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Exodus 12:15-20

15 Seuen dayes shall ye eate vnleuended bred: namely, vpon the first daie shal ye leaue of with leuended bred in youre houses. Who so euer eateth leuended bred from the first daye vnto ye seuenth that soule shall be roted out from Israel. 16 The first daye shall be called holy amonge you, and the seuenth also. No maner of worke shall ye do therin, saue what belongeth to the meate for all maner of soules, that onely maye ye do for you. 17 And kepe you to leuended bred. For euen vpon that same daye wil I brynge youre armies out of the londe of Egipte, therfore shall ye and all youre posterities kepe this daye for a perpetuall custome. 18 Vpon the fourtene daye of the first moneth, at euen, shall ye eate vnleuended bred, vnto the one and twentye daye of the moneth, at euen: 19 so that there be no leuended bred founde in youre houses seuen dayes. For who so euer eateth leuended bred, that soule shall be roted out from the congregacion of Israel, whether it be a straunger or borne in the londe. 20 Therfore eate no leuended bred, but onely vnleuended bred in all youre dwellynges.

Exodus 13:3

3 Then saide Moses vnto ye people: Thinke vpo this daye, in the which ye are gone out of Egipte from the house of bodage, how yt ye LORDE brought you out fro thence wt a mightie hade. Therfore shall ye eate no sowre dowe.

Exodus 12:11-13

11 Of this maner shal ye eate it: Ye shal be gyrded aboute youre loynes, and haue youre shues vpon youre fete, and staues in yor handes, and ye shal eate it with haist: for it is ye LORDES Passeouer. 12 For in the same night wil I go thorow the londe of Egipte, & smyte all the firstborne in the lande of Egipte, from men vnto catell, & vpon all the goddes of Egipte wyll I do execucion. 13 Euen I the LORDE. And the bloude shal be youre token, vpon the houses wherin ye are: yt whan I se the bloude, I maye passe ouer, and that the plage happen not vnto you, to destroye you, whan I smyte the londe of Egipte.

Numbers 9:6-12

6 Then were there certayne men defyled of a deed man, so that they coulde not kepe Easter vpon that daye: these came before Moses and Aaron the same daye, 7 and sayde vnto him: We are defiled of a deed ma: wherfore shulde we be despysed, that we must not bringe oure giftes in his season amonge the children of Israel? 8 Moses sayde vnto them: Stonde styll, I wil heare what the LORDE commaundeth you. 9 And the LORDE spake vnto Moses, and sayde: 10 Speake vnto the children of Israel, & saie: Wha eny man is defyled of a deed coarse, or is gone farre from you ouer the felde, or is amonge youre kyn?folkes, yet shall he kepe Easter, 11 but in the seconde moneth vpo ye fourtene daye at euen, and they shal eate it with vnleuended bred and sowre sawse, 12 and shall leaue none of it vntyll the mornynge, ner breake eny bone therof, and shal kepe it acordinge to all ye maner of ye Easter.

Luke 22:7-20

7 Then came ye daye of swete bred, wherin the Easter lambe must be offered. 8 And he sent Peter and Ihon, and sayde: Go youre waye, prepare vs the Easter lambe, that we maye eate. 9 But they sayde vnto him: Where wilt thou, that we prepare it? 10 He saide vnto them: Beholde, wha ye come in to ye cite, there shal mete you a man, bearinge a pitcher of water, folowe him in to the house yt he entreth in, 11 and saye vnto the good man of the house: The master sendeth ye worde: Where is ye gesthouse, wherin I maye eate the Easter labe with my disciples? 12 And he shal shewe you a greate parlour paued. 13 They wente their waye, and founde as he had sayde vnto them, and made ready the Easter lambe. 14 And whan the houre came, he sat him downe, and the twolue Apostles with him, 15 and he sayde vnto them: I haue hertely desyred to eate this Easter labe with you before I suffre. 16 For I saye vnto you: that hence forth I wil eate nomore therof, tyll it be fulfilled in the kyngdome of God. 17 And he toke the cuppe, gaue thankes, and sayde: Take this and deuyde it amonge you. 18 For I saye vnto you: I wil not drynke of the frute of ye vyne, vntyll the kyngdome of God come. 19 And he toke the bred, gaue thankes, and brake it, and gaue it them, and sayde: This is my body, which shalbe geuen for you. This do in the remembraunce of me. 20 Likewyse also the cuppe, after they had supped, and sayde: This cuppe is the new Testamet in my bloude, which shalbe shed for you.

Luke 22:15

15 and he sayde vnto them: I haue hertely desyred to eate this Easter labe with you before I suffre.

Exodus 12:8

8 And so shal they eate flesh ye same night, rosted at the fyre, & vnleuended bred, and shal eate it with sowre sawse.

1 Corinthians 5:8

8 Wherfore let vs kepe Easter, not in ye olde leuen, ner in the leuen of maliciousnes, and wickednes, but in the swete bred of purenesse and of the trueth.

