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Nehemiah 4:1-23

1 Bvt whan Saneballat herde that we builded ye wall, he was wroth, & toke greate indignacio & mocked ye Iewes 2 & saide before his brethre & the mightie men of Samaria: What do the impotet Iewes? shall they be thus suffred? shall they offre? shal they perfourme it in one daie? shal they make ye stones whole againe, yt are brought to dust, & brent? 3 And Tobias the Ammonite beside him saide: Let the builde on, yf a foxe go vp, he shall breake downe their stonye wall. 4 Heare O thou oure God, how we are despysed, turne their shame vpon their awne heade, yt thou mayest geue them ouer in to despisinge in the londe of their captiuite. 5 Couer not their wickednesse, & put not out their sinne fro yi presence: for they haue prouoked the buylders. 6 Yet buylded we the wall, & ioyned it whole together, vnto ye halfe heigth. And the people were well mynded to labor. 7 But whan Saneballat, & Tobias, and ye Arabias, & Ammonites, & A?dodites herde, yt the walles of Ierusalem were made vp, and that they had begonne to stoppe vp ye gappes, they were very wroth, 8 and cospyred all together, to come and fight against Ierusalem, & to make an hinderaunce therin. 9 Neuertheles we made or praier vnto oure God, & set watchme vpo the wall daye & night ouer against them. 10 And Iuda saide: The stregth of the bearers is to feble, & there is to moch dust, we are not able to builde on the wall. 11 And or aduersaries thought: They shall not knowe nether se, tyll we come in the myddes amonge the, and slaye them, & hynder ye worke. 12 But whan the Iewes that dwelt besyde them, came out of all the places where they dwelt aboute vs, and tolde vs as good as te tymes, 13 then set I the people after their kynreds with their swerdes, speares & bowes beneth in the lowe places behynde the wall, 14 & loked, and gat me vp, and sayde vnto the chefe men and rulers, & to the other people: Be not ye afrayed of them, thynke vpon ye greate LORDE which ought to be feared, & fighte for yor brethren, sonnes, daughters, wyues, & houses. 15 Neuertheles whan or enemies herde yt we had gotten worde of it, God broughte their councell to naughte, and we turned all againe to the wall, euery one vnto his labor. 16 And from that time forth it came to passe, yt the halfe parte of the yonge men dyd the laboure, & the other halfe parte helde the speares, shyldes, bowes, and brestplates, and the rulers stode behynde all the house of Iuda, 17 which buylded on the wall, & bare burthes, from those that laded the. With one hande dyd they ye worke, and with the other helde they the weapen. 18 And euery one yt buylded, had his swerde girde by his side, & so builded they. And the trompetters stode beside me. 19 And I sayde vnto the pryncipall men, & rulers, and to ye other people: The worke is greate & large, & we are separated vpon the wall one farre from another. 20 Loke in what place now ye heare the noise of ye trompe, resorte ye thither vnto vs. Oure God shal fight for vs, 21 & we wil be labourige in ye worke. And the halfe parte of the helde ye speares fro ye morninge springe, till ye starres came forth. 22 And at ye same tyme sayde I vnto ye people: Euery one abyde with his seruaunt at Ierusalem, yt in the night season we maye geue attendaunce to ye watch, and to laboure on the daye tyme. 23 As for me and my brethren, & my seruauntes, and ye men of the watch behynde me, we put neuer of oure clothes, so so moch as to washe oure selues.

Isaiah 9:10

10 The tyle worcke is fallen downe, but we will buylde it with harder stones. The Molbery tymbre ys broken, but we shal set it vp agayne with Cedre.

Daniel 9:27

27 He shall make a stronge bonde with many, for the space of a weke: and when the weke is half gone, he shal put downe the slayne and meatoffringe. And in the temple there shalbe an abhominable desolacio, till it haue destroyed all. And it is concluded, yt this waistinge shal continue vnto the ende.

Daniel 9:26

26 After these lxij. wekes, shal Christ be slayne, & they shal haue no pleasure in him. Then shal there come a people with the prynce, and destroye the cite and the sanctuary: and his ende shal come as the water floude. But the desolacion shall continue till the ende of the batell.

Daniel 9:25

25 Vnderstode this then, and marcke it well: that from the tyme it shalbe concluded, to go and repayre Ierusalem agayne, vnto Christ (or the anoynted) prynce: there shalbe seuen wekes. Then shall the stretes & walles be buylded agayne lxij. wekes, but with harde troublous tyme.

Matthew 24:15

15 Whan ye therfore shal se the abhominacion of desolacion (wher of it is spoke by Daniel the prophet) stonde in the holy place (who so readeth it, let him marck it well)

Amos 9:14

14 and I wil turne the captyuyte of my people of Israel: they shal repayre the waist cities, & haue the in possessio: they shal plante vinyardes, ad drynke the wyne therof: they shal make gardens, and enioye the frutes off the.

2 Corinthians 5:1

1 We knowe surely, yt yf oure earthy house of this dwellynge were destroyed, we haue a buyldynge ordeyned of God, an house not made with handes, but euerlastynge in heauen.

2 Thessalonians 2:4

4 which is an aduersary, and is exalted aboue all yt is called God or Gods seruyce, so that he sytteth as God in the temple of God, and boasteth himselfe to be God. 5 And ye also as lyuynge stones are made a spirituall house, and an holy presthode, to offre vp spirituall sacrifices, acceptable vnto God by Iesus Christ.

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