Bible verses about "wholeness" | Coverdale

Psalms 19:1-14

1 The very heaues declare the glory off God, ad the very firmamet sheweth his hadye worke. 2 One daye telleth another, and one night certifieth another. 3 There is nether speach ner laguage, but their voyces are herde amoge the. 4 Their soude is gone out in to all londes, and their wordes in to the endes of the worlde. 5 In the hath he sett a tabernacle for ye Sone, which cometh forth as a brydegrome out of his chambre, & reioyseth as a giaunte to rune his course. 6 It goeth forth fro the one ende of the heauen, and runneth aboute vnto the same ende agayne, & there maye no ma hyde himself fro the heate therof. 7 The lawe of the LORDE is a perfecte lawe, it quickeneth the soule. The testimony of ye LORDE is true, & geueth wisdome euen vnto babes. 8 The statutes of the LORDE are right, & reioyse the herte: ye comaundemet of ye LORDE is pure, and geueth light vnto the eyes. 9 The feare of the LORDE is cleane, & endureth for euer: the iudgmentes of the LORDE are true and rigtuous alltogether. 10 More pleasunt are they then golde, yee then moch fyne golde: sweter then hony & the hony combe. 11 These thy seruaunt kepeth, & for kepinge of them there is greate rewarde. 12 Who can tell, how oft he offendeth? Oh clese thou me fro my secrete fautes. 13 Kepe thy seruaute also from presumptuous synnes, lest they get the dominion ouer me: so shal I be vndefyled & innocet fro the greate offence. 14 Yee the wordes of my mouth & the meditacio of my herte shalbe acceptable vnto the, o LORDE, my helper and my redemer.

