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1 Chronicles 2:1-55

1 These are the children of Israel: Ruben, Simeon, Leui, Iuda, Isachar, Zabulon, 2 Dan, Ioseph, Be Iamin, Nephtali, Gad & Aser. 3 The childre of Iuda: Er, Onan & Sela: these thre were borne vnto him of ye doughter Sua ye Cananitisse. Howbeit ye first sonne of Iuda was wicked before ye LORDE, & therfore he slewe him. 4 But Thamar his sonnes wife bare him Phares & Zarah, so yt all ye childre of Iuda were fyue. 5 The childre of Phares are, Hesrom and Hamuel. 6 The childre of Zarah are, Simri, Ethan, Heman, Chalcol, Dara, which all are fyue in nombre. 7 The childre of Charmi are, Achan, which troubled Israel, wha he synned in the thinge that was damned. 8 The children of Ethan: Asaria. 9 The children which were borne vnto Hesrom, are: Raia, Thalubai. 10 Ram begat Aminadab. Aminadab begat Naasson the prynce of the children of Iuda. 11 Naasson begat Salmon. Salmon begat Boos. 12 Boos begat Obed. Obed begat Isai. 13 Isai begat Eliab his first sonne, Abinadab the seconde, Samma the thirde, 14 Nathanael the fourth, Raddai ye fifth, 15 Ozem ye sixte, Dauid ye vij. 16 And their sisters were Zeruia & Abigail. The childre of Zeruia are these thre: Abisai, Ioab & Asahel. 17 Abigail begat Amasa. The father of Amasa was Iether an Ismaelite. 18 Caleb the sonne of Hesrom begat Asuba ye woman, & Ierigoth. And these are the same womans childre: Ieser, Sobab, and Ardon. 19 But wha Asuba dyed, Caleb toke Ephrat, which bare him Hur. 20 Hur begat Vri. Vri begat Bezaleel. 21 Afterwarde laye Hesrom with ye doughter of Machir the father of Gilead, & he toke her wha he was thre score yeare olde, and she bare him Segub. 22 Segub begat Iair, which had thre & twentye cities in the londe of Gilead. 23 And he toke out of the same Iesur and Aram the townes of Iair, and Kenath with the vyllages therof, thre score cities. All these are the children of Machir ye father of Gilead. 24 After ye death of Hesrom in Caleb Ephrata, lefte Hesrom his wife vnto Abia: which (wife) bare him Ashur ye father of Thecoa. 25 Ierahmeel the first sonne of Hesrom had children: the first Ram, Buna, Oren and Ozem and Ahia. 26 And Ierahmeel had yet another wife, whose name was Athara, she is ye mother of Onam. 27 The childre of Ram the first sonne of Ierahmeel are, Maaz, Iamin and Eker. 28 Onam had children: Samai and Iada. The children of Samai are, Nadab & Abisur. 29 Abisurs wife was called Abihail, which bare him Ahban and Molid. 30 The childre of Nadab are, Seled and Appaim. And Seled dyed without children. 31 The children of Appaim: Iesei. The children of Iesei: Sesan. The childre of Sesan: Ahelai. 32 The childre of Iada ye brother of Samai are, Iether & Ionathan. But Iether dyed without childre. 33 The children of Ionathan are, Peleth and Sasa: These are the children of Ierahmeel. 34 As for Sesan, he had no sones, but a doughter. And Sesan had a seruaut an Egipcian, whose name was Iatha. 35 And Sesan gaue his doughter vnto Iatha his seruaut to wife, which bare him Athai. 36 Athai begat Nathan. Nathan begat Sabad. 37 Sabad begat Ephal. Ephal begat Obed. 38 Obed begat Iehu. Iehu begat Asaria. 39 Asaria begat Halez. Halez begat Elleasa. 40 Elleasa begat Sissemai. Sissemai begat Sallum. 41 Sallum begat Iekamia. Iekamia begat Elisama. 42 The children of Caleb the brother of Ierahmeel are, Mesa his first sonne, which is the father of Siph, and of the children of Maresa the father of Hebron. 43 The children of Hebron are, Corah, Thapuah, Rekem, & Sama. 44 Sama begat Raham ye father of Iarkaam. Rekem begat Samai. 