Bible verses about "womanizer" | Coverdale

Philippians 4:8

8 Furthermore brethren, whatsoeuer thinges are true, whatsoeuer thinges are honest, what soeuer thinges are iust, what so euer thinges are pure, what soeuer thinges pertayne to loue, whatsoeuer thinges are of honest reporte: yf there be eny vertuous thinge, yf there be eny laudable thinge,

Ephesians 5:1-33

1 Be ye the folowers therfore of God as deare children, 2 and walke in loue, euen as Christ loued vs, and gaue him selfe for vs an offerynge and sacrifice of a swete sauoure vnto God. 3 As for whordome and all vnclennes, or couetousnes, let it not be named amoge you, as it becommeth sayntes: 4 nether fylthines, ner folish talkynge, ner ieastynge (which are not comly) but rather geuynge of thakes. 5 For be sure, that no whore monger, or vncleane person, or couetous person (which is a worshipper off ymages) hath inheritaunce in the kyngdome of Christ and of God. 6 (Let no man disceaue you with vayne wordes) for because of these commeth the wrath of God vpon the children of vnbeleue. 7 Be not ye therfore companions with them. 8 For sometyme ye were darknesse, but now are ye lighte in the LORDE. Walke as the children of lighte. 9 (For the frute of the sprete is all maner of goodnes, and righteousnes and trueth:) 10 and prone what is pleasinge vnto the LORDE, 11 and haue no fellishippe with ye vnfrutefull workes of darknes, but rather rebuke the. 12 For it is shame euen to name those thinges, which are done of them in secrete. 13 But all thinges are manifest, whan they are rebuked of the lighte. For what so euer is manifest, that same is lighte. 14 Therfore sayeth he: Awake thou that slepest, and stonde vp fro the deed, and Christ shal geue the lighte. 15 Take hede therfore how ye walke circumspectly, not as the vnwyse, but as ye wyse, 16 and redeme the tyme, for it is a miserable tyme. 17 Wherfore be not ye vnwyse, but vnderstonde what the wil of the LORDE is, 18 and be not dronken with wyne, wherin is excesse: but be full of the sprete 19 and talke amoge youre selues of Psalmes, and ymnes, and spirituall songes, synginge and makynge melody vnto the LORDE in youre hertes 20 geuynge thankes alwayes for all thinges vnto God the father, in the name of oure LORDE Iesus Christ, 21 submyttinge youreselues one to another in the feare of God. 22 Let the wemen submytte them selues vnto their hussbandes, as vnto the LORDE. 23 For the hussbande is the wyues heade, eue as Christ also is the heade of the congregacion, and he is the Sauioure of his body. 24 Therfore as the congregacion is in subieccion to Christ, likewyse let the wyues be in subieccion to their hussbandes in all thinges. 25 Ye hussbandes loue youre wyues, euen as Christ loued the congregacion, and gaue himselfe for it, 26 to sanctifye it, and clensed it in the fountayne of water by the worde, 27 to make it vnto himselfe a glorious congregacion, hauynge no spot ner wrynkle, ner eny soch thinge, but that it shulde be holy and without blame. 28 So oughte men also to loue their wyues, euen as their awne bodyes. He that loueth his wife, loueth himselfe. 29 For no ma euer yet hated his awne flesshe, but norisheth and cherissheth it, euen as the LORDE doth also the congregacion. 30 For we are membres of his body, of his flesh and of his bones. 31 For this cause shal a man leaue father and mother, and cleue vnto his wife, and they two shal be one flesh: 32 This is a greate secrete: but I speake of Christ and the congregacion. 33 Neuertheles do ye so, that euery one of you loue his wife euen as himselfe: but let the wife feare hir hussbande.

1 Corinthians 6:9-11

9 Knowe ye not that ye vnrighteous shal not inheret the kyngdome of God? Be not disceaued. Nether whoremongers, ner worshippers off ymages, ner breakers off wedlocke, ner weaklinges, nether abusers of them selues with mankynde, 10 ner theues, nether the couetous, ner drokardes, ner cursed speakers, ner extorcioners shal inheret the kyngdome of God. 11 And soch haue some of you bene, but ye are wasshed, ye are sanctified, ye are made righteous by the name of the LORDE Iesus, and by the sprete of oure God.

Matthew 5:28-19:2

28 But I saye vnto you, that whosoeuer loketh on a wife lustinge after her, hath committed aduoutrie with hir already in his hert. 29 Wherfore yf thy right eye offende the, plucke hym out, and cast him from the. Better it is for the, that one of thy membres perisshe, then that thy whole body shulde be cast in to hell. 30 Also yf thy right honde offende the, cut hym of, and cast him from the. Better yt is that one of thy mebres perissh, the yt all yi body shulde be cast in to hell. 31 It is sayde: whosoeuer putteth awaye his wyfe, let hym geue her a testimony all of the deuorcemet. 32 But I saye vnto you: whosoeuer putteth awaye his wyfe (except it be for fornicacio causeth her to breake matrymony. And whosoeuer maryeth her that is deuorsed, breaketh wedlocke. 33 Agayne, ye haue herde, how it was sayde to the of olde tyme: Thou shalt not forsweare thy selfe, but shalt performe thyne ooth to God. 34 But I saye vnto you: sweare not at all, nether by heaue, for it is Godis seate: 35 nor yet by the earth, for it is his fote stole: nether by Ierusalem, for it is the cyte of ye greate kinge: 36 nether shalt thou sweare by thy heed, because thou canst not make one heer whyte or blacke: 37 But your communicacion shalbe, yee, yee: nay, nay. For what soeuer is more then that, commeth of euel. 38 Ye haue herde howe it is sayde: An eye for an eye, a toth for a toth. 39 But I saye vnto you: that ye resist not euell. But whosoeuer geueth the a blowe on thy right cheke, turne to him the other also. 40 And yf eny man will sue the at the lawe, & take awaye thy coate, let him haue thy cloake also. 41 And who so compelleth the to go a myle, go wt hym twayne. 42 Geue to hym that axeth: and from hym that wolde borowe, turne not awaye. 43 Ye haue herde, how it is saide: thou shalt loue thyne neghboure, & hate thyne enemy. 44 But I saye vnto you: loue youre enemies: Blesse the that cursse you: Do good to the that hate you: Praye for the which do you wronge and persecute you, 45 that ye maye be the chyldern of youre father which is in heauen: for he maketh his sonne to aryse on the euel and on the good, and sendeth his rayne on the iust and vniuste. 46 For yf ye loue them which loue you, what rewarde shall ye haue? Do not the Publicans eue so? 47 And yf ye be frendly to youre brethren onlye: what singuler thynge do ye? Do not the Publicans also lyke wyse? 48 Ye shall therfore be perfecte, euen as youre father in heaue is perfecte.

