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Leviticus 26:1-46

1 Ye shall make you no ydolles nor grauen ymage, nether reare you vp any stone, nether shall ye sett vp any ymage of stone in your land to worshippe it: for I am the Lord youre God: 2 ye shall kepe my Sabbothes, & feare my sanctuary: for I am the Lorde. 3 If ye walke in myne ordinaunces and kepe my commaundementes, and do them, 4 I wyll sende you rayne in the ryght ceason and the lande shall yelde her encrease, and the trees of the felde shall geue theyr frute. 5 And the thresshynge shall reach vnto wyne haruest, and the wyneharuest shall reach vnto sowynge tyme, and ye shall eate your bread in plenteousnes, and dwell in youre lande peasably. 6 And I wyll sende peace in the lande, & ye shall slepe without any man to make you a frayde. And I wyll rydd euell beastes out of the lande, and there shall no swerde goo thorow out youre lande. 7 And ye shall chase youre enemyes, and they shall fall before you vpon the swerde. 8 And fyue of you shall chace an hundred, & an hundred of you shall put ten thousande to flyghte, and youre enemyes shall fall before you vpon the swerde. 9 For I will haue respect vnto you, and make you encrease and multiplye you, and sett vp my couenaunt with you. 10 And ye shall eate olde stoare, and carye out olde for the newe. 11 And I wyll make my dwellynge place amonge you, & my soule shall not lothe you. 12 I wyll walke amonge you, and wylbe youre God, and ye shalbe my people. 13 I am the Lorde youre God, whyche broughte you out of the lande of Egypte, that ye shulde not be theyr bondemen, and I haue broken the cheynes of your yoke, and made you go vp ryghte. 14 But and yf ye wyll not harken vnto me, nor wyll do all these my commaundementes: 15 And yf ye shall despise myne ordinaunces, ether yf youre soule abhorre my lawes, so that ye wyll not do all my commaundementes, but breake myne appoyntment, 16 I also will do thys vnto you. For I will bring vpon you fearfulnesse, swellynge of body, and the burnynge agewe, to consume youre eyes, & gendre sorowe of hert. And ye shall sowe youre seed in vayne, for youre enemyes shall eate it, 17 And I wyll set my face agenste you, and ye shall fall before youre enemyes, & they that hate you, shall raygne ouer you and ye shall flee, when no man foloweth you. 18 And yf ye will not yet for all this herken vnto me, then will I punysh you seuen tymes more for youre synnes, 19 and wyll breake the pryde of youre stubburnesse. And I wyll make youre heauen as yron, and youre erth as brasse. 20 And youre laboure shalbe spent in vayne. For youre lande shall not geue hyr encrease, nether shall the trees of the lande geue theyr frutes. 21 And yf ye walke contrary vnto me, and wyll not herken vnto me, I wyll brynge seuen tymes moo plages vpon you, accordinge to youre synnes. 22 I will also sende in wilde beastes vpon you, which shall robbe you of youre children, and destroye youre catell, and make you fewe in nombre, and cause youre hye wayes to growe vnto a wyldernesse. 23 And yf ye maye not be refourmed by these thynges but shall walke contrarye vnto me, 24 then wyll I also walke contrarye vnto you, and wyll punish you yet seuen tymes for youre synnes. 25 And I wyll sende a swerde vpon you, that shall auenge my testament And when ye are gathered together wythin youre cyties, I wyll sende the pestilence amonge you, and ye shalbe delyuered into the hande of the enemye. 26 And when I haue broken the staffe of youre bread: ten wyues shall bake youre bread in one ouen, and they shall delyuer you youre bread agayne by weyght ye shall eate, and not be satisfyed. 27 And yf ye wyll not yet for all thys herken vnto me, but shall walke agaynst me, 28 I will walke contrarye vnto you also in indignacyon, and wyll chastice you seuen tymes for youre synnes. 29 And ye shall eate the flesh of youre sonnes and the fleshe of youre daughters shall ye deuoure. 30 I wyll destroye youre hye places, and roote out youre ymages, and cast youre carkasses vpon the bodyes of youre ydolles, and my soule shall abhorre you. 31 And I wyll make your cyties desolate, and brynge youre sanctuarye vnto nought, and wyll not smell the swetnesse of youre odoures. 32 I wyll brynge the lande vnto a wyldernesse, and youre enemyes which dwell therin, shall wondre at it. 33 And I will strawe you amonge the hethen, and will drawe out a swerde after you, and youre lande shalbe wast, and youre cyties desolate. 34 Then shall the lande enioye her Sabbothes, as longe as it lyeth voyde, and ye shalbe in your enemyes lande: euen then shall the lande rest, and reioyse in her Sabbothes. 35 As longe as it lyeth voyde it shall rest, because it dyd not reste in youre Sabbothes, when ye dwelt vpon it. 36 And vpon them that are left alyue of you, I wyll sende a fayntnesse into theyr hertes in the lande of theyr enemyes: & the sounde of a shakyng leef, shall chace them, and whan they flee the swerde, they shall fall: no man folowinge vpon them. 37 They shall fall one vpon another, as it were before a swerde, euen no man folowynge vpon them, and ye shall haue no power to stande before your enemyes: 38 And ye shall perish amonge the hethen, & the lande of youre enemyes shall eate you vp. 39 And they that are left of you, shall pyne awaye in their vnryghteousnes, euen in their enemyes lande, and in the mysdeades of their fathers shall they consume. 40 And they shall confesse their misdeades and the mysdeades of their fathers for their trespace, which they haue trespaced agaynst me, and for that also that they haue walked contrarye vnto me. 41 Therfore I also wyll walke contrary vnto them, and wyll brynge them into the lande of their enemyes. And then at the leest waye their vncircumcysed hertes shall be tamed, and they shall make an attonement for their mysdeades. 42 And I will remembre my couenaunt, with Iacob, and my bonde with Isahac, and myne appointment with Abraham, and will thynke on the lande. 43 The lande shall be lefte of them, and shall enioye her Sabbothes, whyle she lyeth wast without them. And they shall make an attonement for their misdeades, because they despised my lawes, and because their soule refused myne ordinaunces: 44 And yet for all that when they be in the lande of their enemyes, I will not cast them awaye, neyther will abhorre them, to destroye them vtterly, and to breake myne appoyntment with them: for I am the Lorde their God. 45 I wyll for their sakes remembre the couenaunt made vnto their fathers, whom I brought out of the lande of Egypte in the syghte of the hethen, that I myght be their God: I am the Lorde. 46 These are the ordinaunces, and iudgementes, and lawes, which the Lorde made betwene him and the children of Israel in mount Sinai, by the hande of Moses.

