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Exodus 6:1-3

1 The LORDE sayde vnto Moses: Now shalt thou se, what I will do vnto Pharao, for thorow a mightie hande must he let them go, thorow a mightie hande must he dryue them from him out of his londe. 2 And God spake vnto Moses, & sayde vnto him: I am ye LORDE, 3 & I appeared vnto Abraham, Isaac & Iacob, an Allmightie God: but my name, LORDE, haue I not shewed vnto them:

Matthew 6:10

10 Thy kyngdome come. Thy wyll be fulfilled vpon earth as it is in heauen.

Ephesians 1:17-19

17 that ye God of oure LORDE Iesus Christ, the father of glory maye geue vnto you the sprete of wyssdome, and open vnto you the knowlege of himselfe, 18 and lighten the eyes of youre vnderstondinge, that ye maye knowe what is the hope of youre callynge, and what the riches of his glorious enheritaunce is vpon the sayntes, 19 & what is the exceadinge greatnesse of his power towarde vs, which beleue acordinge to ye workynge of his mightie power,

Exodus 20:1-26

1 And the LORDE spake all these wordes, and sayde: 2 I am the LORDE thy God, which haue brought the out of the londe of Egipte from ye house of bondage. 3 Thou shalt haue none other Goddes in my sight. 4 Thou shalt make the no grauen ymage ner eny symilitude, nether of it that is aboue in heauen, ner of it that is beneth vpon earth, ner of it that is in the water vnder the earth. 5 Worshipe them not, and serue them not: for I the LORDE thy God am a gelouse God, vysitinge ye synne of the fathers vpon the children, vnto ye thirde and fourth generacion, of them that hate me: 6 And do mercye vpo many thousandes, that loue me, and kepe my commaundementes. 7 Thou shalt not take the name of ye LORDE thy God in vayne. For the LORDE shal not holde him vngiltie, that taketh his name in vayne. 8 Remembre the Sabbath daie, that thou sanctifie it. 9 Sixe dayes shalt thou laboure and do all thy worke: 10 But vpon the seuenth daye is the Sabbath of the LORDE thy God: thou shalt do no maner worke in it, nether thou, ner thy sonne, ner thy doughter, ner thy seruaunt, ner thy mayde, ner thy catell, ner thy straunger that is within thy gates. 11 For in sixe dayes the LORDE made heauen and earth, and the see, and all that therin is, and rested vpon the seuenth daye: therfore the LORDE blessed the seuenth daye, & halowed it. 12 Honoure thy father and thy mother, that thou mayest lyue longe in the londe, which the LORDE thy God shal geue the. 13 Thou shalt not kyll. 14 Thou shalt not breake wedlocke. 15 Thou shalt not steale. 16 Thou shalt beare no false wytnesse agaynst thy neghboure. 17 Thou shalt not lust after yi neghbours house. Thou shalt not lust after thy neghbours wife, ner his seruaut, ner his mayde, ner his oxe, ner his Asse, ner all that thy neghboure hath 18 And all the people sawe the thonder and the lightenynge, and the noyse of the trompet, and how that the mountayne smoked, and were afrayed, and stackerd, & stode afarre of, 19 and sayde vnto Moses: Talke thou with vs, we wil heare: and let not God talke with vs, we might els dye. 20 And Moses sayde vnto the people: Be not afrayed, for God is come to proue you, and that his feare maye be before youre eyes, yt ye synne not. 21 And the people stode afarre of. But Moses gat him in to the darcke cloude, where in God was. 22 And the LORDE spake vnto him: Thus shalt thou saye vnto the children of Israel: Ye haue sene, that I haue talked wt you from heauen: 23 therfore shal ye make nothinge with me: goddes of syluer and golde shal ye not make you. 24 Make me an altare of earth, wher vpon thou mayest offer yi burntofferynges, & peaceofferynges, thy shepe and thine oxen. For loke in what place so euer I make ye remembraunce of my name, there wil I come vnto the, and blesse the. 25 And yf thou wilt make me an altare of stone, thou shalt not make it of hewen stone: For yf thou lift vp thy tole vpon it, thou shalt vnhalowe it. 26 Morouer thou shalt not go vp vpon steppes vnto myne altare, that thy shame be not discouered before it.