Matthew 6:1-19:2

1 Take hede to youre almes, that ye geue it not in the syght of men, to the intent that ye wolde be sene of them: or els, ye get no rewarde of youre father which is in heauen. 2 When soeuer therfore thou geuest thine almes, thou shalt not make a trompet to be blowen before the, as the ypocrites do in the synagoges and in the stretes, for to be praysed of me. Verely I saye vnto you: they haue their rewarde. 3 But whe thou doest almes, let not thy lefte hande knowe, what thy righte hande doth; 4 that thine almes maye be secrete: and thy father which seith in secrete, shall rewarde the openly. 5 And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as ye ypocrytes are. For they loue to stode and praye in the synagoges, and in the corners of the stretes, to be sene of men. Verely I saie vnto you: they haue their rewarde. 6 But when thou prayest, entre in to thy chamber, and shut thy dore to the, & praye to thy father which is in secrete: and thy father which seith in secrete, shall rewarde the openly. 7 And when ye praye, bable not moch, as ye Hethen do: for they thinke that they shalbe herde, for their moch bablynges sake. 8 Be not ye lyke them therfore. For youre father knoweth where of ye haue nede, before ye axe of him. 9 After thys maner therfore shall ye praye:O oure father which art in heauen, halowed be thy name. 10 Thy kyngdome come. Thy wyll be fulfilled vpon earth as it is in heauen. 11 Geue vs this daye oure dayly bred. 12 And forgeue vs oure dettes, as we also forgeue oure detters. 13 And lede vs not in to teptacion: but delyuer vs from euell. For thyne is the kyngdome, and the power, and the glorye for euer. Amen. 14 For yf ye forgeue other men their treaspases, youre heauenly father shall also forgeue you. 15 But and ye wyll not forgeue me their trespases, nomore shall youre father forgeue you youre trespases. 16 Moreouer when ye fast, be not sad as ye ypocrytes are. For they disfigure their faces, that they myght be sene of men to fast. Verely I saye vnto you: they haue their rewarde. 17 But thou, whe thou fastest, annoynte thyne heed, and wash thy face, 18 that it appeare not vnto men, that thou fastest: but vnto thy father which is in secrete: and thy father which seyth in secrete, shal rewarde the openly. 19 Se that ye gather you not treasure vpon the earth, where rust and mothes corrupte, and where theues breake through and steale. 20 But gather you treasure together in heauen, where nether rust nor mothes corrupte, and where theues nether breake vp nor yet steale. 21 For where youre treasure is, there is youre herte also. 22 The eye is the light of the body. Yf thyne eye then be syngle, all thy body shalbe ful of light: 23 But and yf thyne eye be wycked, all thy body shalbe full of darckenes: Wherfore yf the light that is in the, be darckenes, how greate then shall that darckenes be? 24 No ma can serue two masters. For ether he shall hate the one and loue the other: or els he shall leane to the one, and despise the other: Ye can not serue God and mammon. 25 Therfore I saye vnto you: be not ye carefull for your lyfe, what ye shall eate, or what ye shall drinke: nor yet for youre body, what ye shal put on. Ys not the lyfe more worth the meate, and the body more of value then raymet? 26 Beholde the foules of ye ayer: for they sowe not, nether reepe, nor yet cary in to the barnes: and yet youre heauely father fedeth the. Are ye not moch better the they? 27 Which of you (though he toke thought therfore) coulde put one cubit vnto his stature? 28 why care ye then for rayment? Considre the lylies of the felde, how they growe. They laboure not, nether spynne. 29 And yet for all that I saye vnto you, that euen Salomon in all his royalte was not arayed lyke vnto one of these. 30 Wherfore yf God so cloth the grasse, which is to daye in the felde, and to morowe shalbe cast into the fornace: shal he not moch more do the same vnto you, o ye of lytle fayth? 31 Therfore take no thought, sayinge: what shall we eate, or what shall we drinke? or where with shall we be clothed? 32 After all soch thynges do the heithen seke. For youre heauenly father knoweth, that ye haue nede of all these thynges. 33 Seke ye fyrst the kyngdome of heauen and the righteousnes therof, so shal all these thynges be ministred vnto you. 34 Care not then for the morow, for the morow shall care for it self: Euery daye hath ynough of his owne trauayll.

Matthew 7:1-19:2

1 Ivdge not, that ye be not iudged: 2 For as ye iudge, so shal ye be iudged. And with what measure ye meete, with the same shall it be measured to you agayne. 3 Why seist thou a moate in thy brothers eye, and perceauest not the beame yt is yn thine awne eye? 4 Or why saiest thou to yi brother: holde, I wil plucke the moate out of thyne eye, and beholde, a beame is in thyne awne eye. 5 Ypocryte, fyrst cast out the beame out of thyne awne eye, and then shalt thou se clearly, to plucke out the moate out of thy brothers eye. 6 Geue not that which is holy, to dogges: nether cast ye youre pearles before swyne, lest they treade them vnder their fete, & the other turne agayne and all to rente you. 7 Axe, and it shalbe geuen you: Seke, and ye shall fynde: knocke, and it shalbe opened vnto you. 8 For whosoeuer axeth, receaueth: and he that seketh, fyndeth: and to hym yt knocketh, it shal opened. 9 Ys there eny man amonge you, which yf his sonne axed hym bred, wolde offer him a stone? 10 Or yf he axed fysshe, wolde he proffer hym a serpent? 11 yf ye then which are euell, can geue youre chyldren good gyftes: how moche more shall youre father which is in heauen, geue good thynges to them that axe hym? 12 Therfore what soeuer ye wolde that me shulde do to you, eue so do ye to them. This ys the lawe and the Prophetes. 13 Enter in at the strayte gate: for wyde is the gate, and broade is the waye, that leadeth to destruccion: & many there be, which go in therat. 14 But strayte is the gate, and narowe ys the waye, which leadeth vnto lyfe, and fewe there be that fynde it. 15 Beware of false Prophetes, which come to you in shepes clothinge, but inwardly they are rauenynge wolues, 16 Ye shall knowe them by their frutes. Do men gather grapes of thornes? or figges of thistles? 17 Euen so euery good tree bryngeth forth good frute. But a corrupte tree, bryngeth forth euyl frute, 18 A good tree can not bryng forth bad frute: nother can a rotten tre bringe forth good frute. 19 Euery tre that bryngeth not forth good frute, shalbe hewen downe, and cast into the fyre. 20 Wherfore by their frutes ye shall knowe them. 21 Not all they that saye vnto me, LORDE LORDE, shall enter in to the kyngdome of heauen: but he that doth the will of my father which ys in heauen. 22 Many shall saye to me in that daye: LORDE, LORDE: haue we not prophecied in thy name? Haue we not cast out deuyls in thy name? Haue we not done many greate dedes in thy name? 23 And then will I knowlege vnto them: I neuer knewe you, Departe fro me, ye workers of iniquite. 24 Whosoeuer therfore heareth of me these sayinges, and doeth the same, I wyll lycke hym vnto a wyse man, which buylt hys house vpon a rocke: 25 Now whan abundaunce of rayne descended, and the wyndes blewe and bet vpon that same house, it fel not, because it was grounded on the rocke. 26 And who soeuer heareth of me these sayinges, & doth the not, shalbe lyckened vnto a folysh ma, which buylt his housse apon the sonde: 27 Now whan abudaunce of rayne desceded, & the wyndes blewe, & bet vpon yt housse, it fell, and great was the fall of it. 28 And it came to passe, that when Iesus had ended these saynges, the people were astonnyed at hys doctryne. 29 For he taught them as one hauynge power, and not as the Scribes.