Psalms 46:1

1 To the chaunter, a songe for the chyldren of Corah vpon Alamoth. God is our hope & strength: a very present helpe in trouble.

Matthew 5:1-48

1 When he sawe the people, he went vp into a mountayne, and when he was sett, hys discyples came to him: 2 and after that he had opened hys mouth, he taught them, sayinge: 3 Blessed are the poore in sprete, for theyrs is the kyngdome of heauen. 4 Blessed are they that mourne, for they shall receaue comfort. 5 Blessed are the meke: for they shall receaue the enheritaunce of the earth. 6 Blessed are they which honger and thyrst after ryghteousnes: for they shalbe satisfyed. 7 Blessed are the mercyful: for they shall obteyne mercy. 8 Blessed are the pure in herte: for they shall se God. 9 Blessed are the peace makers: for they shalbe called the children of God. 10 Blessed are they which suffre persecucyon for righteousnes sake: for theirs is the kingdome of heauen. 11 Blessed are ye, when men reuyle you, and persecute you, and shall falesy say all maner of euyll sayinge against you, for my sake. 12 Reioyse & be glad for greate is your rewarde in heuen. For so persecuted they the prophetes, which were before you. 13 Ye are the salt of the earth: But yf the salt haue lost the saltnes, what shalbe seasoned therwith? It is thence forth good for nothynge, but to be cast out, and to be troaden downe of men. 14 Ye are the light of the world. A cytie that is set on an hyll cannot be hyd, 15 nether do men lyght a candell, and put it vnder a busshell, but on a candelstyck, and it geueth light vnto all that are in the house. 16 Let your light so shyne before men. That they maye se your good worckes, & gloryfy your father, which is in heauen. 17 Thynke not that I am come to destroye the lawe, or the prophetes: no, I am not come to destroye, but to fulfyll. 18 For truely I saye vnto you: tyll heauen and earth passe, one iott or one tytle of the lawe shal not scape, tyll all be fulfylled. 19 Whosoeuer therfore breaketh one of these leest commaundementes, and teacheth men so, he shalbe called the leest in the kyngdome of heauen. But whosoeuer doeth and teacheth, the same shalbe called greate in the kyngdome of heauen. 20 For I saye vnto you: except your righteousnesse exceade the ryghteousnesse of the Scribes and Pharises, ye cannot entre into the kyngdome of heauen. 21 Ye haue heard that it was sayd vnto them of the olde tyme. Thou shalt no kyll: whosoeuer killeth, shalbe in daunger of iudgement. 22 But I say vnto you: that whosoeuer is angrye with hys brother (vnaduysedly) shalbe in daunger of iudgement. And whosoeuer saye vnto hys brother Racha, shalbe in daunger of a councell. But whosoeuer sayeth thou foole, shalbe in daunger of hell fyre. 23 Therfore, yf thou offrest thy gyfte at the aulter, and there remembrest that thy brother hath ought agaynst the: 24 leaue ther thyne offringe before the aulter & go thy waye fyrst, and be reconcyled to thy brother, and then come, and offre thy gyfte. 25 Agree with thyne aduersary quycklye whyles thou art in the waye with him, lest at any tyme the aduersary deliuer the to the iudge, and the iudge delyuer the to the mynister, and then thou be cast into preson. 26 Uerely, I say vnto the: thou shalt not come out thence, tyll thou haue payed the vtmost farthynge. 27 Ye haue herde that it was sayd vnto them of olde tyme. Thou shall no committ aduoutrye. 28 But I say vnto you that whosoeuer loketh on another mans wyfe to lust after her, hath commytted aduoutrye with her all ready in hys hert. 29 Yf thy ryght eye hynder the, plucke hym out, and cast hym from the. For better it is vnto the, that one of thy membres perysshe, then that thy whole body shuld be cast into hell. 30 And yf thy ryght hande hynder the, cutt hym of, and cast hym from the. For better it is vnto the, that one of thy membres perysshe, then that all thy body shulde be cast into hell. 31 It is sayd, whosoeuer putteth awaye his wyfe, lett hym geue her a letter of the deuorcement. 32 But I say vnto you: that whosoeuer doth put awaye his wyfe (excepte it be for fornycacyon) causeth her to breake matrymony. And whosoeuer maryeth her that is deuorsed commiteth aduoutrye. 33 Agayne, ye haue hearde how it was sayd to them of olde tyme: thou shalt not forsweare thy selfe, but shalt perfourme vnto the Lorde those thinges that thou swearest. 34 But I say vnto you: sweare not at all: nether by heauen, for it is Goddes seate, 35 nor by the earth, for it is his fote stole: nether by Ierusalem, for it is the cytie of the great king: 36 nether shalt thou sweare by thy heed, because thou canst not make one heare whyte or blacke. 37 But your communicacyon shalbe, ye, ye, nay, nay: For whatsoeuer is added more then these, it commeth of euyll. 38 Ye haue hearde that it is sayd: an eye for an eye: and a toth for a toth. 39 But I saye vnto you, that ye resist not euell. But whosoeuer geue the a blowe on the ryght cheke, turne to hym the other also. 40 And yf eny man wyll sue the at the law, and take awaye thy coate, let him haue thy clooke also. 41 And whosoeuer wyll compell the to go a myle, go with him twayne. 42 Geue to him that asketh the, and from hym that wolde borowe, turne not thou awaye. 43 Ye haue heard that it is sayde, thou shalt loue thyne neyghbour, and hate thyne enemy. 44 But I saye vnto you: loue your enemyes. Blesse them that curse you. Do good to them that hate you. Praye for them which hurt you and persecute you, 45 that ye maye be the children of your father which is in heauen: for he maketh his sonne to aryse on the euell, & on the good, & sendeth rayne on the iust & on the vniust. 46 For yf ye loue them which loue you: what reward haue ye? Do not the publycans also euen the same? 47 And yf ye make moche of your brethren only, what singuler thinge do ye? Do not also the publicans lykewise? 48 ye shall therfore be perfecte, euen as your father which is in heauen is perfecte.