Luke 8:1-56

1 And it fortuned afterwarde, that he wente thorow the cities and townes, and preached, and shewed ye Gospell of the kyngdome of God, and the twolue wt him. 2 And certayne wemen also, who he had healed fro euell spretes and infirmities: Namely, Mary which is called Magdalene, out of whom wente seuen deuels, 3 and Ioanna ye wife of Chusa Herodes stewarde, and Susanna, and many other, that mynistred vnto them of their substaunce. 4 Now wha moch people were gathered together, and haisted vnto him out of the cities, He spake by a symilitude: 5 There wente out a sower to sowe his sede, & whyle he was sowynge, some fell by the waye syde, and was trodde vnder fote, and the foules of the ayre ate it vp. 6 And some fell on stone, and whan it was spronge vp, it wythred awaye, because it had no moystnesse. 7 And some fell amonge thornes, and the thornes sprange vp with it, and choked it. 8 And some fell vpo a good grounde, and sprange vp, and bare frute an hundreth folde. Wha he sayde this he cryed: Who so hath eares to heare, let him heare. 9 And his disciples axed him, and sayde: What symilitude is this? 10 And he sayde: Vnto you it is geue, to knowe the mysteryes of the kyngdome of God, but vnto the other in parables, yt though they se it, they shulde not se it, and though they heare it, they shulde not vnderstonde. 11 This is the parable: The sede is the worde of God: 12 As for those that are by ye waye syde, they are they that heare it, afterwarde commeth the deuell, and taketh awaye the worde out of their hertes, that they shulde not beleue, and be saued. 13 But they on ye stone, are soch as whan they heare it, receaue the worde with ioye, and these haue no rote: they beleue for a whyle, and in the tyme of temptacion they fall awaye. 14 As for it that fel amonge the thornes, are soch as heare it, and go forth amonge the cares, riches and volupteousnesses of this life, and are choked and brynge forth no frute. 15 But that on the good grounde, are they that heare the worde, and kepe it in a pure good hert, and brynge forth frute in pacience. 16 No man lighteth a cadell, and couereth it with a vessell, or putteth it vnder a table, but setteth it vpon a candelsticke, that soch as go in maye se light. 17 For there is nothinge hyd, that shal not be openly shewed: and there is nothinge secrete, that shal not be knowne, and come to light. 18 Take hede therfore how ye heare. For who so hath, vnto him shalbe geue: but who so hath not, from him shalbe taken awaye, eue the same that he thynketh to haue. 19 There wente vnto him his mother and his brethren, and coude not come at him for the people. 20 And it was tolde him. Thy mother and thy brethren stonde without, and wolde se the. 21 But he answered, & sayde vnto the: My mother and my brethren are these, which heare the worde of God, and do it. 22 And it fortuned vpon a certayne daye, yt he wente in to a shippe, and his disciples wt him, & he sayde vnto the: Let vs passe ouer to the other syde of ye lake. And they thurst of fro the lode. 23 And as they sayled, he slepte. And there came a storme of wynde vpon ye lake, and the wawes fell vpon the, and they stode in greate ioperdy. 24 Then wete they vnto him, and waked him vp, & sayde: Master master, we perishe. Then he arose, and rebuked the wynde, and the tepest of water, and they ceassed, and it waxed calme. 25 But he sayde vnto the: Where is youre faith? Neuertheles they were afrayed, and wodred, and sayde one to another: What is he this? For he comaundeth the wyndes and the water, and they are obedient vnto him. 26 And they sayled forth in to the countre of the Gadarenites, which is ouer agaynst Galile. 27 And whan he wente out to londe, there met him out of ye cite a ma, which had a deuell longe tyme, & ware no clothes, & taried in no house, but in the graues. 28 Neuertheles wha he sawe Iesus, he cried, and fell downe before him, and cried loude, & sayde: What haue I to do with the Iesus, thou sonne of the Hyest God? I beseke the, that thou wilt not tormete me. 29 For he comaunded the foule sprete, that he shulde departe out of the ma, for he had plaged hi a loge season. And he was bounde with cheynes, and kepte wt fetters, and he brake the bondes in sonder, and was caried of the deuell in to the wyldernesse. 30 And Iesus axed him, and sayde: What is thy name? He sayde: Legion. For there were many deuels entred in to him. 31 And they besought him, that he wolde not comaunde the to go in to the depe. 32 But there was there a greate heerd of swyne fedynge vpon the mountayne, and they besought him, that he wolde geue them leue, to entre in to ye same. And he gaue the leue. 33 Then departed ye deuels out of the ma, and entred into the swyne. And the heerd russhed headlynges with a storme in to the lake, and were drowned. 34 But wha ye herdmen sawe what had chaunsed, they fled, and tolde it in the cite and in the vyllagies. 35 Then wente they out, for to se what was done, and came to Iesus, and founde the ma (out of whom the deuyls were departed) syttinge at Iesus fete, clothed, and in his right mynde, and they were afrayed. 36 And they yt had sene it, tolde the how the possessed was healed. 37 And the whole multitude of ye countre of the Gadarenites besought him, that he wolde departe from them, for there was a greate feare come vpon the. And he gat him in to ye shippe, and turned agayne. 38 And the man out of who the deuels were departed, besought him, yt he might be with him. But Iesus sent him awaye, and sayde: 39 Go home agayne, and shewe how greate thinges God hath done for the. And he wente his waye, & preached thorow out all ye cite, how greate thinges Iesus had done for hi. 40 And it fortuned wha Iesus came agayne, the people receaued him, for they wayted for him. 41 And beholde, there came a man named Iairus (and he was a ruler of the synagoge) and fell at Iesus fete, & besought him, that he wolde come in to his house. 42 For he had but one doughter (vpon a twolue yeare of age) and she laye at ye poynt of death. And as he wente, the people thronged him. 43 And a woma hauynge the bloudyssue twolue yeares, (which had spent all hir substaunte vpon phisicians, and coude be healed of none) 44 came behynde, & touched the hemme of his garmet, and immediatly hir yssue of bloude was staunched. 45 And Iesus sayde: Who hath touched me? But whan they all denyed, Peter sayde, and they that were with him: Master, the people thronge the and thrust the, and thou sayest: Who hath touched me? 46 Iesus saide: Some body hath touched me, for I fele, that there is vertue gone out fro me. 47 But whan the woman sawe that she was not hyd, she came treblynge, and fell downe before him, and tolde him before all the people, for what cause she had touched him, & how she was healed immediatly. 48 And he sayde vnto her: Doughter, be of good comforte, thy faith hath made the whole, go thy waye in peace. 49 Whyle he yet spake, there came one fro ye ruler of ye synagoges house, and sayde vnto him: Thy doughter is deed, disease not the master. 50 Whan Iesus herde that, he answered him, and sayde: Feare not, beleue onely, and she shal be made whole. 51 But whan he came in to the house, he suffred no man to go in, saue Peter, and Iames and Iho, and the father and mother of the mayden. 52 They wepte all, and sorowed for her. But he sayde: Wepe not, for she is not deed, but slepeth. 53 And they laughed hi to scorne, knowynge well that she was deed. 54 But he thrust them all out, and toke her by the hande, and cryed, and sayde: Mayde aryse. 55 And hir sprete came agayne, & she arose straight waye. And he comaunded to geue her meate. 56 And hir elders were astonnyed. But he charged them, that they shulde tell no man, what was done.