Matthew 8:1-19:2

1 When he was come downe from the mountayne, moch people folowed him. 2 And lo, there came a leper, and worsheped him, sayinge: LORDE, yf thou wylt, thou canst make me cleane. 3 And Iesus put forth hys honde, & touched him, sayinge: I wyl, be thou cleane: & immediatly his leprosie was clensed? 4 And Iesus sayde vnto hym: Se thou tell no ma, but go and shew thy selfe to the preste, and offer the gyfte that Moses comaunded, in witnes to them. 5 When Iesus was entred into Capernaum, there came vnto him a Captayne, & besought hym, 6 sayinge: Syr, my seruaunt lyeth sicke at home of the palsye, and ys greuously payned. 7 Iesus sayd vnto hym: I wil come & heale him. 8 The Captayne answered and sayde: Syr, I am nor worthy, that thou shuldest come vnder my rofe, but speake the worde only, and my seruaunt shalbe healed. 9 For I myselfe also am a ma subiect to ye auctorite of another, & haue sowdiers vnder me. Yet wha I saye to one: go, he goeth, and to another: come, he commeth: & to my seruaunt: do this, he doeth it. 10 When Iesus hearde that, he marueled, and sayde to them that folowed hym: Verely I say vnto you: I haue not founde so greate fayth: no not i Israel. 11 But I say vnto you: Many shall come from the east and west, and shall rest with Abraham, Isaac and Iacob in the kyngdome of heauen: 12 and the chyldren of the kyngdome shalbe cast out in to vtter darcknes: there shalbe wepinge & gnasshing of teth. 13 And Iesus sayd vnto ye Captayne: go thy waye, and as thou beleuest, so be it vnto the. And his seruaunt was healed the same houre. 14 And Iesus went in to Peters housse, and sawe hys wyues mother lyinge sicke of a feuer: 15 so he touched her hande, and the feuer left hir: and she arose, and ministred vnto them. 16 When the euen was come, they brought vnto him many that were possessed with deuylls. And he cast out ye spirites with a worde, & healed all that were sicke, 17 that ye thinge might be fulfilled, which was spoken by Esay the Prophet, sayinge: He toke on him oure infirmities, and bare oure sickneses. 18 Whe Iesus sawe moch people about him, he commaunded to go ouer the water. 19 And there came a scribe and sayde vnto hym: master, I wyll folowe the, whyther so euer thou goest. 20 And Iesus sayde vnto him: the foxes haue holes, and the byrddes of the ayer hane nestes, but ye sonne of ma hath not wheron to rest his heede. 21 Another that was one of his disciples, sayde vnto hym: Syr, geue me leue fyrst, to go & burye my father. 22 But Iesus sayde vnto him: folowe thou me, and let the deed burie their deed. 23 And he entred in to a shyppe, & his disciples folowed him. 24 And beholde, there arose a greate tempest in the see, in so moch that the shippe was couered with wawes, & he was a slepe. 25 And his disciples came vnto him, and awoke hym, sayinge: LORDE, saue vs, we perishe. 26 And he sayde vnto them: why are ye fearfull, o ye of lytell faithe? Then he arose, and rebuked the wyndes and the see, & there folowed a greate calme. 27 And the men marueyled and sayde: what ma is this, that both wyndes and see obey hym? 28 And when he was come to ye other syde, in to the countre of the Gergesites, there met him two possessed of deuyls, which came out of the graues, and were out of measure fearce, so that no man myght go by that waye. 29 And beholde, they cryed out sayinge: Oh Iesu thou sonne of God, what haue we to do wt the? Art thou come hyther to tormet vs, before the tyme be come? 30 And there was a good waye of from them a greate heerd of swyne fedinge. 31 Then the deuyles besought him, sayinge: yf thou cast vs out, suffre vs to go oure waye in to the heerd of swyne. 32 And he sayde vnto them: go youre wayes. Then went they out, and departed in to the heerd of swyne. And beholde, ye whoale heerd of swyne was caryed with violece headlinge in to the see, and perished in the water. 33 The the heerdmen fled and wente their ways in to the cyte, and tolde euery thinge, & what had fortuned vnto the possessed of the deuyls. 34 And beholde, all the cyte came out and met Iesus. And when they sawe hym, they besought hym, for to departe out of their coostes.

Matthew 9:1-19:2

1 Then entred he into a shipp, and passed ouer and came into his awne cite. 2 And lo, they brought vnto him a man sicke of ye palsie, lyinge in his bed. And when Iesus sawe the faith of the, he sayde to the sicke of ye palsie: my sonne, be of good cheare, thy sinnes are forgeue the. 3 And beholde, certeyne of the scribes sayde in them selues: this man blasphemeth. 4 But when Iesus sawe their thoughtes, he sayde: wherfore thinke ye euill in youre hertes?. 5 Whether ys it easier to saye: thy synnes be forgeue ye, or to saie: arise and walke? 6 But that ye maye knowe, that the sonne of man hath power to forgeue sinnes in earth, the sayde he vnto the sicke of ye palsye: arise, take vp thy bed, and go home. 7 And he arose and wente home. 8 hen ye people sawe it, they marueyled, & glorified God, which had geue soch power vnto men. 9 And as Iesus passed forth from thence, he sawe a man syt a receyuinge of custome, named Mathew, & sayde vnto him: folowe me. 10 And he arose, and folowed him. And it came to passe as he sat at meate in the house: beholde, many publicans and synners came and sat downe also with Iesus and hys disciples. 11 When the Pharises sawe that, they sayde to hys disciples: why eateth youre master with publicans and synners? 12 When Iesus herde that, he sayde vnto them: The whole nede not ye phisicio, but they that are sicke. 13 Go and learne, what that meaneth: I haue pleasure in mercy, and not in offerynge. For I am not come to call the righteous, but ye synners to repentaunce, 14 Then came the disciples of Ihon to hym sayinge: why do we & ye Pharises fast so oft: and thy disciples fast not? 15 And Iesus sayde vnto the: Can the weddynge chyldre mourne as loge as the bridegrome is with them? The tyme will come, when the bridegrome shalbe taken from them, and the shall they fast. 16 No man peceth an olde garment with a pece of newe clothe. For then taketh he awaye the pece agayne from the garment, & the rent ys made greater. 17 Nether do men put new wyne in to olde vessels, for then the vessels breake, and the wyne runneth out, & ye vessels peryshe, But they poure newe wyne in to newe vessels, and so are both saued together, 18 Whyle he thus spake vnto them, beholde there came a certayne ruler, and worshipped him, sayinge: My doughter is eue now deceased, but come and lay yi honde on her, and she shall liue. 19 Iesus arose and folowed hym with hys disciples. 20 And beholde, a woman which was diseased wt an yssue of bloude xij. yeres, came behynde hym, and touched the hem of hys vesture. 21 For she sayde in her silfe: yf I maye touche but euen his vesture only, I shalbe safe. 22 Then Iesus tourned him aboute, and behelde her, sayinge: Doughter be of good conforte, thy faith hath made ye safe. And she was made whole, euen that same houre. 23 And when Iesus came into the rulers house, and sawe the minstrels and the people raginge, 24 he sayde vnto them: Get you hece, for ye mayde is not deed, but slepeth. And they laughed hym to scorne. 25 But whan the people were put forth, he went in, and toke her by the honde, and the mayde arose. 26 And this was noysed through out all that londe. 27 And as Iesus departed thence, two blynde me folowed hym, cryinge and sayinge: O thou sonne of Dauid, haue mercy vpon vs. 28 And when he was come home, the blynde came to hym, And Iesus sayde vnto them Beleue ye, that I am able to do thys? And they sayde vnto hym: yee, LORDE. 29 Then touched he their eyes, sayinge: acordinge to youre fayth, be it vnto you. 30 And their eyes were opened. And Iesus charged the, sayinge: Se that no ma knowe of it. 31 But they departed, & spred abroade his name through out all the londe. 32 Whan these were gone out, beholde, they brought to hym a domme man possessed of a deuyll. 33 And whan the deuyl was cast out, the domme spake: And the people merueled sayinge: it was neuer so sene in Israel. 34 But ye Pharises sayde: he casteth out deuyls, thorow the chefe deuyll. 35 And Iesus wente aboute in all cities and townes, teachinge in their synagoges & preachyng ye gospel of ye kyngdome, & healinge all maner sicknes & all maner desease amoge the people. 36 And when he sawe the people, he had compassion on the, because they were pyned awaye, and scattered abroade, euen as shepe hauinge no shepherd, 37 Then sayde he to hys disciples: ye heruest is greate, but ye laborers are fewe. 38 Wherfore praye the LORDE of the haruest, to sende forth laborers into hys haruest.