Matthew 4:1-25

1 Then was Iesus led awaye of the sprite: into wyldernes: to be tempted of the deuell. 2 And when he had fasted fourty dayes and fourty nyghtes, he was at the last an hungred. 3 And when the tempter came to hym, he sayde: yf thou be the sonne of God commaunde, that these stones be made bread: 4 But he answered and sayde: it is wrytten, man shall not lyue by bread onlye, but by euery worde that proceadeth out of the mouth of God. 5 Then the deuyll taketh him vp into the holy cytie, & setteth hym on a pynacle of the temple, 6 and sayeth vnto him: yf thou be the sonne of God, cast thy selfe downe headling. For it is written he shall geue hys angels charge ouer the, & with their handes they shal holde the vp, lest at any tyme thou dash thy fote agaynst a stone. 7 And Iesus sayde to hym: it is wrytten agayne: Thou shalt not tempte the Lorde thy God. 8 Agayne, the deuel taketh him vp into an exceading hye mountayne, and sheweth him all the kyngdomes of the world, and the glory of them, 9 and sayeth vnto hym: all these will I geue the, yf thou wylt fall downe, & worshyppe me. 10 Then sayeth Iesus vnto hym Auoyde Satan. For it is written: Thou shalt worshyp the Lorde thy God, and hym onely shalt thou serue. 11 Then the deuyl leaueth him, and behold, the angels came, & ministed vnto him. 12 When Iesus had heard that Iohn was taken, he departed into Galyle, 13 and left Nazareth, and went and dwelt in Capernaum: whych is a cytie vpon the see coast; in the borders of Zabulon & Neptalim: 14 that it myght be fulfilled which was spoken by Esay the prophet, saying: 15 The lande of Zabulon & Neptalim, by the waye of the see beyonde Iordan, Galile of the Gentils: 16 the people which satt in darckenesse and in the shadowe of death, sawe great light: & to them which sat in the region & shadowe of death, is the light sprong vp. 17 From that tyme, Iesus beganne to preache, and to saye: repent, for the kyngdome of heauen is at hande. 18 As Iesus walked by the see of Galile he sawe two brethren: Symon, which was called Peter, & Andrew his brother, castyng a neet into the see (for they were fisshers) 19 and he sayth vnto them: folowe me, and I wyll make you fisshers of men. 20 And they streyght waye lefte the nettes, and folowed hym. 21 And whan he was gone forth fro thence, he sawe other two brethren, Iames the sonne of Zebede, & Iohn his brother, in the shyp wt Zebede their father, mending their nettes, & he called them. 22 And they immediatly lefte the shyp and theyr father, and folowed hym. 23 And Iesus went about all Galile, teachynge in their synagoges, & preachynge the gospel of the kingdome, and healing all maner of sycknes, & all maner of disease amonge the people. 24 And hys fame spreed abroade throughout al Siria. And they brought vnto him all syck people that were taken with dyuers diseases and grypynges, and them that were possessed with deuyls: and those which were lunatyke, & those that had the palsye: & he healed them. 25 And ther folowed hym great multitudes of people, from Galile, and from the ten cytes, and from Ierusalem, and from Iewry, and from the regions that lye beyonde Iordan.

Matthew 5:38-39

38 Ye haue hearde that it is sayd: an eye for an eye: and a toth for a toth. 39 But I saye vnto you, that ye resist not euell. But whosoeuer geue the a blowe on the ryght cheke, turne to hym the other also.

John 18:1-40

1 When Iesus had spoken these wordes, he went forth with hys discyples ouer the broke Cedron, wher was a garden, into the which he entred and hys disciples. 2 Iudas also which betrayed him, knewe the place: for Iesus ofte tymes resorted thyther wt his discyples. 3 Iudas then after he had receaued a bonde of men, (and mynysters of the hye Prestes & Pharyses) came thyther with lanternes, and fyerbrandes, and wepens. 4 And Iesus knowyng all thynges that shulde come on hym, went forth, and sayde vnto them: whom seke ye? 5 They answered him: Iesus of Nazareth. Iesus sayeth vnto them: I am he. Iudas also which betrayed hym, stode with them. 6 Assone then as he had sayde vnto them, I am he, they went backewarde and fell to the grounde. 7 Then asked he them agayne: whom seke ye? They sayde: Iesus of Nazareth. 