45 The sonne of Samai was called Maon, & Maon was ye father of Bethzur. 46 Epha Calebs concubyne bare Haram, Mosa & Gases. Haram begat Gases. 47 The childre of Iahdai are, Rekem, Iotham, Gesan, Pelet, Epha and Saaph. 48 Maecha Calebs concubyne bare Seber and Thirhena. 49 And she bare Saaph also ye father of Madmanna, and Scheua the father of Machbena, and the father of Gibea. But Achsa was Calebs doughter. 50 These were the children of Caleb: Hur ye first sonne of Ephrata, Sobal the father of Kiriath Iearim, 51 Salma ye father of Bethleem, Hareph ye father of Beth Sader. 52 And Sobal the father of Kiriath Iearim had sonnes, namely the halfe kynred of Manuhoth. 53 The kynreds at Kiriath Iearim were ye Iethites, Puthites, Sumathites & Misraites. From these came forth the Zaregathites & Esthaolites. 54 The children of Salma are Bethleem & the Netophathites the crowne of the house of Ioab, and the halfe of the Manahites of the Zareite. 55 And ye kynreds of the scrybes which dwelt at Iabes, are ye Thireathites, Simeathites, Suchothites, these are the Kenites, yt came of Hamath the father of Beth Rechab.

2 Samuel 13:1-39

1 And it fortuned after this, that Absalom ye sonne of Dauid had a fayre sister, whose name was Thamar, & Ammon the sonne of Dauid loued her. 2 And Ammon was in greate combraunce, in so moch that he was euen sicke, because of Thamar his sister. For she was a virgin, and Ammon thoughte it shulde beharde for him to do eny thinge vnto her. 3 But Ammon had a frede, whose name was Ionadab the sonne of Simea Dauids brother, And the same Ionadab was a very wyse man, 4 which sayde vnto him: Why art thou so leane (thou kynges sonne) from daye to daye? Mayest thou not tell me? Then sayde Ammon vnto him: I loue Thamar my brother Absaloms sister exceadingly. 5 Ionadab sayde vnto him: laye the downe vpon thy bedd, and make the sicke. And whan thy father commeth to loke how thou doest, saye vnto him: Oh let my sister Thamar come, that she maye fede me, and make a meece of meate before me, that I maye se it, & eate it of hir hande. 6 So Ammon layed him downe, and made him sicke. Now wha the kynge came in to loke how he dyd, Ammon sayde vnto the kynge: Oh let my sister Thamar come, and make me a syppynge or two, and that I maye eate it of hir hande. 7 Then sent Dauid for Thamar in to the house, and sayde vnto her: Go thy waye to thy brother Ammons house, & make him a meece of meate. 8 Thamar wente vnto hir brother Amons house, but he laye in his bed. And she toke floure, and mixte it, and dighte it before his eyes, and made him a syppynge. 9 And she toke the meece of meate, and poured it out before him: but he wolde not eate. 10 And Ammon saide: Put forth euery man fro me. And euery man wete forth from him. Then sayde Ammon vnto Thamar: Brynge me that meece of meate in to the chamber, that I maye eate it of thy hande. Then toke Thamar ye syppynge that she had made, and broughte it vnto Ammon hir brother into the chamber. 11 And whan she broughte it vnto him yt he mighte eate, he toke holde of her, & sayde vnto her: Come my sister, lye with me. 12 Neuertheles she saide: Oh no my brother, force me not: for so do they not in Israel, do not thou soch foly. 13 Whither shal I go with my shame? And thou shalt be as one of the vnwyse in Israel. But speake vnto the kynge, he shal not withholde me from the. 14 Howbeit he wolde not herken vnto her, and ouercame her, forced her, and laye with her. 15 And Ammon hated her exceadingly, so that the hate was greater then the loue was before. And Ammon sayde vnto her: Vp, and get the hence. 