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Genesis 30:9

9 Now whan Lea sawe that she had left bearynge, she toke Silpa hir mayde, and gaue her vnto Iacob to wyfe.

Genesis 30:4

4 And so she gaue him Bilha hir mayden to wyfe. And Iacob laye with her.

Numbers 12:1

1 And Miriam & Aaron spake agaynst Moses because of his wife the Morian which he had taken, because he had take a Morian to wife,

Deuteronomy 25:5-10

5 Whan brethren dwell together, and one of them dye with out children, then shall not ye wife of the deed take a straunge man without, but hir kynsman shal go in vnto her, and take her to wyfe: 6 and the first sonne that she beareth, shal he set vp after the name of his brother which is deed, that his name be not put out of Israel. 7 But yf the man wyl not take his kynswoman, then shal his kinswoman go vp vnder the gate to the Elders, and saye: My kynsman refuseth to stere vp a name vnto his brother in Israel, and wyl not marye me. 8 Then shal the Elders of the cite call him, and comen with him. Yf he stonde then and saye: I wyl not take her, 9 then shal his kynswoman steppe forth vnto him before the Elders, and lowse a shue fro his fote, and spyt in his face, and shal answere, and saye: Thus shal it be done vnto euery man, that wyl not builde his brothers house. 10 And his name shalbe called in Israel, the vnshodd house.

Deuteronomy 17:14-20

14 Whan thou art come in to ye londe which the LORDE thy God shal geue the, & takest it in possession, and dwellest therin, and shalt saie: I wil set a kinge ouer me, as all the nacions haue aboute me, 15 the shalt thou set him to be kynge ouer the, whom the LORDE thy God shal chose. One of thy brethren shalt thou sett to be kynge ouer the. Thou mayest not set a strauger ouer the, which is not thy brother. 16 Onely let him not haue many horses, yt he brynge not ye people againe in to Egipte thorow ye multitude of horses, for as moch as ye LORDE hath sayde vnto you, that from hence forth ye shulde come nomore this waye agayne. 17 He shall not haue many wyues also, that his hert be not turned awaye. Nether shal he gather him syluer and golde to moch. 18 And whan he is set vpon the seate of his kingdome, he shal take of the prestes the Leuites this seconde lawe, and cause it be wrytten in a boke, 19 and that shall he haue by him, and he shall rede therin all the dayes of his life, that he maye lerne to feare ye LORDE his God, to kepe all the wordes of this lawe, all these ordinauces, so that he do therafter. 20 He shall not lifte vp his herte aboue his brethren, and shall not turne asyde from the commaundement, nether to the right hade ner to the lefte, that he maye prologe his dayes in his kyngdome, he and his children in Israel.

2 Samuel 5:13

13 And Dauid toke yet mo wyues and concubynes at Ierusalem, after he was come from Hebron, and there were yet mo sonnes & doughters borne vnto him.

1 Samuel 1:1-2

1 There was a man of Ramathaim Sophim of mount Ephraim, whose name was Elcana ye sonne of Ieroham, ye sonne of Elihu, ye sonne of Tohu, ye sonne of Zuph, yt was an Ephrate. 2 And he had two wyues, ye one was called Anna, ye other Peninna. As for Peninna, she had children, but Anna had no childre.

1 Kings 11:1-4

1 But kynge Salomon loued many outlandish wemen, Pharaos doughter, and wemen of Moab, of Ammo, of Edom, of Sidon, and of Heth, 2 euen of those nacions, that the LORDE spake of vnto the children of Israel: Go not ye vnto them, and let not them come vnto you: they shal surely bowe youre hertes after their goddes: Vnto these dyd Salomon enclyne with affeccion. 3 And he had seuen hundreth wemen to wyues, and thre hundreth concubynes, and his wyues turned his hert asyde. 4 And whan he was now olde, his wyues bowed his hert after straunge goddes, so that his hert was not whole with the LORDE his God, as was the hert of Dauid his father.

1 Chronicles 4:5

5 Ashur ye father of Thecoa had two wyues, Hellea & Naera:

2 Chronicles 24:3

3 And Ioiada gaue him two wiues, & he begat sonnes & doughters.

Song of Songs 6:8

8 There are thre score quenes, foure score concubynes, and yonge weme without nombre.

Ezekiel 23:1-4

1 The worde off the LORDE came vnto me, sayenge: 2 Thou sonne of man, there were two wome, that had one mother: 3 These (when they were yonge) beganne to playe the harlottes in Egipte. There were their brestes brussed, and the pappes off their maydenheade destroyed. 4 The eldest of them was called Oola, and hir yongest sister Ooliba. These two were myne, and bare sonnes and doughters. Their names were, Samaria, and that was Oola: and Ierusalem, that was Ooliba.

