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Matthew 25:1-46

1 Then will be compared the kingdom of the heavens ten virgins, who having taken the lamps of them, went out to a meeting of the bridegroom. 2 Five and were of them prudent, and five foolish. 3 Who foolish, having taken the lamps of them, not took with themselves oil. 4 The but prudent took oil in the vessels of them with the lamps of them. 5 Delaying and the bridegroom, nodded all, and did sleep. 6 Of middle and night a cry was raised; Lo, the bridegroom comes; go out to a meeting of him. 7 Then arose all the virgins those, and put in order the lamps of them. 8 The but foolish to the prudent said: Give to us out of the oil of you, because the lamps of us are extinguished. 9 Answered but the prudent, saying: Lest not it might suffice to us and to you; go you rather to the selling, and buy to yourselves. 10 Going away and of them to buy, came the bridegroom; and the prepared ones entered with him into the nuptial-feasts; and was closed the door. 11 Afterwards and came also the remaining virgins, saying: O lord, O lord, open to us. 12 The but answering said: Indeed I say to you, not know you. 13 Watch you therefore, because not you know the day, nor the hour. 14 Like for a man going abroad called the own slaves, and delivered to them the goods of him. 15 and to him indeed he gave five talents, to him and two, to him and one; to each according to the own power; and went abroad immediately. 16 Going and he the five talents having received, traded with them, and made other five talents. 17 Likewise also he the two, gained also he other two. 18 He but the one having received having retired digged in the earth, and hid the silver of the lord of him. 19 After but time much comes the lord of the slaves those, and adjusts with them an account. 20 And coming he the five talents having received, brought other five talents, saying: O lord, five talents to me thou delivered; see, other five talents I gained upon them. 21 Said to him the lord of him: Well, O slave good and faithful; over a few (things) thou wast faithful, over many thee I will place; enter into the joy of the lord of thee. 22 Coming and also he the two talents having received, said: O lord, two talents to me thou deliveredst; lo, other two talents I gained upon them; 23 Said to him the lord of him: Well, O slave good and faithful; over a few (things) thou wast faithful, over many thee I will place; enter into the joy of the lord of thee. 24 Coming and also he the one talent having taken, said: O lord, I knew thee, that hard thou art a man, reaping where not thou sowed, and gathering whence not thou scatteredst; 25 and being afraid, going away I hid the talent of thee in the earth; lo, thou hast the thine. 26 Answering and the lord of him said to him: O wicked slave and slothful, didst thou know, that I reap where not I sowed, and gather whence not I scattered? 27 It behooved then thee cast the silver of me to the bankers; and coming I might have received the mine with interest. 28 Take you therefore from him the talent, and give to him having the ten talents. 29 To the for having all shall be given, and he shall abound; from but the not having, even what he has, shall be taken away from him. 30 And the useless slave cast you into the darkness the outer; there shall be the weeping and the gnashing of the teeth. 31 When and may come the son of the man in the glory of him, and all the messengers with him, then shall be sit on a throne of glory of him, 32 and will be gathered in presence of him all the nations; and he will separate them from each other, as the shepherd separates the sheep from the goats; 33 and and he will place the indeed sheep by right of him, the and goats by left. 34 Then will say the king to the by right of him: Come the having been blessed of the Father of me, inherit the having been prepared to you kingdom from a foundation of world. 35 I hungered for, and you gave to me to eat; I thirsted, and you gave drink to me; a stranger I was, and you entertained me; 36 naked, and you clothed me; I was sick, and you visited me; in prison I was, and you came to me. 37 Then shall answer to him the just one, saying: O lord, when thee we saw hungering, and nourished? or thirsting, and we gave drink? 38 When and thee we saw a stranger, and we entertained? or naked, and we clothed? 39 When and thee we saw sick, or in prison, and we came to thee? 40 And answering the king will say to them: Indeed I say to you, in whatever you did, to one of these of the brothers of me of the least, to me you did. 41 Then he will say also to the of left: Go from me the having been cursed into the fire the everlasting, that having been prepared to the accuser and to the messengers of him. 42 I hungered for, and not you gave to me to eat; I thirsted, and not you gave drink to me; 43 a stranger I was, and not you entertained me; naked, and not you clothed me; sick, and in prison, and not you visited me. 44 Then will answer and they, saying: O lord, when thee we saw hungering, or thirsting, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and not we served thee? 45 Then he will answer them, saying: Indeed I say to you, in as much not you did to one of these of the least, neither to me you did. 46 And shall go away these into a cutting-off age-lasting; the and just ones into life age-lasting.

