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Job 1:5

5 And so be it, as the days of banqueting revolve, Iyob sends and hallows them; and starts early in the morning and holocausts holocausts according to their number; for Iyob says, Perhaps my sons have sinned, yet blessed Elohim in their hearts. - thus worked Iyob continually.

Psalms 91:11

11 for he misvahs his angels over you, to guard you in all your ways:

Psalms 90:14

14 O satisfy us mornings with your mercy; so that we shout and cheer all our days:

Isaiah 50:4-5

Adonay Yah Veh gives me the tongue of the discipled, to know how to reinforce a word to the weary: he wakens morning by morning; he wakens my ear to hear as the discipled: 5 Adonay Yah Veh opens my ear, and I neither rebel nor apostatize backward.

Hosea 6:4

O Ephrayim, what work I to you? O Yah Hudah, what work I to you? For your mercy is as a morning cloud, and as the early dew, goes away.

Galatians 5:1

So stand firm in the liberty Messiah liberated us; and begrudge not again with the yoke of servitude.

Proverbs 3:1-35

1 My son, forget not my torah; and your heart guard my misvoth; 2 for they add to you length of days and years of life and shalom: 3 forsake not mercy and truth; bind them about your throat; inscribe them on the slab of your heart: 4 thus you find charism and good comprehension in the eye of Elohim and humanity. 5 Confide in Yah Veh with all your heart and lean not to your own discernment: 6 in all your ways know him and he straightens your paths: 7 be not wise in your own eyes; awe Yah Veh and turn aside from evil 8 - healing to your navel and moisture to your bones. 9 Honor Yah Veh with your wealth and with the firstfruits of all your produce: 10 thus are your ingatherings filled with sufficiency and your troughs break forth with juice. 11 My son, neither spurn the discipline of Yah Veh nor abhor his reproof: 12 for whom Yah Veh loves, he reproves - even as a father the son who pleases him. 13 Blithe - the human who finds wisdom and the human who produces discernment: 14 better, the merchandise thereof than the merchandise of silver; and the produce thereof than ore: 15 she is more esteemed than pearls and all your desires are not comparable to her: 16 length of days is in her right; and in her left, riches and honor: 17 her ways are ways of pleasantness and all her paths are shalom: 18 she is a tree of life to them who uphold her; and blithesome to them who uphold her. 19 Yah Veh, by wisdom, founded the earth; by discernment, he established the heavens; 20 by knowledge, he split the abysses and the vapours drip the dew. 21 My son, pervert them not from your eyes; guard substance and intrigue 22 - life to your soul and charism to your throat. 23 Then you walk your way confidently and stub not your foot: 24 you lie down; you dread not: yes, you lie down and your sleep pleases. 25 Neither awe sudden fear; nor the devastation of the wicked when it comes: 26 for Yah Veh is your hope and he guards your foot from capture. 27 Withhold not good from your masters when it is in the El of your hand to work it: 28 say not to your friend, Go and return, and tomorrow I give - when you have it by you: 29 inscribe not evil against your friend seeing he settles confidently by you: 30 strive not with humanity gratuitously if he deals you no evil: 31 neither envy the man of violence nor choose his ways: 32 for he who perverts is abhorrence to Yah Veh; and his private counsel is with the straight. 33 The curse of Yah Veh is in the house of the wicked; and he blesses the habitation of rest of the just. 34 Surely he scorns the scorners; yet he gives charism to the humble: 35 the wise inherit honor; and abasement is the exaltation of fools.