Mark 16:17-18

17 As for the tokens, which shal folowe the that beleue, these are they: In my name shal they cast out deuyls: Speake with new tunges: 18 Dryue awaye serpetes: And yf they drynke eny deedly thinge, it shal not hurte them: They shal laye their handes vpo the sicke, and they shal recouer.

1 Thessalonians 1:3-9

3 without ceassynge, and call to remembraunce youre worke in the faith, and youre laboure in loue, & youre pacience in hope, which is oure LORDE Iesus Christ before God oure father: 4 Because we knowe (brethren, beloued of God) how that ye are electe: 5 for oure Gospell hath not bene with you in worde onely, but both in power and in the holy goost, and in moch certayntie, as ye knowe after what maner we were amonge you for youre sakes. 6 And ye became the folowers of vs and of the LORDE: and receaued the worde in moch affliccion with ioye of the holy goost: 7 so that ye were an example to all that beleued in Macedonia and Achaia. 8 For fro you was the worde of the LORDE noysed out, not onely in Macedonia & Achaia, but i all quarters also is yor faith i God spred abrode so that it nedeth not vs to speake eny thinge at all. 9 For they them selues shewe of you, what maner of entrynge in we had vnto you, and how ye are turned vnto God from ymages, for to serue the lyuynge and true God,

Revelation 21:1-22:21

1 And I sawe a newe heauen and a newe earth. For the fyrst heauen, and the fyrst earth were vanisshed awaye, and there was nomore See. 2 And I Ihon sawe that holy cite newe Ierusalem come downe from God out of heauen, prepared as a bryde garnisshed for hyr hussband. 3 And I herde a greate voyce from the seate, sayenge: beholde, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he wil dwell with them. And they shalbe his people, and God himselfe shalbe with the, and shalbe their God. 4 And God shal wipe awaye all teares from their eyes. And there shalbe nomore deeth, nether sorowe, nether shal there be eny more payne, for ye olde thinges are gone. 5 And he that sat vpon the seate, sayde: Beholde, I make all thinges newe. And he sayde vnto me: wryte for these wordes are faithfull and true, 6 And he sayde vnto me: it is done I am Alpha and Omega, the begynnynge, and the ende. I wil geue to him that is a thyrst of the well of the water of life fre. 7 He that ouercommeth, shal inheret all thinges I wil be his God, and he shalbe my sonne. 8 But the fearefull and vnbeleuynge, and the abhominable, and murthurers, and whormongers, and sorcerers, and ydolaters, & all lyars, shal haue their parte in the lake, that burneth with fyre and brymstone, which is the seconde death. 9 And there came vnto me one of the seuen angels, which had the seuen vials full of the seuen last plages: and talked with me, sayenge: come hydder, I wil shewe the the bryde, ye labes wyfe. 10 And he caryed me awaye in ye sprete to a greate and an hye moutayne, and he shewed me the greate cite, holy Ierusale descendinge out of heauen from God, 11 hauynge the brightnes of God. And her shynynge was lyke vnto a stone most precious, euen a Iaspar cleare as cristall: 12 & had greate and hye walles, and had twolue gates, and at ye gates twolue angels: and names wrytten, which are the twolue trybes of Israel: 13 on the est parte thre gates, and on the north syde thre gates, and towarde the south thre gates, and from the west thre gates: 14 and the wall of the cite had twolue foundacios, and in them the names of the lambes twolue Apostles. 15 And he that talked with me, had a golden rede to measure the cite with all, and the gates therof, and the wall therof. 16 And the cite was bylt foure square, and the length was as large as the bredth of it, and he measured the cite with the rede twolue M. furlonges: and the length and the bredth, and ye heyth of it, were equall. 17 And he measured the wall therof, an cxliiij. cubittes, after ye measure of a man, which the angel had. 18 And the buyldinge of the wall of it was of Iaspar. And the cite was of pure golde, like vnto cleare glasse: 19 and ye foundacios of the walles and of ye cite were garnysshed with all maner of precious stones. The fyrst foundacion was a Iasper, the seconde a Saphyre, ye thyrde a Calcedony, the fourth a Smaragde: 20 the fyft a Sardonix: the sixt a Sardeos: the seuenth a Crysolite, the eyght berall: the nynth a Topas: the tenth a Crysoprasos: the eleueth a Iacyncte: the twelfte an Amatist. 21 And the twolue gates were twolue pearles, and euery gate was of one pearle, and ye strete of the cite was pure golde, as a thoroweshyninge glasse. 22 And I sawe no temple therin. For the LORDE God allmighty and the lambe is the temple of it, 23 and the cite hath no nede of the Sonne, nether of the mone to lyghten it. For the bryghtnes of God doth light it: and the lambe is the lyght of it. 24 And ye people which are saued, shal walke in the light of it: and the kynges of the earth shal brynge their glory vnto it. 25 And the gates of it shal not be shut by daye. For there shalbe no nyght there. 26 (Omitted Text) 27 And there shal entre in to it none vncleane thinge: nether what soeuer worketh abhominacion: or maketh lyes: but they which are wrytten in the lambes boke of life.

