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Judges 16:21-31

21 But the Philistynes toke him, & put out his eyes, and broughte him downe to Gasa, & bounde him wt fetters, and made him to grynde in the preson. 22 But the heer of his heade beganne to growe agayne, where it was shauen of. 23 Whan ye prynces of the Philistynes were gathered together, to make a greate sacrifice vnto Dagon their god, and to be ioyfull, they sayde: Oure god hath delyuered Samson or enemye in to or hande. 24 Like wyse whan ye people sawe him, they praysed their god, & sayde: Oure god hath delyuered in to oure handes oure enemye, yt destroyed oure londe, & slewe many of vs. 25 Now whan their hert was ioyfull, they sayde: Let vs fetch Samson, that he maye make some pastyme before vs. Then fetched they Samson out of the preson, & he made pastyme before them. And they set him betwene two pilers. 26 But Samson sayde vnto the lad yt led him by the hande: Let me touche the pilers wher vpon the house stondeth, yt I maye leane ther vnto. 27 As for ye house, it was full of men & wemen. All the prynces of the Philistynes were there also, and vpon the rofe were aboute a thre thousande men and wemen, which behelde what pastyme Samson made. 28 But Samson called vpon the LORDE, & sayde: O LORDE LORDE, thynke vpon me, & strength me but this once O God I beseke the, yt for both myne eyes I maye auege me on the Philistynes. 29 And he toke holde of ye two mydpilers, that the house stode vpon & was holden by, the one in his righte hade, & ye other in his lefte, 30 & saide: My soule dye wt the Philistynes, & he bowed him selfe mightely. Then fell the house vpon the prynces & vpon all the people that were therin, so that there were mo of ye slayne which dyed in his death, the he slewe whyle he lyued. 31 Then came his brethren downe and all his fathers house, and toke him, and caried him vp, and buried him in the graue of his father Manoah betwene Zarga and Esthaol. He iudged Israel twentye yeare.

1 Kings 4:24

24 For he had the lordshippe of all the londe on this syde the water, fro Tiphsa vnto Gasa, and ouer all ye kynges on this syde ye water: & had peace of all his subiectes rounde aboute,

Isaiah 17:1-14

1 This is the heuy burthe vpo Damascus: Beholde, Damascus shal be nomore a cite, but an heape of broken stones. 2 The cities of Aroer shalbe waist, The catel shal lie there, & noma shal fraye the awaye. 3 Ephraim shal no more be stroge, & Damascus shal nomore be a kyngdome. And as for ye glory of ye remnaunt of ye Sirians, it shalbe as the glory of the childre of Israel, saieth ye LORDE of hoostes. 4 At that tyme also shal ye glory of Iacob be very poore, & his fatnes leane. 5 It shal happe to the, as when one sheareth in haruest, which cutteth his handful wt the sickle, & when one gathreth ye sheaues together in the valley, of Rephaim, 6 there remayneth yet some ears ouer. Or as whe one shaketh an olyue tre, which fyndeth but two or thre olyue beries aboue in the toppe, and foure or fyue in the braunches. Thus the LORDE God of Israel hath spoken. 7 Then shal man couerte agayne vnto his maker, & turne his eyes to the holy one of Israel 8 And shal not turne to the aulters that are ye worke of his owne hodes, nether shal he loke vpon groaues & ymages, which his fyngers haue wrought. 9 At the same tyme shal their stronge cities be desolate, like as were once ye forsake plowes & corne, which they forsoke, for feare of ye children of Israel. 10 So shalt thou (o Damascus) be desolate, because thou hast forgotte God yi Sauioure, & hast not called to remebraunce ye rock of thi stregth, Wherfore thou hast also set a fayre plate, & grafted a straunge braunch. 11 In the daye when thou diddest plante it, it was greate, and gaue soone the frute of thi sede: But in the daye of haruest, thou shalt reape an heape of sorowes & miseries. 12 Wo be to the multitude of moch people, that russh in like the see, and to the heape of folke, that renne ouer all like greate waters. 13 For though so many people increase as the flowinge waters, and though they be armed, yet they fle farre of, and vanish awaye like the dust with the wynde vpon an hill, and as the whyrle wynde thorow a storme. 14 Though they be fearful at night, yet in the morninge it is gone with the, This is their porcion, that do vs harme, and heretage of them, that robbe vs.

