Bible verses about "harps" | Coverdale

1 Samuel 16:23

23 Now whan the sprete of God came vpo Saul, Dauid toke ye harpe, & played wt his hande: so was Saul refresshed, & eased, & the euell sprete departed from him.

1 Samuel 10:5

5 After that shalt thou come to the hyll of God, where the Philistynes watch is: and wha thou comest there in to the cite, there shall mete the a company of prophetes commynge downe from the hye place, and before them a Psaltery, and tabret, a pype and a harpe, and they them selues prophecienge.

Nehemiah 12:27

27 And in the dedicacion of the wall at Ierusalem, were the Leuites soughte out of all their places, that they mighte be broughte to Ierusalem, to kepe ye dedicacion in gladnesse, with thankesgeuynges, with synginge, with Cymbales, Psalteries and harpes.

Psalms 43:4

4 That I maye go into the aulter of God, euen vnto the God which is my ioye & pleasure, & vpon the harpe to geue thakes vnto ye, o God, my God.

Daniel 3:7

7 Therfore, when all the folke herde the noyse off the trompettes that were blowne, with the harpes, shawmes, Psalteries, Symphonies and all kynde of Melody: the all the people, kynreddes and nacions fell downe, and bowed them selues vnto the golden ymage, that Nabuchodonosor the kynge had set vp.

Revelation 5:8

8 And when he had taken the boke, the foure beestes and the xxiiij. elders fell downe before the lambe, hauinge harpes and golden vialles full of odoures (which are ye prayers of the sayntes)

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