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Mark 12:31

31 And the seconde is lyke vnto thys: Thou shalt loue thy neyghbour as thy selfe. Ther is none other commaundment greater then these.

Acts 10:34

34 Then Peter opened his mouth, and sayde: Of a treuth I perceaue that there is no respect of persones with God,

Romans 12:3

3 For I saye (thorowe the grace that vnto me geuen is) to euery man amonge you, that noman stonde hye in his owne conceate, more then it becommeth hym to esteme of him selfe: but so iudge of hym selfe, that he be gentle and sober, accordynge, as God hath dealte to euery man the measure of fayth.

Colossians 3:11

11 where is nether Gentyle nor Iewe, circumcisyon nor vncircumcisyon, Barbarous or Sythian, bonde or fre: but Christ is all in all thinges.

John 13:34-35

34 A newe commaundement geue I vnto you, that ye loue together, as I haue loued you, that euen so ye loue one another. 35 By this shall all men knowe that ye are my discyples, yf ye haue loue one to another.

Ephesians 6:9

9 And ye masters, do euen the same thynges vnto them puttinge awaye threatenynges: Knowynge, that youre master also is in heauen, nether is ther eny respecte of person with hym.

Matthew 7:1-5

1 Iudge not, that ye be not iudged. 2 For as ye iudge, so shall ye be iudged. And with what measure ye meate, with the same shall other men measure to you. 3 Why seest thou a mote in thy brothers eye, but consydrest not the beame that is in thyne awne eye? 4 Or how sayest thou to thy brother suffre me, I wyll plucke oute a moate out of thyne eye, and beholde, a beame is in thyne awne eye. 5 Thou ypocryte, fyrst cast oute the beame out of thyne awne eye, and then shalt thou se clearly to plucke out the mote oute of thy brothers eye.

Ephesians 4:32

32 Be ye courteouse one to another, mercyfull, forgeuynge one another, euen as God for Christes sake hath forgeuen you.

James 2:1-26

1 My brethren, esteme not the fayth of our Lorde Iesus Christ the Lorde of glory wt respecte of persons. 2 For if ther come into youre company a man wearyng a golden ryng, clothed in goodly aparell, and ther come in also a poore man in vyle rayment, 3 & ye haue a respecte to him that weareth the gaye clothing, and say vnto him: Syt thou here in a good place: and saye vnto the poore: stande thou there, or syt here vnder my fote stole: 4 are ye not parciall in youre selues, and haue iudged after euyll thoughtes? 5 Harken my deare beloued brethren. Hath not God chosen the poore of thys worlde, soch as are ryche in faythe, & heyres of the kyngdome, whych he promysed to them that loue hym? 6 But ye haue despysed the poore. Do not rych men execute tyrannye vpon you, and draw you before the iudgement seates. 7 Do not they speake euyll of that good name which is called vpon ouer you? 8 Yf ye fulfyll the royall lawe, accordynge to the scripture. (Thou shalte loue thyne neghboure as thy selfe) ye do well. 9 But yf ye regarde one person more then another, ye commyt synne, & are rebuked of the lawe, as transgressours. 10 Whosoeuer shall kepe the whole lawe, & yet fayle in one poynt, he is gyltie of all. 11 For he that sayd: Thou shalt not commyt adulterye, sayde also thou shalt not kyll. Though thou do none adulterye, yet yf thou kyll, thou art become a transgressor of the lawe. 12 So speake ye, and so do, as they that shalbe iudged by the lawe of libertye. 13 For he shal haue iudgement without mercy that sheweth no mercy: and mercy reioyseth agaynst iudgement. 14 What auayleth it my brethren, though a man saye he hath fayth, yf he haue no dedes? Can fayth saue hi 15 If a brother or a syster be naked & destitute of dayly fode, 16 & one of you saye vnto them: departe in peace, God send you warmnes & fode, not wtstandyng ye geue them not those thinges which are nedful to the body, what shal it helpe? 17 Euen so fayth, yf it haue no dedes: is deed in it selfe: 18 But some man wyll saye: thou hast fayth, & I haue dedes: shewe me thy fayth by thy dedes: & I will shewe the my fayth by my dedes. 19 Beleuest thou that ther is one god? Thou doest well. The deuyls also beleue, & tremble. 20 But wilt thou vnderstande. (O thou vayne man) the fayth without dedes is deed? 21 Was not Abraham oure father iustifyed thorow workes, when he had offered Isaac his sonne vpon the aulter? 22 Thou seest, how that fayth wrought wt his dedes, & through the dedes was the fayth made parfecte: 23 & the scripture was fulfylled, which sayth: Abraham beleued God, and it was reputed vnto hym for ryghtewesnes: & he was called the frende of God. 24 Ye se then how that of dedes a man is iustifyed, and not of fayth onely. 25 Lykewyse also, was not Raab the harlot iustifyed thorow workes, when she had receaued the messengers, and had sent them out another waye? 26 For as the body, wythout the sprete is deed, euen so fayth wythout workes is deed also.

Titus 1:12-13

12 One of them selues (euen a prophete of their awne) sayde: The Cretyans are all wayes lyars, euyll beastes, slowe belyes. 13 Thys wytnes is true: wherfore rebuke thou them sharply, that they maye be sounde in the fayth,

Galatians 3:28

28 There is no Iewe, nether Gentyll: there is nether bonde, ner fre: there is nether man, ner woman. For ye are all one in Christ Iesu.

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