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Exodus 23:10-11

10 Sixe yeares shalt thou sowe thy londe, and gather in the frute therof: 11 In the seuenth yeare shalt thou let it rest and lye still, that the poore amonge thy people maye eate therof: and loke what remayneth ouer, let ye beestes of the felde eate it. Thus shalt thou do also with thy vynyarde and olyue trees.

Matthew 5:38

38 Ye haue herde howe it is sayde: An eye for an eye, a toth for a toth.

Jude 1:7

7 euen as Sodom and Gomor, and the cities aboute them (which in lyke maner defiled them selues with fornicacion and folowed straunge flesshe) are set forth for an ensample, and suffre the vengeaunce of eternall fyre.

Leviticus 25:1-55

1 And the LORDE talked with Moses vpon mount Sinai, and sayde: 2 Speake to the children of Israel, and saye vnto them: Whan ye come in to the londe, yt I shal geue you, the londe shal rest vnto the LORDE, 3 so that thou sowe thy felde sixe yeares, and sixe yeares cut yi vynes, and gather in the frutes. 4 But in the seuenth yeare the lode shal haue his Sabbath of rest for a Sabbath vnto the LORDE, wherin thou shalt not sowe thy felde ner cut thy vynes. 5 Loke what groweth of it self after thy haruest, thou shalt not reape it. And the grapes that growe without thy laboure, shalt thou not gather, for so moch as it is the yeare of the londes rest: 6 But the rest of the londe shalt thou kepe for this intent, that thou mayest eate therof, thy seruaunte, thy mayde, thy hyrelinge, thy gest, thy strauger with the, 7 thy catell, and the beestes in thy londe. All the increase shal be meate. 8 And thou shalt nombre seuen of these yeare Sabbathes, that seuen yeares maye be tolde seuen tymes, and so the tyme of the seuen yeare Sabbathes make nyne and fourtye yeares. 9 Then shalt thou let the blast of the horne go thorow all youre londe, vpon the tenth daye of the seuenth moneth, euen in ye daye of attonement. 10 And ye shal halowe the fiftieth yeare, and shall call it a fre yeare in ye londe, for all them that dwell therin: for it is the yeare of Iubilye. Then shall euery one amonge you come agayne to his possession and to his kynred: 11 for the fiftieth yeare is ye yeare of Iubilye. Ye shal not sowe ner reape it that groweth of it self, ner gather the grapes, that growe without laboure. 12 For the yeare of Iubilye shall be holy amonge you. But loke what the felde beareth, that shall ye eate. 13 This is the yeare of Iubilye, wherin ye shal come againe euery man to his owne. 14 Now whan thou sellest ought vnto thy neghboure, or byest eny thinge of him, there shal none of you oppresse his brother: 15 but acordinge to the nombre of the yeare of Iubilye shalt thou bye it of him: and acordinge to the nombre of the yeares of increase shall he sell it vnto the. 16 Acordinge to the multitude of the yeares shalt thou rayse the pryce, & and acordynge to the fewnesse of the yeares shalt thou mynish the pryce: for he shall sell it vnto the acordinge to the nombre of the increase. 17 Therfore let no man defraude his neghboure, but feare yi God. For I am the LORDE youre God. 18 Wherfore do after my statutes, and kepe my lawes, so yt ye do them that ye maye dwell safe in the londe. 19 For the londe shal geue you hir frute, so that ye shal haue ynough to eate, and dwell safe therin. 20 And yf ye wolde saye: What shall we eate in the seuenth yeare, in as moch as we shal not sowe, ner gather in oure increase? 21 I wyll sende my blessynge vpon you in the sixte yeare, 22 that it shal brynge forth frute for thre yeare: so that ye shal sowe in ye eight yeare, and eate of the olde frute vntyll the nyenth yeare, that ye maye eate of the olde tyll new frutes come agayne. 23 Therfore shall ye not sell the londe for euer, for the lode is myne. And ye are straungers and indwellers before me. 24 And in all youre lande shall ye geue the londe to lowse. 25 Whan thy brother waxeth poore, and selleth ye his possession, and his nexte kynsma commeth to him, yt he maye redeme it: then shall he redeme that his brother solde. 26 But whan a man hath none to redeme it, and ca get so moch with his hande as to redeme one parte, 27 then shall it be rekened how many yeares it hath bene solde, and the remnaunt shal be restored vnto him to whom he solde it, yt he maie come agayne to his possession. 