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Psalms 1:1-150:6

1 Blessed is the man that hath not walked in the councel of the vngodly, ner stonde in the waye of sinners, & hath not sytt in the seate of the scornefull. 2 But hys delyte is in the lawe of the Lorde: and in his lawe will he exercise him selfe daye & night. 3 And he shalbe lyke a tre planted by the watersyde, that wyll brynge forth hys frute in due season. His leafe also shall not wither: & loke whatsoeuer he doth, it shall prospere. 4 As for the vngodly, is it not so wt them: but they are lyke the chafe which the wynde scatered awaye. 5 Therfore, the vngodly shall nott be able to stande in the iudgment, nether the synners in the congregacion of the ryghtewes. 6 But the Lorde knoweth the waye of the ryghtewes, and the waye of the vngodly shall peryshe.

Psalms 2:1-150:6

1 Why do the Heythen so furiouslye rage together? and why do the people ymagyne a vayne thynge? 2 The kynges of the erth stande vp, and the rulers take councell together agaynst the Lorde, and agaynst hys anoynted. 3 Let vs breake theyr bondes asunder, and cast awaye theyr coardes from vs. 4 He that dwelleth in heauen shall laugh them to scorne: the Lorde shall haue them in derisyon. 5 Then shall he speake vnto them in hys wrath, and vexe them in hys sore displeasure. 6 Yet haue I set my kynge vpon my holy hyll of Syon. 7 I wyll preach the lawe, wherof the Lorde hath sayd vnto me: thou arte my sonne, thys daye haue I begotten the. 8 Desyre of me, and I shall geue the, the Heythen for thyne enheritaunce, & the vtmost partes of the erthe for thy possessyon. 9 Thou shalt bruse them with a rodd of yron, and breake them in peces lyke a potters vessell. 10 Be wyse nowe therfore, O ye kinges, be warned, ye that are iudges of the earth. 11 Serue the Lorde in feare, and reioyse. with reuerence. 12 Kysse the sonne, lest he be angrye, & so ye perysshe from the waye, yf his wrath be kyndled (yee but a lytle) blessed are all they that put theyr trust in hym.

Psalms 3:1-150:6

1 A psalme of Dauid when he fledd from the face of Absalon hys sonne. Lord, howe are they increased, that trouble me? many are they, that ryse against me. 2 Many one there be, that saye of my soule: there is no helpe for hym in God. Sela. 3 But thou O Lorde, arte my defender: thou arte my worshyppe, and the lyfter vp of my heed. 4 I did call vpon the Lorde with my voyce, and he hearde me out of hys holy hyll. Sela. 5 I layed me downe and slepte, and rose vp agayne, for the Lorde susteyned me. 6 I will not be afrayde for ten thousandes of the people, that haue set them selues agaynst me rounde about. 7 Up Lorde, & helpe me, O my God, for thou smyttest all myne enemyes vpon the cheke bone: thou hast broken the teeth of the vngodly. 8 Saluacyon belongeth vnto the Lorde, and thy blessynge is vpon thy people. Selah.

Psalms 4:1-150:6

1 To hym that excelleth in musick, a psalme of Dauid. Heare me, when I call, O God, of my ryghtewesnes: thou hast set me at lybertye, when I was in trouble: haue mercy vpon me, and herken vnto my prayer. 2 O ye sonnes of men, howe longe wyll ye blaspheme myne honoure, & haue soch pleasure in vanyte, and seke after lesyng? Sela. 3 Knowe thys also, that the Lorde hathe chosen to hym selfe the man that is godlye: when I call vpon the Lorde, he wyll heare me. 4 Stonde in awe, and synne not: comen with youre awne herte, and in youre chamber, and be styll. Sela. 5 Offer the sacryfyce of ryghtewesnesse, and put youre trust in the Lorde. 6 There be many that saye: who wyll shewe vs any good? Lorde lyfte thou vp the lyght of thy countenaunce vpon vs. 7 Thou hast putt gladnesse in myne herte, sence the tyme that theyr corne & wyne increased. 8 I wyll laye me downe in peace, and take my rest: for it is thou Lorde onely, that makest me dwell in safetye.

Psalms 5:1-150:6

1 To hym that excelleth in songes of Musick: a psalme of Dauid. Pondre my wordes, O Lord, consydre my meditacyon. 2 O herken thou vnto the voyce of my callynge, my kinge and my God for vnto the wyll I make my prayer. 3 My voyce shalt thou heare by tymes, O Lorde, early in the mornyng will I directe my praier vnto the, and wyll loke vp. 4 For thou arte the God that hath no pleasure in wyckednes, nether shall any euell dwell with the. 5 Soch as be foolysh, shall not stande in thy syght, thou hatest all them that worke vanyte. Thou shalte destroye them that speake leasynge: the Lorde wyll abhorre both the bloud thyrstye, and disceatfull man. 6 But as for me, I will come into thy house, euen vpon the multitude of thy mercy, and in thy feare wyll I worshyp towarde thy holy temple. 7 Leade me, O Lorde, in thy ryghtewesnesse because of myne enemyes: make thy waye playne before my face. 8 For there is no faythfulnesse in hys mouth: theyr inwarde partes are very wickednes. 9 Theyr throte is an open sepulchre: they flatter wt their tonge. 10 Destroye thou them, O God, let them perysshe thorowe theyr awne ymaginacyons, cast them out in the multitude of theyr vngodlynes: for they haue rebelled agaynst the. 11 And let all them that put theyr trust in the reioyce: they shall euer be geuinge of thankes, because thou defendest them: they that loue thy name shalbe ioyfull in the. 12 For thou Lorde wylt geue thy blessynge vnto the ryghteous: and with thy fauorable kyndnesse wylt thou defende hym, as with a shylde.

Psalms 6:1-150:6

1 To hym that excelleth in musick, vpon the instrument of eyght strynges. A psalme of Dauid. O Lorde, rebuke me not in thyne indignacion: nether chasten me in thy displeasure. 2 Haue mercy vpon me, O Lorde: for I am weake: O Lorde heale me: for my bones are vexed. 3 My soule also is sore troubled: but Lorde howe longe wylt thou punyshe me? 4 Turne the, O Lorde, and delyuer my soule: Oh saue me for thy mercyes sake. 5 For in death no man remembreth the: & who will geue the thankes in the pytte? 6 I am weery of my gronynge: euery nyght washe I my bedd, & water my couche with my teares. 7 My bewtye is gone for very trouble, and worne awaye because of all myne enemyes. 8 Awaye frome all ye that worke vanyte: for the Lorde hath hearde the voyce of my wepynge. 9 The Lorde hathe hearde my peticyon, the Lorde wyll receaue my prayer. 10 All myne enemyes, shalbe confounded & soore vexed, they shalbe turned backe & put to shame sodenly.

Psalms 7:1-150:6

1 Sigaion of Dauid, which he sang vnto the Lord in the busynes of Thus the sonne of Iemini. O Lorde my God, in the haue I put my trust: saue me from all them that persecute me, & delyuer me. 2 Lest he deuoure my soule lyke a lyon, and teare it in peces, whyle there is none to helpe. 3 O Lorde my God, yf I haue done any soche thynge, or yf there be any wyckednes in my handes. 4 Yf I haue rewarded euyll vnto him that dealt frendly with me, yee, I haue delyuered hym, that without any cause is myne enemye. 5 Then lett myne enemye persecute my soule, and take me: ye let hym treade my lyfe downe vpon the earth, & laye myne honoure in the dust. Sela. 6 Stande vp, O Lorde, in thy wrath: and lyfte vp thy selfe, because of the indygnacyons of myne enemyes: aryse vp for me, in the iudgement that thou hast commaunded. 7 And so shall the congregacyon of the people come aboute the, for theyr sakes therfore lyft vp thy selfe agayne. 8 The Lorde shall iudge the people geue sentence with me, O Lorde, accordyng to my ryghtewesnes, and accordynge to the innocencye that is in me. 9 Oh let the wyckednes of the vngodly come to an ende: but guyd thou the iust. 10 For the righteous God trieth the very hertes and the reynes. 11 My helpe commeth of God, which preserueth them that are true of herte. 12 God is a ryghtewes iudge, and God is prouoked euery daye. Yf a man will not turne, he wyll whet his swerde: he hath bent his bowe and made it ready. 13 He hath prepared hym the instrumentes of deeth: he ordeyneth hys arowes agaynst the persecutours. 14 Beholde he trauayleth with myschefe, he hath conceaued sorow, and brought forth vngodlynesse. 15 He hath grauen and dygged vp a pytte, & is fallen hym selfe into the destruccyon that he made (for other.) 16 For his trauayll shall come vpon his awne head & his wickednes shall fall vpon hys awne pate. 17 I wyll geue thankes vnto the Lorde accordynge to his ryghteousnes, & will prayse the name of the Lorde the most hyest.

Psalms 8:1-150:6

1 To hym that excelleth in Githith, a Psalme of Dauid. O Lorde our gouernoure, howe excellent is thy name in all the world, thou that hast sett thy glory aboue the heauens? 2 Out of the mouth of very babes and sucklynges hast thou ordeyned strength because of thyne enemyes, that thou myghtest styll the enemye and the auenger. 3 For I wyll consydre thy heauens, euen the worcke of thy fyngers: the moone & the starres whych thou hast ordeyned. 4 What is man, that thou art myndfull of hym? and the sonne of man, that thou visytest hym? 5 Thou madest hym lower then the aungels, to crowne hym with glory & worshyppe. 6 Thou makest him to haue domynion in the workes of thy handes: and thou hast put all thynges in subieccion vnder his fete. 7 All shepe and oxen, ye and the beastes of the felde. 8 The foules of the ayre, and the fysshe of the see, & whatsoeuer walcketh thorow the pathes of the sees. 9 O Lorde oure gouernoure, howe excellent is thy name in all the worlde.

Psalms 9:1-150:6

1 To hym that excelleth vpon Almuth Labben, a Psalme of Dauid. I Wyll geue thankes vnto the, O Lorde wyth my whole herte, I wyll speake of all thy maruelous worckes. 2 I wyll be glad, and reioyse in the, yee my songes will I make of thy name, O thou moost hyest. 3 Whyle myne enemyes are dryuen backe, they shall fall, & perysh at thy presence. 4 For thou hast mayntened my ryght & my cause: thou art sett in the throne that iudgest ryght. 5 Thou hast rebuked the Heythen, & destroyed the vngodly, thou hast put out their name for euer & euer. 6 O thou enemye: destruccyons are come to a perpetuall ende: euen as the cities which thou hast destroyed: their memoriall is perished with them. 7 But the Lorde shall endure for euer, he hath also prepared his seate for iudgement: 8 For he shall iudge the world in ryghteousnes, and minister true iudgement vnto the people. 9 The Lorde also wylbe a defence for the oppressed euen a refuge in due tyme of trouble. 10 And they that knowe thy name, wyll put their trust in the: for thou (Lorde) hast neuer fayled them, that seke the. 11 O prayse the Lord, which dwelleth in Syon, shewe the people of hys doinges. 12 For when he maketh inquisycion for bloude, he remembreth them: & forgetteth not the complaynte of the poore. 13 Haue mercy vpon me (O Lorde) consydre the trouble whych I suffre of them that hate me, thou that lyftest me vp from the gates of death. 14 That I maye shewe all thy prayses wyth in the portes of the daughter of Syon, I wyll reioyse in thy saluacyon. 15 The Heithen are suncken downe in the pytte that they made: in the same nett which they hydd pryuely, is their awne foote taken. 16 The Lorde is knowen to execute iudgement: the vngodly is trapped in the worcke of his awne handes: A consyderacyon Sela. 17 The wycked shall be turned vnto hell, & all people that forget God: 18 For the poore shall not be all waye forgotten, the pacient abydynge of the meke shall not peryshe for euer. 19 Up Lorde, and let not man haue the vpper hande, let the Heythen be iudged in thy syght. 20 Put them in feare (O Lorde) that the Heythen maye knowe them selues to be but men. Sela.

Psalms 10:1-150:6

1 Why stondest thou so farre of (O Lord) & hydest thy face in that neadefull tyme of trouble? 2 The vngodly for his owne lust, doth persecute the poore: let them be taken in the craftye wilynesse that they haue ymagined. 3 For the vngodly hath made boast of hys awne hertes desyre, & speaketh good of the couetous, whom God abhorreth. 4 The vngodly is so proude that he careth not for God, nether is God in all his thoughtes. 5 His wayes are allway greuous, thy iudgementes are farre aboue out of his syght, & therfore defyeth he all his enemyes. 6 For he hath sayed in his hert: Tush I shall neuer be cast downe, ther shall no harme happen vnto me. His mouth is full of cursynge, and disceate and fraude vnder his tonge is vngodlynesse & vanite. 7 He sytteth lurkinge in the theuish corners of the stretes, & priuely in his lurkynge dennes doth he murthur the innocent: his eyes are set agaynst the poore. 8 For he lyeth waytinge secretly (euen as a lyon, lurketh he in his denne) that he maye rauish the poore. 9 He doth rauish the poore, when he getteth him in to his nett. 10 He falleth downe & humbleth him selfe, that the congregacyon of the poore maye fall in to the hande of his captaynes. 11 He hath sayed in his herte: Tush, God hath forgotten, he hydeth awaye his face, and he wyll neuer se it. 12 Aryse (O Lorde God) and lyfte vp thyne hande, forget not the poore. 13 Wherfore shulde the wycked blaspheme God, whyle he doth saye in his herte: tush, thou God carest not for it? 14 Surely thou hast sene it. For thou beholdest vngodlynesse and wronge. That thou mayest take the matter in to thy hande: the poore committeth hym selfe vnto the, for thou art the helper of the frendlesse. 15 Breake thou the power of the vngodly and malycyous, take awaye hys vngodlynesse, and thou shalt fynde none. 16 The Lorde is kynge for euer, and euer, and the Hethen are peryshed out of the lande. 17 Lorde, thou hast hearde the desyre of the poore: thou preparest theyr hert and thyne eare herkeneth therto. 18 To helpe the fatherlesse and poore vnto theyr right: that the man of the erthe be no more exalted agaynst them.

Psalms 11:1-150:6

1 To the chaunter, A Psalme of Dauid. In the Lorde put I my trust: howe saye ye then to my soule: that she shulde fle as a byrde vpon your hyll? 2 For lo, the vngodly bende theyr bowe, and make ready theyr arowes wyth in the bowe: that they maye pryuely shote at them, which are true of hert. 3 For the foundacyons wilbe cast downe, and what hath the ryghteous done? 4 The Lorde is in hys holy temple the Lordes seat is in heauen? Hys eyes consydre & hys eye lyddes tryeth the chyldren of men. 5 The Lorde aloweth the ryghteous: but the vngodly, and hym that delyteth in wickednes, doth his soule abhorre. 6 Upon the vngodly he shall rayne snares, fyre, and brymstone, storme & tempest: thys shalbe theyr porcyon to dryncke. 7 For the ryghteous Lorde loueth ryghteousnes: hys countenaunce wyll beholde the thynge that is iust.

Psalms 12:1-150:6

1 To him that excelleth vpon an instrument of eyght strynges a Psalme of Dauid. Helpe Lord, for there is not one godly man left. For the faythful are mynisshed from amonge the chyldren of men. 2 They talke of vanyte, euery one wyth hys neyghboure, they do but flatter wyth theyr lyppes & dyssemble in theyr double herte. 3 The Lorde shall rote out all disceatfull lyppes, and the tonge that speaketh proude thynges. 4 Whych haue sayde: wyth oure tonge wyll we preuayle: we are they that ought to speake, who is Lord ouer vs. 5 Nowe for the comforles troubles sake of the neadye, & because of the deape fyghthing of the poore, I will vp (sayeth the Lorde) and wyll helpe euery one, from hym that swelleth agaynst hym, and wyll set them at rest. 6 The wordes of the Lorde are pure wordes euen as the syluer, whych from earth is tryed and purifyed seuen tymes in the fyre. 7 Thou shalt kepe them (O Lorde) thou shalt preserue hym from thys generacyon for euer 8 The vngodly walke on euery syde: whan they are exalted, the chyldren of men are put to rebuke.

Psalms 13:1-150:6

1 To the chaunter, a Psalme of Dauid. Howe longe wylt thou forget me (O Lorde) for euer? howe longe wylt thou hyde thy face fro me? 2 Howe longe shall I seke councell in my soule? & be so vexed in myne hert? howe longe shall myne enemye triumphe ouer me? 3 Consydre, and heare me (O Lorde my God) lyghten myne eyes, that I sleape not in death. 4 Lest myne enemye saye: I haue preuayled agaynst hym: for yf I be cast downe, they that trouble me wyll reioyse at it. 5 But my trust is in thy mercy, and my hert is ioyfull in thy saluacyon. 6 I wyll synge of the Lord because he hath dealt so louyngly wyth me.

Psalms 14:1-150:6

1 To the chaunter a Psalme of Dauid. The fole hath sayed in hys hert, there is no God. They are corrupt, and become abhomynable in theyr doynges there is not one that doth good. 2 The Lorde loked downe from heauen vpon the chyldren of men, to se yf there were any that wolde vnderstande, and seke after God. 3 But they are all gone out of the waye, they are all together become abhominable: there is none that doeth good, no not one. 4 Haue they no knowledge, that all are soche worckers of myscheffe, eatynge vp my people, as it were bread and call not vpon the Lorde? 5 There were they brought in great feare for God is in the generacyon of the ryghteous. 6 As for you, ye haue made a mocke at the councell of the poore, because he putteth hys trust in the Lorde. 7 Oh that the saluacyon were geuen vnto Israel out of Sion. Whan the Lorde turneth the captyuite of hys people, then shal Iacob reioyse, and Israel shall be glad.

Psalms 15:1-150:6

1 Lorde, who shall dwell in thy tabernacle? who shall rest vpon thy holy hyll? 2 Euen he that ledeth an vncorrupt lyfe, & doth the thynge which is ryght, and that speaketh the trueth from hys hert. 3 He that hath vsed no disceat in his tonge, ner done euell to hys neyghboure, & hath not sclaundred his neyghbours. 4 He that setteth not by hym selfe: but is lowly in hys awne eyes, & maketh moch of them that feare the Lorde: he that sweareth vnto his neyghbour, & disapoynteth hym nott, though it were hys awne hinderaunce. 5 He that hath not geuen hys money vpon vsury, ner taken rewarde agaynst the innocent. Who so doth these thynges, shall neuer fall.

Psalms 16:1-150:6

1 The badge or armes of Dauid. Preserue me; O God, for in the haue I put my trust. 2 O my soule thou hast sayd vnto the Lorde: thou arte my God, my goodes are nothing vnto the. 3 All my delyte is vpon the saynctes that are in the erth, & vpon soch as excell in vertue. 4 But they that runne after another God, shall haue greate trouble. 5 Their drinckoffrynges of bloude will not I offre, nether make mencion of their names within my lyppes. 6 The Lorde hym selfe is the porcion of myne enheritaunce: and of my cup: thou shalt maynteyne my lot. 7 The lot is fallen vnto me in fayre ground, yee, I haue a goodly heritage. 8 I wyll thanke the Lorde for geuynge me warnynge: my reynes also chasten me in the nyght season. 9 I haue set God alwayes before me, for he is on my right hande, therfore I shall not fall. 10 Wherfore my hert was glad, & my glory reioysed, my flesh also shall rest in hope. 11 For why? thou shalt not leaue my soule in hell, nether shalt thou suffre thy holy one to se corrupcion. Thou shalt shewe me the path of lyfe: in thy presence is the fulnesse of ioye, and at thy ryght hande ther is pleasure for euermore.

Psalms 17:1-150:6

1 A prayer of Dauid. Heare the right, O Lorde, consydre my complaynte, & herken vnto my prayer, that goeth not out of fayned lyppes. 2 Let my sentence come forth from thy presence: and let thyne eyes loke vpon the thing that is equall. 3 Thou hast proued & visyted myne herte in the nyght season: thou haste tryed me and shalt fynde no wyckednesse in me: for I am vtterly purposed, that my mouth shall not offende. 4 Because of mens worckes that are done agaynst the wordes of thy lyppes I haue kepte me from the wayes of the destroyer. 5 O holde thou vp my goynges in thy pathes, that my fote steppes slyppe not. 6 I haue called vpon the, O God, for thou shalt heare me: enclyne thyne eare to me, and herken vnto my wordes. 7 Shewe thy maruelous louynge kyndnesse, thou that art the sauyour of them which put theyr trust in the, from soch as resyst thy ryght hande. 8 Kepe me as the apple of an eye, hyde me vnder the shadowe of thy wynges. 9 From the vngodly that trouble me: mine enemies compasse me round about, to take awaye my soule. 10 They are enclosed in their awne fatt: & their mouth speaketh proude thinges. 11 They lye waytynge in oure waye on euery syde, turnynge their eyes downe to the grounde. 12 Lyke as a lyon that is gredy of hys praye, and as it were a lyons whelpe lurcking in secrete places. 13 Up Lorde, disapoynte hym, and cast hym downe: delyuer my soule from the vngodly which is as a swearde of thyne. 14 From the men of thy hande, O Lorde from the men, I saye, and from the euyll worlde, which haue their porcion in thys lyfe, whose belyes thou fyllest wt thy hyd treasure. 15 They haue children at their desyre: & leaue the reste of theyr substaunce for theyr babes. But as for me, I wyll beholde thy presence in righteousnes: & when I awake vp after thy lykenes, I shalbe satisfyed with it.

Psalms 18:1-150:6

1 To the chaunter of Dauid the seruaunt of the Lorde, which spake vnto the Lord the wordes of thys song, (in the daye that the Lorde delyuered hym from the hande of all hys enemyes, and from the hande of Saul) and he sayde: I Will loue the, O Lorde, my strength. The Lorde is my stony rock, & my defence, my sauyour, my God, & my might, in whom I wyll trust: my buckler, the horne also of my saluacyon, and my refuge. 2 I will call vpon the Lord, which is worthy to be praysed, so shall I be safe fro myne enemyes. 3 The sorowes of deeth compassed me, & the ouerflowinges of vngodlynesse made me afrayed. 4 The paynes of hell came about me, the snares of deeth ouertoke me. 5 In my trouble wyll I call vpon the Lorde: & complayne vnto my God. 6 So shall he heare my voyce out of his temple, & my complaynte shall come before him, it shall entre euen into hys cares. 7 The erth trembled & quaked, the very foundacions also of the hylles shoke & were remoued, because he was wroth. 8 There went a smoke out in his presence: & a consumynge fyre out of hys mouth, so that coales were kyndled at it. 9 He bowed the heauens also, & came downe, and it was darcke vnder his fete. 10 He rode vpon the cherubins, & dyd flye: he came flying vpon the wynges of the wynde. 11 He made darcknes hys secrete place: hys pauylion rounde aboute hym, with darcke water and thycke cloudes to couer hym. 12 At the bryghtnesse of hys presence hys cloudes remoued, hayle stones and coales of fyer. 13 The Lorde also thondred out of the heauen, & the hyest gaue his thondre, hayle stones, and coales of fyer. 14 He sent out his arowes and scattered them, he cast forth lyghtnynges, & destroyed them. 15 The sprynges of waters were sene, & the foundacions of the round worlde were discouered at thy chydinge, O Lorde, at the blastynge of the breth of thy displeasure. 16 He shall send downe from the heygth to fetch me, & shall take me out of many waters. 17 He shall delyuer me from my strongest enemye, & from them which hate me: for they are to myghty for me. 18 They preuented me in the daye of my trouble: but the Lorde was my vpholder. 19 He brought me forth also into a place of liberty: he brought me forth, euen because he had a fauoure vnto me. 20 The Lorde shall rewarde me after my righteous dealing: accordinge to the clennes of my handes shall he recompense me. 21 Because I haue kepte the wayes of the Lorde: and haue not forsaken wyckedlye my God. 22 For I haue an eye vnto all hys lawes: & wyll nott cast out hys commaundementes fro me. 23 I was also vncorrupte before him: and eschued myne awne wickednes. 24 Therfore shall the Lord rewarde me after my righteous dealing: and according vnto the clennes of my handes in hys eye syght. 25 With the holy thou shalt be holy, and wt a perfecte man thou shalt be perfect. 26 With the cleane thou shalt be cleane: and with the frowarde thou shalt lerne frowardnes. 27 For thou shalt saue the people that are in aduersite, and shalt brynge downe the hye lookes of the proude. 28 Thou also shalt lighte my candelle: the Lorde my God shall make my darcknes to be light. 29 For in the I shall disconfyte an hoost of men: and wt the helpe of my God I shall leape ouer the wall. 30 The waye of God is an vndefyled waye the worde of the Lorde also is tryed in the fyre: he is the defender of all them that putt their trust in him. 31 For who is God but the Lorde? or who hath any strength except or God? 32 It is God that gyrdeth me wt strength of warre, and maketh my waye parfecte. 33 He maketh my fete lyke hertes fete: and setteth me vp on hye. 34 He teacheth myne handes to fyght, & myne armes shall breake euen a bow of steele. 35 Thou hast geuen me the defence of thy saluacion: thy right hande also shall holde me vp, and thy louynge correccion shall make me greate. 36 Thou shalt make rowme ynough vnder me for to go, that my fote steppes shall not slyde. 37 I wyll folowe vpon myne enemies, & ouertake them: neyther wyll I turne agayne, tyll I haue destroyed them. 38 I will smyte them, that they shall not be able to stande: but fall vnder my fete. 39 Thou hast gyrded me with strength vnto the battayll, thou shalt throwe downe myne enemyes vnder me. 40 Thou hast made myne enemyes also to turne theyr backes vpon me, & I shall destroye them that hate me. 41 They shall crye: but there shalbe none to helpe them: yee, euen vnto the Lord, shall they crye: but he shall nott heare them. 42 I wyll beate them as small as the dust before the wynde: I will cast them out, as the claye in the stretes. 43 Thou shalt delyuer me from the stryuinges of the people: and thou shalte make me the head of the Heythen. 44 A people whom I haue not knowen shall serue me. 45 Assone as they heare of me, they shall obey me: but the straunge chyldren shall dissemble with me. 46 The straunge chyldren shall fayle, and be afrayed out of theyr presons. 47 The Lorde lyueth: & blessed be my strong helper, and praysed be the God of my saluacyon. 48 Euen the God which seeth that I be auenged, and subdueth the people vnto me. 49 It is he that delyuereth me from my enemyes, and setteth me vp aboue myne aduersaryes: thou shalt rydd me from the wycked man. 50 For this cause I will geue thankes vnto the, O Lorde, amonge the Gentyles, and synge prayses vnto thy name. Greate prosperite geueth he vnto his kinge: and sheweth louyng kyndnesse vnto Dauid hys anoynted, & vnto hys seede for euermore.

Psalms 19:1-150:6

1 To the chaunter, a psalme of Dauid. The heauens declare the glory of God, and the firmament sheweth his handy worcke. 2 One daye telleth another: & one nyght certifieth another. 3 There is nether speach ner language, but their voices ar heard among them. 4 Their sounde is gone out into all landes: & their wordes into the endes of the worlde. 5 In them hath he set a tabernacle for the sunne, which commeth forth as a brydgrome out of hys chambre, and reioyseth as a giaunt to runne his course. 6 It goeth forth from the vttmost parte of the heauen, and runneth about vnto the ende of it agayne, & there is nothynge hyd from the heate therof. 7 The lawe of the Lord is an vndefylled lawe conuerting the soule. The testimony of the Lorde is sure, and geueth wisdome vnto the symple. 8 The statutes of the Lorde are right and reioyse the hert, the commaundement of the Lorde is pure, and geueth light vnto the eyes. 9 The feare of the Lorde is cleane, and endureth for euer: the iudgementes of the Lorde are true and ryghteous all together. 10 More to be desyred are they then golde, yee then moche fyne golde: sweter also then hony, and the hony combe. 11 Moreouer, by them is thy seruaunt taught, & in kepynge of them there is greate rewarde. 12 Who can tell, howe oft he offendeth? Oh clense thou me fro secrete fautes. 13 Kepe thy seruaunt also from presumptuous synnes, lest they get the dominion ouer me: so shall I be vndefyled, & innocent from the greate offence. 14 Let the wordes of my mouth, and the meditacion of my herte be acceptable in thy syght O Lorde, my strength annd my redemer.

Psalms 20:1-150:6

1 To the chaunter, a Psalme of Dauid. The Lorde heare the in the daye of trouble, the name of the God of Iacob defende the. 2 Sende the helpe from the Sanctuary, and strength the out of Sion. 3 Remembre all thy offerynges, and accepte thy brent sacrifyce Sela. 4 Graunte the thy hertes desyre, & fulfyll all thy mynde. 5 We wyll reioyse in thy saluacyon, and triumphe in the name of the Lorde oure God the Lorde perfourme all thy peticions. 6 Nowe knowe I, that the Lorde helpeth hys anoynted, and wyll heare hym from hys holy heauen: euen with the wholsome strength of hys ryght hande. 7 Some put theyr trust in charettes, and some in horses: but we wyll remembre the name of the Lorde oure God. 8 They are brought downe and fallen, but we are rysen, and stande vp ryght. 9 Saue Lorde, and heare vs, O kynge of heuen, when we call.

Psalms 21:1-150:6

1 To the chaunter, a Psalme of Dauid. The kynge shall reioyce in thy strength, O Lorde, exceadynge glad shall he be of thy saluacion. 2 Thou hast geuen hym his hertes desyre, and hast not denyed him the request of hys lyppes. Sela. 3 For thou shalt preuente him with the blessynges of goodnes, and shalt set a crowne of pure golde vpon his head. 4 He asked lyfe of the, and thou gauest him a longe lyfe, euen for euer and euer. 5 Hys honoure is greate in thy saluacion: glory and greate worshyppe shalt thou laye vpon hym. 6 For thou shalt geue hym euerlastynge felycite, & make hym glad with the ioye of thy countenaunce. 7 And why? because the kynge putteth hys trust in the Lorde, and in the mercy of the most hyest he shall not my searye. 8 All thyne enemies shall fele thy hand: thy ryght hand shall fynde out them that hate the. 9 Thou shalt make them lyke a fyrye ouen in tyme of thy wrath: the Lorde shall destroye them in hys displeasure, and the fyre shall consume them. 10 Their frute shalt thou roote out of the earth, and theyr sede from amonge the chyldren of men. 11 For they intended myschefe agaynst the, and ymagined soch a deuyce, as they are not able to perfourme. 12 Therfore shalt thou put them to flyght, and the strynges of thy bowe shalt thou make ready agaynst the faces of them: 13 Be thou exalted, Lorde, in thyne awne strength: so wyll we synge and prayse thy power.

Psalms 22:1-150:6

1 To the Chaunter vpon the hynde of the dawnynge a Psalme of Dauid. My God, my God: why hast thou forsaken me: and art so farre fro my health, and from the wordes of my complaynte? 2 O my God, I crye in the daye tyme, but thou hearest not: and in the nyght season also I take no rest. 3 And thou continuest holy, O thou worshyppe of Israel. 4 Oure fathers hoped in the: they trusted in the, and thou dyddest delyuer them. 5 They called vpon the, and were helped: they put theyr trust in the, and were not confounded. 6 But as for me, I am a worme & no man: a very scorne of men & the outcast of the people. 7 All they that se me, laugh me to scorne: they shote out theyr lyppes, & shake the heade sayinge. 8 He trusted in God that he wolde delyuer him: let him delyuer him, yf he wyll haue him. 9 But thou art he that toke me out of my mothers wombe: thou wast my hope, when I hanged yet vpon my mothers brestes. 10 I haue bene left vnto the euer sence I was borne: thou art my God, euen fro my mothers wombe. 11 O go not fro me, for trouble is harde at hande, and ther is none to helpe me. 12 Greate oxen are come aboute me, fatt bulles of Basan close me in on euery syde. 13 They gape vpon me with theyr mouthes as it were a rampynge and roarynge lyon. 14 I am powred out lyke water, & all my bones are out of ioynt: my hert also in the myddest of my bodye is euen lyke meltynge waxe. 15 My strength is dryed vp lyke a potsherde, & my tonge cleueth to my gummes: and thou shalt brynge me into the dust of death. 16 For dogges are come aboute me, & the councell of the wycked laye seage agaynst me. 17 They pearsed my handes and my fete, I maye tell all my bones, they stonde starynge and lokynge vpon me. 18 They parte my garmentes amonge them and cast lottes vpon my vesture. 19 But be not thou farre fro me, O Lord: thou art my succoure, haste the to helpe me. 20 Delyuer my soule from the swearde, my dearlynge from the power of the dogge. 21 Saue me from the lyons mouth: thou hast hearde me also from amonge the hornes of the vnicornes. 22 I wyll declare thy name vnto my brethren: in the myddest of the congregacion wyll I prayse the. 23 O prayse the Lorde ye that feare him: Magnifye hym all ye of the sede of Iacob, & feare him all ye sede of Israel. 24 For he hath not despysed ner abhorred the lowe estate of the poore he hath not hyd hys face from hym, but when he called vnto him, he harde him. 25 My prayse is of the in the great congregacion, my vowes wyll I perfourme in the syght of them that feare hym. 26 The poore shall eate, & be satisfyed: they that seke after the Lorde, shall prayse hym. youre herte shall lyue for euer. 27 All the endes of the worlde shall remembre them selues, & be turned vnto the Lorde, & all the kynreds of the nacions, shall worshyppe before him. 28 For the kyngdom is the Lordes, and he is the gouernoure amonge the people. 29 All soche as be fat vpon earth haue eaten & worshypped. 30 All they that go downe into the dust, shall knele before him & no man hath quyckened hys awne soule. 31 Sede shall serue him: they shalbe counted vnto the Lorde for a generacyon. They shall come, and shall declare hys ryghteousnes: vnto a people that shall be borne, whom the Lorde hath made.