Numbers 9:14

14 And whan there dwelleth a straunger amonge you, he shal kepe Easter also vnto the LORDE, & shal holde it acordinge to ye ordinaunce and lawe of ye Easter. This statute shal be vnto you alike, to the straunger as to him that is borne in the londe.

Mark 14:12-25

12 And vpon ye first daye of swete bred, wha the Easter lambe was offered, his disciples sayde vnto him: Where wilt thou yt we go and prepare, yt thou mayest eate ye Easter labe? 13 And he sent two of his disciples, and sayde vnto them: Go youre waye into the cite, and there shal mete you a ma bearinge a pitcher with water, folowe him, 14 & where so euer he goeth in, there saye ye to the good man of the house: The Master sendeth the worde: Where is the gest house, wherin I maye eate the Easter labe, wt my disciples? 15 And he shal shewe you a greate parlour, which is paued & prepared, there make readye for vs. 16 And ye disciples wete forth, & came in to ye cite, & foude it as he had sayde vnto the. And they prepared ye Easter lambe. 17 At euen he came wt the twolue. 18 And as they sat at the table & ate, Iesus sayde: Verely I saye vnto you: One of you yt eateth wt me, shal betraye me. 19 And they were sory, & sayde vnto hi one after another: Is it I? & another (sayde:) is it I? 20 He answered & saide vnto the: One of the twolue, euen ye same yt dyppeth with me in ye platter. 21 The sonne of man truly goeth forth, as it is wrytte of hi. But wo vnto that ma, by whom the sonne of man is betrayed. It were better for the same man, that he had neuer bene borne. 22 And as they ate, Iesus toke the bred, gaue thankes, & brake it, and gaue it the, & sayde: Take, eate, this is my body. 23 And he toke the cuppe, thaked, and gaue it the, and they all dranke therof. 24 And he sayde vnto them: This is my bloude of the new Testament, which shalbe shed for many. 25 Verely I saye vnto you, that from hence forth I wil not drynke of the frute of the vyne, tyll ye daye yt I drynke it new in ye kyngdome of God.

Exodus 23:15

15 shalt thou kepe feast vnto me: namely the feast of vnleuended bred shalt thou kepe, that thou eate vnleuended bred seuen dayes ( like as I commaunded ye) in the tyme of ye moneth Abib, for in the same wentest thou out of Egipte. (But appeare not emptye before me.)

Matthew 26:26-28

26 And as they ate, Iesus toke the bred, gaue thankes, brake it, and gaue it to the disciples, and sayde: Take, eate, this is my body. 27 And he toke the cuppe, and thanked, and gaue it the, and sayde: Drynke ye all therof, 28 this is my bloude of the new testament, that shalbe shed for many for the remission of synnes.

1 Corinthians 5:7

7 Pourge out therfore the olde leuen, that ye maye be new dowe, like as ye are swete bred. For we also haue an Easter lambe, which is Christ, that is offred for vs.

Leviticus 23:4-8

4 These are the feastes of the LORDE, yt are called holy, which ye shal call youre feastes: 5 Upon ye fourtene daye of ye first moneth at euen, is the LORDES Easter. 6 And vpon ye fiftene daye of the same moneth is the feast of vnleueded bred of the LORDE. Then shall ye eate vnleuended bred seuen dayes. 7 The first daie shalbe called holy amonge you, ye shal do no worke of bodage therin, 8 seue daies shal ye offre vnto ye LORDE. The seueth daie shalbe called holy likewise, wherin ye shal do no worke of bondage also.

Exodus 12:21-28

21 And Moses called all the Elders of Israel, and sayde vnto them: Chose out, and take to euery housholde a shepe, and kyll Passeouer vnto the LORDE: 22 and take a bunch of ysope, and dyppe it in the bloude in the basen, and stryke it vpon the vpperposte and vpon the two syde postes, and none of you go out at the dore of his house vntyll ye mornynge, 23 for the LORDE wyll go aboute and plage the Egipcians. And whan he seyth the bloude vpo the vpperposte, and vpon the two syde postes, he wyl passe ouer by the dore, and not suffre the destroyer to come in to youre houses to plage. 24 Therfore kepe this custome for the and thy children for euer. 25 And whan ye be come into ye londe that the LORDE shal geue you, (as he hath sayde) then kepe this seruyce. 26 And whan youre children saye vnto you: What seruyce is this, that ye haue? 27 Ye shal saye: It is the sacrifice of the LORDES Passeouer, which passed ouer by the children of Israel in Egipte, whan he plaged the Egipcians, and saued oure houses. Then the people bowed them selues, and worshipped. 28 And the children of Israel wente and dyd, as the LORDE had commaunded Moses and Aaron.

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