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Matthew 15:17-20

17 Perceaue ye not, yt what soeuer goeth in at ye mouth, descedeth downe in to ye bely, & is cast out into the draught? 18 But the thinge that proceadeth out of the mouth, cometh fro ye hert, & that defyleth ye ma. 19 For out of ye hert come euell thoughtes murthur, breakynge of wedlocke, whordome theft, false witnesse, blasphemy. 20 These are ye thinges that defyle a man. But to eate wt vnwasshen hondes, defyleth not a man.

Matthew 5:17-19

17 Thinke not, that I am come to destroye the lawe, or the Prophetes: no, I am not come to destroye them, but to fulfyll them. 18 For truly I saye vnto you: till heauen and earth perisshe, one iott or one tyttle of the lawe shall not escape, tyll all be fulfilled. 19 Whosoeuer breaketh one of these least comaundmentes, and teacheth me so, he shalbe called the leest in the kyngdome of heauen, But whosoeuer obserueth and teacheth the same shalbe called greate in the kyngdome of heauen.

1 Timothy 4:3-5

3 forbyddinge to mary, and comaundynge to abstayne fro the meates, which God hath created to be receaued wt geuynge thankes of them which beleue and knowe the trueth. 4 For euery creature off God is good, and nothinge to be refused, yt is receaued with thankesgeuynge: 5 for it is sanctifyed by the worde of God and prayer.

Deuteronomy 14:8

8 The swyne, though he deuyde the hoffe, yet cheweth he not cudd, he shall be vncleane vnto you: ye shall not eate of the flesh of the, and their deed carcases shal ye not touche.

Deuteronomy 14:1-29

1 Ye are the children of the LORDE youre God, Cut not youre selues therfore, & make you no baldnesse betwene youre eyes ouer eny deed. 2 For thou art an holy people vnto the LORDE thy God. And the LORDE hath chosen the to be his awne peculier people, from amoge all the nacions that are vpon the earth. 3 Thou shalt eate no abhominacion. 4 These are the beestes which ye shal eate: Oxen, shepe, Goates, 5 Hert, Roo, Bugle, wylde goate, Unicorne, Origen, and Camelion. 6 And euery beest that deuydeth his clawe, & cheweth cudd, shal ye eate. 7 Neuertheles these shal ye not eate of them that chewe cudd, and deuyde not the hoffe in to two clawes: The Camell, the hayre, & the conye, for though they chewe cudd, yet deuyde they not the hoffe, therfore shal they be vncleane vnto you. 8 The swyne, though he deuyde the hoffe, yet cheweth he not cudd, he shall be vncleane vnto you: ye shall not eate of the flesh of the, and their deed carcases shal ye not touche. 9 This is it that ye shall eate of all that is in the waters: All that hath fynnes and scales, shall ye eate. 10 But what so euer hath no fynnes ner scales, that shal ye not eate, for it is vncleane vnto you. 11 Eate of all cleane foules. 12 But these are they, wherof ye shal not eate: The Aegle, ye Goshauke, the Cormoraunte, 13 the Ixion, the Vultur, the Kyte with his kynde, 14 & all Rauens in their kynde, 15 the Estriche, the Night crowe, the Cocow, the Sparow hauke with his kynde, 16 the litle Oule, the greate Oule, ye Backe, 17 the Bytture, the Swanne, the Pellicane, the Pye, 18 the Storke, the Heron, the Iaye wt his kynde, the Lapwynge, ye Swalowe: 19 And all foules yt crepe, shal be vncleane vnto you, and ye shal not eate them. 20 (Omitted Text) 21 Ye shall eate of nothinge yt dyeth alone: thou mayest geue it vnto ye straunger within yi gate, that he eate it, or sell it to a straunger. For thou art an holy people vnto ye LORDE thy God. Thou shalt not seeth a kydd, whyle it yet sucketh his mother. 22 Thou shalt separate out the tythe all the increase of thy sede, yt cometh out of yi felde euery yeare: 23 & shalt eate it before ye LORDE yi God ( in ye place which He choseth, yt his name maye dwell there) namely of ye tythes of thy corne, of thy wyne, of thy oyle, & the first borne of thine oxen, and of thy shepe, yt thou mayest lerne to feare the LORDE thy God, all thy life longe. 24 But yf the waye be to moch for ye, and the place, which ye LORDE thy God hath chosen to set his name there, be to farre from the: & thou canst not cary it that ye LORDE thy God hath blessed the withall, 25 Then geue it for money, & take ye money in thyne hande, and go vnto the place which the LORDE thy God hath chosen, 26 and geue the money for all that thy soule desyreth, whether it be oxe, shepe, wyne, stronge drynke, or for what so euer thy soule desyreth, and eate there before the LORDE thy God, and be mery, thou and thine housholde, 27 and ye Leuite that is within thy gates. Thou shalt not forsake him, for he hath no porcion nor inheritaunce with the. 28 In the thirde yeare shalt thou brynge forth all the tithes of thine increase of the same yeare, and shalt laye it within thy gates. 29 The shal the Leuite (which hath no porcion ner enheritaunce with the) and ye straunger, and the fatherlesse, and the wedowe, which are within thy gates, come and eate, and fyll them selues, that the LORDE thy God maye blesse the in all the workes of yi handes which thou doest.

