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Genesis 1:26

26 Furthermore God said, Let vs make man in our image according to our likenes, and let them rule ouer the fish of the sea, and ouer the foule of the heauen, and ouer the beastes, and ouer all the earth, and ouer euery thing that creepeth and moueth on the earth.

Leviticus 14:9

9 So in the seuenth day hee shall shaue off all his heare, both his head, and his beard, and his eye browes: euen all his heare shall he shaue, and shall wash his clothes and shall wash his flesh in water: so he shalbe cleane.

Deuteronomy 14:1-29

1 Ye are the children of the Lord your God. Ye shall not cut yourselues, nor make you any baldnesse betweene your eyes for the dead. 2 For thou art an holy people vnto ye Lord thy God, and the Lord hath chosen thee to be a precious people vnto himselfe, aboue all the people that are vpon the earth. 3 Thou shalt eate no maner of abomination. 4 These are the beastes, which ye shall eate, the beefe, the sheepe, and the goate, 5 The hart, and the roe buck, and the bugle, and the wilde goate, and the vnicorne, and the wilde oxe, and the chamois. 6 And euery beast that parteth ye hoofe, and cleaueth the clift into two clawes, and is of the beasts that cheweth the cudde, that shall ye eate. 7 But these ye shall not eate, of them that chew the cud, and of them that deuide and cleaue the hoofe onely: ye camell, nor the hare, nor the cony: for they chewe the cudde, but deuide not ye hoofe: therefore they shall be vncleane vnto you: 8 Also the swine, because he deuideth the hoofe, and cheweth not the cud, shalbe vncleane vnto you: ye shall not eate of their flesh, nor touch their dead carkeises. 9 These ye shall eate, of all that are in the waters: all that haue finnes and scales shall ye eate. 10 And whatsoeuer hath no finnes nor scales, ye shall not eate: it shall be vncleane vnto you. 11 Of all cleane birdes ye shall eate: 12 But these are they, whereof ye shall not eate: the eagle, nor the goshawke, nor the osprey, 13 Nor the glead nor the kite, nor the vulture, after their kind, 14 Nor all kinde of rauens, 15 Nor the ostrich, nor the nightcrow, nor the semeaw, nor the hawke after her kinde, 16 Neither the litle owle, nor the great owle, nor the redshanke, 17 Nor the pellicane, nor the swanne, nor the cormorant: 18 The storke also, and the heron in his kinde, nor the lapwing, nor the backe. 19 And euery creeping thing that flieth, shall be vncleane vnto you: it shall not be eaten. 20 But of all cleane foules ye may eate. 21 Ye shall eate of nothing that dieth alone, but thou shalt giue it vnto the stranger that is within thy gates, that he may eate it: or thou maiest sell it vnto a stranger: for thou art an holy people vnto the Lord thy God. Thou shalt not seethe a kid in his mothers milke. 22 Thou shalt giue the tithe of all the increase of thy seede, that commeth foorth of the fielde yeere by yeere. 23 And thou shalt eate before the Lord thy God (in the place which he shall chose to cause his Name to dwell there) the tithe of thy corne, of thy wine, and of thine oyle, and the first borne of thy kine and of thy sheepe, that thou maiest learne to feare the Lord thy God alway. 24 And if the way be too long for thee, so that thou art not able to cary it, because the place is farre from thee, where the Lord thy God shall chose to set his Name, when the Lord thy God shall blesse thee, 25 Then shalt thou make it in money, and take the money in thine hand, and goe vnto the place which the Lord thy God shall chose. 26 And thou shalt bestowe the money for whatsoeuer thine heart desireth: whether it be oxe, or sheepe, or wine, or strong drinke, or whatsoeuer thine heart desireth: and shalt eate it there before the Lord thy God, and reioyce, both thou, and thine household. 27 And the Leuite that is within thy gates, shalt thou not forsake: for he hath neither part nor inheritance with thee. 28 At the end of three yeere thou shalt bring foorth all the tithes of thine increase of the same yeere, and lay it vp within thy gates. 29 Then ye Leuite shall come, because he hath no part nor inheritance with thee, and the stranger, and the fatherlesse, and the widowe, which are within thy gates, and shall eate, and be filled, that the Lord thy God may blesse thee in al the worke of thine hand which thou doest.

2 Samuel 10:4

4 Wherefore Hanun tooke Dauids seruants, and shaued off the halfe of their beard, and cut off their garments in the middle, euen to their buttockes, and sent them away.

Ezra 9:3

3 But when I heard this saying, I rent my clothes and my garment, and pluckt off the heare of mine head, and of my beard, and sate downe astonied.

Proverbs 20:29

29 The beautie of yong men is their strength, and the glory of the aged is the gray head.

Jeremiah 49:32

32 And their camels shall be a bootie, and the multitude of their cattel a spoile, and I will scatter them into all windes, and to the vtmost corners, and I will bring their destruction from al the sides thereof, sayeth the Lord.

2 Samuel 19:24

24 And Mephibosheth the sonne of Saul came downe to meete the king, and had neither washed his feete, nor dressed his beard, nor washed his clothes from the time the king departed, vntill he returned in peace.

Isaiah 7:20

20 In that day shall the Lord shaue with a rasor that is hired, euen by them beyond the Riuer, by the King of Asshur, the head and the heare of the feete, and it shall consume the beard.

Psalms 133:2

2 It is like to the precious oyntment vpon the head, that runneth downe vpon the beard, euen vnto Aarons beard, which went downe on the border of his garments:

Isaiah 50:6

6 I gaue my backe vnto the smiters, and my cheekes to the nippers: I hidde not my face from shame and spitting.

Ezekiel 44:20

20 They shall not also shaue their heades, nor suffer their lockes to growe long, but rounde their heades.

Leviticus 21:5

5 They shall not make balde partes vpon their head, nor shaue off the locks of their beard, nor make any cuttings in their flesh.

Leviticus 19:27

27 Ye shall not cut rounde the corners of your heades, neither shalt thou marre the tuftes of thy beard.

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