8 Iesus answered: I haue tolde you, that I am he. If ye seke me therfore lett these goo their waye. 9 That the saying might be fulfylled which he spake: of them which thou gauest me, haue I not lost one. 10 Then Simon Peter hauynge a swearde, drue it, and smote the hye prestes seruaunt, and cut of hys ryght eare. The seruauntes name was Malchus. 11 Therfore sayeth Iesus vnto Peter: put vp thy swearde into the sheath: shall I not dryncke of the cup, which my father hath geuen me? 12 Then the company and the Captayne, and mynysters of the Iewes toke Iesus, and bounde hym, 13 and led him awaye to Anna fyrst: for he was father in lawe vnto Cayphas, which was the hye Preste that same yere. 14 Cayphas was he, which gaue counsell to the Iewes that it was expedient, that one man shulde dye for the people. 15 And Symon Peter folowed Iesus, and so dyd another dyscyple: that dyscyple was knowen vnto the hye preste, & went in with Iesus into the palace of the hye Preste. 16 But Peter stode at the dore without. Thent went out that other discyple (which was knowen vnto the hye preste) and spake to the damsell that kept the dore, and brought in Peter. 17 Then sayde the damsell that kept the dore, vnto Peter. Art not thou also one of this mannes dyscyples? He sayde: I am not. 18 The seruauntes and the ministers stode there, which had made a fyer of coles: for it was colde, and they warmed them selues. Peter also stode amonge them, and warmed hym. 19 The hye preste then asked Iesus of hys dyscyples and of hys doctryne. 20 Iesus answered hym: I spake openly in the worlde. I euer taught in the Synagoge, and in the temple, whyther all the Iewes resorte, and in secret haue I sayde nothyng. 21 Why askest thou me? Aske them which hearde me, what I haue sayd vnto them. Beholde, they can tell what I sayde. 22 When he had thus spoken, one of the ministers which stode by, smote Iesus on the face, sayinge: answerest thou the hye preaste so? 23 Iesus answered hym: If I haue euyll spoken, beare witnes of the euyll: But yf I haue well spoken, why smytest thou me? 24 And Annas sent hym bounde vnto Cayphas the hye preste. 25 Symon Peter stode, and warmed him selfe Then sayde they vnto hym: art not thou also one of hys dyscyples? He denyed it, & sayde: I am not. 26 One of the seruauntes of the hye prestes (hys cosyn whose eare Peter smote of) sayde vnto hym: dyd not I se the in the garden with him? 27 Peter therfore denyed agayne: and immediatly the cocke crewe. 28 Then led they Iesus from Cayphas into the hall of iudgement. It was in the mornynge, & they them selues went not into the iudgement hall lest they shulde be defyled, but that they myght eate Passeouer. 29 Pylate then went out vnto them and sayde: what accusacyon bryng ye agaynste thys man? 30 They answered and sayde vnto him: If he were not an euyll doar we wolde not haue delyuered him vnto the. 31 Then sayde Pylate vnto them take ye hym, & iudge him after youre awne lawe. The Iewes therfore sayd vnto him: It is not lawfull for vs to put eny man to deeth. 32 That the wordes of Iesus myght be fulfylled which he spake, signifyeng, what deeth he shuld dye. 33 Then Pylate entred into the iudgement hall agayne, and called Iesus, and sayde vnto hym: art thou the kynge of the Iewes? 34 Iesus answered: sayst thou that of thy selfe, or dyd other tell it the of me? 35 Pylate answered: Am I a Iewe? Thyne awne nacion and hye prestes haue delyuered the vnto me. What hast thou done? 36 Iesus answered: my kyngdome is not of this worlde. Yf my kyngdome were of this worlde, then wolde my mynysters suerly fyght, that I shulde not be delyuered to the Iewes, but now is my kyngdome not from hence. 37 Pylate therfore sayde vnto him. Art thou a kyng then? Iesus answered: thou sayst that I am a kyng. For this cause was I borne, & for this cause came I into the worlde, that I shulde beare witnes vnto the trueth. And all that are of the trueth, heare my voyce. 38 Pylate sayde vnto him, what thynge is trueth? And when he had sayde this, he went out agayne vnto the Iewes, and sayeth vnto them. I fynde in him no cause at all. 39 Ye haue a custome, that I shulde deliuer you one loose at Easter. Wyll ye that I lose vnto you the kynge of the Iewes? 40 Then cryed they all agayne sayinge. Not hym, but Barrabas: the same Barrabas was a murtherer.

