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Numbers 13:8

8 Hosea the sonne of Nun, of ye trybe of Ephraim.

Joshua 8:8

8 But whan ye haue wonne the cite, set fyre vpon it, doinge acordinge vnto the worde of the LORDE. Beholde, I haue commaunded you.

Joshua 24:1-33

1 Iosua gathered all the trybes of Israel together vnto Sichem, and called the Elders of Israel, the heades, iudges and officers. And wha they were come before God, 2 he sayde vnto all the people: Thus sayeth the LORDE the God of Israel: Yor fathers dwelt afore time beyode ye water, Abraha & Nahor wt Tarah their father & serued other goddes. 3 Then toke I yor father Abraham beyonde the water, & caused him to walke in the londe of Canaan, & multiplied his sede, and gaue him Isaac, 4 and vnto Isaac I gaue Iacob and Esau, and gaue Esau mout Seir to possesse As for Iacob, & his childre, they wente downe in to Egipte. 5 Then sent I Moses and Aaron, and plaged Egipte as I haue done amonge the. 6 After yt brought I you and youre fathers out of Egipte. And whan ye came to ye see, and the Egipcians folowed vpon youre fathers with charettes and horse men vnto the reed see, 7 then cryed they vnto the LORDE, which put a darcknesse betwene you and the Egipcians, and broughte the see vpon them, and ouerwhelmed them. And youre eyes haue sene what I dyd to ye Egipcians, & ye dwelt in ye wildernes a loge season. 8 And I broughte you in to ye londe of the Amorites, which dwelt beionde Iordane: & wha they fought agaynst you, I delyuered them into yor hande, that ye mighte haue their countre in possession, and I destroyed them before you. 9 Then Balac the sonne of Ziphor the kynge of the Moabites gat him vp, and foughte agaynst Israel: and he sente and bad call Balaam the sonne of Beor, to curse you, 10 neuertheles I wolde not heare him, but I blessed you, and delyuered you out of his hande. 11 And whan ye wente ouer Iordane, and came vnto Iericho, the citesyns of Iericho foughte agaynst you, the Amorites, Pheresites, Cananites, Hethites, Girgosites, Heuites, & Iebusites: howbeit I delyuered the into youre hande. 12 And I sent hornettes before you, which droue them out before you, namely the two kynges of ye Amorites: not thorow thy swerde, ner thorow thy bowe. 13 And I haue geuen you a londe whervpon ye bestowed no laboure, and cities which ye haue not buylded, that ye might dwell therin, and that ye might eate of the vynyardes and olyue trees which ye haue not planted. 14 Feare the LORDE now therfore, and serue him perfectly and in the trueth, and let go the goddes, whom youre fathers serued beyonde the water and in Egipte, and serue ye ye LORDE. 15 But yf ye like not to serue the LORDE, the chose you this daye whom ye wyll serue: the God whom youre fathers serued beionde ye water, or ye goddes of the Amorites, in whose lode ye dwell. As for me and my house, we wyll serue the LORDE. 16 Then answered the people, and saide: God forbidde, that we shulde forsake the LORDE, & serue other goddes. 17 For the LORDE oure God brought vs and oure fathers out of the londe of Egipte fro the house of bondage, and did soch greate tokens before oure eyes, and preserued vs all ye waye that we wente, and amonge all the nacions, whom we trauayled by. 18 And the LORDE thrust out before vs all the people of the Amorites that dwelt in the londe. Therfore wyll we also serue the LORDE, for he is oure God. 19 Iosua sayde vnto the people: Ye can not serue the LORDE: for he is an holy God, mightie, and gelous, which spareth not youre trangressions and synnes. 20 But yf ye forsake the LORDE, and serue a straunge god, then shall the LORDE turne him, and do you euell, and consume you, after that he hath done you good. 21 The people sayde vnto Iosua: Not so, but we will serue the LORDE. 22 Then sayde Iosua vnto the people: Ye are witnesses ouer youre selues, that ye haue chosen you the LORDE, to serue him. And they sayde: Yee. 23 Then put awaye from you (sayde he) the straunge goddes yt are amonge you, and enclyne youre hert vnto the LORDE the God of Israel. 24 And the people sayde vnto Iosua: We wyll serue the LORDE oure God, and be obedient vnto his voyce. 25 So Iosua made a couenaunt with the people ye same daye, and laied statutes & lawes before them at Sichem. 26 And Iosua wrote this acte in the boke of the lawe of God, and toke a greate stone, & set it vp there vnder an oke, which was in ye Sanctuary of ye LORDE, 27 and sayde vnto all the people: Beholde, this stone shall be witnesse ouer you: For it hath herde all the wordes of the LORDE, which he hath spoken vnto vs, and shall be a witnesse ouer you, that ye denye not youre God. 28 So Iosua let the people go euery one to his enheritauce. 29 And it fortuned after these actes, yt Iosua the sonne of Nun ye seruaut of the LORDE dyed, whan he was an hundreth and ten yeare olde, 30 and was buried in the border of his enheritauce at Thimnath Serah, which lyeth on the mount Ephraim, on the north side of mount Gaas. 31 And the children of Israel serued the LORDE as longe as Iosua lyued, and the Elders (that lyued longe after Iosua) which knewe all the workes of ye LORDE, that he had done vnto Israel. 32 The bones of Ioseph, which the children of Israel had broughte out of Egipte, buried they at Sichem, in the pece of the londe, yt Iacob boughte of the children of Hemor ye father of Sichem for an hundreth pens, and was the enheritaunce of the children of Ioseph. 33 Eleasar the sonne of Aaron died also, and they buried him at Gibeath, which was Phineas his sonnes, that was geuen him vpon mount Ephraim.

