Bible verses about "ego" | IHOT

2 Chronicles 36:9-18

  9 H1121 בן old H8083 שׁמונה eight H8141 שׁנים years H3078 יהויכין Jehoiachin H4427 במלכו when he began to reign, H7969 ושׁלשׁה three H2320 חדשׁים months H6235 ועשׂרת and ten H3117 ימים days H4427 מלך and he reigned H3389 בירושׁלם in Jerusalem: H6213 ויעשׂ and he did H7451 הרע evil H5869 בעיני in the sight H3068 יהוה׃ of the LORD.
  10 H8666 ולתשׁובת was expired, H8141 השׁנה And when the year H7971 שׁלח sent, H4428 המלך king H5019 נבוכדנאצר Nebuchadnezzar H935 ויבאהו and brought H894 בבלה him to Babylon, H5973 עם with H3627 כלי vessels H2532 חמדת the goodly H1004 בית of the house H3068 יהוה of the LORD, H4427 וימלך and made H853 את   H6667 צדקיהו Zedekiah H251 אחיו his brother H5921 על king over H3063 יהודה Judah H3389 וירושׁלם׃ and Jerusalem.
  11 H1121 בן old H6242 עשׂרים and twenty H259 ואחת one H8141 שׁנה years H6667 צדקיהו Zedekiah H4427 במלכו when he began to reign, H259 ואחת eleven H6240 עשׂרה eleven H8141 שׁנה years H4427 מלך and reigned H3389 בירושׁלם׃ in Jerusalem.
  12 H6213 ויעשׂ And he did H7451 הרע evil H5869 בעיני in the sight H3068 יהוה of the LORD H430 אלהיו his God, H3808 לא humbled not himself H3665 נכנע humbled not himself H6440 מלפני before H3414 ירמיהו Jeremiah H5030 הנביא the prophet H6310 מפי from the mouth H3068 יהוה׃ of the LORD.
  13 H1571 וגם And he also H4428 במלך against king H5019 נבוכדנאצר Nebuchadnezzar, H4775 מרד rebelled H834 אשׁר who H7650 השׁביעו had made him swear H430 באלהים by God: H7185 ויקשׁ but he stiffened H853 את   H6203 ערפו his neck, H553 ויאמץ and hardened H853 את   H3824 לבבו his heart H7725 משׁוב from turning H413 אל unto H3068 יהוה the LORD H430 אלהי God H3478 ישׂראל׃ of Israel.
  14 H1571 גם Moreover H3605 כל all H8269 שׂרי the chief H3548 הכהנים of the priests, H5971 והעם and the people, H7235 הרבו transgressed very much H4603 למעול   H4603 מעל   H3605 ככל after all H8441 תעבות the abominations H1471 הגוים of the heathen; H2930 ויטמאו and polluted H853 את   H1004 בית the house H3068 יהוה of the LORD H834 אשׁר which H6942 הקדישׁ he had hallowed H3389 בירושׁלם׃ in Jerusalem.
  15 H7971 וישׁלח sent H3068 יהוה And the LORD H430 אלהי God H1 אבותיהם of their fathers H5921 עליהם to H3027 ביד them by H4397 מלאכיו his messengers, H7925 השׁכם rising up quickly, H7971 ושׁלוח and sending; H3588 כי because H2550 חמל he had compassion H5921 על on H5971 עמו his people, H5921 ועל and on H4583 מעונו׃ his dwelling place:
  16 H1961 ויהיו   H3931 מלעבים   H4397 במלאכי the messengers H430 האלהים of God, H959 ובוזים and despised H1697 דבריו his words, H8591 ומתעתעים and misused H5030 בנבאיו his prophets, H5704 עד until H5927 עלות arose H2534 חמת the wrath H3068 יהוה of the LORD H5971 בעמו against his people, H5704 עד till H369 לאין no H4832 מרפא׃ remedy.
  17 H5927 ויעל Therefore he brought H5921 עליהם upon H853 את   H4428 מלך them the king H3778 כשׂדיים of the Chaldees, H2026 ויהרג who slew H970 בחוריהם their young men H2719 בחרב with the sword H1004 בבית in the house H4720 מקדשׁם of their sanctuary, H3808 ולא and had no compassion H2550 חמל and had no compassion H5921 על upon H970 בחור young man H1330 ובתולה or maiden, H2205 זקן old man, H3486 וישׁשׁ or him that stooped for age: H3605 הכל all H5414 נתן he gave H3027 בידו׃ into his hand.
  18 H3605 וכל And all H3627 כלי the vessels H1004 בית of the house H430 האלהים of God, H1419 הגדלים great H6996 והקטנים and small, H214 ואצרות and the treasures H1004 בית of the house H3068 יהוה of the LORD, H214 ואצרות and the treasures H4428 המלך of the king, H8269 ושׂריו and of his princes; H3605 הכל all H935 הביא he brought H894 בבל׃ to Babylon.

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