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Genesis 39:21

21 But the LORDE was with him, and had mercy vpon him, & caused him to fynde fauor in the sight of the officer of ye preson,

Genesis 41:51

51 And the first called he Manasses: for God (sayde he) hath caused me to forget all my laboure, and all my fathers house.

Genesis 47:1-12

1 Then came Ioseph, and tolde Pharao & sayde: My father and my brethren, their small & greate catell, & all yt they haue, are come out of ye lande of Canaan: 2 & beholde, they are in the lande of Gesen. And he toke fyue of his brethren, & presented them vnto Pharao. 3 Then sayde Pharao vnto his brethren: What is youre occupacion? They answered: Thy seruauntes are kepers of catell, we and oure fathers also. 4 And they sayde morouer vnto Pharao: We are come to dwell with you in the lande, for yi seruautes haue no pasture for their catell, so sore doth the derth oppresse the lande of Canaan. Now therfore let yi seruauntes dwell in the lande of Gosen. 5 Pharao sayde vnto Ioseph: Thy father and thy brethren are come vnto the: 6 the lande of Egipte is open before the, let them dwell in the best place of the lande, & se yt they dwell euen in the lande of Gosen. And yf thou knowest that there be men of actiuyte amoge the, make the rulers of my catell. 7 Ioseph brought in Iacob his father also, & set him before Pharao. And Iacob thanked Pharao. 8 But Pharao axed Iacob: How olde art thou? 9 Iacob sayde: The tyme of my pylgremage is an hudreth and thirtie yeares: litle and euell is the tyme of my pilgremage, and attayneth not vnto the tyme of my fathers in their pylgremages. 10 And Iacob thanked Pharao, and wete out from him. 11 So Ioseph prepared dwellinges for his father and his brethren, & gaue them a possession in the lande of Egipte, euen in the best place of the lande, namely, in the lande of Raemses, as Pharao comaunded. 12 And he made prouysion for his father and his brethren, and all his fathers house with bred, euen as yonge children.

Joshua 24:32

32 The bones of Ioseph, which the children of Israel had broughte out of Egipte, buried they at Sichem, in the pece of the londe, yt Iacob boughte of the children of Hemor ye father of Sichem for an hundreth pens, and was the enheritaunce of the children of Ioseph.

Mark 15:42-47

42 And at euen (for so moch as it was the daye of preparinge, which is the fore Sabbath) 43 there came one Ioseph of Arimathia, a worshipfull Senatoure (which loked also for the kyngdome of God) & wete in boldely vnto Pilate, & axed ye body of Iesus. 44 But Pylate marueyled yt he was deed all ready, & called ye captayne, & axed hi, whether he had loge bene deed. 45 And wha he had gotten knowlege of the captayne, he gaue Ioseph ye body. 46 And he bought a lynne cloth, & toke him downe, & wrapped hi in ye lynne clothe, & layed him in a sepulcre, which was hewe out of a rocke, & rolled a stone before ye dore of ye sepulcre. 47 But Mary Magdalene and Mary Ioses behelde, where he was layed.

Acts 7:9

9 And the Patriarkes had indignacion at Ioseph, and solde hi in to Egipte. And God was with him,

Genesis 39:7-12

7 And it fortuned after these actes, that his masters wife cast hir eyes vpon Ioseph, and sayde: Slepe with me. 8 But he denyed, and saide vnto her: Beholde, my master knoweth not what is in ye house, and all that he hath, that hath he put vnder my hande. 9 And there is no man so greate in the house as I, and he hath kepte nothinge fro me, excepte the: for thou art his wife. How shulde I then do so greate euell, and synne agaynst God? 10 But she spake soch wordes vnto Ioseph daylie. Neuertheles he herkened not vnto her, to slepe by her, or to be in her company. 11 It fortuned vpon a tyme, that Ioseph wente in to the house to do his busynesse, and there was none of ye folkes of the house thereby. 12 And she caught him by his garment, & sayde: Slepe with me. But he left the garment in hir hande, and fled, and gat him out of the house.