Joshua 5:1-15

1 Now whan all the kynges of ye Amorites that dwelt beyonde Iordane westwarde, and all the kynges of ye Cananites by the see syde herde, how ye LORDE had dryed vp the water of Iordane before the children of Israel, tyll they were come ouer their hert fayled them, nether was there eny more corage in them at the presence of the children of Israel. 2 At the same tyme sayde ye LORDE vnto Iosua: Make the knyues of stone, & circumcyse the children of Israel agayne the seconde tyme. 3 Then Iosua made him knyues of stone, and circumcysed the childre of Israel vpon the toppe of the foreskynnes. 4 And the cause why Iosua circumcysed all the males of the people yt were come out of Egipte, is this: for all the men of warre dyed in ye wildernesse by the waye, after they were departed out of Egipte: 5 for all the people that came forth, were circumcysed. But all the people that were borne in ye wyldernesse by the waye (after they departed out of Egipte) were not circumcysed: 6 for the children of Israel walked fortye yeares in the wyldernesse, vntyll all the people of the men of warre that came out of Egipte, were consumed, because they herkened not vnto the voyce of the LORDE, like as the LORDE sware vnto them, that they shulde not se the londe, which the LORDE sware vnto their fathers to geue vnto vs, euen a londe that floweth with mylke & honye: 7 their children which were come vp in their steade, dyd Iosua circumcyse: for they had the foreskynne, and were not circumcysed by the waye. 8 And whan all the people were circumcysed, they abode in their place, eue in ye tetes, tyll they were whole. 9 And ye LORDE saide vnto Iosua: To daie haue I turned ye shame of Egipte awaye from you, & the same place was called Gilgall vnto this daye. 10 And whyle the children of Israel laye thus at Gilgall, they kepte Easter the fourtenth daye of the moneth at eue in the felde of Iericho. 11 And they ate of the corne of the lode the seconde daye of the Easter: namely, vnleuended bred, & fyrmentye of yt yeare, eue the same daye. 12 And vpon the morow, the Manna fayled, whan they ate of the corne of ye londe, so that the children of Israel had nomore Manna, but ate of the corne of the londe of Canaan the same yeare. 13 And it fortuned that wha Iosua was by Iericho, he lifte vp his eyes, & was awarre, that there stode a ma agaynst him, and had a naked swerde in his hande. And Iosua wete to him, & sayde vnto him: Art thou one of vs, or of oure enemies? 14 He sayde: No, but I am the prynce of the LORDES hoost, and now am I come. Then fell Iosua downe to the earth vpon his face, & worshipped him, and sayde vnto him: What sayeth my LORDE vnto his seruaunt? 15 And the prynce ouer the LORDES hoost sayde vnto him: Put yi shues of yi fete, for the place whervpo thou stondest, is holy. And Iosua dyd so.