1 Corinthians 7:1-5

1 As concernynge the thinges wherof ye wrote vnto me, I answere: It is good for a man not to touche a woman. 2 Neuertheles to avoyde whordome, let euery man haue his awne wife, and let euery woman haue hir awne hussbande. 3 Let the ma geue vnto the wife due beneuolence: likewyse also the wife vnto ye man. 4 The wife hath not power ouer hir awne body, but the hussbande: & likewyse the man hath not power ouer his awne body, but the wife. 5 Withdrawe not yor selues one fro another, excepte it be with the consent of both for a tyme, that ye maye geue youre selues vnto fastinge and prayer, and the come together agayne, lest Sathan tempte you for yor incontynecye.

Titus 1:5-8

5 For this cause left I the in Creta, that thou shuldest perfourme that which was lackynge, and shuldest ordeyne Elders in euery cite, as I appoynted ye. 6 Yf eny be blamelesse, the hussbande of one wife, hauynge faithfull children, which are not slaundred or ryote, nether are dishobedient. 7 For a Bisshoppe must be blamelesse, as the stewarde of God: not wylfull, not angrye, not geuen vnto moch wyne, no fyghter, not gredye of filthye lucre: 8 but harbarous, one that loueth goodnes, sober mynded, righteous, holy, temperate,

Genesis 4:19

19 And Lamech toke him two wyues: ye one was called Ada, & the other Zilla.

Judges 8:30

30 And Gedeon Had thre score & ten sonnes, which were come out of his thye: for he had many wyues.

2 Chronicles 13:21

21 Now whan Abia was strengthed, he toke fourtene wyues, and begat two and twentye sonnes and sixtene daughters.

1 Chronicles 3:1-9

1 These are the childre of Dauid, which were borne vnto him in Hebron. The first sonne, Amnon of Ahinoam the Iesraelitisse: the seconde, Daniel of Abigail the Carmelitisse: 2 the thirde, Absalom ye sonne of Maecha ye doughter of Thalmai kynge of Gesur: the fourth, Adonias the sonne of Hagith: 3 the fifth, Saphathia of Abital: the sixte, Iethream of his wife Egla. 4 These sixe were borne vnto him at Hebron, for he reigned there vij. yeare & sixe monethes. But at Ierusale reigned he thre & thirtie yeare. 5 And these were borne vnto him at Ierusalem: Simea, Sobab, Nathan, Salomo: these foure of Bethseba ye doughter of Ammiel. 6 And Iebear, Elisama, Eliphalet, 7 Noga, Nepheg, Iapia, 8 Elisama, Eliada, Eliphelet, these nyne. 9 These all are ye children of Dauid, besyde those yt were the childre of ye cocubynes. And Thamar was their sister.

2 Chronicles 11:21

21 But Roboam loued Maecha the doughter of Absalom better then all his wyues & concubynes: for he had eightene wyues and thre score cocubynes, and begat eight & twentye sonnes, and thre score doughters.

2 Samuel 12:8

8 and haue geuen the yi lordes house, and his wyues into thy lappe, and the house of Israel and Iuda haue I geuen the: and yf that be to litle, I wyl yet do this and that for the also.

Deuteronomy 21:15-17

15 Yf a man haue two wyues, one that he loueth, and one that he hateth, and they beare him children, both the beloued and the hated, 16 so that the firstborne be hirs that is hated, and the tyme commeth that he dealeth out the inheritaunce vnto his children, then can he not make the sonne of ye beloued firstborne before the firstborne sonne of the hated, 17 but he shall knowe the sonne of the hated for ye first sonne, so that he geue him dubble of all that is at hande: for the same is ye begynnynge of his strength, & the firstbyrthrighte is his.

2 Chronicles 24:1-3

1 Ioas was seuen yeare olde whan he was made kynge, and reigned fortie yeare at Ierusale. His mothers name was Zibea of Berseba. 2 And Ioas dyd that which was right in the sight of the LORDE, as longe as Ioiada the prest lyued. 3 And Ioiada gaue him two wiues, & he begat sonnes & doughters.

Isaiah 4:1

1 Then shal seuen wyues take holde of one man, and saye: we will laye all oure meat and cloothinge together in comon, only that we maye be called thy wyues, and that this shamefull reprofe maye be take from us.

