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Psalms 8:2

2 Out of the mouth of very babes and sucklynges hast thou ordeyned strength because of thyne enemyes, that thou myghtest styll the enemye and the auenger.

1 Peter 2:1-25

1 Wherfore laye asyde all maliciousnes & al gyle, & faynednesse & enuy and all backbytinge: 2 & as new borne babes, desyre ye that mylke (not of the body but of the soule) which is wt out disceate that ye maye growe ther by 3 If so be that ye haue tasted, how gracious the Lorde is, 4 to whom ye come, as vnto a lyuinge stone, disalowed of men, but chosen of God & precious: 5 & ye as lyuinge stones, are made a spretuall house an holy presthode, for to offer vp spretual sacrifyces, acceptable to God by Iesus Christ. 6 Wherfore it is contayned also in the scripture: beholde I put in Sion a stone to be layed in the chefe corner, electe & precious. & he that beleueth on him shall not be confounded. 7 Unto you therfore whych beleue he is precious: but vnto them which beleue not the stone which the buylders refused, the same is begonne to be the heed of the corner, 8 and a stone that men stomble at, and a rocke wherat they be offended whych stomble at the worde, and beleue not that, wheron they were set. 9 But ye are a chosen generacion, a royall presthod, an holy nacyon, a people whych are wonne: that ye shuld shewe the vertues of hym, that called you out of darcknes into hys meruclous lyght, 10 whych in tyme past were not a people, but are now the people of God: which some time had not optayned mercye, but now haue optayned mercye. 11 Dearly beloued, I beseche you as straungers and pylgrems, abstayne from fleshly lustes, which fyght against the soule, 12 & se that ye haue honest conuersacion amonge the Gentyles, that where as they backbyte you as euyll doars they maye se your good workes, and prayse God in the daye of vysytacion. 13 Submyt youre selues therfore vnto all maner ordinaunce of man for the lordes sake, whether it be vnto the kynge, as vnto the chefe heed: 14 other vnto rulars, as vnto them that are sent of hym, for the punysshement of euyll doars, but for the laude of them, that do well. 15 For so is the wyll of God, that wyth well doyng ye maye stoppe the mouthes of foolysh & ignoraunt men: 16 as fre, & not as hauinge the lybertie for a cloacke of maliciousnes, but euen as the seruauntes of God 17 Honoure all men. Loue brotherly feleshyppe. Feare God, honoure the kynge. 18 Seruauntes, obey your masters wt feare not onely yf they be good & courteous: but also though they be froward 19 For it is thanke worthye yf a man for conscience towarde God endure grefe, and suffer wrong vndeserued. 20 For what prayse is it, yf when ye be buffeted for your fautes, ye take it pacyently? But & yf when ye do well, ye suffer wronge & take it paciently, then is ther thanke wt God. 21 For here vnto verely were ye called: for Christ also suffered for vs leauynge vs an ensample, that ye shulde folowe his steppes, 22 whych dyd no synne, nether was there gyle found in hys mouth: 23 whych when he was reuyled, reuyled not agayne: when he suffered, he threatened not, but committed the vengeaunce to hym that iudgeth ryghteously 24 whych hys awne selfe bare our synnes in his body on the tree, that we beyng delyuered from synne, shuld lyue vnto ryghteousnes. By whose strypes ye were healed. 25 For ye were as shepe goyng astraye: but are now turned vnto the shepeherd and bysshope of youre soules.