Joshua 10:1-43

1 Whan Adonisedech the kynge of Ierusalem herde, that Iosua had wonne Hai, and damned it, and done vnto Hai and ye kynge of it, like as he dyd vnto Iericho and to the kynge therof, and that they of Gibeon had made peace with Israel, and were come vnder them, they were sore afrayed. 2 For Gibeon was a greate cite, like as one of the kynges cities, and greater then Hai, and all the citesyns therof were men of armes. 3 Therfore sent he vnto Hoham the kynge of Hebron, and to Pirea the kynge of Iarmuth, and to Iaphia the kynge of Lachis, and to Debir the kynge of Eglon, and caused to saie vnto them: 4 Come vp vnto me, and helpe me, that we maie smyte Gibeon, for they haue made peace with Iosua and the children of Israel. 5 Then came the fyue kynges of the Amorites together, and wente vp, the kynge of Ierusalem, the kynge of Hebron, ye kynge of Iarmuth, the kynge of Lachis, the kynge of Eglon, with all their armies, & layed sege vnto Gibeon, and foughte agaynst it. 6 Howbeit they of Gibeon sent vnto Iosua to Gilgall, and caused to saye vnto him: Withdrawe not thine hande from thy seruauntes, come vp soone vnto vs: delyuer and helpe vs, for all the kynges of the Amorites that dwell vpon the mountaynes, are gathered together agaynst vs. 7 Iosua wente vp from Gilgall, and all the warryers and all the men armes with him. 8 And the LORDE sayde vnto Iosua: Feare them not, for I haue geue them in to thy hande. There shall not one of them be able to stonde before the. 9 So Iosua came sodenly vpon them, for all that night wente he vp from Gilgall. 10 And the LORDE discomfyted the before Israel, and smote them with a greate slaughter at Gibeon: & they chaced them the waie downe to Beth Horon, and smote them vnto Aseka and Makeda. 11 And whan they fled before Israel, the waye downe to Bethoron, the LORDE caused a greate hayle from heauen to fall vpon them, vnto Aseka, so that they dyed: & many mo of them dyed of the hayle, then the children of Israel slewe with the swerde. 12 Then spake Iosua vnto the LORDE (the same daye that the LORDE gaue ouer the Amorites before the children of Israel) and sayde in the presence of Israel: Sonne, holde styll at Gibeon, and thou Moone in the valley of Aialon. 13 Then the Sonne helde styll, and ye Moone stode, vntyll the people had auenged the selues on their enemies. Is not this wrytten in the boke of the righteous? Thus the Sonne stode styll in the myddes of heauen, and dyfferred to go downe for the space of a whole daye after. 14 And there was no daye like vnto this (nether before ner after) whan the LORDE herkened vnto the voyce of one man: for the LORDE fought for Israel. 15 And Iosua wente agayne to Gilgall in to the tetes, and all Israel with him. 16 As for the fyue kynges, they were fled, and had hyd the selues in the caue at Makeda. 17 Then was it tolde Iosua: We haue foude the fyue kynges hyd in the caue at Makeda. 18 Iosua sayde: Rolle greate stones then before the hole of the caue, and set men there to kepe them. 19 As for you, stonde not ye styll, but folowe after youre enemies, and smyte them behynde, and let them not come in their cities, for the LORDE youre God hath delyuered the in to youre hande. 20 And whan Iosua and ye children of Israel had ended the sore greate slaughter vpo them, so yt they were brought to naught, the remnaunt of them came in to the stronge cities. 21 So all the people came agayne to the hoost vnto Iosua to Makeda in peace, and no man durst moue his tunge agaynst the children of Israel. 22 Iosua sayde: Open the mouth of the caue, and brynge the fyue kynge forth vnto me. 23 They dyd so, and broughte the kynges vnto him out of the caue: the kinge of Ierusalem, the kynge of Hebro, the kynge of Iarmuth, the kynge of Lachis, the kinge of Eglon. 