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Judges 2:10-23

10 And euen so all that generacyon were put vnto their fathers, and there arose another generacyon after them whych nether knewe the Lorde, nor yet the worckes whych he had done for Israel. 11 And then the children of Israel dyd wyckedlye in the syght of the lorde, and serued Baalim, 12 and forsoke the Lorde God of their fathers, whych brought them out of the land of Egypte, and folowed straunge goddes, euen of the goddes of the nacyons that were round aboute them, and bowed them selues vnto them and angred the lorde. 13 They forsoke the lord, and serued Baal and Astharoth 14 and the wrath of the lorde waxed hote agaynst Israel, and he delyuered them into the handes of raueners, that spoyled them, and solde them into the handes of their enemyes rounde aboute them, so that they had no power any longer to stande before their enemyes. 15 But whethersoeuer they went out, the hand of the lord was agaynst them with euell lucke, euen as the lord promysed them, & as he sware vnto them. And he punyshed them sore. 16 Neuerthelesse the lorde raysed vp Iudges, which delyuered them out of the handes of their oppressers, 17 and yet for all that they wold not harken vnto their Iudges: But rather went a whoryng after straunge goddes, and bowed them selues vnto them, and turned quicklye out of the waye, which their fathers walked in, obeying the commaundementes of the Lord: But they dyd not so. 18 And when the lord raysed them vp Iudges, he was with the Iudge, and delyuered them out of the handes of their enemyes all the dayes of the Iudge for the Lorde had compassyon ouer their sorowinges, whych they had, by the reason of them that oppressed them & vexed them: 19 yet for all that as sone as the iudge was dead, they turned and dyd worsse that their fathers, in folowinge straunge goddes, and in seruyng them, and ceased not from their owne inuencyons, nor from their malycyouse waye. 20 And the wrath of the Lorde was moued agaynst Israel, & he sayde: because this people hath transgressed myne appointement which I commaunded their fathers, & haue not herkened vnto my voyce, 21 I wyll hence furth not cast out before them one man of the nacyons, which Iosua leaft when he dyed, 22 that through them I maye proue Israel, whether they wyll kepe the waye of the Lorde, & walke therin, as their fathers dyd or not 23 And so the Lord leaft those nacions, & droue them not out ymmedyatlye, nether delyuered them into the hande of Iosua.

2 Kings 10:18-25

18 And Iehu gathered all the people together and sayd vnto them: Ahab serued Baal a lytle. But Iehu shall serue hym more. 19 Nowe therfore call vnto me all the prophetes of Baal all soch as serue him, & all his prestes, and let none be lackyng. For I haue a greate sacrifyce to do to Baal: & therfore, whosoeuer is myssed, he shall not lyue. But Iehu dyd it for a sutteltye, to the intent that he might destroye the seruauntes of Baal. 20 And Iehu sayde: Proclayme an holy conuocacyon for Baal, 21 and Iehu sent vnto all Israel. And all the seruauntes of Baal came, that ther was not a man lefte behynde that came not. And they came into the house of Baal, & the house of Baal was full from one ende to another. 22 And he sayde vnto hym that was the keper of the vestrye, bringe forth garmentes for all the seruauntes of Baal. And he brought them out garmentes. 23 And when Iehu went with Iehonadab the sonne of Rechab into the house of Baal, he sayde vnto the seruauntes of Baal: searche, and loke, that there be here wt you none of the seruauntes of the Lorde, but the seruauntes of Baal only. 24 And when they went in to offer sacrifice & burntoffringe: Iehu appoynted .lxxx. men without, & sayd: If any of the men whom I haue brought vnder youre handes, escape, he that letteth him go, shall dye for hym. 25 And it fortuned, that assone as he had made an ende of offering the burntsacrifyce, Iehu sayde to the men of warre and to the captaines: go in, and sleye them, let none come out. And they smote them with the edge of the swearde. And the men of warre and the captaynes cast them out, and went vnto the citye of the temple of Baal,

1 Kings 18:24-29

24 And call ye on the name of youre God, & I wyll call on the name of the Lorde: and then the God that answereth by fyre, let him be God. And all the people answered & sayde. yt is well spoken. 25 And Elia sayd vnto the prophetes of Baal: chose you an oxe, and dresse hym fyrst (for ye are many) and call on the name of your goddes, but put no fyre vnder. 26 And they toke the one oxe that he dyd geue them, & they dressed it & called on the name of Baal from mornynge to noone: sayeng: O Baal heare vs. But there was no voyce nor one to answere. And they lepte vpon the aulter that they had made. 27 And at none it fortuned, that Elia mocked them, and sayde: crye lowde, for he is a God: peraduenture he is talkinge or occupyed (in folowinge vpon his enemyes) or is in his iourneye, or happely he slepeth, & must be awaked withe youre crye. 28 And they cryed lowde, and cut them selues, as their maner was, wt knyues & launcers, tyll the bloude folowed on them. 29 And it chaunsed, that when myddaye was passed they prophesyed vntill the tyme of the euenyng sacrifyce. But there was nether voyce ner one to answere, ner any that regarded them.

Jeremiah 32:35

35 They haue builded hye places for Baal in the valley of the chyldren of Hennom, to vowe theyr sonnes and daughters vnto Moloch: which I neuer commaunded them: nether came it euer in my thoughte, to make Iuda synne with soch abhominatyon.

2 Kings 23:5

5 And he put downe the ministers of Baal whom the kynges of Iuda had founded to burne incense in the hyllaulters and cyties of Iuda, that were rounde aboute Ierusalem, and also them that burnt incense vnto Baal, to the sonne, to the mone, to the planetes, and to all the Hoste of heauen.

2 Kings 21:3

3 For he went and buylt vp the hyllaulters, which Hezekia hys father had destroyed. And he reared vp aulters for Baal, and made Idoll groues (as dyd Ahab kynge of Israel,) and worshypped all the Hoste of heauen, and serued them.

2 Kings 17:16

16 But they left the commaundementes of the Lord theyr God and made them Images of metall euen two calues: and made Idole groues, & worshypped all the Hoste of heauen, and serued Baall.

Hosea 2:16-17

16 Then (sayeth the Lorde she shall saye vnto me) O my housbande, & shall call me nomore Baal: 17 for I wyll take awaye those names of Baal from her mouth, yee, she shall neuer remembre their names eny more.

John 15:5

5 I am the vyne, ye are the braunches. He that abydeth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth moche frute. For without me can ye do nothing.

1 Samuel 7:4

4 Then the chyldren of Israel dyd put awaye Baalim and Astaroth, and serued the Lorde onely.

Jeremiah 2:8

8 The Prestes them selues sayde not: Where is the Lorde? They that had the lawe in theyr handes, knewe me not: The shepherdes offended agaynst me. The prophetes dyd seruyce vnto Baal, & folowed soch thynges as shall brynge them no profyt.

Jeremiah 23:13

13 I haue sene foly amonge the Prophetes of Samaria, that they preached for Baall, and disceaued my people of Israell.

Jeremiah 7:9

9 For when ye haue stollen, murthured, commytted aduoutry, & periury. When ye haue offred vnto Baal, folowyng straunge & vnknowne goddes shall ye be vnpunyshed?

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