Bible verses about "friend" | Coverdale

1 Samuel 18:1-3

1 And whan he had made an ende of talkynge with Saul, the soule of Ionathas was bounde with the soule of Dauid, and Ionathas loued him as his owne soule. 2 And Saul toke him the same daye, and let him not go agayne to his fathers house. 3 And Ionathas and Dauid made a couenaunt together, for he loued him as his owne soule.

Proverbs 16:28

28 A frowarde body causeth strife, and he yt is a blabbe of his tonge, maketh deuysion amonge prynces.

Proverbs 22:24-25

24 Make no fredshipe with an angrie wylfull man, and kepe no company wt ye furious: 25 lest thou lerne his wayes, and receaue hurte vnto thy soule.

Proverbs 27:5-6

5 An open rebuke is better, then a secrete loue. 6 Faithfull are the woundes of a louer, but ye kysses of an enemie are disceatfull.

Proverbs 12:26

26 The righteous is liberall vnto his neghboure, but the waye of the vngodly wil disceaue them selues.

Proverbs 22:11

11 Who so delyteth to be of a clene herte and of gracious lyppes, ye kynge shal be his frende.

Proverbs 27:6

6 Faithfull are the woundes of a louer, but ye kysses of an enemie are disceatfull.

Matthew 18:15

15 Yf thy brother trespace agaynst the, go and tell him his faute betwene the and him alone. Yf he heare the, thou hast wone thy brother.

John 15:14-15

14 Ye are my frendes, yf ye do that I commaunde you. 15 Hence forth call I you not seruauntes, for a seruaunt knoweth not what his lorde doeth. But I haue sayde that ye are frendes: For all that I haue herde of my father, haue I shewed vnto you.

1 Corinthians 15:33

33 Be not ye disceaued. Euell speakinges corruppe good maners.

John 15:12

12 This is my comaundement, that ye loue together, as I haue loued you.

James 2:23

23 & the scripture was fulfilled which faith: Abraha beleued God and it was reputed vnto him for rightewesnes: and he was called ye frende of God.

Proverbs 27:17

17 Like as one yro whetteth another, so doth one man comforte another.

Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

9 Therfore two are better then one, for they maye well enioye the profit of their laboure. 10 Yf one of them fall, his companyon helpeth him vp againe: But wo is him that is alone, for yf he fall, he hath not another to helpe him vp. 11 Agayne, when two slepe together, they are warme: but how can a body be warme alone? 12 One maye be ouercome, but two maye make resistauce: A thre folde cable is not lightly broken.

Proverbs 27:9

9 The herte is glad of a swete oyntment and sauoure, but a stomacke that ca geue good councell, reioyseth a mans neghboure.

Proverbs 17:17

17 He is a frende that allwaye loueth, and in aduersite a man shal knowe who is his brother.

Proverbs 18:24

24 A frende that delyteth in loue, doth a man more fredshipe, and sticketh faster vnto him then a brother.

John 15:13

13 No man hath greater loue, then to set his life for his frende.

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