Revelation 22:1-21

1 And he shewed me a pure ryuer of water of life clere as cristall: proceadinge out of the seate of God and of ye lambe 2 in the myddes of the strete of it, and of ether syde of the ryuer was there wod of life: which bare twolue maner of frutes: and gaue frute euery moneth: and the leaues of the wodd serued to heale the people withall. 3 And there shalbe no more cursse, but the seate of God and ye labe shalbe in it: and his seruauntes shal serue him: 4 And shal se his face, and his name shalbe in their for heades. 5 And there shalbe no night there, and they nede no candle, nether light of the Sonne: for the LORDE God geueth the light, and they shal reygne for euermore. 6 And he sayde vnto me: these sayenges are faithfull, and true. And the LORDE God of the holy prophetes sent his angell to shewe vnto his seruantes, the thinges which muste shortly be fulfylled. 7 Beholde, I come shortly. Happy is he yt kepeth ye sayege of ye prophesy of this boke. 8 I am Ihon, which sawe these thinges and herde them. And whe I had herde and sene the, I fell downe to worshippe before the fete of the angell which shewed me these thinges. 9 And he saide vnto me: se thou do it not, for I am thy felowe seruaunt and the felowe seruaut of thy brethren the prophetes, and of them, which kepe the sayenges of this boke. Worshippe God. 10 And he sayde vnto me: seale not the sayenges of the prophesy of this boke. For the tyme is at hode. 11 He that doeth euell, let him do euell styll: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy styll: and he that is righteous, let him be more righteous: and he that is holy, let him be more holy. 12 And beholde, I come shortly, and my rewarde with me, to geue euery ma acordinge as his dedes shalbe. 13 I am Alpha and Omega, ye beginnynge and the ende: the first & the last. 14 Blessed are they that do his commaundementes, that their power maye be in the tree of life, and maye entre in thorow the gates in to the cite. 15 For without are dogges and inchaunters and whormongers, and mortherers, and ydolaters, and whosoeuer loueth or maketh lesinges. 16 I Iesus haue sent myne angell, to testifie vnto you these thinges in the cogregacions. I am the rote and the generacion of Dauid, and the bright mornynge starre. 17 And the sprete and the bryde saye: Come. And let him that heareth, saye also: Come. And let him that is a thyrst, come. And let whosoeuer wyll, take of the water of life fre. 18 I testifye vnto euery man that heareth the wordes of prophesy of this boke yf eny man shal adde vnto these thinges, God shal adde vnto him the plages that are wrytten in this boke. 19 And yf eny man shal mynishe of the wordes of the boke of this prophesy, God shal take awaye his parte out of the boke of life, and out of the holy citie, and fro tho thinges which are wrytten in this boke. 20 He which testifyeth these thinges, sayth: Yee I come quyckly, Amen. Euen so: come LORDE Iesu. 21 The grace of oure LORDE Iesu Christ be with you all. Amen.

Psalms 29:11

11 The LORDE shall geue power vnto his people, the LORDE shal geue his people the blessynge of peace.

Jeremiah 30:17

17 For I will geue the thy health agayne, and make thy woundes whole, saieth the LORDE: because they reuyled the, as one cast awaye and despised, o Sion.

Matthew 10:1

1 And he called his xii. disciples vnto hym, & gaue them power ouer vncleane spretes, to cast them out, & to heale all maner of sicknesses, and all maner of deseases.

John 14:12

12 Verely verely I saye vnto you: He that beleueth on me, shal do the workes that I do, and shal do greater then these: for I go to the father.

Colossians 1:17

17 and he is before all thinges, and in him all thinges haue their beynge.