Matthew 10:1-19:2

1 And he called his xii. disciples vnto hym, & gaue them power ouer vncleane spretes, to cast them out, & to heale all maner of sicknesses, and all maner of deseases. 2 The names of the xii. Apostels are these: The fyrst, Simon called Peter: & Andrew his brother.Iames the sonne of Zebede, and Ihon his brother. 3 Philip and Bartlemew. Thomas, and Mathew the Publican. Iames the sonne of Alphe, and Lebbeus otherwyse called Taddeus. 4 Simon of Cane, and Iudas Iscarioth, which also betrayed hym. 5 These twolue sent Iesus, and commaunded them, sayinge: Go not in to the wayes yt leade to the Heithen, and in to the cities of the Samaritas enter ye not. 6 But go rather to the lost shepe of the housse of Israel. 7 Go and preach, sayinge: The kyngdome of heue is at hande. 8 Heale the sicke, clense the lepers rayse the deed, cast out the deuils. Frely ye haue receaued, frely geue againe. 9 Posses not golde, nor siluer, nor brasse yn youre gerdels, 10 nor yet scrip towardes your iorney: nether two cotes, nether shues, nor yet a staffe. For the workman is worthy of his meate. 11 In to whatsoeuer cite or towne ye shall come, enquyre in it, who is mete for you, and there abyde, tyll ye go thence. 12 And whe ye come in to an house, salute ye same. 13 And yf the housse be mete for you, yor peace shal come vpo it. But yf it be not mete for you, yor peace shal turne to you againe. 14 And yf no man wil receaue you, ner heare youre preachinge, departe out of that house or that cite, and shake the dust of youre fete. 15 Truly I saye vnto you: it shall be easyer for ye londe of Sodoma and Gomorra in ye daye of iudgment, then for that cite. 16 Beholde, I sende you forth as shepe amoge wolues. Be ye therfore wyse as serpentes, and innocent as doues. 17 Beware of men, for they shall deliuer you vp to the cousels, and shal scourge you in their synagoges. 18 And ye shall be brought before prynces and kynges for my sake, in witnes to them and to the gentyls. 19 But when they delyuer you vp, take no thought how or what ye shall speake, for yt shalbe geuen you, euen in that same houre, what ye shall saye. 20 For it is not ye that speake, but the sprete of your father which speaketh in you. 21 The brother shall delyuer the brother to deeth, and the father the sonne. And the chyldren shall aryse agaynst their fathers & mothers, & shall helpe them to deeth: 22 & ye shall be hated of all men for my names sake. But he yt endureth to the ende, shalbe saued. 23 When they persecute you in one cite, flye in to another. I tell you for a treuth, ye shall not fynysshe all the cities of Israel, tyll the sonne of man come. 24 The disciple is not aboue the master, nether the seruaunt aboue the LORDE. 25 It is ynough for the disciple, to be as his master, and the seruaunt as his LORDE. Yf they haue called the good ma of the house Beelzebub, how moch more shal they call them of his housholde so? 26 Feare them not therfore.There is nothinge hyd, that shal not be openly shewed: and nothinge secrete, that shall not be knowne. 27 What I tell you in darcknes, that speake ye in light: and what ye heare in the eare, that preach ye vpon the house toppes. 28 And feare ye not them that kyll the body, and be not able to kyll the soule. But rather feare hi, which is able to destroye both soule and body in to hell. 29 Are not two sparowes solde for a farthinge? Yet doth there none of the light vpon the groude without youre father. 30 And now are all ye hayres of youre heade tolde. 31 Feare ye not therfore: ye are of more value then many sparowes. 32 Therfore whosoeuer knowlegeth me before me, him wil I knowlege also before my father which is in heauen. 33 But who soeuer denyeth me before me, him wil I also denie before my father which is in heauen. 34 Thynke not that I am come to sende peace vpon earth. I came not to sende peace, but a swerde. 35 For I am come to set a ma at variaunce ageynst his father, and the doughter ageynst hir mother, & the doughter in lawe ageynst her mother in lawe: 36 and a mans foes shalbe they of his owne housholde. 37 Who so loueth father and mother more then me, is not mete for me: and he that loueth sonne or doughter more then me, is not mete for me. 38 And he yt taketh not his crosse and foloweth me, is not mete for me. 39 Who so fyndeth his life, shal lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake, shal fynde it. 40 He that receaueth you, receaueth me: & who so receaueth me, receaueth him yt sent me. 41 He that receaueth a prophet in the name of a prophet, shal receaue a prophetes rewarde. He yt receaueth a righteous man in the name of a righteous man, shal receane a righteous mans rewarde: 42 And who soeuer geueth vnto one of the least of these a cupp of colde water onely to drinke, in ye name of a disciple, verely I saie vnto you: he shal not lose his rewarde.

Matthew 11:1-19:2

1 And it came to passe, wha Iesus had made an ende of comaundinge his twolue disciples, he departed thence. to teach and to preach in their cities. 2 Whan Ihon beinge in preson herde of the workes of Christ, he sent two of his disciples, 3 and sayde vnto him: Art thou he yt shal come, or shal we loke for another? 4 Iesus answered and sayde vnto the: Go youre waye and tell Ihon agayne, what ye se and heare. 5 The blynde se, and the lame go: the lepers are clensed, and ye deaf heare: the deed aryse ageyne, and the gospell is preached to the poore: 6 and blessed is he, that is not offended at me. 7 Whan they wente their waye, Iesus beganne to speake vnto the people, concernynge Ihon: What are ye gone out for to se in the wyldernes? Wolde ye se a rede shaken with the wynde? 8 Or what are ye gone out for to se? Wolde ye se a man clothed in soft rayment? Beholde, they that weare soft clothinge, are in kinges houses, 9 But what are ye gone out for to se? A prophet? Yee I saye vnto you, and more the a prophet. 10 For this is he, of who it is written: Beholde, I sende my messauger before thy face, which shal prepare thy waye before the. 11 Verely I saye vnto you: Amonge ye children of wemen arose there not a greater then Ihon the baptist. Not withstondinge he that is lesse in the kyngdome of Heauen, is greater then he. 12 From the tyme of Ihon baptist hither to, ye kyngdome of heauen suffreth violence, and the violent plucke it vnto them. 13 For all the prophetes and the lawe prophecied vnto Ihon. 14 Also yf ye wil receaue it, this is Helias, which shulde come. 15 Who so hath eares to heare, let hi heare. 16 But where vnto shal I licke this generacion? It is like vnto childre which syt in the market, and call vnto their felowes, 17 & saye: we haue pyped vnto you, and ye wolde not daunse: We haue morned vnto you, & ye wolde not wepe. 18 For Ihon came nether eatinge nor drynkinge, & they saye: he hath the deuyll. 19 The sonne of man came eatinge and drynkinge, & they saye: lo what a glutton and wyne bebber this ma is, and a companyon of publicans & synners? And wissdome is iustified of hir children. 20 Then beganne he to vpbrade the cities, in the which most of his miracles were done, because they amended not. 21 Wo vnto the Chorasin, Wo vnto the Bethsaida: for yf the miracles which haue bene shewed amoge you, had bene done in Tyre and Sidon, they had repented longe agoo in sack cloth and asshes. 22 Neuertheles I saye vnto you: It shalbe easyer for Tyre and Sidon in the daye of iudgment, then for you. 23 And thou Capernaum which art lift vp vnto heauen, shalt be brought downe vnto hel. For yf the miracles which haue bene done in the, had bene shewed in Sodom, they had remained vnto this daye. 24 Neuertheles I saye vnto you: It shalbe easyer for the londe of Sodome in the daye of iudgment, the for the. 25 At ye same tyme Iesus answered, and sayde: I prayse the (O father and LORDE of heauen and earth) that thou hast hid these thinges from the wyse and prudent, and opened the vnto babes. 26 Euen so father, for so it pleased the. 27 All thinges are geuen ouer vnto me of my father: and no ma knoweth the sonne, but the father: nether knoweth eny man the father, saue the sonne, and he to whom the sonne wil open it. 28 Come vnto me all ye that laboure and are laden, and I wil ease you. 29 Take my yock vpon you, and lerne of me, for I am meke and lowlye of hert, & ye shal fynde rest vnto youre soules: 30 for my yock is easy, and my burden is light.