Romans 14:1-23

1 Him that is weake in the faith, receaue vnto you, and trouble not the consciences. 2 One beleueth that he maye eate all thinge: but he that is weake, eateth herbes. 3 Let not him that eateth, despyse him that eateth not: and let not him which eateth not, iudge him that eateth: for God hath receaued him. 4 Who art thou, that iudgest another mans seruaut? He stondeth or falleth vnto his LORDE: Yee he maye well stode, for God is able to make hi stode. 5 Some man putteth differece betwene daye & daye, but another man counteth all dayes alyke. Let euery man be sure of his meanynge. 6 He that putteth difference in the daye, doth it vnto the LORDE: & he that putteth no differece in the daye, doth it vnto ye LORDE also. He yt eateth, eateth vnto the LORDE, for he geueth God thakes: 7 and he that eateth not, eateth not vnto ye LORDE, and geueth God thankes. 8 For none of vs lyueth to himselfe, and none dyeth to him selfe. Yf we lyue, we lyue vnto the LORDE: Yf we dye, we dye vnto the LORDE. Therfore, whether we lyue or dye, we are the LORDES. 9 For therto dyed Christ, and rose agayne, and reuyued, that he mighte be LORDE both of deed and quycke. 10 But why iudgest thou yi brother? Or thou other, why despysest thou yi brother? We shal all be broughte before ye iudgmet seate of Christ. 11 For it is wrytte: As truly as I lyue, (sayeth the LORDE) all knees shal bowe vnto me, & all tuges shal knowlege vnto God. 12 Thus shal euery one of vs geue acomptes for himselfe vnto God. 13 Let vs not therfore iudge one another enymore. But iudge this rather, yt noma put a stomblinge blocke or an occasion to fall in his brothers waye. 14 I knowe, & am full certified in ye LORDE Iesu, yt there is nothinge comen of itselfe: but vnto him yt iudgeth it to be comen, to him is it comen. 15 But yf yi brother be greued ouer yi meate, the walkest thou not now after charite. Destroye not wt thy meate, him, for whom Christ dyed, 16 Se therfore that youre treasure be not euell spoke of. 17 For the kyngdome of God is not meate and drynke, but righteousnes, & peace, and ioye in the holy goost. 18 He that in these thinges serueth Christ, pleaseth God, & is comended of me. 19 Let vs therfore folowe those thinges which make for peace, & thinges wherwith one maye edifye another. 20 Destroye not ye worke of God for eny meates sake. All thinges truly are cleane, but it is euell for yt ma, which eateth wt hurte of his coscience 21 It is moch better yt thou eate no flesh, and drynke no wyne, nor eny thinge, wherby thy brother stombleth, or falleth, or is made weake. 22 Hast thou faith, haue it with yi selfe before God Happye is he, that codemneth not him selfe in yt thinge which he aloweth. 23 But he that maketh conscience of it and yet eateth, is dampned: because he doth it not of faith. For what so euer is not of faith, that same is synne.

Isaiah 66:17

17 Soch as haue made themselues holy and cleane in the gardens, and those that haue eaten swyne flesh, myce, and other abhominacios, shalbe taken awaye together, saieth the LORDE.

Isaiah 65:2-4

2 For thus longe haue I euer holden out my hondes to an vnfaithful people, that go not the right waye, but after their owne ymaginacions: 3 To a people, that is euer defyenge me to my face. They make their oblacions in gardens, and their smoke vpon aulters of bricke, 4 they lurck amonge the graues, and lie in the dennes all night. They eate swyne flesh, and vnclene broth is in their vessels.