24 Whan these fyue kynges were broughte forth vnto him, Iosua called euery man of Israel, and sayde vnto the rulers of the men of warre that wente with him: Come forth and treade vpon the neckes of these kynges with youre fete. And they came forth, and trode vpon their neckes with their fete. 25 And Iosua saide vnto them: Be not afrayed, and feare not: be stronge and bolde, for thus shal the LORDE do vnto all yor enemies, agaynst whom ye fighte. 26 And Iosua smote them afterwarde, and put them to death, and hanged them vpon fyue trees. And they hanged styll vpon the trees vntyll the euenynge. 27 But whan the Sonne was gone downe, he commaunded to take them of from the trees: and they cast them in the caue, wherin they had hyd them selues, & before the hole of the caue they layed greate stones, which are there yet vnto this daye. 28 The same daye wanne Iosua Makeda also, and smote it with the edge of the swerde, and the kynge therof, and damned it, and all the soules that were therin, and let none remayne escaped: and dyd vnto the kynge of Makeda as he dyd vnto the kynge of Iericho. 29 Then Iosua and all Israel with him departed fro Makeda vnto Lybna, & foughte agaynst it. 30 (And the LORDE gaue it with ye kynge therof into the hande of Israel) and smote it and all the soules that were therin, with the edge of the swerde, and let not one remayne in it: and dyd vnto the kinge therof as he had done vnto the kynge of Iericho. 31 Afterwarde wente Iosua and all Israel with him from Lybna vnto Lachis, and layed sege vnto it, and fought agaynst it. 32 And the LORDE delyuered Lachis also in to the hande of Israel, so that they wanne it vpon the seconde daye, and smote it with ye edge of the swerde, and all the soules that were therin, acordinge to all as he had done vnto Lybna. 33 At the same tyme Horam ye kynge of Gazer wente vp, to helpe Lachis. But Iosua smote him with all his people, tyll there remayned not one. 34 And Iosua wente with all Israel from Lachis, vnto Eglon, and layed sege vnto it, and fought agaynst it, 35 and wanne it the same daye, and smote it with the edge of the swerde, and damned all the soules that were therin the same daye, acordynge vnto all as he had done vnto Lachis. 36 After that wente Iosua with all Israel from Eglon vnto Hebron, and foughte agaynst it, 37 and wanne it, and smote it with ye edge of the swerde, and the kynge of it, and all the cities therof, and all the soules that were therin, and let not one remayne, acordynge vnto all as he had done vnto Eglon: and damned it, and all the soules that were therin. 38 Then turned Iosua agayne with all Israel towarde Debir, and fought agaynst it, 39 and wanne it, with the kinge of it, and all ye cities therof, and smote them with the edge of the swerde, and damned all ye soules that were therin, and let not one remayne ouer. Euen as he had done vnto Hebro and Lybna with their kynges, so dyd he also vnto Debir, and the kynge therof. 40 Thus Iosua smote all the londe vpon the mountaynes, and towarde the south, and in the lowe countrees, and by the ryuers, with all their kynges, and let not one remaine ouer and damned all that had breth, as the LORDE God of Israel had commaunded. 41 And Iosua smote them from Cades Bernea vnto Gaza, and all the londe of Gosen vnto Gibeon, 42 and toke all these kynges with their lode at one tyme: for the LORDE God of Israel foughte for Israel. 43 And Iosua wente agayne with all Israel to the tentes vnto Gilgal.

Joshua 24:15

15 But yf ye like not to serue the LORDE, the chose you this daye whom ye wyll serue: the God whom youre fathers serued beionde ye water, or ye goddes of the Amorites, in whose lode ye dwell. As for me and my house, we wyll serue the LORDE.