1 John 2:1-29

1 My lytell chyldren, these thinges write I vnto you, that ye synne not. And yf eny man synne, we haue an aduocate wyth the father, Iesus christ, the ryghteous: 2 & he it is that obtayneth grace for oure synnes, not for oure synnes onely: but also for the synnes of all the worlde. 3 And herby we are sure that we knowe hym, yf we kepe hys commaundementes. 4 He that sayth I knowe hym, and kepeth not hys commaundementes is a lyar, and the veritye is not in hym. 5 But whoso kepeth hys worde, in hym is the loue of God perfect in dede: herby knowe we that we are in him. 6 He that sayth he bydeth in hym, ought to walke euen as he walked. 7 Brethren, I wryte no newe commaundement vnto you: but that olde commaundement, which ye haue had from the beginnynge. 8 The olde commaundement is the worde, which ye haue hearde from the beginninge. Agayne, a new commaundement I wryte vnto you, that is true in him, and the same is true also in you: for the dercknes is past, and the true lyght now shyneth. 9 He that sayth how that he is in the lyght, & yet hateth his brother, is in dercknes euen vntyll thys tyme. 10 He that loueth his brother, abydeth in the lyght, and ther is none occasion of euyll in hym. 11 He that hateth his brother, is in dercknes, & walketh in dercknes: and can not tell whyther he goeth, because that dercknes hath blynded hys eyes. 12 Babes I wryte vnto you, how that youre synnes are forgeuen you for his names sake. 13 I wryte vnto you fathers, how that ye haue knowne him that is from the beginnynge. I wryte vnto you yonge men, how that ye haue ouercome the wicked: I write vnto you lytell chyldren, how that ye haue knowen the father. 14 I haue wryten vnto you fathers, how that ye haue knowne hym that is from the beginnynge. I haue wryten vnto you yonge men, how that ye are stronge, and the worde of God abydeth in you, and ye haue ouercome that wycked. 15 Se that ye loue not the worlde, nether the thynges that are in the worlde. If eny man loue the worlde, the loue of the father is not in hym. 16 For all that is in the worlde (as the lust of the flesshe, and the lust of the eyes, & the pryde of life) is not of the father, but of the worlde. 17 And the worlde passeth awaye and the lust therof: but he that fulfylleth the will of God, abydeth for euer. 18 Lytell chyldren, it is the last tyme, and as ye haue herde how that Antichrist shall come, euen now are there many begonne to be Antichristes allredy, wherby we knowe, that it is the last tyme. 19 They went out from vs, but they were not of vs. For yf they had bene of vs, they wolde no dout haue continued with vs. But that it myght appeare, that they were not of vs. 20 Neuerthelesse, ye haue an oyntment of him that is holy, and ye knowe all thinges. 21 I haue not writen vnto you, as though ye knewe not the trueth: but as though ye knewe it (& knowe also) that no lye commeth of trueth. 22 Who is a lyar, but he that denyeth that Iesus is Christ? the same is Antichrist, that denieth the father & the sonne. 23 Whosoeuer denyeth the sonne, the same hath not the father. 24 Let therfore abyde in you that same which ye hearde from the beginninge. If that which ye hearde from the beginnynge shal remayne in you, ye also shall contynew in the sonne, and in the father. 25 And thys is the promes that he hath promysed vs, euen eternall lyfe. 26 These thinges haue I writen vnto you, concernynge them that disceaue you. 27 And the anoyntinge which ye haue receaued of him dwelleth in you. And ye nede not, that eny man teach you: but as the anoyntinge teacheth you of all thinges, and is true, and no lye, and as it hath taught you, euen so byde therin. 28 And now babes abyde in hym: that when he shall appeare, we maye be bolde, & not be made ashamed of hym at hys commynge. 29 If ye knowe that he his righteous, knowe also that euery one which doth rightewesnes, is borne of hym.

Ephesians 6:1-4

1 Chyldren, obey youre fathers and mothers in the Lorde: for that is ryght 2 Honoure thy father and mother, (the same is the fyrst commaundement in the promes) 3 that thou mayst prospere, and lyue longe on the erth. 4 Ye fathers moue not youre chyldren to wrath: but brynge them vp thorowe the doctryne and informacyon of the Lorde.

Matthew 18:10

10 Take hede: that ye despyse not one of these lytelones. For I saye vnto you, that in heauen their angels do alwayes beholde the face of my father, whych is in heauen.

Proverbs 20:11

11 A childe is knowne by his conuersacion, whether his worckes be pure & ryght.

Psalms 127:3

3 It is but lost laboure that ye haste to ryse vp early, and so late take rest, and eate the breade of carefulnesse: for so he gyueth hys beloued sleape.

Deuteronomy 6:7

7 and thou shalt shewe them vnto thy chyldren, and shalt talke of them when thou art at home in thyne house, and as thou walkest by the waye, and when thou lyest doune, and when thou rysest vp:

Proverbs 22:6

6 Teache a chylde in hys youth what waye he shulde go: for he shall not leaue it, when he is olde.

Matthew 19:14

14 But Iesus sayde vnto them: suffre the chyldren & forbid them not to come vnto me: for of soch is the kyngdom of heauen.

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