Matthew 12:1-19:2

1 At the same tyme wete Iesus thorow the corne vpon the Sabbath, and his disciples were hongrie, and beganne to plucke of the eares of the corne, and to eate. 2 When ye Pharises sawe that, they sayde vnto him: Beholde, thy disciples do that, which is not laufull to do vpon the Sabbath. 3 He sayde vnto them: haue ye not red what Dauid did, whan he was hongrie, & they also yt were with him? 4 How he entred in to the house of God, & ate the shew breds which were not laufull for him to eate, nether for the yt were with him, but onely for the prestes? 5 Or haue ye not red in the lawe how that the prestes in the temple breake the Sabbath, and yet are blamelesse? 6 But I saye vnto you: yt here is one greater then the temple. 7 But yf ye wyst what this were (I haue pleasure in mercy, and not in offeringe) ye wolde not haue condemned innocentes: 8 For the sonne of man is LORDE euen ouer the Sabbath. 9 And he departed thence, and wente in to their synagoge: 10 and beholde, there was a ma which had his hade dryed vp. And they axed him, sayenge: Is it laufull to heale, vpon the Sabbath? because they might accuse him. 11 But he sayde vnto the: Which of you is it, yf he had a shepe falle in to a pytte vpon the Sabbath, that wolde not take him, and lift him out? 12 And how moch is a man better then a shepe? Therfore it is lefull to do good vpon the Sabbath. 13 Then sayde he to the ma: Stretch forth thine hande. And he stretched it forth: and it was whole agayne like vnto the other. 14 Then wente the Pharises out, and helde a councell agaynst him, how they might destroye him. 15 But wha Iesus knew therof, he departed thence, & moch people folowed him: and he healed them all, 16 and charged them, yt they shulde not make him knowne: 17 that the thinge might be fulfylled, which was spoken by Esay the prophet, which sayeth: 18 Beholde, this is my seruaunt, whom I haue chosen: and my beloued, in whom my soule delyteth: I wil put my sprete vpon hi, and he shal shewe iudgment vnto the Heithe. 19 He shal not stryue, ner crye, nether shal eny man heare his voyce in the stretes. 20 A brosed rede shal he not breake, and flax that beginneth to burne shal he not quench, tyll he sende forth iudgment vnto victory. 21 And in his name shal the Heithen trust. 22 Then was there brought vnto him one possessed (of a deuell) the which was blynde and domne, and he healed him: in so moch yt ye blynde and domne both spake and sawe. 23 And all the people were amased, and sayde: Is not this the sonne of Dauid? 24 But whan the Pharises herde that, they sayde: He dryueth the deuyls out none other wyse, but thorow Beelzebub the chefe of the deuyls. 25 Neuertheles Iesus knew their thoughtes, and sayde vnto them: Euery kyngdome deuyded within it self, shalbe desolate: and euery cite or house deuyded in it self, maye not contynue. 26 So yf one Sathan cast out another, the is he at variaunce within him self: how maye then his kyngdome endure? 27 But yf I cast out deuils thorow Beelzebub, thorow whom do youre childre cast them out? Therfore shal they be youre iudges. 28 But yf I cast out the deuyls by the sprete of God then is the kyngdome of God come vpon you. 29 Or how ca a man entre in to a stronge mans house, and violently take awaye his goodes, excepte he first bynde the stronge ma, & the spoyle his house? 30 He that is not wt me, is agaynst me: & he yt gathereth not wt me, scatereth abrode. 31 Therfore I saye vnto you: All synne and blasphemy shalbe forgeuen vnto men, but the blasphemy agaynst the sprete shal not be forgeuen vnto men: 32 And whosoeuer speaketh a worde agaynst the sonne of man, it shalbe forgeue him. But whosoeuer speaketh agaynst the holy goost it shal not be forgeuen him, nether in this worlde, ner in the worlde to come. 33 Either make the tre good and his frute good also, or els make the tre euel & his frute euel also. For the tre is knowne by the frute. 34 O ye generacio of vypers, how can ye speake good, whan ye youre selues are euell? For of ye abundace of ye hert ye mouth speaketh. 35 A good man out of the good treasure of his hert, bringeth forth good thinges: & an euel man out of his euell treasure, bringeth forth euell thinges. 36 But I saye vnto you, that of euery ydell worde that me haue spoken, they shal geue accomptes at ye daye of iudgmet. 37 Out of thy wordes thou shalt be iustified, & out of thy wordes thou shalt be codemned. 38 Then answered certayne of the scrybes and Pharises, and sayde: Master, we wolde fayne se a toke of the. 39 And he answered and saide vnto the: This euell and aduouterous generacion seketh a token: and there shal no token be geuen the, but the token of the prophete Ionas. 40 For as Ionas was thre dayes and thre nightes in the Whalles bely, so shal the sonne of ma be thre dayes and thre nightes in the hert of the earth. 41 The men of Ninyue shal ryse in the last iudgment with this generacion, and shal condemne it: for they dyd penaunce acordinge to ye preachinge of Ionas. And beholde, here is one greater the Ionas. 42 The quene of the south shal aryse in the last iudgmet with this generacion, and shal condene it: for she came from the vttemost partes of the earth, to heare ye wyssdome of Salomon: And lo, here is one greater then Salomon. 43 Whan the vncleane sprete is gone out of man, he walketh thorow dry places, sekinge rest, & fyndeth none. 44 The saieth he: I wil turne agayne in to my house, fro whence I wete out. And whan he cometh, he fyndeth it emptye, swepte and garnyshed. 45 Then goeth he his waye, & taketh vnto him seuen other spretes worse then him self: and whan they are entred in, they dwell there: And the ende of that man is worse then the begynnynge. Euen so shal it go wt this euell generacion. 46 Whyle he yet talked vnto the people, beholde, his mother & his brethre stode without desyringe to speake wt him. 47 Then sayde one vnto him: Beholde, thy mother and thy brethren stonde without, & wolde speake wt the. 48 Neuertheles he answered & sayde vnto him that tolde him: Who is my mother? & who are my brethren? 49 And he stretched forth his hande ouer his disciples, & sayde: Beholde my mother and my brethre. 50 For who soeuer doth ye wyll of my father which is in heaue, the same is my brother, sister and mother.