Joshua 3:1-17

1 And Iosua rose vp early, and they departed from Setim, & came vnto Iordane, he and all the children of Israel, and remayned there all night, afore they wete ouer. 2 But after thre dayes wente the officers thorow ye hoost, 3 and commaunded the people, and sayde: Whan ye se the Arke of ye couenaunt of the LORDE youre God, and the prestes from amoge the Leuites bearinge it, departe ye then out of youre place, and folowe after 4 (but so, that there be rowme betwene you and it by two thousande cubites, & that ye come not nye it) yt ye maye knowe what waye ye shulde go: for ye neuer wente that waye afore. 5 And Iosua sayde vnto the people: Halowe youre selues, for tomorow shal yi LORDE bringe wonderous thinges to passe amoge you. 6 And vnto the prestes he sayde: Beare ye the Arke of ye couenaut, and go before the people. Then bare they the Arke, and wente before the people. 7 And the LORDE sayde vnto Iosua: This daye wyl I begynne to make the greate in the sighte of all Israel, that they maie knowe, how that like as I was with Moses, so am I with the also. 8 And commaunde thou the prestes that beare the Arke, and saye: Whan ye come before in the water of Iordane, stonde styll. 9 And Iosua sayde vnto the children of Israel: Come hither, & heare the worde of the LORDE youre God. 10 He sayde morouer: By this shal ye perceaue, that the lyuynge God is amonge you, and that he shall dryue out before you ye Cananites, Hethites, Heuites, Pheresites, Girgosites, Amorites and Iebusites. 11 Beholde, the Arke of the couenaunt of him yt hath domynion ouer all londes, shall go before you in Iordane. 12 Take now therfore twolue men out of ye trybes of Israel, out of euery trybe one. 13 And whan the soles of the fete of the prestes that beare ye Arke of the LORDE the gouernoure of all londes, are set in the water of Iordane, then shal ye water of Iordane withdrawe it selfe from the water that floweth from aboue, that it maye stonde on a heape. 14 Now whan the people departed out of their tentes, to go ouer Iordane, & the prestes bare the Arke of the couenaunt before the people, 15 and came into Iordane, & dypte their fete before in the water (as for Iordane on all his banckes it was full of all maner waters of the londe) 16 then the water that came downe fro aboue, stode straight vp vpon one heape, very farre from the cite of Adom, that lyeth on the syde of Zarthan: But the water that ranne downe to the see (euen to the salt see) fell awaye, and decreased. So ye people wente thorow ouer agaynst Iericho. 17 And the prestes that bare the Arke of the LORDES couenaunt, stode drye in ye myddes of Iordane, readye prepared: & all Israel wete thorow drye shod, vntyll ye whole people were all come ouer Iordane.

Joshua 1:9

9 Lo, I haue commaunded the to be stronge and bolde. Feare not, and be not afrayed: for the LORDE thy God is with ye, whither so euer thou goest.

Psalms 1:1-6

1 O blessed is ye man, yt goeth not in the councell of ye vngodly: yt abydeth not in the waye off synners, & sytteth not in ye seate of the scornefull. 2 But delyteth in the lawe of ye LORDE, & exercyseth himself in his lawe both daye and night. 3 Soch a ma is like a tre plated by ye watersyde, yt brigeth forth his frute in due season. His leeues shal not fall off, ad loke what soeuer he doth, it shal prospere. 4 As for the vngodly, it is not so with them: but they are like the dust, which ye wynde scatereth awaye from of the grounde. 5 Therfore the vngodly shall not be able to stonde in the iudgmet, nether the synners in the congregacion off the rightuous. 6 For the LORDE aloweth ye waye of the rightuous, but the waye of the vngodly shal perishe.

1 John 4:18

18 Feare is not in loue, but perfecte loue casteth out feare: for feare hath paynefulnes. He that feareth, is not perfecte in loue.