Psalms 23:1-150:6

1 A psalme of Dauid. The Lord is my shepherde, therfore can I lack nothing. 2 He shall fede me in a grene pasture, & leade me forth besyde the waters of comforte. 3 He shall conuerte my soule, & brynge me forth in the pathes of ryghteousnes for hys names sake. 4 Yee though I walke thorowe the valleye of the shadow of death, I wyll feare no euell, for thou art wt me thy rodde & thy staffe comforte me. 5 Thou shalt prepare a table before me agaynst them that trouble me: thou hast anoynted my head wt oyle, & my cuppe shalbe full. 6 But louynge kyndnes & mercy shall folowe me all the dayes of my lyfe. & I wyll dwell in the house of the Lord for euer.

Psalms 24:1-150:6

1 A Psalme of Dauid. The earth is the Lordes, and all that therin is: the compasse of the worlde, and they that dwell therin. 2 For he hath founded it vpon the sees, & prepared it vpon the floudes. 3 Who shall ascende into the hyll of the Lorde? Or, who shall ryse vp in his holy place? 4 Euen he that hath cleane handes & a pure hert: & that hath not lyfte vp his mynde vnto vanite, ner sworne to disceaue. 5 He shall receaue the blessynge from the Lorde, and ryghteousnesse from the God of hys saluacyon. 6 Thys is the generacion of them that seke him, euen of them that seke thy face, O Iacob. Sela. 7 Lyfte vp youre heades O ye gates, & be ye lyfte vp, ye euerlastynge dores, & the kynge of glory shall come in. 8 Who is this kynge of glory? It is the Lorde stronge & myghtie, euen the Lord myghtye in battell. 9 Lyfte vp youre heades (O ye gates) & be ye lyfte vp ye euerlastyng dores, & the kyng of glory shall come in. 10 Who is thys kynge of glory? Euen the Lorde of Hoostes, he is the kynge of glory. Sela.

Psalms 25:1-150:6

1 Of Dauid. Unto the (O Lorde) wyll I lyft vp my soule. 2 My God, I haue put my trust in the: Oh lett me not be confounded, nether let myne enemyes triumphe ouer me. 3 For all they that hope in the, shall not be a shamed: but soch as transgresse without a cause, shall be put to confusion 4 Shewe me thy wayes, O Lord, & teache me thy pathes. 5 Leade me forth in thy trueth, & lerne me, for thou art the God of my saluacion: in the hath bene my hope all the daye longe. 6 Call to remembraunce (O Lorde) thy tender mercyes, and thy louynge kyndnesses, which haue bene euer of olde. 7 Oh remembre not the synnes & offences of my youth, but accordynge vnto thy mercy thynke thou vpon me (O Lord) for thy goodnesse. 8 Gracious & ryghteous is the Lorde, therfore wyll he teache synners in the waye. 9 Them that be meke, shall he guyde in iudgement: & soch as be gentle, them shall he lerne his waye. 10 All the pathes of the Lorde are mercye & truthe, vnto soch as kepe his couenaunt & his testimonies. 11 For thy names sake, O Lord, be mercyfull vnto my synne, for it is great. 12 What man is he that feareth the Lord? him shall he teache in the waye that he shall chose. 13 His soule shall dwell at ease, and hys sede shall inheret the lande. 14 The secrete of the Lorde is amonge them that feare him & he wyll shewe them hys couenaunt. 15 Myne eyes are euer lokynge vnto the Lord, for he shall plucke my fete out of the net. 16 Turne the vnto me, & haue mercy vpon me: for I am desolate, and in misery. 17 The sorowes of my herte are enlarged: O bryng thou me out of my troubles. 18 Loke vpon myne aduersyte & misery, and forgeue me all my synne. 19 Considre myne enemies how many they ar, & they beare a tyrannous hate agaynst me. 20 O kepe my soule, and delyuer me. let me not be counfounded, for I haue put my trust in the. 21 Let perfectnesse and ryghteous dealynge wayte vpon me, for my hope hath bene in the. 22 Delyuer Israel O God, out of all hys troubles.

Psalms 26:1-150:6

1 Of Dauid. Be thou my iudge, O Lorde, for I haue walked innocently: my trust hath bene also in the Lorde therfore shall I not fall. 2 Examen me, O Lord, & proue me: trye out my reynes and my hert. 3 For thy louynge kindenesse is before mine eyes, & I will walke in thy trueth. 4 I haue not dwelt with vayne personnes, nether wyll I haue fellishipe with the disceatfull. 5 I haue hated the congregacyon of the wicked, and will not syt amonge the vngodly. 6 I will washe my handes in innocencye, O Lorde, and so will I go to thyne aulter. 7 That I maye shewe the voyce of thankesgeuynge, and tell of all thy wonderous worckes. 8 Lorde, I haue loued the habitacion of thy house, & the place where thyne honoure dwelleth. 9 O shutt not vp my soule with the synners, ner my lyfe with the bloudthurstye. 10 In whose handes is wyckednesse, & their ryghthande is full of gyftes. 11 But as for me I will walcke innocently: O delyuer me, and be mercyfull vnto me. 12 My fote standeth ryght: I will prayse the Lorde in the congregacyons.

Psalms 27:1-150:6

1 Of Dauid. The Lorde is my lyght and my saluacyon: whom then shall I feare? the Lorde is the strength of my lyfe: of whom then shall I be afrayed? 2 When the wycked (euen myne enemyes and my foes) came vpon me, to eate vp my fleshe, they stombled & fell. 3 Though an hoost of men were layed agaynst me, yet shall not my hert be astrayed: and though there rose vp warre agaynst me, yet will I put my trust in this. 4 One thynge haue I desyred of the Lorde, which I will requyre: euen that I maye dwell in the house of the Lorde all the dayes of my lyfe: to beholde the fayre bewtie of the Lorde, and to vyset this temple. 5 For in the tyme of trouble he shall hyde me in his tabernacle, yee in the secrete place of his dwellynge shall he hyde me, and set me vp vpon a rocke of stone. 6 And nowe shall he lyft vp my head aboue myne enemyes rounde aboute me. 7 Therfore will I offre in hys dwellynge, an oblacyon with great gladnesse: I will synge and speake prayses vnto the Lorde. 8 Herken vnto my voyce, O Lorde, when I crye vnto the: haue mercye vpon me, and heare me. 9 My hert hath talked of the: Seke ye my face: thy face Lorde will I seke. O hyde not thou thy face fro me, ner cast thy seruaunt awaye in displeasure. 10 Thou hast bene my succoure, leaue me not, nether forsake me, O God of my saluacyon. 11 Whan my father and my mother forsake me, the Lorde taketh me vp. Trache me thy waye O Lorde, & leade me the ryght waye, because of myne enemyes. 12 Delyuer me not ouer into the will of myne aduersaryes, for there are false wytnesses rysen vp agaynst me, and soch as speake wronge. 13 I shulde vtterlye haue faynted: but that I beleue verely to se the goodnesse of the Lorde in the lande of the lyuinge. 14 O tary thou the Lordes leysure be stronge, and he shall conforte thyne hert, and put thou thy trust in the Lorde.

Psalms 28:1-150:6

1 A Psalme of Dauid. Unto the wyll I crye, O Lorde, my strength: thyncke no scorne of me, lest, yf thou make the as though thou heardest not. I become lyke them, that go downe into the pytte. 2 Heare the voyce of my humble peticyons, when I crye vnto the, whan I holde vp my, handes towarde the mercyseate of thy holy temple. 3 O plucke me not awaye with the vngodly and wicked doers which speake frendly to their neyghbours, but ymagine myschefe in their hertes. 4 Rewarde them accordinge to their dedes, and accordynge to the wyckednesse of their awne inuencions. 5 Recompense them after the worcke of their handes: paye them that they haue deserued. 6 For they regarde not in ther mynde the worckes of the Lorde, ner the operacion of his handes: therfore shall he breake them downe, & not buylde them vp. 7 Praysed be the Lorde, for he hath hearde the voyce of myne humble peticions. 8 The Lorde is my strength & my shylde: my hert hath trusted in him, & I am helped: therfore my herte daunseth for ioye, and in my songe will I prayse him. 9 The Lorde is their strength: and he is the wholsome defence of his anoynted. O Saue thy people, & geue thy blessinge vnto thyne enheritaunce: fede them, & sett them vp for euer.

Psalms 29:1-150:6

1 A Psalme of Dauid Brynge vnto the Lorde (O ye myghtie) ascribe vnto the Lorde worshyppe & strengthe. 2 Geue the Lorde the honoure due vnto his name: worshyppe the Lorde with holy worshippe. 3 It is the Lorde that commaundeth the waters: It is the glorious God that maketh the thonder: 4 it is the Lorde that ruleth the see. 5 The voyce of the Lorde is myghtie in operacion, the voyce of the Lorde is a glorious voyce. 6 The voyce of the Lorde breaketh the. Cedre trees: yee, the Lorde breaketh the Ceders of Libanus. 7 He made them also so skyppe lyke a Calfe: Libanus also, and Syrion lyke a younge vnycorne. 8 The voyce of the Lorde deuydeth the flames of fyre: the voyce of the Lorde, shaketh the wyldernesse, ye the Lorde shaketh the wildernesse of Cades. 9 The voyce of the Lorde maketh the hyndes to brynge forth younge & discouereth the thicke bushes: in his temple doth euery man speake of his honoure. 10 The Lorde sytteth aboue the water floude, & the Lorde remayneth a kynge for euer. 11 The Lorde shall geue strength vnto his people, the Lorde shall geue his people the blessynge of peace.

Psalms 30:1-150:6

1 A Psalme and songe of the dedicacyon of the house of Dauid. I Wyll magnifye the, O lorde, for thou hast set me vp, & not made my fooes to triumphe ouer me. 2 O Lorde my God, I cryed vnto the, and thou hast healed me. 3 Thou Lorde hast brought my soule out of hell: thou hast kepte my lyfe, from them that go downe to the pytte. 4 Synge prayses vnto the Lorde (O ye saintes of his) and geue thankes vnto him for a remembraunce of his holynesse. 5 For hys wrath endureth but the twinclinge of an eye, and in hys pleasure is lyfe: heuynesse maye endure for a nyght, but ioye commeth in the mornynge. 6 And in my prosperyte, I sayde: I shall neuer be remoued: thou Lorde of thy goodnesse hadest made my hill so stronge. 7 Thou dyddest turne thy face and I was troubled. 8 Then cryed I vnto the, O Lorde, & gat me to my Lorde ryght humbly. 9 What profyt is there in my bloude, whan I go downe to the pytte? 10 Shall the dust geue thanckes vnto the? Or shall it declare thy trueth? 11 Heare, O Lorde, and haue mercy vpon me: Lorde be thou my helper. 12 Thou hast turned my heuynesse in to ioye: thou hast put of my sacke cloth, and gyrded me with gladnesse. Therfore shall (euery good man) synge of thy prayse without ceassinge: O my God, I wyll geue thanckes vnto the for euer.

Psalms 31:1-150:6

1 To the chaunter a Psalme of Dauid. In the, O Lord, haue I put my trust: let me neuer be put to confusyon: delyuer me in thy ryghteousnesse. 2 Bowe downe thine eare to me, make haste to delyuer me. 3 And be thou my stronge rocke, and a house of defence, that thou mayest saue me. 4 For thou art my stronge rocke, & my castell: Be thou also my guyde, & leade me for thy names sake. 5 Drawe me out of the nett that they haue layed priuely for me, for thou art my strength. 6 Into thy handes I commende my sprete: For thou hast redemed me, O Lorde thou God of treuth. 7 I haue hated them that holde of supersticious vanityes, & my trust hath bene in the Lorde. 8 I wyll be glad and reioyse in thy mercy: for thou hast consydred my trouble, & hast knowne my soule in aduersytees. 9 Thou hast not shut me vp in to the hande of the enemye, but hast set my fete in a large rowme. 10 Haue mercy vpon me, O Lorde, for I am in trouble, & myne eye is consumed for very heuynesse, yee my soule & my body. 11 For my lyfe is waxen olde with heuynesse, & my yeares with mournynge. 12 My strength fayleth me because of myne iniquite, and my bones are corrupte. 13 I became a reprofe amonge all myne enemyes, but specially amonge my neyghbours, and they of myne acquayntaunce were afrayed of me: & they that dyd se me without, conueyed them selues fro me. 14 I am cleane forgotten, as a deed man oute of mynde: I am be come lyke a broken vessell. 15 For I haue herde the blasphemy of the multitude: and feare is on euerye syde whyle they conspire together agaynst me, & take ther counsell to take awaye my lyfe. 16 But my hope hath bene in the, O Lorde, I haue sayde: thou art my God. 17 My tyme is in thy hande: delyuer me from the hande of myne enemyes, and from them that persecute me. 18 Shewe thy seruaunt the light of thy countenaunce, and saue me for thy mercyes sake. 19 Let me not be confounded, O Lorde, for I haue called vpon the: let the vngodly be put to confusion, and be put to sylence in the graue. 20 Let the lyenge lyppes be put to sylence, which cruelly, disdainfully, & despitefully, speake against the ryghteous. 21 O howe plentyfull is thy goodnesse, which thou hast layed vp, for them that feare the? and that thou hast prepared for them, the put their trust in the, euen before the sonnes of men? 22 Thou shalt hyde them priuely by thine awne presence from the prouokinges of all men: thou shalt kepe them secretly in thy tabernacle, from the stryfe of tonges. 23 Thankes be to the Lorde, for he hath shewed me maruelous greate kyndnesse in a stronge citie. And when I made hast, I sayde: I am cast out of thy syght. 24 Neuertheles, thou herdest the voyce of my prayer, when I cryed vnto the. O loue the Lorde, all ye his saintes, for the Lorde preserueth them that are faythfull, and plenteously rewardeth he the proude doer. Be stronge, & he shall stablyshe youre hart, all ye that put your trust in the Lorde.

Psalms 32:1-150:6

1 An instruccyon of Dauid. Blessed is he, whose vnryghteousnesse is forgeuen, and whose synne is couered. 2 Blessed is the man, vnto whom the Lorde imputeth no synne, and in whose sprete there is no gyle. 3 For whyle I helde my tonge, my bones consumed awaye thorowe my daylye complayninge. 4 For thy hande is heuy vpon me daye and nyght, and my moysture is lyke the drouth in Sommer. Sela. 5 I wyll knowledge my synne vnto the, and myne vnryghteousnesse haue I not hyd. 6 I sayde: I wyll confesse my synnes vnto the Lorde, & so thou forgauest the wyckednesse of my synne. Sela. 7 For this shall euery one that is godly, make his prayer vnto the in a tyme when thou mayeste be founde, but in the great water floudes they shall not come nye hym. 8 Thou art a place to hyde me in, thou shalt preserue me from trouble: thou shalt compasse me about with songes of delyueraunce. Sela. 9 I wyll enfourme the, & teache the in the waye wherin thou shalt go: and I wyll guyde the with myne eye. 10 Be not ye lyke horse and mule, which haue no vnderstandynge. Whose mouthes must be holden with byt & brydle, lest they fall vpon the. 11 Greate plages remayne for the vngodly, but who so putteth hys trust in the Lorde, mercy embraceth him on euery syde. Be glad, O ye ryghteous and reioyse in the Lorde: and be ioyfull all ye that are true of herte.

Psalms 33:1-150:6

1 Reioyse in the Lord, O ye ryghteous, for it becommeth well the iust to be thankfull. 2 Prayse the Lord with harpe: synge psalmes vnto hym with the lute and instrument of ten strynges. 3 Synge vnto the Lorde a newe songe, synge prayses lustely with a good corage. 4 For the worde of the Lorde is true, and all hys worckes are faythfull. 5 He loueth ryghteousnes and iugement: the earth is full of the goodnesse of the Lorde. 6 By the worde of the Lorde were the heauens made, and all the Hoostes of them by the breth of his mouth. 7 He gathereth the waters of the see together as it were vpon a heape, & layeth vp the depe as in a tresure house. 8 Let all the earth feare the Lorde: stande in awe of hym, all ye that dwell in the worlde. 9 For he spake, and it was done: he commaunded, and it stode fast. 10 The Lorde bryngeth the councell of the Heithen to naught, and maketh the deuyces of the people, to be of none effecte. 11 The councell of the Lorde shall endure for euer, and the thoughtes of hys herte from generacyon to generacyon. 12 Blessed are the people whose God is the Lorde Iehouah, & blessed are the folcke that haue chosen hym to be theyr inheritaunce. 13 The Lorde loked downe from heauen, and behelde all the chyldren of men: 14 from the habitacyon of his dwellynge, he consydreth all them that dwell in the erth. 15 He fashyoneth all the hertes of them, and vnderstandeth all theyr worckes. 16 There is no kynge that can be saued by the multytude of an hoost, nether is any myghtie man delyuered by moche strength. 17 A horse is counted but a vayne thynge to saue a man, neyther shall he delyuer any man by hys greate strength. 18 Behold the eye of the Lorde is vpon them that feare hym, and vpon them that put theyr trust in his mercy. 19 To delyuer theyr soules from death, and to fede them in the tyme of dearth. 20 Oure soule hath paciently taryed for the Lorde for he is oure helpe and oure shylde. 21 For oure herte shall reioyse in hym, because we haue hoped in hys holy name. 22 Let thy mercyfull kyndnesse, O Lorde be vpon vs, lyke as we haue put oure trust in the.

Psalms 34:1-150:6

1 Of Dauid, when he chaunged his speche before Abimelech. which droue hym awaye and he departed. I Wyll allwaye geue thanckes vnto the Lorde, hys prayse shall euer be in my mouth. 2 My soule shall make her boast in the Lord the humble shall heare therof, and be glad. 3 O prayse the Lorde with me, and let vs magnifye hys name together. 4 I sought the Lorde & he hearde me, yee he deliuered me out of all my feare. 5 They had an eye vnto him, and were lyghtened, & their faces were not ashamed. 6 Lo, the poore cryeth, & the Lorde heareth hym, yee and saueth hym out of all hys troubles. 7 The Angell of the Lorde taryethe rounde about them that feare hym, and delyuereth them. 8 O taste and se, howe gracious the Lord is, blessed is the man that trusteth in hym. 9 O feare the Lorde, ye that be hys sayntes for they that feare hym, lacke nothynge. 10 The lyons do lacke, & suffre hunger but they which seke the Lorde: shall want no maner of thynge that is good. 11 Come ye chyldren & herken vnto me, I wyll teach you the feare of the Lorde. 12 What man is he that lysteth to lyue, & wold fayne se good dayes? 13 Kepe thy tonge from euell, & thy lyppes, that they speake no gile. 14 Eschue euell, & do good. seke peace and ensue it. 15 The eyes of the Lorde are ouer the ryghteous, & his eares are open vnto their prayers. 16 The countenaunce of the Lorde is agaynst them that do euell, to rote out the remembraunce of them from of the earth. 17 The ryghteous crye, & the Lorde heareth them, & delyuereth them out of all theyr troubles. 18 The Lorde is nye vnto them that are of a contryte hert, & wyll saue soche as be of an humble sprete. 19 Greate are the troubles of the ryghteous but the Lorde delyuereth hym out of all. 20 He kepeth all hys bones, so that not one of them is broken. 21 But mysfortune shall slaye the vngodly, and they that hate the ryghteous, shalbe desolate. 22 The Lorde delyuereth the soules of hys seruauntes: and all they that put theyr trust in hym shall not be destitute.

Psalms 35:1-150:6

1 Of Dauid. Pleate thou my cause, O Lorde, with them that stryue with me: and fyght thou agaynst them that fyght agaynst me. 2 Laye hande vpon the shilde & buckler, and stande vp to helpe me. 3 Brynge forth the speare, & stoppe the waye agaynst them that persecute me: saye vnto my soule: I am thy saluacyon. 4 Let them be confounded and put to shame, that seke after my soule: let them be turned backe, and brought to confusyon, that ymagyne myschefe for me. 5 Let them be as the dust before the wynde, and the angell of the Lorde scatterynge them. 6 Let theyr waye be darcke and slyppery, and let the angell of the Lorde persecute them. 7 For they haue pryuely layed theyr net to destroye me without a cause, yee euen without a cause haue they made a pytte for my soule. 8 Let a soden destruction come vpon him vnawares: & hys net that he hath layed priuely, catch hym selfe, that he maye fall into hys awne myschefe. 9 And my soule be ioyfull in the Lorde: it shall reioyse in his saluacyon. 10 All my bones shall saye: Lorde, who is lyke vnto the? which delyuerest the poore from hym that is to stronge for hym, yee the poore and hym that is in misery, from hym that spoyleth hym. 11 False witnesse dyd ryse vp: they layed to my charge, thynges that I knowe not. 12 They rewarded me euell for good, to the greate dyscomforte of my soule. 13 Neuerthelesse, when they were sycke, I put on a sacke clothe: and humbled my soule with fastynge, and my prayer shall turne into myne awne bosome. 14 I behaued my selfe as though it had bene my frende or my brother, I wente heuely, as one that mourneth for hys mother. 15 But in myne aduersyte they reioysed, and gathered them together: Yee the very abiectes came together agaynst me vnawares, makynge mowes at me, and ceassed not. 16 With the flatrers were busy mockers, which gnasshed vpon me with theyr teeth. 17 Lorde, howe longe wylt thou loke vpon thys? O delyuer my soule from the calamityes which they brynge on me, and my dearlynge from the lyons? 18 So wyll I geue the thankes in the greate congregacyon I wyll prayse the amonge moche people. 19 O let not them that are myne enemyes triumphe ouer me vngodlye nether: let them wyncke with theyr eyes, that hate me without a cause. 20 And why? theyr comonyng is not for peace, but they ymagyne disceatfull wordes agaynst them that are quyet in the lande. 21 They gaped vpon me with theyr mouthes, and sayde: fye on the, fye on the: we dyd se it with oure eyes. 22 This thou hast sene, O Lorde: holde not thy tonge then, go not farre fro me, O Lord. 23 A wake and stande vp to iudge my quarell auenge thou my cause, my God, and my Lorde. 24 Iudge me, O Lorde my God, accordynge to thy ryghteousnesse, and let them not triumphe ouer me. 25 Let them not saye in their hertes: there, there, so wolde we haue it: nether lett them saye: we haue deuoured hym. 26 Let them be put to confusyon and shame together that reioyse at my trouble: let them be clothed with rebuke and dishonoure that boast them selues agaynst me. 27 Let them be glad and reioyse, that fauoure my ryghteous dealynge: yee let them saye allwaye blessed be the Lorde, which hath pleasure in the prosperitye of hys seruaunt. 28 And as for my tonge, it shalbe talkynge of thy ryghteousnes and of thy prayse, all the daye longe.

Psalms 36:1-150:6

1 To the Chaunter, of Dauid the seruaunt of the Lorde. My hert sheweth me the wyckednesse of the vngodly, that there is no feare of God before hys eyes. 2 For he flatreth hym selfe in hys owne syght, tyll hys abhominable synne be founde out. 3 The wordes of hys mouth are vnryghteous, and full of disceate: he hath left of to behaue hym selfe wysely and to do good. 4 He ymagyneth myschefe vpon hys bedd, and hath set hym selfe in no good waye, nether doth he abhore any thyng that is euell. 5 Thy mercy, O Lorde reacheth vnto the heauen, and thy faythfulnesse vnto the cloudes. 6 Thy ryghteousnesse standeth lyke the stronge mountaynes: thy iudgementes are lyke the greate depe. 7 Thou Lorde shalt saue both man and beest. Howe excellent is thy mercy, O God? and the chyldren of men shall put theyr trust vnder the shadowe of thy wynges. 8 They shalbe satisfyed with the plenteousnesse of thy house, and thou shalt geue them dryncke of thy pleasures, as out of the ryuer. 9 For with the is the well of lyfe, and in thy lyght, shall we se lyght. 10 O contynue forth thy louynge kyndnesse vnto them that knowe the, and thy ryghteousnesse vnto them that are true of hert. 11 O let not the fote of pryde come agaynst me: and let not the hande of the vngodly cast me downe. 12 There are they fallen that worke wyckednesse: they are cast downe, and shall: not be able to stande.

Psalms 37:1-150:6

1 A Psalme of Dauid. Fret not thy self because of the vngodly: nether be thou enuyous agaynst the euell doers. 2 For they shall soone be cut downe lyke the grasse, & be wythered euen as the grene herbe. 3 Put thou thy trust in the Lorde, & be doinge good: dwell in the lande, and verely thou shalt be fedd. 4 Delyte thou in the Lorde, & he shall geue the thy hertes desyre. 5 Commytte thy waye vnto the Lorde, & put thy trust in hym, & he shall brynge it to passe. 6 He shall make thy rightuousnesse as cleare as the light, & thy iust dealing as the noone daye. 7 Holde the styll in the Lorde, & abyde pacyently vpon him: but greue not thy selfe at hym, whose waye doth prospere agenst the man that doth after euell councels. 8 Leaue of from wrath, & let go displeasure, frett not thy self, els shalt thou be moued to do euell. 9 Wycked doers shalbe roted out: & they that paciently abyde the Lorde, those shall enheret the lande. 10 Yet a lytle whyle, & the vngodly shalbe clene gone: thou shalt loke after hys place, & he shalbe awaye. 11 But the meke spreted shall possesse the earth, & shalbe refresshed in the multitude of peace. 12 The vngodly seketh councell agaynst the iust, & gnassheth vpon hym with his tethe. 13 The Lord shall laughe hym to scorne, for he hath sene, that his daye is commynge. 14 The vngodly haue drawen out the swerde, and haue bended their bowe, to cast downe the poore and nedye, and to slaye soch as be of a ryght conuersacion. 15 Their swerde shall go thorow their awne herte, & their bowe shalbe broken. 16 Asinall thinge that the ryghtuous hath, is better then greate ryches of the vngodly. 17 For the armes of the vngodly shalbe broken, and the Lorde vpholdeth the ryghtuous. 18 The Lord knoweth the dayes of the godly, & their inheritaunce shall endure for euer. 19 They shall not be confounded in the perelous tyme, and in the dayes of derth they shall haue ynough. 20 As for the vngodly, they shall peryshe: & the enemyes of the Lorde shall consume, as the fatt of lambes: yee, euen as the smoke shall they consume awaye. 21 The vngodly boroweth and payeth not agayne, but the rightuous is mercyfull & lyberall. 22 Soch as be blessed of God, shall possesse the lande, & they that be curssed of hym, shalbe roted out. 23 The Lord ordreth a good mans goinge, & maketh his waye acceptable to him self. 24 Though he fall, he shal not be cast awaye, for the Lord vpholdeth him with his hande. 25 I haue bene yonge, and nowe am olde: & yet sawe I neuer the rightuous forsaken, ner his sede begginge theyr bread. 26 The ryghtuous is euer mercyfull, and lendeth, and his sede is blessed. 27 Fle from euell, and do the thynge that is good, and dwel for euer. 28 For the Lorde loueth the thynge that is ryght, he forsaketh not hys that be godly, but they are preserued for euermore: 29 as for the sede of the vngodly, it shalbe roted out. 30 The ryghtuous shall inherett the lande, and dwell therin for euer. 31 The mouth of the ryghtuous is exercised in wysdome and his tonge wilbe talkyng of iudgement, 32 The lawe of his God is in his hert, and his goynges shall not slyde. 33 The vngodly seeth the ryghtuous, & seketh occasyon to slaye hym. 34 The Lorde wyll not leaue hym in hys hande, ner condempne him when he is iudged. 35 Hope thou in the Lord, and kepe his waye, & he shal promote the, that thou shalt possesse the lande: when the vngodly shal perishe, thou shalt se it. 36 I my selfe haue sene the vngodly in great power, & florishinge lyke a grene baye tree: 37 & he vanished awaye, & lo, he was gone: I sought him, but coulde no where be found. 38 Kepe innocency, and take hede vnto the thynge that is ryght, for that shall brynge a man peace at the last. 39 As for the transgressours, they shall peryshe together, and the ende of the vngodly is, they shall be roted out at the last. But the saluacion of the ryghtuous commeth of the Lorde, which is also their strength in the tyme of trouble. 40 And the Lorde shall stande by them, and saue them: he shall delyuer them from the vngodly, and shall saue them, because they put theyr trust in hym.

Psalms 38:1-150:6

1 A Psalme of Dauid for remembraunce. Put me not to rebuke (O Lord) in thine anger: nether chasten me in thy heuy displeasure. 2 For thyne arowes styck fast in me, and thy hande presseth me fore. 3 There is no health in my flessh, because of thy displeasure: nether is there anye rest in my bones, by reason of my synne. 4 For my wyckednesses are gone ouer my heade, and are lyke a sore burthen, to heuy for me to beare. 5 My woundes styncke and are corrupt, thorowe my folyshnesse. 6 I ambrought in to so greate trouble & misery, that I go mournynge all the daye longe. 7 For my loynes are fylled with a sore disease, & there is no whole parte in my body. 8 I am feble & sore smytten, I haue roared for the very disquyetnes of my hert. 9 Lorde, thou knowest all my desyre, and my gronynge is not hyd from the. 10 My hert panteth, my strength hath fayled me, & the lyght of myne eyes is gone fro me. 11 My louers & my neyghbours dyd stande lokynge vpon my trouble, & my kynsmen stode a farre of. 12 They also that sought after my life, layed snares for me: & they that went aboute to do me euell, talked of wickednesse, & ymagined disceate all the daye longe. 13 As for me, I was lyke a deafe man & herde not: & as one that is domme, which doth not open his mouth. 14 I became euen as a man that heareth not: and in whose mouth are no reprofes. 15 For in the, O Lorde, haue I put my trust, thou shalt answere for me, O Lord my God. 16 I haue required, that they shuld not triumphe ouer me: for whan my fote slypte, they reioysed greatly against me. 17 And I truly am set in the plage, & my heuinesse is euer in my syght. 18 For I wyll confesse my wickednesse, and be sory for my synne. 19 But myne enemyes lyue, & are myghtie: & they that hate me wrongfully, are many in nombre. 20 They also that rewarde euell for good are agaynst me, because I folowe the thynge that good is. 21 Forsake me not (O Lorde my God.) Be not thou farre fro me. 22 Haste the to helpe me, O Lord my saluacyon.