Jeremiah 25:20

20 and all kinges of the londe of Hus, all kinges of the Philistynes londe, Ascalon, Gaza, Accaron & the remnaunt of A?dod,

Amos 1:1-15

1 These are the sermons, that were shewed vnto Amos (which was one of the shepherdes at Thecua) vpon Israel, in the tyme of Osias kynge of Iuda, & in the tyme of Ieroboa ye sonne of Ioas kynge of Israel, two yeare before ye earthquake 2 And he sayde: The LORDE shal roare out off Sion, & shewe his voyce fro Ierusale: so that ye pastures of the shepherdes shal be in a miserable case, & ye toppe of Charmel dryed vp. 3 Thus sayeth the LORDE: for thre & foure wickednesses of Damascus, I will not spare her: because they haue thro?hed Galaad wt yro flales: 4 But I wil sende a fyre in to ye house of Hazael, the same shal consume the palaces of Benadab. 5 Thus wil I breake the barres off Damascus, & rote out the inhabiter fro the felde of Auen, and him yt holdeth the scepter, out of ye pleasunt house: so yt the people shalbe dryuen out of fayre Siria, sayeth the LORDE. 6 Thus saieth the LORDE: For thre & foure wickednesses of Gaza, I wil not spare her: because they make the presoners yet more captyue, & haue dryuen the in to the lode of Edom. 7 Therfore wil I sende a fyre in to ye walles of Gaza, which shal deuoure hir houses. 8 I wil rote out the yt dwell at Asdod & him yt holdeth the scepter of Ascalon, and stretch out myne honde ouer Accaron, that the remnaunt of the Philistines shal perish saieth the LORDE. 9 Thus sayeth the LORDE: For thre and foure wickednesses off the cite off Tyre, I will not spare her: because they haue increased ye captiuyte of the Edomites, and haue not remembred the brotherly couenaunt. 10 Therfore will I sende a fyre into the walles off Tyre, that shal consume hir pallaces. 11 Thus sayeth the LORDE: For thre and foure wickednesses of Edom I wil not spare him, because he persecuted his brother with the swerde, destroyed his mothers wombe, bare hatred very longe, and so kepte indignacion allwaye by him. 12 Therfore will I sende a fyre in to Thema, which shal deuoure the pallaces of Bosra. 13 Thus sayeth the LORDE: For thre ad foure wickednesses of the children off Ammon, I will not spare them: because they rypte vp the wome greate with childe in Galaad, to make the borders of their londes the wyder. 14 Therfore I wil kyndle a fyre in the walles of Rabbath, that shall consume hir palaces: with a greate crie, in the daye of batel, in tempest and in the daye off storme: 15 so that their kynge shal go in to captiuyte, he and his prices together, sayeth the LORDE.

