Bible verses about "fire" | Coverdale

Exodus 3:2

2 And the angell of ye LORDE appeared vnto him in a flame of fyre out of the bush. And he sawe that ye bush brent wt fyre, and yet was not consumed,

2 Chronicles 7:1

1 And wha Salomo had ended his praier, there fell a fyre from heauen, and cosumed the burntofferynge and the other offeringes. And the glory of the LORDE fylled the house,

Jeremiah 20:9

9 Wherfore, I thought from hence forth, not to speake of him, ner to preach eny more in his name. But the worde off the LORDE was a very burnynge fyre in my hert and in my bones, which when I wolde haue stopped, I might not.

Jeremiah 23:29

29 Is not my worde like a fyre, saieth the LORDE) and like an hammer, that breaketh the harde stone?

Acts 2:3

3 And there appeared vnto them clouen tunges, like as they had bene of fyre. And he sat vpon ech one of them,

1 Corinthians 3:11-15

11 For other foudacion can noman laye, then that which is layed, the which is Iesus Christ. 12 But yf eny man buylde vpon this foundacion, golde, syluer, precious stones, tymber, haye, stobble, 13 euerymas worke shal be shewed. For the daye of the LORDE shal declare it, which shal be shewed with fyre: and the fyre shal trye euery mas worke what it is. 14 Yf eny mans worke that he hath buylde theron, abyde, he shal receaue a rewarde: 15 Yf eny mans worke burne, he shal suffre losse: but he shal be saued himselfe, neuertheles as thorow fyre.

Psalms 104:4

4 Thou makest thine angels spretes, and thy ministers flammes of fyre.

Luke 12:49

49 I am come to kyndle fyre vpo earth, and what wolde I rather, the that it were kyndled allready.

Luke 3:16

16 Ihon answered, and sayde vnto the all: I baptyse you with water, but after me there cometh one stronger the I, whose shue lachet I am not worthy to lowse: he shal baptyse you with the holy goost and with fyre.

Hebrews 12:29

29 For oure God is a consumynge fyre.

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