2 Timothy 3:16-17

16 All scripture geuen by inspiracyon of God, is proffitable to teache, to improue, to amende and to instruct in ryghtewesnes, 17 that the man of God maye be perfecte & prepared vnto all good workes.

Luke 9:23

23 And he sayd to them all, yf eny man will come after me, let him denye him self, & take vp his crosse dayly, & folowe me.

Luke 10:27

27 And he answered and sayde: loue the Lorde thy God, with all thy hert, & with all thy soule, & with all thy strength, & with all thy mynde: and thy neyghbour as thy selfe.

John 14:15

15 If ye loue me, kepe my commaundementes,

Exodus 20:1-26

1 And God spake all these wordes and sayde: 2 I am the Lorde thy God, which haue brought the out of the lande of Egipte, oute of the house of bondage. 3 Thou shalt haue none other goddes in my syght. 4 Thou shalt make the no grauen ymage, nether any symilitude that is in heauen aboue, ether in the erth benethe, or in the waters vnder the erth. 5 Thou shalt not worshyppe them, nether serue them: for I the Lorde thy God, am a gelouse God, and vyset the synne of the fathers vpon the chyldren vnto the thyrde and fourth generacyon of them that hate me: 6 and shewe mercye vnto thousandes in them that loue me and kepe my commaundementes. 7 Thou shalt not take the name of the Lorde thy God in vayne, for the Lorde wyll not holde him gyltlesse that taketh his name in vayne. 8 Remembre the Sabbath daye that thou sanctifye it. 9 Sixe dayes shalt thou laboure and do all that thou hast to do: 10 but the seuenth daye is the Sabbath of the Lorde thy God, in it thou shalt do no maner of worke, thou and thy sonne, and thy daughter, thy man seruaunte and thy mayde seruaunte, thy catell and the straunger that is within thy gates. 11 For in syxe dayes the Lorde made heauen and erth, the see and all that in them is, and rested the seuenth daye: wherfore the Lorde blessed the Sabbath daye and halowed it. 12 Honour thy father & thy mother, that thy dayes maye be longe in the lande which the Lord thy God geueth the. 13 Thou shalt not kyll. 14 Thou shalt not breake wedlocke. 15 Thou shalt not steale. 16 Thou shalt not bere false witnesse agenst thy neyghboure. 17 Thou shalt not couet thy neyghbours house: nether shalt thou couet thy neyghbours wyfe, or hys man seruaunte, or hys mayde, or his oxe, or his asse, or whatsoeuer thy neyboure hath. 18 And all the people sawe the thunder and the lyghtenynge, and the noyse of the trompe, and the mountayne smokynge, And when the people sawe it, they remoued and stode a farre of, 19 and sayde vnto Moses: talke thou with vs, and we wyll heare: but let not God talke with vs, lest we dye. 20 And Moses sayde vnto the people: feare not, for God is come to proue you, and that his feare maye be in youre face, that ye synne not. 21 And the people stode a farre of, and Moses went into the thycke clowde where God was. 22 And the Lorde sayde vnto Moses: thus thou shalt saye vnto the chyldren of Israel. Ye haue sene that I haue talked with you from oute of heauen. 23 Ye shall not make therfore with me goddes of syluer neyther shall ye make you goddes of golde. 24 An alter of erth thou shalt make vnto me, and theron offer thy burntofferynges and thy peace offerynges, thy shepe and thyne oxen. In all places where I shall put the remembraunce of my name thyther I wyll come vnto the and blesse the. 25 And yf thou wylt make me an alter of stone, se thou make it not of hewen stone. Els yf thou lyfte vp thy tole vpon it, thou hast poluted it. 26 Neyther shalt thou goo vp by steppes vnto myne alter, that thy fylthynesse be not shewed there on.