Psalms 39:1-150:6

1 To the chaunter Ieduthun, a Psalme of Dauid. I sayde: I will take hede to my wayes that I offend not in my tonge. 2 I will kepe my mouth (as it were wt a brile) while the vngodly is in my sight. 3 I helde my tonge, & spake nothinge, I kepte sylence yee, euen from good wordes, but it was payne & grefe to me. 4 My hert was hote within me, & whyle I was thus musyng, the fyre kyndled: and (at the last) I spake wyth my tonge: 5 Lorde, let me knowe myne ende, and the nombre of my dayes: that I maye be certyfied howe longe I haue to lyue. 6 Beholde, thou hast made my dayes as it were a spanne longe, and myne age is euen as nothing in respecte of the: & verely euery man lyuing is all together vanite. Selah. 7 For man walketh in a vayne shadowe, and disquieteth him self in vayne: he heapeth vp riches & cannot tell who shall gather them. 8 And now Lord, what is my hope? trulye my hope is euen in the. 9 Delyuer me from all myne offences, & make me not a rebuke vnto the foolish. 10 I became domme, & opened not my mouth, for it was thy doynge. Take thy plage awaye fro me: I am euen consumed by the meanes of thy heuye hand. 11 When thou wyth rebukes dost chasten man for sinne, thou makest his bewtye to consume awaye, like as it were a mothe fretinge a garment. Euery man therfore is but vanite. Selah. 12 Heare my prayer, O Lord, & wt thyne eares consydre my callynge: holde not thy peace at my teares. For I am a straunger wt the, & a sogeourner, as all my fathers were. 13 Oh spare me a lytle, that I maye recouer my strength, before I goo hence, and be nomore sene.

Psalms 40:1-150:6

1 To the chaunter, a Psalme of Dauid. I Wayted paciently for the Lord, & he enclyned vnto me: and hearde my calling. 2 He brought me also out of the horrible pitte, out of the myer and claye, and sett my fete vpon the rocke, and ordred my goynges. 3 And he hath put a new songe in my mouth, euen a thanckesgeuynge vnto oure God. Many shall se it, and feare, and shall put their trust in the Lorde. 4 Blessed is the man, that hath sette hys hope in the Lorde, and turned not vnto the proude, and to soch as go aboute with lyes. 5 O Lord my God, greate are thy wonderous worckes, which thou hast done: like as be also thy thoughtes which are to vs ward: and yet there is no man that ordreth them vnto the. 6 Yf I wolde declare them, and speake of them, they shulde be moo then I am able to expresse. 7 Sacrifice and meat offerynge thou woldest not haue, but myne eares hast thou opened: burntofferynges and sacrifice for synne hast thou not required. Then sayd I: Lo, I come. 8 In the volume of the boke it is written of me, that I shulde fulfyll thy will, O my God: I am content to do it: yee, thy lawe is wythin my hert. 9 I haue declared thy ryghtuousnesse in the great congregacion: Lo, I will not refrayne my lippes, O Lord, & that thou knowest. 10 I haue not hyd thy ryghtuousnes within my hert my talkynge hath bene of thy truth and of thy saluacion. I haue not kept backe thy louing mercy, & truth from the greate congregacion. 11 Withdrawe not thou thy mercy fro me O Lord, let thy louinge kyndnesse and thy truth alwaye preserue me. 12 For innumerable troubles are come aboute me: my synnes haue taken soche holde vpon me, that I am not able to loke vp: yee, they are mo in nombre then the heeres of my head, and my hert hath fayled me. 13 O Lorde, let it be thy pleasure to deliuer me, make haste (O Lorde) to helpe me. Let them be ashamed & confounded together, that seke after my soule to destroye it: let them be dryuen backward & be put to rebuke, that wish me euell. 14 Let them be desolate & rewarded wt shame, that saye vnto me: fye vpon the, fye vpon the. 15 Let all those that seke the, be ioyfull and glad in the: & let soch as loue thy saluacion, saye allwaye the Lorde be praysed. 16 As for me, I am poore & neadye, but the Lorde careth for me. 17 Thou art my helper and redemer: make no longe taryinge (O my God.)

Psalms 41:1-150:6

1 To the chaunter, a Psalme of Dauid. Blessed is he that consydreth the poore the Lorde shall delyuer hym in the tyme of trouble. 2 The Lorde preserue hym, & kepe him aliue: that he maye be blessed vpon earth, & delyuer not thou hym in to the wyll of hys enemyes. 3 The Lord comforte hym, when he lyeth syck vpon hys bedd: make thou all his bedd in his sicknesse. 4 I sayde: Lord be mercyfull vnto me, heale my soule, for I haue synned agaynst the. 5 Myne enemyes speake euell of me: when shall he dye, & hys name perish? 6 And yf he come to se me, he speaketh vanite, & his hart conceaueth falshode within him selfe: & whan he commeth forth, he telleth it. 7 All myne enemyes whisper together agaynst me: euen agaynst me do they ymagin this euell. 8 Let the sentence of giltynesse proceade agaynst him: & now that he lyeth, let him ryse vp nomore. 9 Yee, euen mine awne familier frend whom I trusted (whych dyd also eate of my bred) hath layed greate wayte for me. 10 But be thou mercyfull vnto me (O Lord) rayse thou me vp agayne, and I shall rewarde them. 11 By this I know thou fauourest me, that my enemye doth not triumphe agaynst me. 12 And whan I am in my health, thou vpholdest me, and shalt set me before thy face for euer. 13 Blessed be the Lorde God of Israel, worlde wythout ende, Amen, and Amen.

Psalms 42:1-150:6

1 To the chaunter, a monicyon of the sonnes of Corath. Like as the hert desyreth the water brookes, so longeth my soule after the (O God.) My soule is a thurste for God, yee, euen for the lyuyng God: when shall I come, to appeare before the presence of God? 2 My teares haue bene my meate daye & night, whyle they daylie saye vnto me: where is now thy God? 3 Now when I thincke there vpon I powre out my hert by my self: for I went with the multitude, & brought them forth vnto the house of God, in the voyce of prayse and thanckesgeuyng, among soch as kepe holy daye. 4 Why art thou so full of heuynes (O my soule) and why art thou so vnquiete within me? 5 Put thy trust in God, for I wyll yet geue hym thankes, for the help of hys countenaunce. 6 My God, my soule is vexed wythin me: therfore will I remembre the concernyng the land of Iordane, and the lytle hyll of Hermonim. One depe calleth another because of the noyse of thy water pipes all thy waues & stormes are gone ouer me. 7 The Lord hath graunted his louing kindnesse on the daye tyme, & in the night season dyd I syng of him, & made my prayer vnto the God of my lyfe. 8 I wyll saye vnto the God of my strength why hast thou forgotten me: why go I thus heuely, whyle the enemye oppresseth me? 9 My bones are smytten a sunder, whyle mine enemyes cast me in the tethe, 10 Namely, whyle they saye daylie vnto me: where is now thy God? 11 Why art thou so vexed (O my soule) and why art thou so disquieted wythin me? O put thy trust in God, for I wyll yet thanke hym whych is the helpe of my countenaunce, and my God.

Psalms 43:1-150:6

1 Geue sentence wt me (O God) & defende my cause agaynst the vngodly people: Oh delyuer me from the disceatfull & wycked man. 2 For thou art the God of my strength: why hast thou put me from the? And why go I so heuely, whyle the enemye oppresseth me? 3 Oh send out thy lyght & thy trueth that they maye leade me & bryng me vnto thy holy hyll, & to thy dwellyng. 4 And that I maye go vnto the aulter of God, euen vnto the God of my ioye & gladnesse, & vpon the harpe wyll I geue thankes vnto the (O God) my God. 5 Why art thou so heuy (O my soule) & why art thou so disquyeted wythin me? O put thy trust in God, for I will yet geue hym thankes whych is the helpe of my countenaunce, and my God.

Psalms 44:1-150:6

1 To the chaunter an instruccyon of the sonnes of Corah. We haue herd wt oure eares (O God) oure fathers haue tolde vs, what thou hast done in theyr tyme of old. 2 How thou hast dryuen out the Heithen wt thy hande, & planted them in: how thou hast destroyed the nacions, & cast them out. 3 For thy gat not the lande in possessyon thorowe theyr awne swearde, nether was it theyr awne arme that helped them. 4 But thy ryght hand, and thyne arme, and the lyght of thy countenaunce, because thou haddest a fauoure vnto them. 5 Thou art my kyng (O God) sende helpe vnto Iacob. 6 Thorow the, wyll we ouerthrowe our enemyes, & in thy name wyll we tread them vnder that ryse vp agaynst vs. 7 For I wyll not trust in my bowe, it is not my swerde that shall help me. 8 But it is thou that sauest vs from oure enemye, and puttest them to confusyon that hate vs. 9 We make oure boast of God all the daye longe, and wyll prayse thy name for euer. Sela. 10 But now thou art farre of, and puttest vs to confusyon, and goest not forth wyth oure armyes. 11 Thou makest vs to turne oure backes vpon oure enemy, so that they whych hate vs, spoyle oure goodes. 12 Thou lettest vs be eaten vp lyke shepe, & hast scatred vs among the Heithen. 13 Thou sellest thy people for naught, & takest no moneye for them. 14 Thou makest vs to be rebuked of oure neyghbours, to be laughed to scorne & had in derisyon, of them that are round about vs. 15 Thou makest vs to be a by worde among the Heithen, & that the people shake their heades at vs. 16 My confusion is daylye before me, & the shame of my face hath couered me. 17 For the voyce of the sclaunderer & blasphemer, for the enemye & auenger. 18 And though all this be come vpon vs, yet do we not forgette the, ner behaue oure selues frowardly in thy couenaunt. 19 Oure hert is not turned backe, nether oure steppes gone out of thy waye. 20 No not whan thou hast smytten vs in to the place of dragons, and couered vs wyth the shadow of deeth. 21 If we haue forgotten the name of oure God, & holden vp our handes to eny straung God. Shall not God search it out? for he knoweth the very secretes of the hert. 22 For thy sake also are we kylled all the daye longe, and are counted as shepe apoynted to be slayne. 23 Up Lorde why slepest thou? A wake, & be not absent from vs for euer. 24 Wherfore hydest thou thy face, & forgettest oure mysery & trouble? 25 For our soule is brought lowe euen vnto the dust: oure bely cleueth vnto the ground. 26 Aryse & helpe vs, & delyuer vs for thy mercy sake.

Psalms 45:1-150:6

1 To hym that excelleth amonge the lylies, an instruccion of the chyldren of Corah, a songe of loue. Mi hert is endytyng of a good matter I speake of the thynges, whych I haue made vnto the kyng: 2 My tong is the penne of a ready wryter. 3 Thou art fayrer then the chyldren of men, full of grace are thy lyppes, because God hath blessed the for euer. 4 Gyrde the wt thy swerde vpon thy thygh (O thou most myghtye) accordyng to thy worshipe & renowne. 5 Good lucke haue thou wt thine honour, ryde on because of the word of treuth, of mekenesse & righteousnes: and thy ryght hande shall teach the terrible thynges. 6 Thy arowes are very sharpe, & the people shalbe subdued vnto the, euen in the myddest amonge the kynges enemyes. 7 Thy seate (O God) endureth for euer: the scepter of thy kyngdome is a ryght scepter: 8 Thou hast loued ryghteousnesse, and hated iniquite: wherfore God (euen thy God) hath anoynted the wyth the oyle of gladnes aboue thy felowes. 9 All thy garmentes smell of myrre, Aloes and Cassia, out of the yuerye palaces, wher by they haue made the glad. 10 Kynges daughters were among thy honorable wemen: vpon thy ryght hande dyd stande the quene in a vesture of gold. 11 Herken (O daughter) and consydre: enclyne thyne eare: forget also thine awne people, & thy fathers house. 12 So shall the kyng haue pleasure in thy bewtye, for he is thy Lorde & worshype thou hym. 13 And the daughter of Tire shall be there wt a gyfte, lyke as the ryche also amonge the people shall make theyr supplicacyon before the. 14 The kynges daughter is all gloryous wythin, her clothyng is of wrought golde. 15 She shalbe brought vnto the king in rayment of nedle worke: the virgins that be hyr felowes, shall beare hir company, and shalbe brought vnto the. 16 Wyth ioye & gladnesse shall they be brought, & shall entre into the kynges palace. 17 In steade of thy fathers thou shalt haue chyldren, whom thou mayest make prynces in all lande. I wyll remembre thy name from one generacyon to another: therfore shall the people geue thankes vnto the, worlde wythout ende.

Psalms 46:1-150:6

1 To the chaunter, a songe for the chyldren of Corah vpon Alamoth. God is our hope & strength: a very present helpe in trouble. 2 Therfore wyll we feare, though the erth be moued, & though the hylles be caryed in the myddest of the see. 3 Though the waters therof rage & swell, & though the mountaynes shake at the tempest of the same. Sela. 4 The ryuers of the floude therof shall make glad the cytie of God, the holy place of the tabernacles of the most hyest. 5 God is in the myddest of her, therfore shall she not be remoued: God shall help her, & that ryght early. 6 The Heathen make moch a doo, & the kyngdomes are moued: but God hath shewed hys voyce, & the earth shall melt awaye. 7 The Lord of Hostes is wt vs, the God of Iacob is oure refuge. Sela. 8 O come hyther, & beholde the worckes of the Lorde, what destruccyons he hath brought vpon the earth. 9 He maketh warres to ceasse in all the worlde: he breaketh the bowe & knappeth the speare in sonder, & burneth the charettes in the fyre. 10 Be styll then & knowe that I am God: I wil be exalted among the Heithen, and I wyll be exalted in the earth. 11 The Lorde of Hostes is wyth vs, the God of Iacob is oure defence. Sela.

Psalms 47:1-150:6

1 To the chaunter, a Psalme for the chyldren of Corah. O clappe youre handes together (all ye people) O syng vnto God wyth the voyce of melodye. 2 For the Lord is hye and to be feared, he is the great kynge vpon all the earth. 3 He shall subdue the people vnder vs, and the nacions vnder oure fete. 4 He shall chose out an heritage for vs: euen the worshyppe of Iacob whom he loued. Sela. 5 God is gone vp wyth a mery noyse, & the Lord wyth the sownde of the trompe. 6 O syng prayses, syng prayses vnto God: O synge prayses, synge prayses vnto oure kyng. 7 For God is kyng of all the earth synge ye prayses wt vnderstandyng. 8 God raygneth ouer the Heithen, God sytteth vpon hys holy seate. 9 The princes of the people are ioyned vnto the people of the God of Abraham: for God (which is very hye exalted) doth defende the earth, as it were wyth a shylde.

Psalms 48:1-150:6

1 A songe of a Psalme of the children of Corah Greate is the Lorde, & hyelye to be praysed, in the cytie of oure God, euen vpon his holy hyll. 2 The hyll of Sion is a fayre place, & the ioye of the whole earth: vpon the north syde lyeth the cytie of the great kyng. 3 God is well knowne in her palaces, as a sure refuge. 4 For lo, the kynges are gathered, & gone by together. 5 They marueled, to se soch thinges: they were astonied, and sodenly cast downe. 6 Feare came there vpon them, & sorowe, as vpon a woman in her trauayle. 7 Thou shalt breake the shyppes of the see, thorow the east wynde. 8 Lyke as we haue herd, so haue we sene in the cytie of the Lord of Hostes, in the cytie of oure God. God vpholdeth the same for euer. Sela. 9 We wayte for thy louyng kyndnesse (O God) in the myddest of thy temple. 10 (O God) accordyng vnto thy name, so is thy prayse vnto the worldes ende: thy ryght hand is full of ryghteousnes. 11 Let the mount Sion reioyse, and the daughters of Iuda be glad because of thy iudgementes. 12 Walke about Sion, and go round about her, and tell the towres therof. 13 Marcke well her bulworkes, set vp her houses, that ye maye tell them that come after. 14 For thys God is oure God for euer & euer, he shall be ouer gyde vnto death.

Psalms 49:1-150:6

1 To the chaunter, a Psalme for the chyldren of Corah. O heare this, all ye people: pondre it with your eares, all ye that dwell in the worlde. 2 Hye and lowe, ryche and poore, one wyth another: 3 My mouth shall speake of wysdome, and my hert shall muse of vnderstandyng. 4 I wyll enclyne myne eare to the parable, and shew my darcke speach vpon the harpe. 5 Wherfore shulde I feare in the dayes of wyckednesse, and when the wyckednesse of my heles compaseth me round about? 6 There be some that put theyr in trust their goodes, & boast them selues in the multitude of theyr ryches. 7 But no man maye delyuer hys brother, ner make agrement vnto God for hym. 8 For it costeth more to redeme theyr soules, so that he must let that alone for euer. 9 Yee, though he lyue longe, and se nat the graue. 10 For he seeth, that wyse men also dye, and peryshe together, as well as the ignoraunt & folysh, and leaue theyr ryches for other: 11 And yet they thynke, that theyr houses shall continue for euer, and that theyr dwelling places shall endure from one generacyon to another, & call the landes after theyr awne names. 12 Neuerthelesse, man wyll not abyde in honour, seyng he maye be compared vnto the beastes that peryshe: this is the waye of them. 13 Thys is their folyshnesse, and their posterite prayse their sayeng. Sela. 14 They lye in the hell lyke shepe, death gnaweth vpon them, and the ryghteous shall haue dominacyon of them in the mornynge: theyr bewtye shall consume in the sepulchre out of theyr dwellynge. 15 But God shall delyuer my soule from the place of hell, for he shall receaue me. Sela. 16 Be not thou afrayed though one be made ryche, or yf the glory of hys house be increased. 17 For he shall cary nothyng awaye with hym when he dyeth, nether shall hys pompe folowe hym: 18 For whyle he lyued, he counted hymselfe an happye man: and so longe as thou doest well vnto thy selfe, men wyll speake good of the. 19 He shall folowe the generacyons of hys fathers, and shall neuer se lyght. 20 Man beynge in honoure hath no vnderstandyng, but is compared vnto the beastes, that peryshe.

Psalms 50:1-150:6

1 A Psalme of Asaph. The Lorde euen the most myghtye God hath spoken, and called the world from the rysyng vp of the sonne vnto the goyng downe therof. 2 Out of Syon hath God apeared in perfecte bewtye. 3 Oure God shall come, and shall not kepe sylence: there shall go before hym a consumynge fyre, and a myghtye tempest shalbe stered vp rounde aboute hym. 4 He shall call the heauen from aboue, and the earth, that he maye iudge hys people. 5 Gather my saynctes together vnto me, those that haue made a couenaunt with me, wyth sacrifyce. 6 And the heauens shall declare hys ryghteousnesse, for God is iudge hym selfe. Sela. 7 Heare, O my people: and I wyll speake, I my selfe will testifye agaynst the, O Israel, For I am God, euen thy God. 8 I wyll not reproue the because of thy sacryfyces, or for thy burntoffrynges, because they were not allwaye before me. 9 I wyll take no bullock out of thy house, ner he goates out of thy foldes. 10 For all the beastes of the forest are myne, & so are the catell vpon a thousande hylles. 11 I knowe all the foules vpon the mountaynes, & the wylde beastes of the feld are in my syght. 12 If I be hongrye I wyll not tell the: for the whole worlde is myne, and all that therin is. 13 Thinkest thou, that I wyll eat bulles flesh and drincke the bloud of goates? 14 Offre vnto God thanckesgeuynge, and paye thy vowes vnto the most hyest. 15 And call vpon me in the tyme of trouble, so wyll I heare the, and thou shalt prayse me. 16 But vnto the vngodly sayed God. Why doest thou preach my lawes, & takest my couenaunt in thy mouth? 17 Where as thou hatest to be refourmed, & hast cast my wordes behynd the? 18 Whan thou sawest a thefe, thou consentedest vnto hym, and hast bene partaker wyth the aduouterers. 19 Thou hast let thy mouth speake wickednesse, and with thy tong thou hast set forth disceat. 20 Thou sattest and spakest agaynst thy brother, yee, & hast sclaundred thine awne mothers sonne. 21 These thynges hast thou done, & I helde my tonge: & thou thoughtest that I am euen soch a one as thy selfe: but I wyll reproue the, and set before the, the thinges that thou hast done. 22 O consydre this, ye that forget God: lest I plucke you awaye, and there be none to delyuer you. 23 Who so offreth me thanckes and prayse, he honoureth me: and to hym that ordreth hys conuersacyon ryght wyll I shewe the saluacyon of God.

Psalms 51:1-150:6

1 To the chaunter, a Psalme of Dauid, when the prophet Nathan came vnto him, after he was gone in to Bethsabe. Haue mercy vpon me (O God) after thy goodnes: accordyng vnto the multitude of thy mercyes, do awaye myne offences. 2 Wash me thorowly fro my wickednesse, & clense me from my synne. 3 For I knowledg my fautes, & my synne is euer before me. 4 Agaynst the onely haue I synned, and done this euell in thy syght: that thou myghtest be iustifyed in thy sayinge, & cleare when thou art iudged. 5 Beholde, I was shapen in wyckednesse, & in synne hath my mother conceaued me. 6 But lo, thou requirest treuth in the inward partes, and shalt make me to vnderstonde wysdome secretly. 7 Thou shalt pourge me with Isope, and I shall be cleane: thou shalt wash me, & I shalbe whyter then snowe: 8 Thou shalt make me heare of ioye and gladnesse, that the bones whych thou hast broken, maye reioyse. 9 Turne thy face from my synnes, & put out all my mysdedes. 10 Make me a cleane hert (O God) and renue a ryght sprete wythin me. 11 Cast me not awaye from thy presence, & take not thy holy sprete from me. 12 O geue me the comforte of thy helpe agayne, & stablysh me wyth thy fre sprete. 13 Then shall I teach thy wayes vnto the wicked, and synners shall be conuerted vnto the. 14 Delyuer me from bloud gyltynesse (O God) thou that art the God of my health, and my tonge shall syng of thy ryghteousnesse. 15 Thou shalt open my lyppes (O Lord) my mouth shal shewe thy prayse. 16 For thou desyrest no sacrifyce, els wolde I geue it the: but thou delytest not in burntofferynge. 17 The sacrifyce of God is a troubled sprete, a broken and a contrite hert (O God) shalt thou not despyse. 18 O be fauorable & gracyous vnto Syon, buylde thou the walles of Ierusalem. 19 Then shalt thou be pleased with the sacrifyce of ryghteousnesse, wyth the burntofferynges & oblacions: then shall they offre yonge bullockes vpon thyne aulter.

Psalms 52:1-150:6

1 To the chaunter, an exortacyon of Dauid, when Doeg the Edomyte came to Saul, and shewed him, sayinge: Dauid is come to the house Ahymelech. Why boastest thou thy self, thou Tyraunt, that thou canst do myschefe? 2 Where as the goodnesse of God endureth yet daylie. 3 Thy tonge ymagineth wyckednesse, & wyth lyes thou cuttest lyke a sharpe rasoure. 4 Thou hast loued vngracyousnesse more then goodnes, & to talke of lyes more then ryghteousnesse. Sela. 5 Thou hast loued to speake all wordes that maye do hurt, O thou false tonge. 6 Therfore shall God destroye the for euer: he shall take the & plucke the out of thy dwelling, & rote the out of the land of the lyuing. Sela. 7 The ryghteous also shall se this, & feare, & shall laugh him to scorne. 8 Lo, this is the man, that toke not God for hys strength, but trusted vnto the multitude of his ryches, & strengthed hym selfe in his wickednesse. 9 As for me, I am lyke a grene olyue tre in the house of God: my trust is in the tender mercy of God for euer & euer. I wyll alwaye geue thankes vnto the, for that thou hast done: & I wyll hope in thy name, for thy saynctes lyke it well.

Psalms 53:1-150:6

1 To the chaunter vpon Mahalath, an instruccyon of Dauid. The foolysh bodye hath sayed in hys hert: there is no God. Corrupte are they, & become abhomynable in theyr wickednesse: there is none that doth good. 2 God loked downe from heauen vpon the children of men, to se yf there were eny that wolde vnderstande, and seke after God. 3 But they are all gone oute of the waye, they are all together become abhomynable: there is also none that doth good, no not one. 4 Are not they without vnderstandynge that worcke wickednes, eating vp my people as yf they wolde eate bread? they haue not called vpon God. 5 They were afraied, where no feare was: for God hath broken the bones of hym that beseged the: thou hast put them to confusion, because God hath despysed them. 6 Oh that the saluacyon were geuen vnto Israel out of Sion: Oh that the Lorde wold delyuer hys people out of captiuyte. Then shulde Iacob reioyse, and Israell shulde be ryght glad.

Psalms 54:1-150:6

1 To the chaunter in melodyes, an instruccyon of Dauid, when the Zephites came and sayde vnto Saull: Hath not Dauid hyd hym selfe amongest vs? Saue me, O God, for thy names sake, and auenge me in thy strength 2 Heare my prayer, O God, & herken vnto the wordes of my mouth. 3 For straungers are rysen vp against me, and tyrauntes (whych haue not God before their eyes) seke after my soule. Sela. 4 Beholde, God is my helper, the Lorde is with them that vpholde my soule. 5 He shall rewarde euell vnto myne enemyes: destroye thou them in thy treuth. 6 An offeryng of a fre hert will I geue the, and prayse thy name (O Lord) because it is so comfortable. 7 For he hath delyuered me out of all my trouble, and myne eye hat sene his desyre vpon myne enemyes.

Psalms 55:1-150:6

1 To the chaunter in melodyes, an instruccyon of Dauid. Heare my prayer (O God) and hide not thy selfe fro my peticion. Take hede vnto me, and heare me, how I mourne in my prayer, & am vexed. 2 The enemy cryeth so, and the vngodly cometh on so fast: for they are mynded to do me some mischefe, so maliciously are they sett agaynst me. 3 My herte is dysquyeted within me, and the feare of death is fallen vpon me. 4 Fearfulnes and trembling are come vpon me, and an horryble drede hath ouerwhelmed me. 5 And I sayd: O that I had winges like a doue, for then wold I flie awaye, and be at reste. 6 Lo, then wolde I gett me awaye farre of, and remayne in the wildernes. Sela. 7 I wolde make hast to escape, because of the stormy wynd and tempeste. 8 Destroye theyr tonges (O Lorde) and deuide them, for I haue spyed vnrighteousnes and stryfe in the cyte. 9 Daye and night go they about within the walles therof: myschefe also, and sorow are in the myddest of it. 10 Wyckednes is therin, dysceate, and gyle go not out of her stretes. 11 For it is not an open enemye that hath done me thys dishonoure: for then I coulde haue borne it: nether was it myne aduersary, that did magnifye hym selfe agaynst me: for then I wolde haue hyd my selfe from hym. 12 But it was euen thou my companion: my gyde, and myne awne familyer frende. 13 We toke swete councell together, & walked in the house of God as frendes. 14 Lett death come hastely vpon them, and let them go downe quyck into hell, for wyckednes is in theyr dwellynges, and amonge them. 15 As for me, I will call vnto God, and the Lorde shall saue me. 16 In the euening, and mornynge and at noone daye wyll I praye, (and that instantly) and he shall heare my voyce. 17 It is he that hath delyuered my soule in peace, from the batayll that was agaynst me: for there were many with me. 18 Yee, euen God that endureth for euer, shall heare me, and bryng them downe. Sela. For they wyll not turne, ner feare God. 19 He layed hys handes vpon soch as be at peace wt hym, and he brake hys couenaunt. 20 The wordes of hys mouth were softer then butter, hauynge warre in his hert: hys wordes were smother then oyle, and yet be they very sweardes. 21 O cast thy burthen, vpon the Lorde and he shall norysh the, and not suffre the ryghteous to fall for euer. 22 And as for them, thou (O God) shalt brynge them into the pyt of destruccyon. 23 The bloude thrusty and disceatful men shall not lyue out halfe theyr dayes. Neuerthelesse, my trust shalbe in the.

Psalms 56:1-150:6

1 To the chaunter vpon the doue of him that was domme in a farre countreye: the badg (or armes) of Dauid, when the Philistines toke hym in Geth. Be mercyfull vnto me (O God) for man goeth about to deuoure me: he is dayly fyghtynge and troublyng me. 2 Myne enemyes are dayly in hande to swalowe me vp: for they be many that fyght agaynst me, o thou moost hyest. 3 Neuerthelesse, though I am some tyme afrayed yet put I my trust in the. 4 I wyll prayse God, because of hys worde, I haue put my trust in God, & wyll not feare, what flesh can do vnto me. 5 They dayly mistake my wordes: all that they ymagyne is to do me euell. 6 They holde all together, & kepe them selues close: & marcke my steppes, whan they laye wayte for my soule. 7 Shall they escape for theyr wyckednes? thou (O God) in thy dyspleasure shalt cast them downe. 8 Thou tellest my flyttynges, put my teares in thy botell: are not these thinges noted in thy booke? 9 When soeuer I call vpon the, then shal myne enemies be put to flyght: thys I knowe, for God is on my syde. 10 In Gods wordes wyll I reioyse, in the Lordes worde wyll I comforte me. 11 Yee, in God haue I put my trust, I wyll not be afrayed what man can do vnto me. 12 Unto the (O God) wyl I paye my vowes, vnto the wyll I geue thankes. 13 For thou hast delyuered my soule from death, and my fete from falling, that I maye walke before God in the lyght of the lyuynge.

Psalms 57:1-150:6

1 To the chaunter destroye not: The badges or armes of Dauid, when he fled from Saul into the caue. Be mercyfull vnto me (O God) be mercyfull vnto me, for my soule trusteth in the: and vnder the shadowe of thy winges shalbe my refuge vntyll this tyrannye be ouer past. 2 I wil cal vnto the most hye God, euen to the God that shall perfourme the cause which I haue in hande. 3 He shall sende from heauen, and saue me from the reprofe of hym that wold eate me vp. Sela. God shall sende forth hys mercy & treuth. 4 My soule is among lyons and I lye euen amonge the chyldren of men (that are sett on fyre) whose tethe are speares and arowes, and their tonge a sherp swearde. 5 Set vp thy self (O God) aboue the heauens, and thy glorye aboue all the earth. 6 They haue layed a nett for my fete, and pressed downe my soule: they haue dygged a pytt before me, and are fallen into the myddes of it them selues. Sela. 7 My herte is fyxed (O God) my herte is fyxed: I wyll synge and geue prayse. 8 Awake, O my glory, awake lute and harpe, I my selfe wyll a wake ryght early. 9 I wyll geue thankes vnto the (O Lorde) among the people, and I wyll synge vnto the amonge the nacyons. 10 For the greatnes of thy mercy reacheth vnto the heauens, and thy treuth vnto the cloudes. 11 Sett vp thy selfe (O God) aboue the heauens, & thy glory aboue all the earth.

Psalms 58:1-150:6

1 To the chaunter Destroye not. The badge or armes of Dauid. Are your myndes sett vpon ryghteousnes, O ye congregacyon? and do ye iudge the thyng that is right O ye sonnes of men? 2 Yee, ye ymagyn mischef in your hert vpon the earth, and youre handes deale with wyckednesse. 3 The vngodly are frowarde, euen from their mothers wombe: as soone as they be borne, they go a straye and speake lyes. 4 They are as venymous as the poyson of a serpent, euen lyke the deaf Ader that stoppeth her eares. 5 Which refuseth to heare the voyce of the charmer, charme he neuer so wisely. 6 Breake theyr teth (O God) in their mouthes, smyte the chawe bones of the lyons (O Lorde:) 7 Let them fall awaye lyke water that runneth a pace: & when they shote theyr arowes, lett them be roted out. 8 Let them consume awaye lyke a snayle, and be lyke the vntimely frute of a woman, and let them not se the sonne. 9 Or euer your pottes be made whot with thornes: so let indygnacyon vexe hym, euen as a thynge that is rawe. 10 The ryghteous shall reioyse when he seyth the vengeaunce: he shal wash hys fote stepes in the bloude of the vngodly. 11 So that a man shall saye: verely there is a rewarde for the ryghteous: doutles, there is a God that iudgeth in the earth.

Psalms 59:1-150:6

1 To the chaunter: destroye not. The badge or arme of Dauid, when Saul sent and they dyd watch the house to kyll hym. Delyuer me from my enemyes (O God) defende me from them that ryse vp agaynst me. 2 O delyuer me from the wycked doers, and saue me from the bloudthursty men. 3 For lo, they lye waytynge for my soule: the myghty men are gathered together against me without any offence or faute of me (O Lord.) 4 They runne and prepare them selues without my faute: Aryse, thou therfore to helpe me, and beholde. 5 Stande vp (O Lorde God of Hoostes) thou God of Israel to vyset all heathen: and be not mercyful vnto them that offende of malycyous wyckednesse. Sela. 6 They go to and fro in the euenynge, they grenne lyke a dogg, and runne aboute, thorow the cytie. 7 Behold, they speake with theyr mouth, and sweardes are in theyr lyppes, for who doth heare? 8 But thou (O Lorde) shalt haue them in derysion, and thou shalt laugh all heathen to scorne. 9 My strength wyll I ascrybe vnto the, for thou art the God of my refuge. 10 God sheweth me his goodnesse plenteously, and God shall lett me se my desyre vpon myne enemyes. 11 Slaye them not, lest my people forgett it: but scatre them abroade among thy people, and put them downe (O Lorde) our defence. 12 For the synne of their mouth, and for the wordes of theyr lyppes they shalbe taken in theyr pryde, and why? theyr preachynge is of curlynge and lyes. 13 Consume them in thy wrath, consume them that they maye perish, and knowe that it is God, which ruleth in Iacob and vnto the endes of the world. Sela. 14 And in the euenynge they will returne: grenne lyke a dogg and wyll go aboute the cytie. 15 They wyll runne here and there for meate, and grudge yf they be not satisfyed. 16 As for me, I wil singe of thy power, and will prayse thy mercy by tymes in the morninge: for thou hast bene my defence and refuge in the daye of my trouble. 17 Unto the, O my strength, will I synge, for thou, O God, art my refyge and my mercyfull God.