1 Thessalonians 4:16-18

16 For the LORDE himselfe shal come downe fro heauen with a shoute and voyce of ye Archangell and with the trompe of God, and the deed in Christ shal aryse first: 17 then shal we which lyue and remayne, be caught vp wt them also in the cloudes, to mete the LORDE in the ayre, and so shal we euer be with the LORDE. 18 Wherfore comforte youre selues one another with these wordes.

Revelation 1:8

8 I am Alpha and Omega, the begynninge and the endinge, sayteh ye LORDE almighty, which is and which was and which is to come.

John 14:6

6 Iesus sayde vnto him: I am the waye, and the trueth, and the life. Noman cometh to the father but by me.

Hebrews 1:1

1 God in tyme past dyuersly & many wayes, spake vnto ye fathers by prophetes,

Revelation 13:1-18

1 And I sawe a beest rise out of the see, hauinge seuen heades, and x. hornes, and vpon his hornes x. crownes, and vpo his heed, the names of blasphemy. 2 And the beest which I sawe was lyke a catt of the mountayne, and his fete were as the fete of a bear, and his mouth as the mouthe of a lyon. And ye drago gaue him his power and his seate, and greate auctorite: 3 and I sawe one of his heades as it were wounded to death, and his dedly wounde was healed. And all the worlde wodred at the beest, 4 and they worshipped the dragon which gaue power vnto the beest, and they worshipped the beest, sayenge: who is like vnto the beest? who is able to warre with him? 5 And there was geuen vnto him a mouth to speake greate thinges & blasphemies, and power was geuen vnto him, to do xlij. monethes. 6 And he opened his mouth vnto blasphemy agaynst God, to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle and them that dwell in heauen. 7 And it was geuen vnto him to make warre with the sayntes, and to ouercome them. And power was geuen him ouer all kynred, tonge, and nacion: 8 and all that dwell vpon the earth worshipt him: whose names are not wrytten in the boke of life of the lambe, which was kylled from the beginnynge of the worlde. 9 Yf eny man haue an eare, let him heare. 10 He that leadeth in to captiuite, shal go in to captiuite: he that killeth with a swearde, must be killed with ye swearde. Heare is the pacience, and the faith of the saynctes. 11 And I behelde another beest commynge vp out of the earth, and he had two hornes like a lambe, and he spake as dyd the drago. 12 And he dyd all that the first beest coulde do in his presence, and he caused the earth, and them which dwell therin, to worshippe the fyrst beest, whose deedly woude was healed. 13 And he dyd greate wonders, so that he made fyre come downe from heaue in the sight of men. 14 And deceaued them that dwelt on the earth by ye meanes of those signes which he had power to do in the sight of the beest, sayenge to them that dwelt on the earth: that they shulde make an ymage vnto the beest, which had the wounde of a swearde and dyd liue. 15 And he had power to geue a sprete vnto the ymage of the beest, and that the ymage of the beest shulde speake, and shulde cause, that as many as wolde not worshippe the ymage of the beest, shulde be kylled. 16 And he made all bothe smale and greate, ryche and poore, fre and bond, to receaue a marke in their right hondes, or in their forheades. 17 And that no man might by or sell, saue he yt had ye marke, or the name of the beest, ether the nombre of his name. 18 Here is wissdome. Let him that hath wyt, count the nombre of the beest. For it is the nombre of a man, and his nombre is sixe hondred, thre score and sixe.

Matthew 16:17

17 And Iesus answered, & saide vnto hi: Blessed art thou Symo ye sonne of Ionas, for flesh & bloude hath not opened yt vnto the, but my father yt is in heaue.

