedly casting a purse net into the lake (or: sea). You see, they were by habit fishers (or: fishermen) [for earning a livelihood]. 19 So He proceeds to say to them, "Come here, back behind (or: after) Me! I will also make you men fishers of humans (of people; of mankind)!" 20 Now at once abandoning their nets, they followed Him. 21 Then going on from there He saw two other brothers, Jacob (or: James), the [son] of Zebedee, and John, his brother – within the boat with Zebedee, their father, continuing in thoroughly adjusting, mending and preparing their nets – and He called them. 22 Now at once abandoning the boat and their father, they followed Him. 23 Later, Jesus continued leading [them] around (or: about) within [the] whole of Galilee, continuously teaching (or: progressively giving instruction) within their synagogues and repeatedly making loud public proclamations about the good news (the message of goodness, ease and wellness) which pertains to the Kingdom (or: which has its source in the Reign; which characterizes and belongs to the influence of Sovereignty; which is the Reign; or: the kingdom's glad tidings) – as well as continuing in curing (or: giving attentive care and prescribing therapy or ongoing treatment for) every chronic disease and every occasional illness (sickness; delicate condition) among the people. 24 So His reputation and the report concerning Him went off into the whole [region] of Syria. And people brought to Him all those having it badly (those in poor conditions; = having an illness), [those] with various diseases, and those being continuously gripped by pain (or: confined in testing situations), as well as those being habitually affected by demons [note: a Hellenistic concept and term that denoted animistic influences], and those being repeatedly affected by the moon (either = lunatics, or, epileptics) and paralytics – and He cured or gave attentive care or prescribed therapy or instigated ongoing treatment for them! 25 Consequently many and huge crowds followed Him – from the Galilee [province] and Decapolis (the Ten Cities; a league of cities east of the Jordan) and Jerusalem and Judea, as well as [from] the other side of the Jordan [River] (or: Transjordan).

1 Timothy 5:8

8 Now if anyone is not habitually having forethought or perceiving beforehand in order to provide for those who are his or her own (= relatives), and especially ones of the household (family or domestics) she or he has disowned (turned her or his back on; denied; renounced; refused) the Faith-loyalty and is worse than an unbeliever (or: has disregarded and declined their trust and exists being worse than one without faith).

Romans 13:4

4 for it is God's servant (attendant who renders service or does a duty; an aid in dispensing; one who arranges for provision) for you (or: to you), [directing you] into the good (the profitable; the virtuous). Yet if you should be constantly doing the worthless (the evil; the base; the thing of poor quality; the ugly), be fearing with a healthy respect, for it is not purposelessly (aimlessly; vainly) continuing to bear the sword! For it is God's servant, a maintainer of what is right (an obtainer and executor of justice; an avenger) into a fruitful fervor (to a strong personal emotion; unto an angry result; unto [its] personal bent) for (or: in; to) the person constantly practicing or performing the worthless (the ugly; the poor of quality; the evil).

Matthew 26:52-54

52 At that point Jesus is saying to him, "Turn away (= Return) your knife (or: sword) into its place. You see, all those taking [up] a knife (or: sword) will proceed in destroying themselves in union with a knife (or: sword). 53 "Or, are you continually imagining or supposing that I am not constantly able (or: that I do not habitually have power) to at once call My Father to My side for assistance, and He will right now place by Me (or: furnish for Me; put at My disposal) more than twelve legions [= regiments; a legion was 6000 foot soldiers plus 120 on horse, plus auxiliaries] of agents? 54 "How then could (or: would) the Scriptures be fulfilled that in this way it continues binding and necessary to happen (take place; come to be; occur)?"

Ephesians 6:12

12 because for us [other MSS: for you] the wrestling is not against (toward; with a view to) blood and flesh (= physical bodies), but rather against (toward; i.e., "face to face" with) the beginning controls and rules (or: original rulings; or: rulers and controllers; governments; those things or people in first position; the beginning things or people; the original ones; the princes) and face to face with the rights and privileges (or: liberties to do as one pleases; or: authorities; or: aspects from out of existence), with a view to the strengths of the System (or: strengths of the order; or: universal powers; the world's strong-ones) of this darkness (realm of shadows, gloom and dimness; [comment: = ignorance]), facing (toward; or: with a view to) the spiritual aspects (or: breath-effected attitudes; or: conditions and qualities of a spirit) of the worthlessness (the badness of conditions; the unsoundness and miserableness; the wickedness and depravity; the evil and malice; the disadvantageousness; the unprofitableness; the thing that brings toilsome labor and a gush of misery) among those situated upon elevated positions (or: situated within the heavenly positions or places; among the imposed heavenly realms; positioned in union with the celestials and heavenly ones; resident within the midst of added atmospheres). [note: this verse could be speaking about the ruling authorities of the religious world of ignorance, with its now worthless sacrifices, or, about the political system of darkened strength which was currently in power, bringing bad situations; Walter Wink, in Engaging the Powers, uses the phrase against suprahuman systems and forces for part of this verse]

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