Psalms 60:1-150:6

1 To the chaunter, vpon the rose of witnes, the badge or armes of Dauid, for to teache: when he fought agaynst Mesopotamia, and Siria of Zoba: and when Ioab turned backe, and slue twelue thousande Edomytes, in the salt valley. O God, thou that hast cast vs out and scatered vs abroade: thou hast also bene dyspleased, O turne the vnto vs agayne. 2 Thou hast moued the land and deuyded it, heale the sores therof, for it shaketh. 3 Thou hast shewed thy people heuy thynges, thou hast geuen vs a dryncke of deedlye wyne. 4 Thou hast geuen a token for soch as feare the, that they maye triumphe because of the treuth. Sel 5 Therfore were thy beloued deliuered, helpe me with thy ryght hande, and heare me. 6 God hath spoken in hys holynesse. I will reioyce and deuyde Sychem, and mete oute the valley of Suchoth. 7 Gilead is myne, and Manasses is myne: Ephraim also is the strength of my head, Iuda is my lawe geuer. 8 Moab is my washpotte, ouer Edom wyll I cast out my shoo. Philystea be thou glad of me. 9 Who wyll leade me into the stronge cytie? Who wyll brynge me into Edom? 10 Hast thou not cast vs out (O God) wylt not thou (o God) go oute with oure hoostes? 11 O be thou oure helpe in trouble, for vayne is the helpe of man. 12 Thorow God we shall do great actes, for it is he that shal treade downe our enemyes.

Psalms 61:1-150:6

1 To the chaunter in the melodies of Dauid. Heare my cryeng (O God) geue eare vnto my prayer. 2 From the endes of the earth will I call vnto the, when my hert is in heuynes: 3 Oh sett me vp vpon the rocke that is hyer then I. For thou hast bene my hope, and a strong tower for me against the enemye. 4 I wyll dwell in thy tabernacle for euer, and my trust shalbe vnder the couering of thy wynges Sela. 5 For thou, O Lord, hast herde my desyres, and hast geuen an heritage vnto those that feare thy name. 6 Thou shalt graunt the kyng a longe lyfe, that hys yeares may endure thorow out all generacions. 7 He shall dwell before God for euer: O prepare thy louynge mercy & faythfulnes that they may preserue him. 8 So will I allwaye synge prayse vnto thy name, that I maye dayly perfourme my vowes.

Psalms 62:1-150:6

1 To the chaunter, For Ieduthun: a psalme of Dauid. My soule truly wayteth styll vpon God, for of him cometh my saluacion. 2 He verely is my strength, and my saluacion: He is my defence, so that I shall not greatly fall. 3 How longe will ye ymagin mischefe against euery man? ye shalbe slayne all the sorte of you: yee, as a tottring wall shall ye be, and lyke a broken hedge. 4 Their deuyce is onely how to put him out whom God wyll exalte. their delyte is in lyes: they geue good wordes wt their mouth, but curse wt their hert. Sela. 5 Neuertheles, my soule wayte thou styll vpon God, for my hope is in hym. 6 He truly is my strength, and my saluacion: he is my defence: so that I shall not fall. 7 In God is my health & my glory, the rocke of my might, & in God is my trust. 8 O put your trust in him allwaye (ye people) powre out youre hertes before him, for God is our hope. Sel 9 As for the children of men, they are but vayne, the children of men are disceatful: vpon the weyghtes they are all together lighter than vanite it self. 10 O trust not in wrong and robbery, geue not your selues vnto vanyte: yf riches encrease, set not your hert vpon them. 11 God spake once and twyse: I haue also herde the same: that power belongeth vnto God. 12 And that thou Lorde art mercyfull: for thou rewardest euery man accordynge to hys worcke.

Psalms 63:1-150:6

1 A psalme of Dauid, when he was in the wildernes of Iuda. O God, thou art my God, early wil I seke the. 2 My soule thrusteth for the: my flesh also longeth after the in a baren and drye lande, where no water is. 3 Thus haue I loked for the in holynesse that I myght beholde thy power and glory. 4 For thy louing kindnes is better then thy lyfe it selfe: my lippes shal prayse the. 5 As longe as I lyue will I magnyfye the on this maner, and lyft vp my handes in thy name. 6 My soule shalbe satisfyed euen as it were with mary and fatnesse, when my mouth prayseth the with ioyfull lyppes. 7 Haue I not remembred the in my bedd, & thought vpon the, whan I was wakynge? 8 Because thou hast bene my helper, therfore vnder the shadowe of thy wynges will I reioyse. 9 My soule hangeth vpon the, thy ryght hand hath vpholden me. 10 These also that seke the hurt of my soule, they shal go vnder the earth. 11 Lett them fall vpon the edge of the sweard, that they maye be a porcyon for foxes. But the kyng shall reioyse in God: all they also that sweare by him shalbe commended, for the mouth of them that speake lyes, shalbe stopped.

Psalms 64:1-150:6

1 To the chaunter, a psalme of Dauid. Heare my voyce (O God) in my prayer preserue my lyfe from feare of the enemye. 2 Hyde me from the gathering together of the froward, & from the insurrection of wicked doers. 3 Which haue whett their tonge lyke a swearde, & shote out theyr arowes, euen bytter wordes. 4 That they maye preuely shote at him which is perfecte: sodenly do they hit him & feare not. 5 They courage them selues in myschefe, and commune amonge them selues, how they maye laye snares: and saye, that no man shall se them. 6 They ymagin wickednes, & practyse it that they kepe secrete amonge them selues, euery man in the depe of his hert. 7 But God shal sodenly shote at them with a swift arowe, that they shalbe wounded. 8 Yee, their awne tonges shall make them fall, in so moch that who so seeth them, shall laugh them to scorne. 9 And all men that se it, shall saye: this hath God done, for they shall perceaue that it is hys woreke. 10 The righteous shall reioyse in the Lord, and put his trust in hym: and all they that are true of herte, shalbe glad.

Psalms 65:1-150:6

1 To the chaunter, a Psalme & songe of Dauid. Thou (O God) art praysed in Sion, & vnto the shal the vowe be perfourmed. 2 Thou that hearest the prayer: vnto the shall all flesh come. 3 My mysdedes preuayle agaynst me: Oh be thou mercyfull vnto our sinnes. 4 Blessed is the man whom thou chosest and receauest vnto the: he shal dwell in thy court: and shalbe satisfyed with the pleasures of thy house, euen of thy holy temple. 5 Thou shalt shewe vs wonderfull thynges in ryghteousnesse (O God) of our saluacion: thou that art the hope of al the endes of the earth, and of them that remayne in the broade see? 6 Which in hys strength setteth fast the mountaynes, and is gyrded about with power. 7 Which stilleth the ragyng of the see, & the noyse of hys waues, and the madnes of the people. 8 They also that dwel in the vttermoost partes (of the earth) shalbe afrayed at thy tokens, thou that makest the out goinges of the mornynge and euenyng to prayse the. 9 Thou visitest the earth, and blessest it: thou makest it very plenteous. 10 The ryuer of God is full of water, thou preparest their corne: for so thou prouydest for the earthe. 11 Thou waterest her forowes, thou sendest rayne into the litle valleys therof: thou makest it soft with the droppes of rayne, and blessed the increase of it. 12 Thou crownest the yeare wt thy goodnesse: & thy cloudes droppe fatnesse. 13 They shall droppe vpon the dwellynges of the wildernesse: and the lytle hylles shall reioyse on euery syde. The foldes shalbe full of shepe, the valleys also shall stande so thycke wt corne, that they shall laugh and synge.

Psalms 66:1-150:6

1 To the chaunter, The songe of a Psalme. O be ioyfull in God, all ye landes, synge prayses vnto the honoure of hys name, make hys prayse to be glorious. 2 Saye vnto God: O how wonderfull art thou in thy worckes? thorow the greatnes of thy power shal thyne enemies be founde lyers vnto the. 3 For all the worlde shall worship the, singe of the, & prayse thy name. Sela. 4 O come hither & behold the worckes of God, how wonderfull he is in his doynge towarde the chyldren of men. 5 He turned the see into drye land, so that they wente thorow the water on fote: there did we reioyse therof. 6 He ruleth with hys power for euer, his eyes beholde the people: and soch as will not beleue, shall not be able to exalte them selues. Sela. 7 O prayse our God (ye people) and make the voyce of hys prayse to be heard. 8 Which holdeth our soule in lyfe, & suffreth not our fete to slyp. 9 For thou (O God) hast proued vs: thou also hast tryed vs like as siluer is tryed. 10 Thou broughtest vs into the snare, and layed trouble vpon oure loynes. 11 Thou suffredest men to ryde ouer our heades, 12 we went thorow fyre & water and thou broughtest vs out into a welthye place. 13 I wyll go into thy house with brentoffrynges, and wyll paye the my vowes, 14 which I promysed with my lyppes, & spake with my mouth, when I was in trouble. 15 I will offre vnto the, fat brent sacrifyces with the incense of rammes, I wil offre bullockes and goates. Sela. 16 O come hyther and herken, all ye that feare God: & I wyll tell you, what he hath done for my soule. 17 I called vnto him wt my mouth, and gaue him prayses wt my tonge. 18 If I enclyne vnto wickednes with my hert, the Lorde wyll not heare me. 19 But God hath hearde me, and consydred the voyce of my prayer. 20 Praysed be God which hath not cast out my prayer, ner turned his mercy fro me.

Psalms 67:1-150:6

1 To the chaunter, in melodyes: a Psalme and songe. God be mercyfull vnto vs, & blesse vs, and shewe vs the lyght of hys countenaunce. Sela. 2 That thy waye maye be knowne vpon earth, thy sauynge health amonge all nacions. 3 Let the people prayse the, O God, yee, let all people prayse the. 4 O let the nacions reioyse and be glad, For thou shalt iudge the folke ryghteously, and gouerne the nacions vpon earth. Sela. 5 Let the people prayse the, O God, let all people prayse the. 6 Then shal the erth bring forth hyr increase, and God, euen oure awne God shall geue vs hys blessynge. 7 God shall blesse vs, and all the endes of the worlde shal feare hym.

Psalms 68:1-150:6

1 To the chaunter, a Psalme and songe of Dauid. Let God aryse, and let his enemies be scattered: let them also that hate him, flye before him. 2 Like as the smoke vanysheth, so shalt thou dryue them awaye: and lyke as waxe melteth at the fyre: so let the vngodly perysh at the presence of God. 3 But let the ryghteous be glad & reioyse before God: let them also be mery and ioyfull. 4 Oh synge vnto God, and synge prayses vnto his name: magnyfie him that rydeth vpon the heauens as it were vpon a horse: prayse ye him in his name Ia & reioyse before him. 5 He is a father of the fatherlesse, and defendeth the cause of wyddowes: euen God in his holy habitacion. 6 He is the God that maketh men to be of one mynde in a house, and bryngeth the presoners out of captiuyte, but letteth the rennagates contynue in scarcenesse. 7 O God, when thou wentest forth before the people, when thou wentest thorow the wyldernesse. Sela. 8 The earth shoke, and the heauens dropped at the presence of God, euen as Sinai also was moued at the presence of God, which is the God of Israel. 9 Thou O God sendedst a gracyous rayne vpon thyne enheritaunce, and refresshedst it, when it was weerye 10 Thy congregacyon shall dwell therin: For thou (O God) hast of thy goodnesse prepared for the poore. 11 The Lorde gaue the worde: greate was the company of the preachers. 12 Kynges with theyr armyes dyd flye, and were discomfited, and they of the houshold deuyded the spoyle. 13 Though ye haue lyen amonge the pottes, yet shall ye be as the wynges of a doue that is couered with syluer wynges, and hir fethers lyke golde. 14 When the Almyghty scatred kynges for their sake, then were they as white as snowe in Zalmon. 15 As the hyll of Basan so is Gods hyll: euen a hye hill as the hyll of Basan. 16 Why hoppe ye so ye hye hylles? Thys is Gods hill, in the which it pleaseth him to dwell: yee, the Lorde will abyde in it for euer. 17 The charettes of God are twentie thousande, euen thousandes of angels, and the Lord is amonge them as in the holy place of Sinai. 18 Thou art gone vp an hye, thou hast led captiuitye captiue, and receaued gyftes for men. Yee, euen for thyne enemies, that the Lorde God myght dwell amonge them. 19 Praysed be the Lorde dayly, euen the God which helpeth vs, and poureth his benefytes vpon vs. Sela. 20 He is oure God, euen the God of whom commeth saluacion: God is the Lorde by whom we escape death. 21 God shall wounde the heade of his enemies, and the hearie scalpe of soch one as goeth on still in his wickednes. 22 The Lord hath sayde: I will bringe my people agayne as I dyd from Basan: myne owne wyll I brynge agayne as I dyd somtyme from the depe of the see. 23 That thy fote may be dipped in the bloude of thyne enemyes, and that the tong of thy dogges maye be redd thorow the same. 24 It is well sene, O God, how thou goest, how thou my God and kynge goest in the Sanctuary. 25 The syngers go before, the mynstrels folow after: in the myddes are the damosels playeng with the tymbrels. 26 Geue thankes O Israell, vnto God the Lorde in the congregacions from the grounde of the hart. 27 There is lytle BenIamin their ruler: and the Princes of Iuda, their councell: the Princes of Zabulon, and the Prynces of Nephthali. 28 Thy God hath sent forth strength for the, stablysh the thing, O God, that thou hast wrought in vs. 29 For thy temples sake at Ierusalem: so shall kynges brynge presentes vnto the. 30 Whan the company of the speare men and multytude of the mightye are scatred abroade amonge the beastes of the people (so that they humbly bring peces of syluer) and whan he hath scatred the people that delyte in warre. 31 Then shall the Prynces come out of Egypte, the Morians land shall soone stretch out her handes vnto God. 32 Synge vnto God, O ye kyngdomes of the earth: O syng prayses vnto the Lord. Sela. 33 Which sytteth in the heauens ouer all from the begynnynge: Lo, he doth sende out hys voyce, yee, and that a myghtie voyce. 34 Ascrybe ye the power vnto God, ouer Israel: his worshypp & strength is in the cloudes. 35 O God, wonderfull art thou in thy holy places: euen the God of Israell, he will geue strength and power vnto his people. Blessed be God.

Psalms 69:1-150:6

1 To the chaunter vpon Sosanim of Dauid. Saue me, O God, for the waters are come in euen vnto my soule. 2 I sticke fast in the depe myre, where no ground is: I am come into depe waters, so that the floudes renne ouer me. 3 I am wery of crying, my throte is drie, my sight faileth me, for waytinge so long vpon my God. 4 They that hate me without a cause, are mo then the heeres of my head: they that are myne enemies & wolde destroie me giltlesse are mightie: 5 I payed them the thinges that I neuer toke. God, thou knowest my simplenesse, and my fautes are not hid from the. 6 Let not them that trust in the, O Lord God of Hoostes be ashamed for my cause: let not those that seke the, be confounded thorowe me, O God of Israeli. 7 And why? for thy sake haue I suffred reprofe, shame hath couered my face. 8 I am become a straunger vnto my brethren: euen an aleaunt vnto my mothers children. 9 For the zele of thyne house hath euen eaten me, and the rebukes of them that rebuked the are fallen vpon me. 10 I wepte and chastened my selfe with fastynge, and that was turned to my reprofe. 11 I put on a sacke cloth also, & they iested vpon me. 12 They that sitte in the gate, speake agaynst me, and the dronckardes make songes vpon me. 13 But Lorde I make my prayer vnto the in an acceptable tyme. 14 Heare me, O God, in the multitude of thy mercy, euen in the trueth of thy saluacion. 15 Take me out of the myre, that I sincke not. Oh let me be deliuered from them that hate me, and out of the depe waters. 16 Let not the water floud drowne me: nether let the depe swalowe me vp, and let not the pytte shut her mouth vpon me. 17 Heare me, O Lorde, for thy louyng kyndnesse is comfortable: turne the vnto me accordynge vnto the multitude of thy mercies. 18 And hyde not thy face from thy seruaunt, for I am in trouble: O haste the, and here me. 19 Drawe nye vnto my soule, and saue it: Oh delyuer me because of myne enemies. 20 Thou hast knowen my reprose, my shame and my dyshonour: myne aduersaries are all in thy syght. 21 The rebuke hath broken my herte, I am full of heuynes: I loked for some to haue pitye vpon me, but there was no man: nether founde I anye to comforte me. 22 They gaue me gall to eate, & when I was thyrsty, they gaue me vineger to drinke. 23 Let their table be made a snare to take them selues withall, and let the thinges (that shuld haue bene for their welth) be vnto them an occasion of fallinge. 24 Let their eyes be blinded, that they se not: and euer bowe thou downe their backes. 25 Powre out thyne indignacion vpon them, and let thy wrathfull displeasure take holde of them. 26 Let their habitacion be voyde and no man to dwell in their tentes. 27 For they persecute hym whom thou hast smyte, & they talke how they maye vexe them whom thou hast wounded. 28 Let them fall from one wyckednesse to another, and not come into thy ryghteousnesse. 29 Let them be wyped out of the boke of the lyuyng, & not be wrytten among the ryghteous. 30 As for me, whan I am poore and in heuynesse, thy helpe (O God) shall lyfte me vp. 31 I wyll prayse the name of God with a songe, and magnifye it wt thankesgeuing. 32 This also shall please the Lorde better then a bullocke, that hath hornes and hooffes. 33 The humble shal consydre this, and be glad: seke ye after God, and youre soule shall lyue. 34 For the Lord heareth the poore, and despyseth not his presoners. 35 Let heauen and earth prayse hym, the see & all that moueth therin. 36 For God will saue Syon, and buylde the cyties of Iuda, that men may dwell there, and haue it in possession. The posterite also of his seruauntes shall inheret it: & they that loue hys name, shall dwell therin.

Psalms 70:1-150:6

1 To the chaunter of Dauid to brynge to remembraunce. Haste the, O God, to delyuer me: make haste to helpe me, O Lorde. 2 Let them be shamed and confounded that seke after my soule: let them be turned backwarde, & put to confusion, that wyshe me euyll. 3 Let them (for theyr rewarde) be soone brought to shame, that crye ouer me: there, there. 4 But let all those that seke the, be ioyfull and glad in the: and let all soch as delyte in thy saluacyon, saye alwaye: the Lorde be praysed. 5 As for me, I am poore and in misery, haste the vnto me (O God.) Thou art my helpe, and my redemer: O Lorde, make no longe taryenge.

Psalms 71:1-150:6

1 In the O Lord, haue I put my trust let me neuer be put to confusyon, but rydde me, and delyuer me in thy righteousnesse: enclyne thyne eare vnto me, and saue me. 2 Be thou my strong holde (where vnto I maye all waye resorte) thou hast promysed to helpe me: for thou art my house of defence and my castell. 3 Delyuer me, O my God, out of the hand of the vngodly, out of the hande of the vnrighteous and cruell man. 4 For thou, O Lorde God, art the thynge that I longe for, thou art my hope euen fro my youth. 5 Thorow the haue I bene holden vp euer sence I was borne thou art he that toke me out of my mothers wombe, my prayse shalbe all waye of the. 6 I am become as it were a monster vnto many: but my sure trust is in the. 7 Oh let my mouth be fylled with thy prayse and honour all the daye longe. 8 Cast me not awaye in the tyme of age, forsake me not when my strength fayleth me. 9 For myne enemies speake agaynst me: & they that laye wayte for my soule, take their councell together, sayenge: God hath forsaken hym, persecute hym, and take hym, for there is none to deliuer him. 10 Go not farre fro me, O God: my God, haste the to helpe me. 11 Let them be confounded and peryshe, that are agaynst my soule: let them be couered with shame and dyshonoure, that seke to do me euell. 12 As for me, I wyll paciently abyde all waye, and will prayse the more and more. 13 My mouth shall daylie speake of thy righteousnesse & saluacion, for I knowe no ende therof. 14 I will go forth in the strength of the Lord God, & will make mencion of thy righteousnesse onely. 15 Thou, O God, hast taught me fro my youth vp vntill now, therfore will I tell of thy wonderous worckes. 16 Forsake me not, O God, in myne olde age, when I am gray headed: vntyll I haue shewed thy strength vnto this generacion, and thy power to all them that are yet for to come. 17 Thy righteousnes (O God) is very hie, and great thynges are they that thou hast done: O God, who is lyke vnto the? 18 O what greate troubles and aduersyties hast thou shewed me? and yet didest thou turne and refreshe me: yee, and broughtest me from the depe of the earth 19 Thou hast brought me to great honour and comforted me on euery syde. 20 Therfore will I prayse the and thy faythfulnesse, O God, playinge vpon an instrument of musick, vnto the wyll I synge vpon the harpe, O thou holy one of Israell. 21 My lyppes wylbe fayne, whan I synge vnto the: 22 and so will my soule whom thou hast deliuered. 23 My tonge also shall talke of thy ryghteousnesse all the daye longe, 24 for they are confounded and brought vnto shame, that seke to do me euell.

Psalms 72:1-150:6

1 For Salomon. Geue the kynge thy iudgementes (O God) and thy righteousnesse vnto the kynges sonne. 2 Then shall he iudge thy people accordinge vnto right, and defende the poore. 3 The mountaynes also shall brynge peace, and the lytle hilles righteousnesse vnto the people. 4 He shall kepe the symple folke by their ryght, defende the chyldren of the poore, and punish the wronge doer. 5 They shall feare the as long as the sonne and mone endureth, from one generacion to another. 6 He shall come downe like the rayne into a flese of wolle, euen as the droppes that water the earth. 7 In his tyme shall the ryghteous florish, yee, and aboundaunce of peace, so longe as the mone endureth, 8 His dominion shalbe also from the one see to the other, and from the floud vnto the worldes ende. 9 They that dwell in the wildernes shall knele before him, his enemies shall licke the dust. 10 The kynges of Tharsis and of the Iles shall geue presentes, the kynges of Araby and Saba shall bring gyftes. 11 All kinges shal fall downe before him: all nacions shall do him seruice. 12 For he shall delyuer the poore when he cryeth: the neady also and him that hath no helper. 13 He shalbe fauorable to the simple and neady: and shall preserue the soules of the poore. 14 He shall delyuer their soules from falshede and wronge, and deare shall theyr bloud be in his syght. 15 He shall lyue, & vnto him shalbe geuen of the golde of Arabia: Prayer shalbe made euer vnto him, and daylie shall he be praysed. 16 There shalbe an heape of corne in the earth hye vpon the hylles, his frute shall shake lyke Libanus, and shalbe grene in the cite, like grasse vpon the earth. 17 His name shall endure for euer, his name shall remayne vnder the sunne amonge the posterites, which shalbe blessed thorow him, and all the Heathen shall prayse him 18 Blessed be the Lorde God, euen the God of Israell which onely doth wonderous thinges. 19 And blessed be the name of hys maiesty for euer, and all the erth shalbe filled with his maiestye. Amen, Amen. 20 Here ende the prayers of Dauid the sonne of Isai.

Psalms 73:1-150:6

1 A Psalme of Asaph. Truly God is louing vnto Israel: euen vnto soch as are of a cleane hert? 2 Neuerthelesse, my fete were almost gone, my treadinges had well nye slypte. 3 And why I was greued at the wicked, I do se also the vngodly in soch prosperite. 4 For they are in no parell of death, but are lusty and strong. 5 They come in no misfortune like other folke, nether are they plaged like other men. 6 And this is the cause the they be so holden with pride, and ouerwhelmed with cruelte. 7 Their eyes swell for fatnesse, and they do euen what they lyst. 8 They corrupte other, & speake of wicked blasphemye: theyr talkynge is agaynst the most hiest. 9 For they stretch forth theyr mouth vnto the heauen, & theyr tonge goeth thorow the world. 10 Therfore fall the people vnto them, and there out sucke they no small aduauntage. 11 Tush (saye they) how shuld God perceaue it? is there knowlege in the moost hyest? 12 Lo, these are the vngodly, these prospere in the worlde, and these haue ryches in possessyon 13 Then haue I clensed my herte in vayne and washed my handes in innocency? 14 All the daye long haue I bene punished, and chastened euery mornynge. 15 Yee, and I had almost sayde euen as they: but lo, then shuld I haue condemned the generacyon of thy chyldren. 16 Then thought I to vnderstand this, but it was to harde for me. 17 Untill I wente into the Sanctuary of God, then vnderderstode I the ende of these men. 18 Namely, how thou dost sett them in slyppery places, and castest them downe and destroyest them. 19 O how sodenly do they consume, perysh, and come to a fearfull ende? 20 Yee, euen like as a dreame when one a waketh, so shalt thou make theyr ymage to vanysh out of the cyte. 21 Thus my hert was greued, and it wente euen thorow my reynes. 22 So folysh was I and ignoraunt, euen as it were a beast before the. 23 Neuerthelesse, I am all waye by the, for thou hast holden me by my right hande. 24 Thou shalt gyde me with thy councell, and afterwarde receaue me with glory. 25 Whom haue I in heauen but the? And there is none vpon earth, that I desyre in comparyson of the. 26 My fleashe and my hert fayleth, but God is the strength of my hert, and my porcyon for euer. 27 For lo, they that forsake the shall perysh: thou hast destroyed all them that commytte fornicacyon agaynst the. 28 But it is good for me, to holde me fast by God, to put my trust in the Lorde God, and to speake of all thy workes.

Psalms 74:1-150:6

1 An instruccyon of Asaph. O God, werfore art thou absent from vs so long? why is thy wrath so hote agaynst the shepe of thy pasture? 2 O thynke vpon thy congregacyon, whom thou hast purchased and redemed of olde: 3 Thinke vpon the trybe of thine enheritaunce and mout Sion wherin thou hast dwelt. 4 Lyft vp thy fete, that thou mayest vtterly destroye euery enemye which hath done euell in the Sanctuary. 5 Thyne aduersaryes roare in the myddes of thy congregacions, and set vp their banners for tokens. 6 He that hewed tymbre afore out of the thick trees, was knowne to brynge it to an excellent worke. 7 But now they breake downe all the earned worcke therof wt axes & hammers. 8 They haue set fyre vpon thy holy places, and haue defyled the dwellynge place of thy name, euen vnto the grounde. 9 Yee, they sayed in their hertes: let vs make hauoke of them alltogether: thus haue they brent vp all the houses of God in the lande. 10 We se not oure tokens, ther is not one Prophet more, no not one is ther among vs that vnderstandeth eny more. 11 O God, how long shall the aduersary do this dishonoure? how longe shal the enemy blaspheme thy name? For euer? 12 Why withdrawest thou thine hand? why pluckest thou not thy right hande out of thy bosome, to consume the enemye? 13 For God is my kynge of olde: the helpe that is done vpon earth, he doth it him selfe. 14 Thou dyddest deuyde the see thorowe thy power, thou brakest the heades of the dragons in the waters. 15 Thou smotest the heades of Leuiathan in peces, and geuest him to be meate for the people in the wyldernesse. 16 Thou broughtest out fountaynes and waters out of the harde rockes: thou dryedst vp myghtye waters. 17 The daye is thine, & the nyght is thyne: thou hast prepared the lyght and the sonne. 18 Thou hast sett all the borders of the earth, thou hast made sommer and wynter. 19 Remembre this, O Lord, how the enemie hath rebuked, and how the folysh people hath blasphemed thy name. 20 O delyuer not the soule of thy turtle doue vnto the multitude of the enemies: and forget not the congregacyon of the poore for euer. 21 Loke vpon the couenaunt, for all the earth is full of darknes, and cruell habitacions. 22 O let not the symple go awaye ashamed, but let the poore and nedy geue prayse vnto thy name. 23 Aryse, O God, maynteyne thine awne cause: remembre how the folyshe man blasphemeth the dayly. Forget not the voyce of thine enemyes: the presumpcyon of them that hate the increaseth euermore and more.

Psalms 75:1-150:6

1 To the chaunter, Destroye not. A Psalme and songe of Asaph. Unto the (O God) do we geue thankes yee, vnto the do we geue thankes: 2 thy name also is so nye, & that do thy wonderous worckes declare. 3 When I receaue the congregacion, I shall iudge accordynge vnto ryght. 4 The earth is weake and all the in habiters therof, I beare vp the pyllers of it. 5 I sayde vnto the foles: deale not so madly, and to the vngodly: set not vp your horne. 6 Set not vp youre horne on hye, & speake not with a styfnecke. 7 For promocion commeth nether from the East, ner from the west, ner yet from the south. 8 And why? God is the Iudge: he putteth downe one, and setteth vp another. 9 For in the hande of the Lord there is a cuppe, & the wyne is redd, It is full mixte, & he poureth out of the same. As for the dregges therof, all the vngodly of the earth shall drincke them, and sucke them out. 10 But I wyll talke of the God of Iacob, and prayse hym for euer. All the hornes of the vngodly also wyll I breake, and the hornes of the ryghteous shalbe exalted.

Psalms 76:1-150:6

1 To the chaunter, in melodyes, a Psalme, & songe of Asaph. In Iewrye is God knowne, his name is greate in Israel. 2 At Schalem is his tabernacle, and his dwellyng in Sion. 3 There brake he the arowes of the bowe, the shylde, the swerde, and the battayle. Sela. 4 Thou art of more honour and myght then the hylles of robbers. 5 The proude are robbed: they haue slepte their slepe: and all the men (whose handes were myghtie) haue found nothinge. 6 At thy rebuke (O God of Iacob) both the charet and horse is fallen. 7 Thou, euen thou art to be feared: and who may stande in thy syght, when thou art angrye. 8 Thou dyddest cause thy iudgement to be herde from heauen, the erth trembled and was styll. 9 When God arose to iudgement, & to helpe all the meke vpon earth. Sela. 10 The fearcenesse of man shall turne to thy prayse: and the fearcenesse of other shalt thou refrayne. 11 Promyse vnto the Lorde youre God, & kepe it, all ye that be rounde about hym: bryng presentes vnto hym that ought to be feared. 12 He shall refrayne the sprete of Prynces, and is wonderfull amonge the kynges of the earth.

Psalms 77:1-150:6

1 To the Chaunter, for Ieduthun a Psalme of Asaph. I Wyll crye vnto God wt my voyce, euen vnto God wyll I crye wyth my voyce, and he shall herken vnto me. 2 In the tyme of my trouble I sought the Lorde: my sore ranne and ceassed not in the nyght ceason: my soule refused comforte. 3 When I am in heuynesse, I wyll thynke vpon God: when my hert is vexed, I wyll complayne. Sela. 4 Thou holdest myne eyes wakynge, I am so feble, that I cannot speake. 5 I haue consydred the dayes of olde, and the yeares that are past. 6 I call to remembraunce my songe: and in the nyght I commune with myne awne hert, and search out my spretes. 7 Wyll the Lord absent him selfe for euer? And will he be no more intreated? 8 Is hys mercy clene gone for euer? And is hys promyse come vtterly to an ende for euermore? 9 Hath God forgotten to be gracyous? And wyll he shutt vp hys louynge kyndnesse in dyspleasure? Sela. 10 And I sayde: It is myne awne infirmyte: But I wyll remembre the yeares of the ryght hande of the moost hyest. 11 I wyll remembre the worckes of the Lorde, and call to mynde thy wonders of olde tyme. 12 I will thynke also of all thy worckes, and my talkynge shalbe of thy doynges. 13 Thy waye, O God, is holy: who is so greate a God as God? 14 Thou art the God that doth wonders, and hast declared thy power among people. 15 Thou hast myghtely delyuered thy people, euen the sonnes of Iacob and Ioseph. Sela. 16 The waters sawe the, O God, the waters sawe the, & were afrayed: the deapthes also were troubled. 17 The cloudes poured out water, the ayer thondered, & thyne arowes went abroade. 18 The voyce of thy thonder was hearde rounde aboute, the lyghtenynges shone vpon the grounde, the earth was moued and shoke wythall 19 Thy waye is in the see, and thy pathes in the greate waters, and thy fotesteppes are not knowne. 20 Thou leddest thy people lyke shepe, by the hande of Moses and Aaron.