Deuteronomy 28:1-68

1 If thou shalt herken diligently vnto the voyce of the Lorde thy God, and obserue and do all hys commaundementes, whych I commaunde the thys daye, The Lorde wyll set the on hye aboue all nacyons of the erth. 2 And all these blessinges shall come on the, and ouertake the, yf thou shalt herken vnto the voyce of the Lord thy God. 3 Blessed shalt then be in the towne, and blessed in the feldes: 4 blessed shalbe the frute of thy body, and the frute of thy grounde, and the frute of thy cattell, the frute of thyne oxen, & the flockes of thy shepe: 5 blessed shall be thy basket and thy store. 6 Blessed shalt thou be, when thou goest out, and blessed when thou comest in. 7 The Lorde shall geue ouer thyne enemyes that ryse agaynst the, that they maye fall before thy face. They shall come out agaynst the one waye, and flee before the seuen wayes. 8 The Lorde shall put the blessynge vpon the in thy store houses, & in all that thou settest thyne hande to, & will blesse the in the lande which the Lorde thy God geueth the. 9 The Lorde shall make the an holye people vnto hym selfe, as he hath sworen vnto the: yf thou shalt kepe the commaundementes of the Lorde thy God, and walke in hys wayes. 10 And all nacyons of the erth shall se, that the name of the Lorde, is called vpon ouer the, and they shalbe aferde of the. 11 And the Lorde shall make the plenteous in goodes, in the frute of thy body, in the frute of thy catell, and in the frute of thy grounde, in the lande whych the Lorde sware vnto thy fathers, to geue the. 12 The Lorde shall open vnto the his good treasure, euen the heauen to geue rayne vnto thy lande in due ceason, and to blesse all the laboures of thyne hande. And thou shalt lende vnto many nacyons, but shalt not borowe thy selfe. 13 And the Lord shall set the before and not behynde, & thou shalt be aboue only, and not beneth: yf that thou herken vnto the commaundementes of the Lorde thy God, which I commaunde the thys daye, to kepe and to do them. 14 And se that thou bowe not asyde from any of these wordes, which I commaunde the thys daye, ether to the ryght hande or to the lefte, that thou woldest goo after straunge goddes to serue them. 15 But and yf thou wylt not herken vnto the voyce of the Lorde thy God, to kepe & to do all hys commaundementes and his ordinaunces, which I commaunde the this daye: all these curses shall come vpon the, and ouertake the: 16 Cursed shalt thou be in the towne, and cursed in the felde: 17 cursed shall thy baskett be, & thy store. 18 Cursed shall be the frute of thy body, and the frute of thy lande, and the frute of thyne oxen, and the flockes of thy shepe. 19 Cursed shalt thou be when thou goest in, and cursed when thou goest out. 20 The Lorde shall sende vpon the, cursynge, destruccyon, and rebuke in all that thou settest thyne hande to, and that thou doest: vntyll he destroye the, and brynge the to nought quyckely, because of the wyckednesse of thyne inuencyons, and because thou hast forsaken me. 21 The Lorde shall make the pestilence cleaue vnto the, vntyll he haue consumed the from of the lande, whether thou goest to enioye it. 22 The Lorde shall smyte the with swellynge, wyth feuers, heet, burnynge, and wyth the swerde, with wetherynge, and with blastynge. And they shall folowe the vntyll thou peryshe. 23 And the heauen that is ouer thy head shalbe brasse, and the erthe that is vnder the, yron. 24 The Lorde shall turne the rayne of the lande vnto powder and dust: euen from heauen shall they come doune vpon the, vntyll thou be brought to nought. 25 And the Lorde shall plage the before thyne enemyes: Thou shalt come out one waye agaynst them, and flee seuen wayes before them, and shall be scatered amonge all the kyngdomes of the erthe. 26 And thy carkesse shalbe meate vnto all maner foules of the ayre, and vnto the beastes of the erthe, and no man shall fraye them awaye. 27 The Lord wyll smyte the wt the botche of Egypte, and the emarodes, scalle, & mangenesse, that thou mayest not be healed therof. 28 And the Lord shall smyte the with madnesse, and blyndnesse and dasynge of herte. 