28 But yf his hande can not get so moch, as to haue one parte agayne, the shal it yt he solde be styll in the hande of the byer vntyll ye yeare of Iubilye: In ye same shal it go out, and returne to his owner agayne. 29 He that selleth a dwellinge house within the walles of the cite, hath an whole yeare respyte to lowse it out agayne: that shall be the tyme, wherin he maye redeme it. 30 But yf he redeme it not a fore the whole yeare be out then shal he that bought it, and his successours kepe it for euer, and it shall not go out lowse in the yeare of Iubylie. 31 Neuertheles yf it be an house in a vyllage that hath no wall aboute it, it shall be counted like vnto the felde of the coutre, and maye be redemed and shal go out fre in the yeare of Iubilye. 32 The cities of the Leuites, and the houses in the cities that their possession is in, maye allwaye be redemed. 33 Who so purchaceth ought of the Leuites, shal leaue it in the yeare of Iubilye, whether it be house or cite that he hath had in possession. For the houses in the cities of the Leuites are their possession amonge the children of Israel. 34 But the felde before their cities shal not be solde, for it is their awne for euer. 35 Whan thy brother waxeth poore, and falleth in decaye besyde the, thou shalt receaue him as a straunger, or gest, that he maye lyue by the: 36 and thou shalt take no vsury of him, ner more then thou hast geue, but shalt feare thy God, that thy brother maye lyue besydes the. 37 For thou shalt not lende him yi money vpon vsury, ner delyuer him thy meate vpon vauntage. 38 For I am the LORDE yor God, which haue brought you out of the lode of Egipte, to geue you the lande of Canaan, and to be youre God. 39 Whan thy brother waxeth poore besyde the, and selleth himself vnto the, thou shalt not holde him as a bode ma: 40 but as an hyred seruaunte and as a soiourner shall he be wt the, and serue the vntyll ye yeare of Iubilye. 41 Then shal he departe lowse from the, & his childre with him, & shal returne to his awne kinred, and to his fathers possession: 42 for they are my seruauntes, whom I brought out of the londe of Egipte. Therfore shal they not be solde like bondmen. 43 And thou shalt not raigne ouer them with crueltie, but shalt feare thy God. 44 But yf thou wylt haue bode seruauntes and maydens, thou shalt bye them of the Heithen, that are rounde aboute you: 45 of the children of the soiourners and straungers amonge you, and of their generacions with you, and that are borne in youre londe, the same shal ye haue for bonde seruautes, 46 & shal possesse them, & youre children after you for an euerlastinge possession, these shalbe yor bondmen. But ouer youre brethren the children of Israel, there shall none of you raigne ouer another with crueltie. 47 Whan a straunger or soiourner waxeth ryche by the, and thy brother waxeth poore besyde him, & selleth him self vnto ye straunger or soiourner by the, or to eny of his kynne, then shall he haue right 48 (after that he is solde) to be redemed agayne. And eny of his brethren maye lowse him out: 49 or his vncle or his vncles sonne, or eny other kynsman of his kynred: Or yf his awne hande getteth so moch, he shal lowse him self out, 50 and shal reken with him that bought him, from ye yeare that he solde him self, vntyll the yeare of Iubilye. And ye money shal be counted acordinge to the nombre of the yeares that he was solde, and his wages of the whole tyme shalbe rekened withall. 51 Yf there be yet many yeares vnto ye yeare of Iubilye, then shal he (acordinge to the same) geue the more for his delyueraunce, therafter as he is solde. 52 Yf there remayne but few yeares vnto the yeare of Iubilye, then shall he geue agayne therafter for his redempcion. 53 And his wages from yeare to yeare shall he reken withall, and thou shalt not let the other raigne cruelly ouer him in yi sight. 54 But yf he bye not him self out after this maner, then shal he go out fre in the yeare of Iubilye, and his childre with him: 55 for the childre of Israel are my seruauntes, which I haue brought out of the londe of Egipte. I am the LORDE youre God.

