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Joshua 6:10

10 And Iosua commaunded the people sayinge: Ye shall not showte, ner make any noyse wt youre voyce, neither shal any worde procede out of youre mouthe, vntill the daye I bid you showte, then shall ye showte.

Psalms 100:1-5

1 A Psalme for thankes geuynge. O be ioyfull in the Lorde (all ye landes) serue the Lorde with gladnes, and come before hys presence with a songe. 2 Be ye sure, that the Lorde he is God: 3 It is he that hath made vs, and not we oure selues: we are his people, and the shepe of his pasture. 4 O go youre waye into hys gates with thanckesgeuyng, and into his courtes wyth prayse: be thankfull vnto hym, and speake good of hys name. 5 For the Lorde is gracyous, hys mercy is euerlastynge, and his treuth endureth from generacion to generacion.

2 Chronicles 15:12-14

12 And they made a couenaunt to seke the Lorde God of theyr fathers, with all theyr hert & all theyr soule. 13 And whosoeuer wolde not seke the Lorde God of Israel, shulde dye for it: whether he were small or great man or woman. 14 And they sware vnto the Lorde with a loude voyce, showtynge & blowyng wyth trompettes and shawmes.

Psalms 150:1-6

1 Haleluiah. O prayse God in his holynes, prayse hym in the fyrmament of his power. 2 Prayse hym in hys noble actes, prayse hym accordynge vnto hys excellent greatnesse. 3 Prayse hym in the sounde of the trompet, prayse hym vpon the lute & harpe. 4 Prayse him in the cymbales and daunse, prayse him vpon the strynges and pype. 5 Prayse hym vpon the welltuned cymbales, prayse hym vpon the loude cymbales. 6 Let euery thynge that hath breth, prayse the Lorde. Haleluiah.Prayse the euerlastynge.

Zephaniah 3:14-15

14 Geue thankes, O daughter Syon, be ioyfull, O Israel: reioyce & be glad from thy whole hert, O daughter Ierusalem, 15 for the Lorde hath taken awaye thy punyshement, and turned backe thyne enemyes. The kyng of Israel, euen the Lord hym selfe is with the: so that thou nedest nomore to feare eny mysfortune.

Joshua 6:20

20 And the people showted, and blewe wyth trompettes. And when the people heard the sounde of the trompe, they showted wt a great showt: & the wall fell downe, so that the people went vp into the cytie, euery man streyght before him,

Isaiah 12:6

6 Crye out, and syng thou that dwellest in Syon, for great is the holy one of Israell in the myddes of the.

Luke 17:15

15 And one of them, when he sawe that he was clensed, turned backe agayne, & with a loude voyce praysed God,

Psalms 47:1

1 To the chaunter, a Psalme for the chyldren of Corah. O clappe youre handes together (all ye people) O syng vnto God wyth the voyce of melodye.

Revelation 5:12-14

12 saying wt a lowde voyce: Worthy is the lambe that was kylled to receaue power, & ryches, & wysdome, and strength, and honour, & glory, & blessynge. 13 And all the creatures whych are in heauen, & on the erth, & vnder the erth, & in the see, & all that are in them, herde I sayinge, blessyng, honour, glory, & power be vnto hym that sytteth vpon the seate, & vnto the lambe for euermore. 14 And the foure beastes sayd: Amen. And the .xxiiii. elders fell vpon their faces, and worshypped hym that lyueth for euermore.

Psalms 98:4

4 He hath remembred hys mercy and trueth towarde the house of Israel: and all the endes of the worlde haue sene the saluacyon of oure God.

Luke 19:37-41

37 And when he was now come nye to hye goyng downe of the mounte Olyuete, the whole multitude of the discyples began to reioyce, & to prayse God with a loude voyce, for all the myracles that they had sene, 38 sayinge: blessed be the kynge that commeth in the name of the Lorde: peace in heauen, and glory in the hyest: 39 And some of the Pharyses of the company sayd vnto hym: Master, rebuke the disciples. 40 He sayd vnto them: I tell you, that yf these holde theyr peace, then shall the stones crye. 41 And when he was come neare, he behelde the cytie, and wept on it,

Ezra 3:11-13

11 And they sang together, whan they gaue prayse & thankes vnto the Lord, because he is gracious, and because his mercy endureth for euer vpon Israell. And all the people shouted loude in praysyng the Lord, because the foundacion of the house of the Lorde was layde. 12 Many also of the preastes and leuites and auncient fathers, which had sene the first house (when the foundacion of thys house was layed before theyr eyes) wepte with a loude voyce. And many shouted with ioye, 13 so that the noyse gaue a greate sounde, in so moch that the people coulde not discerne the ioyful sounde and gladnes, from the noyse of the wepynge amonge the people: for the people shouted wyth a loude cry, and the noyse was herde farre of.

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