Bible verses about "robbery" | IHOT

Isaiah 61:8

  8 H3588 כי For H589 אני I H3068 יהוה the LORD H157 אהב love H4941 משׁפט judgment, H8130 שׂנא I hate H1498 גזל robbery H5930 בעולה for burnt offering; H5414 ונתתי and I will direct H6468 פעלתם their work H571 באמת in truth, H1285 וברית covenant H5769 עולם an everlasting H3772 אכרות׃ and I will make

Ezekiel 33:14-19

  14 H559 ובאמרי Again, when I say H7563 לרשׁע unto the wicked, H4191 מות   H4191 תמות   H7725 ושׁב if he turn H2403 מחטאתו from his sin, H6213 ועשׂה and do H4941 משׁפט that which is lawful H6666 וצדקה׃ and right;
  15 H2258 חבל the pledge, H7725 ישׁיב restore H7563 רשׁע the wicked H1500 גזלה that he had robbed, H7999 ישׁלם give again H2708 בחקות in the statutes H2416 החיים of life, H1980 הלך walk H1115 לבלתי without H6213 עשׂות committing H5766 עול iniquity; H2421 חיו he shall surely live, H2421 יחיה he shall surely live, H3808 לא he shall not H4191 ימות׃ die.
  16 H3605 כל   H2403 חטאתו of his sins H834 אשׁר that H2398 חטא he hath committed H3808 לא   H2142 תזכרנה shall be mentioned H4941 לו משׁפט that which is lawful H6666 וצדקה and right; H6213 עשׂה unto him: he hath done H2421 חיו he shall surely live. H2421 יחיה׃ he shall surely live.
  17 H559 ואמרו say, H1121 בני Yet the children H5971 עמך of thy people H3808 לא is not equal: H8505 יתכן is not equal: H1870 דרך The way H136 אדני of the Lord H1992 והמה but as for them, H1870 דרכם their way H3808 לא is not equal. H8505 יתכן׃ is not equal.
  18 H7725 בשׁוב turneth H6662 צדיק When the righteous H6666 מצדקתו from his righteousness, H6213 ועשׂה and committeth H5766 עול iniquity, H4191 ומת׃ he shall even die
  19 H7725 ובשׁוב turn H7563 רשׁע But if the wicked H7564 מרשׁעתו from his wickedness, H6213 ועשׂה and do H4941 משׁפט that which is lawful H6666 וצדקה and right, H5921 עליהם thereby. H1931 הוא he H2421 יחיה׃ shall live

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