Matthew 13:1-19:2

1 The same daye wente Iesus out of ye house, and sat by the see syde, 2 & moch people resorted vnto him: so yt he wete in to a shyppe and satt him downe, and all the people stode vpo the shore. 3 And he spake many thinges vnto the in symilitudes, sayenge: Beholde, The sower wente forth to sowe: 4 and as he sowed, some fell by the waye syde: Then came the foules, & ate it vp. 5 Some fell vpon stony grounde, & anone it spronge vp, because it had no depth of earth: 6 But whan the Sonne arose, it caught heate: and for so moch as it had no rote, it withred awaye. 7 Some fell amoge the thornes, & the thornes grewe vp, and choked it. 8 Some fell vpo good groude, & gaue frute: some an hundreth folde, some sixtie folde, some thirtie folde. 9 Who so hath eares to heare, let hi heare. 10 And the disciples came vnto him, and sayde: Why speakest thou to the by parables? 11 He answered and sayde vnto the: Vnto you it is geuen to knowe the mystery of the kingdome of heauen, but vnto them it is not geuen. 12 For whoso hath, vnto him shal be geue, and he shal haue abundaunce. But who so hath not, from him shalbe taken awaye, eue that he hath. 13 Therfore speake I vnto the by parables, for with seynge eyes they se not, & with hearinge eares they heare not, for they vnderstonde it not. 14 And in them is fulfilled ye prophecie of Esay, which sayeth: Ye shal heare in dede, and shal not vnderstonde: and with seinge eyes shal ye se, and not perceaue. 15 For ye hert of this people is waxed grosse, & their eares are thick of hearige, & their eyes haue they closed, lest they shulde once se wt ye eyes, & heare wt the eares, & vnderstode wt the hert, & turne, that I might heale them. 16 But blessed are youre eyes, for they se: & youre eares, for they heare. 17 Verely I saye vnto you: Many prophetes & righteous men haue desyred to se ye thinges that ye se, and haue not sene the: and to heare the thinges that ye heare, and haue not herde the. 18 Heare ye therfore the parable of the sower. 19 Whan one heareth ye worde of the kyngdome, and vnderstondeth it not, the euell man cometh, and plucketh it awaye that is sowne in his hert: & this is he yt is sowne by the waye syde. 20 But he yt is sowne in the stonye grounde, is this: wha one heareth the worde, & anone with ioye receaueth it: 21 neuertheles he hath no rote i him, but endureth for a season: wha trouble & persecucion aryseth because of the worde, immediatly he his offended. 22 As for him that is sowne amonge ye thornes, this is he: Wha one heareth the worde, & the carefulnes of this worlde, & the disceatfulnes of riches choke the worde, & so he becometh vnfrutefull. 23 But he yt is sowne in the good grounde, is this: whan one heareth the worde, and vnderstondeth it, and bringeth forth frute: and some geueth an hudreth folde, some sixtie folde, and some thirtie folde. 24 Another parable put he forth vnto the, & sayde: The kyngdome of heaue is like vnto a man, yt sowed good sede in his felde. 25 But whyle me slepte, there came an enemye, and sowed tares amonge ye wheate, & wente his waye. 26 Now wha the blade was sproge vp & brought forth frute, the ye tares appeared also. 27 Then came the seruautes to ye housholder, & sayde vnto him: Syr, sowdest not thou good sede in yi felde? Fro whece the hath it tares? 28 He sayde vnto the: that hath the enemye done. The sayde ye seruautes: wilt thou then yt we go & wede the out? 29 He sayde: No, lest whyle ye wede out ye tares, ye plucke vp the wheate also wt the. 30 Let the both growe together tyll the haruest, and in tyme of haruest I wil saye vnto the reapers: Gather ye tares first, & bynde the in sheeues to be bret: but gather the wheate in to my barne. 31 Another parable put he forth vnto the, and sayde: The kyngdome of heauen is like vnto a grane of mustarde sede, which a man toke, and sowed it in his felde. 32 Which is the leest amonge all sedes. But whan it is growne, it is the greatest amonge herbes, and is a tre: so that the byrdes vnder the heauen come and dwell in the braunches of it. 33 Another parable spake he vnto the: The kyngdome of heaue is like vnto leue, which a woman toke, and myxte it amonge thre peckes of meele, tyll all was leuended. 34 All soch thinges spake Iesus vnto ye people by parables, & without parables spake he nothinge vnto the: 35 yt the thinge might be fulfilled, which was spoke by ye prophet, sayenge: I wil open my mouth in parables, and wil speake out the secretes from the begynnynge of the worlde. 36 Then sent Iesus the people awaye, and came home. And his disciples came vnto hi, and sayde: Declare vnto us ye parable of ye tares of ye felde. 37 Iesus answered, and sayde vnto them: He that soweth the good sede, is the sonne of man: 38 the felde is the worlde: ye good sede are the childre of the kyngdome: The tares are the children of wickednes: 39 ye enemye that soweth the, is the deuell: ye haruest is the ende of the worlde: ye reapers are ye angels. 40 For like as ye tares are weded out, and brent in the fyre, eue so shal it go in ye ende of this worlde. 41 The sonne of man shal sende forth his angels, & they shal gather out of his kingdome all thinges yt offende, & the yt do iniquyte, 42 & shal cast the in to a fornace of fyre, there shalbe waylinge and gnasshinge of teth. 43 The shal the righteous shyne as the Sonne, in the kyngdome of their father. Who so hath eares to heare, let him heare. 44 Agayne, the kingdome of heauen is like vnto a treasure hyd in the felde, which a ma founde and hid it, and for ioye therof he wete & solde all yt he had, and bought yt felde. 45 Agayne, the kyngdome of heauen is like vnto a marchaut, yt sought good pearles: 46 & wha he had founde a precious pearle, he wete and solde all that he had, & bought it. 47 Agayne, ye kyngdome of heaue is like vnto a nett cast in to ye see, wherwith are take all maner of fyshes: 48 & wha it is ful, me drawe it out vnto ye shore, & sytt & gather ye good i to the vessels, but cast the bad awaye. 49 So shal it be also in ye ende of ye worlde. The angels shal go out, & seuer the bad fro the righteous, 50 & shal cast the in to a fornace of fyre, there shalbe waylinge & gnasshinge of teth. 51 And Iesus sayde vnto them: Haue ye vnderstode all these thinges? They sayde: Yee LORDE. 52 Then sayde he vnto the: Therfore euery scribe taught vnto ye kingdome of heauen, is like an houssholder, which bryngeth out of his treasure thinges new and olde. 53 And it came to passe wha Iesus had ended these parables, he departed thence, 54 and came in to his owne coutre, and taught the in their synagoges: in so moch, that they were astonnyed and sayde: Whece cometh soch wyssdome & power vnto him? 55 Is not this the carpeters sonne? Is not his mother called Mary? and his brethre Iames & Ioses, and Symon and Iude? 56 And are not all his sisters here with us? Whence hath he the all these thinges? 57 And they were offended at him. But Iesus sayde vnto the: A prophet is nowhere lesse sett by, the at home & amonge his owne. 58 And he dyd not many miracles there, because of their vnbeleue.

Matthew 14:1-19:2

1 At that tyme Herode ye Tetrarcha herde of ye fame of Iesu, 2 & sayde vnto his seruautes: This is Iho ye baptist. He is rysen agayne fro the deed, therfore are his dedes so mightie. 3 For Herode had take Iho bounde hi, & put him in preson for Herodias sake his brothers Philips wife. 4 For Ihon sayde vnto him: It is not laufull for ye to haue her. 5 And fayne wolde he haue put him to death, but he feared the people, because they helde him for a Prophet. 6 But whan Herode helde his byrth daye, the doughter of Herodias daunsed before the, and that pleased Herode well, 7 wherfore he promysed her with an ooth, yt he wolde geue her, what soeuer she wolde axe. 8 And she (beynge instructe of hir mother afore) sayde: geue me Ihon baptistes heade in a platter. 9 And the kynge was sory. Neuertheles for ye ooth sake, & the yt sat with him at ye table, he comaunded it to be geuen her, 10 and sent, & beheeded Ihon in the preson. 11 And his heed was brought in a platter, and geuen to the damsell, & she brought it vnto her mother. 12 Then came his disciples, and toke his body, and buried it, and wente and tolde Iesus. 13 Whan Iesus hetde yt, he departed thence by shippe in to a desert place alone. And wha the people herde therof, they folowed him on fote out of ye cities. 14 And Iesus wete forth, and sawe moch people, and had pytie vpon them, and healed their sicke. 15 But at euen his disciples came vnto him, & saide: This is a deserte place, and ye night falleth on: let ye people departe from the, that they maye go in to the townes, and bye them vytayles. 16 But Iesus sayde vnto them: They nede not go awaye, geue ye the to eate. 17 The saide they vnto him: We haue here but fyue loaues and two fyshes. 18 And he sayde: bringe the hither. 19 And he comaunded ye people to syt downe vpon the grasse, and toke ye fyue loaues and two fisshes, and loked vp towarde heauen, and gaue thankes, and brake and gaue the loaues vnto the disciples, and the disciples gaue them to the people. 20 And they all ate, and were suffised. And they gathered vp of the broken meate that remayned ouer, twolue basskettes full. 21 And they yt ate, were aboute a fyue thousande men, besyde wemen and children. 22 And straight waye Iesus made his disciples to entre in to a shippe, & to go ouer before hi, tyll he had sent ye people awaye. 23 And whan he had sent the people awaye, he wete vp in to a mountayne alone, to make his prayer. And at euen he was there him self alone. 24 And ye shippe was allready in ye myddest of the see, & was tost wt wawes, for the winde was cotrary. 25 But in ye fourth watch of ye night Iesus came vnto the, walkinge vpon the see. 26 And whan his disciples sawe him goinge vpon the see, they were afrayed, sayenge: It is some sprete, and cried out for feare. 27 But straight waye Iesus spake vnto them, and sayde: Be of good cheare, it is I, be not afrayed. 28 Peter answered him, & saide: LORDE, yf it be thou, byd me come vnto the vpon ye water. 29 And he sayde: come on yi waye. And Peter stepte out of the shippe, & wete vpon the water, to come vnto Iesus. 30 But whan he sawe a mightie wynde, he was afrayed, & begane to synke, & cried, sayenge: LORDE, helpe me. 31 And imediatly Iesus stretched forth his hande, & caught him, & sayde vnto him: O thou of litle faith, wherfore doutest thou? 32 And they wente in to the shippe, & the wynde ceased. 33 Then they that were in ye shippe, came & fell downe before him, & sayde: Of a trueth thou art ye sonne of God. 34 And they shipped ouer, & came in to the lode of Genazereth. 35 And wha ye me of yt place had knowlege of hi, they sent out in to all that coutre rounde aboute, & brought vnto him all that were sicke, 36 & besought him, that they might but touch the hemme of his vesture onely: & as many as touched it, were made whole.