Genesis 45:1-28

1 Then coude not Ioseph refrayne him self before all them that stode aboute him: and he comaunded euery man to go out from him, and there stode no man by him, whan Ioseph vttred him self vnto his brethren. 2 And he wepte loude, so that ye Egipcians and Pharaos housholde herde it. 3 And he sayde vnto his brethren: I am Ioseph, is my father yet alyue? And his brethren coulde not answere him, they were so abashed before his face. 4 But he sayde: Come nye vnto me. And they came nye. And he sayde: I am Ioseph youre brother. whom ye solde in to Egipte. 5 And now vexe not youre selues, & thinke not yt there is eny wrath, because ye solde me hither. For God sent me hither before you, for yor lyues sake. 6 For these are now two yeares, that ye derth hath bene in the lande, and there are yet fyue yeares behynde, wherin there shalbe no plowinge ner haruest. 7 But God sent me hither before you, yt he might let you remayne vpon earth, and to saue youre lyues by a greate delyueraunce. 8 And now, it was not ye then that sent me hither, but God which hath made me a father vnto Pharao, & lorde ouer all his house, and a prynce in the whole lande of Egipte. 9 Haist you therfore, and go vp vnto my father, and saye vnto him: Thy sonne Ioseph sendeth the this worde: God hath made me lorde in all Egipte, come downe vnto me, tarye not, 10 thou shalt dwel in the lande of Gosen, and be with me: thou and thy children, and thy childers childre, thy small and greate catell, and all that thou hast. 11 There wyll I make prouysion for the (for there are yet fyue yeares of derth) that thou perishe not wt thine house, and all that is thyne. 12 Beholde, youre eyes and the eyes of my brother Ben Iamin se, that I myne owne self speake vnto you by mouth. 13 Shewe my father all my worshipe in Egipte, and all that ye haue sene: haist you, and come downe hither with my father. 14 And he fell aboute his brother Ben Iamyns neck, and wepte, and Ben Iamin wepte vpon his neck also. 15 And he kyssed all his brethren, and wepte vpon them. And afterwarde talked his brethren wt him. 16 And this tydinges came in to Pharaos house: Iosephs brethren are come, which pleased Pharao well, and all his seruauntes. 17 And Pharao spake vnto Ioseph: Saye vnto thy brethren: Do thus, lade youre beastes, go youre waye, and whan ye come in to the lande of Canaan, 18 take youre father and youre housholdes, and come vnto me, I wyl geue you of the goodes in the lade of Egipte, so that ye shall eate the fatt in the lande. 19 And he commaunded them, Do thus, Take you charettes out of ye lande of Egipte for youre children and wyues, and brynge youre father, and come, 20 and regarde not youre housholde stuff: for the goodes of all the lade of Egipte shalbe yours. 21 The children of Israel dyd so, and Ioseph gaue the charettes acordynge to Pharaos commaundement, and expenses by the waye, 22 and gaue them all, vnto euery one a chaunge of rayment: but vnto Ben Iamin he gaue thre hundreth syluer pens, and fyue chaunge of rayment. 23 As for his father, he sent him ten Asses laden with goodes out of Egipte, and ten Asses with corne and bred, and vytayles for his father by ye waye. 24 So he sent awaye his brethren, and sayde vnto them: Stryue not by the waye. 25 Thus they departed out of Egipte, and came to the lande of Canaan vnto Iacob their father, and tolde him, and sayde: 26 Thy sonne Ioseph is yet alyue, and is a lorde in all the lande of Egipte. But his hert wauered, for he beleued them not. 27 The tolde they him all the wordes of Ioseph, which he had sayde vnto them. And whan he sawe ye charettes that Ioseph had sent to fetch him, his sprete reuyued, 28 & he sayde: I haue ynough, that my sonne Ioseph is yet a liue I wil go, and se him, before I dye.

Genesis 37:4

4 Now wha his brethre sawe, yt his father loued him more the all his brethre, they had euell wyll at him, & coude not speake a fredly worde vnto hi.

Genesis 39:2-5

2 And ye LORDE was wt Ioseph, in so moch yt he became a luckye ma, & was in his master ye Egipcians house. 3 And his master sawe yt the LORDE was wt him: for what so euer he dyd, the LORDE made it to prospere in his hade: 4 so yt he founde fauor in his masters sight, & was his seruaunt. He made him ruler of his house, and put all that he had, vnder his hande. 5 And from the tyme forth that he had made him ruler of his house and all his goodes, ye LORDE blessed the Egipcians house for Iosephs sake: and there was nothynge but the very blessynge of the LORDE in all yt he had in ye house & in the felde,

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