29 Thou shalt grope at noone dayes, as the blinde gropeth in darkenesse, and shalt not prosper in thy wayes. Thou shalt be oppressed wyth wronge, and be polled euermore, & no man shall sucker the. 30 Thou shalt be betrowthed vnto a wyfe, and another man shall lye wyth her. Thou shalt buylde an house, and not dwell therin. Thou shalt also plante a vyneyarde, and shalt not gather the grapes. 31 Thyne oxe shalbe slayne before thyne eyes, and thou shalt not eate therof. Thyne asse shalbe violently taken a waye euen before thy face, and shall not be restored to the agayne. Thy shepe shalbe geuen vnto thine enemyes, and no man shall rescue them. 32 Thy sonnes and thy daughters shall be geuen vnto another nacyon, and thyne eyes shall se it, & dase vpon them all the daye longe, and there shalbe no myghte in thyne hande. 33 The frute of thy lande and all thy laboures shall a nacion whych thou knowest not, eate, & thou shalt continually suffre violence onely, and be oppressed alwaye: 34 so that thou shalt be cleane besyde thy selfe, for the syghte of thyne eyes whych thou shalt se: 35 The Lorde shall smyte the in the knees and legges, wyth a myscheuous botche that can not be healed: euen from the sole of thy fote vnto the toppe of thy head. 36 The Lorde shall brynge the and thy kynge (which thou shalt set ouer the) vnto a nacyon, which nether thou nor thy fathers haue knowne, that there thou mayest serue straunge Goddes: euen wodd and stone. 37 And thou shalt be wondred at, spoken of, & iested at amonge all nacyons, whether the Lorde shall carye the. 38 Thou shalt carye moche seed out in to the felde, and shalt gether but lytle in: for the greshoppers shall destroye it. 39 Thou shalt plante a vyneyarde and dresse it, but shalt nether dryncke of the wyne, nether gether the grapes, for the wormes shall eate it. 40 Thou shalt haue oliue trees thorowe out all thy coastes, but shalt not anoynte thy selfe wyth the oyle, for thyne olyue trees shalbe roted out. 41 Thou shalt beget sonnes, and daughters, but shalt not haue them: for they shalbe caryed a waye captyue. 42 All thy trees and frute of thy lande shalbe marred wyth blastynge. 43 The straunger that is amonge you, shall clyme aboue the vp on hye, and thou shalt come doune beneth alowe. 44 He shall lende the, & thou shalt not lende hym: he shalbe before, & thou behynde. 45 Moreouer, all these curses shall come vpon the, and shall folowe the and ouertake the, tyll thou be destroyed: because thou herkenedst not vnto the voyce of the Lorde thy God, to kepe hys commaundementes, and hys ordinaunces, whych he commaunded the, 46 and they shalbe vpon the as myracles and wonders, and vpon thy seed for euer, 47 because thou seruedst not the Lorde thy God wyth ioyfulnesse and wyth a good herte, whan thou haddest aboundaunce of all thynges, 48 therfore thou shalt serue thyne enemye, whych the Lorde shall sende vpon the in hunger and thyrst, in nakednesse, and in nede of all thynge: and he shall put a yocke of yron vpon thy necke, vntyll he haue broughte the to nought. 49 And the Lord shall brynge a nacyon vpon the from a farre, and from the ende of the worlde, as swifte as an egle flyeth: a nacyon whose tonge thou shalt not vnderstande: 50 a harde fauoured nacyon, whych shall not regarde the person of the olde, nor haue compassyon on the younge. 51 The same shall eate the frute of thy catell, and the frute of thy londe, vntyll he haue destroyed the: and shall leaue the nether corne, wyne, nor oyle, nether the encrease of thyne oxen, nor the flockes of thy shepe: vntyll he haue brought the to nought. 52 And he shall kepe the in, in all thy cyties, vntyll he haue cast downe thy hye walles and stronge holdes, wherin thou trustedst, thorowe out all the lande. And he shall besege the in all thy cyties thorowe out all thy lande, whych the Lorde thy God hath geuen the. 53 And thou shalt eate the frute of thyne awne bodye: the fleshe of thy sonnes, and of thy daughters, whych the Lorde thy God hath geuen the, in that straytenesse and sege, wherwith thyne enemye shall besege the: 54 so that it shall greue the man (that is tender & exceadynge delycate amonge you,) to loke on hys brother and vpon hys wyfe that lyeth in hys bosome, and on the remnaunte of hys chyldren, whych he hath yet lefte: 55 for feare of geuynge (vnto anye of them) of the fleshe of hys chyldren, whom he shall eate, because he hath nothynge left hym in that straytenesse & sege, wherwith thyne enemye shall besege the in all thy cyties. 