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Exodus 15:26

26 & sayde: If thou wylt herken vnto the voyce of the Lorde thy God, and wylt do that which is right in his sight, and wylt geue eare vnto his commaundementes, & kepe all hys ordinaunces: then wyll I put none of these diseases vpon the which I brought vpon the Egipcians: for I am the Lorde that healeth the.

John 14:15

15 If ye loue me, kepe my commaundementes,

Philippians 4:13

13 I can do all thinges thorowe Christ which strengtheneth me.

Romans 13:14

14 but put ye on the Lorde Iesus Chryst. And make not prouisyon for the fleshe, to fulfyll the lustes of it.

Hebrews 4:15

15 For we haue not an hye preste, which cannot haue compassyon on oure infirmities: but was in all poyntes tempted, lyke as we are: but yet with out synne.

1 John 2:1

1 My lytell chyldren, these thinges write I vnto you, that ye synne not. And yf eny man synne, we haue an aduocate wyth the father, Iesus christ, the ryghteous:

1 John 4:4

4 Lyttell chyldren, ye are of God, and haue ouercome them: for greater is he that is in you, then he that is in the worlde.

2 Timothy 2:22

22 Lustes of youth auoyde, but folowe ryghtwesnes, fayth, loue and peace, with them that call on the Lorde with a pure herte.

Matthew 6:13

13 And leade vs not into temptacyon: but delyuer vs from euyll. For thyne is the kyngdome and the power, and the glorye for euer. Amen.

Ephesians 6:10-18

10 Finally my brethren, be stronge thorowe the Lorde and thorowe the power of his myght. 11 Put on all the armoure of God, that ye maye stande agaynst the assautes of the deuyll. 12 For we wrestle not agaynst bloude and flesshe: but agaynst rule, agaynst power, agaynst worldy rulers, euen gouerners of the darcknes of thys worlde, agaynst spretuall craftynes in heauenly thynges. 13 Wherfore take vnto you the whole armoure of God, that ye maye be able to resyste in the euyll daye, and stande perfecte in all thinges. 14 Stande therfore, and youre loynes gyrd with the trueth, hauynge on the brest plate of ryghtewesnes, 15 & hauynge shoes on youre fete, that ye maye be prepared for the Gospell of peace. 16 Aboue all, take to you the shylde of fayth, wherwith ye maye quenche all the fyrie dartes of the wycked. 17 And take the helmet of saluacyon, and the swearde of the sprete, which is the worde of God. 18 And praye all wayes with all maner of prayer and supplicacyon in the sprete: and watch ther vnto with all instance and supplycacyon for all saynctes

1 Corinthians 6:18

18 Fle fornicacion. Euery synne that a man doth, is without the body. But he that is a fornicator, synneth against his awne body.

1 Timothy 6:9

9 They that wylbe ryche, fall into temptacyon and snares, & into many folysshe & noysome lustes, which droune men into perdicyon & destruccyon.

James 1:12-16

12 Happy is the man that endureth temptacyon: for when he is tryed, he shall receaue the crowne of lyfe, which the Lorde hath promysed to them that loue hym. 13 Let no man saye when he is tempted, that he is tempted of God, for as God can not be tempted with euill, so nether he hymselfe tempt the eny man. 14 But euery man is tempted, whan he is drawne awaye, & entysed of hys awne concupiscence. 15 Then, when lust hath conceaued, she bryngeth forth synne: & synne when it is finisshed, bryngeth forth deeth. 16 Do not erre my deare brethren,

1 John 5:14-15

14 And thys is the trust that we haue in hym: that yf we aske eny thynge accordynge to hys wyll, he heareth vs. 15 And yf we knowe that he heare vs whatsoeuer we aske, we knowe, that we haue the peticyons, that we desyre of hym.

Matthew 4:1-11

1 Then was Iesus led awaye of the sprite: into wyldernes: to be tempted of the deuell. 2 And when he had fasted fourty dayes and fourty nyghtes, he was at the last an hungred. 3 And when the tempter came to hym, he sayde: yf thou be the sonne of God commaunde, that these stones be made bread: 4 But he answered and sayde: it is wrytten, man shall not lyue by bread onlye, but by euery worde that proceadeth out of the mouth of God. 5 Then the deuyll taketh him vp into the holy cytie, & setteth hym on a pynacle of the temple, 6 and sayeth vnto him: yf thou be the sonne of God, cast thy selfe downe headling. For it is written he shall geue hys angels charge ouer the, & with their handes they shal holde the vp, lest at any tyme thou dash thy fote agaynst a stone. 7 And Iesus sayde to hym: it is wrytten agayne: Thou shalt not tempte the Lorde thy God. 8 Agayne, the deuel taketh him vp into an exceading hye mountayne, and sheweth him all the kyngdomes of the world, and the glory of them, 9 and sayeth vnto hym: all these will I geue the, yf thou wylt fall downe, & worshyppe me. 10 Then sayeth Iesus vnto hym Auoyde Satan. For it is written: Thou shalt worshyp the Lorde thy God, and hym onely shalt thou serue. 11 Then the deuyl leaueth him, and behold, the angels came, & ministed vnto him.

1 John 1:9

9 If we knowledge oure synnes, he is faythfull & iust, to forgeue vs oure synnes, and to clense vs from all vnryghtewesnes.

Matthew 26:41

41 watche, and praye, that ye entre not into temptacyon. The sprete is willinge, but the fleshe is weake.

1 Corinthians 10:13

13 Ther hath none other temptacyon taken you, but soche as foloweth the nature of man. But God is faythfull whych shall not suffer you to be tempted aboue youre strength: but shall in the myddes of the temptacyon make awaye, that ye maye be able to beare it.

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