Proverbs 10:1

1 These are prouerbes of Salomon. A wyse sonne maketh a glad father, but an vndiscrete sonne is the heuynesse of his mother.

Deuteronomy 22:6-7

6 Yf thou chaunce vpon a byrdes nest by ye waye in a tre, or on the grounde, with yonge or with egges, and the dame syttinge vpon the yonge or vpon the egges, thou shalt not take the dame with the yonge, 7 but shalt let the dame flye, and take the yonge, that thou mayest prospere and lyue longe.

John 18:1-40

1 Whan Iesus had thus spoke, he wete forth with his disciples ouer the broke Cedron, where there was a garde, in to the which Iesus entred and his disciples. 2 But Iudas yt betrayed hi, knewe the place also. For Iesus resorted thither oft tymes wt his disciples. 3 Now whan Iudas had take vnto him the copany, & mynisters of the hye prestes and Pharises, he came thither with creshettes, wt lanternes, and with weapens. 4 Iesus now knowinge all yt shulde come vpon him, wete forth, and sayde vnto the: Whom seke ye? 5 They answered him: Iesus of Nazareth. Iesus sayde vnto them: I am he. Iudas also which betrayed him, stode with the. 6 Now whan Iesus sayde vnto the: I am he, they wete bacwardes, and fell to the grounde. 7 Then axed he the agayne: Whom seke ye? They sayde: Iesus of Nazareth. 8 Iesus answered: I haue tolde you, that I am he. Yf ye seke me, then let these go their waye. 9 That the worde might be fulfylled, which he sayde: Of them who thou gauest me, haue I not lost one. 10 Then had Symon Peter a swerde, and drewe it out, and smote the hye prestes seruaut, and cut of his right eare. And ye seruautes name was Malchus. 11 Then sayde Iesus vnto Peter: Put vp thy swerde in to the sheeth. Shal I not drynke of ye cuppe, which my father hath geue me? 12 Then the company and the captayne & the officers of the Iewes toke Iesus, and bounde him, 13 & led him awaye first vnto Annas, that was fatherlawe vnto Caiphas, which was hye prest yt same yeare. 14 It was Caiphas, which gaue coucell vnto ye Iewes that it were good, that one man shulde dye for the people. 15 As for Symon Peter, he and another disciple folowed Iesus. The same disciple was knowne vnto the hye prest,and wete in with Iesus in to the hye prestes palace. 16 But Peter stode without at the dore. Then yt other disciple which was knowne vnto the hye prest, wente out, and spake to the damsell yt kepte the dore, and brought in Peter. 17 Then the damsell that kepte the dore, sayde vnto Peter: Art not thou also one of this mans disciples? He sayde: I am not. 18 The seruauntes & officers stode, and had made a fyre of coles (for it was colde) & warmed the selues. Peter also stode with them, and warmed him self. 19 The hye prest axed Iesus of his disciples, and of his doctryne. 20 Iesus answered him: I haue spoken openly before the worlde, I haue euer taught in the synagoge and in the teple, whither all the Iewes resorted, & in secrete haue I spoke nothinge. 21 Why axest thou me? Axe the yt haue herde, what I haue spoken vnto the: beholde, they can tell what I haue sayde. 22 But whan he had thus spoke, one of the officers that stode by, smote Iesus on the face, and sayde: Answerest thou the hye prest so? 23 Iesus answered him: Yf I haue euell spoke, the beare wytnesse of euell: but yf I haue well spoken, why smytest thou me? 24 And Annas sent him bounde vnto Caiphas ye hye prest. 25 Symo Peter stode and warmed him self. The sayde they vnto him: Art not thou one of his disciples? He denyed, and sayde: I am not. 26 A seruaut of the hye prestes, a kynssma of his, whose eare Peter had smytten of, sayde vnto him: Dyd not I se the in the garde with him? 27 Then Peter denyed agayne. And immediatly the cock crew. 28 Then led they Iesus from Caiphas in to the comon hall. And it was early in the mornynge. And they them selues wete not in to the como hall, lest they shulde be defyled, but yt they might eate ye Pascall lambe. 29 Then wente Pilate out vnto the, and sayde: What accusacion brynge ye agaynst this man? 30 They answered, and sayde vnto him: Yf he were not an euell doer, we had not delyuered him vnto the. 31 Then sayde Pilate vnto the: Take ye him, and iudge him after yor lawe. Then sayde ye Iewes vnto him: It is not laufull for vs to put eny ma to death. 32 That ye worde of Iesus might be fulfilled, which he spake, whan he signified, what death he shulde dye. 33 Then entred Pilate in to the comon hall agayne, and called Iesus, & sayde vnto him: Art thou the kynge of the Iewes? 34 Iesus answered: Sayest thou that of thy self, or haue other tolde it the of me? 35 Pilate answered: Am I a Iewe? Thy people and the hye prestes haue delyuered the vnto me. What hast thou done? 36 Iesus answered: My kyugdome is not of this worlde. Yf my kyngdome were of this worlde, my mynisters wolde fight therfore, yt I shulde not be delyuered vnto the Iewes. But now is my kyngdome not from hence. 37 The sayde Pilate vnto hi: Art thou a kynge the? Iesus answered: Thou sayest it, for I am a kynge. For this cause was I borne, and came in to the worlde, that I shulde testifye the trueth. Who so euer is of the trueth, heareth my voyce. 38 Pilate sayde vnto hi: What is the trueth? And whan he had sayde that he wete out agayne to the Iewes, and sayde vnto them: I fynde no gyltinesse in him: 39 But ye haue a custome, that I shulde geue one vnto you lowse at Easter. Wyl ye now yt I lowse vnto you the kynge of ye Iewes? 40 The cryed they agayne alltogether, and sayde: Not him, but Barrabas. Yet was Barrabas a murthurer.

1 John 4:8

8 He that loueth not, knoweth not God: for God is loue.

Exodus 21:15

15 Who so smyteth his father or mother, shall dye the death.

Romans 12:19

19 Dearly beloued, auenge not youre selues, but geue rowme vnto the wrath off God. For it is wrytte: Vengeaunce is myne, and I wil rewarde, sayeth ye LORDE.

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