Psalms 78:1-150:6

1 An instruccyon of Asaph. Heare my lawe, O my people, enclyne youre eares vnto the wordes of my mouth. 2 I wyll open my mouth in a parable, I wyll declare hard sentences of olde. 3 Whych we haue herde and knowne, and soche as oure fathers haue tolde vs. 4 That we shulde not hyde them from the chyldren of the generacyons to come: but to shewe the honour of the Lorde, hys might, and wonderfull workes that he hath done. 5 He made a couenaunt with Iacob, and gaue Israel a lawe which he commaunded oure forefathers to teache their children. 6 That their posterite myght knowe it, and the children which were yet vnborne. 7 To thintent that when they came vp, they myght shewe their chyldren the same. 8 That they myght put their trust in God, and not to forget the workes of God, but to kepe his commaundementes. 9 And not to be as their forefathers a faythlesse & stubburne generacyon, a generacyon that set not their herte a ryght, and whose sprete cleued not stedfastly vnto God. 10 Lyke as the chyldren of Ephraim, which beyng harnessed and caryeng bowes, turned them selues backe in the daye of batayll. 11 They kepte not the couenaunt of God, and wolde not walke in hys lawe. 12 But forgat what he had done, and the wonderfull worckes that he had shewed for them. 13 Maruelous thynges dyd he in the syght of oure fathers in the lande of Egypte, euen in the felde of Zoan. 14 He deuyded the see, and let them go thorow: he made the waters to stande on a heape. 15 In the daye tyme also he led them wyth a cloude, and all the nyght thorow wt a light of fyre. 16 He cloaue the hard rockes in the wyldernesse, and gaue them drincke therof, as it had bene out of the greate deapth. 17 He brought waters out of the stony rocke, so that it gusshed out lyke the ryuers. 18 Yet for all this they synned more agaynst hym, and prouoked the moost hyest in the wyldernes. 19 They tempted God in theyr hertes, and requyred meate for theyr lust. 20 They spake agaynst God also sayenge: Shall God prepare a table in the wildernesse? 21 He smote the stony rocke in dede, that the water gushed out, and the streames flowed withall: but can he geue bred also, or prouyde flesh for his people? 22 When the Lord hearde thys, he was wroth: so the fyre was kyndled in Iacob, & ther came vp heuy dyspleasure agaynst Israel. 23 Because they beleued not in God, and put not their truste in his helpe. 24 So he commaunded the cloudes aboue, and opened the dores of heauen. 25 He rayned downe Manna also vpon them, for to eate, and gaue them foode from heauen. 26 So man dyd eate angels fode, for he sent them meate ynough. 27 He caused the East wynd to blowe vnder the heauen, and thorow his power he brought in the south west wynde. 28 He rayned flesh vpon them as thicke as dust, and fethered foules lyke as the sande of the see. 29 He let it fall amonge their tentes euen rounde aboute their habytacyon. 30 So they dyd eate, and were well fylled, for he gaue them their awne desyre. They were not disapoynted of their lust. 31 But whyle the meate was yet in theyr mouthes: the heuy wrath of God came vpon them, & slewe the welthiest of them, yee, and smote downe, the chosen men that were in Israel. 32 But for all this they synned yet more, and beleued not hys wonderous worckes. 33 Therfore, their dayes dyd he consume in vanyte, and their yeares in trouble. 34 When he slewe them, they sought hym, and turned them early and enquered after God. 35 And they remembred that God was their strength, and that the hye God was their redemer. 36 Neuerthelesse, they dyd but flatter hym wyth their mouth, and dyssembled with him in their tonge. 37 For their herte was not whole wyth hym, nether contynued they stedfast in hys couenaunt. 38 But he was so mercyfull, that he forgaue theyr mysdedes, and destroyed them not. 39 Yee, many a tyme turned he hys wrath awaye, and wolde not suffre is whole dyspleasure to aryse. 40 For he consydered that they were but flesh: and that they were, euen a wynde that passeth awaye, and commeth not agayne. 41 Many a tyme dyd they prouoke him in the wyldernesse, and greued him in the deserte. 42 They turned backe, & tempted God, & moued the holy one in Israel. 43 They thought not of hys hand, and of the daye when he delyuered them from the hande of the enemye. 44 How he had wrought hys myracles in Egypte, and his wondres in the felde of Zoan. 45 He turned their waters into bloude, so that they myght not dryncke of the ryuers. 46 He sent lyce amonge them, and deuoured them vp and frogges to destroye them. 47 He gaue their frutes vnto the catyr pyller, and their laboure vnto the greshopper. 48 He destroyed their vynes wt hayle stones, and their mulbery trees wyth the frost. 49 He smote their catel also with haylestones, & their flockes with hote thonder boltes. 50 He cast vpon them the furyousnesse of hys wrath, anger, displeasure and trouble, and sent euell angels among them. 51 He made awaye to his indignacion, and spared not their soule from death, but gaue their lyfe ouer to the pestylence. 52 And smote all the fyrst borne in Egypt, the moost principall and myghtyest in the dwellynges of Ham. 53 But as for hys awne people, he lead them forth lyke shepe, and caryed them in the wyldernesse lyke a flocke 54 He brought them out safely, that they shulde not feare, & ouer whelmed their enemyes with the see. 55 And brought them within the borders of hys Sanctuary: euen to this mountayne, whych he purchased with hys ryght hande. 56 He cast out the Heathen also before them, caused their lande to be denyded amonge them for an heritage, and made the trybes of Israell to dwell in their tentes. 57 So they tempted and displeased the most hye God, and kepte not hys testimonyes. 58 But turned their backes, and fell awaye lyke their forfathers, startynge asyde lyke a broken bowe. 59 For they greued hym with their hyll alters, and prouoked him to displeasure wyth their ymages. 60 When God hearde this, he was wroth, and toke sore dyspleasure at Israel. 61 So that he forsoke the Tabernacle in Silo, euen the tent that he had pitched among men. 62 He delyuered their power into captiuyte, and their bewtye into the enemyes hande. 63 He gaue his people ouer also into the swerde, and was wroth wyth hys inherytaunce. 64 The fyre consumed their yong men, and their maydens were not geuen to mariage. 65 Their Preastes were slayne wt the swerde, and there were no wyddowes to make lamentacion. 66 So the Lorde awaked as one out of slepe, and lyke a gyaunte refreshed wyth wyne. 67 He smote his enemyes in the hynder partes, and put them to a perpetuall shame. 68 He refused the tabernacle of Ioseph, and chose not the trybe of Ephraim. 69 But chose the trybe of Iuda, euen the hyll of Sion which he loued. 70 And there he buylded hys temple on hye, and layed the foundacion of it lyke the grounde, whych he hath made continually. 71 He chose Dauid also his seruaunt, and toke him awaye from the shepe foldes. 72 As he was folowinge the ewes greate with yonge ones, he toke hym, that he myght fede Iacob hys people, and Israel his enheritaunce. So he fed them with a faythfull and true hert, & ruled them prudently withall his power.

Psalms 79:1-150:6

1 A Psalme of Asaph. O God the Heathen are come into thy inheritaunce: thy holy temple haue they defyled, and made Ierusalem an heape of stones. 2 The deed bodyes of thy seruauntes haue they geuen to be meate, vnto the foules of the ayre, and the flesh of thy saynctes vnto the beastes of the lande. 3 Their bloud haue they shed lyke water on euery syde of Ierusalem, and there was no man to burye them. 4 We are become an open shame vnto oure enemies, a very scorne and derysyon vnto them that are rounde aboute us. 5 Lorde, how longe wylt thou be angrye? shall thy gelousy burne lyke fyre for euer? 6 Poure out thyne indignacion vpon the Heathen that haue not knowne the, and vpon the kyngdome that haue not called vpon thy name. 7 For they haue deuoured Iacob, and layed waste his dwellinge place. 8 O remembre not oure olde synnes, but haue mercy vpon vs, and that soone, for we are come to greate misery. 9 Helpe vs, O God of oure saluacion, for the glory of thy name: O delyuer vs, and be mercyfull vnto oure synnes for thy names sake. 10 Wherfore do the Heathen saye: where is now their God? 11 O let the vengeaunce of thy seruauntes bloude that is shed, be openly shewed vpon the Heathen in oure syght. 12 O let the sorowfull syghyng of the presoners come before the: accordyng vnto the greatnesse of thy power, preserue thou those that are appoynted to dye. 13 And for the blasphemy (wherwith oure neyghbours haue blasphemed the) rewarde thou them, O Lorde, seuen folde into their bosome. So we, that be thy people and shepe of thy pasture, shall geue the thanckes for euer, and wyl alwaye be shewynge forth thy prayse from generacion to generacion.

Psalms 80:1-150:6

1 To the chaunter vpon Sosanim, a testimonye and Psalme of Asaph. Heare O thou shepherde of Israel, thou that leadest Ioseph lyke a shepe. shewe thy selfe also thou that syttest vpon the Cherubyns. 2 Before Ephraim, Ben Iamin, and Manasses: stere vp thy strength, and come helpe vs. 3 Turne vs agayne, O God, shewe the lyght of thy countenaunce, and we shalbe whole. 4 O Lorde God of Hostes, how longe wilt thou be angry wyth thy people that prayeth? 5 Thou fedest them with the bred of teares and geuest them plenteousnes of teares to dryncke. 6 Thou hast made vs a very stryfe vnto oure neyghbours, and oure enemyes laugh vs to scorne. 7 Turne vs agayne, thou God of Hostes, shewe the lyght of thy countenaunce, and we shalbe whole. 8 Thou hast brought a vyne out of Egypte, thou hast cast out the Heathen, and planted it. 9 Thou madest rowme for it: and whan it had taken rote it fylled the lande. 10 The hylles were couered with the shadowe of it, and the bowes therof were lyke the goodly Cedre trees. 11 She stretched out her braunches vnto the see, and her bowes vnto the ryuer. 12 Why hast thou then broken downe her hedge, that all they whych go by, plucke of her grapes? 13 The wylde bore out of the wood doth rote it vp, and the wylde beastes of the felde deuoureth it. 14 Turne the agayne, thou God of Hostes, loke downe from heauen, beholde, and vyset thys vyne. 15 And the place of the vynyarde that thy ryght hande hath planted, and the braunch that thou madest so stronge for thy selfe.. 16 It is brent wyth fyre, and cut downe: and they shall perysh at the rebuke of thy countenaunce. 17 Let thy hand be vpon the man of thy ryght hande, & vpon the sonne of man whom thou madest so strong for thyne awne selfe. 18 And so will not we go back from the: Oh let vs lyue, & we shall call vpon thy mame. 19 Turne vs agayne, O Lorde God of Hostes, shewe the lyght of thy countenaunce, & we shalbe whole.

Psalms 81:1-150:6

1 To the chaunter vpon Githith of Asaph Singe we merely vnto God or strength make a chearfull noyse vnto the God of Iacob. 2 Take the Psalme, bryng hyther the tabret, the mery harpe wt the lute. 3 Blowe vp the trompett in the newe mone, euen in the tyme appoynted, and vpon oure solempne feast daye 4 For this was made a statute for Israel, & a lawe of the God of Iacob. 5 This he ordened in Ioseph for a testymony, when he came out of the lande of Egypt, and had hearde a straunge language. 6 I eased hys shoulder from the burthen, & his handes were delyuered from (makyng) the pottes. 7 Thou calledst vpon me in troubles, and I delyuered the, and hearde the what tyme as the storme fell vpon me. 8 I proued the also at the waters of stryfe. Sela. 9 Heare, O my people, and I will assure the of Israel, yf thou wylt herken vnto me. 10 There shall no straunge God be in the, nether shalt thou worshippe any other God. 11 I am the Lorde thy God, whych brought the out of the lande of Egypt, open thy mouth wyde, and I shall fyll it. 12 But my people wold not heare my voyce, and Israel wolde not obey me. 13 So I gaue them vp vnto their awne hertes lust, and let them folowe their awne ymaginacyons. 14 O that my people wolde haue herkened vnto me, for yf Israel had walked in my wayes. 15 I shulde soone haue put downe their enemyes, & turned myne hand agaynst their aduersaryes. 16 The haters of the Lorde shulde haue bene founde lyars, but their tyme shulde haue endured for euer. He shuld haue fed them also wyth the fynest wheate floure, and with hony out of the stony roke shulde I haue satisfyed the.

Psalms 82:1-150:6

1 A Psalme of Asaph. God standeth in the congregacyon of prynces: he is Iudge amonge Goddes. 2 How longe will ye geue wrong iudgement, and accepte the personnes of the vngodly? Sela. 3 Defende the poore and fatherlesse, se that soch as be in nede and necessite haue ryght. 4 Delyuer the out caste & poore: saue them from the hande of the vngodly. 5 They wyll not be lerned ner vnderstande, but walcke on styll in darcknesse: all the foundacyons of the erth be out of course. 6 I haue sayde. ye are Goddes, and ye all are chyldren of the moost hyest. 7 But ye shall dye lyke men, and fall lyke one of the prynces. 8 Aryse, O God, and iudge thou the earth, for thou shalt take all Heathen to thine enheritaunce.

Psalms 83:1-150:6

1 A songe and Psalme of Asaph. Holde not thy tonge, O God, kepe not styll sylence, refrayne not thy self O God. 2 For lo thyne enemyes make a murmurynge, and they that hate the haue lyft vp their heade. 3 They haue ymagyned craftely agaynst thy people, and taken councell agaynst thy secrete ones. 4 They haue sayde: come, & let vs rote them out that they be nomore a people, & that the name of Israel maye be nomore in remembraunce. 5 For they haue cast their heades together wyth one consent, and are confederate agaynst the. 6 The tabernacles of the Edomites and Ismaelytes, the Moabytes and Hagarenes. 7 Gebal, and Ammon, and Amalech: the Philistynes with them that dwell at Tyre. 8 Assur also is ioyned vnto them, and haue helped the chyldren of Loth. Sela. 9 But do thou to them as vnto the Madianites, vnto Sisera, and vnto Iabin at the broke of Kyson. 10 Whych peryshed at Endor, and became as the donge of the earth. 11 Make them & their prynces lyke Oreb and Zeb. Yee, make all their Prynces lyke as Zebea and Salinana. 12 Whych saye: let vs take to oure selues the houses of God in possessyon. 13 O my God, make them lyke vnto a whele, and as the stubble before the wynde. 14 Lyke as a fyre that burneth vp the wod, and as the flame that consumeth the mountaynes. 15 Persecute them euen so with thy tempest, and make them afrayed wyth thy storme. 16 Make their faces ashamed, O Lorde, that they maye seke thy name. 17 Let them be confounded and vexed euer more and more: let them be put to shame and perish. 18 And they shall know, that thou (whose name is Iehoua) art only the moost hyest ouer all the earth.

Psalms 84:1-150:6

1 To the chaunter vpon Githith, a Psalme of the sonnes of Corah. O how amyable are thy dwellynges, thou Lorde of Hostes? 2 My soule hath a desyre and longinge to entre into the courtes of the Lorde: my hert and my flesh reioyse in the liuyng God. 3 Yee, the sparow hath founde her an house, and the swalowe a nest, where she may laye her yonge: euen thy aulters O Lorde of Hostes, my kynge and my God. 4 Blessed are they that dwell in thy house, they wilbe all waye praysyng the. Sela. 5 Blessed is that man whose strength is in the, in whose herte are thy wayes. 6 Whych goinge thorow the vale of misery vse it for a well, and the pooles are fylled with water. 7 They wyll go from strength, and vnto the God of Goddes appeareth euery one of them in Sion. 8 O Lorde God of Hostes, heare my prayer: herken O God of Iacob. Sela. 9 Behold O God oure defender, and loke vpon the face of thyne anoynted. 10 For one daye in thy courtes is better then a thousande. 11 I had rather be a dore keper in the house of my God, then to dwell in the tentes of vngodlynesse. 12 For the Lorde God is a lyght and defence, the Lorde will geue grace and worshype, and no good thynge shall he wytholde from them that lyue a godly lyfe. O Lord God of Hostes, blessed is the man, that putteth his trust in the.

Psalms 85:1-150:6

1 To the chaunter, a Psalme of the sonnes of Corab. Lorde, thou art become gracyous vnto thy lande, thou hast turned awaye the captiuite of Iacob. 2 Thou hast forgeuen the offence of thy people, and couered all theyr synnes. Selah. 3 Thou hast taken awaye all thy displeasure, and turned thy selfe from thy wrathfull indignacyon. 4 Turne vs then, O God oure Sauyour, and let thyne anger ceasse from vs. 5 Wylt thou be displeased at vs for euer? and wylt thou stretch out thy wrath from one generacyon to another? 6 Wylt thou not turne agayne & quycken vs, that thy people maye reioyse in the? 7 Shewe vs thy mercy O Lord and graunt vs thy saluacyon. 8 I wyll herken what the Lorde God will saye: for he shall speake peace vnto his people and to hys saynctes, that they turne not agayne. 9 For his saluacyon is nye them that feare him, that glory maye dwell in oure lande. 10 Mercy and trueth are met together, ryghtuousnesse and peace haue kyssed eche other. 11 Trueth shall florish out of the earth, & ryghtuousnesse hath loked downe from heauen. 12 Yee, the Lorde shall shewe louynge kyndnesse, and oure lande shall geue her encrease. 13 Ryghtuousnesse shall go before hym, and he shall directe hys goynge in the waye.

Psalms 86:1-150:6

1 A prayer of Dauid. Bowe downe thyne eare, O Lorde, & heare me, for I am poore & in misery. 2 Preserue thou my soule, for I am holy: my God saue thy seruaunt, that putteth his trust in the. 3 Be mercyfull vnto me (O Lorde) for I wyll call dayly vpon the 4 Comforte the soule of thy seruaunt, for vnto the (O Lorde) do I lyft vp my soule. 5 For thou Lord art good and gracious, and of greate mercy vnto all them that call vpon the. 6 Geue eare Lord vnto my prayer, and pondre the voyce of my humble desyres. 7 In the tyme of my trouble I wyll call vpon the, for thou hearest me. 8 Amonge the Goddes there is none lyke vnto the (O Lord) there is not one that can do as thou doest. 9 All nacyons whom thou hast made, shall come and worshyppe the (O Lord) and shall gloryfye thy name. 10 For thou art great, and doest wonderous thynges, thou art God alone. 11 Teach me thy waye, (O Lord) and I will walke in thy trueth: O knytt my hert vnto the, that it maye feare thy name. 12 I wyll thanke the, O Lorde my God with all my hart, and wyll prayse thy name for euer. 13 For great is thy mercy towarde me and thou hast delyuered my soule from the nethermost hell. 14 O God, the proude are rysen agaynst me, and the congregacyons of naughtye men haue sought after my soule, and haue not set the before theyr eyes. 15 But thou, O Lorde God, art full of compassyon, and mercy, longe suffrynge, plenteous in goodnes and trueth. 16 O turne the then vnto me and haue mercy vpon me: geue thy strength vnto thy seruaunt, and helpe the sonne of thyne handmayde. 17 Shewe some token vpon me for good, that they whych hate me, maye se it, and be ashamed, because thou Lord hast helped me, and comforted me.

Psalms 87:1-150:6

1 A Psalme and songe of the sonnes of Corah. Her foundacions are vpon the holy hylles: the Lorde loueth the gates of Sion more then all the dwellynges of Iacob. 2 Uery excellent thynges are spoken of the, thou cyte of God. Selah. 3 I wyll thynke vpon Rahab and Babylon, wyth them that knowe me. 4 Beholde, yee the Philistynes also, and they of Tyre with the Morians. Lo, there was he borne. 5 And of Syon it shalbe reported, that he was borne in her, and the moost hyest shall stablish her. 6 The Lorde shall rehearse it, whan he wryteth vp the people, that he was borne there. Selah. 7 The syngers also and trompetters shall he rehearse. All my freshe sprynges shalbe in the.

Psalms 88:1-150:6

1 A song and Psalme of the sonnes of Corah, to the chaunter vpon Mahelath, to geue thankes: an instruccion of Heman the Ezrahyte. O lorde God of my saluacion, I haue cryed daye and nyght before the: Oh let my prayer entre into thy presence, encline thyne eare vnto my callynge. 2 For my soule is full of trouble, and my lyfe draweth nye vnto hell. 3 I am counted as one of them that go downe vnto the pytte, and I haue bene euen as a man that hath no strength. 4 Fre amonge the deed, lyke vnto them that be wounded lye in the graue, whych be out of remebraunce, and are cut awaye from thy hande: 5 Thou hast layed me in the lowest pytt, in a place of darcknesse and in the depe. 6 Thyne indignacyon lyeth harde vpon me, and thou hast vexed me wyth all thy stormes. Selah. 7 Thou hast put awaye myne acquaintaunce farre fro me, and made me to be abhorred of them: 8 I am so fast in preson, that I can not get forth. 9 My syght fayleth for very trouble: Lorde I haue called dayly vpon the, I haue stretched out myne handes vnto the. 10 Doest thou shewe wonders amonge the deed? Or shall the deed ryse vp agayne, and prayse the? 11 Shall thy louynge kyndnes be shewed in the graue, or thy faythfulnesse in destruccion? 12 Shall thy wonderous workes be knowen in the darcke, and thy ryghtuousnes in the lande where all thynges are forgotten? 13 Unto the haue I cryed O Lorde, and early shall my prayer come before the. 14 Lorde, why abhorrest thou my soule? and hydest thou thy face fro me? 15 I am in mysery, & lyke vnto hym that is at the poynt to dye (euen fro my youth vp) thy terrours haue I suffred with a troubled mynde. 16 Thy wrathfull dyspleasure goeth ouer me, and the feare of the hath vndone me. 17 They came rounde about me daylye lyke water, and compassed me together on euery syde. 18 My louers and frendes hast thou put awaye fro me, and hyd myne acquayntaunce out of my syght.

Psalms 89:1-150:6

1 An instruccyon of Ethan the Ezrahyte. My songe shalbe all waye of the louynge kyndnesse of the Lorde, wyth my mouth wyll I euer be shewynge thy trueth from one generacyon to another. 2 For I haue sayde: mercy shalbe set vp for euer, thy trueth shalt thou stablysh in the heauens. 3 I haue made a couenaunt wyth my chosen, I haue sworne vnto Dauid my seruaunt. 4 Thy sede wyll I stablysh for euer, and set vp thy trone from one generacyon to another. Selah. 5 O Lorde the very heauens shall prayse thy wonderous worckes, & thy trueth in the congregacyon of the saynctes. 6 For who is he amonge the cloudes, that shall be compared vnto the Lorde? 7 And what is he amonge the goddes, that shalbe lyke vnto the Lorde? 8 God is very greatly to be feared in the councell of the sayntes and to be had in reuerence of all them that are aboute hym. 9 O Lord God of Hostes, who is lyke vnto the? thy trueth (most myghtie lord) is on euery syde. 10 Thou rulest the ragynge of the see, thou stillest the waues therof, when they aryse. 11 Thou hast subdued Egypte and destroyed it, thou hast scatred thyne enemyes abroad wyth thy myghtie arme. 12 The heauens are thyne, the earth also is thyne: thou hast layed the foundacyon of the rounde worlde, and all that therin is. 13 Thou hast made the north and the south, Tabor and Hermon shall reioyse in thy name. 14 Thou hast a myghtie arme, stronge is thy hande, and hye is thy ryght hande. 15 Ryghteousnes and equite is the habitacyon of thy seate, mercy and trueth shall go before thy face. 16 Blessed is the people (O Lorde) that can reioyse in the: they shall walke in the lyght of thy countenaunce. 17 Theyr delyte shalbe daylye in thy name, & in thy ryghteousnesse shall they make theyr boast. 18 For thou art the glory of theyr strength, & in thy louynge kyndnesse thou shalt lyft vp oure hornes. 19 For the Lord is oure defence, The holy one of Israel is oure kynge. 20 Thou spakest somtyme in vysyons vnto thy saynctes, and saydest: I haue layed helpe vpon one that is myghty, I haue exalted one chosen out of the people. 21 I haue founde Dauid my seruaunt: with my holy oyle haue I anoynted him. 22 My hand shall holde hym fast, and myne arme shall strengthen hym: 23 The enemye shall not be able to do hym violence, the sonne of wickednesse shall not hurte hym. 24 I shall smyte downe hys foes before hys face, and plage them that hate hym. 25 My trueth also and my mercy shalbe wyth hym, and in my name shall hys horne be exalted. 26 I wyll set hys dominion also in the see, and hys ryght hande in the floudes. 27 He shall call me: thou art my father, my God, & my stronge saluacion. 28 And I wyll make hym my fyrst borne, hyer then the kynges of the earth. 29 My mercy wyll I kepe for hym for euermore, & my couenaunt shall stande fast wyth hym. 30 Hys sede also wyll I make to endure for euer, and hys trone as the dayes of heauen. 31 But yf hys chyldren forsake my lawe, and walke not in my iudgementes. 32 If they breake my statutes and kepe not my commaundementes. 33 I wyll vyset theyr offences with the rod and theyr synne wyth scourges. 34 Neuerthelesse, my louynge kyndnesse will I not vtterly take from hym, ner suffre my trueth to fayle. 35 My couenaunt wyll I not breake, nor alter the thinge that is gone out of my lyppes. 36 I haue sworne once by my holynesse, that I wyll not fayle Dauid. 37 Hys sede shall endure for euer, and hys seate is lyke as the sunne before me. 38 He shall stande fast for euermore as the moone, and as the faythfull wytnesse in heauen. Selah: 39 But thou hast abhorred & forsaken thyne anoynted, & art displeased at him. 40 Thou hast broken the couenaunt of thy seruaunt, cast his crowne to the grounde. 41 Thou hast ouerthrowne all hys hedges, and broken downe hys stronge holdes. 42 All they that go by, spoyle hym, and he is become a rebuke vnto hys neyghboures. 43 Thou hast set vp the ryght hande of hys enemyes: & made all hys aduersaryes to reioyce. 44 Thou hast taken awaie the edge of his swearde: & geuest hym not victory in the battayle. 45 Thou hast put out his glory, & cast his trone downe to the grounde. 46 The dayes of his youth hast thou shortened: and couered him wt dishonoure. Selah. 47 Lorde, howe longe wilt thou hid thy selfe? for euer? and shall thy wrath burne lyke fyre? 48 O remembre, how shorte my tyme is, wherfore hast thou made all men for naught? 49 What man is he that lyueth, and shall not se death? and shall he deliuer his awne soule from the hande of hell? Selah. 50 Lorde, where are thy olde louyng kyndnesses, which thou sworest vnto Dauid in thy treuth? 51 Remember (Lorde) the rebuke that thy seruauntes haue & how I do beare in my bosome thy rebukes of many people. 52 Wher with thyne enemies haue blasphemed the, and sclaunder the fotesteppes of thyne anoynted. Praysed be the Lord for euermore: Amen: Amen.

Psalms 90:1-150:6

1 A prayer of Moses the man of God. Lorde, thou hast bene oure refuge from one generacyon to another. 2 Before the mountaynes were brought forth, or euer the earth & the worlde were made, thou art God from euerlastyng and worlde without ende. 3 Thou turnest man to destruccion. Agayne, thou sayest: come agayne ye chyldren of men. 4 For a thousande yeares in thy syght are but as yesterdaye, seynge that is past as a watch in the nyght. 5 As sone as thou scatrest them, they are euen as a slepe, and fade awaye sodenly lyke the grasse, 6 In the mornyng it is grene and groweth vp, but in the euenynge it is cut downe and withered. 7 For we consume awaye in thy displeasure, & are afrayed at thy wrathfull indignacyon. 8 Thou hast set oure misdedes before the, and oure secrete synnes in the lyght of thy countenaunce. 9 For when thou art angrye, all oure dayes are gone: we brynge our yeares to an ende, as it were a tale that is tolde. 10 The dayes of oure age are thre score yeares and ten: and though men be so stronge that they come to foure score yeares, yet is theyr strength then but laboure and sorowe: so soone passeth it awaye, and we are gone. 11 But who regardeth the power of thy wrath, for euen therafter as a man feareth, so is thy displeasure. 12 O teach vs, to nombre oure dayes, that we maye applye oure hertes vnto wysdome. 13 Turne the agayne (O Lorde) at the laste, and be gracious vnto thy seruauntes. 14 O satisfye vs with thy mercy, and that soone: so shall we reioyse and be glad all the dayes of oure lyfe. 15 Comforte vs agayne, now after the tyme that thou hast plaged vs, and for the yeares wherin we haue suffred aduersyte. 16 Shewe thy seruauntes thy worke, and theyr chyldren thy glory. 17 And the glorious maiesty of the Lorde oure God be vpon vs: prospere thou the worke of oure handes vpon vs, O prospere thou oure handy worke.

Psalms 91:1-150:6

1 Who so dwelleth vnder the defence of the most hyest, shal abyde vnder the shadow of the Almightye. 2 I wyll saye vnto the Lorde: Thou art my hope, and my stronge holde, my God, in hym will I trust. 3 For he shall delyuer the from the snare of the hunter, and from the noysome pestylence. 4 He shall defende the vnder hys wynges, and thou shalte be safe vnder hys fethers: hys faythfulnesse and trueth shall be thy shylde and buckler. 5 Thou shalte not be afrayed for any terrour by night, ner for the arow that flyeth by daye. 6 For the pestilence that walketh in the darknesse, ner for the sicknesse that destroyeth in the noone daye. 7 A thousande shall fall besyde the & ten thousande at thy ryght hand, but it shall not come nye the. 8 Yee, with thyne eyes shalt thou beholde, and se the rewarde of the vngodly. 9 For thou Lorde arte my hope, thou hast set thyne house of defence very hye 10 There shall no euell happen vnto the, nether shall eny plage come nye thy dwellyng. 11 For he shall geue his angels charge ouer the, to kepe the in all thy wayes. 12 They shall beare the in theyr handes, that thou hurt not thy fote agaynste a stone. 13 Thou shalt go vpon the Lyon and Adder, the yonge Lyon and the Dragon shalte thou treade vnder thy fete. 14 Because he hath set hys loue vpon me, therfore shall I delyuer him: I shall set him vp, because he hath knowne my name. 15 He shall call vpon me, & I wyll heare hym: yee I am with hym in trouble, I will deliuer hym, and brynge hym to honoure. 16 With longe lyfe wyll I satisfye hym, and shewe hym my saluacion.

Psalms 92:1-150:6

1 A Psalme and songe for the Sabboth daye. It is a good thing to geue thankes vnto the Lorde, and to synge prayses vnto thy name, O moste hyest. 2 To tell of thy louyng kyndnesse early in the mornyng, and of thy trueth in the nyght season. 3 Upon an instrument of ten strynges, & vpoon the lute: vpon a lowde instrument & vpon the harpe. 4 For thou Lord hast made me glad thorow thy workes, and I wyll reioyse in geuyng prayse for the operacions of thy handes. 5 O Lord, how glorious are thy workes: thy thoughtes are very depe. 6 An vnwyse man doth not well considre this, and a foole doth not vnderstande it. 7 Whan the vngodly are grene as the grasse, & whan all the workes of wyckednes do florish, then shall they be destroyed for euer. 8 But thou Lord art the most hyest for euermore. 9 For lo, thyne enemies, O Lord, lo, thyne ennemies shall perishe, and all the workers of wickednes shalbe destroyed. 10 But my horne shalbe exalted like the horne of an Unicorne, for I am anoynted with fresh oyle. 11 Myne eye also shall se hys lust of myne enemyes, 12 and myne eare shall heare hys desyre of the wycked that ryse vp agaynst me. 13 The ryghteous shal florish lyke a palme tree, and shal sprede abroade lyke a Cedre in Libanus. 14 Soch as be planted in the house of the Lorde shall florishe in the courtes of our God. They shall also bryng forth more frute in theyr age, & shalbe fat and well likyng. 15 That they maye shewe, how true the Lord my strength is, and that there is no vnryghtuousnesse in hym.