John 1:1-51

In the beginning was * the Word and the Word was * with Elohim and Elohim was* the Word: 2 he was *, in beginning, with Elohim. *was: in the sense of eternal being 3
All became through him; and apart from him naught became that became: 4 in him life was; and the life was the light of humanity: 5 the light manifested in darkness; and the darkness overtook it not. 6
And so be it, a human apostolized from Elohim; his name, Yahn: 7 he comes to witness - to witness concerning the Light so that, through him, all trust: 8 he is not that Light - but witnesses concerning that Light 9 - the true light who lights every human coming into the cosmos. 10 He was in the cosmos and through him the cosmos became; and the cosmos knows him not: 11 he comes to his own, and his own take him not. 12
But as many as take him he gives authority to become the children of Elohim - to them who trust in his name: 13 who, neither of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of Elohim, are birthed. 14
And the Word became flesh and tabernacles in us; and we see his glory - the glory as of the only birthed of the Father full of charism and truth. 15 Yahn witnesses concerning him, and cries, wording, This is he of whom I say, He coming after me, became ahead of me; for he was first: 16 and we all take of his fulness - and charism for charism. 17 For the torah was given through Mosheh; charism and truth became through Yah Shua Messiah. 18 No one has seen Elohim - not ever, the only birthed Son being in the bosom of the Father, he declares. 19
And this is the witness of Yahn when the Yah Hudiym apostolize priests and Leviym from Yeru Shalem to ask him, Who are you? 20 And he professes, and denies not; but professes, I am not the Messiah. 21 And they ask him, So what? Are you Eli Yah? And he words, I am not. Are you that prophet? And he answers, No. 22 So they say to him, Who are you? - to give an answer to them who send us. What word you concerning yourself? 23 He says, I - the voice of one crying in the wilderness, Straighten the way of Yah Veh, exactly as Yesha Yah the prophet says. Isaiah 40:3 24 And those apostolized are of the Pharisees: 25 and they ask him, and say to him, So why baptize you, if you are neither the Messiah nor Eli Yah nor the prophet? 26 Yahn answers them, wording, I baptize in water: but one stands among you whom ye know not; 27 he coming after me, became ahead of me; of whom I am not worthy to unloose the thongs of his shoes. 28 - these become in Beth Abara beyond Yarden, where Yahn baptizes. 29
On the morrow Yahn sees Yah Shua coming to him, and words, Behold the Lamb of Elohim, who takes away the sin of the cosmos! 30 This is he concerning whom I say, After me comes a man, who became ahead of me; because he was first: 31 and I knew him not other than to manifest him to Yisra El, so I come baptizing in water. 32
And Yahn witnesses, wording, I saw the Spirit descending as a dove from the heavens; and abiding upon him: 33 and I knew him not: but he who sent me to baptize in water, said to me, Upon whomever you see the Spirit descending, and abiding on him, is he who baptizes in the Holy Spirit. 34 - and I saw and witness, that this is the Son of Elohim. 35
Again on the morrow Yahn stands with two of his disciples; 36 and looking at Yah Shua walking; he words, Behold the Lamb of Elohim! 37 And the two disciples hear him speak, and they follow Yah Shua. 38 Then Yah Shua turns and sees them following and words to them, What seek you? They say to him, Rabbi! - which words - translated, Doctor! Where abide you? 39 He words to them, Come and see. They go and see where he abides; and abide with him that day - for it is about the tenth hour. 40
Andreas the brother of Shimon Petros - one of the two who heard from Yahn and follows him 41 first finds his own brother Shimon, and words to him, We found the Messias! - which translates, the Messiah. 42 And he brings him to Yah Shua: and Yah Shua looks at him, and says, You are Shimon the son of Yonah: you are called Kepha! - which translates, Petros. 43 On the morrow he wills to go to Galiyl and finds Philippos; and words to him, Follow me. 44 And Philippos is from Beth Sayad the city of Andreas and Petros: 45 Philippos finds Nathan El, and words to him, We found him who was scribed by Mosheh in the torah and in the prophets - Yah Shua of Nazareth, the son of Yoseph. 46 And Nathan El words to him, Can there be any good from Nazareth? Philippos words to him, Come and see. 47 Yah Shua sees Nathan El coming to him, and words concerning him, Behold, truly an Yisra Eliy, in whom is no deception! 48 Nathan El words to him, Whence know you me? Yah Shua answers him, speaking, Ere Philippos voiced to you, being under the fig tree, I saw you. 49 Nathan El answers him, wording, Rabbi, you are the Son of Elohim! You are the Sovereign of Yisra El! 50 Yah Shua answers him, speaking, Because I say to you, I saw you under the fig tree, trust you? Greater than these you see. 51 And he words to him, Amen! Amen! I word to you, From now on you see the heavens opened, and the angels of Elohim ascending and descending on the Son of humanity.

Job 38:12

12 Misvahed you the morning since your days? And had the dawn to know his place?

Psalms 130:6

6 My soul is for Adonay more than they who guard for morning - who guard for morning.

Psalms 30:5

5 his wrath is for but a blink; in his pleasure is life: weeping stays at evening but shouting at morning:

Psalms 5:3

3 Hear my voice in the morning, O Yah Veh; in the morning I arrange to you and watch.

Lamentations 3:22-23

22 The mercies of Yah Veh! We are not consumed, because his tender mercies never finish: 23 new by mornings; how great your trustworthiness.

Psalms 143:8

8 that I hear your mercy in the morning; for in you I confide: that I know the way wherein I walk; for I lift up my soul to you.

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