1 Peter 5:10

10 But ye God of all grace, which hath called you to his euerlastinge glory in Christ Iesu, shal his owne selfe make you perfecte, which suffre a litle season: eue he shal settle, strength, and stablish you.

Psalms 107:20

20 He sent his worde & healed the, & saued the from destruccion.

John 12:25

25 He that loueth his life, shal lose it: and he that hateth his life in this worlde, shal kepe it vnto life euerlastinge.

Romans 12:1

1 I beseke you brethre by the mercyfulnesse of God, that ye geue ouer youre bodies for a sacrifice, yt is quycke holy, and acceptable vnto God, which is yor reasonable seruynge off God.

Philippians 4:13

13 I can do all thinges thorow Christ, which stregtheth me.

Colossians 2:9-10

9 For in him dwelleth all the fulnes of the Godheade bodely, 10 and ye are complete in him, which is the heade of all rule and power:

John 16:13

13 howbeit whan he (the sprete of trueth commeth) he shal lede you in to all trueth. For he shal not speake of himself, but what soeuer he shal heare, that shal he speake: and he shall shewe you, what is for to come.

James 1:17

17 Euery good gifte, & euery parfait gift, is from aboue, and cometh downe from ye father of light, with whom is no variablenes, nether is he chaunged vnto darcknes.

John 10:10

10 A thefe cometh not, but for to steale, kyll, and destroye. I am come, yt they might haue life, and haue it more abundauntly.

James 1:1-27

1 Iames the seruaunt of God and of the LORDE Iesus Christ, sendeth gretinge to the xij. trybes which are scatered here & there. 2 My brethren, counte it exceadynge ioye whe ye fall in to diuers temptacions, 3 for as moche as ye knowe, how yt the tryinge of youre faith bringeth pacience: 4 and let pacience haue her parfect worke, yt ye maye be parfecte aud sounde, lakinge nothinge. 5 Yf eny of you lacke wyssdome, let him axe of God, which geueth to all men indifferentlie, and casteth no man in the teth: and it shal be geue him. 6 But let him axe in faith and wauer not. For he that douteth, is lyke the wawes of ye See, tost of the wynde, and caried wt violence. 7 Nether let yt man thinke that he shal receaue eny thige of ye LORDE. 8 A wauerynge mynded ma ys vnstable in all his waies. 9 Let the brother of lowe degre reioyce, in yt he is exalted: 10 and the rich, in yt he is made lowe. For eue as the flor of ye grasse shal he vanyshe awaye. 11 The Sonne ryseth wt heat and the grasse wydereth, & his floure falleth awaye, and the beautie of the fassion of it perissheth: euen so shal the ryche man perisshe with his abundaunce. 12 Happy is the man that endureth in teptacion, for when he is tryed, he shal receaue the crowne of life, which the LORDE hath promised to them that loue him. 13 Let no man saye when he is tempted, yt he is tempted of God. For God tepteth not vnto euell, nether tepteth he eny man. 14 But euery ma is tepted, drawne awaye, & entysed of his awne cocupiscece. 15 The whe lust hath conceaued, she bringeth forth synne, & synne when it is fynished, bringeth forth deeth. 16 Erre not my deare brethre. 17 Euery good gifte, & euery parfait gift, is from aboue, and cometh downe from ye father of light, with whom is no variablenes, nether is he chaunged vnto darcknes. 18 Of his awne will begat he vs with the worde of life, that we shulde be the fyrst frutes of his creatures. 19 Wherfore deare brethren, let euery man be swifte to heare, slowe to speake, and slowe to wrath. 20 For the wrath of ma worketh not that which is righteous before God. 21 Wherfore laye aparte all fylthines, all superfluite of maliciousnes, & receaue with meknes ye worde yt is grafted in you, which is able to saue youre soules. 22 And se that ye be doers of ye worde & not heares only, deceauinge youre awne selues. 23 For yf eny heare the worde, and do it not, he is like vnto a ma that beholdeth his bodily face in a glasse. 24 For assone as he hath loked on himselfe, he goeth his waye, and forgetteth immediatly what his fasshion was. 25 But who so loketh in ye perfect lawe of libertie, and continueth therin (yf he be not a forgetfull hearer, but a doar of the worke) the same shalbe happie in his dede. 26 Yf eny man amonge you seme deuoute, & refrayne not his toge: but deceaue his awne herte, this mannes deuocion is in vayne. 27 Pure deuocion and vndefiled before God the father, is this: to visit the frendlesse and widdowes in their aduersite, and to kepe him selfe vnspotted of the worlde.

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