Numbers 14:6-10

6 And Iosua ye sonne of Nun, & Caleb ye sonne of Iephune (which also had spyed out the lande) rente their clothes, 7 & spake to the whole cogregacion of the children of Israel: The londe yt we haue walked thorow to spye it out, is a very good lande. 8 Yf the LORDE haue lust vnto vs, he shal brynge vs in to the same londe, & geue it vs, which is a lade that floweth with mylke & hony. 9 But in anye wyse rebell not ye agaynst the LORDE, & feare not ye people of this lande, for we wil eate the vp as bred. Their defence is departed fro them, but the LORDE is wt vs, be not ye afrayed of them. 10 And all the people, bad stone them wt stones. Then appeared the glory of the LORDE in the Tabernacle of witnesse vnto all the children of Israel,

Joshua 18:1-28

1 And all the multitude of the children of Israel gathered them selues together vnto Silo, and they set vp ye Tabernacle of witnesse, and the londe was subdued vnto them. 2 But there were yet seuen trybes of the childre of Israel, vnto whom they had not deuyded their enheritaunce. 3 And Iosua sayde vnto the children of Israel: How longe are ye so slowe, to go and coquere the londe, which the LORDE God of youre fathers hath geuen you? 4 Chose you thre men out of euery trybe, yt I maye sende them, and that they maye get them vp and go thorow the londe, and descrybe it acordinge to the enheritaunces therof, and come vnto me. 5 Deuyde the londe in seuen partes. Iudas shal remayne vpon his borders of the south syde, and the house of Ioseph shal remayne vpon his borders of the north parte: 6 but descrybe ye the londe in seuen partes, and brynge them vnto me, then shal I cast ye lot for you before the LORDE oure God. 7 For the Leuites haue no porcion amonge you, but the presthode of the LORDE is their enheritaunce. As for Gad & Ruben and ye halfe trybe of Manasse, they haue receaued their enheritaunce beyonde Iordane eastwarde, which Moses the seruaunt of the LORDE gaue them. 8 Then the men gat vp, to go their waye. And whan they were aboute to go for to descrybe the londe, Iosua commaunded them, and sayde: Go youre waye, and walke thorow the londe, and descrybe it, and come agayne vnto me, that I maye cast ye lot for you before the LORDE at Silo. 9 So the men departed, and wente thorow the londe, and descrybed it in seuen partes vpon a letter acordinge to the cities, and came to Iosua in to the hoost at Silo. 10 Then Iosua cast the lot ouer them at Silo before the LORDE, and there distributed the londe amonge the children of Israel, vnto euery one his parte. 11 And the lot of the trybe of the children of Ben Iamin fell acordinge to their kynreds, and the border of their lot wente out betwene the children of Iuda & the children of Ioseph. 12 And their border was on ye north quarter of Iordane, and goeth vp from the north syde of Iericho, and commeth vp to the mountayne westwarde, and goeth out by the wyldernesse of Bethauen, 13 and goeth from thece towarde Lus, euen by the south syde of Lus (that is Bethel) and commeth downe vnto Ataroth Adar by the mountayne which lyeth on ye south syde of the lower Bethoron. 14 Then boweth it downe, and fetcheth a compasse vnto the south west quarter from the mount that lyeth ouer agaynst Bethoron towarde the south, and goeth out vnto Kiriath Baal, yt is Kiriath Iearim, a cite of the children of Iuda. This is the west border. 15 But the south border is from Kiriath Iearim forth, and goeth out towarde the west, and commeth forth vnto ye water well of Nepthoah: 16 and goeth downe by the edge of the mount, that lyeth before the valley of the sonne of Hinnam: and goeth downe thorow the valley of Hinnam on ye south syde of the Iebusites, and commeth downe to the well of Rogell, 17 and stretcheth from the northwarde, and commeth out vnto EnSemes, and commeth forth to the heapes that lye vp towarde Adumim, and cometh downe vnto the stone of Bohen the sonne of Ruben, 18 and goeth a longe besyde ye playne felde which lyeth north warde, and commeth downe vnto ye playne felde, 19 and goeth besyde Beth Hagla that lyeth towarde the north, and his ende is at the north border of the Salt see, vnto ye edge of Iordane southwarde. This is the south border. 20 But Iordane shal be the ende of the east quarter. This is the enheritaunce of ye children of Ben Iamin in their borders rounde aboute, amonge their kynreds. 21 The cities of the trybe of the children of Ben Iamin amoge their kynreds are these: Iericho, Beth Hagla, Emek Rezig, 22 Betharaba, Zemaraim, Bethel, 23 Auim, Haphar, Aphra, 24 Caphar Amonai, Aphni, Gaba: these are twolue cities and their vyllages. 25 Gibeon, Rama, Beeroth, 26 Mispa, Caphira, Moza, 27 Rekem, Ieerpeel, Thareala, 28 Zela, Eleph, and the Iebusites, that is Ierusalem, Gibeath, Kiriath: these are fourtene cities and their vyllages. This is the enheritaunce of the children of Ben Iamin in their kynreds.