Psalms 93:1-150:6

1 The Lord is Kyng, and hath put on gloryous apparell: the Lorde hath put on his apparell, & gyrded hym selfe with strength: 2 he hath made the rounde worlde so sure, that it can not be moued. 3 Euer sens the world beganne hath thy seate bene prepared, thou art from euerlastynge. 4 The floudes are rysen (O Lord) the floudes haue lyft vp theyr noyse, the floudes lyft vp the waues. 5 The waues of the see are myghtie, & rage horribly: but yet the Lorde that dwelleth on hye, is mightier. Thy testimonies, O Lorde, are very sure, holynesse becommeth thyne house for euer.

Psalms 94:1-150:6

1 O lord God to whome vengeaunce belongeth: thou God to whome vengeaunce belongeth, shewe thy selfe. 2 Aryse thou iudge of the worlde, and rewarde the proude after theyr deseruynge. 3 Lord how longe shall the vngodly, how longe shall the vngodly triumphe? 4 Howe longe shall all wicked doers speake so disdaynfully, & make soch proude boasting? 5 They smyte down thy people, O Lorde, and trouble thyne heritage. 6 They murthur the wyddow and the straunger, and put the fatherlesse to death. 7 And yet they saye. Tush the Lorde shal not se, nether shall the God of Iacob regard it. 8 Take hede, ye vnwyse amonge the people, O ye fooles, whan will ye vnderstande? 9 He that planted the eare, shall he not heare? Or he that made the eye, shall not he se? 10 Or he that nurtureth the heathen, it is he that teacheth man knowlege, shal not he punysh? 11 The Lorde knoweth the thoughtes of man, that they are but vayne. 12 Blessed is the man, whome thou chastenest (O Lorde) & teachest hym in thy lawe. 13 That thou mayest geue hym pacience in tyme of aduersitie, vntyll the pyt be dygged vp for the vngodly. 14 For the Lorde will not fayle hys people, nether will he forsake his inheritaunce. 15 Untill righteousnes turne agayne vnto iudgement all soch as be true of hert shall folow it.

Psalms 34:12-18

12 What man is he that lysteth to lyue, & wold fayne se good dayes? 13 Kepe thy tonge from euell, & thy lyppes, that they speake no gile. 14 Eschue euell, & do good. seke peace and ensue it. 15 The eyes of the Lorde are ouer the ryghteous, & his eares are open vnto their prayers. 16 The countenaunce of the Lorde is agaynst them that do euell, to rote out the remembraunce of them from of the earth. 17 The ryghteous crye, & the Lorde heareth them, & delyuereth them out of all theyr troubles. 18 The Lorde is nye vnto them that are of a contryte hert, & wyll saue soche as be of an humble sprete.

Psalms 82:4

4 Delyuer the out caste & poore: saue them from the hande of the vngodly.

Psalms 94:16-150:6

16 Who will ryse vp wt me agaynst the wicked? Or who will take my part agaynst the euell doers? 17 If the Lord had not helped me it had not failed, but my soule had bene put to sylence. 18 But when I sayd: my fote hath slipped, thy mercy (O Lord) helde me vp. 19 In the multitude of the sorowes that I had in my herte thy comfortes haue refreshed my soule. 20 Wilt thou haue any thynge to do with the stoole of wickednesse, whiche ymagineth mischefe as a lawe? 21 They gather them together agaynste the soule of the righteous, and condemne the innocent bloude 22 But the Lord is my refuge, & my God is the strength of my confidence. 23 He shall recompence them their wickednes and destroye them in their owne malice, yee the Lorde our God shall destroye them.

Psalms 95:1-150:6

1 O come, let vs synge vnto the Lord, let vs hertely reioyse in the strength of our saluacion. 2 Let vs come before his presence wt thankesgeuynge, & shewe oure selfe glad in hym wt psalmes. 3 For the Lorde is a great God, & a great kynge aboue all goddes. 4 In his hande are all the corners of the earth, & the strength of the hylles is his also. 5 The see is hys, and he made it, & his handes prepared the drye lande. 6 O come, let vs worshyppe & fall downe, and knele before the Lord oure maker. 7 For he is oure God: and we are the people of his pasture, and the shepe of his handes. 8 To daye yf ye will heare his voyce, harden not your hertes, as in the prouokacion & as in the daye of temptacion in the wildernes. 9 When youre fathers tempted me, proued me, and saw my workes. 10 Fourty yeares long was I greued with that generacion, & sayd: it is a people that do erre in theyr hertes: for they haue not knowen my wayes. 11 Unto whom I sware in my wrath that they shulde not enter in to my rest.

Psalms 96:1-150:6

1 O synge vnto the Lorde a new songe, synge vnto the Lorde all the whole earth. 2 Synge vnto the Lorde, and prayse his name, be tellynge of his saluacion from daye to daye. 3 Declare hys honoure vnto the Heathen, and his wonders vnto all people. 4 For the Lord is great, and can not worthely be praysed: he is more to be feared then all goddes. 5 As for all the goddes of the Heathen, they be but Idols, but it is the Lorde that made the heauens. 6 Glorye and worshyppe are before hym, power & honoure are in hys Sanctuary. 7 Ascrybe vnto the Lord, (O ye kynredes of the people) ascrybe vnto the Lorde worshipe and power. 8 Ascrybe vnto the Lord the honoure due vnto his name, brynge presentes, & come into hys courtes. 9 O worshipe the Lord in the beutye of holynesse, lett the whole earth stande in awe of hym. 10 Tell it out amonge the Heathen, that the Lorde is kynge: and that it is he which hath made the rounde worlde so fast, that it can not be moued, and how that he shall iudge the people ryghteously. 11 Let the heauens reioyse, and let the earth be glad: let the see make a noyse, and all that therin is. 12 Let the felde be ioyfull and all that is in it, shall all the trees of the wodd reioyce. 13 before the Lorde, for he commeth: for he commeth to iudge the earth: and with righteousnesse to iudge the worlde, and the people with his trueth.

Psalms 97:1-150:6

1 The Lorde is kynge, the earth maye be glad therof: yee the multytude of the Iles maye be glad therof. 2 Cloudes and darcknesse are rounde aboute hym, ryghteousnesse and iudgment are the habitacyon of his seate. 3 There shall go a fyre before hym, and burne vp hys enemyes on euery syde. 4 His lightenynges gaue shyne vnto the worlde, the earth sawe it and was afrayed. 5 The hilles melted lyke waxe at the presence of the Lorde, at the presence of the Lord of the whole earth. 6 The heauens haue declared his ryghteousnes, & all the people haue sene hys glory. 7 Confounded be all they that worshipe carued ymages, and that delyte in vayne goddes: worshipe hym all ye goddes. 8 Sion heard of it and reioysed: and the daughters of Iuda were glad because of thy iudgementes, O Lorde. 9 For thou Lorde art hyer then all that are in the earth, thou art exalted farre aboue all goddes. 10 O ye that loue the Lorde, se that ye hate the thynge whych is euell: the Lorde preserueth the soules of hys saynctes, he shall delyuer them from the hande of the vngodly. 11 There is spronge vp a lyght for the ryghteous, and a ioyfull gladnesse for soch as be true herted. 12 Reioyse in the Lorde, ye ryghteous: and geue thanckes for a remembraunce of his holynesse.

Psalms 98:1-150:6

1 A Psalme. O synge vnto the Lord a new songe, for he hath done maruelous thynges. 2 With hys awne ryght hande and wyth his holy arme hath he gotten hym selfe the victory. 3 The Lord declared hys saluacyon, his ryghteousnes hath he openly shewed in the syght of the Heathen. 4 He hath remembred hys mercy and trueth towarde the house of Israel: and all the endes of the worlde haue sene the saluacyon of oure God. 5 Shewe youre selues ioyfull vnto the Lorde all ye landes, synge, reioyse, and geue thankes. 6 Prayse the Lorde vpon the harpe, synge to the harpe wyth a psalme of thanckesgeuyng. 7 With trompettes also and shawmes: O shewe youre selues ioyfull before the Lorde the kynge. 8 Let the see make a noyse and all that therin is, the rounde worlde, and they that dwell therin. 9 Let the floudes clappe their handes, and let the hylles be ioyfull together. Before the Lord, for he is come to iudge the earth. Wyth ryghteousnes shall he iudge the worlde, & the people with equite.

Psalms 99:1-150:6

1 The Lorde is kynge, be the people neuer so vnpacient: he sytteth betwene the Cherubins, be the earth neuer so vnquiet. 2 The Lorde is greate in Sion, and hye aboue all people. 3 They shall geue thankes vnto thy name, which is great, wonderfull & holy. 4 The kynges power loueth iudgement, thou hast prepared equyte, thou hast executed iudgment and ryghteousnes in Iacob. 5 O magnifye the Lorde oure God, and fall downe before his fote stole, for he is holy. 6 Moses and Aaron among his preastes, and Samuel amonge soche as call vpon hys name: these called vpon the Lorde, and he hearde them. 7 He spake vnto them out of the cloudy pyller, for they kepte hys testimonyes, and the lawe that he gaue them. 8 Thou heardest them (O Lord oure God) thou forgauest them O God, and punyshedst theyr awne inuencyons. 9 O magnifye the Lorde oure God, and worshippe him vpon his holy hyll, for the Lorde oure God is holy.

Psalms 100:1-150:6

1 A Psalme for thankes geuynge. O be ioyfull in the Lorde (all ye landes) serue the Lorde with gladnes, and come before hys presence with a songe. 2 Be ye sure, that the Lorde he is God: 3 It is he that hath made vs, and not we oure selues: we are his people, and the shepe of his pasture. 4 O go youre waye into hys gates with thanckesgeuyng, and into his courtes wyth prayse: be thankfull vnto hym, and speake good of hys name. 5 For the Lorde is gracyous, hys mercy is euerlastynge, and his treuth endureth from generacion to generacion.

Psalms 101:1-150:6

1 A Psalme of Dauid. My songe shalbe of mercy and iudgment: vnto the (O Lord) will I synge. 2 O let me haue vnderstandynge in the waye of godlynesse: Whan wylt thou come vnto me? I wyll walcke in my house with a perfecte herte. 3 I wyll take no wicked thinge in hand. I hate the synnes of vnfaythfulnesse, there shall no soch cleue vnto me. 4 A frowarde herte shall departe fro me, I wyll not knowe a wycked personne. 5 Who so preuely slaundreth hys neyghboure, hym will I destroye: Who so hath also a proude loke and an hye stomack, I wyll not suffre hym. 6 Myne eyes loke vnto soch as be faithfull in the lande, that they maye dwell with me: who so leadeth a godly lyfe, he shalbe my seruaunt. 7 There shall no disceatfull personne dwell in my house: he that telleth lyes, shall not tary in my syght. 8 I shall soone destroye all the vngodly that are in the lande, that I maye rote out all wycked doers from the cytie of the Lorde.

Psalms 102:1-150:6

1 A prayer of the afflyct, when he hath an heuy hart, and powereth out hys complaynte before the Lorde. Heare my prayer, O Lorde, and lett my cryenge come in vnto the. 2 Hyde not thy face fro me in the tyme of my trouble: enclyne thyne eares vnto me when I call, O heare me, and that ryght soone. 3 For my dayes are consumed awaye lyke smoke, and my bones are brent vp, as it were a fyre brande. 4 My hert is smytten downe and wythered lyke grasse, so that I forget to eate my bred. 5 For the voyce of my gronynge, my bone wyll scarse cleue to my flesh. 6 I am become lyke a Pellycane of the wildernes, and lyke an owle that is in the deserte. 7 I haue watched, & am euen as it were a sparow, that sitteth alone vpon the house toppe. 8 Myne enemyes reuyle me all the daye longe: & they that are madd vpon me, are sworne together agaynst me. 9 For I haue eaten ashes as at were bred, and mengled my drynck with wepynge. 10 And that because of thyne indignacyon & wrath, for thou hast taken me vp, & cast me downe. 11 My dayes are gone lyke a shadowe, and I am wythered lyke grasse. 12 But thou, O Lord, shalt endure for euer, and thy remembraunce thorow out all generacyons. 13 Thou shalt aryse, & haue mercy vpon Sion, for it is tyme that thou haue mercy vpon her, yee the tyme is come. 14 And why: thy seruauntes thinck vpon her stones, and it pitieth them to se her in the dust. 15 The Heathen shall feare thy name, O Lord, & all the kynges of the earth thy maiesty. 16 Whan the Lord shall buylde vp Sion, and whan his glory shal apeare: 17 Whan he turneth him vnto the prayer of the poore destitute, & despyseth not theyr desyre. 18 This shalbe wrytten for those that come after: & the people which shalbe borne, shall prayse the Lord. 19 For he hath loked downe from his Sanctuary, out of the heauen dyd the Lorde beholde the earth. 20 That he might heare the mournynges of soch as be in captiuite, and delyuer the chyldren appoynted vnto death. 21 That they maye declare the name of the Lorde in Sion, and his worshipe at Ierusalem: 22 When the people are gathered together, & the kyngdomes also to serue the Lorde. 23 He brought downe my strength in my iourney, and shortened my dayes. 24 But I sayed: O my God, take me not awaye in the myddest of myne age: as for thy yeares, they endure thorow out all generacions. 25 Thou Lorde in the begynnyng hast layed the foundacyon of the earth, and the heauens are the worcke of thy handes. 26 They shall perishe, but thou shalt endure: they all shall wexe olde as doth a garment, 27 and as a vesture shalt thou chaunge them, and they shalbe chaunged. But thou art the same, and thy yeares shall not fayle. 28 The children of thy seruauntes shall contynue, & their sede shall stonde fast in thy syght.

Psalms 103:1-150:6

1 Of Dauid. Prayse the Lord, O my soule, and all that is wtin me prayse his holy name. 2 Prayse the Lorde, O my soule, and forget not all hys benefytes. 3 Whych forgeueth all thy synne, & healeth all thyn infirmities. 4 Which saueth thy lyfe from destruccyon, and crowneth the with mercy and louynge kyndnesse. 5 Whych satisfyeth thy mouth wyth good thynges, makyng the yonge and lusty as an Aegle. 6 The Lorde executeth ryghteousnesse and iudgment, for all them that are oppressed with wronge. 7 He shewed hys wayes vnto Moses, hys worckes vnto the chyldren of Israel. 8 The Lord is full of compassyon & mercy, longe sufferyng, and of great goodnesse. 9 He will not allwaye be chydynge, nether kepeth he his anger for euer. 10 He hath not dealt with vs after oure synnes, ner rewarded vs according to oure wyckednesses. 11 For loke how hye the heauen is in comparison of the earth, so greate is hys mercy also towarde them that feare him. 12 Loke how wyde also the east is from the west, so farre hath he set oure synnes from vs. 13 Yee like as a father pitieth his awne children, euen so is the Lorde mercyfull vnto them that feare him. 14 For he knoweth wherof we be made, he remembreth that we are but dust. 15 The dayes of man are but as grasse, for he florisheth as a floure of the felde. 16 For as soone as the wynde goeth ouer it, it is gone, and the place therof shall knowe it nomore. 17 But the mercyful goodnesse of the Lorde endureth for euer & euer, vpon them that feare him, & hys ryghteousnesse vpon chylders chyldren. 18 Euen vpon soch as kepe his couenaunt, & thincke vpon hys commaundementes to do them. 19 The Lord hath prepared hys seate in heauen, and kis kyngdome ruleth ouer all. 20 O prayse the Lorde ye angels of his, ye that excell in strength: ye that fulfyll his commaundement, & herken vnto the voyce of his wordes. 21 O prayse the Lord all ye his Hostes, ye seruauntes of his, that do his pleasure. 22 O speake good of the Lord all ye workes of his, in all places of his dominion: prayse thou the Lorde, O my soule.

Psalms 104:1-150:6

1 Prayse the Lord O my soule: O Lord my God, thou art become exceadynge glorious, thou art clothed with maiesty and honoure. 2 Thou deckest thy selfe with lyght, as it were with a garment, and spredest out the heauens lyke a curtayne. 3 Which layeth the beames of his chambers in the waters, & maketh the cloudes his charet, & walketh vpon the wynges of the wynde. 4 He maketh his angels spretes, and his mynisters a flamynge fyre. 5 He layed the foundacyon of the earth, that it neuer shulde moue at eny tyme. 6 Thou coueredst it wt the depe lyke as wyth a garment: the waters stande in the hylles. 7 At thy rebuke they flye, at the voyce of thy thonder they are afrayed. 8 They go vp as hye as the hylles, and downe to the valleys beneth: euen vnto the place, which thou hast appoynted for them. 9 Thou hast set them their boundes, which they shall not passe: nether turne agayne to couer the earth. 10 He sendeth the springes into the ryuers, which runne among the hylles. 11 All beastes of the felde dryncke therof: and the wylde asses quench theyr thyrste. 12 Besyde them shall the foules of the ayre haue theyr habitacyon, & synge amonge the braunches. 13 He watreth the hylles from aboue, the earth is fylled wyth the frute of thy worckes. 14 He bryngeth forth grasse for the cattell, and grene herbe for the seruice of men: 15 that he maye brynge fode out of the earth: and wyne that maketh glad the herte of man, and oyle to make him a chearfull countenaunce, and bred to strength mans herte. 16 The trees of the Lord also are full of sappe, euen the Cedres of Libanus which he hath planted. 17 Wherin the byrdes make their nestes, and the fyrre trees are a dwellyng for the storcke. 18 The hye hilles are a refuge for the wilde goates, and so are the stony rockes for the conyes. 19 He appoynted the Moone for certayne seasons, and the Sunne knoweth hys goynge downe. 20 Thou makest darcknesse, that it maye be night, wherin all the beastes of the forest do moue. 21 The lyons roaring after their praye to seke theyr meate at God. 22 The sunne aryseth, and they get them awaye together, and lye them downe in their dennes. 23 Man goeth forth to his worcke, and to hys laboure vntyll the euenyng. 24 O Lorde, how manifolde are thy worckes? in wysdome hast thou made them all: the earth is full of thy ryches. 25 So is this greate and wyde see also, wherin are thynges crepynge innumerable, both small and greate beastes. 26 There go the shippes, and there is that Leuiathan, whom thou hast made, to take hys pastyme therin. 27 These wayte all vpon the, that thou mayest geue them meate in due season. 28 When thou geuest it them, they gather it: and when thou openest thyne hand, they are fylled with good. 29 When thou hydest thy face, they are troubled: whan thou takest awaye their breth, they dye, and are turned agayne to their dust. 30 When thou lettest thy breth goo forth, they shalbe mad, and thou shalt renue the face of the earth. 31 The glorious maiesty of the Lord shall endure for euer, the Lorde shall reioyse in hys worckes. 32 The earth shall tremble at the loke of hym: yf he do but touch the hylles, they shall smoke. 33 I wyll synge vnto the Lorde as longe as I lyue, I will prayse my God whyle I haue my beynge. 34 And so shall my wordes please him: my ioye shalbe in the Lorde. 35 As for synners, they shalbe consumed out of the earth, and the vngodly shall come to an ende: prayse thou the Lorde, O my soule. Prayse the Lorde.

Psalms 105:1-150:6

1 O geue thankes vnto the Lorde, and cal vpon hys name: tell the people, what thynges he hath done. 2 O let your songes be of hym: and prayse hym, and let youre talkynge be of all hys wonderous worckes. 3 Reioyse in his holy name, let the hert of them reioyse, that seke the Lorde. 4 Seke the Lord, and his strength, seke his face euermore. 5 Remembre the maruelous worckes that he hath done, his wonders and the iudgmentes of his mouth. 6 O ye sede of Abraham his seruaunt, ye chyldren of Iacob his chosen. 7 He is the Lorde oure God: his iudgementes are in all the worlde. 8 He hath bene alwaye myndfull of hys couenaunt, and promyse that he made to a thousand generacions. 9 Euen the couenaunt that he made with Abraham, and the ooth that he sware vnto Isahac. 10 And apoynted the same vnto Iacob for a lawe, and to Israel for an euerlastynge testament. 11 Sayenge: vnto the wyll I geue the lande of Canaan, the lot of youre inherytaunce. 12 When there was yet but a fewe of them, and they straungers in the lande. 13 What tyme as they went from one nacion to another, from one kyngdome to another people. 14 He suffred no man to do them wrong, but reproued euen kynges for their sakes. 15 Touch not myne anoynted, & do my prophetes no harme. 16 Morouer, he called for a darth vpon the lande, and destroyed all the prouisyon of bread. 17 But he had sent a man before them, euen Ioseph whych was solde to be a bonde seruaunt. 18 Whose fete they hurt in the stockes the yron entred into his soule. 19 Untill the tyme came that his cause was knowne, the worde of the Lord tryed him. 20 The kyng sent and delyuered him: the prince of the people let him go fre. 21 He made him Lorde also his of house, and ruler of all his substaunce. 22 That he might enfourme his princes after his will, & teach his Senatours wysdome. 23 Israel also came into Egypte, and Iacob was a straunger in the land of Ham. 24 And he increased his people exceadingly, and made them stronger then their enemies. 25 Whose hert turned, so that they hated his people, & dealt vntruly with his seruauntes. 26 Then sent he Moses his seruaunt, and Aaron, whom he had chosen. 27 And these shewed his tokens amonge them, and wonders in the lande of Ham. 28 He sent darcknesse, & it was darcke, and they were not obedyent vnto hys worde. 29 He turned theyr waters into bloude, and slewe their fyshe. 30 Their land brought forth frogges, yee euen in their kynges chambers. 31 He spake the worde, and their came all maner of flyes, and lyce in all their quarters. 32 He gaue them hayle stones for rayne, and flammes of fyre in their lande. 33 He smote these vines also and fyge trees, & destroyed the trees that were in their coastes. 34 He spake the worde, and the greshoppers came, & catyrpyllers innumerable. 35 And dyd eate vp all the grasse in their land, and deuoured the frute of their grounde. 36 He smote all the fyrst borne in their lande, euen the chefe of all theyr strength. 37 He brought them forth also wt syluer and golde, there was not one feble persone among their trybes. 38 Egypte was glad at their departyng, for they were afrayed of them. 39 He spred out a cloude to be a coueryng, and fyre to geue lyght in the nightceason. 40 At their desyre, he brought quayles, and he fylled them with the bread of heauen. 41 He opened the rocke of stone, and the waters flowed out: so that ryuers ranne in the drye places. 42 For why? he remembred hys holy promes, and Abraham his seruaunt. 43 And he brought forth his people with ioye, and his chosen wt gladnesse. 44 And gaue them the landes of the Heathen, and they toke the labours of the people in possessyon. 45 That they myght kepe hys statutes, and obserue hys lawes. Prayse the Lorde.

Psalms 106:1-150:6

1 Prayse the Lorde. O geue thancke vnto the Lorde, for he is gracyous, and his mercy endureth for euer. 2 Who can expresse the noble actes of the Lorde or shewe forth all hys prayse? 3 Blessed are they that allwaye kepe iudgement, and do ryghteousnes. 4 Remembre me, O Lorde, accordynge to the fauoure that thou bearest vnto thy people: O vyset me wyth thy saluacyon. 5 That I maye se the felicite of thy chosen, and reioyse in the gladnesse of thy people, & geue thankes wyth thyne enherytaunce. 6 We haue synned wyth oure fathers, we haue done amysse, and dealt wyckedly. 7 Oure fathers regarded not thy wonders in Egypte, nether kepte they thy greate goodnesse in remembraunce: but were disobedient at the see, euen at the reed see. 8 Neuertheles, he helped them for hys names sake, that he myght make hys power to be knowne. 9 He rebuked the reed see also, & it was dryed vp: so he ledd them thorow the depe as thorow a wyldernesse. 10 And he saued them from the aduersaries hande, and delyuered them from the hande of the enemye. 11 As for those that troubled them, the waters ouerwhelmed them, there was not one of them left. 12 Then beleued they hys wordes, and sange prayse vnto hym. 13 But wythin a whyle they forgat hys worckes, & wolde not abyde hys councell. 14 But lust came vpon them in the wildernesse, and they tempted God in the deserte. 15 And he gaue them their desyre, and sent leanesse withall in to their soule. 16 They angred Moses also in the tentes, and Aaron the sayncte of the Lorde. 17 So the earth opened, and swalowed vp Dathan, & couered the congregacion of Abiram. 18 And the fyre was kyndled in their company, the flame brent vp the vngodly. 19 They made a calfe in Horeb, and worshipped the molten ymage. 20 Thus they turned their glory into the similitude of a calfe, that eateth haye. 21 And they forgat God their Sauioure, which had done so greate thynges in Egipte. 22 Wonderous worckes in the lande of Ham, and fearfull thinges by the reed see. 23 So he sayd he wolde haue destroyed them, had not Moses his chosen stande before hym in that gappe: to turne awaye his wrathful indignacion, lest he shulde destroye them. 24 Yee they thought scorne of that pleasaunt lande, and gaue no credence vnto his word. 25 But murmured in their tentes, and herkened not vnto the voyce of the Lorde. 26 Then lyft he vp his hand agaynst them, to ouerthrowe them in the wildernes. 27 To cast out their sede amonge the nacions, and to scater them in the landes. 28 They ioyned them selues vnto Baal Peor, and eate the offeringes of the deed. 29 Thus they prouoked him vnto anger with their awne inuencions and the plage was greate amonge them. 30 Then stode vp Phinehes and prayed, & so the plage ceased. 31 And that was counted vnto him for righteousnesse, amonge all posterites for euermore. 32 They angered him also at the waters of stryfe, so that he punyshed Moses for their sakes. 33 Because they prouoked his sprete, so that he spake vnaduisedly with his lyppes. 34 Nether destroyed they the Heathen, as the Lorde commaunded them. 35 But were myngled among the Heathen, and lerned their worckes. 36 In so moch that they worshipped their ydoles, which turned to their awne decaye. 37 Yee they offred their sonnes and their daughters vnto deuel 38 And shed innocent bloude, euen the bloude of their sonnes & of their daughters, whom they offred vnto the ydoles of Canaan, and the lande was defyled with bloud. 39 Thus were they stayned with their awne worckes, and went a whorynge wyth their awne inuencions. 40 Therfore was the wrath of the Lorde kynled agaynst hys people, in so moch that he abhorred hys awne enheritaunce. 41 And he gaue them ouer into the hande of the Heathen, and they that hated them, were lordes ouer them. 42 Their enemyes oppressed them, and had them in subieccion. 43 Many a tyme did he delyuer them, but they rebelled agaynst him with their awne inuencions, & were brought downe in their wyckednesse. 44 Neuerthelesse, when he sawe their aduersyte, he herde their complaynte. 45 He thought vpon his couenaunt, & pytied them, accordyng vnto the multitude of his mercyes. 46 Yee he made all those that had ledd them awaye captiue, to pytie them. 47 Delyuer vs (O Lorde oure God) and gather vs from amonge the Heathen: that we maye geue thanckes to thy holy name, & make oure boast of thy prayse. 48 Blessed be the Lorde God of Israel from euerlastyng and worlde without ende, & let all people saye: Amen, Amen. Prayse the Lord

Psalms 107:1-150:6

1 O geue thanckes vnto the Lord, for he is gracyous, and his mercy endureth for euer. 2 Let them geue thanckes whom the Lorde hath redemed, and delyuered from the hande of the enemye. 3 And gathered them out of the landes, from the East, and from the west, from the North and from the South. 4 They went a straye in the wildernesse out of the waye, & founde no citie to dwel in. 5 Hongrie & thirstye: their soule faynted in them. 6 So they cryed vnto the Lorde in their trouble, and he delyuered them from their distresse. 7 He led them forth by the ryght waye, that they myght go to the cytie where they dwelt. 8 O that men wolde therfor prayse the Lorde, for his goodnes, and declare the wonders that he doth for the chyldren of men. 9 For he satisfyed the emptie soule, and filled the hongrye soule with goodnesse. 10 Soch as syt in darcknesse & in the shadow of death, beyng fast bound in mysery & yron. 11 Because they rebelled agaynst the wordes of the Lorde, and lyghtly regarded the councell of the most hyghest, 12 He also brought downe their hart thorow heuinesse: they fell downe, & there was noue to helpe them. 13 So whan they cried vnto the Lord in their trouble, he deliuered them out of their distresse 14 For he brought them out of darcknesse & out of the shadow of death, & brake their bondes in sonder. 15 O that men wold therfore prayse the Lorde for hys goodnesse: & declare the wonders that he doth for the children of men. 16 For he hath broken the gates of brasse, and smytten the barres of yron in sonder, 17 Folysh men are plaged for their offence, & because of their wyckednesse. 18 Their soule abhorred all maner of meat, and they were euen hard at deathes dore. 19 So whan they cryed vnto the Lord in their trouble, he delyuered them out of their dystresse. 20 He sent his word, and healed them, and they were saued from their destruccion. 21 O that men wold therfore prayse the Lorde for hys goodnesse, and declare the wonders that he doth for the chyldren of men. 22 That they wold offre vnto hym the sacrifyce of thanckesgeuyng, and tell out hys worckes wt gladnes. 23 They that go downe to the see in shyppes, and occupie their busynesse in great waters. 24 These men se the worckes of the Lord, and his wonders in the deape. 25 For at his word, the stormy wynd ariseth, which lyfteth vp the waues therof. 26 They are caryed vp to the heauen, and downe agayne to the deape, their soule melteth awaye because of the trouble. 27 They rele to and fro, and stacker lyke a droncken man, & are at their wittes ende. 28 So whan they crye vnto the Lord in their trouble, he delyuereth them out of their distresse. 29 For he maketh the storme to ceasse, so that the waues therof are styll. 30 Then are they glad because they be at rest, and so he bryngeth them vnto the hauen where they wolde be. 31 O that men wold therfore prayse the Lorde for hys goodnes, and declare the wondres that he doth for the children of men. 32 That they wolde exalte him also in the congregacion of the people, and loaue him in the seat of the elders. 33 Which turneth the floudes into a wildernesse: and dryeth vp the water sprynges. 34 A frutefull lande maketh he baren, for the wyckednesse of them that dwell therin. 35 Agayne, he maketh the wildernes a standynge water, and water sprynges of a drye ground. 36 And there he setteth the hongrie, that they maye buylde them a cytie to dwell in 37 That they maye sowe their londe, and plante vyneyardes, to yelde them frutes of increase. 38 He blesseth them, so that they multiplye exceadingly, and suffreth not their catell to decrease. 39 And agayne: when they are minished and brought lowe thorow oppression, thorow eny plag or trouble. 40 Though he suffre them to be euell intreated thorowe tyrauntes, and lett them wandre out of the waye in the wildernesse. 41 Yet helpeth he the poore out of misery, & maketh him housholdes lyke a flocke of shepe. 42 The ryghteous wyll consydre this, and reioyse, & the mouth of all wyckednesse shall be stopped. 43 Who so is wyse, wyll pondre these thynges: and they shall vnderstand the louyng kyndnesses of the Lord.

Psalms 108:1-150:6

1 A songe and a Psalme of Dauid. O god my hert is ready I will synge, and geue prayse, wt the best membre that I haue. 2 Awake thou lute and harpe, I my selfe wyll awake ryght early. 3 I will geue thanckes vnto the (O Lorde) among the people, I wyll synge prayses vnto the among the nacions. 4 For thy mercy is greater then the heauens and thy trueth reacheth vnto the cloudes. 5 Set vp thy selfe (O God) aboue the heauens, and thy glory aboue all the earth. 6 That thy beloued maye be delyuered: let thy ryght hande saue them, and heare thou me. 7 God hath spoken in his holynes, I wyll reioyse. therfore, and deuyde Sichem, and meete out the valley of Suchoth. 8 Gilead is myne, and Manasses is myne, Ephraim also is the strength of my head, 9 Iuda is my lawgeuer. Moab is my washpotte, ouer Edom will I cast out my shoe: vpon Philistea will I triumphe. 10 Who wyll leade me in to the stronge cytie? And who wyll bryng me in to Edom? 11 Hast not thou forsaken vs (O God)? And wilt not thou God, go forth with oure hostes? 12 O helpe vs agaynst the enemye: for vayne is the helpe of man. 13 Thorow God we shall do great actes: & it is he, that shall treade downe our enemyes.

