Bible verses about "understanding" | Coverdale

Proverbs 20:5

5 Wyse councell in the herte of man is like a water in the depe of the earth, but he that hath vnderstondinge, bryngeth it forth.

Ecclesiastes 3:1-22

1 Every thinge hath a tyme, yee all that is vnder the heauen, hath is conuenient season. 2 There is a tyme to be borne, and a tyme to dye. There is a tyme to plate, and a tyme to plucke vp the thinge, yt is planted: 3 A tyme to slaye, and a tyme to make whole: A tyme to breake downe, and a tyme to buylde vp: 4 A tyme to wepe, and a tyme to laugh: A tyme to mourne, and a tyme to daunse: 5 A tyme to cast awaye stones, and a tyme to gather stones together: A tyme to enbrace, & a tyme to refrayne from enbracynge: 6 A tyme to wynne, and a tyme to lese: A tyme to spare, and a tyme to spende: 7 A tyme to cutt in peces, and a tyme to sowe together: A tyme to kepe sylece, and a tyme to speake: 8 A tyme to loue, & a tyme to hate: A tyme of warre, and a tyme of peace. 9 What hath a ma els (that doth eny thinge) but weerynesse and laboure? 10 For as touchinge the trauayle and carefulnesse which God hath geuen vnto me, I se that he hath geuen it them, to be exercised in it. 11 All this hath he ordened maruelous goodly, to euery thinge his due tyme. He hath plated ignoraunce also in the hertes of men, yt they shulde not fynde out ye grounde of his workes, which he doth from ye beginninge to ye ende. 12 So I perceaued, yt in these thinges there is nothinge better for a man, the to be mery & to do well so longe as he lyueth. 13 For all yt a man eateth & drynketh, yee what so euer a ma enioyeth of all his labor, ye same is a gift of God. 14 I cosidered also yt what so euer God doth, it cotinueth for euer, & yt nothinge can be put vnto it ner take from it: & yt God doth it to ye intent, yt men shulde feare him. 15 The thinge yt hath bene, is now: & the thinge yt is for to come, hath bene afore tyme, for God restoreth agayne the thinge that was past. 16 Morouer, I sawe vnder ye Sonne, vngodlynesse in the steade of iudgment, & iniquite in steade of rightuousnesse. 17 Then thought I in my mynde: God shal separate the rightuous from the vngodly, & then shal be the tyme & iudgmet of all councels & workes. 18 I comoned wt myne owne herte also cocernynge the childre of men: how God hath chosen them, and yet letteth the apeare, as though they were beastes: 19 for it happeneth vnto men as it doth vnto beastes, & as the one dyeth, so dyeth ye other: yee they haue both one maner of breth, so yt (in this) a man hath no preemynence aboue a beest, but all are subdued vnto vanite. 20 They go all vnto one place, for as they be all of dust, so shal they all turne vnto dust againe. 21 Who knoweth the sprete of man yt goeth vpwarde, and the breth of the beest yt goeth downe in to the earth? 22 Wherfore I perceaue, yt there is nothyinge better for a man, then to be ioyfull in his laboure, for that is his porcion. But who wil brynge him to se the thinge, that shal come after him?

Matthew 6:33

33 Seke ye fyrst the kyngdome of heauen and the righteousnes therof, so shal all these thynges be ministred vnto you.

James 1:2-4

2 My brethren, counte it exceadynge ioye whe ye fall in to diuers temptacions, 3 for as moche as ye knowe, how yt the tryinge of youre faith bringeth pacience: 4 and let pacience haue her parfect worke, yt ye maye be parfecte aud sounde, lakinge nothinge.

Proverbs 3:5

5 Put thy trust in ye LORDE with all thine herte, and leane not vnto thine owne vnderstondinge.

Proverbs 3:13-18

13 Well is him that fyndeth wy?dome, & opteyneth vnderstondinge, 14 for the gettinge of it is better then eny marchaundise of syluer, & the profit of it is better then golde. 15 Wy?dome is more worth the precious stones, & all ye thinges yt thou canst desyre, are not to be compared vnto her. 16 Vpon hir right hande is longe life, & vpon hir left hande is riches & honor. 17 Hir wayes are pleasaunt wayes, and all hir pathes are peaceable. 18 She is a tre of life to them that laye holde vpon her, and blessed are they that kepe her fast.