Zechariah 9:1-17

1 The worde of the LORDE shalbe receaued at Adrach, & Damascus shalbe his offerynge: for the eyes of all me and of the trybes of Israel shall loke vp vnto the LORDE. 2 The borders of Hemath shal be harde therby, Tyrus also & Sidon, for they are very wise. 3 Tyrus shal make hirself stronge, heape vp syluer as the sonde, and golde as the claye of the stretes. 4 Beholde, the LORDE shal take her in, and haue her in possession: he shal smyte downe hir power in to the see, and she shalbe consumed with fyre. 5 This shal Ascalon se, and be afrayed. Gaza shalbe very sory, so shal Accaron also, because hir hope is come to confucion. For the kinge of Gaza shall perish, and at Ascalon shal no man dwel. 6 Straugers shall dwel at A?dod, & as for ye pryde of ye Philistynes, I shal rote it out. 7 Their bloude will I take awaye from their mouth, and their abhominacios from amonge their teth. Thus they shal be left for oure God, yee they shalbe as a prynce in Iuda, & Accaron like as Iebusi. 8 And so will I compase my house rounde aboute with my men of warre, goinge to and fro: that no oppressoure come vpon them eny more. For that haue I sene now with myne eyes. 9 Reioyce thou greatly, o doughter Sion: be glad, o doughter Ierusalem. For lo, thy kinge commeth vnto the, euen the rightuous and Sauioure: Lowly and symple is he, he rydeth vpon an asse, and vpo the foale of an asse. 10 I wil rote out the charettes fro Ephraim, & the horse from Ierusalem, the batel bowes shal be destroyed. He shall geue the doctryne of peace vnto the Heithen, and his dominion shalbe from the one see to the other, & from the floudes to the endes of the worlde. 11 Thou also thorow the bloude of thy couenaunt: shalt let thy presoners out of the pytte, wherin is no water. 12 Turne you now to the stronge holde, ye that be in preson, & longe sore to be delyuered: And this daye I bringe the worde, that I wil rewarde the dubble agayne. 13 For Iuda haue I bent out as a bowe for me, and Ephraim haue I fylled. Thy sonnes (o Sio) wil I rayse vp agaynst the Grekes, and make the as a giauntes swearde: 14 the LORDE God shalbe sene aboue the, and his dartes shall go forth as the lightenynge. The LORDE God shall blowe the trompet, and shal come forth as a storme out of the south. 15 The LORDE of hoostes shall defende the, they shall consume and deuoure, and subdue them with slynge stones. They shal drynke & rage, as it were thorow wyne. They shalbe fylled like ye basens, & as ye hornes of ye aulter. 16 The LORDE their God shal delyuer the in ye daye, as the flock off his people: for the stones off his Sanctuary shalbe set vp in his lade. 17 O how prosperous and goodly a thynge shall that be? The corne shall make the yongemen chearefull, and the new wyne the maydens.

Zechariah 9:5

5 This shal Ascalon se, and be afrayed. Gaza shalbe very sory, so shal Accaron also, because hir hope is come to confucion. For the kinge of Gaza shall perish, and at Ascalon shal no man dwel.

Amos 1:6

6 Thus saieth the LORDE: For thre & foure wickednesses of Gaza, I wil not spare her: because they make the presoners yet more captyue, & haue dryuen the in to the lode of Edom.

Acts 8:26-39

26 But the angell of the LORDE spake vnto Philippe, and sayde: Aryse, & go towarde the South, vnto the waye that goeth downe from Ierusalem vnto Gaza, which is deserte. 27 And he rose, and wente on. And beholde, a ma of the Morians lode (a chamberlayne and of auctorite with Candace ye quene of the londe of the Morians) which had the rule of all hir treasuries, ye same came to Ierusale to worshipe. 28 And returned home agayne, and satt vpon his charet, and red the prophet Esay. 29 The sprete sayde vnto Philippe: Go neare, and ioyne thy selfe to yonder charet. 30 The ranne Philippe vnto him, and herde him rede the prophet Esay, and sayde: Vnderstodest thou what thou readest? 31 He sayde: How can I, excepte some ma enfourme me?And he desyred Philippe, that he wolde come vp, and syt with him. 32 The tenoure of the scripture which he red, was this: He was led as a shepe to be slayne, and as a lambe voycelesse before his sherer, so opened he not his mouth. 33 In his humblenesse is his iudgment exalted. Who shal declare his generacion? for his life is taken awaye from the earth. 34 Then answered the chamberlayne vnto Philippe, and sayde: I praye the, of whom speaketh the prophet this? of himselfe, or of some other man? 35 Philippe opened his mouth, and beganne at this scripture, and preached him the Gospell of Iesus. 36 And as they wete on their waye, they came to a water. And the chamberlayne sayde: Beholde, here is water, what hyndereth me to be baptysed? 37 Philippe sayde: Yf thou beleue from thy whole herte, thou mayest. He answered, and sayde: I beleue, that Iesus Christ is the sonne of God. 38 And he commaunded to holde styll the charet, and they wente downe in to the water, both Philippe and the chamberlayne. And he baptysed him. 39 But whan they were come vp out of the water, the sprete of the LORDE toke Philippe awaye. And the Chamberlayne sawe him nomore. But he wente on his waye reioysinge.

Zephaniah 2:4

4 For Gaza shal be destroyed, & Ascalon shall be layed waist: They shal cast out A?dod at the noone daye, and Accaron shalbe pluckte vp by the rotes.

Amos 1:7

7 Therfore wil I sende a fyre in to ye walles of Gaza, which shal deuoure hir houses.

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