16 She saide vnto him: This euell that thou thrustest me out, is greater then the other, that thou hast done vnto me. Neuertheles he herkened not vnto her, 17 but called his boye that serued him, and sayde: Put awaye this woman fro me, and locke the dore after her. 18 And she had a partye garment on: for soch garmentes wayre ye kynges doughters whyle they were virgins. And wha his seruaunt had put hir forth, & lockte the dore after her, 19 Thamar strowed asshes vpon hir heade, and rente the partye garment which she had vpon her, and layed hir hande vpon hir heade, and wente on, and cryed. 20 And hir brother Absalom sayde vnto her: Hath thy brother Ammon bene with the? Now holde thy peace my sister, it is thy brother, and take not the matter so to hert. So Thamar remayned a wyddowe in brother Absaloms house. 21 And whan kynge Dauid herde of all this, he was very sory. 22 As for Absalom, he spake nether euell ner good to Ammon: but Absalom hated Ammon, because he had forced his sister Thamar. 23 After two yeares had Absalom shepe clyppers at Baal Hazor, which lyeth by Ephraim. And Absalom called all the kynges children, 24 and came to the kynge, and sayde: Beholde, thy seruaunt hath shepe clyppers, let it please ye kynge with his seruauntes to go with his seruaunte. 25 But the kynge sayde vnto Absalom: No my sonne, let vs not all go, lest we be to chargeable vnto the. And he wolde nedes haue had him to go, howbeit he wolde not, but blessed him. 26 Absalom sayde: Shall my brother Ammon go with vs then? The kynge sayde vnto him: Wherfore shall he go with the? 27 Then was Absalom so importune vpon him, that he let Ammon and all the kynges childre go with him. 28 But Absalom commaunded his yongemen, and sayde: Take hede whan Ammon is mery with wyne (and I saye vnto you: Smyte Ammon, and slaye him) that ye be not afrayed: for I haue commaunded you, be stronge, and playe the men. 29 So Absaloms yonge men dyd vnto Ammon, as Absalom had commaunded them. Then stode all the kynges children vp, and euery one gat him vp vpo his Mule, and fled. 30 And whyle they were yet on their waye, the rumoure came to kynge Dauid, that Absalom had slayne all the kynges children, so that not one of them was lefte. 31 Then stode the kynge vp, and rente his clothes, & layed him downe vpon the earth, and all his seruautes that stode aboute him, rente their clothes. 32 Then answered Ionadab ye sonne of Simea Dauids brother, and sayde: Let not my lorde thynke that all the yonge men the kynges children are deed, but yt Ammon is deed onely: for Absalom hath kepte it in him selfe sence the daie that he forced his sister Thamar. 33 Therfore let not my lorde the kynge take it so to hert, that all the kynges children shulde be deed, but that Ammon is deed onely. 34 As for Absalom, he fled. And the yongeman that kepte the watch, lifte vp his eyes, and loked, and beholde, A greate people came in the waye one after another by the hill syde. 35 Then sayde Ionadab vnto the kynge: Beholde, the kynges children come. Euen as thy seruaunt sayde, so is it happened. 36 And whan he had ended his talkynge, the kynges children came, and lifte vp their voyce, and wepte. The kynge and all his seruauntes wepte also very sore. 37 But Absalom fled, and wente vnto Thalmai the sonne of Ammihud kynge of Gesur. As for Dauid, he mourned for his sonne euery daye. 38 Whan Absalom was fled and gone vnto Gesur, he was there thre yeare. 39 And kynge Dauid ceassed from goinge out agaynst Absalom, for he had comforted him selfe ouer Ammon that he was deed.

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