1 John 2:1-29

1 Dear children of me, these things I write to you, so that not you may sin; and if any one should sin, a helper we have with the Father, Jesus Anointed a just one; 2 and he a propitiation is on account of the sins of us, not on account of the ours but only, but also on account of whole of the world. 3 And by this we know, that we have known him, if the commandment of him we keep. 4 The one saying: I have known him, and the commandments of him not keeping, a liar he is, and in this one the truth not is. 5 Who but may keep of him the word, truly in this one the love of the God has been perfected. By this we know, that in him we are. 6 The one saying in him to abide, is bound, as he walked, also himself thus to walk. 7 Beloved ones, not a commandment new I write to you, but a commandment old, which you had from a beginning; the commandment the old, is the word which you heard from a beginning. 8 Again a commandment new I write to you, which is true in him and in you; because the darkness is passing away, and the light the true now shines. 9 The one saying in the light to be, and the brother of himself hating, in the darkness he is till now. 10 The one loving the brother of himself, in the light abides, and a stumbling-block in him not is; 11 the but one hating the brother of himself, in the darkness is, and in the darkness walks, and not knows where he goes, because the darkness blinded the eyes of him. 12 I write to you, O dear children, because are forgiven to you the sins through the name of him. 13 I write to you, O fathers, because you have known him from a beginning; I write to you, O young men, because you have overcome the evil one; I write to you, children, because you have known the Father. 14 I wrote to you, O fathers, because you have known him from a beginning. I wrote to you, O young men, because strong ones you are, and the word of the God in you abides, and you have overcome the evil one. 15 Not do you love the world, not the things in the world. If any one should love the world, not is the love of the Father in him; 16 because all that in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pomp of the life, not is from the Father, but from the world is. 17 And the world passes away, and the lust of it; the but one doing the will of the God, abides for the age. 18 Children, last hour is it; and as you heard, that the antichrist is coming, even now antichrists many have become; whence we know, that last hour it is. 19 From of us they went out, but not they were of us; if for they were of us, they would have remained with us; but so that they might be manifested, that not they are all of us. 20 And you an anointing have from the holy, and you know all things. 21 Not I wrote to you, because not you know the truth, but because you know her, and because every lie from the truth not is. 22 Who is the lair, if not the one denying, that Jesus not is the Anointed one? this is the antichrist, the one denying the Father and the son. 23 Every one the denying the son, not even the Father has; the one confessing the son, also the Father has. 24 You therefore what heard from a beginning, in you let abide; if in you should abide what from a beginning you heard, also you in the son and in the Father will abide. 25 And this is the promise, which he promised to us, the life the age-lasting. 26 These things I wrote to you concerning those deceiving you. 27 And you the anointing which received from him, in you abides, and not need you have, so that any one may teach you; but as the same anointing teaches you concerning all things, and true is, and not is a lie; and as it taught you, do you abide in him. 28 And how, dear children, do you abide in him; so that when he may appear, we may have boldness, and not we may be put to shame from him, in the presence of him. 29 If you may know, that righteous he is, you know, that every one the doing the righteousness, by him has been begotten.

Ephesians 5:1-33

1 Become you therefore imitators of the God, as children beloved; 2 walk you in love, even as also the Anointed loved us, and delivered up himself on behalf of us an offering and a sacrifice, to the God for an odor of a sweet smell. 3 Fornication but and all impurity or unbridled lust not even let it be named among you, (as it becomes holy ones,) 4 also indecency, and foolish talking or loose jesting, the things not becoming; but rather thanksgiving. 5 This for you know knowing, that every fornicator or impure person or lascivious person, who is an idol worshipper, not has an inheritance in the kingdom of the Anointed one and of God. 6 No one you let deceive with empty words; on account of these things for comes the wrath of the God on the sons of the disobedience. 7 Not therefore become you associates of them. 8 You were indeed once darkness, now but light in Lord; as children of light walk you; 9 (the for fruit of the light in all goodness and truth;) 10 searching out what is well-pleasing to the Lord; 11 and not be you joint-partakers with the works with those unfruitful of the darkness, rather but even do you reprove. 12 The things for in secret being done by them, indecent it is even to say. 13 The but all things, being exposed by the light, are manifested; every thing for that is being manifested, light is. 14 Therefore it says: Awake thou the one sleeping, and arise thou out of the dead ones, and will shine on thee the Anointed. 15 See you then, how accurately you walk; not as unwise ones, but as wise ones; 16 buying for yourselves the season, because the days evil are. 17 Because of this not become you simple ones, but understanding what the will of the Lord. 18 And not be you drunk with wine, in which is profligacy, but be you filled with spirit, 19 speaking yourselves in psalms and hymns and songs spiritual singing and making music in the heart of you to the Lord; 20 giving thanks at all times on behalf of all, in name the Lord of us Jesus Anointed, to the God and Father; 21 submitting yourselves to each other in fear of Anointed; 22 the wives to the own husbands be you submissive, as to the Lord; 23 because a husband is a head of the wife, as even the Anointed a head of the congregation; he is a preserver of the body. 24 But even as the congregation is subjected to the Anointed, thus also the wives to the own husbands in everything. 25 The husbands, love you the wives of yourselves, even as also the Anointed loved the congregation, and himself delivered up on behalf of her, 26 so that her he might sanctify, having cleansed in the bath of the water by a word; 27 that might place beside he himself glorious the congregation, not having a spot or blemish or any of such like things, but that she might be holy and blameless. 28 Thus are obligated the husbands to love the of themselves wives, as the of themselves bodies. He loving the of himself wife, himself loves; 29 no one for ever the of himself flesh hated, but nourishes and cherishes her; as even the Anointed the congregation; 30 because members we are of the body of him, out of the flesh of him, and out of the bones of him. 31 On account of this shall leave a man the father of himself and the mother, and shall be closely joined to the wife of himself, and will be the two into flesh one. 32 The secret this great is; I but speak about Anointed, and about the congregation. 33 But also you the every one, each one the of himself wife thus let love as himself; the and wife so that she may reverence the husband.

Matthew 25:15

15 and to him indeed he gave five talents, to him and two, to him and one; to each according to the own power; and went abroad immediately.

Hebrews 6:10

10 Not for unjust the God, to be forgetful of the work of you and of the love, which you manifested for the name of him, having ministered to the holy ones and are ministering.

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