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Deuteronomy 1:11

11 (The LORDE God of yor fathers make you yet many thousande tymes mo, & blesse you, as he hath promysed you.)

Deuteronomy 12:18-20

18 but before the LORDE thy God shalt thou eate them, in the place which the LORDE thy God choseth, thou & thy sonne, and thy doughter, thy seruaunt, thy mayde, and the Leuite that is within yi gates, & thou shalt reioyse before ye LORDE thy God, ouer all yt thou puttest thine hande vnto. 19 And bewarre, that thou forsake not the Leuite, as longe as thou lyuest vpon the earth. 20 But whan the LORDE thy God shal enlarge thy bordes of thy londe (as he hath promysed the) and thou saye: I wil eate flesh (for so moch as thy soule longeth to eate flesh) then eate flesh acordinge to all the desyre of thy soule.

Deuteronomy 19:7-9

7 Therfore commaunde I the, that thou appoynte out thre cities. 8 And whan the LORDE yi God enlargeth thy borders, as he hath sworne vnto thy fathers, & geueth the all the lode which he promysed thy fathers to geue 9 (so that thou kepe all these comaundementes, and do yt I commaunde the this daye, yt thou loue the LORDE thy God, and walke in his wayes all yi life longe) the shalt thou adde yet thre cities vnto these thre,

Deuteronomy 32:13

13 He caried him ouer ye heigth of the earth, and fed him with the increase of the felde. He caused him sucke hony out of the rocke, and oyle out of the harde stone.

2 Samuel 22:37

37 Thou hast enlarged my goinge vnder me, and myne ankles haue not slyded.

Psalms 18:36

36 Thou hast made rowme ynough vnder me for to go, that my fote steppes shulde not slyde.

Psalms 71:21

21 My lippes wolde fayne synge prayses vnto the:

Psalms 115:14

14 The LORDE encrease you more & more: you, and youre childre.

Psalms 144:13

13 That or garners maye be full and plenteous with all maner of stoare: that or shepe maye brynge forth thousandes and hundreth thousands in oure villages.

Isaiah 9:7

7 he shal make no ende to encrease the kyngdome and peace, and shal syt vpon the seate of Dauid and in his kyngdome, to set vp the same, to stablish it with equyte and rightuousnesse, from thence forth for euermore. This shal the gelousy of the LORDE of hoostes bringe to passe.

Matthew 25:26-30

26 But his lorde answered, and sayde vnto him: Thou euell and slouthfull seruaunt, knewest thou that I reape where I sowed not, and gather where I strawed not? 27 Thou shuldest therfore haue had my money to the chaungers, and then at my commynge shulde I haue receaued myne owne with vauntage. 28 Therfore take the talent fro him, and geue it vnto him that hath ten talentes. 29 For who so hath, to him shalbe geuen, and he shal haue abundaunce. But who so hath not, fro him shalbe take awaye euen that he hath. 30 And cast the vnprofitable seruaunt in to vtter darcknes: there shalbe waylinge and gnasshinge of teth.

Romans 13:8-10

8 Owe nothinge to eny man, but to loue one another. For he that loueth another, hath fulfylled the lawe. 9 For where it is sayde: ( Thou shalt not breake wedlocke: thou shalt not kyll: thou shalt not steale: thou shalt not beare false witnesse: thou shalt not lust) and yf there be eny other commaundement, it is compreheded in this worde.Thou shalt loue thy neghboure as thy selfe. 10 Loue doth his neghboure no euell. Therfore is loue ye fulfillynge of the lawe.

Ephesians 3:20

20 Vnto him that is able to do exceadinge abundauntly, aboue all that we axe or vnderstonde (acordinge to ye power that worketh in vs)

1 Corinthians 3:6-7

6 I haue planted, Apollo hath watred, but God hath geuen the increase. 7 So then nether is he that planteth, eny thinge, nether he that watreth, but God which geueth the increase.

Job 8:7

7 In so moch, that where i so euer thou haddest litle afore, thou shuldest now haue greate abundaunce.

Proverbs 3:9-10

9 Honoure the LORDE wt yi substaunce, & wt ye firstlinges of all thine encrease: 10 so shal thy barnes be fylled with plenteousnesse, and thy presses shal flowe ouer with swete wyne.

Psalms 119:32

32 I wil rune the waye of thy commaundementes, when thou hast comforted my herte.

Proverbs 19:17

17 He yt hath pitie vpon the poore, ledeth vnto ye LORDE: & loke what he layeth out, it shalbe payed him agayne.

Isaiah 65:24

24 And it shalbe, that or euer they call, I shal answere them. Whyle they are yet but thinkinge how to speake, I shal heare them.

John 3:30

30 He must increace, but I must decreace.

Genesis 26:12

12 And Isaac sowed in that londe, and foude the same yeare an hundreth busshels, for the LORDE blessed him.

Malachi 3:10

10 Brynge euery Tythe in to my barne, yt there maye be meat in myne house: and proue me withall (sayeth the LORDE of hoostes) yf I wil not open the wyndowes of heauen vnto you, and poure you out a blessinge with plenteousnesse.

Mark 4:24

24 And he sayde vnto them: Take hede what ye heare. With what measure ye mete, with the same shal it be measured vnto you agayne. And vnto you that heare this, shal more be geuen.

Psalms 115:14-15

14 The LORDE encrease you more & more: you, and youre childre. 15 For ye are ye blessed of the LORDE, which made heauen & earth.

Luke 6:38

38 Geue, and to you shalbe geue. A good measure, pressed downe, shaken together, & runynge ouer, shal me geue into youre bosome. For with what measure ye meete, with the same shal it be measured to you agayne.

1 Chronicles 4:9-10

9 Iaebes was more honorable then his brethre, and his mother called him Iaebes, for she sayde: I haue borne him with trouble. 10 And Iaebes called vpon the God of Israel, & sayde: Yf thou wilt blesse me, and increase the borders of my londe, & yf thy hande be with me, & thou delyuer me from euell, yt it trouble me not. And God caused it for to come that he axed.

2 Corinthians 9:10

10 He that geueth sede vnto the sower, shal mynistre bred also for fode, and shal multiplye youre sede, and increase the frutes of yor righteousnes,

Isaiah 54:2

2 Make thy tente wyder, & sprede out the hanginges of thine habitacio: spare not, laye forth thy coardes, and make fast thy stakes:

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