Proverbs 12:1-28

1 Who so loueth wy?dome, wil be content to be refourmed: but he that hateth to be reproued, is a foole. 2 A good man is acceptable vnto the LORDE, but ye wicked wyl he condempne. 3 A man ca not endure in vngodlynesse, but ye rote of ye righteous shal not be moued. 4 A stedfast woman is a crowne vnto hir hu?bonde: but she that behaueth herself vnhonestly, is a corrupcion in his bones. 5 The thoughtes of ye righteous are right, but the ymaginacion of the vngodly are disceatfull. 6 The talkynge of the vngodly is, how they maye laye wayte for bloude, but the mouth of ye righteous wil delyuer them. 7 Or euer thou canst turne the aboute, the vngodly shal be ouerthrowne, but the house of the righteous shal stode. 8 A man shalbe commended for his wy?dome, but a foole shal be despysed. 9 A simple man which laboureth and worketh, is better the one that is gorgious and wanteth bred. 10 A righteous man regardeth the life of his catell, but the vngodly haue cruell hertes. 11 He that tilleth his lode, shal haue plenteousnesse of bred: but he yt foloweth ydylnes, is a very foole. 12 The desyre of ye vngodly hunteth after myschefe, but the rote of the righteous bryngeth forth frute. 13 The wicked falleth in to the snare thorow ye malyce of his owne mouth, but the iust shal escape out of parell. 14 Euery man shal enioye good acordinge to the innocency of his mouth, and after the workes of his hades shal he be rewarded. 15 Loke what a foole taketh in honde, he thinketh it well done: but he that is wyse, wyl be couceled. 16 A foole vttereth his wrath in all the haist, but a discrete man forgeueth wronge. 17 A iust man will tell the trueth, & shewethe thinge yt is right: but a false wytnesse disceaueth. 18 A slaunderous personne pricketh like a swerde, but a wyse mans tonge is wholsome. 19 A true mouth is euer constat, but a dyssemblinge toge is soone chaunged. 20 They that ymagin euell in their mynde, wil disceaue: but the councelers of peace shal heaue ioye folowinge the. 21 There shal no mysfortune happen vnto the iust, but the vngodly shal be fylled with misery. 22 The LORDE abhorreth disceatfull lippes, but they that laboure for treuth, please him. 23 He that hath vnderstodinge, can hyde his wysdome: but an vndiscrete herte telleth out his foolishnesse. 24 A diliget hande shal beare rule, but the ydle shal be vnder tribute. 25 Heuynesse discorageth ye herte of man, but a good worde maketh it glad agayne. 26 The righteous is liberall vnto his neghboure, but the waye of the vngodly wil disceaue them selues. 27 A disceatfull man shal fynde no vautage, but he that is content wt that he hath, is more worth the golde. 28 In the waye of righteousnesse there is life, as for eny other waye, it is the path vnto death.

Proverbs 4:7

7 The chefe poynte of wy?dome is, that thou be wyllynge to opteyne wy?dome, and before all thy goodes to get the vnderstondynge.

Colossians 4:6

6 Let youre speach be allwaye fauorable, seasoned with salt, that ye maye knowe how to answere euery man.

2 Timothy 3:1-17

1 Bvt this shalt thou knowe, that in the last dayes shal come parelous tymes. 2 For there shalbe me which shal holde of the selues, couetous, boasters, proude, cursed speakers, dishobedient to their elders, vnthankfull, vngoostly, 3 vnkynde, truce breakers, false accusers, ryatours, fearce, despysers of them which are good, 4 traytours, heady, hye mynded, gredy vpon voluptuousnes more then the louers of God, 5 hauynge a shyne off godly lyuynge, but denyenge the power therof. And soch avoyde. 6 Of this sorte are they which rune fro house to house, & brynge in to bondage weme lade wt synne: which (wemen) are led with dyuerse lustes, 7 euer lernynge, and are neuer able to come vnto the knowlege of the trueth. 8 But like as Iamnes and Iabres withstode Moses, euen so do these also resist the trueth: me they are of corrupte myndes, and lewde as cocernynge ye faith: 9 but they shal preuayle no longer. For their folishnes shalbe manifest vnto all men, as theirs was. 10 But thou hast sene the experience of my doctryne, my fasshion of lyuynge, my purpose, my faith, my longsufferynge, my loue, my pacience, 11 my persecucions, my affliccions, which happened vnto me at Antioche, at Iconium, at Lystra, which persecucions I suffred paciently, and from the all the LORDE delyuered me. 12 Yee and all they that wil lyue godly in Christ Iesu, must suffre persecucion. 13 But the euell men and disceauers shal waxe worse and worse, disceauynge and beynge disceaued. 14 But contynue thou in the thinges that thou hast lerned, which also were comytted vnto the, seynge thou knowest of who thou hast learned them, 15 And for so moch as thou hast knowne holy scripture of a childe, the same is able to make ye wyse vnto saluacion thorow the faith in Christ Iesu. 16 For all scripture geue by inspiracion of God, is profitable to teach, to improue, to amende, and to instructe in righteousnes, 17 that a man off God maye be perfecte, and prepared vnto all good workes.

Proverbs 17:27

27 He is wyse and discrete, yt tempereth his wordes: and he is a ma of vnderstodinge, yt maketh moch of his sprete.

Proverbs 2:2-5

2 that thine eare maye herken vnto wysdome, applie thine herte then to vnderstodinge. 3 For yf thou criest after wy?dome, & callest for knowlege: 4 yf thou sekest after her as after money, and dyggest for her as for treasure: 5 The shalt thou vnderstonde ye feare of the LORDE, and fynde ye knowlege of God.

Psalms 119:130

130 When thy worde goeth forth, it geueth light and vnderstodinge, eue vnto babes.

Proverbs 14:29

29 Pacience is a token of wi?dome, but wrath and haistie displeasure is a token of foolishnesse.

Proverbs 18:2

2 A foole hath no delyte in vnderstodinge, but only in those thinges wherin his herte reioyseth.

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