Matthew 5:8

8 Blessed are the pure in herte: for they shall se God.

Revelation 1:1-20

1 The reuelacion of Iesus Christ, which God gaue vnto him, for to shewe vnto his seruautes thiges which muste shortly come to passe. And he sent and shewed by his angel vnto his seruaunt Ihon 2 which bare recorde of the worde of God, and of the testimony of Iesus Christe, and of all thinges that he sawe. 3 Happy is he yt readeth, and they that heare the wordes of the prophesy and kepe thoo thinges which are wrytten therin. For the tyme is at honde. 4 Ihon to the seuen cogregacions in Asia. Grace be with you & peace, fro him which is and which was, and which is to come, & fro the seuen spretes which are present before his trone, 5 and from Iesus Christ which is a faithfull witnes, and first begotten of the deed: & LORDE ouer ye kinges of the earth. Vnto him that loued vs and wesshed vs fro synnes in his awne bloud, 6 and made vs kinges & Prestes vnto God his father, be glory, and dominion for euer more. Amen. 7 Beholde, he commeth with cloudes, and all eyes shall se him: & they also which peersed him. And all kinredes of the earth shal wayle. Euen so. Amen. 8 I am Alpha and Omega, the begynninge and the endinge, sayteh ye LORDE almighty, which is and which was and which is to come. 9 I Ihon youre brother and copanyon in tribulacion, and in the kyngdome and paciece which is in Iesu Christe, was in the yle of Pathmos for the worde of God, and for ye witnessynge of Iesu Christe. 10 I was in the sprete on a sondaye, and herde behynde me, a gret voyce, as it had bene of a trompe, 11 sayenge: I am Alpha and Omega, the fyrst and ye laste. That thou seist, write in a boke, and sende it vnto the cogregacions which are in Asia, vnto Ephesus and vnto Smyrna, and vnto Pargamos, and vnto Thiatira, and vnto Sardis, and vnto Philadelphia, and vnto Laodicia. 12 And I turned backe to se the voyce that spake to me. And whe I was turned: I sawe seue golde candestyckes, 13 and in the myddes of the candelstyckes, one like vnto the sonne of man clothed with a lynnin garmet downe to the ground, and gyrd aboute the brest with a golden gyrdle. 14 His heed, and his heares were whyte, as whyte woll, & as snowe: and his eyes were as a flamme of fyre: 15 and his fete like vnto brasse, as though they bret in a fornace: and his voyce as the sounde of many waters. 16 And he had in his right honde seue starres. And out of his mouth went a sharpe two edged swearde. And his face shone euen as the sonne in his strength. 17 And when I sawe him, I fell at his fete, euen as deed. And he layde his right honde vpon me, sayenge vnto me: feare not. I am the fyrst, and the laste, 18 and am alyue, and was deed. And beholde, I am alyue for euer more and haue the kayes of hell & of deth. 19 Wryte therfore the thinges which thou hast sene, and the thinges which are, and ye thinges which shalbe fulfylled here after: 20 & the mistery of the seuen starres which thou sawest in my right honde, and the seuen golden candelstickes. The seuen starres are the angels of the seue congregacions: And the seuen candelstyckes which thou sawest, are the seuen congregacions.

Revelation 19:6-8

6 And I herde the voyce of moch people, eue as ye voyce of many waters, & as ye voyce of stronge thondrynges, sayenge: Alleluia, for God omnipotent raigneth. 7 Let vs be glad and reioyce, and geue honour to him: for the mariage of the labe is come, and his wife made her selfe ready. 8 And to her was graunted, that she shulde be arayed with pure and goodly sylke. (As for the sylke, it is the rightewesnes of sayntes.)

Revelation 10:1-11

1 And I sawe another mightye angell come doune fro heauen, clothed with a cloude, and the rayne bowe vpon his heed. And his face as it were ye Sonne, and his fete as it were pyllars of fyre: 2 and he had in his honde a lytell boke opyn: and he put his right fote vpon ye see, and his lifte fote on ye earth. 3 And cryed with a lowde voyce, as when a lyon roreth. And when he had cryed, seue thondres spake their voyces. 4 And when the seue thodres had spoke their voyces, I was aboute to wryte. And I herde a voyce from heauen sayenge vnto me: seale vp those thinges which the seuen thondres spake, and wryte them not. 5 And the angel which I sawe stonde vpo the see, and vpon the earth, lifte vppe his honde to heauen, 6 and swore by him that liueth for euermore, which created heauen, and the thinges that there in are, and ye see, and the thinges which are therin: that there shalbe nomore tyme: 7 but in the dayes of the voyce of the seueth angel, when he shal begynne to blowe, the mistery of God shalbe fynisshed, as he preached by his seruauntes the prophetes. 8 And the voyce which I herde from heaue, spake vnto me agayne, and sayde: go and take the lytle boke which is open in the honde of the angel, which stondeth vpo the see, and vpon the earth. 9 And I went vnto the angel, and sayde vnto him: geue me the lytle boke. And he sayde vnto me: Take it, and eate it vp, and it shal make thy belly bytter, but it shalbe in thy mouth as swete as hony. 10 And I toke the lytle boke out of his honde, and ate it vp, and it was in my mouth as swete as hony, and as sone as I had eaten it, my belly was bytter. 11 And he sayde vnto me: thou muste prophesy agayne vnto the people, and to the Heythen, and tonges, and to many kynges.

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