Psalms 109:1-150:6

1 To the chaunter, a Psalme of Dauid Holde not thy tonge (O God) of my prayse. For the mouth of the vngodly, yee and the mouth of the disceatfull is opened vpon me, 2 & they haue spoken against me with false tonges. They compased me about also with wordes of hatred, & fought agaynst me without a cause. 3 For the loue that I had vnto them, lo, they take now my contrary part, but I geue my self vnto prayer. 4 Thus haue they rewarded me euell for good, and hatred for my good wyll. 5 Set thou an vngodly man to be ruler ouer hym, and let Satan stande at his ryght hande. 6 When sentence is geuen vpon him, let him be condemned, and let his prayer be turned into synne. 7 Let his dayes be few, and let another take his office. 8 Let his chyldren be fatherlesse, and his wyfe a wydow. 9 Let his children be vagaboundes, & begg their bred: lett them seke it also out of desolate places. 10 Let the extorcioner consume all that he hath, and let straungers spoyle his laboure. 11 Let there be no man to petye hym, ner to haue compassyon vpon his fatherlesse chyldren. 12 Let his posterite be destroyed, and in the next generacyon let hys name be cleane put out. 13 Let the wickednesse of hys fathers be had in remembraunce in the syght of the Lorde, and let not the synne of his mother be done awaye. 14 Let them alwaye be before the Lorde, that he maye rote out the memoriall of them from of the earth. 15 And that because hys mynde was not to do good, but persecuted the poore helplesse man, that he myght slaye him, that was vexed at the hert 16 His delyte was in cursyng, & it shall happen vnto him: he loued not blessyng, therfore shall it be farre from him. 17 He clothed him self with cursyng lyke as with a rayment: & it shall come in to his bowels lyke water, and lyke oyle in to hys bones. 18 Lett it be vnto him as the cloke that he hath vpon him, and as the gyrdle that he is allwaye gyrded wt all. 19 Let it thus happen from the Lorde vnto myne enemyes, and to those that speake euell agaynst my soule. 20 But deale thou wt me (O Lorde God) accordyng vnto thy name, for swete is thy mercy. 21 O delyuer me, for I am helplesse and poore, & my hert is wounded within me. 22 I go hence lyke the shadow that departeth, and am dryuen awaye as the greshopper. 23 My knees are weake thorow fastyng, my flesh is dryed vp for want of fatnesse. 24 I became also a rebuke vnto them: they that loked vpon me, shaked their heades. 25 Helpe me (O Lord my God) oh saue me accordynge to thy mercye. 26 And they shall know, how that thys is thy hand, and that thou Lord hast done it. 27 Though they curse, yet blesse thou: 28 and let them be confounded, that ryse vp agaynst me, but let thy seruaunt reioyse. 29 Lett myne aduersaryes be clothed with shame: and let them couer them selues wt their owne confusion, as wt a cloake. 30 As for me, I wyll geue great thanckes vnto the Lorde with my mouth, and prayse him among the multitude. 31 For he shall stand at the ryght hand of the poore, to saue his soule from vnryghteous iudges.

Psalms 110:1-150:6

1 A Psalme of Dauid. The Lorde sayde vnto my Lorde: Syt thou on my ryght hand, vntill I make thine enemyes thy fotestole. 2 The Lord shall sende the rodde of thy power out of Sion, be thou ruler euen in the myddest among thyne enemyes. 3 In the daye of thy power shall thy people offre the frewyll offrynges wt an holy worshippe, the dewe of thy byrth is of the wombe of the mornyng. 4 The Lord sware, & wyll not repent: Thou art a prest for euer after the order of Melchisedec. 5 The Lorde vpon thy ryght hande, shall wounde euen kynges in the daye of his wrath. 6 He shall be iudge among the Heathen, he shall fyll the places with deed bodyes, & smyte a sonder the heades ouer diuerse countres. 7 He shall dryncke of the broke in the waye, therfore shall he lyft vp his head.

Psalms 111:1-150:6

1 Prayse the Lorde. I Wyll geue thanckes vnto the Lord with my whole hert: secretly among the faithfull, and in the congregacion. 2 The worckes of the Lorde are great, sought out of all them that haue pleasure therin. 3 His worcke is worthy to be praysed & had in honoure, and his ryghteousnesse endureth for euer. 4 The mercyfull & gracyous Lorde hath so done his maruelous workes, that they ought to be had in remembraunce. 5 He hath geuen meat vnto them that feare him, he shal euer be mindfull of hys couenaunt. 6 He hath shewed his people the power of his worckes, that he maye geue them the herytage of the Heathen. 7 The worckes of his handes are veryte & iudgement, all his commaundmentes are true. 8 They stand fast for euer and euer, and are done in trueth and equite. 9 He sent redempcyon vnto his people, he hath commaunded his couenaunt for euer, holy and reuerent is his name. 10 The feare of the Lorde is the begynning of wisdome, a good vnderstandyng haue all they that do therafter: the prayse of it endureth for euer.

Psalms 112:1-150:6

1 Prayse the Lorde. Blessed is the man that feareth the Lord, he hath great delyte in hys commaundmentes. 2 His sede shall be myghtye vpon earth: the generacyon of the faytfull shalbe blessed: 3 Ryches and plenteousnesse shalbe in hys house, and his ryghteousnes endureth for euer. 4 Unto the godly there aryseth vp lyght in the darcknesse he is mercyfull, louyng and ryghteous. 5 A good man is mercyfull, and lendeth: and wyll gyde his wordes wt discrecion. 6 For he shall neuer be moued: and the ryghteous shall be had in an euerlasting remembraunce. 7 He will not be afrayed for eny euell tydinges, for his hert standeth fast, and beleueth in in the Lord. 8 His hert is stablished: & will not shryncke, vntill he se his desyre vpon his enemyes. 9 He hath sparsed abroad, and geuen to the poore: and his ryghteousnes remayneth for euer, hys horne shalbe exalted wyth honoure. 10 The vngodly shall se it, and it shall greue him: he shall gnash with his teeth, & consume awaye: the desyre of the vngodly shall perysh.

Psalms 113:1-150:6

1 Prayse the Lorde. Prayse the Lord (ye seruauntes) O prayse the name of the Lorde. 2 Blessed be the name of the Lorde, from thys tyme forth for euermore. 3 The Lordes name is praysed, from the risyng vp of the Sunne vnto the goynge downe of the same. 4 The Lord is hye aboue all Heathen, and his glory aboue the heauens. 5 Who is lyke vnto the Lorde oure God, that hath hys dwellyng so hye, 6 & yet humbleth him self, to behold the thynges that are in heauen & earth? 7 He taketh vp the simple out of the dust, and lyfteth the poore out of the myre. 8 That he maye sett him with the princes, euen with the prynces of his people. 9 He maketh the baren woman to kepe house, and to be a ioyfull mother of children. Prayse the Lorde.

Psalms 114:1-150:6

1 When Israel came out of Egypt, and the house of Iacob from amonge that straung people. 2 Iuda was his Sanctuary, and Israell his domynion. 3 The see sawe that, and fled Iordan was dryuen backe. 4 The mountaynes skipped lyke rammes, and the lytle hilles lyke yonge shepe. 5 What ayleth the, O thou see, that thou fleddest? and thou Iordan, that thou wast dryuen backe? 6 Ye mountaynes, that ye skypped lyke rammes: & ye lytle hylles, lyke yong shepe? 7 Tremble thou erth at the presence of the Lord, at the presence of the God of Iacob. 8 Which turned the hard rocke in to a standynge water, and the flynt stone into a spryngynge well.

Psalms 115:1-150:6

1 Not vnto vs (O Lorde) not vnto vs, but vnto thy name geue the prayse, for thy louing mercy, & for thy truthes sake. 2 Wherfore shall the Heathen saye: where is now their God? 3 As for oure God, he is in heauen, he hath done whatsoeuer pleased him. 4 Their ydoles are syluer and gold, euen the worcke of mens handes. 5 They haue mouth, and speake not: eyes haue they, and se not. 6 They haue eares, & heare not: noses haue they, and smell not. 7 They haue handes and handle not: fete haue they, and walke not, nether speake they thorow their throte. 8 They that make them, are lyke vnto them, and so are all soch as put their trust in them. 9 But Israel trust thou in the Lord, he his their succoure & defence. 10 Ye house of Aaron put youre trust in the Lorde: he is their helper, and defender. 11 Ye that feare the Lorde, put youre trust in the Lord, he is their helper and defender. 12 The Lorde hath bene myndfull of vs, and he shall blesse vs: euen he shall blesse the house of Israel, he shall blesse the house of Aaron. 13 He shall blesse them that feare the Lorde, both small and great. 14 The Lorde shall encrease you more and more: you, & youre children. 15 Ye are the blessed of the Lord, which made heauen & earth. 16 All the whole heauens are the Lordes, the earth hath he geuen vnto the children of men. 17 The deed prayse not the (O Lord) nether all they that go downe in to the sylence. 18 But we wyll prayse the Lorde, from thys tyme forth for euermore. Prayse the Lorde.

Psalms 116:1-150:6

1 I Am well pleased, that the Lorde hath herd the voyce of my prayer. 2 That he hath enclined his eare vnto me, therfore will I call vpon him as longe as I lyue. 3 The snares of death compased me round about, and the paynes of hell gat hold vpon me, 4 I shall fynde trouble and heuynesse, and I shall call vpon the name of the Lorde (O Lord) I besech the delyuer my soule. 5 Gracious is the Lorde, and ryghteous, yee oure God is mercyfull. 6 The Lord preserueth the symple: I was in mysery, and he helped me. 7 Turne agayne then vnto thy rest, O my soule, for the Lorde hath rewarded the. 8 And why thou hast delyuered my soule from death, mine eyes from teares, and my fete from fallyng. 9 I will walcke before the Lord, in the land of the lyuyng. 10 I beleued, and therfore wyll I speake, but I was sore troubled. 11 I sayd in my hast: All men are lyers. 12 What reward shall I geue vnto the Lorde, for all the benefytes that he hath done vnto me? 13 I wyll receaue the cuppe of saluacion, and call vpon the name of the Lord. 14 I wyll paye my vowes now in the presence of all his people, ryght deare in the syght of the Lorde is the death of hys saynctes. 15 Behold (O Lorde) how that I am thy seruaunt: I am thy seruaunt, 16 and the sonne of thy handmayde, thou hast broken my bondes in sonder. 17 I wyll offre to the, the sacrifyce of thanckesgeuynge, and wyll call vpon the name of the Lord. 18 I wyll paye my vowes vnto the Lord in the syght of all his people, 19 in the courtes of the Lordes house, euen in the myddest of the, O Ierusalem. Prayse the Lorde.

Psalms 117:1-150:6

1 O prayse the Lord all ye Heithen, prayse him all ye nacions. 2 For his mercyfull kyndnes is euermore and more toward vs, and the truth of the Lord endureth for euer. Prayse the Lorde.

Psalms 118:1-150:6

1 O geue thanckes vnto the Lorde, for he hys gracious, because hys mercy endureth for euer. 2 Let Israel now confesse, that his mercy endureth for euer. 3 Let the house of Aaron now confesse, that his mercy endureth for euer. 4 Yee let them now that feare the Lord confesse, that his mercy endureth for euer. 5 I called vpon the Lord in trouble, and the Lord herd me at large. 6 The Lord is on my syde, I wyll not feare what man doeth vnto me. 7 The Lorde taketh my parte wt them that help me: therfore shall I se my desyre vpon myne enemyes. 8 It is better to trust in the Lord, then to put eny confydence in man. 9 It is better to trust in the Lorde, then to put eny confydence in prynces. 10 All nacions compased me rounde about, but in the name of the Lorde will I destroy them. 11 They kept me in on euery syde, they kept me in (I saye) on euery syde, but in the name of the Lorde, I wyll destroye them. 12 They came aboute me lyke bees, and are extincte, euen as the fyre amonge the thornes, for in the name of the Lorde I wyl destroye them. 13 Thou hast thrust sore at me, that I myght fall, but the Lorde was my helpe. 14 The Lorde is my strength, & my songe, and is become my saluacion. 15 The voyce of ioye and health is in the dwellynges of the ryghteous: the ryght hande of the Lorde bryngeth myghtye thynges to passe. 16 The ryght hande of the Lorde hath the preeminence, the ryght hande of the Lorde bryngeth mightie thynges to passe. 17 I wyll not dye, but lyue, and declare the workes of the Lorde. 18 The Lorde hath chastened & correcte me, but he hath not geuen me ouer vnto death. 19 Open me the gates of righteousnes, that I may go into them, & geue thankes vnto the Lorde. 20 Thys is the gate of the Lorde, the ryghteous shal entre into it. 21 I wyl thanke the, for thou hast herde me, and arte become my saluacion. 22 The same stone whyche the buylders refused, is become the heade stone in the corner. 23 Thys was the Lordes doynge, and it is maruelous in oure eyes. 24 Thys is the daye, whych the Lorde hath made, we wyll reioyse and be glad in it. 25 Helpe now O Lorde, o Lorde, sende vs nowe prosperitie. 26 Blessed be he that commeth in the name of the Lorde, we haue wyshed you good lucke, ye that be of the house of the Lorde. 27 God is the Lorde, Whyche hath shewed vs lyght: bynde the sacrifice with coardes, yee euen vnto the hornes of the aulter 28 Thou arte my God, and I wyll thanke the: thou arte my God and I wyl prayse the. 29 O geue thankes vnto the Lorde, for he is gracious and hys mercye endureth for euer.

Psalms 119:1-150:6

1 Blessed are those that be vndefyled in the waye: and walke in the lawe of the Lorde. 2 Blessed are they that kepe hys testimonies, and seke hym wyth theyr whole herte. 3 For they whych do no wyckednes, walke in hys wayes. 4 Thou hast charged that we shall diligently kepe thy commaundementes. 5 O that my wayes were made so directe, that I myght kepe thy statutes. 6 So shall I not be confounded, whyle I haue respecte vnto al thy commaundementes. 7 I wyl thanke the wyth an vnfayned herte, whan I shall haue learned the iudgementes of thy ryghteousnesse 8 I wyll kepe thy ceremonies, O forsake me not vtterly. 9 Where wyth all shall a yonge man clense hys waye? Euen by rulynge hymselfe after thy worde. 10 Wyth my whole herte haue I sought the. O let me not go wronge out of thy commaundementes. 11 Thy wordes haue I hyd wythin my herte, that I shulde not synne agaynst the. 12 Blessed art thou O Lorde, O teach me thy statutes. 13 Wyth my lyppes haue I bene tellynge of all the iudgementes of thy mouth. 14 I haue hadde as great delyte in the waye of thy testimonies, as in all maner of ryches. 15 I wyll talke of thy commaundementes, and haue respect vnto thy wayes. 16 My delyte shalbe in thy statutes, and I wyll not forget thy worde. 17 O do wel vnto thy seruaunt, that I may lyue and kepe thy worde. 18 Open thou mine eyes, that I maye se the wonderous thinges of thy lawe. 19 I am a straunger vpon earth, O hyde not thy commaundementes from me. 20 My soule breaketh out, for the very feruent desyre that it hath alway vnto thy iudgementes. 21 Thou hast rebuked the proude, and cursed are they that do erre from thy commaundementes. 22 O turne fro me shame and rebuke, for I haue kept thy testimonies. 23 Prynces also dyd sytte & speake agaynst me, but thy seruaunt is occupied in thy statutes. 24 For thy testimonies are my delyte, and my councelers. 25 My soule cleaueth to the dust, O quycken thou me accordynge to thy worde. 26 I haue knowledged my wayes, and thou herdest me, O teach me thy statutes. 27 Make me to vnderstande the waye of thy commaundementes, and so shall I talke of thy wonderous workes. 28 My soule melteth awaye for very heuynesse, comforte thou me accordyng vnto thy worde. 29 Take from me the way of lyeng, & cause thou me to make much of thy lawe. 30 I haue chosen the waye of truth, and thy iudgementes haue I layed before me. 31 I haue stycken vnto thy testimonies, O Lorde confounde me not. 32 I wyll runne the waye of thy commaundementes, when thou hast set my herte at lybertie. 33 Teach me O Lorde the waye of thy statutes, and I shal kepe it vnto the ende. 34 Geue me vnderstandynge, and I shall kepe thy lawe, yee I shall kepe it wyth my whole herte. 35 Make me to go in the path of thy commaundementes, for therin is my desyre. 36 Enclyne my herte vnto thy testimonies, and not to couetousnesse. 37 O turne awaye myne eyes, lest they beholde vanitie: and quycken thou me in thy waye. 38 O stablysh thy worde in thy seruaunt that I maye feare the. 39 Take awaye the rebuke that I am afrayed of, for thy iudgementes are good. 40 Beholde, my delyte is in thy commaundementes, O quycken me in thy ryghteousnesse. 41 Let thy louynge mercy come also vnto me, O Lorde, euen thy saluacion accordyng vnto thy word. 42 So shal I make answere vnto my blasphemers, for my trust is in thy worde. 43 O take not the worde of treuth vtterly oute of my mouth, for my hope is in thy iudgementes. 44 So shall I alwaye kepe thy lawe, yee for euer & euer. 45 And I will walke at liberty, for I seke thy commaundementes. 46 I wyll speake of thy testimonies also euen before kynges, & wyll not be ashamed. 47 And my delite shalbe in thy commaundementes, which I haue loued. 48 My handes also wyll I lyfte vp vnto thy commaundementes whyche I haue loued, and my studye shalbe in thy statutes. 49 O, thincke vpon thy seruaunt as concernynge thy worde, wherin thou hast caused me to put my trust. 50 The same is my comforte in my trouble, for thy worde hath quyckned me. 51 The proude haue had me exceadyngly in derision yet haue I not shrynked from thy lawe. 52 For I remembred thyne euerlastynge iudgementes, O Lorde, and receaued conforte: 53 I am horriblye afrayed for the vngodly, that forsake thy lawe. 54 Thy statutes haue bene my songes, in the house of my pilgremage. 55 I haue thought vpon thy name, O Lorde, in the night season, and haue kept thy lawe. 56 Thys I hadde, because I kepte thy commaundementes. 57 Thou arte my porcion, O Lorde, I haue promysed to kepe thy lawe. 58 I made myne humble peticion in thy presence with my whole herte, O be mercyfull vnto me accordynge vnto thy worde. 59 I call myne owne wayes to remembraunce, and tourne my fete into thy testimonie 60 I made haste, and prolonged not the tyme, to kepe thy commaundementes. 61 The congregacions of the vngodly haue robbed me, but I haue not forgotten thy law. 62 At mydnyght wyll I ryse, to gyue thankes vnto the, bycause of thy ryghtuous iudgementes. 63 I am a companion of all them that feare the and kepe thy commaundementes. 64 The earth, O Lorde, is full of thy mercy. O teache me thy statutes. 65 O Lord, thou hast dealt graciously with thy seruaunt accordynge vnto thy worde. 66 O learne me true vnderstandynge, and knowledge, for I haue beleued thy commaundementes. 67 Before I was troubled, I went wronge, but nowe haue I kept thy worde. 68 Thou art good and gracious, O teach me thy statutes. 69 The proude haue ymagined a lye agaynst me, but I wyll kepe thy commaundementes wyth my whole herte. 70 Theyr herte is as fat as brawne, but my delyte hath bene in thy lawe: 71 It is good for me that I haue bene in trouble, that I maye learne thy statutes. 72 The lawe of thy mouth is dearer vnto me, then thousandes of golde and syluer. 73 Thy handes haue made me and fashioned me, O geue me vnderstandynge, that I maye learne thy commaundementes. 74 They that feare the, wyll be glad when they se me, because I haue put my trust in thy worde. 75 I knowe, O Lorde, thay thy iudgementes are ryght, & that thou of very faythfulnesse haste caused me to be troubled. 76 O Let thy mercyfull kyndnesse be my comforte, accordyng to thy worde vnto thy seruaunte. 77 O let thy louynge mercyes come vnto me, that I may lyue, for thy lawe is my delyte. 78 Let the proude be confounded, for they go wyckedly aboute to destroye me: but I wyll be occupyed in thy commaundementes. 79 Let soch as feare the, and haue knowen thy testimonies, be turned vnto me. 80 O let myne herte be sounde in thy statutes, that I be not ashamed. 81 My soule hath longed for thy saluacion: and I haue a good hope because of thy worde. 82 Myne eyes longe sore for thy worde, sayenge. O whan wylte thou comforte me. 83 For I am become lyke a bottell in the smoke, yet do not I forget thy statutes. 84 How many are the dayes of thy seruaunt? when wylt thou be auenged of them that persecute me? 85 The proude haue dygged pyttes for me, whych are not after thy lawe. 86 All thy commaundementes are true, they persecute me falsly, O be thou my helpe. 87 They had almost made an ende of me vpon earth, but I forsoke not thy commaundementes. 88 O quycken me after thy louyng kyndnes, & so shall I kepe the testimonies of thy mouth. 89 O Lorde, thy worde endureth for euer in heauen. 90 Thy truth also remayneth from one generacion to another: thou haste layed the foundacion of the earth, and it abydeth. 91 They continue thys daye accordynge to thyne ordinaunce, for all thynges serue the. 92 If my delyte had not bene in thy lawe, I shulde haue peryshed in my trouble. 93 I wyl neuer forget thy commaundementes, for with them thou hast quickened me. 94 I am thyne, Oh saue me, for I haue sought thy commaundementes. 95 The vngodly layed wayte for me to destroye me, but I wyll consyder thy testimonies. 96 I se that al thynges come to an ende, but thy commaundement is exceadynge broade. 97 What loue haue I vnto thy lawe? al the daye longe is my studye in it. 98 Thou thorow thy commaundementes hast made me wyser than myne enemyes, for they are euer with me. 99 I haue more vnderstandynge than my teachers, for thy testimonies are my studie. 100 I am wyser then the aged, bycause I kepte thy commaundementes. 101 I haue refrayned my fete from euery euel way, that I may kepe thy worde 102 I haue not shrynked from thy iudgementes, for thou teachest me. 103 O how swete are thy wordes vnto my throte? Yee sweter than hony vnto my mouth. 104 Thorowe thy commaundementes I get vnderstandynge, therfore I hate all wycked wayes. 105 Thy worde is a lanterne vnto my fete, and a lyght vnto my pathes. 106 I haue sworne and am stedfastly purposed, to kepe thy righteous iudgementes. 107 I am troubled aboue measure: quycken me, O Lorde, accordynge vnto thy worde. 108 Let the fre wyll offerynges of my mouth please the, O Lorde, and teache me thy iudgementes. 109 My soule is alwaye in my hande, yet do not I forget thy lawe. 110 The vngodly haue layed a snare for me, but yet swarued not I from thy commaundementes. 111 Thy testymonies haue I claymed as myne heritage for euer: and why? they are the very ioye of my hert. 112 I haue applied myne herte to fulfyll thy statutes alwaye, euen vnto the ende. 113 I hate them that ymagen euell thynges, but thy lawe do I loue. 114 Thou art my defence and shylde, and my trust is in thy worde. 115 Awaye fro me ye wycked, I will kepe the commaundementes of my God. 116 O stablishe me accordinge vnto thy worde, that I maye lyue, and let me not be disapoynted of my hope. 117 Holde thou me vp, and I shall be safe: yee my delite shall euer be in thy statutes. 118 Thou hast troden downe all them that departe from thy statutes, for they ymagin, but disceate. 119 Thou puttest awaye all the vngodly of the earth lyke drosse therfore I loue thy testimonyes. 120 My fleshe trembleth for feare of the, and I am afrayed of thy iudgementes. 121 I deale with the thynge that is laufull & ryght, O geue me not ouer vnto myne oppressours. 122 Make thou thy seruaunt to delyte in that which is good, that the proude do me no wronge. 123 Myne eyes are wasted awaye with lokynge for thy health, and for the worde of thy ryghteousnesse. 124 O deale wyth thy seruaunt accordynge vnto thy louynge mercy, and teache me thy statutes. 125 I am thy seruaunt. O graunte me vnderstandinge, that I maye knowe thy testimonyes. 126 It is tyme for the Lorde to laye to thyne hande, for they haue destroyed thy lawe. 127 For I loue thy commaundementes aboue gold & precious stone. 128 Therfore holde I streyght all thy commaundementes and all false wayes I vtterly abhorre. 129 Thy testimonyes are wonderfull, therfore doth my soule kepe them. 130 When thy worde goeth forth, it geueth lyght and vnderstandynge euen vnto the symple. 131 I opened my mouth and drewe in my breath, for my delyte was in thy commaundementes. 132 O loke thou vpon me, & be mercyfull vnto me, as thou vsest to do vnto those that loue thy name. 133 Order my steppes in thy worde, and so shall no wyckednesse haue dominion ouer me. 134 O delyuer me from the wrongeous dealynges of men, and so shall I kepe thy commaundementes. 135 Shewe the lyght of thy countenaunce vpon thy seruaunt, and teache me thy statutes. 136 Myne eyes gusshe out wyth water, because men kepe not thy lawe. 137 Ryghteous art thou, O Lorde, and true is thy iudgement. 138 The testimonies that thou hast commaunded are exceadynge ryghteous and true. 139 My zele hath euen consumed me, because myne enemyes haue forgotten thy wordes. 140 Thy worde is tried to the vttermost, and thy seruaunte loueth it. 141 I am small and of no reputacyon, yet do not I forget thy commaundementes. 142 The righteousnesse is an euerlastinge righteousnes, and thy lawe is the trueth. 143 Trouble and heuynesse haue taken holde vpon me, yet is my delyte in thy commaundementes. 144 The ryghteousnesse of thy testimonyes is euerlastynge, O graunte me vnderstandynge, & I shall lyue. 145 I call wt my whole hert, heare me, O Lord, I will kepe thy statutes. 146 Yee euen vpon the do I call, helpe me, and I shall kepe thy testimonies. 147 Early in the mornynge do I crye vnto the, for in thy word is my trust. 148 Myne eyes preuente the nyght watches, that I myggt be occupied in thy wordes. 149 Heare my voyce, O Lord, accordinge vnto thy louinge kyndnesse: quycken me accordynge as thou art wont. 150 They drawe nye that of malice persecute me, and are farre from thy lawe. 151 Be thou nye at hande, O Lorde, for all thy commaundementes are true. 152 As concernynge thy testimonyes, I haue knowne longe sens, that thou hast grounded them for euer. 153 O consydre myne aduersyte, and delyuer me, for I do not forget thy lawe 154 Auenge thou my cause, and delyuer me, quycken me accordynge vnto thy worde. 155 Health is farre from the vngodly, for they regarde not thy statutes. 156 Greate is thy mercy, O Lorde, quycken me as thou art wont. 157 Many there are that trouble me, and persecute me, yet do not I swarue from thy testimonyes. 158 It greueth me, when I se the transgressours: because they kepe not thy lawe. 159 Consydre, O Lorde, howe I loue thy commaundementes, O quycken me accordynge to thy louinge kyndnesse. 160 Thy worde is true from euerlastynge, all the iudgementes of thy ryghteousnesse endure for euer more. 161 Prynces haue persecuted me wythout cause, but my herte standeth in awe of thy wordes. 162 I am as glad of thy worde, as one that fyndeth greate spoyles. 163 As for lyes, I hate and abhorre them, but thy lawe do I loue. 164 Seuen tymes a daye do I prayse the, because of thy ryghteous iudgementes. 165 Greate is the peace that they haue whych loue thy lawe, and they are not offended at it. 166 Lord, I haue loked for thy sauynge health, and done after thy commaundementes. 167 My soule hath kept thy testimonyes, and loued them exceadyngly. 168 I haue kept thy commaundementes and testimonyes, for all my wayes are before the. 169 Let my complaynte come before the, O Lorde, geue me vnderstandynge, accordinge vnto thy worde. 170 Oh let my supplicacyon come before the, delyuer me accordynge to thy worde. 171 My lippes shall speake of thy prayse, whan thou hast taught me thy statutes. 172 Yee, my tonge shall synge of thy worde, for all thy commaundementes are ryghteous. 173 Let thyne hande helpe me, for I haue chosen thy commaundementes. 174 I haue longed for thy sauynge health, O Lord, and in thy lawe is my delite. 175 Oh let my soule lyue and it shall prayse the, and thy iudgementes shall helpe me. 176 I haue gone astraye, lyke a shepe that is lost: Oh seke thy seruaunt, for I do not forget thy commaundementes.

Psalms 120:1-150:6

1 A songe of the steares. When I was in trouble, I called vpon the Lorde, and he hearde me. 2 Delyuer my soule, O Lorde, from lyenge lyppes, and from a disceatfull tonge. 3 What rewarde shall be geuen or done vnto the, thou false tonge? 4 Euen myghtie & sharpe arowes, wt hote burnynge coales. 5 Woo is me, that I am constrayned to dwell with Mesech, and to haue myne habitacyon amonge the tentes of Cedar. 6 My soule hath longe dwelt amonge them, that be enemyes vnto peace. 7 I laboure for peace, but when I speake therof, they make them to battayle.

Psalms 121:1-150:6

1 A songe of the steares. I Will lyft vp myne eyes vnto the hylles, from whence commeth my helpe? 2 My helpe commeth euen from the Lorde, which hath made heauen and earth. 3 He wyll not suffre thy fote to be moued, and he that kepeth the, wyll not slepe. 4 Beholde, he that kepeth Israel, shall nether slombre nor slepe. 5 The Lorde hym selfe is thy keper, the Lorde is thy defence vpon thy ryght hande. 6 So that the sunne shall not burne the by daye, nether the moone by nyght. 7 The Lorde shall preserue the from all euell, yee it is euen he that shall kepe thy soule. 8 The Lorde shall preserue thy goynge out and thy commynge in, from thys tyme forth for euer more.

Psalms 122:1-150:6

1 A songe of the steares of Dauid. I Was glad, when they sayde vnto me: we will go into the house of the Lord. 2 Our fete shall stande in thy gates, O Ierusalem. 3 Ierusalem is buylded as a cytie, that is at vnite in it selfe. 4 For thyther the trybes go vp, euen the trybes of the Lorde: to testifye vnto Israel, to geue thanckes vnto the name of the Lorde. 5 For there is the seate of iudgement, euen the seate of the house of Dauid. 6 O praye for the peace of Ierusalem: they shall prospere that loue the. 7 Peace be within thy walles, and plenteousnes wythin thy palaces. 8 For my brethren and companions sakes, I wyll wyshe the prosperite. 9 Yee, because of the house of the Lorde oure God, I wyll seke to do the good.

Psalms 123:1-150:6

1 A songe of the steares. Vnto the lyft I vp myne eyes, thou that dwellest in the heauens. 2 Beholde, euen as the eyes of seruauntes loke vnto the hande of their masters: and as the eyes of a mayden vnto the hande of her mastresse, euen so our eyes wayte vpon the Lorde oure God, vntyll he haue mercy vpon vs. 3 Haue mercy vpon vs, O Lorde, haue mercy vpon vs, for we are vtterly despysed. 4 Oure soule is fylled wyth the scornefull reprofe of the welthy, and wyth the despitefulnesse of the proude.

Psalms 124:1-150:6

1 A songe of the steares of Dauid. If the Lorde hym selfe had not bene of our syde (nowe maye Israel saye) If the Lord him selfe had not bene of our syde when men rose vp agaynst vs. 2 They had swalowed vs vp quycke, when they were so wrathfully displeased at vs. 3 Yee, the waters had drowned vs, and the streame had gone ouer oure soule. 4 The depe waters of the proude had gone euen ouer our soule. 5 But praysed be the Lorde, whych hath not geuen vs ouer for a praye vnto their teeth. 6 Our soule is escaped, euen as a byrde out of the snare of the fouler: 7 the snare is broken, and we are delyuered. 8 Our helpe standeth in the name of the Lorde, whych hath made heauen and earth.

Psalms 125:1-150:6

1 A songe of the steares. They that put their trust in the Lorde, shalbe euen as the mount Syon, which maye not be remoued, but standeth fast for euer. 2 The hylles stande about Ierusalem, euen so standeth the Lorde rounde about hys people, from thys tyme forth for euermore. 3 For the rod of the vngodly cometh not into the lot of the ryghteous, lest the ryghteous put their hande vnto wyckednesse. 4 Do well, O Lorde, vnto those that be good and true of herte 5 As for soche as turne backe vnto their awne wyckednesse, the Lorde, shall leade them forth wyth the euyll doers, but peace shall be vpon Israel.