Joshua 1:1-18

1 After the death of Moses the seruaunt of the LORDE, spake the LORDE vnto Iosua ye sonne of Nun Moses mynister: 2 My seruaunt Moses is deed, vp now, and go ouer this Iordane, thou and all this people in to the londe that I haue geuen the children of Israel. 3 All the places that the soles of youre fete shal treade vpon, haue I geuen vnto you, as I sayde vnto Moses: 4 From the wyldernesse and this Libanus vnto the greate water Euphrates: all the londe of the Hethites vnto the greate see towarde the west, shal be youre border. 5 There shall noman be able to withstonde ye all thy life longe. And like as I was with Moses, so wil I be with the also. I will not fayle the nether forsake the. 6 Be stronge and bolde: for vnto this people shalt thou deuyde ye londe, which I sware vnto their fathers, to geue it them. 7 Be stroge therfore and very bolde, that thou mayest kepe and do euery thynge acordinge to the lawe, that Moses my seruaunt commaunded the. Turne not asyde from it, nether to the righte hande ner to the lefte, yt thou mayest deale wysely whither so euer thou goest. 8 And let not the boke of this lawe departe out of thy mouth, but exercyse thy selfe therin daie and nighte, that thou mayest kepe and do euery thinge acordinge to it that is wrytte therin: Then shalt thou prospere in thy waies, and deale wysely. 9 Lo, I haue commaunded the to be stronge and bolde. Feare not, and be not afrayed: for the LORDE thy God is with ye, whither so euer thou goest. 10 Then commaunded Iosua the officers of the people, and sayde: 11 Go thorow the hoost, and charge ye people, and saye: Prepare you vytayles, for ouer thre dayes shal ye go ouer this Iordane, that ye maye come in and take possession of the londe, which the LORDE youre God shal geue you. 12 And to the Rubenites, Gaddites, and to the halfe trybe of Manasse, sayde Iosua: 13 Thynke vpon the worde, that Moses the seruaunt of ye LORDE spake vnto you, and sayde: The LORDE yor God hath brought you to rest, and geuen you this londe. 14 Let youre wyues and children and catell remayne in ye londe, that Moses gaue you on this syde Iordane: But ye youre selues (as many as be fightinge men) shal go forth before youre brethren in harnesse, and helpe them, 15 tyll the LORDE haue broughte youre brethren to rest also as well as you: that they also maye take possession of the londe, which the LORDE yor God shal geue them: Then shal ye turne agayne in to the londe of youre possession, that ye maye enioye it, which Moses the seruaunt of the LORDE hath geuen you on this syde Iordane towarde ye Easte. 16 And they answered Iosua and sayde: All that thou hast commaunded vs, wyll we do: and whither so euer thou sendest vs, we wyl go thither. 17 Like as we haue obeyed Moses, so wyl we be obedient also vnto the: Onely that the LORDE thy God be with ye, like as he was with Moses. 18 Who so euer disobeyeth thy mouth, and herkeneth not vnto thy wordes in all that thou hast commaunded vs, shal dye: Onely be thou stronge and bolde.

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