Bible verses about "joyful" | Great

Nehemiah 8:10

10 And he sayd vnto them: go youre waye, and eate the fat, & drincke the swete, & sende parte vnto them also that haue not prepared them selues: for thys daye is holy vnto oure Lorde, be not ye sory therfore: for the ioye of the Lorde is youre strength.

Psalms 5:11

11 And let all them that put theyr trust in the reioyce: they shall euer be geuinge of thankes, because thou defendest them: they that loue thy name shalbe ioyfull in the.

Psalms 64:10

10 The righteous shall reioyse in the Lord, and put his trust in hym: and all they that are true of herte, shalbe glad.

Psalms 30:5

5 For hys wrath endureth but the twinclinge of an eye, and in hys pleasure is lyfe: heuynesse maye endure for a nyght, but ioye commeth in the mornynge.

Isaiah 12:6

6 Crye out, and syng thou that dwellest in Syon, for great is the holy one of Israell in the myddes of the.

John 16:22

22 And ye now therfore haue sorowe: but I will se you agayne, and your hertes shall reioyse, and your ioye shal no man take from you.

John 14:27

27 Peace I leaue with you, my peace I geue vnto you. Not as the world geueth, geue I vnto you. Let not youre hertes be greued, nether feare.

1 Thessalonians 5:16

16 Reioyce euer.

Psalms 28:7

7 Praysed be the Lorde, for he hath hearde the voyce of myne humble peticions.

Psalms 21:6

6 For thou shalt geue hym euerlastynge felycite, & make hym glad with the ioye of thy countenaunce.

Psalms 100:2

2 Be ye sure, that the Lorde he is God:

Philippians 4:4

4 Reioyce in the Lord alwaye and agayne I saye reioyce.

Romans 15:13

13 The God of hope fyll you wyth all ioye and peace in beleuyng: that ye maye be ryche in hope, thorow the power of the holy ghost.

Romans 12:12

12 Reioyce in hope. Be pacient in tribulacion. Continue in prayer.

Proverbs 17:22

22 A mery herte maketh a lusty age, but a sorowfull mynde dryeth vp the bones.

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