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Ephesians 5:21-33

21 subjugating yourselves to one another in the awe of Elohim. 22
Women, subjugate yourselves to your own men as to Adonay. 23 For the man is the head of the woman, exactly as the Messiah is the head of the ecclesia; and he is the saviour of the body: 24 Rather, exactly as the ecclesia subjugates to the Messiah, even thus the women to their own men in all. 25 Men, love your women, even exactly as the Messiah also loved the ecclesia and surrendered himself for it; 26 to hallow and purify it with the bathing of water in the rhema, 27 to present to himself a glorious ecclesia - not having stain or wrinkle or any such; but that it be holy and unblemished. 28 Thus the men are indebted to love their women as their own bodies. Whoever loves his woman loves himself. 29 For no one ever yet hates his own flesh; but nurtures and cherishes it, even exactly as Adonay the ecclesia: 30 for we are members of his body - of his flesh and of his bones. 31 For this cause a human leaves his father and mother and adheres to his woman; and the two become into one flesh. 32 This is a mega mystery: but I word as to Messiah and the ecclesia. 33 Moreover - each of you - one by one thus love his woman even as himself; and the woman see that she awes her man.

Mark 7:13

13 invalidating the word of Elohim through your tradition - which you betray: and you do many like such.

Matthew 22:1-14

And again Yah Shua answers them by parables, wording, 2 The sovereigndom of the heavens is likened to a human sovereign who makes a marriage for his son: 3 and he apostolizes his servants to call those bidden to the marriage: and they will to not come. 4 Again, he apostolizes other servants, wording, Tell those bidden, Behold, I prepared my dinner: my bulls and my fatlings are sacrificed and all are prepared: come to the marriage. 5 And they disregard, and go their ways: one indeed to his field; another to his merchandise; 6 and the rest overpower his servants and insult them and slaughter them. 7 And the sovereign hears, and he is wroth: and he sends his warriors and destroys those murderers and burns their city. 8 Then he words to his servants, The marriage is indeed prepared and they who are bidden are not worthy: 9 so go into the highways, and as many as ever you find, bid to the marriage. 10 And those servants go into the highways and gather all - as many as they find - both evil and good: and the marriage fills up with those reposing. 11 And the sovereign enters to observe those reposing: and there he sees a human not endued in a marriage enduement: 12 and he words to him, Comrade, how entered you here, not having a marriage enduement? - and he is muzzled. 13 Then the sovereign says to the ministers, Bind him hand and foot and take him away and eject him into outer darkness; there becomes weeping and gnashing of teeth: 14 for many are called, but few are selected.

1 Peter 3:1-10

Likewise, women: subjugate yourselves to your own men; that even if any distrust the word, they also be gained without the word through the behavior of the women; 2 While in awe, they observe your hallowed behavior: 3 whose cosmos is not outward - of braiding the hair and of wrapping around of gold or of enduing garments: 4 but that secret human of the heart in what is incorruptible - of a meek and quiet spirit which is vastly precious in the sight of Elohim. 5 For thus also in the old time the holy women who hoped in Elohim adorned themselves; subjugating to their own men 6 - as Sarah obeyed Abraham, calling him adoni: of whom you became children - as long as you do good and are not awestricken of any terror. 7 Likewise men: co-settle according to knowledge; bestow honor as to the frailer vessel and as being co-heirs of the charism of life; that your prayers be not excsinded. 8 In completion/shalom, all likeminded, sympathetic one of another, befriending as brothers, tenderspleened, friendly minded: 9 not giving evil for evil or abuse for abuse - but contrariwise eulogize; knowing that you are called to this - to inherit a eulogy: 10 For whoever wills to love life and see good days, pause your tongue from evil, and that your lips not speak deceit,

Genesis 2:18-25

18 And Yah Veh Elohim says, Not good - Adam being alone; I work a helper for him. 19 And from the soil Yah Veh Elohim forms every live being of the field and every flyer of the heavens; and brings to Adam to see what he calls them: and whatever Adam calls every living soul, is its name. 20 And Adam calls names to all animals and to the flyers of the heavens and to every live being of the field; but for Adam, no helper is found for him.
21 And Yah Veh Elohim fells a sound sleep on Adam; and he sleeps: and he takes one of his ribs and shuts the flesh underneath; 22 and from the rib Yah Veh Elohim takes from Adam, he builds a woman and brings her to Adam. 23 And Adam says, This is at this time bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh: call this, Woman - for she is taken from Man. 24 Thus a man leaves his father and his mother and adheres to his woman - being one flesh. 25 And the two are naked - Adam and his woman, and they shame not.

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