Leviticus 11:1-47

1 And ye LORDE talked wt Moses & Aaron & sayde: 2 Speake vnto ye childre of Israel, and saye: These are the beestes which ye shal eate amoge all ye beestes vpo earth: 3 What so euer hath hoffe, & deuydeth it in to two clawes, & cheweth cud amonge the beestes, that shal ye eate. 4 But loke what cheweth cud & hath hoffe, & deuydeth it not, as the Camell, the same is vncleane vnto you, & ye shal not eate it. 5 The Conyes chewe cud, but they deuyde not the hoffe in to two clawes, therfore are they vncleane vnto you. 6 The Hare cheweth cud also, but deuydeth not ye hoffe in to two clawes, therfore is he vncleane vnto you. 7 And the Swyne deuydeth ye hoffe in to two clawes, but cheweth not the cud, therfore is it vncleane vnto you. 8 Of the flesh of these shall ye not eate, ner touch their carcases, for they are vncleane vnto you. 9 These shall ye eate of all that are in the waters: What so euer hath fynnes and scales in the waters, sees & ryuers, that shal ye eate. 10 But what so euer hath not fynnes and scales in the sees and ryuers, amonge all yt moue in the waters, & of all that lyue in the waters, it shalbe an abhominacion vnto you, 11 so that ye eate not of their flesh, and that ye abhorre their carcases. 12 For all that haue not fynnes & scales in the waters, shall ye abhorre. 13 And these shal ye abhorre amonge ye foules, so that ye eate them not: The Aegle, the Goshauke, the Cormoraunte, 14 the Vultur, ye Ryce, and all his kynde, 15 and all Rauens wt their kynde: 16 the Estrich, ye Nightcrow, the Cocow, the Sparow hauke with his kynde, 17 the litle Oule, the Storke, the greate Oule, 18 ye Backe, the Pellycane, the Swanne, the Pye, 19 the Heron, ye Iaye with his kynde, the Lapwynge, and ye Swalowe. 20 And whatsoeuer crepeth amonge the foules, and goeth vpon foure fete, shalbe an abhominacio vnto you. 21 Yet these shal ye eate of the foules that crepe and go vpon foure fete: euen those that haue no knyes aboue vpon ye legges, to hoppe withall vpon earth. 22 Of these maye ye eate, as there is the Arbe with his kynde, and the Selaam with his kynde, & the Hargol with his kynde, & the Hagab wt his kynde. 23 But what so euer els hath foure fete amonge the foules, it shalbe an abhominacion vnto you, 24 and ye shal take it for vncleane. Who so euer toucheth the carcase of soch, shall be vncleane vntill ye euen: 25 and who so euer beareth the carcase of eny of these, shall wash his clothes, and shalbe vncleane vntyll the euen. 26 Therfore euery beest that hath hoffe, and deuydeth it not in to two clawes, & cheweth not cud, shalbe vncleane vnto you. Who so euer toucheth soch, shalbe vncleane. 27 And what so euer goeth vpon handes amonge ye beestes that go vpon foure fete, shalbe vncleane vnto you. Who so euer toucheth the carcases of the, shalbe vncleane vntyll euen. 28 And he yt beareth their carcase, shall wash his clothes, and be vncleane vntyll the eue: For soch are vncleane vnto you. 29 These shalbe vncleane vnto you also, amonge the beestes that crepe vpon earth: ye Wesell, the Mouse, the Tode, euery one with his kynde, 30 the Hedgehogge, the Stellio, the Lacerte, the Snale, and the Moule, 31 these are vncleane vnto you amonge all that crepe. Who so euer toucheth the deed carcase of the, shalbe vncleane vntyll the euen. 32 And what so euer eny soch deed carcase falleth vpon, it shalbe vncleane, what so euer vessell of wodd it be, or rayment, or skynne, or bagge. And euery vessell that eny thinge is occupyed with all, shalbe put in the water, and is vncleane vntyll the euen, and then shal it be cleane. 33 All maner of earthen vessell that eny soch carcase falleth in to, shal all be vncleane that therin is, & ye shal breake it. 34 All meate which is eate, that eny soch water commeth in to, is vncleane: & all maner of drynke that is dronke in all maner of soch vessell, is vncleane. 35 And what so euer eny soch carcase falleth vpo, it shalbe vncleane, whether it be ouen or kettell, so shal it be broke, for it is vncleane, and shalbe vncleane vnto you: 36 Neuertheles the fountaynes, welles, & poundes of water are cleane. But who so euer toucheth their carcases, is vncleane. 37 And though the deed carcase of eny soch fell vpon the sede that is sowne, yet is it cleane. 38 But whan there is water poured vpon the sede, and afterwarde eny soch deed carcase falleth theron, then shall it be vncleane vnto you. 39 Whan a beest dyeth that ye maye eate, he that toucheth the deed carcase therof, is vncleane vntyll euen. 40 Who so eateth of eny soch carcase, shall wash his clothes, and be vncleane vntyll the euen. Likewyse he that beareth eny soch carcase, shal wash his clothes, and be vncleane vntyll the euen. 41 What so euer crepeth vpon earth, shall be an abhominacion vnto you, and shall not be eaten. 42 And what so euer crepeth vpon ye bely, or all that goeth vpon foure or mo fete, amoge all that crepeth vpon earth, shall ye not eate, for it shalbe an abhominacion vnto you. 43 Make not youre soules abhominable, and defyle you not in them, to stayne youre selues: 44 for I am the LORDE youre God. Therfore shal ye sanctifie youre selues, that ye maye be holy, for I am holy. And ye shal not defyle youre selues on eny maner of crepynge beest, that crepeth vpon earth: 45 for I am the LORDE, which brought you out of the londe of Egipte, that I might be youre God: therfore shal ye be holy, for I am holy. 46 This is the lawe ouer ye beestes and foules, & all maner of soules of crepynge beestes in the waters, and all maner of soules yt crepe vpon earth: 47 that ye maie knowe to discerne what is vncleane & cleane, and what maner of beestes are to be eaten, and which are not to be eaten.

Leviticus 11:7-8

7 And the Swyne deuydeth ye hoffe in to two clawes, but cheweth not the cud, therfore is it vncleane vnto you. 8 Of the flesh of these shall ye not eate, ner touch their carcases, for they are vncleane vnto you.

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