56 Yee and the woman that is so tender and delycate, that she dare not aduenture to set the sole of her foote vpon the grounde, (for softnesse and tendernesse) shalbe greued to loke on her husbande that lyeth in her bosome, & on her sonne and on her daughter: 57 and on hyr after byrthe (that is come out from betwene her legges,) and her chyldren whych she shall beare: For whan all thynges lack, she shall eat them secretly, in the sege & straytenesse, wherwith thyne enemye shall besege the in thy cyties. 58 If thou wylt not kepe and do all the wordes of thys lawe (that are wrytten in thys boke,) and feare thys gloryous and fearfull name of the Lorde thy God: 59 the Lorde will sende vnto the and thy seed, greate plages and of longe continuaunce, 60 euell sycknesses and of longe duraunce. Moreouer he will bringe vpon the all the diseases of Egypte, and those whych thou wast afrayed of shall cleaue vnto the. 61 And all maner syckenesses, and all maner plages whych are not wrytten in the boke of thys lawe, wyll the Lorde brynge vpon the, vntyll he bringe the to noughte. 62 And ye shalbe lefte fewe in nombre, where before ye were as the starres of heauen in multytude: because thou woldest not herken vnto the voyce of the Lorde thy God. 63 And it shall come to passe, that as the Lord reioysed ouer you, to do you good, & to multiplye you: euen so he wyll reioyse ouer you, to destroye you, & to brynge you to nought. And ye shalbe wasted from of the land, whether thou goest to enioye it. 64 And the Lorde shall scater the amonge all nacions, from the one ende of the worlde vnto the other, and there thou shalt serue straunge goddes, whych thou nor thy fathers haue knowne: euen wodd and stone. 65 And amonge these nacyons thou shalt fynde no ease, neyther shall the sole of thy foote haue rest. But the Lorde shall geue the there an vnquyet herte, and dasyng eyes, and sorowe of mynde. 66 And thy lyfe shall hange before the and thou shalt feare both daye, and nyghte, & shalt haue no trust in thy lyfe. 67 In the mornynge thou shalt saye, wolde God it were nyght. And at nyght thou shalt saye: wolde God it were mornynge: for feare, of thyne harte whych thou shall feare & for the syghte of thyne eyes, whych thou shalt se. 68 And the Lorde shall brynge the into Egipt agayne wyth shyppes, by the waye which I bad the, that thou shuldest se it no moare. And there ye shalbe solde vnto youre enemies, for bondmen and bondwemen: & no man shall bye you.

John 14:26

26 But the comforter which is the holy ghost whom my father wil sende in my name, he shal teach you all thinges, & bryng all thinges to your remembraunce whatsoeuer I haue sayd vnto you.

Romans 13:4

4 For he is the mynyster of God, for thy welth. But and yf thou do that which is, euyll, then feare: for he beareth not the sweard for nought: for he is the mynister of God, to take vengeaunce on hym that doth euyll.

Deuteronomy 28:47-48

47 because thou seruedst not the Lorde thy God wyth ioyfulnesse and wyth a good herte, whan thou haddest aboundaunce of all thynges, 48 therfore thou shalt serue thyne enemye, whych the Lorde shall sende vpon the in hunger and thyrst, in nakednesse, and in nede of all thynge: and he shall put a yocke of yron vpon thy necke, vntyll he haue broughte the to nought.

Proverbs 25:26

26 A ryghteous man fallynge downe before the vngodly, is lyke a troubled well & a springe that is destroyed.

1 Timothy 5:8

8 But yf eny prouide not for her awne (& specially for them of her housholde) the same hath denyed the fayth, and is worsse then an infydell.

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