Bible verses about "patriotism" | IHOT

2 Chronicles 7:14

  14 H3665 ויכנעו shall humble themselves, H5971 עמי If my people, H834 אשׁר which H7121 נקרא are called H8034 שׁמי by my name, H5921 עליהם are called H6419 ויתפללו and pray, H1245 ויבקשׁו and seek H6440 פני my face, H7725 וישׁבו and turn H1870 מדרכיהם ways; H7451 הרעים from their wicked H589 ואני then will I H8085 אשׁמע hear H4480 מן ways; H8064 השׁמים heaven, H5545 ואסלח and will forgive H2403 לחטאתם their sin, H7495 וארפא and will heal H853 את   H776 ארצם׃ their land.

Psalms 33:12-22

  12 H835 אשׁרי Blessed H1471 הגוי the nation H834 אשׁר whose H3068 יהוה the LORD; H430 אלהיו God H5971 העם the people H977 בחר he hath chosen H5159 לנחלה׃ for his own inheritance.
  13 H8064 משׁמים from heaven; H5027 הביט looketh H3068 יהוה The LORD H7200 ראה he beholdeth H853 את   H3605 כל all H1121 בני the sons H120 האדם׃ of men.
  14 H4349 ממכון   H3427 שׁבתו of his habitation H7688 השׁגיח he looketh H413 אל upon H3605 כל all H3427 ישׁבי the inhabitants H776 הארץ׃ of the earth.
  15 H3335 היצר He fashioneth H3162 יחד alike; H3820 לבם their hearts H995 המבין he considereth H413 אל he considereth H3605 כל all H4639 מעשׂיהם׃ their works.
  16 H369 אין There is no H4428 המלך king H3467 נושׁע saved H7230 ברב by the multitude H2428 חיל of a host: H1368 גבור a mighty man H3808 לא is not H5337 ינצל delivered H7230 ברב by much H3581 כח׃ strength.
  17 H8267 שׁקר a vain thing H5483 הסוס A horse H8668 לתשׁועה for safety: H7230 וברב by his great H2428 חילו strength. H3808 לא neither H4422 ימלט׃ shall he deliver
  18 H2009 הנה Behold, H5869 עין the eye H3068 יהוה of the LORD H413 אל upon H3373 יראיו them that fear H3176 למיחלים him, upon them that hope H2617 לחסדו׃ in his mercy;
  19 H5337 להציל To deliver H4194 ממות from death, H5315 נפשׁם their soul H2421 ולחיותם and to keep them alive H7458 ברעב׃ in famine.
  20 H5315 נפשׁנו Our soul H2442 חכתה waiteth H3068 ליהוה for the LORD: H5828 עזרנו our help H4043 ומגננו and our shield. H1931 הוא׃ he
  21 H3588 כי For H8055 בו ישׂמח shall rejoice H3820 לבנו our heart H3588 כי in him, because H8034 בשׁם name. H6944 קדשׁו in his holy H982 בטחנו׃ we have trusted
  22 H1961 יהי be H2617 חסדך Let thy mercy, H3068 יהוה O LORD, H5921 עלינו upon H834 כאשׁר us, according as H3176 יחלנו׃ we hope

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