Matthew 15:1-19:2

1 Then came vnto him the scribes and pharises from Ierusalem, sayenge: 2 Why do thy disciples transgresse ye tradicions of the elders? for they wash not their hodes whan they eate bred. 3 He answered & sayde vnto the: Why do ye transgresse the comaundemet of God, because of youre owne tradicios? 4 For God comaunded, sayege: Honoure father & mother: & he yt curseth father & mother, shal dye the death. 5 But ye saye: Euery man shal saye to father or mother: The thige yt I shulde helpe ye withal, is geue vnto God. 6 By this is it come to passe, that no man honoureth his father or his mother eny more. And thus haue ye made the comaundement of God of none effecte, for youre owne tradicios. 7 Ye ypocrites, full well hath Esaye prophecied of you, & sayde: 8 This people draweth nye vnto me wt their mouth, & honoureth me wt their lippes, howbeit, their hert is farre fro me. 9 But in vayne do they serue me, whyle they teach soch doctrynes as are nothinge but the commaundementes of men. 10 And he called ye people to hi, & saide vnto the: Heare & vnderstode: 11 That which goeth in to the mouth, defyleth not the ma: but yt which cometh out of the mouth, defyleth ye ma. 12 Then came his disciples, & sayde vnto him: knowest thou yt the Pharises were offended, whan they herde this sayenge? 13 He answered, and sayde: All plantes which my heauenly father hath not planted, shal be pluckte vp by ye rotes. 14 Let the go, they are ye blynde leaders of ye blynde. Wha one blinde leadeth another, they fall both i ye diche. 15 Then answered Peter & sayde vnto him: Declare vnto us this parable. 16 And Iesus sayde vnto the: Are ye yet the without vnderstondinge? 17 Perceaue ye not, yt what soeuer goeth in at ye mouth, descedeth downe in to ye bely, & is cast out into the draught? 18 But the thinge that proceadeth out of the mouth, cometh fro ye hert, & that defyleth ye ma. 19 For out of ye hert come euell thoughtes murthur, breakynge of wedlocke, whordome theft, false witnesse, blasphemy. 20 These are ye thinges that defyle a man. But to eate wt vnwasshen hondes, defyleth not a man. 21 And Iesus wente out from thence, & departed in to the coastes of Tyre of Sidon. 22 And beholde, a woma of Canaan wete out of ye same coastes, & cried after him, sayege: O LORDE, thou sonne of Dauid, haue mercy vpon me. My doughter is sore vexed wt a deuell. 23 And he answered her neuer a worde. The came his disciples vnto him, & besought him, sayege: Sede her awaye, for she crieth after us. 24 But he answered, & saide: I am not sent, but vnto the lost shepe of the house of Israel. 25 Notwithstondinge she came & fell downe before him, & sayde: LORDE, helpe me. 26 He answered & sayde: It is not good, to take the childrens bred, & to cast it vnto dogges. 27 It is trueth LORDE (sayde she) Neuertheles the whelpes eate of the crommes, that fall fro their lordes table. 28 Then answered Iesus & sayde vnto her: O woma, greate is yi faith be it vnto the, eue as thou desyrest. And hir doughter was made hole at ye same houre. 29 And Iesus departed thece, and came nye vnto the see of Galile, and wente vp in to a mountayne, and sat downe there, 30 And there came vnto him moch people, hauinge with them, lame, blynde, dome, crepell, and other many, and cast them downe at Iesus fete. And he healed the, 31 in so moch that the people wodred, to se the dome speake, the crepell whole, the halt to go, & the blynde to se. And they praysed the God of Israel. 32 And Iesus called his disciples vnto him, & sayde: I haue copassion vpon the people, for they haue cotynued wt me now thre dayes, & haue nothinge to eate, & I wil not let the departe fastynge, lest they perishe in ye waye. 33 And his disciples sayde vnto him: Whence shulde we get so moch bred in the wyldernes, that we might satissfie so moch people? 34 And Iesus sayde vnto the: How many loaues haue ye? They sayde: seue, & a few litle fyshes. 35 And he comaunded ye people to syt downe vpo the grounde, 36 and toke ye seue loaues, & the fyshes, & gaue thankes & brake the, & gaue the to his disciples, & ye disciples gaue the vnto the people. 37 And they all ate, & were suffised. And they toke vp of the broke meate yt was left, seuen basskettes full. 38 And they yt ate, were foure thousande me, besyde wemen and children. 39 And whan he had sent awaye the people, he wente in to a shippe, & came in to the parties of Magdala.

Matthew 16:1-19:2

1 Then came the Pharises & Saduces vnto him, & tepted him, requyringe him to shewe the a toke from heaue. 2 But he answered, & sayde: At eue ye saye: It wil be fayre wedder. for ye sskye is reed. 3 And in ye mornynge, ye saye: It wil be foule wedder to daye, for the sskye is reed, & gloometh. O ye ypocrytes, ye can discerne the fashion of ye sskye: can ye not the discerne the tokes of these tymes also? 4 This euell and aduouterous generacio seketh a toke, & there shal no toke be geue the, but the toke of ye prophet Ionas. So he left the, and departed. 5 And wha his disciples were come to the other syde of the water, they had forgotten to take bred wt them. 6 Iesus sayde vnto the: Take hede & bewarre of the leue of ye Pharises & of the Saduces. 7 The thought they in the selues, sayege: We haue take no bred wt us. 8 Whe Iesus perceaued yt, he sayde to the: O ye of litle faith, why are ye combred (in yor mindes (because ye haue take no bred wt you? 9 Do ye not yet perceaue? Remembre ye not those fyue loaues, whe there were fyue thousande me, and how many basskettes toke ye vp? 10 Nether ye seue loaues whan there were foure thousande men, & how many baskettes toke ye vp? 11 Why perceaue ye not then, yt I spake not to you of bred, whe I saide: bewarre of ye leue of ye Pharises & of ye Saduces? 12 The vnderstode they, how yt he had not the bewarre of the leue of bred, but of ye doctryne of the Pharises and of the Saduces. 13 Then came Iesus into the coastes of the cite Cesarea Philippi, & axed his disciples & saide: Who do me saie, yt ye sonne of ma is? 14 They sayde: Some saye, yt thou art Iho the baptist, Some yt thou art Elias, Some yt thou art Ieremy, or one of ye prophetes. 15 He saide to the: But who saye ye yt I am. 16 The answered Symo Peter and saide: Thou art Christ ye sonne of ye lyuinge God. 17 And Iesus answered, & saide vnto hi: Blessed art thou Symo ye sonne of Ionas, for flesh & bloude hath not opened yt vnto the, but my father yt is in heaue. 18 And I saie to ye: Thou art Peter, & vpo this rocke wil I builde my cogregacion: and ye gates of hell shal not preuayle agaynst it. 19 And the keyes of heauen wil I geue vnto the: Whatsoeuer thou shalt bynde vpon earth, shalbe bounde also in heauen: & whatsoeuer thou shalt lowse vpon earth, shalbe lowsed also in heaue. 20 Then charged he his disciples, that they shulde tell no ma that he was Iesus Christ. 21 From that tyme forth beganne Iesus to shew vnto his disciples, how that he must go vnto Ierusale, and suffre many thinges of the elders, and of the hye prestes, and of the scrybes, and be put to death, and ryse againe the thirde daye. 22 But Peter toke him asyde, and beganne to rebuke him, sayenge: LORDE, fauoure thy self, let not this happen vnto the. 23 Neuertheles he turned him aboute, & sayde vnto Peter: Auoyde fro me Satha, thou hindrest me, for thou sauourest not ye thinges that be of God, but of men. 24 Then sayde Iesus vnto his disciples: Yf eny man wil folowe me, let him forsake himself, & take vp his crosse, and folowe me. 25 For who so wil saue his life, shal lose it: but whoso loseth his life for my sake, shal fynde it. 26 What helpeth it a man though he wanne the whole worlde, and yet suffred harme in his soule? Or what can a man geue, to redeme his soule withall? 27 For it wil come to passe, that the sonne of ma shal come in the glory of his father with his angels, and then shal he rewarde euery one acordinge to his dedes. 28 Verely I saye vnto you: there stonde here some, which shal not taist of death, tyll they se ye sonne of ma come in his kingdome.