Matthew 25:1-46

1 Then shal the kyngdome of heauen be like vnto ten virgins, which toke their lapes, and wente forth to mete the brydegome. 2 But fyue of them were foolish, and fyue were wyse. 3 The foolish toke their lapes, neuertheles they toke none oyle with them. 4 But the wyse toke oyle in their vessels with their lampes. 5 Now whyle the brydegrome taried, they slombred all and slepte. 6 But at mydnight there was a crye made: Beholde, the brydegrome commeth, go youre waye out for to mete him. 7 Then all those virgins arose, and prepared their lampes. 8 But the foolish sayde vnto the wyse: geue vs of youre oyle, for oure lapes are gone out. 9 Then answered the wyse, and sayde: Not so, lest there be not ynough for vs and you, but go rather vnto them that sell, and bye for youre selues. 10 And whyle they wente to bye, the brydegrome came: and they that were readye, wente in with him vnto the mariage, and the gate was shut vp. 11 At ye last came ye other virgins also, and sayde: LORDE LORDE, opo vnto vs. 12 But he answered, and sayde: Verely I saye vnto you: I knowe you not. 13 Watch ye therfore, for ye knowe nether the daye ner yet the houre, whan ye sonne of man shal come. 14 Like wyse as a certayne ma ready to take his iourney into a straunge countre, called his seruautes, and delyuered his goodes vnto the. 15 And vnto one he gaue fyue talentes, to another two, and to another one: vnto euery man after his abilyte, and straight waye departed. 16 Then he that had receaued the fyue talentes, wente and occupied with the same, and wanne other fyue talentes. 17 Likewyse he yt receaued two talentes, wane other two also. 18 But he that receaued ye one wente and dygged a pyt in the earth, and hyd his lordes money. 19 After a longe season the lorde of those seruauntes came, and rekened with them. 20 Then came he that had receaued fyue talentes, and brought other fyue talentes, and sayde: Syr, thou delyuerdst vnto me fyue talentes:Beholde, with them haue I wonne fyue taletes mo. 21 Then sayde his lorde vnto hi: wel thou good & faithfull seruaunt, thou hast bene faithfull ouer litle, I wil set the ouer moch: entre thou in to the ioye of thy lorde. 22 The came he also that had receaued two talentes, and sayde: Syr, thou delyuerdst vnto me two talentes: Beholde, I haue wonne two other taletes with the. 23 His lorde sayde vnto him: Wel thou good and faithfull seruaut, thou hast bene faithfull ouer litle, I wil set the ouer moch: entre thou in to the ioye of thy lorde. 24 Then he that had receaued the one talet, came and sayde: Syr, I knew that thou art an hard man: thou reapest where thou hast not sowen, and gatherest where thou hast not strowed, 25 and so I was afrayed, and wete and hyd thy talent in the earth: lo, there thou hast thine owne. 26 But his lorde answered, and sayde vnto him: Thou euell and slouthfull seruaunt, knewest thou that I reape where I sowed not, and gather where I strawed not? 27 Thou shuldest therfore haue had my money to the chaungers, and then at my commynge shulde I haue receaued myne owne with vauntage. 28 Therfore take the talent fro him, and geue it vnto him that hath ten talentes. 29 For who so hath, to him shalbe geuen, and he shal haue abundaunce. But who so hath not, fro him shalbe take awaye euen that he hath. 30 And cast the vnprofitable seruaunt in to vtter darcknes: there shalbe waylinge and gnasshinge of teth. 31 But whan the sonne of man shal come in his glory, and all holy angels with him, then shal he syt vpon the seate of his glory. 32 And all people shalbe gathered before him: and he shal separate them one from another as a shepherde deuydeth the shepe from ye goates. 33 And he shal set ye shepe on his right honde, and the goates on the lefte. 34 Then shal the kynge saye vnto them that shalbe on his right honde: Come hither ye blessed of my father, inheret ye ye kingdome, which is prepared for you from the begynnynge of the worlde. 35 For I was hongrie, and ye gaue me meate: I was thirstie, and ye gaue me drynke: I was harbourlesse, and ye lodged me: 36 I was naked, & ye clothed me: I was sicke, and ye vysited me: I was in preson, and ye came vnto me. 37 Then shal the righteous answere him, & saye: LORDE, whe sawe we the hogrie, and fed the? Or thirstie, and gaue the drynke? 38 When sawe we the herbourlesse, and lodged the? Or naked, and clothed ye? 39 Or whe sawe we ye sicke or in preson, and came vnto the? 40 And the kynge shal answer and saye vnto them: Verely I saye vnto you: Loke what ye haue done vnto one of the least of these my brethren, the same haue ye done vnto me. 41 Then shal he saye also vnto them that shalbe on the left hande: Departe fro me ye cursed in to the euerlastinge fyre, which is prepared for the deuell and his angels. 42 For I was hogrie, and ye gaue me no meate: I was thirstye, and ye gaue me no drynke: 43 I was herbourlesse, and ye lodged me not: I was naked, and ye clothed me not: I was sicke and in preson, and ye vysited me not. 44 Then shal they also answere hi, and saye: LORDE, when sawe we the hogrie, or thyrstie, or herbourlesse, or naked, or sicke, or in preson, and haue not mynistred vnto the? 45 The shal he answere them, and saye: Verely I saye vnto you: Loke what ye haue not done vnto one of the leest of these, the same haue ye not done vnto me. 46 And these shal go in to euerlastinge payne, but the righteous in to euerlastinge life.

Exodus 21:10

10 But yf he geue him another wife, then shall he mynishe nothinge of hir foode, rayment, and dewtye of mariage.

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