Psalms 126:1-150:6

1 A songe of the stayres. When the Lord turned agayne the captiuyte of Sion, then were we lyke vnto them that dreame. 2 Then was oure mouth fylled with laughter, and oure tonge with ioye. 3 Then sayd they amonge the Heathen: the Lorde hath done greate thynges for them. 4 Yee, the Lorde hath done greate thynges for vs all ready, wherof we reioyse. 5 Turne oure captyuite, O Lorde, as the ryuers in the south. 6 They that sowe in teares, shall reape in ioye. He that nowe goeth in hys waye wepynge and beareth forth good sede, shall doutheles come agayne wyth ioye, and brynge hys sheaues with him.

Psalms 127:1-150:6

1 A songe of Salomon of the stayres. Except the Lorde buylde the house, their laboure is but lost that buylde it. 2 Except the Lorde kepe the cytie the watchman waketh but in vayne. 3 It is but lost laboure that ye haste to ryse vp early, and so late take rest, and eate the breade of carefulnesse: for so he gyueth hys beloued sleape. 4 Lo, chyldren and the frute of the wombe are an herytage and gyfte, that commeth of the Lorde. 5 Lyke as the arowes in the hande of the gyaunt, euen so are the yonge chyldren. Happy is the man, that hath hys quyuer full of them, they shall not be ashamed, when they speake wyth theyr enemyes in the gate.

Psalms 128:1-150:6

1 A songe of the stayres. Blessed are all they that feare the Lord, and walke in hys wayes. 2 For thou shalt eate the laboures of thyne handes O well is the, and happy shalt thou be. 3 Thy wyfe shalbe as the frutefull vyne vpon the walles of thy house. 4 Thy chyldren lyke the Olyue braunches rounde aboute thy table. 5 Lo, thus shall the man be blessed, that feareth the Lorde. 6 The Lorde frome out of you shall so blesse the, that thou shalt se Ierusalem in prosperyte all thy lyfe longe. Yee that thou shalt se thy chylders chyldren, and peace vpon Israel.

Psalms 129:1-150:6

1 A songe of the stayres. Many a tyme haue they fought agaynst me fro my youth vp (maye Israel nowe saye.) 2 Yee, many a tyme haue they vexed me fro my youth vp, but they haue not preuayled agaynst me. 3 The plowers plowed vpon my backe, & made longe forowes. 4 But the ryghteous Lorde hath hewen the snares of the vngodly in peces. 5 Let them be confounded and turned backwarde, as many as haue euyll wyll at Sion. 6 Let them be euen as the grasse growynge vpon the house toppes, whych wythereth afore it be pluckte vp. 7 Wherof the mower fylleth not hys hande, nether he that byndeth vp the sheaues, hys bosome. 8 So that they whych go by, saye not so moche: as the Lorde prospere you, we wysh you good lucke in the name of the Lorde.

Psalms 130:1-150:6

1 A songe of the stayres. Out of the depe haue I called vnto the O Lorde, Lorde heare my voyce. 2 Oh let thyne eares consydre well the voyce of my complaynte. 3 If thou Lorde wylt be extreme to marcke what is done amysse, Oh Lorde who maye abyde it? 4 For there is mercy wyth the, therfore shalt thou be feared. 5 I loke for the Lord, my soule doth wayte for hym, in hys worde is my trust. 6 My soule fleythe vnto the Lorde, before the mornynge wache (I saye) before the mornynge watche: 7 O Israel trust in the Lorde, for wyth the Lorde there is mercy, and with hym is plenteous redempcyon. 8 And he shall redeme Israel, from all hys synnes.

Psalms 131:1-150:6

1 Dauids songe of the stayres. Lorde, I am not hye mynded, I haue no proude lookes. 2 I do not exercyse my selfe in greate matters, which are to hye for me. 3 But I refrayne my soule and kepe it lowe, lyke as a chylde that is weaned from hys mother: yee, my soule is euen as a weaned chylde. O Israel trust in the Lorde, from thys tyme forth for euermore.

Psalms 132:1-150:6

1 A songe of the steares. Lord, remembre Dauid, and all his trouble. 2 Howe he swore vnto the Lorde, and vowed a vowe vnto the almyghtye God of Iacob: 3 I wyll not come wythin the tabernacle of my house, nor clyme vp in to my bedd. 4 I wyll not suffre myne eyes to slepe, nor myne eye lyddes to slomber. 5 Untill I fynde out a place for the temple of the Lorde, an habitacion for the myghtye God of Iacob. 6 Lo, we hearde of the same at Ephrata, and founde it in the wood. 7 We wyll go in to hys tabernacle, and fall lowe on oure knees before hys fote stole. 8 Aryse, O Lord, into thy restynge place, thou and the arcke of thy strength. 9 Let thy Preastes be clothed wyth ryghteousnesse, & let thy saynctes synge with ioyfulnesse, 10 For thy seruaunt Dauids sake, turne not awaye the presence of thyne anoynted. 11 The Lorde hath made a faythfull othe vnto Dauid, & he shall not shryncke from it: 12 Of the frute of thy body shall I set vpon thy seate. 13 If thy chyldren wyll kepe my couenaunt, and my testimonyes that I shall lerne them: theyr chyldren also shall syt vpon thy seate for euermore. 14 For the Lord hath chosen Sion, to be an habitacion for him selfe hath he longed for her. 15 This shalbe my rest for euer, here wyll I dwell, for I haue a delyte therin. 16 I wyll blesse her vytaylles wyth increasse, & will satisfye her poore wyth bread. 17 I will decke her Preastes wt health, and her saynctes shall reioyse and synge. 18 There shall I make the horne of Dauid to florysh, I haue ordened a lanterne for myne anoynted. As for hys enemyes, I shall clothe them wyth shame, but vpon hym selfe shall hys crowne floryshe.

Psalms 133:1-150:6

1 A songe of the stayres of Dauid: Beholde, howe good and ioyfull a thing it is, brethren to dwell together in vnitye. It is lyke the precyous oyntement vpon the heade, that ranne downe vnto the beerd: euen vnto Aarons beerd, and wente downe to the skyrtes of hys clothynge. 2 Lyke the dewe of Hermon, which fell vpon the hyll of Sion. 3 For there the Lord promised hys blessynge, and lyfe for euermore.

Psalms 134:1-150:6

1 A songe of the stayres. Beholde, prayse the Lorde, all yee seruauntes of the Lorde, yee that by nyght stande in the house of the Lorde, 2 Lyft vp youre handes in the Sanctuary, & prayse the Lorde. 3 The Lorde that made heauen and earth, gyue the blessynge out of Sion.

Psalms 135:1-150:6

1 O prayse the Lorde laude ye the name of the Lorde, prayse it O ye seruauntes of the Lorde. 2 Ye that stande in the house of the Lorde, in the courtes of the house of oure God. 3 O prayse the Lorde, for the Lord is gracious: O synge prayses vnto his name, for it is louely. 4 For why? the Lorde hath chosen Iacob vnto hym selfe, & Israel for hys awne possessyon. 5 For I knowe that the Lorde is greate, and that oure Lorde is aboue all goddes. 6 Whatsoeuer the Lorde pleased, that dyd he in heauen and in earth, in the see, & in all deape places: 7 He bringeth forth the cloudes from the endes of the worlde, & sendithe for the lyghteninges with the rayne, brynginge the wyndes out of hys treasuryes. 8 He smote the fyrst borne of Egypte, both of man & of beast. 9 He hath sent tokens and wonders into the myddest of the, O thou lande of Egypte, vpon Pharao and all hys seruauntes. 10 He smote diuerse nacyons, and slewe myghtye Kynges: 11 Sehon Kynge of the Amorytes, and Og the kinge of Basan, & all the Kingdomes of Canaan. 12 And gaue theyr lande to be an heritage, euen an heritage vnto Israel his people. 13 Thy name, O Lorde, endureth for euer, so doth thy memoriall, O Lorde, from one generacyon to another. 14 For the Lord wyll auenge hys people, & be gracyous vnto his seruauntes. 15 As for the ymages of the Heathen, they are but syluer and golde, the worcke of mens handes. 16 They haue mouthes, & speake not: eyes haue they, but they se not. 17 They haue eares, and yet they heare not, nether is there any breth in theyr mouthes. 18 They that make them, are lyke vnto them, and so are all they that put theyr trust in them. 19 Prayse the Lorde ye house of Israel, prayse the Lorde ye house of Aaron. 20 Prayse the Lorde ye house of Leui, ye that feare the Lorde, prayse the Lorde. 21 Praysed be the Lord out of Sion, which dwelleth at Ierusalem. Halleluiah.

Psalms 136:1-150:6

1 O geue thankes vnto the Lorde, for he is gracyous, and hys mercy endureth for euer. 2 O geue thankes vnto the God of all goddes, for hys mercy endureth for euer. 3 O thanke the Lord of all Lordes, for hys mercy endureth for euer. 4 Whych only doth greate wonders, for his mercy endureth for euer. 5 Which by his excellentt wysdome made the heauens, for hys mercy endureth for euer. 6 Whych layed out the earth aboue the waters, for hys mercy endureth for euer. 7 Whych hath made greate lyghtes, for hys mercy endureth for euer. 8 The sunne to rule the daye, for hys mercy endureth for euer. 9 The Moone and the starres to gouerne the nyght, for his mercy endureth for euer. 10 Whych smote Egypt wyth theyr fyrst borne, for hys mercy endureth for euer. 11 And brought out Israel from amonge them, for hys mercy endureth for euer. 12 Wyth a myghtye hande and stretched out arme, for hys mercy endureth for euer. 13 Whych deuyded the reed see into partes, for hys mercy endureth for euer. 14 And made Israel to go thorowe the myddest of it, for hys mercy endureth for euer. 15 But as for Pharao and hys hoost, he ouerthrewe them in the reed see, for hys mercy endureth for euer. 16 Which led his people thorowe the wildernesse, for hys mercy endureth for euer. 17 Which smote great kinges: for his mercy endureth for euer. 18 Yee, & slue myghtye kynges: for his mercy endureth for euer. 19 Sehon kynge of the Amorites: for hys mercy endureth for euer. 20 And Og the kyng of Basan: for hys mercy endureth for euer. 21 And gaue awaye theyr lande for an heritage: for his mercy endureth for euer. 22 Euen for an heritage vnto Israel hys seruaunt: for hys mercy endureth for euer. 23 Which remembred vs, when we were in trouble: for his mercy endureth for euer. 24 And hath delyuered vs from oure enemyes: for his mercy endureth for euer. 25 Whych geueth fode vnto all flesshe: for hys mercy endureth for euer. 26 O geue thanckes vnto the God of heauen, for hys mercy endureth for euer.

Psalms 137:1-150:6

1 By the waters of Babilon we sat downe and weapte, when we remembred Syon. 2 As for oure harpes, we hanged them vp vpon the trees, that are therin. 3 For they that led vs awaye captyue, requyred of vs then a songe & melody in our heuynes: synge vs one of the songes of Sion. 4 Howe shall we synge the Lordes songe in a straunge lande. 5 If I forget the, O Ierusalem, let my ryght hande forget her connynge. 6 If I do not remembre the, let my tong cleue to the rofe of my mouth: yee, yf I preferre not Ierusalem in my myrth. 7 Remembre the chyldren of Edom, O Lorde, in the daye of Ierusalem, how they sayde: downe wt it, downe with it: euen to the grounde. 8 O daughter of Babylon, wasted with miserye: yee, happye shall he be, that rewardeth the, as thou hast serued vs. 9 Blessed shall he be, that taketh thy chyldren, and throweth them agaynst the stones.

Psalms 138:1-150:6

1 Of Dauid. I Will geue thankes vnto the, O Lord, with my whole hert, euen before the goddes, wyll I synge prayse vnto the. 2 I wyll worshyppe towarde thy holy temple, and prayse thy name, because of thy louynge kyndnesse and trueth: for thou hast magnifyed thy name and thy worde aboue all thynges. 3 When I called vpon the, thou hardest me, and endewdest my soule wt moch strength. 4 All the kynges of the earth shall prayse the, O Lorde, for they haue heard the wordes of thy mouthe. 5 Yee, they shall synge in the wayes of the Lorde, that great is the glory of the Lorde. 6 For though the Lorde be hye, yet hath he respecte vnto the lowly: as for the proude, he beholdeth him a farre of. 7 Though I walke in the myddest of trouble: yet shalt thou refressh me: thou shalt stretch forth thyne hand vpon the furiousnes of myne enemyes, & thy ryght hand shall saue me. 8 The Lord shall make good his louyng kyndnesse towarde me: yee, thy mercy, O Lorde, endureth for euer, despyse not then the worckes of thyne awne handes.

Psalms 139:1-150:6

1 To the chaunter, a psalme of Dauid. O lorde, thou hast searched me out, and knowen me. 2 Thou knowest my downe syttinge and myne vprysing: thou vnderstandest my thoughtes longe before. 3 Thou art about my path, and about my bedd: & spyest out all my wayes. 4 For lo, there is not a worde in my tonge, but thou, O Lorde knowest it all together. 5 Thou hast fassyoned me behynde and before, and layed thyne hande vpon me. 6 Soch knowledge is to wonderfull & excellent for me: I can not attayne vnto it. 7 Whyther shall I go then from thy sprete? or whither shall I go then from thy presence? 8 If I clyme vp into heauen, thou art ther: yf I go downe to hell thou, art there also. 9 If I take the wynges of the mornynge, & remayne in the vttermost partes of the see. 10 Euen ther also shall thy hande lead me: and thy right hande shall holde me 11 If I saye: paraduenture the darcknesse shall couer me, then shall my nyght be turned to daye. 12 Yee, the darcknes is no darcknes with the: but the night is all cleare as the daye, the darcknes & lyght (to the) are both a lyke. 13 For my reynes are thyne, thou hast couered me in my mothers wombe. 14 I will geue thankes vnto the: for I am fearfully & wonderously made: maruelous are thy workes, & that my soule knoweth right well. 15 My bones are not hyd from the, though I be made secretly and fasshioned beneth in the earth. 16 Thyne eyes dyd se my substaunce, yet being vnparfect: & in thy boke were all my membres written. Which daye by daye were fashyoned, when as yet there was none of them. 17 Howe deare are thy councels vnto me, O God? O howe great is the summe of them? 18 If I tell them, they are mo in nombre then the sande: when I wake vp, I am present wt the. 19 Wylt thou not slaye the wicked, O God? departe from me ye bloude thirsty men. 20 For they speake vnrighteously agaynst the: & thyne enemies take thy name in rayne. 21 Do not I hate them, O Lorde, that hate the? & am not I greued with those that ryse vp agaynst the? 22 Yee, I hate them ryght sore, euen as though they were myne enemyes. 23 Trye me, O God, and seke the grounde of myne hert: proue me and examen my thoughtes. 24 Loke well yf there be any waye of wyckednes in me, and leade me in the waye euerlastynge.

Psalms 140:1-150:6

1 To the chaunter, a psalme of Dauid. Delyuer me, O Lorde, from the euell man, and preserue me from the wycked man. 2 Which ymagin myschefe in their hertes: and stere vp strife all the daye longe. 3 They haue sharpened theyr tonges like a serpent: adders poyson is vnder their lyppes. Sela. 4 Kepe me, O Lorde, from the handes of the vngodly: preserue me from the wyckedmen, which are purposed to ouerthrowe my goynges. 5 The proude haue layed a snare for me: and spred a net abroad with coardes: yee, & set trappes in my waye Sela. 6 I sayde vnto the Lorde: thou art my God, heare the voyce of my prayers, O Lorde. 7 O Lorde God, thou strength of my health, thou hast couered my heed in the day of battayll. 8 Let not the vngodly haue his desyre, O Lorde, let not hys mischeuous ymaginacyon prosper: lest they be to proude. Sela. 9 Let the mischefe of their awne lippes fall vpon the heed of them, that compasse me about. 10 Let hote burninge coales fall vpon them: let them be cast into the fyer and into the pyt: that they neuer ryse vp againe. 11 A man full of wordes shal not prosper vpon the erth: euell shall hunte the wycked person, to ouerthrowe hym. 12 Sure I am, that the Lorde wyll auenge the poore, and mainteyne the cause of the helpeles. 13 The righteous also shall geue thankes vnto thy name, and the iust shall contynue in thy syght.

Psalms 141:1-150:6

1 A psalme of Dauid. Lorde, I call vpon the: haste the vnto me, & consider my voyce, when I crye vnto the. 2 Let my prayer be set forth in thy sight as the incense: & let the lyftyng vp of my handes be an eueninge sacrifyce. 3 Set a watch, O Lord, before my mouth & kepe the dore of my lippes. 4 O let not myne herte be inclyned to any euell thynge: let me not be occupyed in vngodly workes, with the men that worke wyckednesse, lest I eate of soch thynges as please them. 5 Let the ryghteous rather smyte me frendly & reproue me. 6 But let not ther preciouse balmes: breake myne heed: yee, I wyll praye yet agaynste theyr wyckednesse. 7 Lett theyr iudges be ouerthrowen in stony places: that they may heare my wordes: for they are swete. 8 Our bones lye scatered before the pit, lyke as when one breaketh and heweth wood vpon the erth. 9 But myne eyes looke vnto the, O Lorde God: in the is my trust, Oh cast not out my soule. 10 Kepe me from the snare which they haue layed for me: & from the trappes of the wicked doers. Let the vngodly fall into their awne nettes together: and let me euer escape them.

Psalms 142:1-150:6

1 The instruccyon of Dauid, a prayer whan he was in the caue. I Cryed vnto the Lorde wt my voyce: yee, euen vnto the Lorde dyd I make my supplicacyon. I powred out my complayntes before hym, and shewed hym of my trouble. 2 When my sprete was in heuynesse, thou knewest my path: in the waye wherin I walked haue they preuely layed a snare for me. 3 I loked also vpon my right hande, and se, there was no man that wolde knowe me. I had no place to flee vnto, and no man cared for my soule. 4 I cryed vnto the, O Lorde, and sayde: thou arte my hope, and my porcyon in the lande of the lyuynge. 5 Consydre my complaynte: for I am brought very lowe. 6 O delyuer me from my persecutours: for they are to stronge for me. 7 Brynge my soule out of preson, that I maye geue thankes vnto thy name: which thynge yf thou wylt graunte me, then shall the ryghteous resorte vnto my company.

Psalms 143:1-150:6

1 A psalme of Dauid. Heare my praier, O Lorde, and considre my desyre: herken vnto me for thy treuth and righteousnes sake. 2 And entre not into iudgement with thy seruaunt: for in thy sight shall no man lyuinge be iustifyed. 3 For the enemy hath persecuted my soule: he hath smyten my lyfe downe to the grounde: he hath layed me in the darcknes, as the men that haue bene longe deed. 4 Therfore is my sprete vexed within me: and my herte within me is desolate. 5 Yet do I remembre the tyme past, I muse vpon all thy workes: yee, I excercyse my selfe in the worckes of thy handes. 6 I streach forth myne handes vnto the: my soule gaspeth vnto the as a thyrsty lande. Selah. 7 Heare me, O Lorde, & that soone: for my sprete wexeth faynte, hid not thy face from me, lest I be lyke vnto them that go downe into the pytt. 8 O let me heare thy louing kindnes by tymes in the morninge for in the is my trust: shewe thou me the waye that I shuld walke in, for I lyft vp my soule vnto the. 9 Delyuer me, O Lorde, from myne enemyes: for I flye vnto the to hyde me. 10 Teach me to do the thynge that pleaseth the, for thou art my God, let thy louinge sprete leade me forthe vnto the lande of ryghteousnes. 11 Quycken me, O Lord, for thy names sake, & for thy ryghteousnes sake bringe my soule out of trouble. 12 And of thy goodnes slaye myne enemyes, and destroye all them that vexe my soule, for I am thy seruaunt.

Psalms 144:1-150:6

1 Of Dauid. Blessed be the Lord my strengthe, which teacheth my handes to warre, & my fyngers to fyght. 2 My hope and my fortresse, my castell, and delyuerer, my defender in whom I trust, whych subdueth my people that is vnder me. 3 Lorde, what is man, that thou hast soch respect vnto him? Or the sonne of man, that thou so regardest hym? 4 Man is lyke a thynge of naught, his tyme passeth awaye lyke a shadowe. 5 Bowe thy heauens, O Lorde, & come downe, touche the mountaynes, & they shall smoke. 6 Caste forth the lyghtynynge, & teare them, shote out thyne arowes, and consume them. 7 Sende downe thyne hande from aboue, delyuer me, & take me out of the great waters, from the hande of straunge chyldren, 8 Whose mouth talketh of vanyte, & theyr ryght hande is a ryght hande of wyckednes. 9 I wyll synge a newe songe vnto the, O God, & synge prayses vnto the vpon a tenstrynged lute. 10 Thou that geuest victory vnto kinges, and hast delyuered Dauid thy seruaunt from the parell of the swerde. 11 Saue me, and delyuer me from the hande of straunge chyldren, whose mouth talketh of vanite, and theyr ryght hande is a ryght hande of iniquite. 12 That oure sonnes maye growe vp as the yonge plantes, & that oure daughters maye be as the polyshed corners of the temple. 13 That oure garners may be full and plenteous with all maner of stoare: that once shepe maye brynge forth thousandes, and ten thousandes in oure stretes. 14 That oure oxen maye be stronge to laboure, that there be no decaye, no ledynge into captyuitie, & no complayninge in oure stretes. 15 Happye are the people that be in soche a case: yee blessed are the people, whych haue the Lorde for their God.

Psalms 145:1-150:6

1 A thankesgeuynge of Dauid. I Wyll magnifye the, O God my kynge, and I wyll prayse thy name for euer and euer. 2 Euery daye wyll I geue thanckes vnto the, and prayse thy name for euer & euer. 3 Greate is the Lorde, & maruelous worthy to be praysed, there is no ende of hys greatnesse. 4 One generacyon shall prayse thy workes vnto another, and declare thy power. 5 As for me I wylbe talkyng of thy worship, thy glory, thy prayse, & wonderous worckes. 6 So that men shall speake of the myght of thy maruelous actes, and I wyll also tell of thy greatnes. 7 The memoriall of thyne aboundant kyndnes shalbe shewed, and men shall synge of thy ryghteousnesse. 8 The Lorde is gracyous and mercyfull, long sufferynge, and of greate goodnesse. 9 The Lord is louyng vnto euery man, and hys mercy is ouer all hys workes. 10 All thy worckes prayse the, O Lord, and thy saynctes geue thanckes vnto the. 11 They shewe the glory of thy kingdome, and talke of thy power. 12 That thy power, thy glory & mightinesse of thy kyngdome, myght be knowne vnto men. 13 Thy Kyngdome is an euerlastynge kyngdome, & thy dominion endureth thorowe out all ages. 14 The Lorde vpholdeth all soche as fall, & lyfteth vp all those that be downe. 15 The eyes of all wayte vpon the, & thou geuest them theyr meate in due season. 16 Thou openest thyne hande, and fyllest all thynges lyuinge wyth plenteousnesse. 17 The Lorde is ryghteous in all his wayes, and holy in all hys worckes. 18 The Lorde is nye vnto all them that call vpon hym, yee all soche as call vpon hym faythfully. 19 He wyll fulfyll the desyre of them that feare hym, he also wyll heare theyr crye, & will helpe them. 20 The Lorde preserueth all them that loue hym, but scatereth abroade all the vngodly. 21 My mouth shall speake the prayse of the Lorde, and let all flesh geue thankes vnto hys holy name for euer and euer.

Psalms 146:1-150:6

1 Halleluiah. Prayse the Lorde, O my soule: whyle I lyue will I prayse the Lorde: yee as long as I haue any beynge, I will synge prayses vnto my God. 2 O put not youre trust in Princes, nor in any chylde of man, for there is no helpe in them. 3 For when the breth of man goeth forth he shall turne againe to his earth, and then all his thoughtes peryshe. 4 Blessed is he that hath the God of Iacob for hys helpe, and whose hope is in the Lorde hys God. 5 Which made heauen and earth, the see, and all that therin is, whych kepeth hys promyse for euer. 6 Whych helpeth them to ryght that suffre wronge, whych fedeth the hongrye. 7 The Lorde loseth men out of preson, the Lorde geueth syght to the blynde. 8 The Lorde helpeh them vp that are fallen, the Lorde careth for the ryghteous. 9 The Lorde careth for the straungers, he defendeth the fatherlesse & wyddowe: as for the waye of the vngodly, he turneth it vpside downe, 10 The Lorde thy God, O Sion: shall be kynge for euermore, and thorowe out all generacyons. Halleluiah.

Psalms 147:1-150:6

1 O prayse the Lord, for it is a good thing to synge prayse vnto oure God: yee a ioyfull and pleasaunt thynge is it to be thankfull. 2 The Lorde doth buylde vp Ierusalem, and shall gather to gether the outcastes of Israel. 3 He healeth those that ar broken in harte & gyueth medycine to heale ther sycknes. 4 He telleth the nombre of the starres, and calleth them all by ther names. 5 Greate is oure Lorde, and greate is hys power: yee hys wysdome is infynite. 6 The Lorde setteth vp the meke, and bryngeth the vngodly downe to the grounde. 7 O synge vnto the Lorde with thankesgeuynge, synge prayse vpon the harpe vnto oure God. 8 Whych couereth the heauen wyth cloudes, and prepareth rayne for the earth, and maketh the grasse to growe vpon the mountaynes. 9 Whych geueth fodre vnto the catell, & fedeth the yong rauens that call vpon hym. 10 He hath not pleasure in the strength of an horse, nether delyteth he in any mans legges. 11 But the Lordes delyte is in them that feare hym, and put their trust in hys mercy. 12 Prayse the Lord, O Ierusalem: prayse thy God, O Sion. 13 For he hath made fast the barres of thy gates, & hath blessed thy chyldren wythin the. 14 He maketh peace in thy borders, and fylleth the wyth the floure of wheate. 15 He sendeth forth hys commaundement vpon earth, and hys worde runneth very swyftly. 16 He geueth snowe lyke wolle, & scatereth the horefrost lyke ashes. 17 He casteth forth hys yse lyke morsels, who is able to abyde hys frost? 18 He sendeth out his worde & mealteth them, he bloweth with his wynd, and the waters flowe. 19 He sheweth hys worde vnto Iacob, hys statutes & ordinaunces vnto Israel. 20 He hath not dealte so wt anye nacyon, nether haue the heathen knowledge of hys lawes. Haleluiah.

Psalms 148:1-150:6

1 Haleluiah. Prayse the euerlastynge. O prayse the Lorde of heauen, prayse hym in the heygth. 2 Prayse him all ye angels of hys, prayse hym all hys hoost. 3 Prayse hym Sunne and Moone, prayse hym all ye starres and lyght. 4 Prayse hym all ye heauens, & ye waters that be aboue the heauens. 5 Let them prayse the name of the Lorde, for he commaunded, and they were created. 6 He hath made them fast for euer and euer, he hath geuen them a lawe, whych shall not be broken. 7 Prayse the Lorde vpon earth, ye dragons, and all depes. 8 Fyre an hayle, snowe and vapors, wynde and storme, fulfyllyng hys worde. 9 Mountaynes & all hylles, frutefull trees and all Cedres. 10 Beastes and all catell, wormes and federed foules. 11 Kynges of the earth and all people, Princes and all iudges of the worlde. 12 Yonge men and maydens, olde men and chyldren: 13 prayse the name of the Lorde, for his name only is excellent, & hys prayse aboue heauen and earth. 14 He shall exalte the horne of hys people, all hys saynctes shall prayse hym, euen the chyldren of Israel, euen the people that serueth hym. Haleluiah.

Psalms 149:1-150:6

1 Haleluiah. Prayse the euerlastynge. O synge vnto the Lorde a newe songe, let the congregacyon of sainctes prayse hym. 2 Let Israel reioyce in him that made hym, and let the chyldren of Sion be ioyfull in their king. 3 Let them prayse his name in the daunce, let them synge prayses vnto hym with tabrette & harpe. 4 For the Lorde hath pleasure in hys people, and helpeth the meke harted. 5 Let the saynctes be ioyfull with glory, let them reioyse in their beddes. 6 Let the prayses of God be in their mouth, and a two edged swerde in their handes. 7 To be auenged of the Heathen, and to rebuke the people. 8 To bynde their Kynges in cheynes, and their nobles wt lynkes of yron. 9 That they maye be auenged of them, as it is wrytten: soche honoure haue all hys saynctes. Haleluiah.

Psalms 150:1-6

1 Haleluiah. O prayse God in his holynes, prayse hym in the fyrmament of his power. 2 Prayse hym in hys noble actes, prayse hym accordynge vnto hys excellent greatnesse. 3 Prayse hym in the sounde of the trompet, prayse hym vpon the lute & harpe. 4 Prayse him in the cymbales and daunse, prayse him vpon the strynges and pype. 5 Prayse hym vpon the welltuned cymbales, prayse hym vpon the loude cymbales. 6 Let euery thynge that hath breth, prayse the Lorde. Haleluiah.Prayse the euerlastynge.

Isaiah 41:11-13

11 Beholde, all they that resyst the shall come to confusyon & shame: and thyne aduersaries shalbe destroyed & brought to naught. 12 So that whoso seketh after them, shall not fynde them. Thy destroyers shall perysh, and so shall they that vndertake to make batayll agaynst the be as that is not, & as a thinge of naught. 13 For I thy Lorde and God will strengthen thy ryght hand. Euen I that saye vnto the. Feare not. I wyll helpe the

Matthew 5:38-41

38 Ye haue hearde that it is sayd: an eye for an eye: and a toth for a toth. 39 But I saye vnto you, that ye resist not euell. But whosoeuer geue the a blowe on the ryght cheke, turne to hym the other also. 40 And yf eny man wyll sue the at the law, and take awaye thy coate, let him haue thy clooke also. 41 And whosoeuer wyll compell the to go a myle, go with him twayne.

Psalms 18:3

3 The sorowes of deeth compassed me, & the ouerflowinges of vngodlynesse made me afrayed.

Matthew 5:11

11 Blessed are ye, when men reuyle you, and persecute you, and shall falesy say all maner of euyll sayinge against you, for my sake.

Ephesians 4:29

29 Let no fylthy communicacion procede out of youre mouth: but that which is good to edifye wt all, as oft as nede is that it maye minister grace vnto the hearers.

Proverbs 6:16-19

16 These syxe thynges doth the Lord hate, and the seuenth he vtterly abhorreth: 17 A proude looke a lyinge tonge, handes that shed innocent bloude, 18 an herte that goeth aboute wyth wycked ymaginacyons fete that be swyfte in rennynge to do myschefe, 19 a false wytnesse that bringeth vp lyes, and soche one as soweth discorde amonge brethren.

1 John 2:9

9 He that sayth how that he is in the lyght, & yet hateth his brother, is in dercknes euen vntyll thys tyme.

Deuteronomy 31:6

6 Plucke vp youre hartes therfore, and be stronge, dreade not, nor be aferde of them: for the Lord thy God him selfe doth go wyth the. He shall not fayle the, nor forsake the.

1 John 3:15

15 Whosoeuer hateth his brother, is a man slear. And ye knowe, that no man slear, hath eternall lyfe abydynge in hym.

Romans 12:19-20

19 Dearly beloued, auenge not youre selues, but rather geue place vnto wrath. For it is wrytten: vengeaunce is myne, I wyll rewarde, sayth the Lorde. 20 Therfore, yf thyne enemy honger, fede him: yf he thyrst, geue hym dryncke. For in so doyng thou shalt heape coles of fyre on hys heade.

Matthew 5:43-48

43 Ye haue heard that it is sayde, thou shalt loue thyne neyghbour, and hate thyne enemy. 44 But I saye vnto you: loue your enemyes. Blesse them that curse you. Do good to them that hate you. Praye for them which hurt you and persecute you, 45 that ye maye be the children of your father which is in heauen: for he maketh his sonne to aryse on the euell, & on the good, & sendeth rayne on the iust & on the vniust. 46 For yf ye loue them which loue you: what reward haue ye? Do not the publycans also euen the same? 47 And yf ye make moche of your brethren only, what singuler thinge do ye? Do not also the publicans lykewise? 48 ye shall therfore be perfecte, euen as your father which is in heauen is perfecte.

2 Timothy 1:7

7 For God hath not geuen to vs the sprete of feare: but of power, and of loue, and of sobrenes.

Leviticus 19:18

18 Thou shalt not auenge thy selfe nor be myndfull of wronge agaynst the chyldren of my people but shalt loue thy neyghboure euen as thy selfe. I am the Lorde.

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