Matthew 17:1-19:2

1 And after sixe dayes Iesus toke Peter Iames, and Ihon his brother, and brought them vp in to an hye mountayne out of the waye, 2 and was transfigured before the: & his face shone as ye Sonne, and his clothes were as white as the light. 3 And beholde, there appeared vnto the Moses and Elias talkinge with him. 4 Then answered Peter, and sayde vnto Iesus: LORDE, here is good beynge for us. Yf thou wilt, let us make here thre tabernacles: one for the, one for Moses, and one for Elias. 5 Whyle he yet spake, beholde, a bright cloude ouershadowed them: and lo, there came a voyce out of the cloude, saienge: This is my deare sonne, in whom I delyte, heare him. 6 Whan ye disciples herde that, they fell vpon their faces, and were sore afrayed. 7 But Iesus came and touched them, and sayde: Aryse, and be not afrayed. 8 And whan they loked vp, they sawe no man, but Iesus onely. 9 And wha they came downe fro ye mountayne, Iesus charged them, and sayde: Tell no man of this vision, tyll the sonne of man be rysen agayne from ye deed. 10 And his disciples axed him, and sayde: Why saye the scrybes then, that Elias must first come? 11 Iesus answered and sayde vnto them: Elias shall come first in dede, and bringe all thinges to right agayne. 12 But I saye vnto you: Elias is come all ready, & they knewe him not, but haue done vnto him what they wolde. Eue so shal also the sonne of man suffre of them. 13 Then the disciples perceaued, that he spake vnto them of Ihon the baptist. 14 And whan they were come to the people, there came vnto him a certayne man, and kneled vnto him, and sayde: 15 LORDE, haue mercy vpon my sonne, for he is lunatike, & sore vexed. He falleth oft tymes in to ye fyre, and oft in to ye water: 16 and I brought him vnto thy disciples, and they coude not heale him. 17 Iesus answered, and sayde: O thou faithles and frowarde generacion, how longe shal I be with you? How longe shal I suffre you? Bringe him hither to me. 18 And Iesus rebuked him, and ye deuyll wete out of him, and ye childe was healed, euen that same houre. 19 Then came the disciples vnto Iesus secretly, & sayde: Why coude not we cast him out? 20 Iesus sayde vnto them: Because of youre vnbeleue. For I saye verely vnto you? Yf ye haue faith as a grane of mustarde sede, ye maye saye vnto this mountayne: Remoue hence to yonder place, and he shal remoue, nether shal enythinge be vnpossible vnto you. 21 How beit this kinde goeth not out, but by prayer and fastynge. 22 Whyle they occupied in Galile, Iesus sayde vnto them: it wil come to passe, that the sonne of man shalbe delyuered in to the hondes of men, 23 and they shal kyll him, and the thirde daye shal he aryse agayne. And they were very sory. 24 Now wha they were come to Capernaum, they that receaued ye tribute money, came to Peter, and sayde: Doth youre master paye tribute? 25 He sayed: yee. And when he was come home, Iesus preuented him, and sayde: What thinkest thou Symon? Of whom do the kynges of the earth take toll or tribute? Of their children, or of straungers? 26 Then sayde Peter to him: Of straungers. Iesus sayde vnto him: Then are ye children fre. 27 Neuertheles lest we offende them, go thy waye to the see, and cast thine angle, and take the fysh that first cometh vp, and whan thou hast opened his mouth, thou shalt fynde a pece of twenty pens, take that, and geue it them for me and the.

Matthew 18:1-19:2

1 At the same tyme came the disciples vnto Iesus, and sayde: Who is the greatest in the kyngdome of heauen? 2 And Iesus called a childe vnto him, and set him in the myddest amonge them, 3 and sayde: Verely I saye vnto you: Excepte ye turne and become as children, ye shal not entre into the kyngdome of heauen. 4 Whosoeuer therfore humbleth him self as this childe, ye same is the greatest in ye kyngdome of heauen. 5 And who so receaueth soch a childe in my name, receaueth me. 6 But who so offendeth one of these litle ones which beleue in me, it were better for him, that a mylstone were hanged aboute his neck, and he drowned in the depth of the see. 7 Wo vnto the worlde because of slauders. Yee there must slaunders come: but wo vnto that man, by whom slaunder commeth. 8 But yf thy hande or thy fote offende the, cut him of, and cast him from the. It is better for ye to entre in vnto life lame or crepell, the yt thou shuldest haue two hodes or two fete, and be cast in to euerlastinge fyre. 9 And yf thyne eye offende the, plucke it out, & cast it from the. Better it is for the to entre in vnto life with one eye, the to haue two eyes, and to be cast in to hell fyre. 10 Take hede, yt ye despyse not one of these litle ones. For I saye vnto you: their angels do alwaye beholde the face of my father which is in heauen: 11 for the sonne of man is come to saue that which is lost. 12 How thinke ye? Yf a man haue an hundreth shepe, and one of the be gone astraye, doth not he leaue the nyentie and nyene in the mountaynes, and goeth, and seketh that one which is gone astraye? 13 And yf it happen that he fynde it, verely I saye vnto you: he reioyseth more ouer it, then ouer the nyentie & nyene which wete not astraye. 14 Euen so is it not the will before youre father in heauen, that one of these litle ones shulde perishe. 15 Yf thy brother trespace agaynst the, go and tell him his faute betwene the and him alone. Yf he heare the, thou hast wone thy brother. 16 But yf he heare the not, then take yet with the one or two, that in the mouth of two or thre wytnesses, euery matter maye be stablyshed. 17 Yf he heare not them, tell it vnto the congregacion. Yf he heare not the cogregacion, holde him as an Heithen and Publican. 18 Verely I saye vnto you: what soeuer ye shal bynde vpon earth, shalbe boude also in heauen: & what soeuer ye lowse vpon earth, shalbe lowsed also in heaue. 19 Agayne, I saye vnto you: Yf two of you shal agree vpon earth (for what thinge soeuer it be yt they wolde desyre) they shal haue it of my father which is in heaue. 20 For where two or thre are gathered together i my name, there am I in the myddest amonge them. 21 Then came Peter vnto him, & sayde, LORDE, how oft shal I forgeue my brother, yt trespaceth agaynst me? Seue tymes? 22 Iesus saide vnto hi: I saye not vnto ye seue tymes, but seuetie tymes seuen tymes. 23 Therfore is ye kingdome of heaue lickened vnto a kynge which wolde reken wt his seruauntes. 24 And whan he beganne to reke, one was brought vnto him, which ought him ten thousande poude. 25 Now wha he had nothinge to paye his lorde comaunded him to be solde, & his wife & his childre, & all yt he had, & payment to be made. 26 Then the seruaunt fell downe, & besought him, sayenge: Syr, haue paciece wt me, and I wil paye the all. 27 Then had the lorde pytie on that seruaunt, & discharged him, and forgaue him the dett. 28 And the same seruaunt wete out, & foude one of his felowes, which ought him an hudreth pens, and layed hande vpon him, and toke him by the throte, and sayde: paye me that thou owest. 29 The his felowe fell downe, and besought him, sayenge: haue paciece wt me, and I wil paye the all 30 Neuertheles, he wolde not, but wente and cast him in to preson, tyll he shulde paye the dett. 31 Whan his felowes sawe what was done, they were very sory, and came and tolde their lorde all that had happened. 32 Then his lorde called for him, and sayde vnto him: O thou wicked seruaut, I forgaue the all this dett, because thou praydest me: 33 shuldest not thou then haue had compassion also vpon thy felowe, euen as I had pytie vpon the? 34 And his lorde was wroth, and delyuered him vnto the iaylers, tyll he payed all that he ought. 35 So shal my heauenly father do also vnto you, yf ye euery one of you fro youre hertes, forgeue not his brother his trespaces.

Matthew 19:1-2

1 And it came to passe, wha Iesus had ended these sayenges, he gat him fro Galile, & came i to ye coastes of Iewry beyonde Iordane, 2 & moch people folowed him, and he healed them there.

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